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I Registered My Domain, Now What?

What’s next We’re going to talk about That today, on The Journey, All right cool, so I have This business venture, Coffee and Kickflips – I do have a domain, but I’m also overwhelmed because I don’t know what to do next. Getting a domain name. That’s like our first idea. I know I’ve had many late nights where I just have a random idea and have to go, buy a domain name and I’m like “ All right.

What’s next?”, The next part is really figuring out what you want that domain name to be. Is it for personal use? Is it for business use? Is it just to have and Potentially sell later on, So what do you think the first step is after buying a domain, Social media links my menu and then how do I go about that? I was listening to a webinar the other day and they were recommending Don’t do a pdf for your menu, So how do I go about Putting my menu on there, what information, what Photos how much text You got the first step.

Right, that’s the domain name. That’s the street! Address for your website Second place to really get All those ideas together, the menu, the information The pictures all that stuff, you need a website If you you’re, not super techy, you need something just Quick, a website builder from many popular providers, Is probably the first step If you are a little bit technical or you have a little bit? More time on your hands to truly make it exactly what you want, something like WordPress might.

Be a really great option and you can literally put Almost whatever you want, You can have a blog on there. You can have your photo galleries. Your menu, don’t use pdf, put it right on the site, make It easy for your visitors, Got it all right. So another thing I was thinking about with Coffee and Kickflips, and this is awesome. We actually just had some merch Made like hats, t-shirts,,’cause. Our logo is super Rad my buddy, designed it Anyways.

I was like “. Oh my gosh,”’cause. We were talking about my website “. I should definitely Have the merch on there.”’Cause yeah, I want to Make money off the coffee and the kids coming in to Rent the ramp in the back, but how can I make more money – ( laughing ), The merch, But how do I go about that Also do I need to worry about security?’Cause now, I’m thinking About money and spending – and I know that there Are hackers out there which terrifies me they’re going at it? It’s super scary out there There’s a lot of things.

You can do to really protect yourself. And protect your investment Now there’s a couple things you can do If you go with a website. Builder from a company typically they’ll handle A lot of the security on the back end for you. But if you go with Something like WordPress or something a little bit: More technical or custom, there are some things you want to do too, But the very first thing you Want to add to your website is: what’s called and SSL, What’s SSL An SSL, it basically is that https in the top of the address bar.

Oh okay, It secures your site. So if you have any log-in Information any form information instead of sending that text Information over the internet for literally anyone to See like a credit card super scary, the SSL encrypts it. So if anyone were to Capture it in the middle, it’s just googley, glump Like it doesn’t make sense, ( laughing ), Googley Glump, that sounds bad Yeah, that’s a technical term for ya.

So the second thing you can do to really beef up the Security of your website is to add a firewall and malware removal Again, if you’re, using a Website builder, with a company, they usually do that for you, but those open source applications. Or custom coded sites you got ta add that firewall And basically what that is Is like, if I have a house, it basically creates a Moat around the house, so it keeps out the Riff-Raff the in-laws so no one’s getting in And then the malware Removal that’s just like.

If someone were to break into your house, it goes in and fixes it for You cleans up everything just in case something did happen Because every 39 seconds A website gets hacked and that’s super scary And 64 % of businesses say they’ve had some sort of malware attack on their site Super scary. We also want to think about Backups on your website, because life happens right Sometimes I know with my own sites and people that I help out with they’ll go and make changes.

On their site and like “, Oh wait, I messed Up, I need to go back!” And if you don’t have a backup there’s nothing to go back to So it’s always good to Have just that fail, safe, The same way, you’d have a Backup for your computer and your pictures, if Something were to ever happen. You want to have the same Thing with your website, So at the end of the Day, you’re protected.’Cause again this is your investment.

Now I’m getting a lot of emails. Am I okay with just Gmail or…? Well, it depends With Gmail. Is it like? Coffeeandkickflips @ gmail.Com, CoffeeAndKickFlips @ gmail.Com Gotcha, so the next Step with your business is to get a domain-based email And there’s a lot of really Great important factors that go into that: Not only is it more secure, To have a domain-based email versus just a free email, Because those companies add those extra layers of security, it’s just more professional, So I should have maybe like contact @ coffeeandkickflips.

Com, Yeah Shred @ coffeeandkickflips.Com, ( laughter, ). Whatever you want to do Info…, It should be yours, And then you can set up your employees to have their own email like Emma @ and then I have Nealy @, it’s just going to look more professional and make sure that you look Legitimate to your customers, What about a like click-to-call? I know I like that when I’m Looking at my competition, other coffee shops and restaurants, Yes, click-to-call is important only if you want people to call you Don’t put a click-to-call If you’re, not in a position where you want random phone Calls at the end of the night Makes sense, Which reminds me: do you Want to carry two phones – ( phones, ringing ).

Well, I already do so. Now that would be three Right. Many of us use When we start a business, we end up just using Our cell phone right, Then we get random calls and we answer like “, Hey, what’s up?” And it’s a potential client And then it looks just –, Not professional, Not professional. So what A lot of people are doing is getting a second Number for their phone, There are lots of apps out there, like Google has a second phone.

Godaddy has a second phone option, There’s plenty of others out there. That’s a really good point To where you don’t have. To go, buy a new phone which is super expensive, And then buy another plan which is super expensive Super expensive. I only have so many pockets Right and just have that right there and then now you’ll know “ Cool this is for business,.”, “, Hey! This is Coffee and Kick Flips, how can we help you?” Versus a friend like “, Hey, what’s up “ How’s it going?”, Although that is kind of our vibe at Coffee and Kick Flips? Keep it chill! It’s all about what your business is.

I don’t know how different it’s going to be than when my friends call me, But maybe I should also Reconsider that ( laughing ) I got ta, be honest. This sounds like a lot Sounds like a lot of work. Is there a way to outsource this, and if so, what do you recommend? I trust your opinion. ( laughing ) I’ll, build it. No, So there are, if you don’t Want to do it yourself, you can hire a professional.

There are plenty of web Designers and web developers and people out there that This is their full-time gig, Whether you hire a design. Agency and what I would say when you’re really looking To see who you’re going to hire check out their portfolio, See if it matches your vision,.’Cause every designer Every company every agency has their own feel and flow, So you want to make sure It matches your business, your vision and, most importantly, you want to make sure You can contact them Because if they go and build your site and now they’re gone Mia and you need help you’re kind of stuck There’s not much you can do Okay, so one other thing: I have extra domains, Okay And I don’t really need them.

So what can I do with them? What you could do is you can sell it? Oh, So there is actually an after market just for domain names, You’re literally selling Online real estate, but it’s a domain And things go for thousands of dollars, some as high as millions Of dollars it’s crazy But places you can sell your domain name. There’s Afternic, there’s Sedo there’s GoDaddy Auctions, there’s a lot of places.

You can list your domain and the more places you list it, the more visibility and exposure you get to potentially sell your domain All right. So that’s all we have for you. I really hope this helps. You with your domain name and really building that strong foundation for your business, Be sure to comment below We’d love to know your domain name. Also, click Like And hey. If you know Someone who could benefit from this article click Share also subscribe, And one last thing ring that bell so you’ll be the first to Know about our next articles.

This is The Journey, see ya next time.


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The 5 Most Popular Domain Extensions

” Today we are going to play a little game and we’re going to discover the top five domain extensions. So when looking for a domain, Name for your business there’s a few things you wan na consider Starting off with something That’s easy to remember, And on top of having a domain name, that’s easier to remember. You also want to make sure Don’t have any numbers in there or hyphens or Any misspelled words Also be sure to consider a name that actually reflects your brand.

So maybe that’s the name of your business or keywords like coffeeandkickflips.Com And last but not least, consider Which TLD makes most sense for your business, which extension So maybe.Org or.Net or.Com? And since we’re talking about extensions, let’s get into our game Now, let’s welcome our first contestant coming all the way from Arizona, Justin, Nealey ( crowd, cheers ). Oh my god. I’r ready to play, let’s go.

He is confident folks, So without further ado, let’s jump into these TLDs. Let’s do it All right now, the moment You’ve all been waiting for, especially you Nealey, Oh yeah, We’re going to dive into the five most popular Domain name extensions Here: are the rules You’re feeling good, I’m feeling great? Let’s go. You came in pretty confident. I came in hot Coming in hot, Alright, so here’s the deal You get up to two strikes, but only two Okay, I don’t need them, I’m getting them all right, He’s so confident.

I love this Well the moment. I’ve Been waiting for someone to win this game, What’s the prize, A new car Just kidding You get like a trip. Somewhere in the local area, How’s that a trip Well, I’m still going to win It’s for the glory, It’s for the glory, So the first one is going to be easy Right..Com.Com is King. It’s the domain. Name extension. You always wan na get. How confident do you feel about this one So confident, Let’s see Told you Ting ting ting.

I got this All right, fantastic, So zero strikes, keep going. Alright, You got four more to Get right by the way, All right there is a time factor. I’r feeling like this is a trap, cause you’re all about pizza. Oh, he must have gone online to do a research, A little stalking. I Mean research, research,.Net,.Net, Feeling good about this one Feeling great. Let’s see, Let’s see What do we have? Oh, my gosh two for two.

He is confident See I got this. You only got to get three more right And you still have two strikes. I bet the viewers at home are on the edge of their seat. Oh yeah, So I mean dance is a universal language right We’re going to go for.Dance.Dance.Dance.Dance, I’m Feeling pretty good about it. Oh you can dance your little sorrows away on that one Nealey. So that’s strike one. Remember the rules. You Got one more strike, I get three more right right Right.

Correct So you strike out on this you’re out of the game, We’re going to bring Up our next contestant, So I think it’s going to be dot dot, Dot dot. No! No! No! I think we heard dot. No, Let’s check, though ( laughs, ) Strike. Two, This game is rigged. ( argues ) Bye. Thank you Security. Well, I know it’s sad to see Nealey go. I really felt good about him on the show He came in with confidence. He started off getting a few correct, But he’s gone So, let’s introduce our Next, contestant, all the way from Austin Texas, Alex ( crowd, cheers ).

How are you feeling Good, I’m feeling great. I, like the confidence, Have you been on a game show before Can’t say I have no. This is my first one, Hey first time charm. Let’s go So you know the rules, you saw what happened. Nealey was coming in naming the most popular domain name extensions. We have three more to go Yup. What are they? You have two strikes. Remember, Let’s see here Pizza, I’m a little distracted by that, but we’re not picking them.

I’r distracted by that too. I’r going to go with the.Org. I feel like.Org, there’s A lot of organizations.Org Those nonprofits Wow We’re off to a good start. You only have to get two more right And you get to bring home the grand prize. So, what’s it going to be, Let’s see I’m going to go with.Co, it’s like.Com, Maybe just a lot of People forgot a letter on the end: It’s not missing anything. Is it Only one away from taking it all home? Nealey is probably sitting in the back Just shaking his head “.

I knew that!”. This is what a winner looks like. Those are fighting words. Alright, go ahead, No pressure, but you have one move away from winning or striking I’m going to pick.Us because greatest country Out there is the US: Let’s go with it. Yes, She got it. Stop Congratulations, Wow America for the win. Alright, That’s the end of our game. I had a lot of fun. I hope you did at home as well as you Alex, And you just learned the five most popular Domain name, extensions, Be sure to comment below and like this article Also subscribe and ring that bell so that you can find out when we have more great articles.

This is “ The Journey.” Thanks for reading, I’m the champion.


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GoDaddy Domain Renewals and Avoiding Expired Domains

It is imperative. I’r Darlene mrs. Mehta and we’re going to introduce you to your renewal options like GoDaddy and share some tips to avoid accidental domain expiration. When you register a domain name, you decide the term or how long you want to maintain registration.

This could be anywhere from one to ten years now, when this time is up, you can pay a renewal fee to retain the registration or it expires when your domain name expires. It’ll take some time before it’s released back to its registry and made available to the public again yeah, your domain name can be recycled. If you fail to renew the registration, while you can manually renew your domain, one great way to avoid accidental expiration is to enable Auto renew you can do this from your domain settings page when Auto renew is enabled for your domain the day it expires.

Our system will automatically attempt to charge the payment method on file for that domain. If automatic renewal fails, let’s say, for example, if the credit card on file is expired, we send an email that notifies the expiration and then we park the domain. A park domain displays a temporary webpage when someone visits the domain in their web browser. This process is also used for domains that have been set to manually renew.

So if you don’t manually renew your domain by the expiration date, we notify you via email and park. Your domain, one very important point, is that all of these notifications are sent via email. Godaddy sends all of your domain, expiration notifications to the email associated with your account. That’s why it’s crucial that your email associated with the account is not only accurate but also one that you check all the time when important account contact information is inaccurate.

We have no way to get you important information or updates like domain names or other product expirations. If you haven’t checked it in a while, maybe it’s a good idea to take a peek. Another thing to be aware of is unsubscribing from GoDaddy emails. If you wish to unsubscribe from some of our lists, you won’t hurt our feelings. However, if you still have products make sure you select which specific types of emails you don’t want to receive, but don’t select all anytime you unsubscribe from receiving GoDaddy emails.

Spam laws requires two immediately stop sending you an email. So if you unsubscribe from all GoDaddy emails, this means that we can’t send you any important account related information like domain names or other product expirations. If you want to safeguard your domain name, setting up Auto renew is a no-brainer and keep in mind. Our expiration notifications are only as good as the email address we have on file so be sure.

Godaddy always has the best one to reach you at thanks for reading


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How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why?

Coms and then there’s also like.Wtf so WTF. What’s the difference, You can think of a domain name like having an online Piece of real estate: Why does it cost no ( beeping )? Why does this cost so much? Have you ever thought? About buying a domain and then notice some Of them cost a dollar and some of them cost a lot more And you wondered: why is that Well you’re? In luck, We’re going to talk about That, today and more And today I’m super excited to be joined with my co-host Justin Nealey.

What’s up What up, How you doing Good to see you again Phenomenal glad to be here, So I know you got a Lot of questions for me and I’ll, let you just lay’em on me So, first and foremost, I think about cost, and why is it there’s such a range? I noticed that recently, You know something. Maybe A dollar to thousands like: why is there this range when it comes to costs for a domain? There are a lot of Potential reasons why So if nobody owns the domain name yet you can get a domain like a.

Com anywhere from like a dollar to about 20 dollars just depending and then, if somebody owns the domain name, which that’s those thousand Dollars that you see they’re essentially reselling it, You can think of a domain name like having an online piece of real estate right. That’s a good way to look at it. So they’re selling that off and they’re selling off that name, that’s been around for a While that’s super unique and that could potentially Give you business just by having that domain, Okay and then another thing I noticed.

I was so excited to talk with you, so I started just researching all this. I notice there’s.Coms and then there’s also Like.Coffee or.Wtf so WTF, what’s the difference, ( laughing ) Like why are there these differences There? So when the internet first began, we had just a couple different variations like the.Com net. Info things like that, Those are just TLDs or Top Level Domains, and then we have what’s called CCTLDs, which are Country Code, Top Level Domains.

That’s like a.Co.Uk or.Au for Australia, which really have a localized presence And then those new ones that just released not too long ago and there’s a lot more Releasing as we speak, those are GTLDs Generic Top Level Domains, that’s the.Coffee.Wiki.Ninja.Guru.Wtf.Singles, there’s a plethora of names and it was really established because all the good.Coms Are being taken right? Which is where that online Real estate comes in,’cause.

If you have a Great.Com domain name, you could sell it for Thousands of dollars, So you want it to be short and sweet, though right Absolutely. It goes back to radio test. If you got that 10. Second, Ad spot on the radio – and that’s all you could really convey – is that domain name? Is it catchy and would Someone remember it: Is it easy to spell If you have crazy cool spellings with a K for the krazy, it may not work and same thing goes with word of mouth.

If you can’t tell me what your Domain name is really quick and I can’t go back and Find you super quick, it’s not going to work out, But I imagine that’s hard. At this point in the game, there’s so many domain names Right Like how I imagine it’s pushing us to the longer domain names and lengths, because There’s so many out there Yeah in a way I mean some things to avoid: With your domain name, you wan na make sure that You don’t have hyphens,’cause, that’s just annoying.

Why, Like cool, go to my website, it’s this dash awesome! Dash website dash com – Oh okay, Dash all the dashes right, Yeah Or it having numbers in it like. If I tell you to go, To go to 1coffeeshop.Com, you might type in o-n-e or the number one Oh versus the numeral Or w-o-n. Potentially it gets confusing Yeah Right And attention spans They’re, just getting shorter Right millennials can attest ( laughing ) So with your domain name, those ones that are super short and sweet, they’re brandable They’re, for the most part worth what the cost is, So those couple thousand dollars.

It’s really an investment In your business, and especially if it’s your business name, that.Com was taken, it might be a good idea to Spend a little bit of cash and make sure you get that As we’re taking about domain names. I started to think well, where do I? Where do I go to get this? Where do I go purchase a domain name? Well glad you asked No, So you can go to Any domain registrar like GoDaddy is a domain registrar, which means you can go and Purchase your domain name So, but with domain names you don’t just purchase it once and done.

You actually have to Essentially, lease the domain – It’s still yours, but you Have to renew it every year Now most domains, you buy anywhere from one year to 10 years, but there are some domains. With some restrictions, So you really wan na Check out those options, Wait, why would that be? How come it’s not just Consistent across the board So to kinda go a little bit deeper. There are registrants, Registrars and registries Us purchasing a domain Name, we’re registrants Then registrars like GoDaddy.

They basically are a Vendor supplying domains – and we have registries Which control a.Com So Verisign controls.Com? Then you have other registries that control different domains. There’s that Donuts registry that controls a lot of The new unique ones and they set their own rules so we’re pretty much at Their mercy, if you will Right Okay, so I have another question for you and that is how do you Protect your domain name, I mean: do you need to go and put yourself on the.

Net, the.Com In order to protect it Right, it’s really Protecting your brand, If you just blow up and become this big success, Like I hope you will you wan na get the alternate Endings, the next best That way people aren’t trying To just steal your traffic, or potentially your competitors, Getting that domain name, I’ve seen it happen, they’ll get the.Net and steal your traffic Steal your attention and potentially slander you Cruel It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, It’s pretty rough, no pun intended And what you can do most registrars like GoDaddy, has an Extra value added service to protect your registrations so it’ll protect it from hijacking protect it.

If you forget To renew your domain, That happens all the time, especially if you buy It for five years out Are you going to remember in five years, Sometimes not credit cards expire. So there’s that added Protection that you can get just to make sure that your Domain is always yours, Alright, that’s a wrap. First, I wan na give a huge shout-out and a thank you to Justin Thanks for having me The king of domains.

If you want more info like that, and you have questions Definitely comment below and be sure to subscribe to. Our blog Thanks see you soon.


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3 Essentials You Need to Get Your Business Started Online

We’re going to talk to you about the big three, which are your domain, your email and your website yeah. So really, it all starts with the domains of the foundation, because it’s going to be in your email address. It’s going to be the URL for your website, part of your social media. Yes, part of the social media handle once you get there so with the domain name, you want to keep it short and we like to say the radio tested GoDaddy.

If you heard it on the radio when you’re driving home, would you remember it when it’s time to go search for it right and you have to make sure you get it very quickly? A lot of people have a lot of ideas and they’re buying domains. Every day make sure yeah, I’m sure you get yours right away all right so now that you’ve got this domain name you’ll want to get the email address reason being. Is I’m not going to put poppy Joppy 1717 at whatever com on my business cards? No, you! Don’t want to do that.

A big part of this is branding once you get the domain name you’re going to be sending a lot of emails, so you’re going to want to pick a good domain name and that email is really what starts to push it quickly. For you all right so now the email and the domain are up and running. We need the website up and running. This is your window to the world. This is what everyone’s going to see when they look you up, so it needs to be attractive and it needs to be mobile-friendly and then from there.

You can get into more specifics for what your business needs right. So, as far as the features go, this is the first time you’re standing up. This website is the first time that it’s it’s on its legs, get the minimum stuff that you need and then out on the bells and whistles later you’re going to need payment processing. Are you going to need people to set appointments on their stuff like that right and, as you consider these features, can you do it yourself, or are you going to hire a pro to do those things for you yeah, it’s going to be an ongoing cost, so Try to plan for the future as best you can consider your initial cost versus your maintenance costs.

So after you get that website up and running after you get your domain name, it’s just going to be maintenance. It’s just going to be chill enough. It’s a lot like real estate, actually right, there’s that down payment to first get into it higher and then from there you’re renting is like ongoing maintenance, cost right and be realistic. It’s you know, do some research, it’s not going to be too high.

It’s not going to be too low, it’s going to be somewhere in the middle time for the future. It’s going to be around for a long time. I’m Joplin I’m Eric thanks for stopping by you.

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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Why Your Business Needs a Business Domain Name

Why need a business domain name All right, so digital marketing is not just an option. Anymore, it’s a necessity for your business to Thrive in today’s world, But what’s a domain, What is a domain Emma One of my favorite ways and my co-host Nealey, you Taught me this to remember one of my favorite ways to Look at it is the domain is like your address, your street address and your website.

That’s, like your house, Yeah, it’s where you live, and it’s where your website lives right. So let’s talk about why your business needs that domain. The domain name is essentially the building block of Your online presence We’ve talked about what a domain name is We’re going to go over Just a few little points of choosing the right domain name and why it really matters to you, Let’s dive in So when thinking about domains.

Thinking about what is That actually going to be, I know it comes up a lot when, speaking to local heroes is SEO search engine optimization Right What words should you use? Because there are keywords, depending on your industry, And your business and there are relevant Words that your customers are going to be searching, So you wan na make sure You’re paying attention to that and including that when thinking about your domain name Yeah and on the flip side, you also don’t want it to Limit your business right Like if you’re a coffee shop and you put coffeeshopchandler.

Com that Chandler is a city. What, if you wanted to expand And now you’re no longer In the Chandler area, So when you’re choosing your domain name figure out, are you going to expand? Do you want to, or are you just going to be in that one little city, It’s up to you And just as important When thinking about the word choice that you’re Using with domain name also be sure to do a similar approach when thinking about your email address.

I know for me when I see an email coming from a business and it’s @ Gmail, not as professional as if it’s @ and then their business name. You need a domain name. To be able to do that, and that’s why it’s super important Your domain name is going to. Let you have that professional email. That’s Going to let you communicate back and forth to your clients And not only let you Look more professional, but it’s going to add credibility.

It’s like you said if I was emailing someone and I got a response back from a Gmail. Anybody can make a Gmail. I don’t know if this person is legitimate. I don’t know if they are Who they say they are. I’m scared. I’m going home. I’m not talking to them Shuttin’ the door, All that fun stuff, So you’re likely not Going to get his business –, None of it With the Gmail I’ll save my money for pizza. You know what I love about websites.

What They’re open 24/7 You got, ta have one You got: ta have one to Be found by customers Without a website, you don’t exist Right and what I always like to say is your website. Is your Hardest working employee Think about it. It never Sleeps never takes a sick day, it’s always there. It’s dependable! You have that website and Really show off your brand And when you don’t have a website – and you don’t have that domain name, it’s really hard to Earn someone’s business? I was in Iowa over the past couple days and literally almost –.

How was that It was fun. I didn’t even ask Yeah it. I had a blast. I’ve never been Iowa, it’s cool, They have some cool bars there. I checked’em out Cool, But I was trying to Find a just a steakhouse to go with the friends I was with and most of the restaurants Did not have a website, They linked me to a Facebook page some of them, if that was at best or There was nothing at all Yikes, It was super frustrating Trying to find a steakhouse, You just wanted a steak.

Imagine me trying to Find a tofu meal in Iowa, Oh I’d, starve You’d be done right And it was super frustrating for me And to think about your customers that are looking for Your type of business now, if they find you on Google, My Business or Yelp or wherever else and there’s nowhere else to Link to to get more information, they’re going to be frustrated and you’re going to lose Their business forever Don’t be at the mercy of Just your customer reviews Get a website Yeah and there are plenty Of places to get that website Now you technically Don’t need a domain name to build a website.

You can have temporary domains like GoDaddy’s Website Builder. You can have yourname.Godaddysites.Com. Wix has yourname.Wix.Com, But it goes back to that professionalism and that credibility Mm-hmm. If you don’t have your own domain name, They’re, pretty cheap Like 20 bucks a year give or take right Yeah Have that there and show your customers that you mean business So Nealey speaking of websites.

Another thing that I want to talk about with our audience: copyright Keeping it protected. Whatever you put on your website, correct me, if I’m wrong, whatever you put on your website, you own, That’s yours, Whatever you put on your Website that you create is yours Thanks for clearing that up What he said Right, so the content you put up, especially if, like you’re A designer or a photographer, or things like that Or a musician Yeah, the content that you Create and put on your website is protected by copyright.

Laws so that your information is safe and it’s yours, So cool little tidbit. You have to have a website. And you have to have a domain name to be able to do that Now. I know social media Is all the rage right now, Everyone’s on Instagram, Everyone’s on Twitter and Facebook, and everyone just wants to be there, But what I’d strongly urge Everyone to really think about is those platforms can come and go.

What happened to Vine, It came, it went, It went and people built Up large large followings and spent a ton of time, On Vine and it’s gone All those subscribers all Those everything it’s gone, But you know what won’t go away. Can you guess? Well, I’m biased. I think social media is here to stay, but I know what he wants me to say: Websites. Yes, so social media is Always going to be here, but the profiles and the Websites themselves may change or they may change In a direction that doesn’t really work with your business anymore Mm-hmm, But your website will always be there.

You control all the content on it. You control what goes on with it. It’s all yours, Another important thing. That I want to bring up that. I often advise with your website is the importance of including Your customer reviews there Now sure they already exist. Over on Yelp and Google, but having them on your website as well acts as social proof, So I’d strongly encourage that And plus think about it.

Let’s say I land on your website first and I’m deciding if I want To use your business to go to to get my car washed, and I see all these great Testimonials from your customers, I might be just a one and done I hit your website. I don’t even need to go anywhere else. I’m going to go to your business. You have won me over with Your social proof on there Absolutely and with your website too, it really makes customers Or potential customers just have an easy way to contact you There’s, usually a contact form there and a phone number or social Handles or everything else that they need to contact you Now when it comes to domain names, let’s give them a couple.

Pro tips on how to really select the right domain name all right. We talked about keywords: Things like that Mm-hmm, But there’s some things: That we should avoid First and foremost, you Should avoid hyphens in domain names right, You don’t want This-Is-A-Really-Long-Dash-Domain-. — — — Yeah Dash You’ll, make your customers dash ( laughing ) Right so avoid those dashes, And I always like to Talk to the local heroes about the radio test.

Mm-Hmm, Do you remember the radio test in one of the earlier articles? Yes, you did enlighten me with that. It was short. I was sweet, How long Yeah. So if I gave you A ten-second radio ad Ten seconds And just to talk about your business and you had to end with a call to action of your domain name. Would that person remember your domain name in that little ad spot Now, if it’s super long or Complicated or they can’t remember how to spell it, Or whatever it might be, — Mm-hmm That’s going to be a bad domain name, So try to keep it short, sweet memorable and something that someone Like us would remember ( laughing ), What do you mean by that We’re millennials we’re everywhere, All right, that’s a wrap, Go ahead and comment.

Below on what you learned for the benefit of your domain, name Also be sure to like This article and subscribe so you’re in tune with all the future Content we’re creating And ring that bell, So you’ll be the first To know what’s next, This is The Journey We’ll see you next time.

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