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10 Topic Ideas For Real Estate Agents – Realtor Marketing

You can start using right away. My name is Sebastien malinovski and I help real estate agents grow. Their business through marketing, so they never have to do any old-school prospecting again. If you’re new to this blog, please consider subscribing now, let’s get on with the top ten article topics.

Now before we get going, I have to let you know. There are three different types of articles. You can shoot three different types of categories. The first one is evergreen. The second one is connection type of article and the third one is conversion type of article. What’s the difference? Here’s a quick recap by the way. If you’d go down to the description below I’ll put a link in there, so you can actually get free training on this specific topic.

So, let’s start with the evergreen content. Evergreen content is something in your neighborhood or a topic that is always there. For example, a neighborhood or a school: it’s always there connection type of articles or content that you can release. That is meant to create a connection between you and your local market. That way, you can gain your know like and trust factor the conversion type article.

That’s the sexy one, that’s the one that every real estate agent wants. That type of article is designed to create a lead all right. Now, let’s move on to the top 10 article top two top 10 article type, that okay, let’s move on to the top 10 article topic ideas you can use as an agent wow, that’s a tongue, twister number one interview, local businesses or local entrepreneurs. The reason why you want to do that is because they have a following: if you interview them, they can use that as a marketing piece.

Well, what would happen if they sent that article out to their entire list of clients that right there will give you exposure number two interview local influencers, so that could be the main that could be an actual youtuber. That could be an Olympian and athlete when somebody sees you with a local influencer. It gives you instant credibility, number four, past client interviews or testimonials, there’s an old saying in business.

If you say it, it’s not true, but if your clients say it, it must be. Let someone else tell your community how awesome you are, as an agent number five real estate information articles. These are the how to’s that’s what really got me off the ground years ago, when I started shooting content in my local neighborhood, I just started creating how-to articles. What I would do is document every single question.

I was asked by my client, whether it’s a buyer or seller. I would document it and guess what that’s a article topic idea. For example, how do I know when it’s the right time to buy? How do I know if it’s the right time to sell? How do I negotiate when I’m competing for that home, etc? Things like that number six market update articles now these would be classified or considered as a conversion type articles, while you’re giving your local community.

The statistics on what’s happening in the local market you’re also giving them your advice. That’s key make sure that you give people your advice on what perhaps is going to happen in the future? How does that influence the buyer or seller or affect the buyer or a seller, and the key at the end is put a call to action. So, for example, you can say, and if you want a report on what’s happening in the market, go down below and download the PDF or what I’ve also done in the past, and this worked really well is in the middle of my article.

I would literally tell the viewer pull up your cell phone and text this code, or this word to this number and the latest market report will be delivered to you right away, something to think about number seven about me this guy. Well, not about me about me. Articles do you have an about me article if you don’t now’s a good time at the end of this article, hit stop and go record in about me. Article literally pull out your phone and just record now.

Here’s the key, don’t just include professional topics. People want to know who you are as a human being, so make sure you include a good mixture of professional and personal things in that article tell them what you do, what your hobbies are. Are you a family person or not? You know what I mean. Number 8 community events. Now there are two different types of community event. Articles you can do. One is, let’s say you release a article on Thursday.

Singing here is an awesome event that I will be attending. Why don’t you come in at end I’ll, be there at five o’clock? So if you know somebody made your local influence or who’s putting on an event and you want to help them well, you tell your community by the way, here’s an event happening Saturday at 3 to 5 or whatever the time is, and I’ll be there at 4:30 Things like that second type of community article would be a live article.

Actually, while you’re there put it on Facebook number 9 neighborhood articles. That would be an evergreen type of article things that people, Google or search when somebody Google’s or searches Google’s. It’s funny how you say Google’s if somebody searches for a specific neighborhood in your city, wouldn’t you rather have your article come up on that search as opposed to an article from the city.

I think I made my point. Number. 10. Here’s a cool one! It’s something out of the box and I love out of the box viral trends yeah. I know they have nothing to do with real estate, but remember like the ice bucket challenge or the mannequin or the Harlem shake or Movember things like that. Get in on the action show people that you’re a fun person and the most important part is just be you, that’s really what matters it doesn’t matter.

What type of article you shoot? The most important thing is just be you now. You notice that none of these topics actually have to do with real estate, the typical ones we think of an open house or a listing article. We all that these two types of articles exist, if you want to tack them on, is number 11 and 12. Be my guest, but I hope that this list helps you out, so I hope you enjoyed this article and found it valuable.

I do create more articles like this for real estate agents to help them grow their business through marketing, so they never have to do old-school prospecting. Consider subscribing to this YouTube blog. I remember to look down in the description for a link to more helpful tips on creating content and creating more articles. Now before we get going. I have one more question for you. Have I covered everything? Is there a type of article that you have done that I haven’t covered? If you have please put it down in the comment section below, I would love to know what you’ve done anyway.

That’s it! I’r Sebastian malinovski, see you tomorrow,

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Online Marketing

How to Grow Your Business with YouTube (Best Marketing Strategy)

So, who is this article for this article is for anybody that wants to be an entrepreneur and start a business online so that other people can see that product that you have to give it’s all it can be for new businesses.

Maybe you’ve never done anything or maybe you’re already established. Maybe you already have an established business on your Facebook, blog or Facebook group, or maybe on Instagram and you’re ready to do something different. This is for you one more thing. I it’s only for people who want to take it seriously if you just want to play around you’re, not really sure you can’t come on here and make a article here and there and think it’s going to take off.

So, if you’re ready to make a commitment and you’re ready to really provide some content to grow your business, then you’re in the right place. Let me ask you a question: what, if you could get thousands or millions of people in front of your business? What would that do for your business, thousands or millions? You can do that on YouTube. You have seen some blogs that have literally 1 2 million followers.

Now imagine getting your content out there and have that many people reading you and seeing the content that you’re providing that has to go with your business. It is a numbers game if you’ve already been around. You know that so the more people, the more traffic that you have, the more people that have their eyes on you, the more growth that you’ll have and the more chances that you will have and being successful and selling through your blog, and that happens through the Links below we’re not going to talk exactly how to monetize YouTube in this one, but I’m going to tell you why you want to use YouTube to grow your business now before we start, I wouldn’t tell you explain to you how YouTube is different than other forms Of marketing, basically there’s two forms of marketing: one is called interrupt, based marketing, and then you have search based, think of interrupt based when you are reading TV and you’re reading your favorite show and then all of a sudden all these commercials come flying at you.

Ok and you’re, like I didn’t ask for that, I don’t really care about Gillette. I don’t shave my beard and I don’t really care, but there’s all kinds of commercials popping on. I didn’t ask for them to be there. They were there. They were interrupting. What I was doing it happens on Facebook, it happens in Instagram, you’re scrolling down going through your newsfeed and Facebook and all of a sudden, all these commercials and ads or ads are popping up, and you didn’t ask for those, and you probably prefer them not to Be there and isn’t it uncanny how they’re usually ads the things that you’ve been searching for, so there is no privacy on Facebook or online if you hadn’t known that, so how is YouTube different? Well, YouTube people are searching for you, they’re saying you know what I want to learn more about health, and fitness and vanessa has a blog she’s, providing recipes every day that that are healthy and nutritious, and I want to follow her and that’s what how people find You they come to you, you don’t come to them.

Now, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. You have to have certain ste search words and things like that. So write this down, that you want to do a little bit of cert research and search engine. Optimization but for today we’re not going to talk in detail about that, but that you definitely need to know a few things like that. But let’s just talk about why you want to be on this platform, all right so number one is: it will help your business grow.

I mean it’s that simple, but you have to be very consistent when you start making YouTube articles you want to make them on a consistent basis and honestly, in the beginning, the more you make the better because you’re just telling YouTube that you know I’m really serious About growing my blog and if you do want a week in the beginning, it’s just going to take that much longer for them to see that you’re serious, because if you did one a week in a year, that’s only 52.

If you do one every day in a year, that’s 365, you have to decide what your goal is. My personal goal has been to make 400 articles in a row and then I’m going to back it down, but I want YouTube to see that I am serious about growing my business and that has been my goal and I think I’m pushing 200 something. As of this article, but I still have a ways to go, but that’s my goal and I know I need to be consistent.

You also need to learn about engine optimization. You might say I’ve got this really good idea about making articles. Maybe you want to teach people how to paint. I would think that would be a good article or a good series, but I don’t know I don’t paint I’m not in that field, but maybe you want to start selling art lessons or something in a digital course, and so your articles have to do with tips And things about art, but maybe there aren’t a lot of people out there that want to learn that and maybe you’re finding that that’s not something that that’s going to be popular.

There are ways: there’s software out there, there’s tools out there that will help. You take your idea and research it and, before you start making articles and building a business from the ground up make sure it’s something that people are searching for. That’s the secret. You don’t tell people what they want, they tell you what they want and then you go. Ah lots of people want to learn how to train dogs.

I’r going to start making articles about that because that’s something that’s being searched. Okay and then maybe you’ll start a Shopify store, selling dog equipment, bowls and leashes, and things like that. Those are just ideas, I’m throwing out there and you want to provide content. Okay, when you’re making the articles you’re just not making willy-nilly different articles, they all have to be cohesive and about the niche that you’ve chosen all right.

So you’re letting YouTube know that you’re, serious and once YouTube knows that you’re serious. They will reward you they want. You to be successful because they can start putting ads on your articles once you’re able to monetize. There are certain mile markers you have to meet before you can monetize anymore and I’m not going to share those because I’m sure they’ll change over time. But if you can monetize and you’re providing content, then you’re providing YouTube a platform where they can put ads it’s a win-win situation for everybody, all right number: two: why do you want to use YouTube? It builds trust with your audience.

If they see you and see your face every single day or four times a week, they get to know you. You know yourself how many stars or people do you read on TV or do you read on YouTube and you feel like you know them, because you get to see them all the time, so you building trust and you’re there consistently in front of them. Now you might say: well, okay, I’m sold I’m going to do it, but I’m afraid I’m really afraid of making a article.

I’r afraid I’m going to look stupid. I don’t know how to do it, everybody’s afraid. In the beginning, everybody, we probably all look kind of silly in the beginning, because we’re not really sure what we’re doing and, as the time goes on, you just keep getting better and better and better. And I think the neat thing is about having your sucky articles. In the beginning is eventually I’ve seen people do it that have been around for 10 years and they’ll go and you look at them and you go man they’re out there on the stage and all kinds of things and then they’ll show you a article of when They first start and you’re like oh my gosh, I’m not that bad.

So just know everybody starts from nothing. My first article I made I made it on Facebook. I was scared to death and what I did just to practice get in front of the camera, and you might do this at first maybe get on Facebook, and I did a how-to article cuz. It’s easy to show people how to do something that you already know how to do and what I did actually now that I look back. It was really fun, but I did a how-to article on how to make fire starters and what we do is we take egg cartons.

We fill them up with sawdust my husband’s in construction, and then you melt wax my mom loves to go to yard sale. She, and I said just go, find me some old candles, so that’s one of her little things that she does and I just melt them down, and I did it right there on the article and I was surprised how many people enjoyed it and I had a Lot of views now that wasn’t so bad, but then I was in a group a course that I was taken and one of the challenges was to be personal.

To share a personal story. Well, I thought I was going to die sharing the story because it’s just when you have to start talking about yourself. It is a little bit different and my heart was racing out of my chest. I had everything written down word for word. Actually, I had it right on my computer and what I do now is just make bullet points, because I don’t want you to see me reading. That’s not what this is all about, but in that particular day that it was my first time I had everything written down, I’m sitting there scrolling and reading and before I sat down I’m just going to be honest with you, I had to go.

Take a drink, a shot of whiskey i-i. Don’t typically do that very often, but I was like I think it was like two o’clock in the afternoon, but I was like oh my gosh and, and I I just I could not get through it, but once I did it, this is the key once I Did it – and I saw that nobody sent me bad things, a lot of my friends who loved me. You know they’re going to say everything. Nice anyway said you did such a great job and the funny thing that happened.

I started doing articles after that and again it just became easier and easier and easier, and it’s funny my mother’s in her 80s and she has a cell phone, and you know how, when you read one article from someone, if you don’t know how to get out Of that article off that person’s page, every article they make will keep coming up. Well, I think about this time I had made that role and they’re on Facebook.

My mom calls me she goes. I had my phone on today and you just kept popping up one after another. She goes all day long and I’m thinking, oh, my gosh, so my I think it’s kind of funny, so my mother became my best fan, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and you know what people love you they love you just the Way they are, and and if somebody’s going to be mean and tell you you suck, then you don’t really need them to be your friend.

After all, do you so it just keeps getting better. It really does, and it just keeps getting easier and and today you’re reading this and two years from now, you’re going to go man that article is bad, so it just you just keep getting better. It’s like anything that you do another thing number three: why do you need to put your business on YouTube? Is you can build your fanbase you’re, actually building numbers you want to get hundreds and hundreds of thousands.

I am have an influencer that I follow and I’m saying just less than a year ago I was following her and she was around oh, my gosh, maybe three hundred thousand followers and already she’s up to like a million. I mean it just it just tripled and she said the funny thing is once you get a momentum going you you just keep getting more and more subscribers in the beginning, it is like pulling teeth. It’s really hard because you’re brand new, nobody knows who you are YouTube is reading.

They want to make sure you’re serious, so they’re not going to throw to you out there too much. So it takes time in the beginning, but once you build that fanbase people will start clicking your links down there in the description. That’s where sales happen down in there or you take them to a landing page in those descriptions or you’re, giving them free things to get their email address. So there’s a whole process, like I said through there, okay, so number four.

I want to emphasize to you that making a YouTube blog and providing content in your youtubes, nothing bad is going to happen. There isn’t anything bad that can happen. Think about it. Usually, when I start out on a new endeavor, I always think. What’s the worst thing, that’s going to happen, I do that. Even I remember when I was younger. Even if I was going to speak, I would think. Okay, what’s the worst thing, that’s going to happen well, you’re going to get a ticket and I’d say: okay, I’m willing to pay a ticket cuz, I’m really not hurry to get to where I’m going and I’m willing to pay the price.

So with YouTube, though, there is no price to pay. The only thing you’re going to lose is some time but you’ve in that time. This is the thing you’re not really losing anything, because your communication skills will get better. Even if you stop the blog and you decide this isn’t for you, you have grown as a person you’re better in front of an audience. You have better communication skills, you’ve learned how to make articles, and maybe you started getting fancy and adding things in there.

So you’re only going to get better, there’s, nothing, bad, that’s going to happen and the process of making a article is actually simple, but the longevity of it is hard. So I want to explain that in this way, what if you were to run a marathon running step by step right is not hard. It’s a simple process just to run now, whether or not your body can last very long. That’s different same thing with the article.

It’s not hard to make a article. I actually have a little camera on my laptop. I think I paid $ 60 for it, I’m not using the internal camera because it wasn’t that good of quality, and I have a microphone that I bought Yeti. So there you go, I think that was a hundred, so maybe one hundred and fifty dollars. I have two pieces of equipment and that’s it a lot of people just use their their phone. I don’t have a high quality phone.

I have an iPhone, but I’ve got an older one, but there are times that I’ve used it. I might be outside or something and I’ll just do a article like that. But the point is that part’s easy, that’s the easy part. The process what’s hard is the persistence and the consistent consistency and hanging in there. There are days that you might say why am I doing this? There’s I’m not getting that many subscribers, I’m I’m not getting that many views.

I just want to sit down and cry. I mean there’s days that you feel like that, like you, you feel like it’s um, just no results and that’s where a lot of people will quit and that’s why you don’t see that many people that are successful, because when you start doing it you’ll see it’s. It’s time, there’s things that you have to do to build your business. You’ve got to build that foundation, especially in passive income.

You’ve got to put those systems in place. That will be there forever. That can keep making you money, and one of them is articles. Youtube articles are evergreen, they never disappear. So that’s a little tag in there for passive income. They don’t go away. I could make a article ten years ago and if, if the right keywords are in there and somebody searches for and it pops up, then it’s still there where, if you’re on Facebook or Instagram they disappear, they’re gone.

So that’s the difference there forever or gone okay. So those are the reasons that you want to stick with YouTube. And again I want to emphasize to you that’s staying consistent with your content and with your articles is what helps your success YouTube wants you to be successful because YouTube benefits. Remember YouTube is selling ads to people. You know there’s little ads that you always want to skip at the beginning of the article.

Even if somebody just clicks it they get money for that and it probably not a lot. I’r not monetized. Yet I will be, but they the longer people read those articles, they get more money and and people get very strategic and where they put those ads those little article ads and they the a person advertised benefits because they get to put their ad in front of Millions of people, if you have a huge audience, YouTube benefits because they’re getting that money and you’re providing the platform they don’t have to even provide one and all the people out there, making articles and blogs that’s where they put those ads.

So that’s a win-win-win situation and you get a little bit of money from YouTube for monetizing, so everybody wins, but you have to let YouTube know that you’re serious and by being consistent and sticking it out and providing that content lets them know. So what I suggest for you is get started on your blog. I have this in a article, a series, YouTube growth and I will continue to put YouTube articles articles in there that will help you with your growth, so be sure to click that link and again, if there’s not a lot in there, when you click it just Go back and keep looking because I will consistently keep putting articles in the playlist until then I’ll see you on the next article and thank you for reading.

Give me a thumbs up if this was helpful or if you have any questions. Ask because that’s what I’m here for I’m more than happy to help you

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Branding on Social Media

I have to get the first spot for you, we’re at the library you guys are saying how I’m going to get a filter, so I use my ruin mic filter.

Alright guys welcome to the ask a Jada show today we’re going to get your done every single Saturday guys actually signed up. So I’m about to call you in answer all your questions. If you want to be featured on the next ask, Jade show make sure you stay to the end, so you can learn how okay, so the first call I have two phones, so don’t need a very much giving up my number. I can’t wait to this. I wanted to say this: one line hey.

This is Jade you’re on the ask J, OH kind of wanted to be a fashion, blogger and assertive blog. So when you say it didn’t go anywhere, your blog didn’t go anywhere, meaning that no one really read it or what’s what’s in your eyes, meaning like doesn’t go anywhere. So it’s more that sounds to me like you like. Do you like blogging, though? Well? Do you want this blogging thing to be career, wise? What you want, or just for fun, career line? Okay, so you really do need.

If you want to career-wise, you need a website, you need a domain, you need. You want to get brands in your circles. I just kind of do so. I find no something’s trending something’s, like a fashion trend, for your case is pop in, and everything is going to go away in a few weeks. You better hop on that soon, so being consistent is knowing what’s up knowing the trends right now and implementing the day of instead of waiting a week later to get your photographer and if you don’t have a photographer, you self-timer and it works just as fine.

Oh yeah, I actually use this thing called also, if you want, I can text it to you, it’s it’s like a color matching, so it gives you like all the shades of your theme and you plug it in and if your photo doesn’t match it, then it’s Not a good idea to post it. I think I think a feed is your least of your concerns, but it definitely makes a huge difference. Think about the captions. You should make your captions paragraph hey.

This is Jade you’re on the ask. Jade show all right. This is Jade you’re on the ask Jay Cho. What are you looking for? So what’s the dilemma? What’s the problem, Louise right, okay, Louise captions are the only way for york consumer to take in your content. A picture doesn’t nothing for them. A picture does no, but what happens is if you’re a pretty person with a great influence? Oh you have people that love you, okay, so I took captions.

Do you matter it’s like more of a matter like? Are you really using it to the full potential because the longer people stay in reading your captions, the more they will boost your profile, so you get more followers. Do you understand that? So I would write paragraphs. Do you? Are you passionate about a certain topic like? Do you want to help young kids find their confidence like? What’s her audience, I hear I hear what you’re saying you want to be more of a b2b space.

You want to get brands right, so the thing is being a business is not being corporate being a business is helping people and making money out of it. You still need to help people. Man, like you, still need to put out some value, like you so I’d say, maybe maybe rhe message. What I’m saying is. Maybe you don’t have to inspire people but become helpful? So if a brand looks at your profile, raise your captions O’shea, he’s an expert, I’m influencer, all right guys who provides we’re going to answer all the questions.

Now I made a mistake – and I did this from 9 to 12 – we’re just three hours of people calling me in so I rather condense it make sure you guys are straight to the point and we’re just going to call everyone right now. But are you guys, if you’re so, for enjoying this make sure you like, and I want to see if we can get this article to 100 likes like and if we pass this, then I’ll do another ask Jade soon, basically guys I have to keep rushing because This library can only sustain me for two hours.

We’re also going to kick me out, so we’re going to call the next person hey. This is Jade. Your honor asked Jay to show my biggest question is if you have an Instagram following that is growing other people and you’re posting daily, and it’s what’s the first thing we do to make this happen to make you glow dancer. Let’s clarify your Instagram. The only growing right now, because your unfollowing and following yes, I’m engaged with the community – means people right now, don’t care, so you need to make people care.

Who is your target audience and I see you’re vegan right so who is your ideal audience holy? That’s so smart, it’s not! A lot of people know their audience. That is good. They spoke about Instagram and you can actually target people just by putting like, for example, you place an ad saying swipe up to you know to learn more about veganism and you just target people that are exactly what you just said or or if you want the Free version, you DM all those people, like you literally DM, like hey, I have a little free little thing I made you or like.

If you want to take a look, I love it. If you can check it out, 97 % of people won’t give a about 3 % will and that’s. 3 percent will help you keep going. Ok, hey! This is Jade from YouTube and you’re on the ask. A jade show back up. What’s your what’s your business? What’s wrong, I love it. So how is your Instagram or falling so far, just for the sole reason to be? Let me let me clarify, I know what you’re talking about so many people are trying to be a personal brand just to be a personal brand.

They don’t give a about their audience. I can tell right now you probably are passionate about health fitness in this topic and you actually genuinely want to help people correct, yeah. Okay, the way you do that, let’s be very specific: how about age, demographic, maybe gender? It doesn’t matter like you know, like maybe ethnicity, maybe like income like are they? Are they high income like? What is your ideal client? What you can do is literally make a Facebook ad I’ll try to do a training series, but you can look it up like you can basically make an ad targeting those exact people give them some value.

Maybe you actually care about them and you want to give them like a little free coaching session 101, so ninety seven of them will be like screw. You no way I’m not going to get your free training course, but three percent well now three percent will help you because they will give your reviews. They will help you with testimonies and those reviews. You can use it as an ad, so you can get more people into your app or your website, alright guys.

So that was all for today’s ask. Jade show the car the supposed to be chillin, except this think I realize, if you’re an international call, you want to leave me your Skype and then I can call you, I think, there’s a little bit of interference because I’m from the states. So it’s going to be kind of hard, but I want to get you on the show. If you have a question all you got to do, I use a system called calendly.

It looks like this. You plug in your things you get directly linked to my calendar and your calendar. They were automatically able to chat for the US trade show. However, if you want to take your brand to next level and you need one-on-one coaching, I provide an ultimate roadmap to success. For my students who do a mentorship program and if you need some extra guidance like I’m all here for you check the links below just check it out, maybe you see what you need and I hope you have an amazing amazing day.

Thank you. So much get six K last. I think we hit 5 4 K 5 K last week and now we’re on six and a half K, which is like mind-boggling thanks so much. I hope you have a great day I’ll catch you guys in the next one. What’s up guys, thank you so much for reading hold up. If you could do me, a huge favor give this article a like and hit that subscribe button to turn all my post codifications now it’d mean the world to me and I really appreciated

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