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Income Tracker Setup | 2019 Business Planner | #ECDeluxeMonthlyPlanner

I wanted to share how I am setting up my financial stuff in my business planner. This is for 2019, so I won’t be using this anytime soon, but I wanted to show you just how I’m setting it up. So, let’s talk about the things that I may or may not use. I just kind of pulled some things out and I will leave links down below to all of the shops that I’m mentioning.

I just have this movie strip like film strip, washing that I got a long time ago, like Michaels or something I have these little calculators from coffee break planner. I also have some event stickers from coffee break. Planner I’ve got these are really cute little computer desks from Bob Bob. I can’t talk today, Peiper paper company. Sorry, I’ve done like three articles already. So that’s like I’m going a little batty at the moment and then I also have these two different size youtube buttons from Harriet Wright designs.

I am going to be using my Erin Condren planner. This is my one for 2019, like I said, and this is the deluxe monthly planner. If you guys want to see a article on how I originally set this up, I will leave it in a card up above, for you guys. It just has basically like a monthly view, and then it has some pages in between and then I elected to get a ton of notes pages. As you can see, the notes pages are about as thick as the guts of the regular planner.

So I wanted to track a bunch of things, so that was kind of the catalyst of this. So what I want to do in this article is, I want to show you how I’m setting up my like first page but here’s the issue we’re going to talk about revenue streams, really quick. So this little page marker is also from Erin Condren, I’m just going to put that off camera. At the moment my work income is very different, so I get Google Adsense, which is basically like the money you make off of views on YouTube.

That’s going to be this first page, the next page is going to be Amazon. I do have affiliate links from Amazon, there’s always links below and I always denote affiliate link. So I do get paid from Amazon. Usually, every month like you have to hit a certain threshold or whatever and now the really cool thing is. I just set up an Amazon door or like an Amazon shop. So basically you can shop all my favourite things and I have them listed like in categories.

So I put like kitchen and then like a bunch of stuff that I’ve either talked about in my kitchen, or maybe I’ve never talked about it, but I use it and I put it in there. I put like all my cleaning products I have like done just skincare makeup. Planner supplies that I absolutely love from Amazon and all that good stuff. The cool thing is, is, if you check out with the link, that’s given, so you know you just stay on the browser for that long and then you know you check out no matter what it is regardless.

If I suggested something to you or not – or maybe you just check out with the items in your cart, I actually get a small percentage of your transaction, which is awesome. Your cost doesn’t go up or anything like that. It just lets Amazon know that I sent you there. So that’s a really cool thing, so I do get an income stream from Amazon and then also share a sale. The only thing I do for share a sale right now is Erin Condren.

So there is an again a link down below, for you guys says you can buy something from Erin, Condren again same thing as Amazon, your price doesn’t go up. If you use the clickable link, it’s like a unique link that sends you there and you check out. Then again I get a small percentage of the sale and the cost of goods does not go up. Shareasale is like for bloggers and instagramers and youtubers influencers, and things like that.

So you have to meet certain requirements to do that, but I’ve been doing it for the Erin Condren for a while, and I really like it but yeah. It’s just kind of one of those fun things, but I can sign up for like other companies on ShareASale, but I just haven’t yet because I don’t know none of them have like turned my crank Etsy. I clearly own an Etsy shop. The link is below, I feel like this whole, like intros, like link, is below go check it out so yeah I have Etsy and then also I have contracts that I will sometimes do so.

I left that in there and then I have a bunch of blank pages as well so in case there’s other like streams or something like that that I need to deal with. So anyway, let’s set the first page together and then I will show you guys in the end, because it’s going to be way too much. Article footage, if I do all of them but I’ll, stop the camera and then show you what I did once it’s all over with. So let’s do the YouTube stuff.

First, I just need like what I’m here. Let’s talk a little bit more um. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to put the months here so like January through December, and then what you know, what my income was for that month and then what the running balance is as well so like how much basically I’ve made throughout the Year so it’s like you know the actual and then the total so yeah that’s kind of what the plan is.

So I really only need 12 spaces, but I think I’m going to do like every other space. Maybe I don’t often thinking thinking that might look kind of more aesthetically pleasing to my eyeballs, I’m kind of just using the line as a guide to not totally make this look crooked. You know just a little crooked, not all the way crooked, and then these are the snap-in bookmarks from Erin Condren and I love them for cutting washi because they seem to work really well for me and then on my sticker here I am going to be using A pilot ultrafine point permanent again.

This link will be a below as well, and I get these on Amazon. They come in a bunch of different colors, there’s black blue red and green. I believe so love these alright. I guess I could probably take this off of here. There we go. That’s a little bit better, all right we’re going to put the total at the end here: income Khanna right over there! Well, that’s really crooked, Emily good job! Don’t worry guys, I’m a professional! Oh! My goodness, you would think by, like you know, I’ve done this for years.

I could lay washi straight and I could do all those things not so much. Not so much. Oh well, all right just put a little calculator on the side there and then I think I think one of these big boys will fit in here. I think yeah cool, all right and I don’t know – maybe one of these will fit up here too. I just love these. I think these are so cool. I just haven’t had a real opportunity to use them yet actually hold on here’s.

What I’m going to do? I’m going to move this just a little bit over and the nice thing about coffee break planner stickers is, is their mat removable, so you can move them around and actually, like several months later, you can still do that at least on the Erin Condren paper. I’ve noticed so that’s kind of exciting, so I’m going to put this guy like right up here. I think that looks really cute, because basically, I’m like on the computer all day, which is what youtubing really is, you would think a lot of it’s.

You know the articles, the articles are the articles, but a lot of it is on the interwebs so staying connected and all of that good stuff. So my mindset for this whole thing is that I want to kind of keep this other side blank. I would use this marker, but this does bleed through a little bit, which is why I just use them on these stickers. So I am going to go in with my paper. Mate ink, joy, gel pen and again link will be below for this guy.

If you are interested, but I am going to list out all the months and make a line and another line and we’re going to just go with it all right, so I have all my months in and as I was you’re thinking about this, I was like. Oh, my gosh I really wanted to put in another category, has nothing to do with income, but I do want to put in like right here. I’m going to put it right underneath here, I’m going to put subscriber count, so I think it’s just really fun like I love reading, like my friends that are on YouTube, their subscriber counts.

You know how they change and fluctuate, and I really want to keep track of that. The reason that I like to keep track of it. Subscribers really doesn’t I mean if you want to like talk about YouTube like income, and things like that subscriber count has absolutely nothing to do with your income level on YouTube at all. So the nice thing about looking at the subscriber count is you can kind of look and see what months you’re gaining a lot or maybe losing a lot to be honest, this past, like 30 days, I think I’ve lost like over three or four hundred subscribers and I’m really not sure why I have been posting really regularly.

I’ve been doing a lot of vlogging, which everyone that comments on the vlog says that they really like the vlogs, but maybe they don’t like the vlogs. Maybe I need to do more planning articles which I’m trying to do, but it’s very weird, but sometimes YouTube will promote my blog and other times. They won’t – and I think that this summer, for whatever reason I just haven’t, been really in people’s like suggested bars, you know like when you read on YouTube.

You have like your screen and then you have like that’s suggested a lot of times. I get new subscribers because of the suggested bar like the suggestion like that long bar there. I don’t know why but whatever, but it’s just nice to see like, oh in you know, January switch something up, and I did something different. So, when February hit, I had like how many more subscribers – or maybe I didn’t, do a lot in January and my subscriber went like lower or whatever I don’t know.

It’s just very strange. Actually, what’s really funny is, like my blog grew a ton when I wasn’t doing any articles at all like last January into February. I don’t, I think I uploaded like one or two articles like it was hardly anything, and I think I like gained, I don’t know like a thousand followers, or so it was just really weird, I’m like why is it growing? I’m not doing anything. So I don’t know it was very weird, but I’m going to keep creating content for you guys, I’m not so hung up on the subscriber count, but it’s just a fun thing to track.

So anyway, I’m going to be using this Chris, a sticker sheet. I’m just going to like use this little sticker right here and just kind of put it right there and then I’m just going to put subscriber on it and if you guys are interested on the number on. This is ka D, 0, 0, 2, 3, 2 and her sheets are like a matte vinyl like a semi-gloss kind of a thing, we’re not glossy but they’re like a semi-gloss and they smell like I don’t know they smell, like pool floaties like little arm floaties.

I don’t know why or like really love that smell, but I’m going to take this little red one cuz we’re going with like the red theme. Alright, so just wrote subscriber so yeah and then I can just track that right there and you always have to wait for a second for this to completely dry. So I think it’s dry now perfect looks super cute alright, so I have got my trusty Erin Condren snappin ruler right here, so I’m going to use that close up this binder here.

This is how I store all of my Christian designs, stuff cuz. It’s an obsession! You guys it’s an obsession all right, and that is it. That is what I’m going to be doing for the rest of these pages. So I’m going to stop the camera because, like I said it’s going to be way too much article file footage. I don’t even think my memory card is that big for as long as it’s going to take me to do this, so I will see you guys in just a second when I’m all done alright.

So I am back. I am all done with my financial pages and my business planner for 2019. So I wanted to show you what I did and where I got everything. So I did change this just a little bit since we last saw each other. I did include these um they’re. Just like little money stickers, I want to say that I got this from paper loving mommy, on Etsy. If, for some reason, you can’t find any of these things on these specific shops, you can also Google or search on Etsy like money, stickers or whatever kind of sticker you’re looking for, and there are so many other wonderful shops out there too.

I just happen to have these from other shops, so anyway, I put these on all of my pages, for you guys. So here is my youtube page and then moving right along. This is my Amazon page. So I’ve got my little scallop boxes, which these are all from coffee break. Planner I’ve got my little money guy. I’ve also got this. It’s so cute. It says my transformer name is Amazon, Prime, and that is from small-town grace and then I’ve got these little shopping bags, which are from Lily Henry several years ago, and then I also have this little Amazon sticker from KB sticker Co and then obviously I’ve got.

You know it’s the same template all the way through, and then this one here I have oh, and I should say most of the washi that you see is on my shop on favorite daughters, shop on Etsy. I will leave a link down below most of it’s on there. Some of it isn’t, but you know, there’s lots of different stuff on there at the moment. This is not because this is an Erin Condren product. This is an Erin Condren washi.

They do come as a set, and this is the new pattern for this year – the woven wonder which I’m like kind of obsessed with so again. The scallop boxes are from coffee-break planner, we’ve got the money and then the little eyeglasses. Those are from a sticker sheet. From Erin Condren comm and then the little EC, I just put that on there too, and that’s a sticker from Erin Condren as well, and the little shopping bag is also from Lily Henry.

This is going to be from my Etsy page, so the washi is from my shop and then I also have the scalloped boxes, which are coffee, break planner. Sorry, this is kind of redundant, but I know a lot of people ask and then I’ve got the money. The boss sticker, those are also from small town grace and then the little bag again is from Lily Henry and then the Etsy sticker is from planner topia. And then this is the last sheet that I have and then all of the scale up boxes, as well as a little calculator, are from a coffee break.

Planner the washi is from my shop. We’ve got the money sticker again with another one of those Rea done. Mugs and that is from small town grace and then these awesome computers are from a piper a paper company, and then I do have a couple of extra sheets in the back in case, there’s other revenue streams or I decide to do something different with the business. This year, but yeah so we’ve got my contracts, Etsy ShareASale, Amazon and YouTube, so that is going to be it for me today.

Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me. If you’ve got any other questions for me feel free to post them down below and if you guys run a business or own a business. How do you guys keep track of your expenses? Clearly, I’m a paper planner person, but I know a lot of people. Do it online as well, but let me know how you do yours. I’d used to be really curious. So thanks for hanging out with me today and I’ll see you all in the next one bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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