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Getting Started with Google’s Keyword Planner

Planner, hello, everyone, my name is Garth O’Brien. I run the global search engine optimization program for GoDaddy. I’ve been doing SEO since 2002. I’ve done SEO for various companies, Chevron, IKEA, USA, hallmark Xbox Windows Phone been around the block and keyword.

Planner is a tool that I use pretty much every day. So, let’s get right to it now on the keyword. Planner homepage always use the call to action. Big blue button says go to keyword planner. This is going to take you to a screen and you’re going to want to select find new keywords. Now they’ve changed things up over the last year. You really can only put three keywords here. First, before you get started and what you want to do is you want to choose keywords that are closely related, so WordPress hosting hosting for WordPress WordPress websites hosting not WordPress, plugins, WordPress themes, WordPress hosting, because otherwise you won’t get good results.

The more we find. Those first three keywords are the better suggestions. Google Keyword planner is going to give you my average monthly search volume for a couple of your phrases that you put in so for us they gave us a range of 1,000 10,000 people a month are searching for WordPress hosting and 100 to a thousand. People are looking for WordPress website hosting below the terms that we specifically searched on are the suggested ideas Google’s going to give you based on various activities.

Probably people like me, searching in the past and their own search algorithm. I like to use the adding filter, not the exclude ideas, but the keyword text. This is going to give you the option to narrow it down even further, because Google is going to add you add suggestions like web hosting VPS hosting. That’s not what I want to talk about. I’m looking at WordPress hosting so I’ll, specifically put in just WordPress, hit, apply and now you’ll notice.

The ideas of the returning to you has to have the word WordPress in it, and I would go back, remove WordPress and put in hosting or put in WordPress hosting. Then I can get all the ways. People look for WordPress hosting, you know best WordPress hosting cheap WordPress hosting how to use WordPress hosting. This is going to give you a good, close-knit keyword grouping for the single page that you want to apply those keywords set to, and at that point, once you have narrowed down that nice list, you would select download keyword, ideas and Google will present you with a Excel file, that’s going to export all the keywords that they came back and for a must for us.

That is quite a few 553 keywords at that point. You have to start doing rolling up your sleeves and doing some homework by opening up that file and now sifting through and sorting those keywords wait. So what do you mean by the like ranges? They’re, assuming that one thousand ten thousand visitors fewer than 100 yeah Google used to give you a ballpark exact number like WordPress hosting 5500 people, look for this every month.

Well, they kind of limited that to only people that are paying enough through Google Adwords you’re, not paying you’re using their paid search now, you’re stuck with ranges. What I found is the low number on that range is way more accurate than the high number on that range. Okay, guys that was so much wonderful information thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for tuning in I’m Darlene, I’m Garth O’Brian see you later.



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