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Marketing Training Course — Production Equipment

You may not, but I’ll just go ahead and talk about everything and tell you what you need to look for now again. I mentioned this the beginning of the course I’ll say it again. Technology changes rapidly so, instead of focusing on you know telling you specific model numbers and things like that, I’m just going to tell you the characteristics of the equipment that you’ll need also go ahead and met.

Tell you what I use right now, but chances are even at this recording that is already out of date because I purchased it six months to a year ago and it’s already been replaced by newer models. So i’ll just keep that in mind. So take the information. I give you and go out and find the latest and greatest of the whatever equipment. Does the things that I tell you that you need to have so the one thing I’m not going to talk much about is the computer, because I assume that if you’re reading this right now you probably have a computer.

However, if you are going to be purchasing a new computer or if you want a laptop for article editing, I would recommend getting a mac, an apple macintosh product they’re, just better for this sort of thing. I personally do not have one, however, when I buy my next laptop, it will probably be a mac. So enough said about that. We’ll move on. Let’s start with the camera um, there are two things that are absolute musts for your camera.

The one absolute must-have that you cannot get around is. It must have an external microphone jack. You cannot record high quality article on a camera using the built-in microphone day. The sound is just terrible and you can immediately tell as soon as you start reading the article that the sound quality is poor and whether you realize it or not. When you read a article, what determines whether or not you you think of the article as being a high quality product, isn’t so much the quality of the the visual it’s the quality of the audio.

So you can, you can get away with not as good of a picture as long as the audio is high quality. The other thing is you really want a camera that records in high definition? I mean so many cameras do that. I think even the latest version of the iphone has a camera that records in HD they’re, so cheap, there’s really no reason not to have a camera that records in HD in this day and age, some specific recommendations for a low budget option.

If you already have an iphone that actually has a pretty good cameron, and you can use it to make some some great articles – you’ll just need to get a external mic adapter for for that camera. There’s some low priced Kodak cameras out there, although they’ve actually gone out of business, but you know they used in aftermarket. Products are still out there if you’re willing to spend a little bit more money.

The canon camcorders are really some of the highest quality products out there for the professional article and high quality articles. The one I use, which I’ll tell you right now is already out of date and not part of their current line, is called the vixia hf 200. I go to go ahead and bring up canon’s website here. This is their latest line of consumer camcorders. Anything in the range of this line from the vixia hf m50 at about 600, all the way down to the lower price one’s about 300.

Any of these will work for you, just fine. You don’t need to go out and spend seven hundred dollars on a camera to make some high quality articles. So just go. Do your due diligence? If there’s a specific need that you have in your camera um, you know research, these various products and decide which one will work best for you. But if you don’t have any specific needs, you know any anything about.

The 400 500 dollar range will work. Just fine and that’s for a new product, if you’re willing to take a little bit of a risk and buy a used or refurbished product, you can get it even much cheaper than that. I think the camera that I mentioned the Vixia HF 200. I think it’s down to around well two to three hundred dollars for high quality used camera on ebay. So those are your options there for the camera.

Obviously I’ll need a tripod for the camera. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. The things you should look for in the tripod, you want a baseplate that looks something like this, that you can detach that remains attached to the camera. So you can quickly take the camera off the tripod and snap it right back on. It should have extendable legs. Telescoping legs head that can tilt and pan something like this targus product.

Here you can see you have the handle up there, you can grab and use it to pan the camera easily and there you see the telescoping legs. So anything like this will work just fine. It can get get those anywhere of whom the fifteen fifty dollar range depending on the individual product, but there’s no reason to break the bank here for the tripod external microphone again absolute requirement. You have to have an external microphone.

What you want is just a something called a omnidirectional. Let’s see something like that’s the omnidirectional condenser microphone, that’s sort of what we’re looking at here and with something it’s called the lavalier which basically just means lapel mic. So something like this right here, where you can clip it to your lapel. This is the ATR 3350 from audio technica. It’s a wired microphone. I started out with that product just because it was so cheap.

It’s only see about 24 bucks on amazon here I quickly switched to this version, which is a wireless I found the wire tended to get in the way and dick tangled and all that, so I switched to the wireless microphone which works very well, and this product Also came with that a hand mic that you could use for on-camera, interviews and stuff like that, so that this was about 120 bucks. The other one, like I said, 24 bucks, but any external microphone that is comparable to those products will work just fine.

You may also want, if you’re planning on doing screen capture articles, you probably want a USB microphone. You can either get a USB microphone with a headset or something like a Yeti. Usb microphone like this one here rings in at about 100 bucks on amazon. That’s sort of like the top-of-the-line standard in the industry, so that will give you the high quality audio for the screen capture articles.

If you are using an iPhone, you’ll want to get a adapter so that you can use a external microphone with the iphone. So something like this – this is actually produced by Apple, the dual microphone adapter cable for iphone and that works with the audio technica Mike sailors referring to Earth earlier the lighting in the green screen. Again, this is not a requirement for you to use a green screen, but you can just do so much with it, and it’s really not that expensive.

It’s not that hard to do so. I would recommend that you at least get it and try it out if it’s in the budget, whether or not you continue to use it is up to you, but I would recommend at least trying it you. What you wanted. A green screen is a stand for the green screen, a three-point lighting system using soft box style lights. It usually comes with some clamps and stains for the lights and that sort of thing the one I use some a photo studio – comes with everything you see here.

On the three softbox style lights with stands, the light bulbs, the green screen and the green screen stand some clamps for the green screen and, basically everything that you need for your studio. That’s about 200 bucks on amazon. You can also buy other backdrops other than green. If you don’t want to use the chroma key effect, but you still just want a professional style backdrop, you can buy Dell like a white or black backdrop, or you know you even get a little more creative and just get it get this once you have the Stand or something or some place to hang the backdrop you can use all kinds of things like curtains and whatever you want in the background.

You’ll probably want a teleprompter of some kind. I just used a laptop computer on a music stand, positioned right below the camera. It works great, can it you can’t tell when someone’s looking right below the camera or right into the camera, so using the laptop with music stands is great because it’s something you probably already have and you can actually get the teleprompter software for free at free teleprompter Software or calm, and you can just download it and install it, and it takes about 30 seconds to figure out how to use it.

It’s very simple for screen capture. There’s a free product called camstudio for windows, that’s very basic: it works just fine and you can use a editor that we’ll talk about in a minute to edit the footage you get from that a better product is Camtasia, which is what i’m using right now to Record this screen capture that works for Windows or Mac. I think it’s about a 100 bucks or so ScreenFlow as a product for Mac users and then there’s one called Jing.

That’s also free. I’ve never personally used that, but it’s produced by the same people that make camtasia, which is TechSmith um. I think it’s limited to about a five-minute recording, though so all those are workable options, the the best one, I would say, as a Camtasia. That includes a built-in editor that you can use to do some basic article editing which brings us to the article editing you’ll probably want, even if you have something like Camtasia, it probably wants software program that allows you to do some more advanced article, editing, especially on The chroma key effect – I am not positive, but I do not believe latest version of camtasia.

This time has the ability to use the chroma key effect. I could be wrong about that and they may incorporate it into future versions, but regardless, I think something like Adobe Premiere are so Sony movie studio, which used to be Sony Vegas. Those are two of the best out there. I think they’re both about 100 bucks and you can pretty much do anything that you’ll need to do using those programs even just learning.

A tenth of the features of these two programs will pretty much. Allow you to make any article for your business that you’ll need to make and make it look really good. I movie is a, I think you know, comes free on the max and it’s a basic editing program or Windows Movie Maker was also free, so that takes us to the end of the section equipment. Now everything that I just mentioned was the exception of the laptop everything that I just mentioned will ring up at about nine hundred and fifty dollars or so, depending on what camera you go with and etc, etc, but bottom line it’s less than a thousand dollars.

If you buy used or refurbished products, you can get that price down much lower. You could, probably even you know going with the low budget options for all of it. You could probably get it down to under five hundred dollars, and you once you learn how to make the articles you’re, basically going to be able to pay for all of that with your first article. So not a major investment here. Your homework is to decide what your article will be about I’ve.

Given you all the ideas and suggestions for how to use articles so go ahead and decide what your article will be write a script for it again. Looking for a length of about two to four minutes create a storyboard for the article, in other words, just deciding what shots are going to be in the article. What screen capture shots you’ll need what b-roll footage, you’ll need and and all that sort of thing and be sure to include some kind of call to action at the end of the article.

So whether it’s telling people to go to your website for more information or call a phone number or download something just make sure that you have some kind of call to action. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is to go ahead and decide what equipment you’re going to get and assemble the equipment. You don’t have to become an expert at it, will teach you more about how to use it and set it up in the next lesson, but go ahead and at least take the stuff out of the box turn the camera on.

You know take the lighting setup out of the box and mess with it a little bit just to at least learn what all the parts are download. The software that you’re going to be using so at least on your computer and then in the next lesson. We’ll really dig into how to set it all up how to use it in that sort of thing.

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Real Estate Florida Production Company graphy grapher Palm Beach Sales

Let’s take a look around off of the great room. You’ll find the cozy open-concept family room, the perfect place for a game night or a relaxing evening of TV or movies with family or friends. There is an additional conversation area off the kitchen and family room which has access to the covered patio and beautiful lake views featuring a newly constructed hurricane rated covered patio surrounded by an immaculately landscaped tropical backyard, with wide lake views and custom lighting.

The perfect place to enjoy spectacular, sunsets accessible to the family room and great room is the dining room which seamlessly transitions from casual family meals. To special occasion, the spacious eat-in kitchen has been fully remodeled with solid wood, cabinets, granite, countertops, tile, backsplashes, stainless steel appliances and durable ceramic wood-look flooring, and the room is open to the outside, with extraordinary water views and gorgeous sunset.

The large master bedroom boasts high ceilings and water views sure to make you want to oversleep and enjoy your tropical oasis. The spacious master bath is newly remodeled and has granite countertops and beautiful custom cabinetry. The master bath also features an oversized shower with river rock accents. The guest suite is open and spacious, with superior natural light. The jack-and-jill bathroom is newly remodeled with custom cabinetry, granite countertops, with his-and-her sinks, a fabulous designer ceiling and a large shower.

The third bedroom makes the perfect children’s room den office or workout room whatever you need. This home also has a two-car garage with a separate entrance and space for a golf cart. It even has a back room for additional storage, keep your boat within walking distance at the full-service, marina and you’ll, be on the open water. In no time you are also walking distance to all of the world-class amenities at the clubhouse.

The newly renovated clubhouse features world-class dining from casual to formal, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness and spa facility, and, unlike most private club communities, membership is optional, not mandatory. Tennis lovers have found their home with 10 heart, true tennis courts and an active year-round schedule for every skill level. Golfers will fall in love with the three 18-hole championship courses with something to offer every skill level find your new home.

At thirty five sixty two Lantern Bay Drive in Jonathan’s landing at Jupiter Florida, a serene oasis in the heart of the best of the Palm Beach lifestyle.

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Fast Final Cut Pro Editing Workflow

Welcome back. Would you like to speed up your workflow in Final Cut Pro? Actually don’t answer that question I already know the answer. Speed is the name of the game, and time is money. So here’s a quick rundown of things. I do in Final Cut the speed up my editing, so I’m spending less time in front of a computer and more time getting content out there. Guys that have been using Final Cut for years will see a couple of these tips and go huh.

I knew that because I do cover a few of those bread and butters hits, but either way I think you’re going to get a kick out of seeing how I did it. So, let’s do it something I highly recommend you switch on. Is your background lenders? If you go up to Final Cut Pro preferences playback and then make sure this button is ticked for background render, and that just means that if you leave the computer, it’ll render Wasps you’re, not there and you’ll come back and everything will be nice and fast and You’ll be able to play back no problem if you’re, someone who still collapse at the beginning when you hit record so that you can sync up your audio and your article, it’s the future.

You don’t need to do that anymore. Get with the program. So forget spending time on zooming and really close to line up your audio and your article perfectly. It’s not necessary. Instead, just select your audio track and your article track and right-click and she’s synchronize clips just go with all of the default options and click OK and BAM, fully synched up audio and article, and I know for you guys, who’ve been using the program for a while.

You can obey it this stuff, it’s easy, you know, but for those who haven’t seen this before this is a mind-blown moment. You’ll love it if you’re still in the habit of adding effects directly to Clips it’s time to stop it’s time to start using adjustment layers. Adobe Premiere Pro has had this function for so long and it’s really useful now for Final Cut. You can get lots of free versions for some reason.

It still doesn’t come with the program, but just Google adjustment layer, Final Cut Pro free, plugin you’ll find one just a stretch. If your footage and apply your effects to it, I guarantee this will save you. So much time, plus a Final Cut Pro seems to work faster with this in place. I don’t know about you, but I feel, like I spend way too much time on color grading when, in actual fact I should be uploading, you know delivering to the client.

I should be just finishing products and getting them out there, so what I’ve been working on is having a really repeatable style of filming and I’ll mention this again, but it’s about having it a consistent exposure having consistent white balance all of those kind of things so That we can have a template and copy across and then we only have to make minor adjustments to the grade. When I film this session, I made sure that I used exactly the same settings as previous sessions.

I’ve written them all down. I copy the grade over and bam. I’ve got my color wheels, my color curves my lot and a little bit of sharpening, and that means I’ve got so little work to do, and this has saved me a huge amount of time. I get a lot of questions about my audio quality people saying they like the way it sounds. How do I do this? How do I do that? The truth is it just takes a bit of practice and a bit of time, and obviously time is not our friend.

The time is the enemy. So how do we speed things up? Well, for me, it’s about having a repeatable style of recording audio and what I mean, whether it’s by having similar levels having the mic in a similar distance to a talent every single time, so that you can go back and actually copy settings from project to project. If you can do that, it means he won’t have to mess around adding tons of eq compression and a limiter whatever you need to make your audio sound good for every single project.

You’ll have almost like a template that you can copy across and it’ll save you. So much time so in our project, you can see that this audio is going to be way too quiet and way too dynamic. So it’s going to need some a huge impression and probably a limiter. So it sounds good on every single device, and here we can see the audio from the last project they did and you can see it’s going to be a lot louder.

A lot more consistent can sound better on a phone, a tablet laptop or big speakers. So this is what I want for the new projects, so I’m going to hit command C to copy those audio settings, but with our original projects and we need to copy our audio plugins in. I will go into shortcuts in a bit, but for now we’re going to hit shift command V and what this allows us to do is to selectively paste plugins into our clip.

Obviously, we only want the audio attributes to be copied in so we need to deselect all of the article attributes and bam a working template for our audio. Of course you may need to tweak from here, but it gives you a nice template to work from, so it probably would have taken the best part of ten minutes to get the sounding really good. So that’s 10 minutes saved on this project. There are so many shortcuts, you could remember with Final Cut Pro, but I think you can get by with just the basic ones.

I’m not going to run through many, but these are the ones I use all the time and they we’ll save you so much time. If you just memorize these ones, of course, there are the obvious ones which everyone should know: command C to copy command V, to paste command Z to undo come on X to cut, but by far the command I use the most is command B, which is the Blade tool, if you hit come on B, it will just make a blade cut to your main timeline, however, select multiple layers and it will cut through the lot super handy.

I use it all day. There are a couple of copy and pasting shortcuts that you definitely should know. The first is to use option command and then V and what this does is it actually paste all of the effects from one clip to another? This includes all of your plugins, including your audio ones. The other is to use shift command V and what this does is it pastes the attributes, and this basically lets you be completely selective about what you actually pasted onto your clip.

Of course, both the option, command and shift command variants work with the X or cut tool, and that means you can either remove all of the effects from a clip or just select the ones you want to remove it’s brilliant. Let me show you a couple of examples: let’s say you’re working on a project which has multiple areas each with its own adjustment layer and you decide you actually want to make some quite big tweaks to the plugins you use in this example, I’m going to go For a drastically different exposure, instead of going into our adjustment layers and doing all the tweaking manually, we’re going to use option command X, and this will remove all of the plugins from our second adjustment layer.

Then just highlight our first adjustment layer and press command C. To copy all of the effects and then simply press option command V to paste our effects on to our second clip and we’re done of course, if you want to be more selective about what you pasted onto your clips, we can use shift command V. So again, let’s clear the effects off our second adjustment layer by pressing option command X once again hit command C to copy the effects from our first adjustment layer and then hit shift command V to select what we want to paste onto our clip.

As you can see, we’ve got color wheels, color curves our lutz and sharpening i’m just going to add the LUT just for a laugh and then we have it ridiculously handy. Bear in mind that this paste attributes function works with everything, your plugins, your audio plugins, your crop, any adjustments, you’ve made to your clip. You can paste selectively and I love it for super shortcut junkies. If that is such a thing, you can actually customize the shortcuts yourself just get into final cut, commands customize and there you have it the full control panel, where you can just go nuts and create your own crazy, shortcuts, it’s just so amazing and customizable.

It’s honestly not a function. I use myself, but I know people that do and love it. So it’s just good to know that it’s there. Lastly, something I do all the time is to open the clip and look at our article animation and the reason you’d want to do. This is to edit things like fade-ins and fade-outs, and you can also edit your keyframes from this panel. You could just right-click the clip and choose show article animation, but then I feel like it’s easier to use shortcuts on the keyboard.

The shortcut you need for this is ctrl V, and that opens and closes it. So it’s really quick and easy. Of course, adding fade-ins and fade-outs to Clips is super. Easy, just drag the slider along and that will control the opacity of your clip. So super easy and looks good. However, I think there’s an even better way of doing it and that’s to use keyframes at this point. You’re, probably thinking behalf keyframing, isn’t quick, that’s not going to speed things up! That’s going to slow me down, but I feel like if you know the shortcut and you’ll practice in it.

It’s just second nature, and it won’t take you any time at all, so we’re going to create a really slick. Looking fade-out so just hit option K to create a keyframe create another one right next to it, drag the keyframe, that’s nearest the end of your clip down and that will create our fade out. But, of course that’s not going to look slick enough for me. So just right click somewhere along the line and select ease, and this will add a kind of ramping effect and it will look super classy.

Another function I use all the time to keep me efficient and organized. Is the workspaces function, so I thought you’d really appreciate. Seeing how I use them in my workflow to keep me speedy. Let’s say I’ve been editing for a little while and I’ve moved all my spaces around, and I want to get it back to my standard, editing layout. This is when you can use the workspaces function to your advantage.

I’ve actually got three presets for I use. My half standard covers all the bases, workspace, a specialized workspace for grading and then another one for audio. So if I select half it’ll snap back to my, does everything all-purpose workspace, then if I select my grading workspace you’ll see that my waveform pops up automatically nice and big, so I can see what’s going on. But finally, when I select my audio workspace, you can see I’ve got a nice clear view of my timeline plus my audio meters are really clear and big.

I can monitor it nicely and that’s it for now. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today, as always, I’ve loved making this article for you and, if you’re still in the mood for more dope articles about article I’ll pop a couple of interesting ones over here and if you’re not subscribed just hit. This blob right here and until next time it’s help each other out and shoot better article. You

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!