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how to use google keyword planner for keyword research in hindi

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How to use Google Keyword Planner for free 2018

Basically you can do one cent and that’s what I do just to keep a campaign running. I don’t have any really active goals or anything like that that I’m trying to do with AdWords, but they only allow you to use the keyword planner if you have an AdWords campaign that is active.

So that’s how I get around that. I just um start a small campaign for something on your site and you know just make it the lowest amount, if you don’t actually have any intent into using AdWords, so just make it like the lowest amount that you can set it at. Just to be able to use the Google Keyword planner tool, so here you are inside the tool and this actually used to it. They’ve improved it in some ways and in some ways it’s gotten a little bit worse.

The ways that it’s gotten a little bit worse is that they don’t give you exact, search numbers anymore. They used to give you like you know. Let’s say it was like 550 in five hundred and fifty three search results every month right now. They would give you something like oh you’re, getting one hundred to a thousand search results every month, so it’s not giving you as exact data. However, it does give you still an idea of a turn and it’s worth going after or a turn.

It’s not worth going after so and because it is straight from Google, I like to use the Google Keyword planner over other tools like SEM rush or AAA traps, because those two tools are known for giving different types of data. Although for me, I’m like, if you know Google’s the main search engine that I’m concerned with, I want to just get my search data from Google directly. So that’s how I feel about it now.

The way that that Google Keyword planner has actually gotten better is they have made these two buttons better in their results. So if you don’t know, if you’re looking for more keyword, ideas – and you want to add that to your list, I would use this button right here. If you already have a list of terms that you want to get the search volume for, I would use this button right here in the second button.

So since we we have a slight list of terms here, let’s get more, let’s, let’s act as if we want to get more keyword ideas, so, let’s type those in just copy paste, those in right there. You can also add a landing page to your website. If you already have some content up, that’s cool – or you can put in a competitor here too, so that you can get some ideas of what their keywords would be. I’m going to skip that for now.

So, let’s just type in our ideas get ideas. Now, Google Keyword planner can be a little finicky. Sometimes you’ll see things like this quite often. What I do is I’ll just go up here and I’ll refresh it again. If I still get it I’ll just kind of play back and forth between these two buttons until it works, I know that sounds really weird, but it does seem to work that way. I really don’t know why it does that.

Maybe it’s a cafe thing and either way in either case just play back and forth between these two buttons and getting ideas so between these three just play that with it and it’ll work, eventually, okay, so yeah here we can add more keyword, ideas to our list. So let’s go ahead and I like to just add these by groups for some reason this isn’t adding things here, but let’s just keep adding more sometimes like I said, sometimes it’s a little finicky and now you guys see that you know the email list group did Not add so we may have to go back and do another search for that to add it later key learning, so anything that is related.

That is closely related to the topic that we’re going to be touching on. That’s what we want to save and if you wanted to, if you wanted to save all this time – and you want to just make it really quick you could at all. But again it’s just going to make more work for you when you’re sorting later on. So, just something to keep in mind so once you’ve added all the things that look relevant to you.

You can go ahead and you can either search over here in the keyword, ideas which is going to give you like individual keyword, ideas or you can go ahead and modify your search, putting in some new terms. Maybe things like make money online or refresh and again it wants to play shy, so you will keep going at it see. I don’t know why it does that now, instead of me, adding all these individual keywords over here, which you could do, you could go through it, I just prefer to add the ad groups.

Also, another good reason you I like to use these ad groups is because, when we export this info, all of these ad groups will be able to sort based on them, which takes out a lot of the sorting that you’ll have to do so. That helps quite a bit. Thank you. Many online money from home work from home earn money. Online courses earn so again, you know, just whatever is most relevant to you now. Let’s say that we’re done here we’re done with our our keyword, ideas and let’s say that I just wanted to find out what these times, what the search volume was for these terms right so I go here.

I go modify, search, I’m going to cancel that click down here and you can enter it like that or you can choose to upload it via a text file or a CSV candidate wants to play dumb for some reason and the. But it’s not even there. This time, so there we go. I don’t know why it’s so weird like that, but anyways here you go and we can add all these terms at all 29, and now you want to click on this once you’re all done once you have you’re satisfied with your keyword list and you have all The terms that you want to add come down here this little down arrow and you’re, going to download the plan and then click Excel CSV, and then it’s a file and it’ll save to your computer and that’s it and that’s how you use Google Keyword planner very Easy very simple: the only thing that I want to reiterate right here is the targeting, so you can change your country here.

The language and the search engine is always either going to be Google or Google and search partners, but I always just use Google and you know, for the United States. If you wanted to narrow down your searches a little bit more, you could just go ahead and type in English. That way, you’re not getting any other suggestions that are not English and you could even sort by a specific city or state if you wanted to.

But unless you are a local business, I don’t recommend doing that. If you are a local business, then I would recommend searching by your state or by your city. So that way, you are knowing exactly how many people are searching for you within your local area and that’s going to give you a much better idea than to target it nationally. So I hope these tips have been helpful for you and you can join me in the next article as we go over longtail Pro