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How to Boost Your Halloween and Holiday Sales

Everyone Welcome to The Journey Today. We’Re talking about How to boost your sales, this Halloween and since today is Halloween, we’ll be, of course, talking about that. At the same time, these tips Go well for any holiday When you think of Halloween, you think of candy trick-or-treating, spooky outfits Yeah. If you ask us it’s The best smurfin’ holiday there is, But there’s a lot more To it than just that, If you’re a marketer, you can Bank on those Halloween sales – I mean Americans are looking To spend the big bucks Hey, I caught one And this year we’re Expecting 8.

4 billion dollars to be spent on just Halloween season alone, That’s billion with a B, It’s best to actually start Preparing and marketing at least two weeks in advance, That’s correct. I was in PetSmart and I saw they already have Christmas decorations up. And today is Halloween So cute, though, And to get people Excited for that holiday, you could start preparing your inventory, getting your store.

All Ready with those decorations And if you think it’s a little too soon just space it out a little bit Tease’em a little and let ‘Em know when it’s coming So the whole point: Is to be the first thing on your customer’s mind whenever That holiday rolls around Yeah you wan na be top dog. You could have a dog right now. I got that covered (, yawns ). What’S up guys So what’d, I miss A lot weenie catch up.

Okay, We’re talking about how To boost Halloween sales – Oh speaking of that Halloween sales People are wanting to buy right, Buy, buy buy. So why don’t You give them a reason to buy People want sales and deals and promotions around the holidays. Now is a great time for you to create your own promotions. Around the holidays And don’t they have More disposable income, now Yeah you’re right And another thing you Should really think about with just your sales in general, especially for those online sales, is offering some sort of free shipping? Yes, it’s going to be a little Bit in the beginning, you might have some extra Costs associated with that, but maybe put some caveats on it:,’Spend over $ 60.

‘,’Buy 4 get the 5th free’. Whatever that looks like do it right That little bit will really Push people over the edge to buy’cause people like deals; And if they have to go just a little bit further to get there they’re pretty much willing to do it, 60 % of shoppers say They’Re willing to spend more in their cart, so they can Qualify for free shipping – I know I am so much more Likely to actually check out when I’m online shopping, If the shipping is free Yeah, if it’s $ 10, I’m not about it If it’s free shipping, but the product costs 10 more dollars eh There you go Speaking of shipping.

Special delivery, Hey hey! So I’m going to talk! About the importance of investing in shareable Social media content – That’s a key word Shareable! So when it comes to your Facebook, Twitter Instagram really think about how you Can leverage the holidays? I know one of my favorite Ways is through hashtags, So it’s Halloween, so Hashtag Trick or Treat Hashtag, I did it all for the cookies Hashtag Halloween Deals On thanksgiving hashtag Go Cowboys.

Yes, I knew there was another Cowboys fan in the house: Hashtag Turkey, Coma Triptophan. That’S why you get tired, I wouldn’t know I don’t eat. Meat but hashtag tofurkey day, and that is the way to get More shareable content Piggyback off those trending hashtags with your social media, Around the holidays, Also another really great Way because it comes back to content is key. Content is king. You want to make sure to Post shareable content, so one of my favorite things: I see around the holidays is 12 tips for the 12 days of Christmas or people do supporting Local, a lot or giveaways, You talked about discount Codes, for example, Maybe a little free shipping And that’s just a way to celebrate the holidays, But I love the 12 day.

Themed stuff on instagram: That’s my favorite! Whatever you can do to Really piggyback on the holiday and not try to overpower It but play along with it the better Whether it’s the 12 days. Of whatever you want or play on Thanksgiving or Halloween kind of make your own And Twitter has a pretty Cool area called just’trending hashtags’, where You can see what’s trending, especially around holiday time, You can kind of piggyback add those conversations.

Add your two cents or your contests. Another cool way to Get your content, exciting and shareable is have a Contest or do an event I know at our work, we do Best dressed for the costume around Halloween Who’s got the best costume. Let us know in the comments below ( laughing ). You know the pizza is the best one here, No Best smurfin’ costume right here, Top dog right here. Nobody does blue. Like me, ( laughing ).

So definitely think about that. What could you do that would be really fun for your employees, Fun for you To get them jazzed and Excited and not just for the employees who are getting dressed up, but all the customers who get to tune in and they’re like give Them a little teaser article about what you’re going to dress up as Or stuff that you’re going. To do for the holidays, All right, That’s a wrap, Be sure to comment Like Subscribe And ring that bell so that You get these episodes first.

This is The Journey Pizza out.

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Online Marketing

Introduction To Marketing | Marketing 101

So, if you’re interested in learning the Latest and greatest marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks and tactics. You are reading the right blog post. Alright, let’s talk marketing something I love to do. As I fell in love with marketing years ago. I first got interested in figuring out why people buy and act the way they do and later how to influence and persuade. Essentially affect human behavior, Because whether you have a business or not marketing happens pretty much every day.

Anytime you try to convince friends or family to see a certain movie or eat at this restaurant or not that. Basically, try to convince them to do anything. Marketing is happening Also. Marketing is really important to understand because you are constantly being marketed to by everyone from everywhere. From something as simple as someone trying to sell you a pair of shoes. Or something a lot, bigger like buying a new house or moving across the country or even changing careers. All of this requires and uses marketing.

So with all that said, let’s Dive into it. But first, let’s cover what marketing is not so once we’ve got that Clear we can cover exactly what it is. Now, I know when I first got involved with marketing my understanding was pretty limited. I didn’t really have a clear picture of exactly what marketing was. So, I also kind of fell prey to the notion that marketing was advertising. Well in reality, marketing isn’t advertising advertising is marketing.

Let me explain. Basically, marketing is a Major business function. That’S made up of a bunch of other parts, one of which Of course is advertising, but there’s also a ton. Others like PR market Research, social media content, marketing search engine marketing or search engine Optimization pricing and pricing, psychology, copywriting and one of my Personal favorites direct response or direct response, marketing and quite a Few more So saying that marketing is just advertising and kind of like saying That finance is just taxes or HR is just hiring people or legal is just not Getting sued Sure these are all important, but there Just one piece of the entire puzzle: This is why, if you’re just getting started in Marketing can seem pretty overwhelming, which is why my suggestion is to find an Area that you find interesting, fascinating, like say, social, media or Content marketing start there really get some roots and branch out later.

Alright, So now that we’ve got that covered, what exactly is marketing Well as I’ve Just covered, you know that marketing is made up of a bunch of different sub Segments things like content, marketing, email, marketing and social media, all the Things we talked about, But what exactly is the nature of marketing, which sounds Like some kind of documentary “ The Nature of Marketing” on this week’s episode of The Nature of Marketing Well, one of the first things you learn in any first-year Marketing course is the four P´s of marketing product price place and Promotion Product being the details around whatever product or service is Being sold Price being the price kind of obvious, but there’s obviously a lot more That goes into it than just that Place is where the products being sold and Promotion we’re just kind of the fun stuff.

This is essentially how you’re Going to sell more of the product and what you’re going to do to get the word out. About your service, and while all of that is accurate and true and the four P´s do Make up a part of marketing? Well, I prefer a simpler, easier to understand. Definition, Marketing in its most basic sense, is communicating value to your Customers, It’s essentially answering the question of your customers “.

Why should I Care?” Marketing helps people solve their problems by clearly defining and Delivering solutions and really explaining the benefits of the solution. So they can get better results. Marketing is about connecting with people Understanding their pains and their problems and their frustrations making Them feel understood so that you can position your business as the solution. To their problems, and essentially just make them feel better and marketing is a Really powerful force As anyone that’s been in business for any length of time.

Can tell you it’s not always the best product or service that wins. In fact it Rarely is rather it’s the product or service with the best marketing, Like it. Or not, that’s just kind of how it works, which is why having good marketing is Just so important, So my favorite definition of marketing is that it’s Communicating value to your customers, but there’s another side entirely: that’s Rarely talked about, but still equally powerful and that’s creating value for Your customers, You see marketing, can create value and Your marketing, in and of itself, can be valuable.

An example could Be a blog post that helps someone out even before any money has changed hands. Or an advertisement, someone sees that brightens their day and makes them laugh. Whether they choose to buy or not or the way that a product or service is Delivered the packaging, let’s say which is so luxurious and over-the-top – that it Makes the customer feel special just for having purchased it? You see economics, Assumes that people make buying decisions rationally, logically and with Perfect information, but this is rarely pretty much, never the case.

We as humans, Are emotional often highly illogical and rarely have the full set of facts when Making any decision, which explains why marketing is so important and so Powerful, After all, if we made all of our purchasing decisions based solely on Logic and utility and the value we would get from these products. Well, the entire Luxury goods market wouldn’t even exist, but not all marketing is created.

Equal You see when it comes to marketing like when it comes to pretty much anything There’S good marketing and there’s bad marketing. Bad marketing is all of the Reasons that marketing gets such a bad reputation, It’s that hype, spammy Over-The-Top sleazy salesy icky kind of marketing that we all know we’ve all Seen and nobody likes It’s the stuff that looks cheap, makes people feel dirty. Even just looking at it and promotes bad products or bad services that really Helps nobody It’s the fake, countdown timers.

You sometimes see on websites, the Going-Out-Of-Business sales that never end and the pushy promotion of useless Products, That’s bad marketing. Good marketing, on the other hand, helps Customers achieve their goals, makes them feel better about themselves and has the Power to truly change the world, So my question to you is: What kind of marketer Do you want to be That that was a rhetorical question, If you say the bad Guy, I got nothing for you, but if you say the good kind – and I know you did then Make sure to check out this article right here, which I’ve got linked up on the Page, which is going to give you even more practical and effective marketing, Strategies to help take your business and your marketing to the next level and Way beyond that, Alright, so thanks so much for reading make sure to check out That article now and we’ll catch you next time on The Marketing Show

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