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You can start using right away. My name is Sebastien malinovski and I help real estate agents grow. Their business through marketing, so they never have to do any old-school prospecting again. If you’re new to this blog, please consider subscribing now, let’s get on with the top ten article topics.

Now before we get going, I have to let you know. There are three different types of articles. You can shoot three different types of categories. The first one is evergreen. The second one is connection type of article and the third one is conversion type of article. What’s the difference? Here’s a quick recap by the way. If you’d go down to the description below I’ll put a link in there, so you can actually get free training on this specific topic.

So, let’s start with the evergreen content. Evergreen content is something in your neighborhood or a topic that is always there. For example, a neighborhood or a school: it’s always there connection type of articles or content that you can release. That is meant to create a connection between you and your local market. That way, you can gain your know like and trust factor the conversion type article.

That’s the sexy one, that’s the one that every real estate agent wants. That type of article is designed to create a lead all right. Now, let’s move on to the top 10 article top two top 10 article type, that okay, let’s move on to the top 10 article topic ideas you can use as an agent wow, that’s a tongue, twister number one interview, local businesses or local entrepreneurs. The reason why you want to do that is because they have a following: if you interview them, they can use that as a marketing piece.

Well, what would happen if they sent that article out to their entire list of clients that right there will give you exposure number two interview local influencers, so that could be the main that could be an actual youtuber. That could be an Olympian and athlete when somebody sees you with a local influencer. It gives you instant credibility, number four, past client interviews or testimonials, there’s an old saying in business.

If you say it, it’s not true, but if your clients say it, it must be. Let someone else tell your community how awesome you are, as an agent number five real estate information articles. These are the how to’s that’s what really got me off the ground years ago, when I started shooting content in my local neighborhood, I just started creating how-to articles. What I would do is document every single question.

I was asked by my client, whether it’s a buyer or seller. I would document it and guess what that’s a article topic idea. For example, how do I know when it’s the right time to buy? How do I know if it’s the right time to sell? How do I negotiate when I’m competing for that home, etc? Things like that number six market update articles now these would be classified or considered as a conversion type articles, while you’re giving your local community.

The statistics on what’s happening in the local market you’re also giving them your advice. That’s key make sure that you give people your advice on what perhaps is going to happen in the future? How does that influence the buyer or seller or affect the buyer or a seller, and the key at the end is put a call to action. So, for example, you can say, and if you want a report on what’s happening in the market, go down below and download the PDF or what I’ve also done in the past, and this worked really well is in the middle of my article.

I would literally tell the viewer pull up your cell phone and text this code, or this word to this number and the latest market report will be delivered to you right away, something to think about number seven about me this guy. Well, not about me about me. Articles do you have an about me article if you don’t now’s a good time at the end of this article, hit stop and go record in about me. Article literally pull out your phone and just record now.

Here’s the key, don’t just include professional topics. People want to know who you are as a human being, so make sure you include a good mixture of professional and personal things in that article tell them what you do, what your hobbies are. Are you a family person or not? You know what I mean. Number 8 community events. Now there are two different types of community event. Articles you can do. One is, let’s say you release a article on Thursday.

Singing here is an awesome event that I will be attending. Why don’t you come in at end I’ll, be there at five o’clock? So if you know somebody made your local influence or who’s putting on an event and you want to help them well, you tell your community by the way, here’s an event happening Saturday at 3 to 5 or whatever the time is, and I’ll be there at 4:30 Things like that second type of community article would be a live article.

Actually, while you’re there put it on Facebook number 9 neighborhood articles. That would be an evergreen type of article things that people, Google or search when somebody Google’s or searches Google’s. It’s funny how you say Google’s if somebody searches for a specific neighborhood in your city, wouldn’t you rather have your article come up on that search as opposed to an article from the city.

I think I made my point. Number. 10. Here’s a cool one! It’s something out of the box and I love out of the box viral trends yeah. I know they have nothing to do with real estate, but remember like the ice bucket challenge or the mannequin or the Harlem shake or Movember things like that. Get in on the action show people that you’re a fun person and the most important part is just be you, that’s really what matters it doesn’t matter.

What type of article you shoot? The most important thing is just be you now. You notice that none of these topics actually have to do with real estate, the typical ones we think of an open house or a listing article. We all that these two types of articles exist, if you want to tack them on, is number 11 and 12. Be my guest, but I hope that this list helps you out, so I hope you enjoyed this article and found it valuable.

I do create more articles like this for real estate agents to help them grow their business through marketing, so they never have to do old-school prospecting. Consider subscribing to this YouTube blog. I remember to look down in the description for a link to more helpful tips on creating content and creating more articles. Now before we get going. I have one more question for you. Have I covered everything? Is there a type of article that you have done that I haven’t covered? If you have please put it down in the comment section below, I would love to know what you’ve done anyway.

That’s it! I’r Sebastian malinovski, see you tomorrow,

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