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Facebook Branding Awareness DOMINATION | Branding Your Business On Instagram & Facebook

Now. Last week we did a YouTube live, and I had some of you guys asking questions about how to build your brand for your business And I kind of explained the concept and strategy and everything on that Livestream.

However, I figured I’d: go through break down an exact, step-by-step Tutorial, showing you guys exactly what I do So in the first part of this article. I’m going to give you the high-level overview of what I do I’ll show you guys the exact ads everything and then I’ll show you guys how to actually implement it and apply it into Your business right now. If you guys are brand new here to the blog And if you guys have not gotten my free facebook ads mini course, Just drop a comment down below and I’ll go through and I’ll share that with you guys.

It covers the basic of basics of Facebook Ads. So Facebook Ads manager, the pixel tracking retarding, all the different stuff that you really need to get a jump start Into Facebook advertising and also one other quick announcement before we dive into this, I just launched a brand new blog. I know I didn’t think I’d forget to blogging, but I just launched it this week. I thought it’d be kind of fun, talking about passive income and growing your passive income, some different passive income strategies So I’ll add the link down in the description below.

It’s also is just my name: Jason Wardrop com, so It’s not completely done So go check that out, though, I’ve got some different strategies and show you guys some different passive income strategies that I do and That you can go through and implement as well right. So I think, that’s everything we need to cover in this start of this article, But let’s dive in to actually building your brand, how to do it the most cost-effective way, Leveraging Facebook advertising Instagram marketing.

You can use both platforms. Okay, So the first thing that I do is I go through and I set up a article Okay, where you can see this one right here on your screen, where I’m, basically just it’s like a two-minute article. Let’s just go play here: Okay, This one’s almost 5 minutes long, But it doesn’t need to be long 2 to 5 minutes telling about yourself, your business, how you got into your business? Why you even do your business And just give it a quick overview about who you are, what you do and just the basics? And if you look at this Right here, this first part It just says: Hey.

My name is Jason Wardrop specialize in real estate lead generation. So I’m basically telling everything that I’m saying in the article just right here in this short excerpt, and if you look at this, I actually don’t have any call to action. Okay, there’s no link, There’s no! Like there’s, nothing else getting them to go through and buy something and opt-in to a landing page Click to my website. My goal is, I just want to keep them on Facebook right here, okay, now, the reason why I want to do this is because I’m going to run an ad which I’ll show you guys here and a little bit how to do To go through and get Article Views so Facebook has so much data that they know the people that are in your audience, whether you’re doing this for a local business or for a national business and international business, Whatever type businesses, they know the people in that demographic Who are more likely to Read a article Okay, so you can actually get article views for just one cent, So I’ll just prove that to you guys right up here, So you can see right here.

This is the ad set pushing that article, this one right here And I’m getting views for just one send that’s per three second article view. So you know that’s not the best article of you I like to usually go for 10 seconds or someone who’s, readed, 25 or 50 percent of the article. But that’s that’s like the most cost. Effective thing You could possibly do. Okay, so cuz. If we come back over here and we look that’s 550 1000 views, 108 shares 156 comments and if you’re thinking about getting that type of exposure on a billboard or a magazine or a newspaper or anything like that, It’s going to cost you Significantly more right.

Now The cool thing is is once we go through and once again, I’m just giving you guys the high-level overview of what we’re doing here to go through and build this brand awareness. And then I’m going to show you guys actually how to do it at towards the end this article right, So we go through. We shoot a quick article, two to five minutes telling about us, our business. We run a article view campaign and you can really put as much money as you want behind that five.

Ten bucks, 50 bucks, whatever it is, and go, get exposure in your local community or Nationally or internationally, based off your specific segment. Your specific interest of people that might be interested in your business And then everyone who reades this article, it’s like, let’s say everyone who reades 10 seconds of this article, where everyone that reades 25 percent is article over half of this article.

We can actually build a custom audience inside of Facebook, So basically Facebook will track everyone who has readed the article and Then we can create another ad and only show that ad to people who have already readed the article Now guys. This is super powerful because these people already have seen your face like right here. They’ve already seen my face and if you guys are have this massive fear of being on on-camera or whatever You’re just going to have to get over.

I was in the same position back a couple years ago and I just keep shooting articles, keep shooting articles, They become more and more natural, still kind of a little bit weird. Every time I turn on the camera But he’ll get over it, So they they’ve now seen your face ball ready. So when you go through and show them another ad They’ve seen your article and they’ve heard about your story, who you are what you do and why they’re even seeing that app? Okay, so for an example of what this ad looks like.

So I’ve got this one right here. This one actually has a link. Okay, So remember this one doesn’t have a link. This is more of an intro story based article and then this one right here. It actually has a link of where I want them to go and opt into. Can you can see this one right here And so it’s got a mass amount of likes comments shares all that stuff And if you look at the cost per lead here so right here, This is 4 dollars and 88 cents per lead for my webinars, Which just To kind of put that in perspective with the relevant score of 8, Which anything pretty much seven and above is pretty much the gold and that’s where you want to be but 488 put that perspective.

Typically, I like to shoot for anything between 8 to 10 dollars per lead on webinar registrations. So You, the strategy, you can literally cut your cost per lead in half By using the strategy of people like warming them up with this article views campaign. First, Okay and I know it seems kind of counterintuitive, because you’re spending money to get people to read the article, but that person’s so much more qualified and you’re building your brand you’re building that exposure, that awareness, everything and then you’re Remarketing to people who’ve already readed.

That article with an ad that looks just like this and then you’re, sending them to a basic Landing page. Okay, so something like, let’s say like this or I work with a lot of real estate agents. So a landing page looks like this. They come in Put in their name, email phone number hit submit and they become a lead in your business right So guys that is the basic overall concept in strategy. So let me just jump in and I want to show you guys inside the ads manager how to Actually go through and set all of this up.

So I’m just going to come over here to my demo account for you guys. So the first thing we want to do is we want to create a custom audience Well. The first thing you want to do is go through and shoot a quick little article right here And I shot this once in my car. I did one in my family room. I did one of my kitchen just different backgrounds. For some reason, people like the one in my car, with my sunglasses on it, Just got a lot more people actually reading in or engaging and interacting with the article.

So you can try a few different, I’m literally saying the same thing in all the different articles. I’m just changing up my background, So you guys can test a few different Brack backgrounds See what it looks like, but once you’ve shot this article you’ve posted on your Facebook page. You want to come over here to the ads manager and we’re going to first create a campaign for article views. So all we’re going to do is Ford here.

Click on create Okay, we’re at the ad set level, we’re going to start over We’re going to come back up here To ads manager. Okay, So we’re at campaigns make sure on campaigns. I was on ad sets: That’s. Why did it work as well? We click on create and then we click on this article views right here And then we can give it a name whatever you want. This is obviously a demo, so I’m not going to give it a name right Here We hit continue and then let’s say that you’re in a local market – and This works, if you’re a real estate agent, if you own a you, know a gym, a local gym.

If you’re, a dentist, chiropractor, Really whatever business, make you’re in and could be, a local business could be an international business whatever it is, And let’s just come down here and say that we live in we’ll, say we’re an Omaha Nebraska today, Okay, so we’ll say: Omaha Nebraska, we just click on this right here And if you want to go through and expand that network. So you want like a 25 mile radius Because you’re like willing to go through and work that far out great.

If you want to go through and lower that or make it Higher or you could just say hey, I only want people actually in Omaha like let’s say your restaurant, Then people probably aren’t going to drive 20 to 30 minutes to your restaurant. You can say just people right within Omaha, Nebraska and Then we’ll say instead of everyone in this location a lot of times. Well, if you’re a restaurant, you probably want that.

But if I’m a local business like a chiropractor Dennis real estate agent loan officer, I want people who live in this location. The reason why I want people who live in this location is because, if someone’s just passing through or traveling or whatever They’re, probably not going to come to me as a dentist or a chiropractor or real stage, and or anything like that, So I just go like That you can see it’s four hundred and fifty thousand people, because Omaha’s a little bit Smaller City compared to some of the bigger other big cities out there, and then we come down and we just choose age range.

So let’s say our age range like our typical customers are 27 and older. Okay, that’s typically what I recommend for the real estate agents that I work with and Then the language I’ll just leave that as is detailed targeting, as is because what we want to do. This is branding guys, So we want to go through and build Casas massive wide net to this audience and then we’ll see who sticks based on who’s, going to actually read that article and Most of our targeting is done by the people who actually read the articles Because they’re going to read the article That means they’re more interested than the next person who’s, not actually going to read the article right.

So we just come down here and then you can do automatic placements. They say recommended when you’re going through and branch. This outlet casting this wide net. I usually like to do it Placements and I usually just like to do the Facebook news feeds Okay, so everything else I’ll come down and uncheck and You could think like, oh well, Instagram would be great. The only thing about Instagram is they usually don’t let you have longer articles Okay, so it’s got to be a really short article.

So I like to have you know two to five minute: article: Keep it on the Facebook know, mobile and desktop news feeds and then we’ll come down here, And your budget really is up to you, Like my my one post right here, I’m spending $ 50 per Day, which is actually pretty insignificant to the amount of money I spend each day, but for some people fifty dollars in a day that might seem like a lot of money.

So now I’m just starting out. I would maybe start out around five to ten dollars per day, So we’ll just say ten dollars per day: Okay, seventy bucks a week or three hundred dollars a month, Really, if you’re trying to go through and build your brand and your your mark and all that Stuff, It’s it’s not too much! Okay! So then, coming down here. Let’s click continue And at this point ideally you’ve already uploaded that article to your Facebook page So we’re just going to click on use an existing post and then, if you just recently uploaded it, It’s just going to be right in here where you can come through And choose it, But if you uploaded a while ago, like I did this, one was back in January 31st – I’m going to select this ID number up here, I’m going to copy that then I’m going to come down here and go enter post ID and paste it In right there and hit submit Okay so see how it pulls up the article.

Then I don’t have to go recreate the ad inside a Facebook Ads manager, Which can kind of sometimes be a pain in the butt, and then I’m going to hit confirm All right. So now, at this point, we’ve got this going out ten bucks a day to our omaha nebraska Market and we’re getting people reading that article reading that article reading that article then after about five days or so We’ve racked up a decent number of people.

Probably a few hundred people who have actually readed that article So now what we want to do So we want to get this done. Wait: five to seven days collect some data and that we want to come over here to audio And we want to create a new audience. Okay, we want to create an audience of everyone who has readed that article at least a certain amount of that article. So we’ll click on create an audience will say, custom audience and Then we’ll come over here to engagement, Okay, these ones, I cover on other articles, but this one is engagement and then we say article Okay, because they’re going to be we’re going to be tracking people Who have already readed a article, So we say article right there and then we say: okay, people who have viewed.

I don’t like doing at least three seconds of the article because they could be scrolling through on their newsfeed and If the article does auto plays it could run for three seconds and they’re, not even paying attention. Okay. So if you want maximum audience of maximum reach, I would go for ten seconds of your article. If You want still a large demographic but a little bit higher quality, Then I would go with twenty five percent of your article.

Okay, Now this branding play you’re really going for the larger masses amount You want to create a bigger bigger audience. So usually I like to just go with ten seconds of your article, Because you never know maybe somebody readed eleven seconds They were interested. They didn’t read a full 25 percent, but they got distracted some reason, but we still want to include them. So I’ll just do ten to ten seconds right here Then we’ll say: choose articles So we just come down here.

We choose our Facebook page. So let’s come down Pick my face page right here and Then same thing: you’re just going to go through and choose Whatever. The article is that you want to go through and create the audience’s Okay. Now, if you guys just barely uploaded it, obviously you’re going to be able to have it right here at the very top, and you can go through and choose that now, I’m going to just going to choose one! This one has This: one has 50,000 views right here, so I’m just going to select this one.

Just so you guys can get the idea, but You’re going to be choosing the article like you’d, be ideally choosing this article I’ve already. I’ve already done this. For my business So – and I prayed the article a while ago – So that’s why I’m going through and doing this, So we’ve got this one with 50,000. We click on this. We just click, confirm Okay, And then we can say everyone who’s viewed the article in the past 365 days or you can even say in the last one day, three days, seven days 30 days, Whatever it might be now usually on this branding thing, I don’t usually Like to do 365 days, because if somebody saw my article a full year ago, They probably already forgot right, like they probably don’t.

Remember me: They don’t won’t, remember reading that article, So I usually like to go between the 7 to 14 day range. Okay. Now, if you want a little bit bigger audience, We might go with 14 days If you’re spending a little bit less money like 10 bucks, 5 bucks a day. You probably want more days there, because you want more audience, want more data to work with And then right here you can just name it so viewed 10 seconds of, and then you just put like the article Name right So now we’re just going to click on Create audience right here and then we’ll sit next done.

All that’s done Good to go Now. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go through and create a Well. This is remember. This is guys 5 to 7 days after you launched this initial article view campaign Okay. Now this is big, because if you haven’t had anybody read this yet, then you don’t have anyone to go remark it and retarget Right. So now What we’re going to do now? That we, this is populating, and this could take a couple of hours – could take up to 24 hours, But I won’t worry about that.

I would just get right on it. Facebook’s going to automatically populate this and update it for your stuff, So we’re going to come over here, Click on audiences go down to ads manager and Then we’re going to create a new campaign, And so we’ll click create a campaign. And For this one, let’s just say we’re going to do a small budget so like 5 dollars per day, because we have a very small audience most likely because it’s the audience of only people, who’ve readed the articles.

So because it’s a small audience and because we’re probably not going to be getting 15 to 20 plus conversions per week, I’m just going to run a traffic campaign and then we’ll this campaign name We’ll just leave it, as is for this demo, And then we’re going To come down here and then I would call this retargeting retargeting article Viewers of you know, name of article and then say like 10 seconds or something like that.

Okay, so that’s just the general idea. You can name it whatever you want. Whatever you know, you understand and make sense to you And then what we’re going to do is come down here to this custom audience And we’re just going to choose view ten seconds. Article name: This is the audience We just barely created all right now guys. This is key because So many people, especially now with all the Facebook algorithm updates and they’re changing everything and all this stuff and people are going crazy guys.

This is why, like I, have never freaked out or never worried about any of this, because I don’t even use most of the Demographic and most of the interest Hardy and the more that they change. I don’t really use it. I just use this custom data. These custom audiences people have already interacted and engaged my brand people have already bought products from me. You’ve already opted in as leads, And so with this custom data, all of like the demographics of income and race and gender and all that stuff.

It really just doesn’t mat matter, Okay, so I don’t worry about it. If you guys stick to these strategies, It just doesn’t matter and you’ll actually see a lot better results, because everyone else is using Interests and demographic targeting targeting Okay. So, if you’re doing what everyone else does you’ll be stuck in that bloodbath, whereas if you do these strategies that only the top guys are doing, then you’ll be able to rise above all the competition and See a lot better results and also build a lot stronger Brand for your business, Okay! So now from here It’s the same concept.

You go through pick your budget And, if you’ve only got like, let’s say ten thousand people who’ve readed – that article in the last I don’t know the last 14 days, whatever that audience was based off of, I would probably only be spending a couple dollars here: Okay, Like maybe two to five dollars, so let’s say three bucks per day that we’re spending to go through and to mark those people and once again, If you guys have seen my previous articles when you have such a small audience like ten to 30,000, I do like To go through and make the placements Recommended automatic because it’s going to show up on all the different platforms, all the different places that Facebook can show ads, whereas when you’re going through and marketing to a huge, huge audience, I Like to keep it to the Facebook.

Newsfeed, just because that’s what I’ve just seen work best right so then we just hit continue. We go through and create our ad, which my ad looks like this, but obviously this is for Webinars. Yours could be for whatever it could be, like a pizza coupon to go into your restaurant. It could be they work with you as a real stage, And it could be for your dental business and t-3 teeth, whitening or whatever.

It might be, then, from here guys, you’re just going to come down, hit, confirm after you’ve gone through and create that ad, where you’re singing into some sort of landing page like this, and that is how you can go through and cut your cost per leave. In half and Get those article views for just one penny per article of you now, obviously, if we’re tracking 10 second article views, It’s going to be a few pennies, It’s going to be a little bit more expensive than just a 1 cent, But this is the Best way to go through and brand your business on Facebook All right, So basically a quick recap of what we just went over is we want to first make a story base article Just like this, where we’re not having any call to action, We’re not pushing anyone To buy something opt into something click to a website or anything like that.

We’re just telling people who we are, what we do, why we’re in business and how we can help them. Ok, and then You see right here, I’m getting tons of comments. Tons of shares, tons of people saying like hey: where do you do this, like asking me about more about my business and It’s more of them, its attraction marketing, I’m attracting them into my world, is supposed to like going through and Pushing on everyone and just trying To get everyone to come to my world right, So we first set this up.

We go through. We get a article view campaign Spending 5, 10 bucks a day or whatever type of bus you’ve got. You could do more, do more. I highly recommend it. We’re then creating a custom audience of everyone, who’s readed this article for at least 10 seconds, and then we’re creating a retarding campaign and Showing our ads to everyone who has readed this exact article right here or at least 10 seconds, and that is how we are Cutting our cost per lead down by literally 1/2, okay with a Matt with the great relevant score right here, and this is just the most cost effective way and with 500,000 people in In Omaha.

I almost said Ottawa. I was thinking I don’t Canada, but in Omaha you could be going through and in showing this ad and you’re going to very quickly Be seen by everyone in that whole community. Now you might be thinking well Jason. What happens was I’m seen by everyone in the community? Well, you can go through and change up. The article Maybe tell a little bit different story, Maybe tell about you know one of the clients that you worked with or someone that you helped tell an intriguing story.

Something that would make somebody intrigued and Actually want to work with you, Okay And then you can swap that article out change it up and you can go start over again from there collecting that new audience Getting that data And that’s how you can go through and Build a super super killer brand right now guys, If you guys, like this article, if you guys found some value, please go give it a thumbs up.

That would be greatly appreciated when you give it a thumbs up. It helps more people, be able to see this type of content and be able to help them with their business as well. Also, once again, If you guys are brand new here, the blog, if you guys have never got my free facebook ads mini course, Just drop a comment down below, and I will share that with you guys. 100 % free Covers the base book. Basics of Facebook.

Advertising to help you get started with your business And also, if you guys are branding here, Make sure you guys subscribe, because we launch new articles every single week on how to generate more leads, Make more money and grow your business. And if you guys are interested in passive income Be sure to check out my brand new blog that just started link is in the description down below It’s just Jason, Wardrop calm.

I’ve only got a couple of posts up so far, but maybe by the time you read this article, It’s a full-fledged bug. That’s actually got a lot of posts So anyway, guys thanks again for reading today And with that said, I will see you all later.

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How To Brand YOURSELF On Social Media – Branding 101

How do you compete? Are you asking yourself? How can I make better content and, as my content actually useful number one you overthink stop trying to figure out. What’s going to work and start posting I’ve done this so many times I’ve sat there for hours thinking. Should I post this piece of content? Is it good enough? Well, no, like the edits kind of off, stop I’m overthinking and you’re overthinking and you know you’re overthinking, so just stop everyone on YouTube.

Everyone on Instagram can create so much content like tons and tons of content, but no one does you know why? Because they’re too busy focusing on what’s going towards versus just posting and going from there, then you see feedback coming in then you can actually pivot your business strategy, your social media strategy. For that content, I think we tend to focus too much on a couple of things and that’s the likes and comments the subscribers and followers, and I do this all the time too.

I’ve been trying to get away from that and the way to get out of that kind of rut that you’re in is to just start. Creating start posting forget about the likes, forget about what kind of comment you’re going to get. If you just focus on you focus on what you’re doing what you have to offer it, and just posting it to the world you’re going to find different things that stick. I think that was a really good post.

That was a really good piece of content. I liked it, I think, I’m going to pursue that kind of content creation and go from there stop overthinking start creating and start posting more frequently to build your brand number two being authentic is your brand. I don’t care who you are like if you want to build a brain on social media, be authentic, there’s only one Johnny Q in the world there’s only one of you in the world.

Okay, I have different ideas and creativity. You have different ideas and creativity. We should start building our brand based on who we are it’s simple. As that I would really challenge you to find a niche. What do you like to do and really triple down on that one thing and create content for that one thing, and just post every single day as much as you can, you have to actually figure out what your process is.

What are you doing now evaluate what you’re doing? What are you doing right now and what do you want to be doing and trust me that kind of brand awareness that you already have right now and that kind of thinking is going to take you to the next step, which leads me to my final point: That’s number three and that’s consistency. I know you know this. We forget all the time you have to find your rhythm and all these different things you get good at branding.

You get good at you, know, Instagram and all these social platforms by being consistent by being active on the platform by actually posting every single day. Like honestly, these are all business one-on-one marketing strategies, that’s the whole framework of building a brand you’re building your brand you’re trying different things. You have to try different things you have to post at different times.

You have to post frequently to find that brain to find a nation to find your voice. It’s that simple. You know I don’t want to just focus on short-term gains and short-term Heinz, that’s the kind of stuff that it takes to actually build the brain. Okay, I gave you a framework. I gave you kind of tools to just really hone in that you can do and I actually have to take those tools and go build something build your brand.

That was it good analogy that just came out of nowhere. You’re going to love it, maybe I’ll do a article on how to actually use those tools. I just gave you into your social media, branding on Instagram Facebook and YouTube, etc. Let me know if you want to see that article, because I hope this helped. I hope this kind of helps you kind of rework your mindset into you. Oh yeah, I got a hone in on me.

I got ta work on my brand. Take baby steps. I hope you got a new perspective on it. If you didn’t know this stuff, please comment below. If this helped, I would love to know what kind of baby steps you’re taking to actually build. Your brand is, let me know in the comments below and I’ll catch you next time on the Johnny Q, blog peace,

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