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How to Align Your Keywords and Business Goals

We are building her keyword, seed list, we’ve got it all together. We’ve got it categorized documented and now we’re going to pull things full circle, we’re going to align them to business goals because Amy. It is not enough to just spend this time searching finding all these keywords: jotting them down, categorizing them if they’re not aligned to goes, you really want to achieve or website goals, and the other reason you want to do.

This is also because you want to identify any opportunities or gaps for keywords that you need to maybe include in some of your content right. That makes sense absolutely now. I did ask you to do a little bit of prep before you came so. Could you maybe give me an idea of some of your business goals sure so my monthly Instagram goal is to increase my followers by 100. Okay and I’m wanting to have four new coaching clients per month, okay for people signing on for packages and then increase my email list by 10.

New email addresses a month fantastic now, the first place I would go if I was looking to align with the goal of increasing Instagram followers is in your seed list, anything related to social media. Okay right, so let’s go back here. Competitor keywords: remember: when we search for hashtags right go to the hashtags, that you’ve got here right and even narrow it down to Instagram, specifically right.

If your goal is to increase your number of Instagram followers, then let’s focus on Instagram. You could search for ways to gain Instagram followers. I’ll bet, there’s a little bit of information out. There sure that’s a great idea cool, let’s move on to the next one: okay, okay! So for this bowl it’s clearly a business-related goal, so we definitely want to look at the business and industry keywords that are in your seedless right, we’re going to definitely find something there, but your target audience keyword list is really where we’re going to find the gold.

So go back to that one! Let’s go here, we’re going to look through all the keywords that we found around target audience, because it’s about gaining new clients right right, so we want to know what they were searching for. So I would look for words. Maybe that are associated with a sense of urgency, so finally Aimee we’re going to tackle the third goal that you’ve got here, which is increased email subscribers by 10 per month.

Yep awesome, it’s clearly a business goal. Let’s look at the business and industry keywords, kind of search through those what we have okay, let’s look at some target audience keywords: nothing’s, really standing out that matches up. You know this is a good one, because this means our strategy’s working because we’ve kind of identified a gap. I think right, I’m not really finding anything related to email subscriptions or how to do it or any of that in the seed list that we’ve built.

So far, okay, that’s alright! It just means this is an opportunity, a little bit of homework right um. Clearly this is a goal for you. I know I’m sure, that’s what you want to hear tiny bit, but it’s really just means. Go back maybe find some keywords that are related to people subscribing. You know growing subscribers increasing subscribers things like that. Just just see, if there’s anything and anything that we’ve done before just kind of rego through that process, see if any keywords related to this goal come up, because obviously you want to incorporate them right.

So, with everything ties together, you see in the big picture. Aimee. Absolutely that is so helpful. I’m so excited all right. Now we’re going to recap, because we’ve done a whole lot. Today, we’ve covered a bunch, so we went through some discovery and built you a keyword, seed list, awesome split it up into three categories: business and industry. Keywords: target audience, keywords, competitor keywords: we went and we documented a lot of things under each of those categories.

We’ve got this huge list going on and then we actually came back around looked at your business goals and aligned those keywords and phrases to your business goals. So you can actually, you know, improve some of that get found issue that so many small business owners have you’re out there. You’ve been working really hard. You’ve got a website. You want to grow your business. This is how you’re going to get there wonderful.

Thank you. So much for the help Emily Amy, it has been a pleasure working with you, I’m so happy that you just let your son, you open yourself up to this process. I’m sure it wasn’t easy and I know you were a little overwhelmed and it can come across that way, but that a lot okay we’re here to help. I want you to keep up the hard work and a good work. You’re doing awesome. Thank you. I want you guys to keep reading.

Thank you so much for joining us. My name is Emily. We’ll see you next time you you

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