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How to Align Your Keywords and Business Goals

We are building her keyword, seed list, we’ve got it all together. We’ve got it categorized documented and now we’re going to pull things full circle, we’re going to align them to business goals because Amy. It is not enough to just spend this time searching finding all these keywords: jotting them down, categorizing them if they’re not aligned to goes, you really want to achieve or website goals, and the other reason you want to do.

This is also because you want to identify any opportunities or gaps for keywords that you need to maybe include in some of your content right. That makes sense absolutely now. I did ask you to do a little bit of prep before you came so. Could you maybe give me an idea of some of your business goals sure so my monthly Instagram goal is to increase my followers by 100. Okay and I’m wanting to have four new coaching clients per month, okay for people signing on for packages and then increase my email list by 10.

New email addresses a month fantastic now, the first place I would go if I was looking to align with the goal of increasing Instagram followers is in your seed list, anything related to social media. Okay right, so let’s go back here. Competitor keywords: remember: when we search for hashtags right go to the hashtags, that you’ve got here right and even narrow it down to Instagram, specifically right.

If your goal is to increase your number of Instagram followers, then let’s focus on Instagram. You could search for ways to gain Instagram followers. I’ll bet, there’s a little bit of information out. There sure that’s a great idea cool, let’s move on to the next one: okay, okay! So for this bowl it’s clearly a business-related goal, so we definitely want to look at the business and industry keywords that are in your seedless right, we’re going to definitely find something there, but your target audience keyword list is really where we’re going to find the gold.

So go back to that one! Let’s go here, we’re going to look through all the keywords that we found around target audience, because it’s about gaining new clients right right, so we want to know what they were searching for. So I would look for words. Maybe that are associated with a sense of urgency, so finally Aimee we’re going to tackle the third goal that you’ve got here, which is increased email subscribers by 10 per month.

Yep awesome, it’s clearly a business goal. Let’s look at the business and industry keywords, kind of search through those what we have okay, let’s look at some target audience keywords: nothing’s, really standing out that matches up. You know this is a good one, because this means our strategy’s working because we’ve kind of identified a gap. I think right, I’m not really finding anything related to email subscriptions or how to do it or any of that in the seed list that we’ve built.

So far, okay, that’s alright! It just means this is an opportunity, a little bit of homework right um. Clearly this is a goal for you. I know I’m sure, that’s what you want to hear tiny bit, but it’s really just means. Go back maybe find some keywords that are related to people subscribing. You know growing subscribers increasing subscribers things like that. Just just see, if there’s anything and anything that we’ve done before just kind of rego through that process, see if any keywords related to this goal come up, because obviously you want to incorporate them right.

So, with everything ties together, you see in the big picture. Aimee. Absolutely that is so helpful. I’m so excited all right. Now we’re going to recap, because we’ve done a whole lot. Today, we’ve covered a bunch, so we went through some discovery and built you a keyword, seed list, awesome split it up into three categories: business and industry. Keywords: target audience, keywords, competitor keywords: we went and we documented a lot of things under each of those categories.

We’ve got this huge list going on and then we actually came back around looked at your business goals and aligned those keywords and phrases to your business goals. So you can actually, you know, improve some of that get found issue that so many small business owners have you’re out there. You’ve been working really hard. You’ve got a website. You want to grow your business. This is how you’re going to get there wonderful.

Thank you. So much for the help Emily Amy, it has been a pleasure working with you, I’m so happy that you just let your son, you open yourself up to this process. I’m sure it wasn’t easy and I know you were a little overwhelmed and it can come across that way, but that a lot okay we’re here to help. I want you to keep up the hard work and a good work. You’re doing awesome. Thank you. I want you guys to keep reading.

Thank you so much for joining us. My name is Emily. We’ll see you next time you you

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3 Essentials You Need to Get Your Business Started Online

We’re going to talk to you about the big three, which are your domain, your email and your website yeah. So really, it all starts with the domains of the foundation, because it’s going to be in your email address. It’s going to be the URL for your website, part of your social media. Yes, part of the social media handle once you get there so with the domain name, you want to keep it short and we like to say the radio tested GoDaddy.

If you heard it on the radio when you’re driving home, would you remember it when it’s time to go search for it right and you have to make sure you get it very quickly? A lot of people have a lot of ideas and they’re buying domains. Every day make sure yeah, I’m sure you get yours right away all right so now that you’ve got this domain name you’ll want to get the email address reason being. Is I’m not going to put poppy Joppy 1717 at whatever com on my business cards? No, you! Don’t want to do that.

A big part of this is branding once you get the domain name you’re going to be sending a lot of emails, so you’re going to want to pick a good domain name and that email is really what starts to push it quickly. For you all right so now the email and the domain are up and running. We need the website up and running. This is your window to the world. This is what everyone’s going to see when they look you up, so it needs to be attractive and it needs to be mobile-friendly and then from there.

You can get into more specifics for what your business needs right. So, as far as the features go, this is the first time you’re standing up. This website is the first time that it’s it’s on its legs, get the minimum stuff that you need and then out on the bells and whistles later you’re going to need payment processing. Are you going to need people to set appointments on their stuff like that right and, as you consider these features, can you do it yourself, or are you going to hire a pro to do those things for you yeah, it’s going to be an ongoing cost, so Try to plan for the future as best you can consider your initial cost versus your maintenance costs.

So after you get that website up and running after you get your domain name, it’s just going to be maintenance. It’s just going to be chill enough. It’s a lot like real estate, actually right, there’s that down payment to first get into it higher and then from there you’re renting is like ongoing maintenance, cost right and be realistic. It’s you know, do some research, it’s not going to be too high.

It’s not going to be too low, it’s going to be somewhere in the middle time for the future. It’s going to be around for a long time. I’m Joplin I’m Eric thanks for stopping by you.

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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Getting Started with Google’s Keyword Planner

Planner, hello, everyone, my name is Garth O’Brien. I run the global search engine optimization program for GoDaddy. I’ve been doing SEO since 2002. I’ve done SEO for various companies, Chevron, IKEA, USA, hallmark Xbox Windows Phone been around the block and keyword.

Planner is a tool that I use pretty much every day. So, let’s get right to it now on the keyword. Planner homepage always use the call to action. Big blue button says go to keyword planner. This is going to take you to a screen and you’re going to want to select find new keywords. Now they’ve changed things up over the last year. You really can only put three keywords here. First, before you get started and what you want to do is you want to choose keywords that are closely related, so WordPress hosting hosting for WordPress WordPress websites hosting not WordPress, plugins, WordPress themes, WordPress hosting, because otherwise you won’t get good results.

The more we find. Those first three keywords are the better suggestions. Google Keyword planner is going to give you my average monthly search volume for a couple of your phrases that you put in so for us they gave us a range of 1,000 10,000 people a month are searching for WordPress hosting and 100 to a thousand. People are looking for WordPress website hosting below the terms that we specifically searched on are the suggested ideas Google’s going to give you based on various activities.

Probably people like me, searching in the past and their own search algorithm. I like to use the adding filter, not the exclude ideas, but the keyword text. This is going to give you the option to narrow it down even further, because Google is going to add you add suggestions like web hosting VPS hosting. That’s not what I want to talk about. I’m looking at WordPress hosting so I’ll, specifically put in just WordPress, hit, apply and now you’ll notice.

The ideas of the returning to you has to have the word WordPress in it, and I would go back, remove WordPress and put in hosting or put in WordPress hosting. Then I can get all the ways. People look for WordPress hosting, you know best WordPress hosting cheap WordPress hosting how to use WordPress hosting. This is going to give you a good, close-knit keyword grouping for the single page that you want to apply those keywords set to, and at that point, once you have narrowed down that nice list, you would select download keyword, ideas and Google will present you with a Excel file, that’s going to export all the keywords that they came back and for a must for us.

That is quite a few 553 keywords at that point. You have to start doing rolling up your sleeves and doing some homework by opening up that file and now sifting through and sorting those keywords wait. So what do you mean by the like ranges? They’re, assuming that one thousand ten thousand visitors fewer than 100 yeah Google used to give you a ballpark exact number like WordPress hosting 5500 people, look for this every month.

Well, they kind of limited that to only people that are paying enough through Google Adwords you’re, not paying you’re using their paid search now, you’re stuck with ranges. What I found is the low number on that range is way more accurate than the high number on that range. Okay, guys that was so much wonderful information thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for tuning in I’m Darlene, I’m Garth O’Brian see you later.



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What is SEO?

I’M Joplin this is London. That’S what we’re going to talk about today, ( upbeat music, ) SEO is all the free things that you can do to make your site more. Appealing to search engines as well as rank higher, There are three things to consider when you think of SEO quality quantity and organic, Let’s break it down.

The first thing is quality. You want the right traffic Coming to your website Now, if you were selling dog food, you wouldn’t want people coming to your site for hammers, And now that you’re getting the quality you wan na get the quantity You wan na, get as many of those people coming to your site as possible And SEO is focused on Organic traffic not paid Now that you know what SEO is, you might wan na? Do a Search on your business and see where you rank – And it might be worth it to check out your competitors as well, It’s important that your site is appealing to customers as well as search engines.

That’S the art of SEO. Now it takes time and patience, but it’s totally worth it. I’M London And I’m Joplin We’ll see ya later ( upbeat music, )

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Using GoDaddy’s Website Builder SEO Tool

I’M Darlene and let’s check it out, we’re going to start this demonstration from the websites Plus marketing header, select marketing and choose SEO. If this is your first time through the process, the SEO wizard will guide you through optimizing, your homepage and don’t worry, nothing is set in stone. You can go through this process as often as you’d like to make changes to the keywords that you choose, but keep in mind that it does take time for the changes you make to show up in search engine results.

Seo is not an overnight success story. Let’S start the wizard, the first thing you need to do is select where your customers are located, are they nationwide or worldwide or local? Now you need to tell the wizard what your page is about in one or two words to get suggestions on phrases that customers may use to find you. My site is about article games and repairs, and I’m going to put them in that order as the most important thing that should be in the primary spot.

If I put repair first, then we might be pulling from a larger pool than we want now. The SEO wizard will analyze your categories and make suggestions that match up with popular search terms. You should select the top two or three phrases that best describe your page. If you don’t like the suggestions, you can choose more phrases when you have two or three of your top choices. Click Next, the wizard will show your homepage, and now you need to select which phrase best describes it now, you’re ready to optimize your homepage.

You need to choose a page title for the search engine results, page or SERP. For short, this is what customers are going to see when they find your site through Google, Yahoo and Bing. I’M going to choose this one now, it’s time to focus on an accurate and enticing home page description. You should use your top choice, keyword or phrase in the description. The box on the Left displays how your site will appear in search engine results when you have a good description that includes your keyword, you’re ready to move on click Next now, it’s time to edit your headline to include your main search phrase.

Keep in mind that you’re actually changing the text on your site’s home page, so you have to find the balance for optimizing, a search engine and making a sense to your customers. Let’S move on by clicking next, the SEO wizard is going to look at every text. Block on your home page add your keywords everywhere that you can but make sure that it makes sense, be creative and map out those keywords: the best that you can now it’s time to review the changes that you’ve made to improve your SEO.

You can edit each individual section if you need to when things look good and click done when you’re done with the SEO wizard, you can go review your site and if things look good, don’t forget to publish now that your site is live with your new and Improved SEO changes, patience is key. Seo is a long game, so it can take time for your page to rise in search results. I’M Darlene thanks for tuning in

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