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The 5 Most Popular Domain Extensions

” Today we are going to play a little game and we’re going to discover the top five domain extensions. So when looking for a domain, Name for your business there’s a few things you wan na consider Starting off with something That’s easy to remember, And on top of having a domain name, that’s easier to remember. You also want to make sure Don’t have any numbers in there or hyphens or Any misspelled words Also be sure to consider a name that actually reflects your brand.

So maybe that’s the name of your business or keywords like coffeeandkickflips.Com And last but not least, consider Which TLD makes most sense for your business, which extension So maybe.Org or.Net or.Com? And since we’re talking about extensions, let’s get into our game Now, let’s welcome our first contestant coming all the way from Arizona, Justin, Nealey ( crowd, cheers ). Oh my god. I’r ready to play, let’s go.

He is confident folks, So without further ado, let’s jump into these TLDs. Let’s do it All right now, the moment You’ve all been waiting for, especially you Nealey, Oh yeah, We’re going to dive into the five most popular Domain name extensions Here: are the rules You’re feeling good, I’m feeling great? Let’s go. You came in pretty confident. I came in hot Coming in hot, Alright, so here’s the deal You get up to two strikes, but only two Okay, I don’t need them, I’m getting them all right, He’s so confident.

I love this Well the moment. I’ve Been waiting for someone to win this game, What’s the prize, A new car Just kidding You get like a trip. Somewhere in the local area, How’s that a trip Well, I’m still going to win It’s for the glory, It’s for the glory, So the first one is going to be easy Right..Com.Com is King. It’s the domain. Name extension. You always wan na get. How confident do you feel about this one So confident, Let’s see Told you Ting ting ting.

I got this All right, fantastic, So zero strikes, keep going. Alright, You got four more to Get right by the way, All right there is a time factor. I’r feeling like this is a trap, cause you’re all about pizza. Oh, he must have gone online to do a research, A little stalking. I Mean research, research,.Net,.Net, Feeling good about this one Feeling great. Let’s see, Let’s see What do we have? Oh, my gosh two for two.

He is confident See I got this. You only got to get three more right And you still have two strikes. I bet the viewers at home are on the edge of their seat. Oh yeah, So I mean dance is a universal language right We’re going to go for.Dance.Dance.Dance.Dance, I’m Feeling pretty good about it. Oh you can dance your little sorrows away on that one Nealey. So that’s strike one. Remember the rules. You Got one more strike, I get three more right right Right.

Correct So you strike out on this you’re out of the game, We’re going to bring Up our next contestant, So I think it’s going to be dot dot, Dot dot. No! No! No! I think we heard dot. No, Let’s check, though ( laughs, ) Strike. Two, This game is rigged. ( argues ) Bye. Thank you Security. Well, I know it’s sad to see Nealey go. I really felt good about him on the show He came in with confidence. He started off getting a few correct, But he’s gone So, let’s introduce our Next, contestant, all the way from Austin Texas, Alex ( crowd, cheers ).

How are you feeling Good, I’m feeling great. I, like the confidence, Have you been on a game show before Can’t say I have no. This is my first one, Hey first time charm. Let’s go So you know the rules, you saw what happened. Nealey was coming in naming the most popular domain name extensions. We have three more to go Yup. What are they? You have two strikes. Remember, Let’s see here Pizza, I’m a little distracted by that, but we’re not picking them.

I’r distracted by that too. I’r going to go with the.Org. I feel like.Org, there’s A lot of organizations.Org Those nonprofits Wow We’re off to a good start. You only have to get two more right And you get to bring home the grand prize. So, what’s it going to be, Let’s see I’m going to go with.Co, it’s like.Com, Maybe just a lot of People forgot a letter on the end: It’s not missing anything. Is it Only one away from taking it all home? Nealey is probably sitting in the back Just shaking his head “.

I knew that!”. This is what a winner looks like. Those are fighting words. Alright, go ahead, No pressure, but you have one move away from winning or striking I’m going to pick.Us because greatest country Out there is the US: Let’s go with it. Yes, She got it. Stop Congratulations, Wow America for the win. Alright, That’s the end of our game. I had a lot of fun. I hope you did at home as well as you Alex, And you just learned the five most popular Domain name, extensions, Be sure to comment below and like this article Also subscribe and ring that bell so that you can find out when we have more great articles.

This is “ The Journey.” Thanks for reading, I’m the champion.


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