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Top 2020 Marketing Strategies for Small Business (CHEAP & EFFECTIVE)

Each of these will help you increase your brand awareness, increase sales and increase your bottom line. I’r Coco, I built a profitable ecommerce store to six figures in just sixty seven days in an extremely competitive and oversaturated industry. Just last year, another one of my stores did over 12 K within the first 12 hours of launching, and I did that using the tactics.

I’r about to share with you. No luck, no hope all strategies that worked for me time and time again. That I know will also work for you. This is millennial money in business and we share the tools to help. You escape your nine-to-five with confidence every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So do me a favor hit like and subscribe. It’s healthy algorithm to show our article to more people, and it gets us that much closer of hitting our goal of becoming the first woman led business blog with more than 1 million subscribers did you say so Bo? No anything else! Sorry about that interruption! Small business marketing 2020 tip number one.

Everyone talks about you needing to constantly post on social media. If you want to build your business and while that could be helpful, commenting on social media is way more effective. Why? Because when you’re, just posting posting posting you’re, relying on Instagram or whatever platform of your choice, we’re going to focus on Instagram for this conversation. But when you’re posting like that you’re hoping the platform will show your post to only 4 % of your followers.

And maybe your followers are actually interested in your brand, but also – maybe not so, maybe try this instead, instead of hoping your customers come to you, you need to go to them, find the places and pages on the platform that your ideal customer likes to frequent. They might be your competitors pages, they might be what I call social water coolers, where they post news and niche related content, think the shade room, if your ideal customer is a person of color or someone interested in hip-hop and urban culture or think trend mood.

If your ideal customer is into makeup or country music daily for country lovers, definitely made up that last one don’t know anything about country, but if you need help creating your customer, avatar just click the link to this article. This is where I go. Super in-depth on the topic and it’s extremely useful, but you find these pages, you see posts, you think your ideal customer would respond to and you hop in the comment section and respond to those people.

They will click your name to see who’s responding to them, because that typically doesn’t happen and think back anytime. You’ve left a comment on a public forum. If anyone liked your comment or responded, that is a notification that you saw in your Activity Feed and you definitely went to check out who that person was so if people see but you’ve already, given them something of value, whether it’s liking their comment or are responding To their comment thoughtfully and not spammy you’re, actually triggering a psychological need for this person to reciprocate what yup we read a whole lot around these parts, breathe honey books, meanie but sure so next time, you’re logged into your business Instagram account don’t just scroll past or Doubletap interesting content hop in the comments and get social on social media and it’ll pay off in brand awareness, which of course, is the first step in getting your customers through the know, like trust, funnel know, like trust funnel, like that tip, you subscribe yet we’re just Warming up now, just warming up small business marketing 2020 tip number two post, let’s pay more, you got excited, I suppose, less hot.

No, both less pay more sis. Now I actually think this is going to save you money and make you more money, while also saving you time, because you could always make more money, but she can never make more time, except with this tip. Now, I’m kind of going to be contradicting what I’ve taught you in the past. So as you know, every social media marketing guru tells you content, content, content, content content.

You got ta get out there, ain’t just dish out content, just get it out there, and it’s like. I actually decided to take a six months break from social media and I’m going to talk about how that affected. My branded business in one of my next articles, but during this time, is when I discovered this post, less pay more strategy, so, like I just stated, Facebook organic Reach is dead and instagrams organic reach keeps getting throttled.

Why? Because each of these platforms are businesses that want you to spend money to connect with people that might want to give you money. So, instead of trying to beat the algorithm – maybe let’s just approach this – like you – would any other tool necessary for your business’s growth and put a budget behind your post strategy, so lil disclosure – I have probably a dozen social media pages for businesses.

So while I wasn’t posting on my personal account, I did have time to experiment with these accounts and instead of posting, several okay post throughout the day, which can irritate your followers and become spammy real, quick. We move to only posting one or two posts a day and I know you’re thinking, but what about the algorithm? How will anyone ever find my business just put five ten dollars: Facebook ads behind your posts that force it into your followers feeds or even better target? Your ideal customer just check out my results on a single boosted post to see what it can do for you almost 300 likes more than a hundred saves 42 follows all female all around the target age of my ideal customer and all of them interested in my Specific niche: how much did this cost me? Five dollars? 81 cents? Most businesses don’t get that kind of action in a single day with a single post organically, because the platform doesn’t want you to now stash.

So it takes an average of 30 minutes to an hour and a half to formulate an ID post. So if you go from posting six posts a day and spending about four hours, doing it to only spending thirty minutes on a single post in a day, if not worth your five dollars like we got to start thinking smart here, sis. How much is your time worth five dollars? One post thirty minutes or four hours, six posts and free one post is the answer in five dollars.

However much you make as long as it’s more than a dollar and 25 cents an hour, it is worth it to save your time, post, less and pay it even more and yes, there’s a difference between simply boosting a post and getting on a desktop and going To Facebook’s ad platform and getting super targeted and all that stuff, all of these are really effective, but these are the results I got by just doing the most basic boosting of the post, which is super beginner, friendly and a great way to introduce yourself to Facebook.

Ads, that’s my post, less a more strategy that I haven’t heard a single other marketing Pro share. Oh did I already subscribe here you’re going to make me beg you’re going to make me, but how about this? Let’s drop a money, bag, emoji or a dollar sign in the comments section, if you’re getting any value from what I’m sharing, it really helps. My article gets shown to more people that might need to hear what I have to say and growing this blog to 1 million subs is the only New Year’s resolution, the only business goal, the only focus my team has for 2020.

Why representation? How are there dozens, if not hundreds of guys with business blogs on YouTube with half a million a million plus subscribers, and there isn’t a single blog for women and business and money passing level, not a single one? Yes, I’ve said this before and I plan on saying in every article until we hit our goal so right with my sister’s, don’t know about you, but there are a bunch of little girls out there.

I have a goddaughter. I have a bunch of me since I’m one of seven kids, but if they don’t see themselves represented on this platform, how are they going to know that this is a real, tangible possibility? It’s super important on the dollars and cents. It’s on us to show them. What is possible baby it subscribe and let’s get to tip three which helped me launch one of my businesses to over 12 K in the first 12 hours and help me reek in over a quarter of a million dollars in just a few months just last year.

That marketing strategy, no one is talking about – is the small business marketing 2020 tip 3. That continues to make me a bunch of money, start a hyper specific blue burnished. Just so you don’t think I have an unfair advantage because of my news and media background check out what these two entrepreneurs in Marisa Ramirez article, who is a really great youtuber to sub to if you’re, going to learn about making money, and I’m sure you are So check around which market to someone’s email list because of our common on YouTube.

We generated over six figures in four hours, but in this article this couple talks about making six figures in four hours, with only 200 subs selling insurance. They talk about getting speaking engagements now: they’re traveling the world living by their own rules all because they launched a hyper specific uber. Nice YouTube blog. Yes, I can talk about my success here, but I want you to hear from regular everyday people that decided to do this and their business blew up because of it.

In my last article, I discussed how much YouTube paid me for a article that hit 1 million views, and I talked about the fact that I’ve never really. I mean up until now, focused on growing my youtube blog. I’ve only ever used this platform for its long tail marketing opportunities, knowing that when you search for something on Google, because Google owns YouTube and places article results of Bob ranked sites, this is a way for you to beat every last one of your competitors that have Been building up their site SEO for years, so if you were to search how to start a hair extensions business, even though I had only launched my hair extensions business around the start of last year, I beat all of my competitors by showing up, as the first Article in those intent-based search results.

You could search right now, I’m still number one. You can do the same for yourself. So if you’re going to do this, you just have to stay in your lane. Stay focused on your business and talking about those topics, your blog should be very strictly business focus and should answer questions and offer solutions to potential customers. You really can’t worry about views because not about getting a million views that have nothing to do with what you’re.

Actually, selling and people that aren’t interested in what you’re offering when you can get 1000 views from people that are actually searching for you and what your brand has to bring to the table so with YouTube. They now know you a little more. They, like you a little more no way. Okay and a great thing about this – is that your articles live on YouTube forever and will remain in search results forever, as well as long as you provide that value.

You only have to post the article once and you’ll continue getting paid from it for years. If you want to dive even deeper on the subject. Of course, I have even more YouTube articles coming, but you can also join my Alive monthly business coaching. It happens in my private CEO society, Facebook group and it’s literally only $ 5 a month right now for the first handful of people to join so hit the link in the description, and it’s next topic it’s about to have some of us in our feelings.

We’re talking credit, how you can fix it and a mistake. I made following the advice of literally every credit with your expert out there that cost me a 100 point drop in a single day. Yup hit subscribe and the notification bell to make sure you don’t miss this. You can’t afford to

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7 Problems That Small Businesses Face In Modern Online Marketing

M. In Melbourne, I don’t know what time it is where you act, but it’s the lunch and learn with prosper here from leave long digital, I’m assuming that you’ve had a fantastic weekend and you’re ready to toggle on the next week coming ahead. Today’s topic is something that you know, troubles a lot of people and we’re just going to be talking about the seven problems that are actually facing small businesses in modern online marketing.

Now. The reason why I chose this topic is, I have had experience in the last four years, working with small to medium businesses, like yourself and coaches and consultants, to actually help the market scale and grow their business all right. So this is reading from this book marketing strategy by Walker there right it’s one of those off-the-shelf type books and it’s talking about opportunities right now, every single day we are exposed to an online opportunity right, but it says opportunities are as good as the marketing and Their business people who will pursue them, that’s if, even if some combination of marketing and industry factors presents an opportunity and that attractive edifice plant, there remains some critical questions.

One does the opportunity to seek what you want to do that. Your mission, your aspirations, your passion and your objectives, and do you have the right resources right, people right, organizational, confidences and other critical success factors necessary to implement your plan successfully and number three? Do you have the right connections and business networks to actually go in with this and most industries their number of people and critical factors that tend to separate the winners that does tend to separate the winners and the also-ran okay.

So what religion is saying is you are being presented every single day with some sort of new and shiny object, new and shiny opportunity, but is it meant for you? Are you the right of a person to execute on that opportunity, because that the end result is? I end up working with people that are not passionate about something they’re working on. Oh that project, oh that dropship serves been doing, was just a means to an end: okay and they’re, putting so much money.

Now they can’t get out of it because they’re too legit to creat all right now. The goal of every sort of digital marketer and online business owner I know, is to get leads, and I usually generate revenue for your online business, and I assume that will be what your goal is. But are you aligned to the business you’re starting? Is it something that you would wake up and really want to do, or is it something that you were sold on to by somebody who wrote really good copy on a Facebook ad, because some of the people I was talking to a very beautiful couple earlier on In the morning, they’ve got a website that they’ve just recently started, but it is not aligned whatsoever to who they are as a person to what they want to achieve and where their goals are and just look like.

It was going to be an ATM for them and now they’ve spent so much money in it and it’s not working for them. Okay, so you really want to look from the get-go whether the business is really aligned to who you are is really aligned to your goals and really aligned to your vision and your passion as a person. You cannot sell something to anyone that does not read. That. Does not respect you? Okay, so if you have a headache, if you’ve got a headache right now or if you’ve got a toothache, would you go to somebody who is a janitor to help you fix that today? No, you go to a dentist or you go to a doctor.

Okay, so that’s the Rick. That’s the same thing that people online are also doing. If you’ve got a shop that selling things that you’re not passionate about people can tell you, don’t have the lingo, you don’t have the expertise and you cannot talk to those people in that particular manner. Okay, it’s just like myself opening up a shop and I want to sell dresses. I don’t know anything about dresses, I don’t know what women wear in winter or if they wear dresses.

When they go to sleep, I don’t know where dressing the one. So how am I going to connect with the customer and expect them to give me money when I am NOT passionate about the thing that I’m selling all right, so how these things they’re, self-induced all right, and so that’s the reason why I want to talk about Some of the problems that people are facing online, one big problem that people are facing is they’re not aligned to the products they’re selling and it’s not easy to discover or to even see have you ever seen somebody who, when you ask them, what do you do They just send you a page or a link to what they do know.

Enthusiasm, no explanation, nothing! It’s because they’re not connected to what they’re doing. Okay every single day I put up a post on my facebook, and I ask people what are you doing? What what makes you happy Christina? Thank you so much for sitting in ask people. What are you doing? What makes you happy what what’s happening in your life? Some people just post a link, and they expect me to figure it out on my own.

That is not going to work, because, if you’re, not it passionate about whatever it is you’re selling or you’re presenting to anyone who is going to be questioning about it. Okay, because have you ever noticed if you have a baby, because I’ve got a little girl. My little girl is the cutest girl in the world, okay, according to me and she’s the cutest in my world, but somebody else might see her and say what an ugly baby okay! So if you are not going to present your little girl or your business to people, no one is going to see it in the same light that you see it.

Okay, people are now buying on emotion. They never buy it on the basis of how cute or nice your logo is okay, you might as well go and spend $ 20,000 on logo, but if you’re not putting in the passion, if you are not talking to people connecting and relating to everyone, that you Come across they’re never going to know that you exist. I think you would have seen on my post. I put up a picture. You know I like dressing up and saying the problem that a lot of enterpreneurs are facing.

These days is because nobody knows they exist. Nobody even knows their business exists. It’s up to you to bring it out to the muscles. It’s no longer a situation where you build and they come all right. You got to bring the people to you so that they can. You know you can have a business. That’s profitable and enjoyable, okay, so if this is something that you’ve been struggling with a lot figure out, are you really really aligned with your business, because people can also tell that’s the reason why people are not connecting to your business all right if you’re, not in It no one is going to be in it for you, okay and one other thing, one of the problems that is facing a lot of small business people.

You know with this whole modern online marketing is their message is not aligned to the market they’re, sending it to all right. Your message really has to be aligned to a market that will purchase and buy from you all those things that will then help you deliver. That message, like your Facebook, your website and your Instagram, those come in secondary I’ll, give you an example. Coca-Cola has been a business for the past hundred years.

Okay, what has been their message? Their message has been open happiness right. Their message has been: we create happiness and ground your meals, all Christmas, okay and who is their market. Their market is usually everybody else, but basically families and people that just want to be happy right and you get a coca-cola. So that message has been pounded up on us right now for the last hundred years, and as much as when you go to third world countries, every soft drink is called coca-cola.

Every soft drink, no matter brendan is even if it’s of Pepsi people would say. Can I buy a coca-cola alright because they have been pounding their message now? Their market can be anyone else which is the different product, but you need to specify who your market is and the media they have been using has been totally different and keeps evolving. They were on newspapers very on TV, on radio on buses or anything that you can think of that has a coca-cola advert on it on billboards all that stuff, that is the media and it constantly changes.

Now the small business person of the day is concentrating on the media. They want to know how to write ads. They want to know how do you know we have lots of following on Instagram. They want to know how to market their business. But what are you doing? Who are you communicating to and why should they care that’s where a lot of people get it all wrong, they’re going in straight for the media and the media keeps changing I’ll.

Give you a perfect example in this day and age. Right now we’re reading the biggest infinite height we have ever experienced. Facebook is totally ripping off everything. Snapchats built okay, so in the coming year, snapchat might not be working as a business and that we knew it as a social media platform. Look how’s it going. Man tips for tuning in Peter, so if you are concentrating your business and growing it on snapchat, while everybody else is being drawn back to Instagram and Facebook, all right, you see when the media, you see, you see how the media is not important, and since businesses We’re concentrating on advertising on newspapers, people are reading blogs know if people are concentrating on having um, you know commercial slots on TV.

People are reading YouTube now. Okay, and if people in your brand was concentrating on advertising on radio and people are listening to podcasts now. So you really want to make sure that your message is set in stone to who that message is going in the market and if that market can’t understand that message with ever media, you can use that can change so the biggest problem that a lot of small Businesses is facing is they’re, starting off with the media chasing the media chasing Facebook chasing.

You know your Instagram chasing snapchat. Okay, if you manage to gross Facebook for one day, they’re going to come in and change the algorithm and then you’re going to go back and learn it again, but you’re neglecting what your messages you’re neglecting who you marketed? You need to concentrate delivering a message to a market that actually understands you. Market is a person who gives you money market is the person who votes for your product and market is a person who actually raises his wallet and says you know what I want.

More of what you’re, having here, take my money: that’s the market, the person who ought to be value-based, your business, the person who actually says yes, I want to have more of what you have. How are you connecting to that person? What message are you leaving into them? That’s what small businesses do not realize that base should concentrate on. Thank you. So in an agenda you say good content. I’ve learned a lot from your process.

Thank you so much. This is so fantastic Brendon, thanks for sitting and reading answers and all good. So if you’ve got your message delivered to a market once you’ve got this to setup, you will realize that you now have a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable. The media can always fluctuate and change the media can be your grandmother if you want it to be. If you ever hurt your grandmother talking so much about you when she goes to play, bingo all crush sitting with the other.

Ladies, there she’s medium, but you got ta, give a message so that she delivers into a market all right. Some people are just going in to tell grandma stop that grandma does not understand. So you need to make sure your message is congruent either on all these little stuff platforms that you have you sighs social media. Everything is uniform because you know what somebody might get a chance to see your stuff today and they go away and do something else right now.

Look at this time is an illusion in Australia, as we speak, it’s 2:15 on the monday, which means we’re already halfway through a business day while where you are right now, it’s you know, you’re going to sleep alright. So if I put out something you are going to sleep right now, you will forget overnight and then tomorrow is your Monday and you’ve got a whole day to start off with now. If my message is not consistent and if my end user and this my message is not consistent and congruent, how what are the chances of you remembering what I’m just saying now, if I don’t come back again and reiterate that message, so you need to figure out What exactly you are bringing out to the market so that the market will then reward you with the walnuts, the credit cards and everything else that validates your business? Okay, because if you’re just going to be a one-click wonder you know you’re here today, you’re little more you’re here today, your head, then Murray’s doing that you’re doing that people people get tired of you and before you know it you sitting there and you you’ve got More months at the end of your money and you doing it all but you’re not realizing that you’re not reaching out to anyone, so you want to figure out if your message is particularly set to a market that understands you that likes you.

That will vote for you amongst all the other players in the market. Then, whatever media you can choose from all, you can play around with that’s up to you. It depends now. You then go into Facebook ads. You know why you don’t just target people that already know like and trust you and your eyes spread is not that much. You see what I’m talking about here when you’ve already crafted your message, and you already have a market that you can now send that message to Facebook ads in the media.

You know I mean you can then just send whatever you you created through your. You may be the blog that you got a picture on hovers at pixel and then just said ads, particularly to those people that are on that pixel. Those people already know like and trust you and it’s a cheaper way to convert okay, but other people are just praying and praying and hoping that something is going to stick. If you’ve noticed on the market right now, you are actually now getting paid to buy people’s books.

I don’t know you’ve seen those ads going around. You know give you twenty dollars I’ll, give you ten dollars, so you can buy this book. You never know. What’s going on in people’s front day, but at the end of the day he’s trying to put his message into the market now, if your message is not set in stone, you also just be a wandering generality or a one-click, wonder and that’s where most of the Problems were then stable from that are facing a lot of small businesses right now, because you know why the message is not in place and their market is not defined all right.

So this is exactly what the online prosperity blueprint is going to teach. You guys will help you capture the right kind of person figure out what pain they have and what they are they going to receive and what pay up you will receive, because if you don’t know how much a client is worth to you, it’s going to be Difficult for you to pay money to get that corner and if you know something guys anything that is offered on the market limited time on the facts.

As long as it’s going to work for a limited time, you don’t want to be a limited time only person. You want to make sure that your message is going to a specific market and that market is defined, whatever media you’re going to use YouTube Facebook Ads or whichever way that will come in secondary, because you know IR you’re going to be speaking to people that exactly Want to hear your message: you’re not only going to be performing to an empty theater, okay, so I know it’s impossible to survive as a small business person in this modern world.

You know without some sort of online and strategy, so your strategy really has to come from who you are what you can provide and who means it and who you can provide it to once you get all those things sit you can you can. You can use this example with anything. You could be an online store that sells camping gear. All right, that’s who you are! You are camping, enthusiast and you’re, going to be looking for those people that are also camping, enthusiast, okay, but also within the camping enthusiast.

You need to differentiate who exactly your target market is because, if you’re looking for that weekend camper, it’s a different message to somebody else who is a gator farmer or who is always out in the woods, hunting or a duck shooter, or something like that. So you need to figure out who exactly your market ISM once you can talk to them, you can influence them with impact and influence comes income all right.

So you want to really make sure that it’s there’s anything you’re going to get out of this talk today. Once your message, who are you sending that message to and how are you sending that message message – market media the media can play around you can turn you know you can do podcasts. You can speak on top of the mountain you can play drums if you’re African, you know, swing by trumpets, that’s the media, but what is the message you’re delivering and who wants to hear it? Okay, so sometimes people are just concerned about bringing traffic to their website.

Of course, people will come, but what are they going to come and get? What are they getting? What are they? What value are you providing into the market because you get paid in accordance to the value that you provide, so you bring in people to your website? Yes, that’s cool they’re coming in they’re coming in, but it shouldn’t they come to that party. Are you playing the right kind of music? Do you have the right kind of food for them, some of them are vegetarian, some of them are gluten-free and some of them don’t even eat anything.

That’s it. I because they are in a diet. So have you got all of those things set up for them as soon as they come to your party? Do you have strategies enough for them that, as soon as they get here, they know where the buffet table is and from that buffet tables you and literally get them too? You can literally get them to you know start. You know benefiting from your content. So half the time guys we’re not doing enough, we might think we’ve got a business, but who are we serving? What are we telling them and how are we reaching out to them? The fact is that all make sense in and as much as, yes, everybody wants to start an online business.

But what are you selling who needs it, and why should they care, so you got to make sure your your-your-your message is going to a specific market and that market connects through media. So those are the three ms that you need to be specific about as soon as you start, your business, okay and you need to have a strategy of how you’re getting those people receiving your message and why should they actually care because you got ta, let people Realize what to want they’re not going to know you existed until you go out there and let them know alright, so you want to type in blueprint so that we can start working together.

I put up a post again a little bit early after that. If you really want to figure out where you’re going, how you doing this, because we can tell when, when nobody’s really doing anything online, that I know it’s painful, I know it hurts I’ve been there. It’s not your fault. This whole thing, this whole internet is, is still too small and that a lot of people don’t realize how to play around with it.

And it’s not your fault. Okay, some people might just have a clue. Some people might just have an idea, but the principle is still the same. You really need to know what your message is, who the market is and what the media you’re going to use to reach out to them. Okay, so just type in blueprint. If you really want to get a close close up of how I’ve started creating you know really good successful people that I actually talk to and really good successful people that actually are working with me.

Somebody tell my students guys ask for this. Some of my students are any more than the Guru’s out there. You know why, because we’re not doing looking for the nice fancy schmancy, we really harvesting the core principles of marketing who or what is your message? Who needs to hear it and what media are you going to use? If you just play around that realm guys are sweaty, you will be, you know reaching the top.

You know people that are out there on the market. Anyone can come in and tell you. This works that works that works, but if you miss it, it’s not reaching on to a target market. You’ve lost a ring. Okay! Imagine somebody if you’re a girl right now, somebody comes in and wants to sell you a necktie. What are you going to do with it if you’re a guy somebody comes in and wants to sell you a bra? What are you going to do with it? You know so that’s that is you know, misguided marketing messages that are going out up there in the you know, space of the internet, then all right so either you’ve got to have a strategy or if you don’t understand it, you invest a lot of time to Learn these things? Okay time, investment is another concern that we see small business owners.

You know has a facing problems with the thing. Is you have a lot of time, but you’re not budgeting it? Well, all right you’re allowing people to send you emails, and then you look at the email, 24/7 they’re putting their agendas in your head and then you fill overwhelmed and then you don’t do nothing for your own business, unsubscribe from all that crap. How for them? You don’t even open anyway right, just unsubscribe focus on who you really want to speak to what you’re going to tell them and how you’re going to reach them.

You know how’s the house of the problem. It stems of not having a focus or not exactly knowing what it is that you’re supposed to be doing. If you were meant to be solving problems for people figure out who exactly needs your service? How can you reach out to them? So what will you tell them as soon as you and in their space, because people are busy? You know, I mean every every time you look at the what’s happening around you right now.

You might be reading this, but you’re, probably reading TV or you know your little. Kid is right in front of you or you just had a sip of water or you’re, just waiting for your middle to be ready or something is happening. No one is just going to be sitting here and waiting for prospers life show every single day and that’s what exactly is happening to your work out there in the market? Who are you sending the message to? Why should they care? How are you sending it to them? The house is completely flexible.

You shouldn’t compromise on what your message is, what you stand for and why people should care? Who are those people that you’re talking to and why should they stop whatever they’re doing and listen to you, how you reach them? That’s a figure of your imagination. Alright, because some people are just going out there with regurgitated statements with rehydrated. You know you need propositions. They’re not unique you’re, not the first person to come up with anything new people are tired, there’s no.

What is called adds fatigue. That’s why your ads are not working right now. You know why? Because people now have trained themselves not to see ads that sponsored things that shows on their Facebook they’re tired of that stuff. Alright, so I urge you, I mean teach somebody that you want to learn from trusts and experts, because people people, people like myself, people that have been there – have spent their time money and effort learning these things and they can shortcut your learning curve.

Okay by a course or just really going udemy, there’s $ 10 courses there or just you don’t look for ask me. I will help you out. If you keep doing you know, you can’t escape the situation by doing the same, but you know things that got you into that in the first place, yes, you can start off by typing in blueprint and I’ll give you a bird’s eye overview of what this blueprint Does we help you find the right kind of people to send them the right time and content, so you can engage them and convert them all right.

I want you to convert them. You e-mount connect with them so that you have perpetual business and you get more and more referrals, okay. So a lot of people are just themselves in the food and worrying about competition because of viscosity mindset figure out where exactly you want to be figure out exactly what you want to do, who you want to help and then just go out there and look for That person find out how much it will cost you.

Oh what a customer is worth to you, because, because, if you don’t talk like that, you’re not going to be aware if you’ve got to be gotten the right goals that you want for your business and that’s. Why people keep you know treading on water and then spinning their wheels in mud? There is no competition. Are they if you’ve got your own message and your own market? They are no two people who have the same thing.

They. Never any competition. Are there right? You know it’s just quite popular to do the same thing, but if you come in with something totally different, because your message is your message, your market is your market. No two people can be like at exactly the same time. You know why, because it’s just human nature, you know, and then, whichever way you’re going to use to reach out to those people, but you got to figure out what are you giving them to? Why should they care? Why should they trust you to work with you? Alright and once you’ve done that just show up for those people guys, because you cannot just be a one click one that people want to know that if they purchased something from you, are you going to be there to help them? Are you going to be there to implement? Are you going to be there to support them? Because if you’re not going to be there, then that’s why people go elsewhere? Oh, you know there’s things that are going on a run, faced with all support, small businesses and stuff, like that people want to support small businesses, but also small businesses, I’m not producing enough for showing up enough for them to to have faith in our being they’re.

Tomorrow so once you start showing your people, your market, that your present and you’re going to be consistent in saying that message, they will bring referrals to you and that then becomes your media all right, I’m more than happy to help out a few people. If you type in blueprint it’s a Monday today and maybe a Sunday for you, but you know what we’re here to help you. We really want to see you win at this and we also have another group of people that are actually getting results and getting somewhere.

So if this is something that really, you know, struck a nerve with you get in touch with me, let’s fix you up, let’s figure out what your message is: let’s figure out who your market is and let’s figure out what good media can you use to actually Reach out to these people, otherwise you just wasting money right now, otherwise, you’re just wasting time. You know why, because you’re creating something that’s not built to last, I’m here to help you create a business, that’s profitable and enjoyable.

It’s your choice! If you really want that figure out what your message is figure out, what your market is and figure out how you’re going to deliver that message that, in the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Facebook Branding Awareness DOMINATION | Branding Your Business On Instagram & Facebook

Now. Last week we did a YouTube live, and I had some of you guys asking questions about how to build your brand for your business And I kind of explained the concept and strategy and everything on that Livestream.

However, I figured I’d: go through break down an exact, step-by-step Tutorial, showing you guys exactly what I do So in the first part of this article. I’m going to give you the high-level overview of what I do I’ll show you guys the exact ads everything and then I’ll show you guys how to actually implement it and apply it into Your business right now. If you guys are brand new here to the blog And if you guys have not gotten my free facebook ads mini course, Just drop a comment down below and I’ll go through and I’ll share that with you guys.

It covers the basic of basics of Facebook Ads. So Facebook Ads manager, the pixel tracking retarding, all the different stuff that you really need to get a jump start Into Facebook advertising and also one other quick announcement before we dive into this, I just launched a brand new blog. I know I didn’t think I’d forget to blogging, but I just launched it this week. I thought it’d be kind of fun, talking about passive income and growing your passive income, some different passive income strategies So I’ll add the link down in the description below.

It’s also is just my name: Jason Wardrop com, so It’s not completely done So go check that out, though, I’ve got some different strategies and show you guys some different passive income strategies that I do and That you can go through and implement as well right. So I think, that’s everything we need to cover in this start of this article, But let’s dive in to actually building your brand, how to do it the most cost-effective way, Leveraging Facebook advertising Instagram marketing.

You can use both platforms. Okay, So the first thing that I do is I go through and I set up a article Okay, where you can see this one right here on your screen, where I’m, basically just it’s like a two-minute article. Let’s just go play here: Okay, This one’s almost 5 minutes long, But it doesn’t need to be long 2 to 5 minutes telling about yourself, your business, how you got into your business? Why you even do your business And just give it a quick overview about who you are, what you do and just the basics? And if you look at this Right here, this first part It just says: Hey.

My name is Jason Wardrop specialize in real estate lead generation. So I’m basically telling everything that I’m saying in the article just right here in this short excerpt, and if you look at this, I actually don’t have any call to action. Okay, there’s no link, There’s no! Like there’s, nothing else getting them to go through and buy something and opt-in to a landing page Click to my website. My goal is, I just want to keep them on Facebook right here, okay, now, the reason why I want to do this is because I’m going to run an ad which I’ll show you guys here and a little bit how to do To go through and get Article Views so Facebook has so much data that they know the people that are in your audience, whether you’re doing this for a local business or for a national business and international business, Whatever type businesses, they know the people in that demographic Who are more likely to Read a article Okay, so you can actually get article views for just one cent, So I’ll just prove that to you guys right up here, So you can see right here.

This is the ad set pushing that article, this one right here And I’m getting views for just one send that’s per three second article view. So you know that’s not the best article of you I like to usually go for 10 seconds or someone who’s, readed, 25 or 50 percent of the article. But that’s that’s like the most cost. Effective thing You could possibly do. Okay, so cuz. If we come back over here and we look that’s 550 1000 views, 108 shares 156 comments and if you’re thinking about getting that type of exposure on a billboard or a magazine or a newspaper or anything like that, It’s going to cost you Significantly more right.

Now The cool thing is is once we go through and once again, I’m just giving you guys the high-level overview of what we’re doing here to go through and build this brand awareness. And then I’m going to show you guys actually how to do it at towards the end this article right, So we go through. We shoot a quick article, two to five minutes telling about us, our business. We run a article view campaign and you can really put as much money as you want behind that five.

Ten bucks, 50 bucks, whatever it is, and go, get exposure in your local community or Nationally or internationally, based off your specific segment. Your specific interest of people that might be interested in your business And then everyone who reades this article, it’s like, let’s say everyone who reades 10 seconds of this article, where everyone that reades 25 percent is article over half of this article.

We can actually build a custom audience inside of Facebook, So basically Facebook will track everyone who has readed the article and Then we can create another ad and only show that ad to people who have already readed the article Now guys. This is super powerful because these people already have seen your face like right here. They’ve already seen my face and if you guys are have this massive fear of being on on-camera or whatever You’re just going to have to get over.

I was in the same position back a couple years ago and I just keep shooting articles, keep shooting articles, They become more and more natural, still kind of a little bit weird. Every time I turn on the camera But he’ll get over it, So they they’ve now seen your face ball ready. So when you go through and show them another ad They’ve seen your article and they’ve heard about your story, who you are what you do and why they’re even seeing that app? Okay, so for an example of what this ad looks like.

So I’ve got this one right here. This one actually has a link. Okay, So remember this one doesn’t have a link. This is more of an intro story based article and then this one right here. It actually has a link of where I want them to go and opt into. Can you can see this one right here And so it’s got a mass amount of likes comments shares all that stuff And if you look at the cost per lead here so right here, This is 4 dollars and 88 cents per lead for my webinars, Which just To kind of put that in perspective with the relevant score of 8, Which anything pretty much seven and above is pretty much the gold and that’s where you want to be but 488 put that perspective.

Typically, I like to shoot for anything between 8 to 10 dollars per lead on webinar registrations. So You, the strategy, you can literally cut your cost per lead in half By using the strategy of people like warming them up with this article views campaign. First, Okay and I know it seems kind of counterintuitive, because you’re spending money to get people to read the article, but that person’s so much more qualified and you’re building your brand you’re building that exposure, that awareness, everything and then you’re Remarketing to people who’ve already readed.

That article with an ad that looks just like this and then you’re, sending them to a basic Landing page. Okay, so something like, let’s say like this or I work with a lot of real estate agents. So a landing page looks like this. They come in Put in their name, email phone number hit submit and they become a lead in your business right So guys that is the basic overall concept in strategy. So let me just jump in and I want to show you guys inside the ads manager how to Actually go through and set all of this up.

So I’m just going to come over here to my demo account for you guys. So the first thing we want to do is we want to create a custom audience Well. The first thing you want to do is go through and shoot a quick little article right here And I shot this once in my car. I did one in my family room. I did one of my kitchen just different backgrounds. For some reason, people like the one in my car, with my sunglasses on it, Just got a lot more people actually reading in or engaging and interacting with the article.

So you can try a few different, I’m literally saying the same thing in all the different articles. I’m just changing up my background, So you guys can test a few different Brack backgrounds See what it looks like, but once you’ve shot this article you’ve posted on your Facebook page. You want to come over here to the ads manager and we’re going to first create a campaign for article views. So all we’re going to do is Ford here.

Click on create Okay, we’re at the ad set level, we’re going to start over We’re going to come back up here To ads manager. Okay, So we’re at campaigns make sure on campaigns. I was on ad sets: That’s. Why did it work as well? We click on create and then we click on this article views right here And then we can give it a name whatever you want. This is obviously a demo, so I’m not going to give it a name right Here We hit continue and then let’s say that you’re in a local market – and This works, if you’re a real estate agent, if you own a you, know a gym, a local gym.

If you’re, a dentist, chiropractor, Really whatever business, make you’re in and could be, a local business could be an international business whatever it is, And let’s just come down here and say that we live in we’ll, say we’re an Omaha Nebraska today, Okay, so we’ll say: Omaha Nebraska, we just click on this right here And if you want to go through and expand that network. So you want like a 25 mile radius Because you’re like willing to go through and work that far out great.

If you want to go through and lower that or make it Higher or you could just say hey, I only want people actually in Omaha like let’s say your restaurant, Then people probably aren’t going to drive 20 to 30 minutes to your restaurant. You can say just people right within Omaha, Nebraska and Then we’ll say instead of everyone in this location a lot of times. Well, if you’re a restaurant, you probably want that.

But if I’m a local business like a chiropractor Dennis real estate agent loan officer, I want people who live in this location. The reason why I want people who live in this location is because, if someone’s just passing through or traveling or whatever They’re, probably not going to come to me as a dentist or a chiropractor or real stage, and or anything like that, So I just go like That you can see it’s four hundred and fifty thousand people, because Omaha’s a little bit Smaller City compared to some of the bigger other big cities out there, and then we come down and we just choose age range.

So let’s say our age range like our typical customers are 27 and older. Okay, that’s typically what I recommend for the real estate agents that I work with and Then the language I’ll just leave that as is detailed targeting, as is because what we want to do. This is branding guys, So we want to go through and build Casas massive wide net to this audience and then we’ll see who sticks based on who’s, going to actually read that article and Most of our targeting is done by the people who actually read the articles Because they’re going to read the article That means they’re more interested than the next person who’s, not actually going to read the article right.

So we just come down here and then you can do automatic placements. They say recommended when you’re going through and branch. This outlet casting this wide net. I usually like to do it Placements and I usually just like to do the Facebook news feeds Okay, so everything else I’ll come down and uncheck and You could think like, oh well, Instagram would be great. The only thing about Instagram is they usually don’t let you have longer articles Okay, so it’s got to be a really short article.

So I like to have you know two to five minute: article: Keep it on the Facebook know, mobile and desktop news feeds and then we’ll come down here, And your budget really is up to you, Like my my one post right here, I’m spending $ 50 per Day, which is actually pretty insignificant to the amount of money I spend each day, but for some people fifty dollars in a day that might seem like a lot of money.

So now I’m just starting out. I would maybe start out around five to ten dollars per day, So we’ll just say ten dollars per day: Okay, seventy bucks a week or three hundred dollars a month, Really, if you’re trying to go through and build your brand and your your mark and all that Stuff, It’s it’s not too much! Okay! So then, coming down here. Let’s click continue And at this point ideally you’ve already uploaded that article to your Facebook page So we’re just going to click on use an existing post and then, if you just recently uploaded it, It’s just going to be right in here where you can come through And choose it, But if you uploaded a while ago, like I did this, one was back in January 31st – I’m going to select this ID number up here, I’m going to copy that then I’m going to come down here and go enter post ID and paste it In right there and hit submit Okay so see how it pulls up the article.

Then I don’t have to go recreate the ad inside a Facebook Ads manager, Which can kind of sometimes be a pain in the butt, and then I’m going to hit confirm All right. So now, at this point, we’ve got this going out ten bucks a day to our omaha nebraska Market and we’re getting people reading that article reading that article reading that article then after about five days or so We’ve racked up a decent number of people.

Probably a few hundred people who have actually readed that article So now what we want to do So we want to get this done. Wait: five to seven days collect some data and that we want to come over here to audio And we want to create a new audience. Okay, we want to create an audience of everyone who has readed that article at least a certain amount of that article. So we’ll click on create an audience will say, custom audience and Then we’ll come over here to engagement, Okay, these ones, I cover on other articles, but this one is engagement and then we say article Okay, because they’re going to be we’re going to be tracking people Who have already readed a article, So we say article right there and then we say: okay, people who have viewed.

I don’t like doing at least three seconds of the article because they could be scrolling through on their newsfeed and If the article does auto plays it could run for three seconds and they’re, not even paying attention. Okay. So if you want maximum audience of maximum reach, I would go for ten seconds of your article. If You want still a large demographic but a little bit higher quality, Then I would go with twenty five percent of your article.

Okay, Now this branding play you’re really going for the larger masses amount You want to create a bigger bigger audience. So usually I like to just go with ten seconds of your article, Because you never know maybe somebody readed eleven seconds They were interested. They didn’t read a full 25 percent, but they got distracted some reason, but we still want to include them. So I’ll just do ten to ten seconds right here Then we’ll say: choose articles So we just come down here.

We choose our Facebook page. So let’s come down Pick my face page right here and Then same thing: you’re just going to go through and choose Whatever. The article is that you want to go through and create the audience’s Okay. Now, if you guys just barely uploaded it, obviously you’re going to be able to have it right here at the very top, and you can go through and choose that now, I’m going to just going to choose one! This one has This: one has 50,000 views right here, so I’m just going to select this one.

Just so you guys can get the idea, but You’re going to be choosing the article like you’d, be ideally choosing this article I’ve already. I’ve already done this. For my business So – and I prayed the article a while ago – So that’s why I’m going through and doing this, So we’ve got this one with 50,000. We click on this. We just click, confirm Okay, And then we can say everyone who’s viewed the article in the past 365 days or you can even say in the last one day, three days, seven days 30 days, Whatever it might be now usually on this branding thing, I don’t usually Like to do 365 days, because if somebody saw my article a full year ago, They probably already forgot right, like they probably don’t.

Remember me: They don’t won’t, remember reading that article, So I usually like to go between the 7 to 14 day range. Okay. Now, if you want a little bit bigger audience, We might go with 14 days If you’re spending a little bit less money like 10 bucks, 5 bucks a day. You probably want more days there, because you want more audience, want more data to work with And then right here you can just name it so viewed 10 seconds of, and then you just put like the article Name right So now we’re just going to click on Create audience right here and then we’ll sit next done.

All that’s done Good to go Now. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go through and create a Well. This is remember. This is guys 5 to 7 days after you launched this initial article view campaign Okay. Now this is big, because if you haven’t had anybody read this yet, then you don’t have anyone to go remark it and retarget Right. So now What we’re going to do now? That we, this is populating, and this could take a couple of hours – could take up to 24 hours, But I won’t worry about that.

I would just get right on it. Facebook’s going to automatically populate this and update it for your stuff, So we’re going to come over here, Click on audiences go down to ads manager and Then we’re going to create a new campaign, And so we’ll click create a campaign. And For this one, let’s just say we’re going to do a small budget so like 5 dollars per day, because we have a very small audience most likely because it’s the audience of only people, who’ve readed the articles.

So because it’s a small audience and because we’re probably not going to be getting 15 to 20 plus conversions per week, I’m just going to run a traffic campaign and then we’ll this campaign name We’ll just leave it, as is for this demo, And then we’re going To come down here and then I would call this retargeting retargeting article Viewers of you know, name of article and then say like 10 seconds or something like that.

Okay, so that’s just the general idea. You can name it whatever you want. Whatever you know, you understand and make sense to you And then what we’re going to do is come down here to this custom audience And we’re just going to choose view ten seconds. Article name: This is the audience We just barely created all right now guys. This is key because So many people, especially now with all the Facebook algorithm updates and they’re changing everything and all this stuff and people are going crazy guys.

This is why, like I, have never freaked out or never worried about any of this, because I don’t even use most of the Demographic and most of the interest Hardy and the more that they change. I don’t really use it. I just use this custom data. These custom audiences people have already interacted and engaged my brand people have already bought products from me. You’ve already opted in as leads, And so with this custom data, all of like the demographics of income and race and gender and all that stuff.

It really just doesn’t mat matter, Okay, so I don’t worry about it. If you guys stick to these strategies, It just doesn’t matter and you’ll actually see a lot better results, because everyone else is using Interests and demographic targeting targeting Okay. So, if you’re doing what everyone else does you’ll be stuck in that bloodbath, whereas if you do these strategies that only the top guys are doing, then you’ll be able to rise above all the competition and See a lot better results and also build a lot stronger Brand for your business, Okay! So now from here It’s the same concept.

You go through pick your budget And, if you’ve only got like, let’s say ten thousand people who’ve readed – that article in the last I don’t know the last 14 days, whatever that audience was based off of, I would probably only be spending a couple dollars here: Okay, Like maybe two to five dollars, so let’s say three bucks per day that we’re spending to go through and to mark those people and once again, If you guys have seen my previous articles when you have such a small audience like ten to 30,000, I do like To go through and make the placements Recommended automatic because it’s going to show up on all the different platforms, all the different places that Facebook can show ads, whereas when you’re going through and marketing to a huge, huge audience, I Like to keep it to the Facebook.

Newsfeed, just because that’s what I’ve just seen work best right so then we just hit continue. We go through and create our ad, which my ad looks like this, but obviously this is for Webinars. Yours could be for whatever it could be, like a pizza coupon to go into your restaurant. It could be they work with you as a real stage, And it could be for your dental business and t-3 teeth, whitening or whatever.

It might be, then, from here guys, you’re just going to come down, hit, confirm after you’ve gone through and create that ad, where you’re singing into some sort of landing page like this, and that is how you can go through and cut your cost per leave. In half and Get those article views for just one penny per article of you now, obviously, if we’re tracking 10 second article views, It’s going to be a few pennies, It’s going to be a little bit more expensive than just a 1 cent, But this is the Best way to go through and brand your business on Facebook All right, So basically a quick recap of what we just went over is we want to first make a story base article Just like this, where we’re not having any call to action, We’re not pushing anyone To buy something opt into something click to a website or anything like that.

We’re just telling people who we are, what we do, why we’re in business and how we can help them. Ok, and then You see right here, I’m getting tons of comments. Tons of shares, tons of people saying like hey: where do you do this, like asking me about more about my business and It’s more of them, its attraction marketing, I’m attracting them into my world, is supposed to like going through and Pushing on everyone and just trying To get everyone to come to my world right, So we first set this up.

We go through. We get a article view campaign Spending 5, 10 bucks a day or whatever type of bus you’ve got. You could do more, do more. I highly recommend it. We’re then creating a custom audience of everyone, who’s readed this article for at least 10 seconds, and then we’re creating a retarding campaign and Showing our ads to everyone who has readed this exact article right here or at least 10 seconds, and that is how we are Cutting our cost per lead down by literally 1/2, okay with a Matt with the great relevant score right here, and this is just the most cost effective way and with 500,000 people in In Omaha.

I almost said Ottawa. I was thinking I don’t Canada, but in Omaha you could be going through and in showing this ad and you’re going to very quickly Be seen by everyone in that whole community. Now you might be thinking well Jason. What happens was I’m seen by everyone in the community? Well, you can go through and change up. The article Maybe tell a little bit different story, Maybe tell about you know one of the clients that you worked with or someone that you helped tell an intriguing story.

Something that would make somebody intrigued and Actually want to work with you, Okay And then you can swap that article out change it up and you can go start over again from there collecting that new audience Getting that data And that’s how you can go through and Build a super super killer brand right now guys, If you guys, like this article, if you guys found some value, please go give it a thumbs up.

That would be greatly appreciated when you give it a thumbs up. It helps more people, be able to see this type of content and be able to help them with their business as well. Also, once again, If you guys are brand new here, the blog, if you guys have never got my free facebook ads mini course, Just drop a comment down below, and I will share that with you guys. 100 % free Covers the base book. Basics of Facebook.

Advertising to help you get started with your business And also, if you guys are branding here, Make sure you guys subscribe, because we launch new articles every single week on how to generate more leads, Make more money and grow your business. And if you guys are interested in passive income Be sure to check out my brand new blog that just started link is in the description down below It’s just Jason, Wardrop calm.

I’ve only got a couple of posts up so far, but maybe by the time you read this article, It’s a full-fledged bug. That’s actually got a lot of posts So anyway, guys thanks again for reading today And with that said, I will see you all later.

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How to Storytell on Social Media

How do you effectively communicate your brand Story so that you can stand out from the competition and be the brand that always captures People, ’ s. Attention and interest Storytelling on Social Media is one of the Top strategies that personal brands and business brands can use today to stand out and build Influence within their market niche, Its not new a strategy, its been around for Many years and companies like Apple and the Hollywood movie industry have been using It to create their biggest success stories, So how do you effectively use storytelling On social media to build your brand In this article, I will give you a simple 4 Step formula to use in your marketing to clarify your message and capture your clients: attention Hi.

I am Pavlina Papalouka founder of AwakenSpace Education, coach and speaker in Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding and Personal Development, And I help people become the No1 Authority, Personal Brands in their niche, so that they Can attract more clients, get higher payment, increase their sales and create unlimited Opportunities Building your personal brand, the right way, Can take you from being invisible in your market going after clients and opportunities? And never making enough sales or getting paid too low for what you offer to attracting Too many clients and opportunities which can translate to higher sales and profits for You and your business They way you brand and position yourself in The market is very important And one of the most powerful strategies – For building your brand is storytelling on social media by creating valuable educational entertaining inspirational content in the form of article articles, photos and simple Social media posts, So how do you effectively tell your brand Story on social media so that your customers listen.

First, you need to realise that when you try To be too many things to too many different people, you confuse and you loose. If you make your customers think too much And too hard to understand what you do again, you loose One of the greatest skills in marketing and Branding is knowing how to keep it simple and have a clear message that makes people Ask how can I get your products and services Here? ’ s an example from Apple computers In 1983, when Apple launched their computer Lisa, the last project, Steve Jobs, worked on before he was fired from Apple Jobs, released Lisa with a marketing campaign that consisted of a nine-page ad in the New York Times explaining In detail the computer, ’ s technical features, Nine pages of geek talk that nobody could Understand The computer flopped Jobs was let go from Apple and went to work.

For Pixar, a company that told stories through animated movies, There, Jobs learned the art of Storytelling When jobs returned to apple after running Pixar Apple became consumer centric and clear in their communication. The first campaign he released after returning To Apple consisted of just 2 words Think Different.The campaign was a huge success and The rest is, history, Apple was able to connect to their customer Through a simple message that told a story that their customers wanted to hear, How do you apply this in your business and Your marketing Here, ’ s a simple 4 Step Formula: Step No 1.

Your Customer is the Hero, Realise That your Customer is the Hero of your Story, not your brand. This is where most brands get it wrong. They make themselves the hero of the story. In whatever they post on social media or in their ads, they go into ‘. Look at how great We are ’ mode and they put people off. Instead, you should determine who your ideal Client is know their profile and always make them the hero of every post.

You make every Ad, you create every story. You tell When Apple realised this. They stopped featuring. Computers in their advertising and started featuring people who were standing out from The norm, The type of people who were the innovators The rebels, the ones who thought differently, the ones who changed the world. The hero of my story, is the Entrepreneur who Is looking to get the right mindset, skills and tools to grow their business and create Financial and lifestyle, freedom or Entrepreneurial people looking for the right ways to start A business Step, No 2.

What is your hero? ’ s, problem. What do they want And who is opposing them in getting what They want You need to identify your hero. ’ s! Problem! Not only their external problems but more their internal problems and feelings, their Challenges what they are looking to achieve in life and what is stopping them from achieving It And then address these problems in your content. And advertising When Apple realised that their client wanted To be seen and heard wanted to be seen as hip, smart and cool and different from the Norm people started listening, The hero of my story wants to learn how to Use all the online tools more effectively to increase their sales and income and create More lifestyle and financial freedom: What is stopping them is the lack of the right Knowledge lack of the right mindset and lack of the right community, mentoring and network, And we help them solve these problems and limitations Step No 3.

How does your brand come in as The guide Customers – aren, ’ t looking for another hero, They are looking for a guide. You need to position yourself and your brand As the guide that gives the hero the solutions to their problems and shows them how to get To where they want to go Apple offers the solution through computers, And smartphones My brand offers solution through seminars and mentoring programs And Step No 4.

How does your hero? ’ s? Life! Look! Like after they have come into contact with your brand Don, ’ t assume that your ideal customer knows How their life will look like or feel like after they buy your products or services, You need to show them or tell them how their Life will change Stories of other clients, transformations and Results really help in amplifying this step. When you use these 4 Steps to clarify your Message who your hero is, what is their problem? How do you come in as the guide and How does their life look like after they have used your products or services and then use This formula, in all your advertising and content, you will experience how your business and Brand will grow and how easy it will be to explain what you do and what are the benefits.

This is Pavlina Papalouka. Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about how I can help, you clarify your brand message: create powerful Content and tell the story of your brand on social media so that you can increase your Sales grow your business and build a powerful personal brand. Look for a link around this Article and get in touch with me and my team Until next time make sure you subscribe to stay updated with my new content and articles, and, let me know in the comments below, if you have noticed, Brands that effectively storytell and what you love about their brand story.

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#GaryVaynerchuk “How #insurance and #insurtech decision makers can leverage Social Media”

You can use social media dringt pas 0 goals and I went to the beautiful city of lange toe chocolate, nobody’ll s en de social media en marketing legend, gary vaynerchuck onszelf to battle concrete. It’s how to concrete lee doe het hoe is kelly. Wat dessert te, zetelen indiscreet jou dit, not only stuk nu te kennen business en die olie en natuur google en facebook, plaats, je wilt rook waait nodig, was en de rij 4 moet 213 down to your office.

You can be sure goed het type, wordt lijn, a few het korter en niet, chill dan crazy donor en nek youtube, kanaal echt een, pensioen te finance professional en dan de lat van gary vaynerchuck dat hem en op jezelf [ Muziek ] gea is aan vier, along With en do but the less than carey, wenger zaak lekker, jus time, borst en rug en hier zijn de fans, industrie van de voorspelling content, op groen, voor national anthem, hobbysite hustle, en billa of iemand zou doen zodat wij het in blauw met alsof, dingen, zieken kreupelen.

En en beschut article foto bild en fannius van je dronken niet en wel en en misleidt hoe keyuser van de boot aan toe ayoub, coolste of use, hij komt met capuchon en laat dus kan ik me voor. The people en wie hun kan zout en soorten dijk en wil, je de gevorkte, like zo efkes weertype motieven, die beneden. We hebben smaak het onzin ik was eigenlijk het tikken of networking the highway en zorgen meer invloed people en ja, verliest en je mobiel ik kan alle dingen mee starten door scouting in de pastorie, europa echte die kon niet toe in staat fysiologie en alla milanese het.

Gary naam is al client van je date and checking laten. We dit konden doen is het feestje voor industrie gewoon contact, fine pensioenen in cpu en wel was quite een. Echte, je sinds, als, er valt niks meer doen foto, the more. I see your screen snel uit de nood, zal meer, doen, aanbieding, simpel, ik, hier, een, het, broken god, voetballiefhebber mama sunday do you have such a great new york, jet je en heb ik, zo’ n en eigenlijk la cour is was was dom en ik ging, hier Op boeiend games, wel goed met, die, mensen, vaak, op de kennismanagement, echt een, engineer, slang de high class and soccer early een, beamer willen keek, hem een, klap, klap ja en en noten oké laat me even iets, om charlotte x, free song download is dan breng ik Juist dat is wat lang, mee ja, ik, heb, nu, toe werk en persen bieden de stad.

I am in the show mobiliteit de top 20 van show was een. Holistische likes the credit. Om social media met, evil, eye echte, wat chopin, familie a fight. The calling linkedin thing twitter en effectief in december zijn wang wang, laitman, koning van god, dit moet calorie reis die echter lessen zijn, zoon, eindigt juliana, laatste goed nieuws is een, monitor toby, beste, een, seizoen, laat de koekjes daar view of smalle players doing very good guy Fawkes emergency olie, dit, nog, steeds, uw sales en guys and girls jummy to this and the clash een moslim de pestkop had beslist dat ik het zo zeggen effecten lesson book want dat, wordt moet, je wickham en is dat jongeren sea social scene, jullie, kies, helpen, bij, Nieuws echt kloppen managers, social media to promote aan de kamp bieden over en zelfs hacking.

The great content in york in zijn patiënt de beste buur kolonie dat stemmen, mind op, die vormen zich in blijdorp black edition global is toren klik zijn in pure skischoen ik zeggen voor de cia. In your insurance company, vrouwen zijn en ik had een. Chirurg is er. Cycli per jaar en you go pro stem idee, om, een, t-shirt, af, juliana ja by that doesn’t mean letter, artikel, daarvoor, mijn, zusje, zijn, ook hij met ipro, stenen, deze, smiley, stemmen, te, brengen missions and, if you and bad pod, aan smoren meesterplan free choice of you.

Why does my sexy girl theme, reviewer short alles, is en in de actie brunes bel daar information age komt niet te abonneren menu, zee, hey gary wat is er iets topless gapende weer mijn claims van de dan hier ja, wij, ipods en ik voor over dat jij Dat kleding hand en dan die heel, leuk, moet, je voor een, trekking adapted to the rock soul, het functionalist wapens moet, je spreek geen man, uit wat x player, dat hij, zijn, haak, een, ding, zodra, ik, zeg, wat, moeilijk het online dingen begint in het vangt.

This is it reely rol. In één week, een olifant was als. Bavel boom en de sappen zegt dat is een. Arme zielen, boerde brierly was het verspreiding microchip ons omringende, just a few people bieden dan in medisch, advies, om, er, aan, het, blozen, dit, vlak naast bed. En van de was er zijn, my my my collections’ in de streep ik drie die. Jullie was zo of je mede toe keer ik niet ryla article ik kom in de wasstraat bandell hier voor niet zo wie een, glioom, alle, hart nieuwe, strand, wies, colorado, favoriet, hier, [, Muziek, ],

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*urgent INFLUENCER TIPS: How to Work with Brands on Sponsorships and Collaborations

It means you’re under valent yourself. You don’t know what to measure. When you don’t know what to measure girl girl, you’re going to get run over by truck alright guys. You seem to really like it when I talk about social media growth and doing my makeup, so we’re going to do that. Hey guys, my name is Jay nice to meet you. What’s up welcome to my blog today we’re talking about influencers and brands and how to properly price yourself.

This is something that I’m so passionate about as influencers. Maybe we don’t price ourselves enough. We don’t know how much we charge I wish we should charge. We don’t know our value and as a brands, we don’t know how to come up to these influencers. I kind of make this small little thing happen. I think it’s important to finally bring justice, so this is different than most other youtubers they’re going to be like.

Okay, you subsetted see how much you charge. Okay, no, no, no guys need to understand the number one problem we’re going to go over is finding and communicating the right kpi’s business. This is called key performance index. I don’t know that term. It’s about to get real freakin repetitive up in here a little bit of background if you’re curious, why I’m talking what I? Why I’m here, my name is Jade.

I’m an entrepreneur and I’ve been helping people grow on social media yeah like the if you’re curious, to know a lot of the knowledge I do have his first-hand experience. This is not some well. No. This is first-hand experience. My family owns marking agency working with two to five million dollar revenue brands anyways, if you feel like an influencer and not knowing what to post, not only what to price yourself, how to come up to brands or on the reverse you’re on our brand.

And you don’t know how to communicate to the influencer, make sure you give this article a like and subscribe this blog if you’re excited to just dive right in you know what this is hella value right here, hella freakin value, all right, I’m just currently getting ready For a coffee meeting, and then I have a few other coaching calls. So if I look a little crazy, I’m just playing with makeup, let me let it be: let it be grace the way this article is going to work is first, I’m going to tell you guys a story to really give you guys some context.

So you really understand it. Sorry, if I talk a lot, it’s just really for your own benefit and I’m going to go into how to price yourself and then, lastly, I’m going to go to how to negotiate and keep going with brand and the benefits hey. The car also I’m going to eat and drive. If this is what do I favorite things ever, it’s dairy-free ice cream looks like this dairy-free and beautiful. Don’t you worry, I’m getting into the meat the core value of this article, I’m just going to eat this? Okay, so what I did is I took some of your GM’s and put them into question.

Okay hold up. Is that chocolate on my lips, a hack, I’m such a mess. I have truly apologized. I think one story I did what at all was just one that kind of got me a little bit mad. Why I wan na create this article like it truly got me upset like have you ever like burnt a pissed off, but then you started thinking about a mourning. You started overthinking and then you were like really pissed off. Think what I hope.

What happened was just actually was a few months ago, I’m Brants occasionally send me emails through my personal brand. They would have sponsor great right and I was responding to a few and one of them started off good. It’s a brand that I can’t do their neighbor non-disclosure, but what I do know is this brand was selling a product. It was a subscription model, it’s kind of like Netflix. You know like their monthly subscription model product.

I think monster days I was like cool cool. Like I was agreeing with everything they’re saying, they’re sending me their product now, what really come each throat office after I said. Yes, they felt like they had to undervalue my my audience and my skill. So they started asking for more saying: okay, that’s not enough! They were adding more and more on top of it, and so I couldn’t have enough. They were literally asked me to link this product like this.

Also use this okoto so make multiple posts, and I feel like there’s a limit. You can get free products forever and ever but there’s a limit. So, oh okay, so what I’m going to say is but the story with a subscription bottle brand. I just realized there. Everything is fine, you can charger self. Whatever you want. There’s no rules. You can barely you, don’t even have to listen to me, but there’s a limit.

Oh influencers on your freaking employees, I’m going to do whatever you want. You have to treat you with fairness, which brings me to my first languages and I think brands going to do their research. So many of them – I don’t know if you guys saw xx. Some of them are just like. I love your gotten so much. I love like your fashion, and it’s just so generic I feel I have brands, did their research on influencers and, if ones we actually feel like they they weren’t cared like.

I don’t know if you guys ever get some random-ass emails, but they weren’t. They were personalized. They weren’t for you. It was a vast distribution you’re like a big company. Then I get it, but a lot of you guys don’t give money. I know a lot of your brands out there. I know have no money you’re, not so treat your filter as well and make them feel value. I’m telling you, when you make your team feel a value and they will promote your product.

You can sell brands to your research. I think it’s also needed a better KPI know. What’s a KPI, you might have KPI stands for key performance index. This is using every business. I think that not enough influencers know what KPIs worries me. This is what you’re going to make money off of they’re, not going to make money off of the likes sulloway’s that you have to know your value and wherever you please say you have to be strategic.

For example, I worked with a brand and you like them and they’re going to pay you per view. You have to know, that’s your KPI, your key performance impact, but you measure success upon that could be like that can be followers, but that could be legitimate sales, but the fact I’m not enough influencers know what the KPIs are. Is scary means your undervalue yourself. You don’t know what to measure when you don’t know what to measure girl-girl you’re, going to get run over by a truck people are going to take advantage of.

You say my brand. It’s all I going to do is just take. Take take as much as possible. So you have to be good fair. So that’s what ever attempted to know your KP honestly. This is not something the tutorial. If you guys want. I can do a whole article on how to provide yourself cusp influencer. Just let me know in the comment section: if you have any questions, let me know I’m really here to help you regardless.

I just don’t know if you’re so far enjoyed this article in this article, like I truly appreciate it, it’ll be the world to me. Comment below her attention is my oxygen, so something’s up accrual back to how to price yourself in general. I think a keep after everything. So what I would do is take your KPI, an example of what could be followers right. Your followers are giving to Braille to do comments and share it’s, not even that ego so due to the sales, if you do, how many sales are you bringing to them? So you pick one and the suppose this I can go into the steps later, but you want to know how many true fancy companies just do simple, math, ready, ready.

Okay, take the number of two fans you have times the average cost of the product you’re working with equals. How much you’re up to charging up the key word is up to ransom. Do your research make people feel value and influencers know what your value is simple as that and don’t ever under face yourself. I would have actually finished this conversation, but we’re going to go meet Brett at first, I’m going to show you guys he owns my sock company, hey guys in a second stay tuned.

You guys know where we are. This is like my favorite coffee shop right now called Oracle coffee. I ordered my latte and I like this place because look this drawers are metal they’re like metal, save the environment. No straws are horrible for the environment. There should have worn a bra with this outfit. Like I’m going to flash the world, I don’t know why just okay, everybody out of my vlog I’ve, never been in a vlog.

Hey guys, I’m here with Brennan. What do you do? We take white socks and actually fifteen okay is that these are Jade. Socks supports your fine. What you for this picture, Instagram wow yeah, I think, wait. Wait! You’re like a size, 9 yeah, missing shoes, I’ll put a pop time right here, all our Brennan, okay, listen! I just found this fidget Birkin spinner in my garage literally my parents. Not let me get a pictures better when it was cool and trendy, because about stupid you know chief asses and now found one thanks.

I’m really happy okay, so today I’m going to crap off this conversation for earlier. I think this leaves us with one question. I think it’s just what, if you’re too small, for a Brit, what, if you’re too small bits for this or what, if you don’t have any more followers? What, if you just don’t, have any much like foreign influence there. You know, and you just can’t be an influence if you don’t have like some followers like janitors question, I’m going to backtrack a little bit.

I think I saw I mean Brendan. Had coffee, not really. We actually just had outside and talked didn’t get coffee, but um, but I wanted to say was: I think he and I were talking just about starting your personal brand, and one of the questions Vernon actually asked me was like Jay would have like this YouTube thing. Doesn’t work or does it lose credibility if you do YouTube and like got bad reputation? What if you lose followers what, if what have you lose just? What have you is? The thing I have to just say is you guys have to realize what you’re doing with influencer marketing being in brand is basically entrepreneurship.

You got ta be able to take risk literally the word entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship means risk risk risk equals willing to fail. A lot of you guys are trying to like sugarcoat buffer this like okay. Let me like minimize my chances actually just finishing up a coaching call with one of you guys, one of my students and I think, she’s just asking how to like safety jacket around my results, and I want a clear direction.

I don’t got a clear path if you wanted a clear path: go get a job. You chose this path because you want to clean your own. So don’t act like this is so easy. So what I’m going to say is what, if you’re too small or what, if you have enough likes or what, if you fail, you build a bridge and get over at Karen. I’m sorry I’ve been hanging on to Ryan a lot and then we just been saying Karen. I don’t know why I can pick these names.

Oh is a Karen or Susan. I think too many people have the what-ifs and they don’t start. So I guess, if you’re too small of an influencer think about your KPIs, are you measuring the right thing? Brands don’t give a about how many followers you have they care about the attention you hold? How many people are you actually having the attention of? Because you got to know, know these things Millennials they scroll, fast or Instagram.

Just because someone likes your photo doesn’t mean doesn’t mean you can do it all over any sales. You have to know your value first, you have to be confident on what you do. Take a risk and don’t look back just you know, move forward. If your brand says no move on boo, Karen there’s a thousand other brands, you can email. This is a numbers game. You try one who wants the next, that’s what you have to keep your PR list full.

So this brings me to my last point: if a brand rejects you do the following, get over it you’re going to have to do this over and over again, if you can’t take a slap in the face get the out. This is competitive and you need to build yourself some confidence and armor, because nobody wants to follow anybody that doesn’t have what they want. People will follow someone because they won’t have the lifestyle they want.

They have something they want if you’re, not confident in the product or selling, especially and just if you’re, not confident in your product. Your own articles, your own content. No one wants a follow. No, you need to love your product. Love yourself love your own account of what you’re selling with a brand. If you don’t actually love it, you’re not going to get that sale, stop mentoring. Kpi is y’all.

I’ve got tired. I actually just want to leave this off on a positive note, and just let you know I’m here for you, I just I don’t know why are reading this article. Sometimes it blows my mind that, like thirty five freaking thousand of you are here reading me, you guys are amazing, and all I want to do is keep creating content to help you as much as I’m busy with my own business, and I actually just posted a Podcast about the similar topic about failure and losing likes check it out.

It was one of the best pot guys I ever made, and some of you guys have been damning me like crazy that you loved it. Thank you go check out the podcast and the links below. So that’s the comment. Right now sure comment on the supposed to be beach for the next up. This look at you guys in the next one bye,

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Tips for Building a Personal Brand From Nothing – VidCon Vlog 8 Jade Darmawangsa

This was my very first year at VidCon and, let’s just say, I was looking through the footage of this article you’re about to see, and it doesn’t make quite set to summarize everything. This just goes to show you how chaotic brazii lidded con was because it was really great time, but it wasn’t what I really expected.

Some of you guys know me if you don’t what’s up and I just moved out today recently, I don’t know why we’ve got. I had an interview, though most of this article is going to be kind of circulating around that contest and make sure you guys stay tuned very and, if you’re going to learn how to grow your brand a little bit more about VidCon. My honest thoughts about I’d be in for a roller coaster, so let’s jump into it guys.

So my name is Jade derma Wanda, I’m a 17 year old entrepreneur trying to make her way in LA. I feel like that’s when you youtube intro. I look II. Think I’m just trying to not financially deprecated. What is that per gate me depreciate, depreciate and try not to financially depreciate depreciate? I thought it was deprecated anyway. The first thing that caught I’ll link it below was crazy. It was five day.

Two is great. I met some awesome, tubers and then day three hit, which is where we’re at. What’s up, you guys welcome to my blog today’s day, sorry, a VidCon. This is my first year. I’ve been doing YouTube for like 7 years off and on and dreaming up this place. So I didn’t know what to really expect. I saw every single youtuber and maybe you’ve been there too, but like you’ve seen this like idea, VidCon and you’ve never really gone out there, but it always looks like funds and giggles.

You know it always looks like a great time. No honestly, most of this convention I was just walking around didn’t know what to do. I started my day off with avocado toe. I met my friend Brandon guys, I’m here with Brennan, so I’m here with Brennan to get avocado toast in Beverly Hills. So I got my poop juice, obviously guys what about that? This beauty? It’s really good you’re getting with the book the hair.

No, it’s great Brennan’s! A super cool dude hung out with him. Balloony me all weekend. He stayed on my freakin couch, so yeah me and Brendan head avocado toast, but here we have avocado toast, which was $ 17, I’m going to self depreciate more. I live in LA Orange County’s like a pretty far drive so when we made it to VidCon, I was actually kind of tired but again you’re just wandering. So we went to her first panel and Andy, but then I had to run to my first and everybody.

So we’re at VidCon danger and now we’re going to my first event, which is like a meeting interview with some people at VidCon, but I’m kind of late. Like usual interview was, like all night Libby shot up to, let be she’s working on a project for college units and universities. So I answered her a few questions. The first question I got was: how do you create a personal brand? That’s unique and attracts attention, so how do you create a personal brand, that’s unique and attractive how to create a person brand.

That’s unique! I think a lot of people need to realize that what makes them unique is that what the topic is it’s about, how you are and that’s very cliche, but there’s a lot of emphasis on your story and narrative. So if you don’t have a story, if you don’t have an epic like life, Bella, that’s, okay, what I’m talking about is a personal brand. That’s attractive, it’s all about before and after so what I would do is try to find your audience what a twit didn’t lack tell them where they want to be so, for example, if they’re trying to inspire people make sure you say this is why I’m credible.

Maybe this is why you should listen to me, but then tell them the backstory and make sure you’re relatable, because the one thing is, if you don’t build that Epiphany bridge, no one will listen to you. You know that’s why people can’t relate to, like you know, Kim Kardashian. You know people can really link to like Emma Chamberlain, there’s a reason why there’s our market is gravitating towards like relatable content, it’s just because we can begin vibe with it and it’s more.

It resonates for who we are and like number one mistake that you see when people are trying to gain those clickbait use those keywords but they’re still not getting that attraction up there. I think you could be doing something right and doing everything right, but if you don’t have the right timing, it’s not going to work. So I feel like you could be, do something perfectly and every day you go at it, but it’s summertime and you’re knocking on the wrong door so being at the right time at the right place.

Is everything like, for example, I did YouTube for like seven years. It’s a little year ago, we’re actually starting off. So for me, it’s just like a lot of people is like, I think my biggest phrase ever is like Jane. I have tried everything so for that. I just say patience and literally being able to tweak with the market. So if you’re, just going into your articles, then you’re going to make X amount of content like 12 point series, be okay with making it maybe shorter and then moving on.

I think people don’t want to DAP, because it’s scary to change yeah, we have to realize it. Timing is everything so be at the right time right present, just like literally keep doing what you’re doing, but just have the patience for it tell us god, that’s perfect! Hey, let me know, do you have any questions for yourself, maybe like what like me, what led me to build this? For me, I have a bigger picture.

Like money doesn’t mean anything to mean, like literally, you could tell me, I’m going to make a million dollars, but now, if that was it like I’ll, be so disappointed myself, so I don’t think money motivates me. I thought it was like status right. I’m going to dress really well, then I realize I don’t. I don’t feel good when I buy something. Do you ever like buy something, and I see yourself or like wait.

I could have just saved it right. He says I don’t realize not like looking good. I think what it is it really is. I want to build a platform that gives me the credibility to help people so like. Basically, I just want to make connections with people. That’s it. I’m a people person and if I can get because like the thing is, if you don’t have anything to talk about that means you’re not blending something.

So I don’t want to get really good at one thing. For me, it’s marketing help so many people with it and that’s how I build connections see those are wonderful questions and I hope you guys got some value. We’re going to continue on with the day. Vidcon was honestly examine. This is when it had a turning point. After the article is also and dandy and chill after this moment, my life changed, I met some of you guys, so I had a meet-up readiness Meetup I just was assuming one person was going to show up.

I don’t know why I have their fear that no one of you guys, like my contact, all of you guys, came then 10, then you a whole crowd of them, and I was just so surreal guys. I met some domination people; they were I’m literally looking at you right now in this camera, and I want to say thank you for your love and support. I don’t really think about you guys as like a crowd. I just think of you at the same one.

In one relationship like I love this hike sitting down and talk to you guys and helping you grow your Instagram and that’s just what I love to do. So. Thank you for coming out to the Meetup. It was awesome so, for example, like the new owner frogmen your audience. So then you have more sponsorship to know like it’s a different audience, so in hip 10,000 sort of next blog and then now you have like our girl a lot of things yeah for sure.

Thanks for staying on so firm it you guys it was very great, like I was honored adrenaline high and then there was a pony. I don’t like party, I don’t well, maybe because I I was never invited to parties. Hey I got in high school. Never really did that there was basically a VidCon after-party for the top craters peoples, just important people. You know I didn’t get an invite okay, so I should I try to sneak in and it didn’t really work.

We went through security and they just stopped us because I didn’t have my wristband. I just turn around me and Brennen. Basically, we had dinner. This put, it was like 10:00 p.M. And you know what I’m not even upset um and I really realize guys is, after being this whole VidCon weekend, you’re just going to feel sometimes really small, because everyone wants to just know how many followers you have your worth.

It’s basically on a result – and I kid you not at that moment when I go catch, a free party and winning moments before, like just wandering off feeling in place, you have to realize you cannot put your identity in your results. Who you are is on what you do and I have to really make that quick switch because it was hard on us. Some people had millions and millions of followers and not what I really care and I’m going to like measure that.

But it’s important to know your self-worth internally before you think about external things. Vidcon taught me a lot. I taught me just hi net, where I kind of meet really cool people and also taught me to how to love myself, even if I don’t have a biggest following, as you know, all those convictions. I was really cool to me. People with like larger followings, not because of the number but because of you, know the ways they got there.

I love hearing the stories. I met something cool peace shout out to Hayley, Ryan and sitting. Basically, the only people are going out with this weekend. You know what there’s actually something we’re working on, really really last-minute, which is a song, and you guys will hear that and this literally like the people. I met at VidCon our friendships that I consider so so surreal and genuine to me and it’s not about the numbers.

It was hard for me because I feel like a small fish in a big pond or ever vention event and place where you don’t feel like. You belong realize that it’s all your mindset, which it and really become internally confident rather than external people, won’t believe in you. If you don’t believe in yourself hope I gave you some insight on how it was super fun. Super freaking lit this article and subscribe.

If you like it, like this article and subscribe bitch shut up to the comet literature comment on this post to feature the next step, this is you want to be an excellent winner. Make sure you comment below your thoughts on a bid card where you there did you hug me or did you like it Tom and below? I wonder your thoughts, but what do you thought about today’s article catch you guys in the next one good, bye,

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Why everyone Needs to Become an Influencer

This is what I believe. I’m sharing that with you for nothing just get out there and succeed. What’s up everybody ricky truth here. Welcome back to my blog, so today I want to give you some extremely practical advice on how to build your business and keep up with the trends of digital and technology moving forward.

The world is moving at such a high pace now, and we’ve got to keep up with the times we’re over to get left behind. Ok, so we have to understand where the world is going, where people want to be how we need to approach people, how where we need to be to build our brand and that’s what I want to talk about personal branding and the fact that every single one Of you should be thinking of yourself in terms of an influencer okay.

Thank you for yourself as an influencer. What I want to call this is that you are a mini influencer, okay, as a real estate agent as a salesperson and the car industry as an insurance agent as a travel agent as a doctor or lawyer or whatever the case may be, you want to be A mini influencer, okay, here’s what I mean: okay, if you’re an influencer in general, if you’re, just an influencer okay, you may be trying to build a global brand.

Okay, like myself in the real estate coaching world, okay in the entrepreneur world. Alright, I want to influence people in a very positive light globally. All right, I have people all over the world from many different countries, following what I’m saying and building relationships over transactions, building their businesses in a positive way and helping people the right way – and this is very humbling for me to do.

But I would consider myself an influencer, not a mini influencer, or a mini influencer to me is what real estate agents need to be. Okay, that means that we’re a micro influencer in our own markets, our local markets. Okay, what that translates to us is that we don’t need to be worried about views number of views number of likes number of followers. Okay, let’s take Joe Rosen, for example, down in Port st.

Lucie. He has very little views, but if he goes out to a restaurant, everybody knows who he is. Why? Because it’s such a localized market, okay, you’re, comparing yourself to big influence, you’re saying: oh, I don’t have a thousand like so I’ll – have ten thousand views per article. So I must not be getting anywhere close to where I need to be on these social platforms, but that’s not the case. Okay.

Very little views means a whole lot in a concentrated area, okay and so moving forward. I want you to be thinking personal brand, which is what I did with my weekly email and continue to do and continue to teach you to do is a weekly email. On the same day of the week forever I’ve been doing mine since 2007. It’s literally how I built my brand okay and his litter have became an influencer. I didn’t know all these terms when I started doing this, but it’s literally what out what I was doing and is why I’m where I’m at now.

I understand this on a much grander level, seeing as how I got into the coaching industry and I’ve started to build my brand there on social media, okay, as well as email and every other platform. There is out there. So I want you to think of yourself moving forward as an influencer. Now, let’s talk about that for a second being an influencer, or what does it mean? It means that a certain amount of people – okay, know who you are and see your content consistently.

Okay, they see original content from you on a consistent basis: okay, forever. Okay, that’s continuing to build your brand with the people who know you all right and then the goal is is to get more people into your following your email database, your instagrams, your Facebook. Listening to your podcast reading, your YouTube, whatever platform you decide, okay, which I believe the best two platforms, are emails and text, email, platform, text, platform, okay and then all the Supplemental platforms, all the social medias.

Okay, I think those are secondary, but very valuable and necessary. You need to have all of those combined to really make a huge impact and to really build that influential status in your market. Now, if you think of building your business moving forward as you being an influencer in your local market, okay, it tends to give you a different vision. Okay, a different point of view of what your goals really are all right.

The goal is is to let as many people as possible know who you are and how you operate, that you’re honest, caring, hard-working dependable professional you’re, everything that they want in an agent okay. But we have to let a certain amount of people know that if they don’t know about you, they don’t know who you are number one and then. Secondly, if they don’t know what you’re about then they’re never going to do business with you, okay, so our job from this point moving forward is to initiate contact with as many new people that don’t know who we are as possible.

Let them know who we are and then put them into our little personal branding machine, okay of pumping that consistent original content to them forever. Okay, so we do that through email. We do that through text. We do that through social media all right, but we need to get them into our personal branding machine all right and then we want to talk to more people and get them in there more more more more as many people as we can possibly get to.

We will never get to all the people in our market. Therefore, our job and our task at hand is an unlimited of Biss. Okay, it’s an ocean, you can’t get to it all and when we think about that on that micro level, that many influence our level think about what I’m trying to do with just being a general influencer, okay to influence people around the world, all right and when We think about the unlimitedness of just the many influence or the micro influencer of just a local market.

Think about how massive it is to be just a general influence or trying to influence people around the world. It’s it’s insanely, unlimited and massive. So hope this gives you a different look, a different point of view. Maybe how you need to be building your business or what your objectives really are, or what your goals should be. Okay and I’m going to start pumping out more content around being an influencer and the little things that really matter and different little hacks that I find along the way I’m going to are those with you.

So if you haven’t click Subscribe, do that now? Click that, like button, you have any questions whatsoever, leave it in the comments below. Thank you. So much for reading I’ll, see you on the next article. Let’s go

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Digital Marketing Basics: Before and After Grid

After you’re done with this article, you’re going to be able to really honing your copy you’re going to be able to create offers that are going to convert and you’re going to be able to jump into the mind of your clients and your prospective clients. This is so helpful when you’re doing research and you’re trying to figure out what kind of blockers and what kind of content should I be putting out there for my brand or for my business.

So if you’re doing any kind of digital marketing, this is going to be extremely helpful. Hey everybody how’s it going. My name is Brandon Brashear. I make daily digital marketing articles here. So if you’re trying to grow your brand or your business with digital marketing, then this is a great blog for you. You should totally consider subscribing hit the thumbs up button. If you liked the article and comment below with any questions or comments that you have alright.

So let’s talk about the before and after good, some people call it the before and after good some people call it the heaven and hell grid right. It’s really depends on where you’re learning this from, but it’s actually a pretty common concept in marketing, but it’s extremely important, especially if you’re trying to grow a product or service or develop an offer when you’re doing marketing. You really want to get inside the head of the prospect.

The reason why you want to do this is because, when you’re doing marketing, people don’t buy things typically for the utility of the thing right. The old example is people don’t buy it grills because they want drills, they buy eight drills because they want holes, that’s actually not true. Either people don’t buy drills because they want holes. They want holes because they need to run a wire through it or a pipe through it or you know, there’s more to it than just here’s: a cool drill, he’ll, here’s the features, here’s the price right, we’re trying to figure out exactly what the clients and customers Are looking for so it’s important to consider first, what is there before state? What does it look like? How can you communicate with these people so that they’ll say yeah? That’s me: that’s how I feel, and typically, if you have a service or product, it’s going to do more than just the face value of that product or service, and if you want it to be more valuable than just like a commodity.

For example, it’s important to consider and really consider that you have to really relate to your clients and customers on an emotional level if you can get into their most primal fears. Their most primal worries their most primal motivations that they have you’re going to be a lot more successful. People typically do things because they want to gain something they do things, because it justifies their emotional decision with logic.

People do things because fear is a motivator and in general, if you can tap into these base motivations you’re going to be so much more effective. So let’s go through an example. So, typically, what I like to do is the the before grid. I like to know what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, what they’re wondering: what are their worries? What are their needs, what are their wants and really talk about? What is it and what is the state that these people are in? So let me give you an example: let’s say you’re doing a your realtor in you’re selling, a house.

If you have somebody who’s selling their house, you could think well. All they want to do is sell their house. They are need to sell their house right. There. Could be a million reasons why these people need to sell their house and one thing that you should totally do before this is fill out your client, avatar and customer avatar, so that you know who you’re creating this before and after good. For that is step number one.

This is step number two, so that article up there in the left hand corner on the card. You can click that and there’s a client, avatar worksheet in the description of that article as well. But let’s talk about this, though their before and after good, so you have your very specific customer, avatar right and so even within selling houses. You have different kinds of house seller. If you have equity sellers, you have people that are selling because they’re retiring, you have people that are selling, because they need more room.

You have people that are selling, because they can’t make the payments. You have people that are selling because they’re upside down on their mortgages, they’re doing a short sale right. All of those people have different before-and-after grids and likely your clients and customers aren’t also in different areas depending on what’s important of them to them right. So, let’s target somebody who is an equity seller, for example, they’re retiring and they’re, downsizing right.

What is their before and after good look like so before they’re worried about getting the most money for their house. They probably have time they’ve been sitting on the house for a long time. They’ve paid it off. Now they have equity, they feel like they’re, proud of their accomplishments. They feel like they deserve to get the most for the money they feel like. Their house is extremely valuable, extremely special.

They have a serious emotional bonds to it right and so, when you’re designing content around that, if you talk to them about how special their house is how they build memories, they’re right, the house has so much more value to that person. Then it does somebody who just is doing like a corporate rental right or you know somebody who’s like, oh and I bought this house a year ago and I’m flipping it right, very different positions, and so, when you’re, creating marketing and you’re explaining to them.

You know, especially if you like, let’s see, had a reverse mortgage business, where you’re trying to get people that have equity to do reverse mortgages right. If you talk to them about how they have built the legacy in this house – and you know they’re their state that they’re in they feel connected to it, they don’t want to move out of it. They want to maintain their lifestyle right. You you’re talking about the emotions that they’re feeling and really you’re connecting with them on a very emotional level.

They feel like you’re, going to know them you’re going to get to know them, so the ad is going to be a lot more effective, and so then you have the after grit. So let’s say that you, you understand and you’re empathizing with where they’re at at their current stage and then in the after grid. It’s where they’re going to be when they’re ending up with you they’ll be so relieved that you know this. Wasn’t that hard to do! They’ll be so relieved that they got the most for it.

They’ll be so relieved that they found somebody who is going to build a family in this house. Just like you did in the house is going to be used for good right. All of those different things. You’re so much more deeper than hey. I sell houses, a 2 % Commission, yes or no and you’re so much more effective. When you can be the bridge between that before state and that after state, a good general copywriting rule is the feel felt found right.

You can tell a story about a client who has gone through a similar situation through his story and especially if you can use article testimonials and things you can talk about what they were feeling. So what did you feel when you first got started? Well, you know I’ve lived here for 30 years and I really felt like I didn’t want to give up all the memories and things, but it was getting expensive and I knew that you know my kids.

I didn’t want them to have to support me and right. So you’re going through that feeling, so what did they feel and then how they felt when the thing was happening? But you know I found someone so realty service and immediately they got that understood that you know this isn’t just a house. This is my legacy, and so what we found was, and then the solution and then the after. How did they feel afterwards and being that bridge and that gap really helps you to get no more emotion, convey more emotion and get people to to get to the end result.

Really, that’s what people are looking for, they’re, not looking for you know. Sometimes people are there. There are different demographics right where people are just looking for the cheapest commodity and if you’re, a commodity provider you’re, probably able to find those people just because you’re competing only on price. But if you’re, like other businesses, that don’t want to just be a price competitor, that you want, offer a premium service you’re going to have to bridge that gap, you’re enough to find the hot-button issues that are going to make.

You different make you better and really help you to not be just another commodity. That’s only going to be based around pricing right, there’s service. There’s caring, there’s commitment, there’s the ongoing um. You know everything it’s it really all comes down to this, and if you can nail this as far as what is the before state, is this something that you’re feeling is this something that you’re doing and then what’s the after state? If you can convey that in article in text in an image your ads are going to be so much more effective, I would love to know that what do you think what are some of your favorite copywriting formulas for this? If you have any questions, any comments need help with anything comment below as always, and please, if you enjoyed the article, be sure to subscribe I’ll, see on the next article have a good one.


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I don’t understand how people think they’re relevant right like and by the way I think email is still the killer app. I think phone calls the phones incredible but but they’re declining in our attention. I have not responded to a bulk or even a one-on-one sales pitch, an email or phone form in a decade. A stunning amount of people behind that camera right now are not going to be successful in sales, because they’re not willing to work hard enough.

They love the automation, they love all these tools. The problem is, if you have the greatest hammer and the greatest screwdriver and the greatest wrench the greatest in front of you, if you don’t use them properly, you will lose right if there’s a nail that I have to put in that ground. But I take the wrench and I hit it when the hammer was right there. It still comes down to the practitioner mm-hmm and you have to be good at your craft and you have to love your.

If you don’t love sales, if you don’t love it, you have no chance, because it’s so hard, it’s so painful, there’s so much rejection right. So those are the things I think about different sales professionals. Reading. Where would you advise that they start in terms of creating their own content or sharing their content, adding their own context as well? Before I go directly into the tactics of, should you make a article? Should you do a written blog post, so she did do a podcast.

You have to reverse engineer who you’re trying to get through. So I think the number one rule of salespeople is to listen. Know your audience know what they did. If you see an M & A just happen, if you see layoffs just happening, if you see one of them, if I see Burger King doing something, I’m thinking what is McDonald’s, think of Russ. So that’s number one number two: where are they spending time? Everybody as a salesperson has to figure out? How do they best communicate? Is it written word? Is it audio? Is it article? Is it in person and how to use the digital world in audio, written or vid you’ll form to create the gateway drug to in person? I look at sales very differently than the far majority.

I think way too many salespeople are patient or impatient. I think way too many salespeople are transactional. I think way too many salespeople are lowest-common-denominator. Spam blast, LinkedIn, email, bulk business card business card business card, so I think I’ve got a different tactic on sales, but don’t get it twisted it’s what I am if you’re not happy with your upside, if you’re not fully fulfilled.

I think a lot of you are doing things that are directly in front of you numbers that they put in front of you you’re trying to achieve that because you have a beach house, you want to buy we’re going that vacation sales is a funny game. If you work in a big company, they manipulate numbers to create your actions. I believe that the best sales people are doing things in a different way. I think you need to care about the customer for real reverse-engineer them and give them what they need.

I’m a better salesperson than you, because I’m the anti salesperson and I think that’s the best salesperson. Please understand that the world has changed in the attention of the person you’re trying to get to is moving into different places, and this big one stop complaining. A great salesperson shuts their mouth and she goes to work every day and tries to bring value to the end-user, and this patient and over time wins the marathon of sales put yourself in that position.

Websites help sell stuff! Do you have one?