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Longtail Keyword Planner for Website, Youtube, , Facebook for SEO

This article is going to show you how to use the Google Google Keyword planner to search for keyword, search volume in a specific geographic area. You can use this to see how and if people are searching for a product, service or company in your area. The first thing you want to do is go to google and type in the keyword planner and the first link that you’re going to want to click on is probably this one up top.

It’s the one that says Adwords at Google, comm and click on that it’ll. Ask you to login, I’m already logged in so let’s go load and click on this top option, search for new keyword and AD group idea and type in whatever the product or service or company is that you’re interested in in this case. I’m making this article for a friend and she’s interested in resume, writing and resume editing, so we type those in to also do resume.

Writing services resume editors that kind of populate it with some keyword ideas. You don’t need a whole lot, just put in a decent little sample size. Next, you want to go to targeting, which is down here on the top left after those fields, click on it and set yours. I have mine set to Rochester New York and it’s important to note that I’m using the Nielsen, DMA region and what that does is refers to the Greater Rochester area.

So it includes the actual city of Rochester, plus all the different suburbs and cities that are nearby surrounding that. That gives you a better idea of your market. So let’s do good ideas now it will pull up the screen. You have ad group ideas and you can look at keywords and these, if you see a specific attitude that really stands out to what you’re looking for. Otherwise, what I like to do is go to the keyword, ideas and see that for what I specifically typed in you can see your average monthly searches here.

What your relative competition is adjusted bids are, if you’re, using Adwords and if you click on it, you can organize it. So here I have it sorted by average monthly searches and it’s a great way to get an idea of what people are searching for in your area. If you’re a local business, you can find out, if you or searching for your progress service or what type of language they’re using to search for, so that you can maybe doing some SEO or some pay-per-click advertising to get to those people thanks for reading.

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