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Top 2020 Marketing Strategies for Small Business (CHEAP & EFFECTIVE)

Each of these will help you increase your brand awareness, increase sales and increase your bottom line. I’r Coco, I built a profitable ecommerce store to six figures in just sixty seven days in an extremely competitive and oversaturated industry. Just last year, another one of my stores did over 12 K within the first 12 hours of launching, and I did that using the tactics.

I’r about to share with you. No luck, no hope all strategies that worked for me time and time again. That I know will also work for you. This is millennial money in business and we share the tools to help. You escape your nine-to-five with confidence every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So do me a favor hit like and subscribe. It’s healthy algorithm to show our article to more people, and it gets us that much closer of hitting our goal of becoming the first woman led business blog with more than 1 million subscribers did you say so Bo? No anything else! Sorry about that interruption! Small business marketing 2020 tip number one.

Everyone talks about you needing to constantly post on social media. If you want to build your business and while that could be helpful, commenting on social media is way more effective. Why? Because when you’re, just posting posting posting you’re, relying on Instagram or whatever platform of your choice, we’re going to focus on Instagram for this conversation. But when you’re posting like that you’re hoping the platform will show your post to only 4 % of your followers.

And maybe your followers are actually interested in your brand, but also – maybe not so, maybe try this instead, instead of hoping your customers come to you, you need to go to them, find the places and pages on the platform that your ideal customer likes to frequent. They might be your competitors pages, they might be what I call social water coolers, where they post news and niche related content, think the shade room, if your ideal customer is a person of color or someone interested in hip-hop and urban culture or think trend mood.

If your ideal customer is into makeup or country music daily for country lovers, definitely made up that last one don’t know anything about country, but if you need help creating your customer, avatar just click the link to this article. This is where I go. Super in-depth on the topic and it’s extremely useful, but you find these pages, you see posts, you think your ideal customer would respond to and you hop in the comment section and respond to those people.

They will click your name to see who’s responding to them, because that typically doesn’t happen and think back anytime. You’ve left a comment on a public forum. If anyone liked your comment or responded, that is a notification that you saw in your Activity Feed and you definitely went to check out who that person was so if people see but you’ve already, given them something of value, whether it’s liking their comment or are responding To their comment thoughtfully and not spammy you’re, actually triggering a psychological need for this person to reciprocate what yup we read a whole lot around these parts, breathe honey books, meanie but sure so next time, you’re logged into your business Instagram account don’t just scroll past or Doubletap interesting content hop in the comments and get social on social media and it’ll pay off in brand awareness, which of course, is the first step in getting your customers through the know, like trust, funnel know, like trust funnel, like that tip, you subscribe yet we’re just Warming up now, just warming up small business marketing 2020 tip number two post, let’s pay more, you got excited, I suppose, less hot.

No, both less pay more sis. Now I actually think this is going to save you money and make you more money, while also saving you time, because you could always make more money, but she can never make more time, except with this tip. Now, I’m kind of going to be contradicting what I’ve taught you in the past. So as you know, every social media marketing guru tells you content, content, content, content content.

You got ta get out there, ain’t just dish out content, just get it out there, and it’s like. I actually decided to take a six months break from social media and I’m going to talk about how that affected. My branded business in one of my next articles, but during this time, is when I discovered this post, less pay more strategy, so, like I just stated, Facebook organic Reach is dead and instagrams organic reach keeps getting throttled.

Why? Because each of these platforms are businesses that want you to spend money to connect with people that might want to give you money. So, instead of trying to beat the algorithm – maybe let’s just approach this – like you – would any other tool necessary for your business’s growth and put a budget behind your post strategy, so lil disclosure – I have probably a dozen social media pages for businesses.

So while I wasn’t posting on my personal account, I did have time to experiment with these accounts and instead of posting, several okay post throughout the day, which can irritate your followers and become spammy real, quick. We move to only posting one or two posts a day and I know you’re thinking, but what about the algorithm? How will anyone ever find my business just put five ten dollars: Facebook ads behind your posts that force it into your followers feeds or even better target? Your ideal customer just check out my results on a single boosted post to see what it can do for you almost 300 likes more than a hundred saves 42 follows all female all around the target age of my ideal customer and all of them interested in my Specific niche: how much did this cost me? Five dollars? 81 cents? Most businesses don’t get that kind of action in a single day with a single post organically, because the platform doesn’t want you to now stash.

So it takes an average of 30 minutes to an hour and a half to formulate an ID post. So if you go from posting six posts a day and spending about four hours, doing it to only spending thirty minutes on a single post in a day, if not worth your five dollars like we got to start thinking smart here, sis. How much is your time worth five dollars? One post thirty minutes or four hours, six posts and free one post is the answer in five dollars.

However much you make as long as it’s more than a dollar and 25 cents an hour, it is worth it to save your time, post, less and pay it even more and yes, there’s a difference between simply boosting a post and getting on a desktop and going To Facebook’s ad platform and getting super targeted and all that stuff, all of these are really effective, but these are the results I got by just doing the most basic boosting of the post, which is super beginner, friendly and a great way to introduce yourself to Facebook.

Ads, that’s my post, less a more strategy that I haven’t heard a single other marketing Pro share. Oh did I already subscribe here you’re going to make me beg you’re going to make me, but how about this? Let’s drop a money, bag, emoji or a dollar sign in the comments section, if you’re getting any value from what I’m sharing, it really helps. My article gets shown to more people that might need to hear what I have to say and growing this blog to 1 million subs is the only New Year’s resolution, the only business goal, the only focus my team has for 2020.

Why representation? How are there dozens, if not hundreds of guys with business blogs on YouTube with half a million a million plus subscribers, and there isn’t a single blog for women and business and money passing level, not a single one? Yes, I’ve said this before and I plan on saying in every article until we hit our goal so right with my sister’s, don’t know about you, but there are a bunch of little girls out there.

I have a goddaughter. I have a bunch of me since I’m one of seven kids, but if they don’t see themselves represented on this platform, how are they going to know that this is a real, tangible possibility? It’s super important on the dollars and cents. It’s on us to show them. What is possible baby it subscribe and let’s get to tip three which helped me launch one of my businesses to over 12 K in the first 12 hours and help me reek in over a quarter of a million dollars in just a few months just last year.

That marketing strategy, no one is talking about – is the small business marketing 2020 tip 3. That continues to make me a bunch of money, start a hyper specific blue burnished. Just so you don’t think I have an unfair advantage because of my news and media background check out what these two entrepreneurs in Marisa Ramirez article, who is a really great youtuber to sub to if you’re, going to learn about making money, and I’m sure you are So check around which market to someone’s email list because of our common on YouTube.

We generated over six figures in four hours, but in this article this couple talks about making six figures in four hours, with only 200 subs selling insurance. They talk about getting speaking engagements now: they’re traveling the world living by their own rules all because they launched a hyper specific uber. Nice YouTube blog. Yes, I can talk about my success here, but I want you to hear from regular everyday people that decided to do this and their business blew up because of it.

In my last article, I discussed how much YouTube paid me for a article that hit 1 million views, and I talked about the fact that I’ve never really. I mean up until now, focused on growing my youtube blog. I’ve only ever used this platform for its long tail marketing opportunities, knowing that when you search for something on Google, because Google owns YouTube and places article results of Bob ranked sites, this is a way for you to beat every last one of your competitors that have Been building up their site SEO for years, so if you were to search how to start a hair extensions business, even though I had only launched my hair extensions business around the start of last year, I beat all of my competitors by showing up, as the first Article in those intent-based search results.

You could search right now, I’m still number one. You can do the same for yourself. So if you’re going to do this, you just have to stay in your lane. Stay focused on your business and talking about those topics, your blog should be very strictly business focus and should answer questions and offer solutions to potential customers. You really can’t worry about views because not about getting a million views that have nothing to do with what you’re.

Actually, selling and people that aren’t interested in what you’re offering when you can get 1000 views from people that are actually searching for you and what your brand has to bring to the table so with YouTube. They now know you a little more. They, like you a little more no way. Okay and a great thing about this – is that your articles live on YouTube forever and will remain in search results forever, as well as long as you provide that value.

You only have to post the article once and you’ll continue getting paid from it for years. If you want to dive even deeper on the subject. Of course, I have even more YouTube articles coming, but you can also join my Alive monthly business coaching. It happens in my private CEO society, Facebook group and it’s literally only $ 5 a month right now for the first handful of people to join so hit the link in the description, and it’s next topic it’s about to have some of us in our feelings.

We’re talking credit, how you can fix it and a mistake. I made following the advice of literally every credit with your expert out there that cost me a 100 point drop in a single day. Yup hit subscribe and the notification bell to make sure you don’t miss this. You can’t afford to


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