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How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why?

Coms and then there’s also like.Wtf so WTF. What’s the difference, You can think of a domain name like having an online Piece of real estate: Why does it cost no ( beeping )? Why does this cost so much? Have you ever thought? About buying a domain and then notice some Of them cost a dollar and some of them cost a lot more And you wondered: why is that Well you’re? In luck, We’re going to talk about That, today and more And today I’m super excited to be joined with my co-host Justin Nealey.

What’s up What up, How you doing Good to see you again Phenomenal glad to be here, So I know you got a Lot of questions for me and I’ll, let you just lay’em on me So, first and foremost, I think about cost, and why is it there’s such a range? I noticed that recently, You know something. Maybe A dollar to thousands like: why is there this range when it comes to costs for a domain? There are a lot of Potential reasons why So if nobody owns the domain name yet you can get a domain like a.

Com anywhere from like a dollar to about 20 dollars just depending and then, if somebody owns the domain name, which that’s those thousand Dollars that you see they’re essentially reselling it, You can think of a domain name like having an online piece of real estate right. That’s a good way to look at it. So they’re selling that off and they’re selling off that name, that’s been around for a While that’s super unique and that could potentially Give you business just by having that domain, Okay and then another thing I noticed.

I was so excited to talk with you, so I started just researching all this. I notice there’s.Coms and then there’s also Like.Coffee or.Wtf so WTF, what’s the difference, ( laughing ) Like why are there these differences There? So when the internet first began, we had just a couple different variations like the.Com net. Info things like that, Those are just TLDs or Top Level Domains, and then we have what’s called CCTLDs, which are Country Code, Top Level Domains.

That’s like a.Co.Uk or.Au for Australia, which really have a localized presence And then those new ones that just released not too long ago and there’s a lot more Releasing as we speak, those are GTLDs Generic Top Level Domains, that’s the.Coffee.Wiki.Ninja.Guru.Wtf.Singles, there’s a plethora of names and it was really established because all the good.Coms Are being taken right? Which is where that online Real estate comes in,’cause.

If you have a Great.Com domain name, you could sell it for Thousands of dollars, So you want it to be short and sweet, though right Absolutely. It goes back to radio test. If you got that 10. Second, Ad spot on the radio – and that’s all you could really convey – is that domain name? Is it catchy and would Someone remember it: Is it easy to spell If you have crazy cool spellings with a K for the krazy, it may not work and same thing goes with word of mouth.

If you can’t tell me what your Domain name is really quick and I can’t go back and Find you super quick, it’s not going to work out, But I imagine that’s hard. At this point in the game, there’s so many domain names Right Like how I imagine it’s pushing us to the longer domain names and lengths, because There’s so many out there Yeah in a way I mean some things to avoid: With your domain name, you wan na make sure that You don’t have hyphens,’cause, that’s just annoying.

Why, Like cool, go to my website, it’s this dash awesome! Dash website dash com – Oh okay, Dash all the dashes right, Yeah Or it having numbers in it like. If I tell you to go, To go to 1coffeeshop.Com, you might type in o-n-e or the number one Oh versus the numeral Or w-o-n. Potentially it gets confusing Yeah Right And attention spans They’re, just getting shorter Right millennials can attest ( laughing ) So with your domain name, those ones that are super short and sweet, they’re brandable They’re, for the most part worth what the cost is, So those couple thousand dollars.

It’s really an investment In your business, and especially if it’s your business name, that.Com was taken, it might be a good idea to Spend a little bit of cash and make sure you get that As we’re taking about domain names. I started to think well, where do I? Where do I go to get this? Where do I go purchase a domain name? Well glad you asked No, So you can go to Any domain registrar like GoDaddy is a domain registrar, which means you can go and Purchase your domain name So, but with domain names you don’t just purchase it once and done.

You actually have to Essentially, lease the domain – It’s still yours, but you Have to renew it every year Now most domains, you buy anywhere from one year to 10 years, but there are some domains. With some restrictions, So you really wan na Check out those options, Wait, why would that be? How come it’s not just Consistent across the board So to kinda go a little bit deeper. There are registrants, Registrars and registries Us purchasing a domain Name, we’re registrants Then registrars like GoDaddy.

They basically are a Vendor supplying domains – and we have registries Which control a.Com So Verisign controls.Com? Then you have other registries that control different domains. There’s that Donuts registry that controls a lot of The new unique ones and they set their own rules so we’re pretty much at Their mercy, if you will Right Okay, so I have another question for you and that is how do you Protect your domain name, I mean: do you need to go and put yourself on the.

Net, the.Com In order to protect it Right, it’s really Protecting your brand, If you just blow up and become this big success, Like I hope you will you wan na get the alternate Endings, the next best That way people aren’t trying To just steal your traffic, or potentially your competitors, Getting that domain name, I’ve seen it happen, they’ll get the.Net and steal your traffic Steal your attention and potentially slander you Cruel It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, It’s pretty rough, no pun intended And what you can do most registrars like GoDaddy, has an Extra value added service to protect your registrations so it’ll protect it from hijacking protect it.

If you forget To renew your domain, That happens all the time, especially if you buy It for five years out Are you going to remember in five years, Sometimes not credit cards expire. So there’s that added Protection that you can get just to make sure that your Domain is always yours, Alright, that’s a wrap. First, I wan na give a huge shout-out and a thank you to Justin Thanks for having me The king of domains.

If you want more info like that, and you have questions Definitely comment below and be sure to subscribe to. Our blog Thanks see you soon.


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