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The reason why I decided to take on this tutorial is because I believe that so many do, including me or written just now, just found out how to do this without having to pay anybody without having to pee any website or any service provider on keywords edge.

So we are going to be using two different website. One is where you will do your normal keyboard section. I need to bring that a list of long tail keyword and then, after that, you copy your select a long tail keyword and take it to the second website. We AE to none, do the analysis based on the stage, rodham simplicity and all that, so we assess that so the fewer the loss of you. What I want to search for and brindle related few world is previously pipe manufacturing economy the website first time using to do this.

A related keyword, search, long-term detection voltage is team, world dot, IO research and then it’s already stretching already counting chanting feed us something, and we have here Wow 298 long tail keyword about


Online Marketing

Top 5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for High-Ticket Drop Shipping

The first tool I’d like to talk about is Google Ads keyword. Planner, Google Ads is one of the foremost and most widely used ad platforms on the web. Besides Facebook ads because Google is the top used search engine and they have all the data, so they have a great keyword planner that is available.

If you have an ad account, so the way to do it is to go click, the link in the description or just type into Google. You know Google Keyword planner and go to the keyword. Planner you’ll need to start an ads account in order to get that going alright. So the next thing is you can use. Is Google Trends google.Com, slash trends or trends? Google com will take you there. Link is in the description as well, so Google Trends is awesome because you can see the search term for anything the you know you can see what’s trending on the web right now as well, so you type in Trump.

For instance, you can see the keyword volume for Trump over time. You can check it out over the past five years and you can check it out over the past twelve months. This is great for researching product categories as well. So, let’s just say you wanted to research what a bicycle! That’s done over time! Over the past 12 months, it’s pretty steady and over the last five years, bicycles are generally speaking, trending straight, maybe a little bit down, even which is interesting, so good to know before you start selling any particular product category and it’ll tell you basically an idea of The trends there number three one of my favorite keyword tools is keyword.

It’s everywhere. It’s a free keywords, extension for Chrome and all you do is go to keywords everywhere. Comm link is in the description, get your API key for free plug it into Chrome and you can use it as you browse Google. So, let’s just look at Google I’ll, give you an idea what it looks like so just say: we’re looking at electric bikes it’ll give you all the different roles and searches plus the volume that goes along with it, which is awesome.

Okay and there’s a lot more. You can do with that tool keywords everywhere. It’s awesome. Next, two, I highly recommend number four is kW finder. I really like kW finder, because it’s an easy-to-use tool and it has all sorts of data inside of it. You can export keywords. You can search by domain and it has lots of different tools along with it like surf, checkers search, reader link, miner and site profiler.

I have a full kW, finder review. The link is in the description for that and, if you want to sign up for a free trial, kW finder go to ecommerce paradise com, /kw finder or the link is in the description below and the last one like direct mint. My fifth favorite is longtail Pro longtail Pro most amazing and it’s made by an internet, marketing, veteran and tons. It can give you tons of great longtail keywords that you can target with your content and that’s the key here guys it’s getting great content for your website.

So that you’re able to scale and keep going and know exactly what longtail keywords to target longtail Pro has been around for a long time and the cost is fairly low to start off with at $ 25 a month billed annually or at 37 a month monthly. You believe, and you can get a free trial of it if you go to e-commerce paradise. Comp / longtail Pro link is in the description below, I think so much for reading my top 5 best keyword, research tools for a high-ticket drop shipping you’d like to get a tutorial on each one of these click.

The link in the description and you’ll be able to read how to actually go and perform keyword research using each of these tools and also, if you’d like to sign up for kW, finder or longtail Pro go visit, ecommerce paradise, comp, /, KW, finder or slash longtail. Pro get your free trial there thanks so much for reading us and leave a comment below. Let me know where you’re tuning in from. If you have any questions, also, let me know – and if it’s your first time of this blog, make sure you subscribe and hit that like button.

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