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GoDaddy Domain Renewals and Avoiding Expired Domains

It is imperative. I’r Darlene mrs. Mehta and we’re going to introduce you to your renewal options like GoDaddy and share some tips to avoid accidental domain expiration. When you register a domain name, you decide the term or how long you want to maintain registration.

This could be anywhere from one to ten years now, when this time is up, you can pay a renewal fee to retain the registration or it expires when your domain name expires. It’ll take some time before it’s released back to its registry and made available to the public again yeah, your domain name can be recycled. If you fail to renew the registration, while you can manually renew your domain, one great way to avoid accidental expiration is to enable Auto renew you can do this from your domain settings page when Auto renew is enabled for your domain the day it expires.

Our system will automatically attempt to charge the payment method on file for that domain. If automatic renewal fails, let’s say, for example, if the credit card on file is expired, we send an email that notifies the expiration and then we park the domain. A park domain displays a temporary webpage when someone visits the domain in their web browser. This process is also used for domains that have been set to manually renew.

So if you don’t manually renew your domain by the expiration date, we notify you via email and park. Your domain, one very important point, is that all of these notifications are sent via email. Godaddy sends all of your domain, expiration notifications to the email associated with your account. That’s why it’s crucial that your email associated with the account is not only accurate but also one that you check all the time when important account contact information is inaccurate.

We have no way to get you important information or updates like domain names or other product expirations. If you haven’t checked it in a while, maybe it’s a good idea to take a peek. Another thing to be aware of is unsubscribing from GoDaddy emails. If you wish to unsubscribe from some of our lists, you won’t hurt our feelings. However, if you still have products make sure you select which specific types of emails you don’t want to receive, but don’t select all anytime you unsubscribe from receiving GoDaddy emails.

Spam laws requires two immediately stop sending you an email. So if you unsubscribe from all GoDaddy emails, this means that we can’t send you any important account related information like domain names or other product expirations. If you want to safeguard your domain name, setting up Auto renew is a no-brainer and keep in mind. Our expiration notifications are only as good as the email address we have on file so be sure.

Godaddy always has the best one to reach you at thanks for reading


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