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The reason why I decided to take on this tutorial is because I believe that so many do, including me or written just now, just found out how to do this without having to pay anybody without having to pee any website or any service provider on keywords edge.

So we are going to be using two different website. One is where you will do your normal keyboard section. I need to bring that a list of long tail keyword and then, after that, you copy your select a long tail keyword and take it to the second website. We AE to none, do the analysis based on the stage, rodham simplicity and all that, so we assess that so the fewer the loss of you. What I want to search for and brindle related few world is previously pipe manufacturing economy the website first time using to do this.

A related keyword, search, long-term detection voltage is team, world dot, IO research and then it’s already stretching already counting chanting feed us something, and we have here Wow 298 long tail keyword about


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Cara Riset Keyword Terbaik Menggunakan Google Keyword Planner

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Google Keyword Planner Keyword Research For Your Bussiness

So if you don’t know what it is, Google Keyword planner is basically a free tool that is used to help make informed decisions about keywords. A keyword is basically anything you can type into a search box. People will call it longtail keywords and keyword, phrases and there’s a bit of semantics that go into there, but if you’re, just starting out, that’s not something that you need to worry about getting back to keyword, planner.

It was a tool that was built out by Google for advertisers, so it would be easier for them to go ahead and create campaigns on Google Adwords, basically letting them know information about who’s. Looking for what, at whatever time and how much money, it’s going to cost you to get that click, so you’ll be able to find information relevant to your audience without wasting your time and money. So if you’re, just starting out, you don’t really need to go ahead and spend hundreds of dollars every month buying new tools.

You just try this out see if you have all the information you need and once you’ve narrowed down your results, your research into a specific section, and only then will you really need to worry about more and more complex and intricate tools. So, to start off, we need to figure out what keyword research is, and why do you need it and who needs it? So if you don’t know keyword, research is basically research on keywords.

That’s pretty self-explanatory, figuring out what people are looking for, figuring out, whether your business aligns with them whether these are the right type of people being able to rank on those ads and, finally, to increase your sales and revenue. We’re basically going to be going over three things in these tutorials, using keywords for SEO, using keyword, planner to drive better results on your PPC campaigns.

That’s pay-per-click and finally, the nitty-gritty of keyword. Research will basically go ahead and look for a keyword that we use in our own agency, so you have a real-life working example like we were saying, keyword planner can be used by two people. One are business owners that are trying to create campaigns and finding keywords to convert on it’s pretty much the same process. The only difference is if you’re, a business owner of your goal is to look for a very low small, complete, very low competitive keywords, so that you can spend as little money as you can and rank number one in that specific search term.

So you can get more visitors that are looking for the ideal target, but if you’re into content, it’s a bit different because you want to rank for that highest hardest, most the keywords behind with the most money. So, if you’re into content – and if you have your own niche blog, if you’re writing about gardening in San Francisco or something it’s a bit different, because you want to rank for the highest competitive keywords.

So if your goal is to make money on your blog with Google Adsense or something, then you want to make sure that you’re trying to back keywords that have a lot of money behind them. So you don’t want to be the number one blog of a very obscure category with no money behind it. One thing that we found recently when we were doing some research for software is that open source key programs like open source CRM is an open source.

Anything has very little competition because, to be honest, there’s no money to be made in that people that are looking for open source software are generally not the guys that are looking to pay money. So that’s a really cool thing: if your model is generating revenue through Google Adsense, that’s not the niche you want to be in. So that’s one side of the spectrum. The other side of the spectrum are business owners.

Whether you want to try to create content on your own blog and rank for a specific keyword or you want to figure out which keywords have actual value and which you can afford to get a click for. Because if you want to find something like diet or weight loss, it’s going to be ridiculously competitive for you, so you can’t really sell products on that through Google Adwords. Well, you could but you’re not really going to make a profit unless you have insane conversion rates, because you’ll be looking at spending tens and twenty dollars per click and above so, what you’re trying to do is look for a decent keyword which you think will have Good results now, of course, this doesn’t justify everything, there’s still a ton of a be testing that you need to do with words with URLs with designs and that’s a different topic for another day.

Nowadays, the internet plays a very important role in our lives. More and more people are looking for specific services or products using search engines every day you want to increase the efficiency of your site, store or social network page will, help you search through the competition in order to successfully grow in this modern internet driven world. You have to be at the top of the browsers list, we’re a company that provides a full package of internet marketing services.

So, let’s work together, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and we can help you too ww search viral com. So if you don’t have an account already go ahead and create one by going to adwords.Google.Com – and you can just sign in with your Google account if you want to the signup process – is very basic if you’ve built a gmail account, you know how to do this. So once you create your Google account, you will be locked into the dashboard of Adwords and it’ll.

Show you what you’ve been doing. So if you haven’t done anything right now, it’s just going to be an empty dashboard, but on the navigation bar you’ll, see an option called tools inside tools once you click on the Tools, menu you’ll have a bunch of sub menu items, go ahead and click keyword, Planner inside that, and now we’re actually ready to begin so once you’re, there you’ll see four different tools in two different categories: the first category is find new keywords and get search volume, data and the second category is for budgets and forecasts, so we’ll only be looking At the first one, really because unless you’re a very advanced user and are currently spending a lot of money on Adwords, that’s really not something you’ll be looking into inside that you have three options: search for new keywords, using a phrase website or category.

The second option is get search, volume, data and trends and finally, multiply keyword list to get new keywords. The first option, the first tool so we’ll just call the tool. The first tool is perfect if you are in the lookout for ideas. Well, if you list your product or your seed keyword, your first thing it’ll basically create a bunch of derivatives of that keyword. It’ll use various amounts of data from your product, your service, and if you input your website, it will go through your landing page and it’ll.

See what you’re trying to sell the more information you give this? Basically, the better results, it’s going to give for you so search viral is a digital marketing agency right. The main product that we actually sell is social media management. Let’s go ahead and use this to get some actual results on a campaign that we can use to get more businesses to pay us to manage their social media. What we’re going to do is go ahead and type social media agency, or you could say social media management.

Let’s just go ahead and do that because that is the product, not the type of business and we’ll go ahead and put surged viral com locations. So initially we are currently actually looking for a campaign we’re doing a bunch of ads to advertise to people in the UK, so I’m going to go ahead and have United Kingdom’s United Kingdom’s as my country. So if you are in the UK, you would that Google AdWords is expensive and that’s not really a bad thing.

As long as the market makes sense, you wouldn’t really have a problem. There is a bunch of stuff that you want to do this. The first thing is the product keywords: these are what your product is, you can add more than one you can add like a bunch of stuff so like, if you have a I mean we could technically add like social media SEO, digital marketing and all of that To get results customized directly to your business, but we’re doing this on a very micro level, because we want to only sell this one product because we have capacity to handle a lot of that.

And that would be perfect for us right now because, unlike SEO, Google Keyword planner is about giving you instant results. You don’t want to plan for like two years ahead, because these things change and you will have to keep on updating these stuff. So I’m ready to sell social media management right. We have your landing page and we’ll click United Kingdom English. We can check, check Google and Google and partners.

I ideally search for Google, because I don’t need that information right now, so negative keywords it. This is a very interesting a lot of people completely disregard that, and that’s a really bad thing to do so. What a negative keyword is is that it removes a specific. It removes a specific type of people so, for example, if you’re selling in a item that you know that someone, if it’s a very confusing item right, for example, if it’s social media management – and we can put tools as a negative keyword, because we don’t want people That are looking for social media tools.

We want people that are looking for social media agencies and it can be very confusing. So if someone is looking for social media management tool, we’re not their customer, we want people looking for social media as a service. So do we have that you can change the date range? How, since when have they taken it? What we generally do is we take it from July, and we just take it, as you know, as far back as possible, just because we could get a better understanding of that information.

We can have keyword filters based on the amount of searchers, so whether people are looking for only a hundred times or you want to avoid people under a specific amount of searches, and you can decide how the competition you want it to be, of course, initially. If this is your first time, I think you should avoid this, but yes, you have this information. You only show ideas that are closely related.

So what I? What we basically do is the first time we just go completely ham and then worry about this later. You can always refine and you will have to refine, but don’t worry about that right now, so we have the search traffic data, so we know that yes, it’s gone up slightly on average. Now, for that specific keyword that we’re looking for social media management – that’s pretty brutal, it has the thousand six hundred searches average per month, which is great.

The competition is medium, but the suggested bid is insane. So if I’m getting a click, they expect me to put $ 20 or $ 17, and that just doesn’t make sense right. So we need to figure out. I mean we can do a bunch of things. We can try to figure out if there’s something cheaper. Like look at this digital agency SEO, there’s ten people looking for it and the suggested bid is madness, so we can do a bunch of things right now that we have that information.

We can. We know the trends of data you can see if people, what type of people look for this mobile has grown up. I think that I mean mobile. Tate has gone up. It’s probably just more people using mobile devices, then actually that specific search term going up. So we have this information and how exactly is it? Do we find something that we think makes sense right like social media, for dummies, this isn’t someone.

So what you need to do is go through these keywords, one by one really and go through these ad group ideas right. So ad group ideas are basically bulk keywords that, for example, if you click digital agency, it breaks down into little little keywords in that. For you to see, if there’s actually any viability, so it suggested bit if you have keywords without suggested bids, that generally means that not a lot of people are advertising on it.

It could also mean that there’s very few people so that it doesn’t really show stats. So, for example, let me just check this out. You can open, add it in ad preview to see if there’s okay, let’s preview, this in the United Kingdom and we will see yeah. So there is a ton of advertising on this particular keyword and we really don’t want to hit that, even though it says like even though it’s a it just basically doesn’t have enough data because there’s only probably like one or two searches.

So if they say ten, it’s generally between zero to ten, so we’ve done, I mean before I did this article. We went through like a bunch of keyword, ideas to find exactly what we wanted and what we’d really figured out was. You need to understand how a customer your specific customer would think right. So you would need to understand how your specific customer would think and what we did was we found out that we can go ahead and I mean a lot of agencies.

Don’t really have their pricing publicly visible. There was a ton of people that were just looking for social media management price. Even though social media management price was ridiculously expensive at $ 10, we managed to find that there’s a good bunch of people that are searching for social medium packages. You can see that the trend is generally going up. There is about 140 people. Yes, that’s not a ton of people, but you don’t need to find keywords with millions and thousands of people searching for.

Actually it’s better. If it’s a small group of people that you think are going to be your perfect audience right, we can see that is medium. Competition but the suggested bid is low. There are people advertising on it, but it’s something that you can test out because for for our product in particular, you’re looking at spending 300 plus dollars per month for us to manage that. So if we get a click at $ 3 and then if we convert our sale at around 20 clicks or even if we convert our sale at a hundred clicks, we still come out ahead in that campaign.

What you really need to do is understand how a keyword plays into the role of traffic to conversion, to lead and, finally, closing that sale, but you also need to understand price is very subjective. If someone is selling a five-dollar item, this doesn’t even make remote sense right. But if you are someone who is selling a large ticket item like us, then this is completely fine, because $ 3 is simply a drop in the proverbial bucket.

If you’re going to find someone who is very interested in seeing the price of the product that he or she is about to purchase, so what we would generally do is find something like this, maybe even social media, marketing packages or social media services pricing, even though That is actually a bit competitive, so if we go ahead and look at the preview on how badly this is clustered, let’s just put code at UK as well, you can actually see our ad because we’re the first rank their social media marketing pricing.

How much did you pay, so I hope this article helped you guys we actually do have a tutorial on the website. The link will be in the description below so we’ll be creating a bunch of tutorials on everything to do with digital marketing, social media SEO and all of those good stuff. So if you need help with any of that, go ahead and click that subscribe button or if you own a business – and you simply don’t have the time to deal with this – go ahead and visit our website www.

Hiwayfx.Com petition in order to successfully grow in this modern Internet driven world, you have to be at the top of the browsers list, we’re a company that provides a full package of internet marketing services. So, let’s work together, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and we can help you too ww search viral com.


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How to research adwords keyword planner-2016,Keyword researching best way using youtube.

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Longtail Keyword Planner for Website, Youtube, , Facebook for SEO

This article is going to show you how to use the Google Google Keyword planner to search for keyword, search volume in a specific geographic area. You can use this to see how and if people are searching for a product, service or company in your area. The first thing you want to do is go to google and type in the keyword planner and the first link that you’re going to want to click on is probably this one up top.

It’s the one that says Adwords at Google, comm and click on that it’ll. Ask you to login, I’m already logged in so let’s go load and click on this top option, search for new keyword and AD group idea and type in whatever the product or service or company is that you’re interested in in this case. I’m making this article for a friend and she’s interested in resume, writing and resume editing, so we type those in to also do resume.

Writing services resume editors that kind of populate it with some keyword ideas. You don’t need a whole lot, just put in a decent little sample size. Next, you want to go to targeting, which is down here on the top left after those fields, click on it and set yours. I have mine set to Rochester New York and it’s important to note that I’m using the Nielsen, DMA region and what that does is refers to the Greater Rochester area.

So it includes the actual city of Rochester, plus all the different suburbs and cities that are nearby surrounding that. That gives you a better idea of your market. So let’s do good ideas now it will pull up the screen. You have ad group ideas and you can look at keywords and these, if you see a specific attitude that really stands out to what you’re looking for. Otherwise, what I like to do is go to the keyword, ideas and see that for what I specifically typed in you can see your average monthly searches here.

What your relative competition is adjusted bids are, if you’re, using Adwords and if you click on it, you can organize it. So here I have it sorted by average monthly searches and it’s a great way to get an idea of what people are searching for in your area. If you’re a local business, you can find out, if you or searching for your progress service or what type of language they’re using to search for, so that you can maybe doing some SEO or some pay-per-click advertising to get to those people thanks for reading.

If this article is helpful, please like it and share it. You can also find more of my work at Paul Carl calm and thanks for reading everybody, I


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Google Ads Keyword Planner 2019

Lo primero que tenemos que tener es una cuenta en gmail en este caso como ustedes pueden ver tenemos aquí la pantalla de el navegador, google, chrome y yo ya, estoy dentro con una sesión de war, ya una sesión de gmail, dentro de google, chrome se.

Dan cuenta que aquí está mi cuenta de google y aquí arriba es esa cuenta asociada al navegador de google, chrome, bueno una vez, nosotros estamos dentro, esta es una opción si no pueden ir directamente, a google y entrar con la cuenta de gmail pues. Lo que hacemos es buscar google cuál es la dirección web, a punto google.Com bien nos aparece, esta pantalla y nos da dos opciones iniciar, sesión, o empezar ahora pulso, en empezar ahora y fíjense que yo ya tengo una cuenta de google pero voy, a crear una cuenta Nueva creamos otra cuenta para que vean cómo comienza el proceso, a ustedes cuando entren por primera vez les pasaría esto ya tendrían su gmail con una cuenta que automáticamente tiene una numeración que la ponen ellos en google arts y desaparece esto cuál es tu objetivo publicitario principal Si se dan cuenta aparece nueva campaña pero nosotros, no queremos empezar una campaña porque lo que nos va, a interesar ahora mismo de google simplemente es el planificador de palabras clave entonces pulsamos en la parte inferior en cambiar, a modelos cuando pulsamos en cambiar a modo experto.

Se carga a otra pantalla como pueden ver aparecen diferentes tipos de campaña porque hiciste googlelabs en que creamos creemos una campaña que para eso, está pero, no nos interesa pulsamos en la parte inferior que, aparece el texto, crear una cuenta sin una, campaña, esto sí. Lo tenemos que poner automáticamente a visto donde yo estoy ubicada vale pone la hora de islas canarias el país de facturación y la moneda esto le damos, a enviar, no estamos dando ningún dato, sensible y pulsamos en explorar cuenta y ya, estamos dentro ya, tengo un panel Donde podría crear cualquier campaña aquí estarían las estadísticas pero.

Lo que a mí me interesa ahora es que ustedes vean dónde está ubicado lo del planificador, bueno ustedes tienen en la parte superior en la parte de más, o menos central derecha, tres iconos el icono de buscar. Informes y herramientas ajustes pulsamos en herramientas de ajuste, con el botón izquierdo y nos aparece, lo que llamamos un menú ve un mega menú perdón con varias columnas en concreto, con 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 columnas diferentes, ok, nosotros nos vamos, a centrar en la primera De izquierda, a derecha y allí ven que aparece la palabra la oración planificador de palabras clave que sería después del título, la segunda opción del menú, pulsamos ahí porque es lo que nos interesa, ahora y ya, vamos, a estar en el planificador nos da dos accesos directos.

Para consultar las palabras clave de dos formas primero descubre nuevas palabras claves y segundo, consulte el volumen de búsquedas y las televisiones bien. Lo que me interesa en este caso por primera vez sería el descubrimiento de esas, nuevas palabras clave y tenemos dos opciones empezar con palabras clave y empezar, con un sitio web yo puedo poner aquí alguna palabra clave y empezar, con una búsqueda vale y añadir, un dominio Relacionado con esa palabra pero también yo puedo empezar con un sitio web el sitio web puede, ser mío, o no bien escribimos un valor que sería una página web aquí, tenemos 180 puntos y pulsamos vamos a ver toda la web pulsamos en obtener resultados y aquí me Aparecen todas las series de palabras clave que google tiene indexada y relación, a esa página web con todas estas series de palabras, claro, por, ejemplo sense, cursos online estos, lógicos, porque son todo, palabras relacionadas con la empresa relacionada con esa página pero también están, otras, como, estas, Serie que es cursos gratuitos trabajadores un line on line cursos subvencionados online cursos gratuitos para trabajadores, cursos, trabajadores, curso online y sobre esto lo que nos interesa, también es saber, qué, cantidad de personas, buscan al día, al mes, a la semana vale en este caso al mes, Esa serie de palabras entonces fíjense que más de 10.

000 personas entre 10.000 y 100.000 buscan cursos soc entre 10.000 y 100.000 cursos cp es decir es una una combinación de palabras que la gente, usa, mucho, ok, cursos gratis, entre, 1.000 y 10.000 tiene una competitividad media eso, Significa que hay unas cuantas empresas que utilizan cursos gratis en sus anuncios de google, esta parte, no nos interesa tanto. Lo que si no me interesa es la parte de el promedio de búsquedas mensuales porque porque después todo.

Esto nos va, a servir para entender, cuáles son, las palabras, o para saber cuáles son en la serie de palabras que nosotros deberíamos de usar, a la hora de escribir, en nuestro blog por ejemplo de pensar qué palabras deberíamos de usar que se relacionan con nuestra web Y que además tienen un alto índice de búsqueda, ok, como usamos, nosotros estos fuera de lo que sería este navegador pues pulsamos en descargar ideas, para palabras y esto es lo que nos va, a preparar es un informe en 60 bien tenemos el documento, abierto y esto.

Es lo que es una hoja de cálculo si se dan cuenta es una hoja de cálculo que tiene como primera columna nos está, indicando él, la serie de palabras, clave cada línea en una serie de palabras clave y del lado derecho hay unos datos. Que nos interesan, resaltar, por ejemplo en el caso de el máximo, la cantidad máxima de búsqueda de entre, 1.000 y 10.000, el mínimo son, mil el máximo son diez, mil o como media bueno.

Pues nos interesa ver que esa palabra el curso fresa la gente, la gente, busca mucho, ok, curso, ofensa, buscamos otras que no tengan que ver con la marca, por ejemplo cursos, para trabajadores, es una serie de palabras que la gente busca mucho vale, entre, 1.000 y 10.000. Búsquedas diarias, ok, otra palabra que se busca muchos cursos gratuitos online homologado; ok y así, bueno, pues, entonces esto es lo que nos indica nos da son ideas, para después, nosotros, trabajar, por, ejemplo, el ceo, ok, bueno, pues, espero que hayan entendido, un poco cómo está trabajando.

Google arts ahora en el año, 2000


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Planejador de PALAVRAS-CHAVES do Google | Tutorial | Rejane Toigo

Ala social media e pessoas que Trabalham com as redes sociais, seguinte, henrique, fala, uma, coisa, muito, importante, Hoje que diz respeito às palavras chaves do beijo e precisa usar palavras chaves Do google quem anuncia no google, quem, faz, post blog não, cara, pálida, precisa Usar o planejador de palavras chaves também quem usa, as redes sociais, como Assim as palavras-chaves interferem na rede social presta atenção que eu vou te Contar todas a milonga quando você vai falar nas redes, sociais, sobre, um, assunto, Por exemplo tinta de cabelo, sim você vai falar você, vende, você, tem Uma loja de vender tinta de cabelo e aí você precisa desenvolver conteúdo, para, o Seu instagram pelo seu facebook, em nossas, foi, o clube, mais, importante, ainda, Mas você precisa desenvolver conteúdo pra vender os produtos da sua loja Qualquer primeira coisa que você tem que entender sobre, o seu conteúdo para Começar produziu de que forma as pessoas procuram esse conteúdo elas vão procurar Dentro da igreja procurar dentro não necessariamente porque, a gente sabe que A diferença entre o google eo youtube e essas redes sociais como, o instagram Facebook é que no instagram e, no facebook as pessoas escola não, o seu Feed e vamos recebendo a li para 1 quando alguma, coisa interessa, a elas Já, no google e no youtube as pessoas vão lá procurar por algum, assunto e aí você Programa o seu conteúdo de acordo com o que as pessoas estão procurando e pô-lo Youtube entrega na mão de quem procura aquele conteúdo que você produziu essa é Uma diferença básica porém se você entender muito bem como, as pessoas estão Procurando um assunto, no google, ou seja, quando, você, coloca, lá, tinta de cabelo; no Google eo google preenche a continuidade da sua frase ele fez, isso de acordo com, Que as pessoas já procuraram com, a frase longa que as pessoas já procuraram então Se você utilizar, o planejador de palavras chaves para saber que frases São essas que as pessoas procuram sobre, o seu assunto Você pode utilizar essas frases que só são familiares das, pessoas porque elas Estão procurando dessa forma nas redes online do seu conteúdo tanto, no Instagram quanto no facebook e olha que lindo as pessoas vão prestar mais Atenção nos seus posts, se aquilo talvez com, incidir com que elas procuraram, no Google hoje olha e não é procurei, no google como pintar a Sobrancelha com, rena e casualmente eu vi, essa mesma frase que eu digitei; no Google no perfil da loja de tintas de cabelo que eu sigo não é lindo então Cônsul magnânima como sou, pessoa generosa, eu fiz, o seguinte eu peguei uma Aula sobre o planejador de palavras chaves que dioninho que é o responsável Por esse segmento aqui dentro da equipe produziu para os alunos do criadores de Conteúdo e vou disponibilizá la como, uma espécie de amostra grátis do meu curso Aqui pra vocês então do primeiro comentário e na descrição desse vídeo Está um tutorial sobre como utilizar, o planejador de palavras chaves para Identificar de que forma que o seu público está procurando, o seu assunto Nos buscadores do google isso é muito rico isso é muito importante e qualquer Pessoa que trabalha com, qualquer coisa, no meio digital deve, saber usar, o Planejador de palavras-chaves pra confeccionar, a sua estratégia de Conteúdo, a higiene mas não sei como, confeccionar Estratégico de bom né então é porque você não é meu aluno ainda porque se Você fosse nascer já saberia de tudo, isso então, cara, pode, ser, para resolver, Esse problema de estratégia de criação de conteúdo de forma rápida e Inteligente já sabe que existe um curso com, a tia Rei: aqui chamado criadores de conteúdo que eu também deixa a descrição em todos Os meus vintes então gente ninguém mais produz conteúdo sem perguntar por que o Google o que é que as pessoas estão procurando a respeito daquilo Valeu então já sabe terça e quinta, estamos aqui, debatendo, todos, esses Assuntos do universo do marketing digital às, vezes, coisas de Neuromarketing e muitas vezes coisas de marketing de conteúdo, como foi, o caso Desse vídeo tá então um beijo lá escreve, no canal, se não está, inscrito e me Aguarde que venho sempre com, nove nac, beijar, carreira


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Hướng dẫn Phần mềm CRMVIET – Sử dụng Google Keyword Planner

Learn how well they might perform in the future and create a new keyword list by multiplying several lists together once you’re signed into your AdWords account click the Tools, drop-down menu and select keyword, planner. First, let’s look at how to get new keyword, ideas, let’s say for a used car campaign, click search for new keyword and AD group ideas fill out one or more of the boxes that appear, including a description as well as your website.

Url lets you filter larger sets of ideas. Then click get ideas. Next you’ll see a list of AD group ideas to find your keyword, ideas, click, the keyword, ideas, tab you can decide which ones to add to your plan by reviewing the historical statistics in the table. Click, the double arrows to add an ad group or keyword idea to your plan when you’re done building your plan, click review estimates you’ll see a graph with several estimates like clicks impressions, average position and cost you can use this information to set your bid.

Now. Let’s look at another way to use keyword, planner. Let’s say you already have a list of keywords and you want to find out how popular they are. You can see how your keywords are performed by clicking get search, volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups, enter your list of keywords, one per line or separated by commas. These keywords won’t be added to any of your existing campaigns.

Yet click get search volume; next click, the keyword, ideas, tab to see historical statistics like monthly search volume or competition data. You can also see these keywords grouped into ad groups by clicking on the ad group ideas tab in your results. Perhaps you want to get estimates of how your keywords might perform. Click get traffic estimates for a list of keywords to see click and cost estimates or impressions enter your list of keywords or upload a CSV file.

Then click get estimates to see traffic estimates. For your keywords, finally, let’s take a look at how to get new keyword ideas by combining multiple lists of your keywords. For example, maybe your used car business has several locations. You can have one list of keywords just for locations and another that describes your business start by clicking multiply keyword, lists to get new keyword. Ideas enter each list of keywords in the list: 1 and list 2 boxes.

Next: choose whether you want traffic estimates or search volume for your new keyword. Phrases by clicking the appropriate button will combine your keywords from both lists to create new phrases like New York used cars. Now that we’ve shown you how to use the main features of keyword, planner try using these tips to find the keywords that will help you reach the right people for more information about keyword, planner and other AdWords features visit the AdWords Help Center.



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How to use Google Keyword Planner for free 2018

Basically you can do one cent and that’s what I do just to keep a campaign running. I don’t have any really active goals or anything like that that I’m trying to do with AdWords, but they only allow you to use the keyword planner if you have an AdWords campaign that is active.

So that’s how I get around that. I just um start a small campaign for something on your site and you know just make it the lowest amount, if you don’t actually have any intent into using AdWords, so just make it like the lowest amount that you can set it at. Just to be able to use the Google Keyword planner tool, so here you are inside the tool and this actually used to it. They’ve improved it in some ways and in some ways it’s gotten a little bit worse.

The ways that it’s gotten a little bit worse is that they don’t give you exact, search numbers anymore. They used to give you like you know. Let’s say it was like 550 in five hundred and fifty three search results every month right now. They would give you something like oh you’re, getting one hundred to a thousand search results every month, so it’s not giving you as exact data. However, it does give you still an idea of a turn and it’s worth going after or a turn.

It’s not worth going after so and because it is straight from Google, I like to use the Google Keyword planner over other tools like SEM rush or AAA traps, because those two tools are known for giving different types of data. Although for me, I’m like, if you know Google’s the main search engine that I’m concerned with, I want to just get my search data from Google directly. So that’s how I feel about it now.

The way that that Google Keyword planner has actually gotten better is they have made these two buttons better in their results. So if you don’t know, if you’re looking for more keyword, ideas – and you want to add that to your list, I would use this button right here. If you already have a list of terms that you want to get the search volume for, I would use this button right here in the second button.

So since we we have a slight list of terms here, let’s get more, let’s, let’s act as if we want to get more keyword ideas, so, let’s type those in just copy paste, those in right there. You can also add a landing page to your website. If you already have some content up, that’s cool – or you can put in a competitor here too, so that you can get some ideas of what their keywords would be. I’m going to skip that for now.

So, let’s just type in our ideas get ideas. Now, Google Keyword planner can be a little finicky. Sometimes you’ll see things like this quite often. What I do is I’ll just go up here and I’ll refresh it again. If I still get it I’ll just kind of play back and forth between these two buttons until it works, I know that sounds really weird, but it does seem to work that way. I really don’t know why it does that.

Maybe it’s a cafe thing and either way in either case just play back and forth between these two buttons and getting ideas so between these three just play that with it and it’ll work, eventually, okay, so yeah here we can add more keyword, ideas to our list. So let’s go ahead and I like to just add these by groups for some reason this isn’t adding things here, but let’s just keep adding more sometimes like I said, sometimes it’s a little finicky and now you guys see that you know the email list group did Not add so we may have to go back and do another search for that to add it later key learning, so anything that is related.

That is closely related to the topic that we’re going to be touching on. That’s what we want to save and if you wanted to, if you wanted to save all this time – and you want to just make it really quick you could at all. But again it’s just going to make more work for you when you’re sorting later on. So, just something to keep in mind so once you’ve added all the things that look relevant to you.

You can go ahead and you can either search over here in the keyword, ideas which is going to give you like individual keyword, ideas or you can go ahead and modify your search, putting in some new terms. Maybe things like make money online or refresh and again it wants to play shy, so you will keep going at it see. I don’t know why it does that now, instead of me, adding all these individual keywords over here, which you could do, you could go through it, I just prefer to add the ad groups.

Also, another good reason you I like to use these ad groups is because, when we export this info, all of these ad groups will be able to sort based on them, which takes out a lot of the sorting that you’ll have to do so. That helps quite a bit. Thank you. Many online money from home work from home earn money. Online courses earn so again, you know, just whatever is most relevant to you now. Let’s say that we’re done here we’re done with our our keyword, ideas and let’s say that I just wanted to find out what these times, what the search volume was for these terms right so I go here.

I go modify, search, I’m going to cancel that click down here and you can enter it like that or you can choose to upload it via a text file or a CSV candidate wants to play dumb for some reason and the. But it’s not even there. This time, so there we go. I don’t know why it’s so weird like that, but anyways here you go and we can add all these terms at all 29, and now you want to click on this once you’re all done once you have you’re satisfied with your keyword list and you have all The terms that you want to add come down here this little down arrow and you’re, going to download the plan and then click Excel CSV, and then it’s a file and it’ll save to your computer and that’s it and that’s how you use Google Keyword planner very Easy very simple: the only thing that I want to reiterate right here is the targeting, so you can change your country here.

The language and the search engine is always either going to be Google or Google and search partners, but I always just use Google and you know, for the United States. If you wanted to narrow down your searches a little bit more, you could just go ahead and type in English. That way, you’re not getting any other suggestions that are not English and you could even sort by a specific city or state if you wanted to.

But unless you are a local business, I don’t recommend doing that. If you are a local business, then I would recommend searching by your state or by your city. So that way, you are knowing exactly how many people are searching for you within your local area and that’s going to give you a much better idea than to target it nationally. So I hope these tips have been helpful for you and you can join me in the next article as we go over longtail Pro


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KeyWord Research Using Google’s KeyWord Planner

Com, and if this is the first time that you’re reading one of my articles, thank you very much. I really do appreciate it. Welcome my name is Mike: I’m an entrepreneur in Japan, I’m from Ohio. Originally I own an English conversation school here. I also do online marketing because I do things such as affiliate marketing and I did with this blog much my youtube blog.

The blog is all about entrepreneurship, so it’s called my daily hustle things that I do in my life. So it’s things related to entrepreneurship. It’s things related to affiliate marketing, online marketing and recently I’ve started learning day trade in which I’m going to be adding to the journal. Also so if that’s kind of stuff that you like, but that’s the kind of stuff that you enjoy, if that’s kind of stuff that you want to learn about, then please consider hitting that subscribe button down below.

And I would appreciate that also very much. But enough of me, you know trying to promote my blog and begging for subscribers, let’s get into why you are reading this article and that’s because I’m assuming you want to learn how to do keyword, research using Google’s keyword, planner, so yeah anyway doing keep doing research Keyword, research when making your contents for your blog or for your website is very important, and you know luckily, for us there’s a fruit, there’s a free tool that we can use from Google.

It’s called the Keyword planner, and so I’m going to show you exactly how to use that in this article, I’m on my computer right now, and so let me get myself out of the way and we will get into it. Let me minimize myself so Google great, if you have it in order to do this, if you haven’t done so already, you need a Google Ads account in order to use the free Google Keyword planner. So if you just type in goog or I’m sure like if you type in let’s say, like Google ad account, Google Adwords even keyword planner well, let’s type in Google Keyword planner first, you need a Google ad account in order to do this.

Yeah there’s group of planner, Google Apps, Google Keyword planner, and so, if you don’t have a Google AdWords account yet then you need to set one up in order to use this. Google Keyword planner, and that is because it’s for Google Ads and so with Google eyes. They ask for your credit card information in order to pay for ads, and this is my school and let me I’m logged in to my school account. Let me log out of here whoa crap anyway.

You do need where’s that coming up on Monday MIT signed in get started, but anyway you do need a Google Ads account. They do ask for your credit card to put your credit card in to pay for the ad, but as soon as you get it set up, then you immediately need to pause the ad so, as you know, you’re not charged for it because there’s a review process. So if you pause the ad, you won’t be charged for anything but go ahead and set up an account and then once you have it set up, then you can come back and read the rest of this article.

But so let me I’m going to sign in first to mine. Let me sign in to my account. I don’t want to send it to my school and I want to sign in to I want to switch. I want to sign in to this one my I have two ones for my school, so I have a couple. Google Ads accounts yeah. This is the one I want to sign in to I consider how any ads running at the moment they get. Let it get once it gets loaded on here: okay, yeah stalking, about setting up an odd, but I don’t want you right now.

So bat. If you go under tools and settings, it will be here. It says, keyword, it says, planning and under planning. You will have keyword planner, and so once you get your Google ad account set up just go under tools and settings and planning and then keyword planner. How do we fry your keywords in just a few steps jot down? Okay, so once you are actually in – and this is kind of a walk through – I actually don’t want to go through this.

I don’t need to go through. It takes it to god, yes, go back, I’m stupid leave anyway, once you set the Google account and you get your tools and settings and then you go on through the keyword planner. You come to this page, where it has discover new keywords or get search, volume and forecasts, and some filters you’re down here. What we’re going to want to do is you want to want to click on, discover new keywords and for this example, I want to I’m just going to do like keyword, research, right, free keyword, tools, I’m going to do keyword, research, I’m looking for keyword tools, and I don’t know where to go, we’re going to pretend that’s when I’m the content, I’m trying to think about making.

So, first of all, I want to change this from Japan. I want to get rid of that and I don’t want it in Japanese and I don’t want to Japan. I’m in Japan like I said so. That’s why I comes up as a default. Let me take that off. I’m going to change this to English and not Japan or in the United States, and you can just type that in here. So this is like, if you’re trying to target certain countries – and I usually do for english-speaking countries – you need to go in here and change.

It to whatever country or language that you’re trying to target so I’m just going to put the United States of America and save it key words at and Sal. You can start with new word keywords that you type in here or you can start with a website. So let me just add a few key words now with the website. That’s like, if you do comput, if you know who your competitors are right, if you know what their website is, then what you can do is you can put the website in here and then it will show you key words that they use, which is good.

When you do competition research going to a website that can help you out a lot, but we are just going to go with they’re saying we don’t know a competition with this, so we’re just going to start with some keywords, and so I am going to use. I’m going to use keywords, I’m just going to type in here keywords and you need to put. I think you need to separate it by comma and keyword tools, and maybe you just need to hit enter.

This look for a free keyword tool and let’s look for keyword, research, because that’s what my article is going to be about all right, keyword, research, yeah, so just type it in and then hit enter and automatically for any new keywords that you want to bring up. Alright, so, and then, once you do that all you have to do now is hit, get results so instantly States, English and the results to come up soon.

Okay, so here that there they have come up. So if I was going to do a article about keyword research, I would you know getting free tools, use keyword, research, but coming here didn’t the plan. I don’t know what kind of article I want to make. What we’re going to want to do is look up. Look at this column here, the average monthly searches this competition – that’s competition for Google eggs. This ad impressions is top of page that stuff matters if you’re making a Google ad, but for just for making content it doesn’t matter.

We just want to look at like the average monthly searches, because we want to say what is being searched the most and that’s what we’re going to want to use in our title for making our content and keywords that we’re going to want to use we’re. Making. Our content so, for example, on this one, if you look under here keywords, let me make this bigger all right, so it looks like they all have about the same amount right keywords: right: 10k to 100k, a month keywords everywhere: a 10k to 100k Google Keyword, planner 10K.

200K keyword, planner, 10k, 100k. What’s that youtuber suggests 10k and 100k. I don’t know what uber suggests has anything to do with keyword, research and I’m pretty sure, there’s a way that you can filter, filter, stuff, that’s not related out with the older, and I knew how to do it. But with this new and I’m not quite sure, so I’m just going to ignore it for now and I’m just going to look at here’s some keyword, ideas that Google gives you kW finder at Google Keyword tool: that’s 1k, the 10k.

So if you, you can scroll down through here and look at these, but the main ones are these ones on top these 10k 100k – and you can tell what comes up Google Keyword, planner right keywords everywhere – is an application you suggest so anyway for the content. I want to make using this example. I would put keyword research using the Google using Google’s keyword planner because keyword, planner, keyword, planner accurate, and so that’s exactly how I made the article in doing this.

It’s that simple. We could try another one. Let’s go in here. Let’s try let’s say I want to I’m making content. Let’s say on, I don’t know chef and I want to make content about cooking French food right. So, let’s, let’s change this just get rid of all these cooking French food. Okay. So what would we put in this case if I think about cooking okay, so we’re talking about like cooking cuisine, French food, French meal, French recipe, cooking cuisine, French food, French meal? First recipe, click on the make French I’m going to make French food on my website.

That’s good enough now, let’s get results to see what comes up this’ll just take a sec for it to come up and then it’ll be done. I just want to show you. This is really easy to do now. Look at this French for toast 100k to a million recipes with chicken breasts 100k 2 million recipe for a cookies 100k to man, recipe for pork, tenderloin 100k for a million, ah sweet v-day, maybe 100 cakes a million.

My French isn’t that! Well, sorry, slow cooker recipes hundred k, 2 million beeps honey, k, 2 million. These all have a hundred and K a memo down to a black black stone griddle. So I could use these ideas. Ok, French, for toast recipes with chicken breast. So I could make a you know an article titled. You know how recipe for because, like with for for recipe for making whatever cookies or a French recipe for making chicken breast – or you know French recipe for making cookies or something like that French recipe for making pork tenderloin or how to make a recipe to make French recipe for making cookies the French way or something any of those keywords that I want to use, and I would throw in some of these.

You know that that’ll search for the most there, because that’s what’s people’s looking for and that’s what we want so my example made been stupid or but anyway, that’s how you do it. It’s very simple. Let me get out of here. Let me actually close it out. Make myself bigger, because that is the end of this article, truly easy. I know that was short, simple and sweet, but that’s exactly how you do it if you read the article all the way to the end, I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much. If you do subscribe, don’t forget to hit the bell down below so you’ll be notified whenever another article comes out – and you guys have a good morning afternoon evening, wherever you happen to be stay safe out there under this we’re in 2020. Now and this we are dealing with this epidemic, this pandemic, with coronavirus in 2020. So I hope you all stay safe, do what you need to do and I will catch you in my next article.