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How To Brand YOURSELF On Social Media – Branding 101

How do you compete? Are you asking yourself? How can I make better content and, as my content actually useful number one you overthink stop trying to figure out. What’s going to work and start posting I’ve done this so many times I’ve sat there for hours thinking. Should I post this piece of content? Is it good enough? Well, no, like the edits kind of off, stop I’m overthinking and you’re overthinking and you know you’re overthinking, so just stop everyone on YouTube.

Everyone on Instagram can create so much content like tons and tons of content, but no one does you know why? Because they’re too busy focusing on what’s going towards versus just posting and going from there, then you see feedback coming in then you can actually pivot your business strategy, your social media strategy. For that content, I think we tend to focus too much on a couple of things and that’s the likes and comments the subscribers and followers, and I do this all the time too.

I’ve been trying to get away from that and the way to get out of that kind of rut that you’re in is to just start. Creating start posting forget about the likes, forget about what kind of comment you’re going to get. If you just focus on you focus on what you’re doing what you have to offer it, and just posting it to the world you’re going to find different things that stick. I think that was a really good post.

That was a really good piece of content. I liked it, I think, I’m going to pursue that kind of content creation and go from there stop overthinking start creating and start posting more frequently to build your brand number two being authentic is your brand. I don’t care who you are like if you want to build a brain on social media, be authentic, there’s only one Johnny Q in the world there’s only one of you in the world.

Okay, I have different ideas and creativity. You have different ideas and creativity. We should start building our brand based on who we are it’s simple. As that I would really challenge you to find a niche. What do you like to do and really triple down on that one thing and create content for that one thing, and just post every single day as much as you can, you have to actually figure out what your process is.

What are you doing now evaluate what you’re doing? What are you doing right now and what do you want to be doing and trust me that kind of brand awareness that you already have right now and that kind of thinking is going to take you to the next step, which leads me to my final point: That’s number three and that’s consistency. I know you know this. We forget all the time you have to find your rhythm and all these different things you get good at branding.

You get good at you, know, Instagram and all these social platforms by being consistent by being active on the platform by actually posting every single day. Like honestly, these are all business one-on-one marketing strategies, that’s the whole framework of building a brand you’re building your brand you’re trying different things. You have to try different things you have to post at different times.

You have to post frequently to find that brain to find a nation to find your voice. It’s that simple. You know I don’t want to just focus on short-term gains and short-term Heinz, that’s the kind of stuff that it takes to actually build the brain. Okay, I gave you a framework. I gave you kind of tools to just really hone in that you can do and I actually have to take those tools and go build something build your brand.

That was it good analogy that just came out of nowhere. You’re going to love it, maybe I’ll do a article on how to actually use those tools. I just gave you into your social media, branding on Instagram Facebook and YouTube, etc. Let me know if you want to see that article, because I hope this helped. I hope this kind of helps you kind of rework your mindset into you. Oh yeah, I got a hone in on me.

I got ta work on my brand. Take baby steps. I hope you got a new perspective on it. If you didn’t know this stuff, please comment below. If this helped, I would love to know what kind of baby steps you’re taking to actually build. Your brand is, let me know in the comments below and I’ll catch you next time on the Johnny Q, blog peace,

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