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I have to get the first spot for you, we’re at the library you guys are saying how I’m going to get a filter, so I use my ruin mic filter.

Alright guys welcome to the ask a Jada show today we’re going to get your done every single Saturday guys actually signed up. So I’m about to call you in answer all your questions. If you want to be featured on the next ask, Jade show make sure you stay to the end, so you can learn how okay, so the first call I have two phones, so don’t need a very much giving up my number. I can’t wait to this. I wanted to say this: one line hey.

This is Jade you’re on the ask J, OH kind of wanted to be a fashion, blogger and assertive blog. So when you say it didn’t go anywhere, your blog didn’t go anywhere, meaning that no one really read it or what’s what’s in your eyes, meaning like doesn’t go anywhere. So it’s more that sounds to me like you like. Do you like blogging, though? Well? Do you want this blogging thing to be career, wise? What you want, or just for fun, career line? Okay, so you really do need.

If you want to career-wise, you need a website, you need a domain, you need. You want to get brands in your circles. I just kind of do so. I find no something’s trending something’s, like a fashion trend, for your case is pop in, and everything is going to go away in a few weeks. You better hop on that soon, so being consistent is knowing what’s up knowing the trends right now and implementing the day of instead of waiting a week later to get your photographer and if you don’t have a photographer, you self-timer and it works just as fine.

Oh yeah, I actually use this thing called also, if you want, I can text it to you, it’s it’s like a color matching, so it gives you like all the shades of your theme and you plug it in and if your photo doesn’t match it, then it’s Not a good idea to post it. I think I think a feed is your least of your concerns, but it definitely makes a huge difference. Think about the captions. You should make your captions paragraph hey.

This is Jade you’re on the ask. Jade show all right. This is Jade you’re on the ask Jay Cho. What are you looking for? So what’s the dilemma? What’s the problem, Louise right, okay, Louise captions are the only way for york consumer to take in your content. A picture doesn’t nothing for them. A picture does no, but what happens is if you’re a pretty person with a great influence? Oh you have people that love you, okay, so I took captions.

Do you matter it’s like more of a matter like? Are you really using it to the full potential because the longer people stay in reading your captions, the more they will boost your profile, so you get more followers. Do you understand that? So I would write paragraphs. Do you? Are you passionate about a certain topic like? Do you want to help young kids find their confidence like? What’s her audience, I hear I hear what you’re saying you want to be more of a b2b space.

You want to get brands right, so the thing is being a business is not being corporate being a business is helping people and making money out of it. You still need to help people. Man, like you, still need to put out some value, like you so I’d say, maybe maybe rhe message. What I’m saying is. Maybe you don’t have to inspire people but become helpful? So if a brand looks at your profile, raise your captions O’shea, he’s an expert, I’m influencer, all right guys who provides we’re going to answer all the questions.

Now I made a mistake – and I did this from 9 to 12 – we’re just three hours of people calling me in so I rather condense it make sure you guys are straight to the point and we’re just going to call everyone right now. But are you guys, if you’re so, for enjoying this make sure you like, and I want to see if we can get this article to 100 likes like and if we pass this, then I’ll do another ask Jade soon, basically guys I have to keep rushing because This library can only sustain me for two hours.

We’re also going to kick me out, so we’re going to call the next person hey. This is Jade. Your honor asked Jay to show my biggest question is if you have an Instagram following that is growing other people and you’re posting daily, and it’s what’s the first thing we do to make this happen to make you glow dancer. Let’s clarify your Instagram. The only growing right now, because your unfollowing and following yes, I’m engaged with the community – means people right now, don’t care, so you need to make people care.

Who is your target audience and I see you’re vegan right so who is your ideal audience holy? That’s so smart, it’s not! A lot of people know their audience. That is good. They spoke about Instagram and you can actually target people just by putting like, for example, you place an ad saying swipe up to you know to learn more about veganism and you just target people that are exactly what you just said or or if you want the Free version, you DM all those people, like you literally DM, like hey, I have a little free little thing I made you or like.

If you want to take a look, I love it. If you can check it out, 97 % of people won’t give a about 3 % will and that’s. 3 percent will help you keep going. Ok, hey! This is Jade from YouTube and you’re on the ask. A jade show back up. What’s your what’s your business? What’s wrong, I love it. So how is your Instagram or falling so far, just for the sole reason to be? Let me let me clarify, I know what you’re talking about so many people are trying to be a personal brand just to be a personal brand.

They don’t give a about their audience. I can tell right now you probably are passionate about health fitness in this topic and you actually genuinely want to help people correct, yeah. Okay, the way you do that, let’s be very specific: how about age, demographic, maybe gender? It doesn’t matter like you know, like maybe ethnicity, maybe like income like are they? Are they high income like? What is your ideal client? What you can do is literally make a Facebook ad I’ll try to do a training series, but you can look it up like you can basically make an ad targeting those exact people give them some value.

Maybe you actually care about them and you want to give them like a little free coaching session 101, so ninety seven of them will be like screw. You no way I’m not going to get your free training course, but three percent well now three percent will help you because they will give your reviews. They will help you with testimonies and those reviews. You can use it as an ad, so you can get more people into your app or your website, alright guys.

So that was all for today’s ask. Jade show the car the supposed to be chillin, except this think I realize, if you’re an international call, you want to leave me your Skype and then I can call you, I think, there’s a little bit of interference because I’m from the states. So it’s going to be kind of hard, but I want to get you on the show. If you have a question all you got to do, I use a system called calendly.

It looks like this. You plug in your things you get directly linked to my calendar and your calendar. They were automatically able to chat for the US trade show. However, if you want to take your brand to next level and you need one-on-one coaching, I provide an ultimate roadmap to success. For my students who do a mentorship program and if you need some extra guidance like I’m all here for you check the links below just check it out, maybe you see what you need and I hope you have an amazing amazing day.

Thank you. So much get six K last. I think we hit 5 4 K 5 K last week and now we’re on six and a half K, which is like mind-boggling thanks so much. I hope you have a great day I’ll catch you guys in the next one. What’s up guys, thank you so much for reading hold up. If you could do me, a huge favor give this article a like and hit that subscribe button to turn all my post codifications now it’d mean the world to me and I really appreciated

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