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LinkedIn Marketing: 3 Ways To Get Clients With LinkedIn FAST [2020]

It’s an absolute goldmine if you know how to use it. So in this article I’m going to talk about three ways: to use LinkedIn to get clients fast, hey, what’s up, it’s Sean Anthony and I talk about the best tools, tips and strategies to level up your business, your skills and your income. So that sounds interesting to you make sure you go down below right now and hit that subscribe button.

Alright. So in this article we’re going to talk about LinkedIn, why it’s such a goldmine and how to use it three specific ways to use it to get clients fast for your business. So let’s hop into my computer right now already so on the screen. Here I have my LinkedIn profile and I’m just going to go and walk through the three main things that you want to do to be marketing on LinkedIn and growing your business and getting more clients using the platform.

Okay. So I’m going to walk through each of these three things, I’m going to show you some examples of each and just keep in mind, there’s hundreds of different tips and tactics and strategies and cool little hacks. You can do on LinkedIn. These are the three main core things that you want to do as part of your client acquisition strategy. If you want to use LinkedIn to do that and to get clients and grow your business okay, so just keep that in mind.

There’s a lot of different things that I could cover. I might cover in later articles, but pay attention to these main three, because this is the main thing that you want to do as part of your strategy. Okay, so number one. Is you want to optimize your LinkedIn profile for your ideal client right, and the way you want to think about your profile? Is a lot of people treat it like a resume or like a showcase or a place to just show off right, show off about their awards and what they’ve done? Maybe they’ve written a book or whatever you don’t want to do that.

You want to treat your LinkedIn profile if you want to use it to get clients, you want to treat it kind of like a mini sales, page or mini landing page right, and the goal of your LinkedIn profile is to attract and convert your ideal clients. So to do that, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile to do that. To get your ideal clients to come to your profile, see what you do and say. Oh that sounds like that.

Guy can help me right. So let’s just take a look at the main. There’s three main areas on the profile that you want to optimize number: one is just your image, your file image and your cover photo. Okay, don’t overcomplicate this! Your profile photo should just be something simple: if you like, looking professional, smiling, not like you just rolled out of bed or came out of a bar, it should be a clear picture to make sure it’s not like pixelated or you can’t see your face.

Just make sure it’s a picture of a of you, that’s clear and looks somewhat professional. Okay, your cover photo is the same thing for me. I just put a few photos. You can make this in canva. I put a few photos that show me speaking and with other entrepreneurs like this is Jesse at slur. He owns the Atlanta Hawks. This is Trey Llewellyn who’s, big in the e-commerce space. You can use something like this.

That shows your authority or you can link with a call to action to your website or whatever you want people to do. Okay, so just make sure these two areas, it’s not like the default, make sure that you optimize it to make you look good and position. You as an authority all right now. The second place you want to optimize is your headline most people. What they do here is they just put their job title right.

They might say: oh I’m, a CEO, whose company this is what I do well, you want to make sure that when your prospect reads your headline, they can answer the question. What’s in it for me right, and does this person help me so this is for growth response right growth responses are b2b, lead generation or drop servicing agency. We provide LinkedIn and cold email, lead generation for b2b technology, startups, SAS companies and agencies right.

So I want to make sure if this is my company and that’s who I target right: b2b, startups and agencies. I want to make sure that my top my headline on LinkedIn speaks to that right. So it’s the same exact thing here: helping startups helping the niche, who are your niches and agencies to get result? What’s the result, get more sales meetings with their ideal customers right and then you can even I couldn’t fit everything in here.

So I just put you know: founder high growth response done for you up on prospecting. Some keyword, SAS lead generation, LinkedIn marketing, cold email, copy sales, funnels okay, so you can put some keywords in here: a little hack. I don’t know if this still works, but if you edit on your phone, if you download the LinkedIn mobile app and you edit on your phone, you edit this headline, I think they, let you add, a bit more characters right.

I don’t think I could add this on on the desktop version. I think it’s a little trick if it still works, if it doesn’t oh well you’re too late, but try try downloading the mobile app and seeing if, if you could add more keywords into your headline here right. But the lesson here is: make sure that you can answer who do you help? How do you help them and what result do you get right? So helping startups and agencies get sales meetings with their ideal customers? That’s what I do and then I linked to growth response, which is the actual company that I’m talking about right.

So that’s area number two, now area number one, your photo! Your cover photo area. Number two is your headline area number three that you want to optimize is your about or your summary section. Okay – and this is where people go so wrong, like they’ll, just put like, for example, they’ll speak about themselves in third person, so they might say something like Shawn has worn won three awards. He started five companies he’s made like ten million dollars.

Shaun has is a TEDx speaker. He has this book in that book and he’s done this he’s such a badass right, like just talking about themselves in third person, which first of all, is just it’s kind of strange. It’s kind of creepy right who actually talks about themselves in third person and, second of all, you look like a narcissist when you do that, so make sure that your your profile summary talks about your prospect and how you can help them right again.

If you want to use it to get more clients and grow your business right, so let’s take a look at my example: I’m not going to read through all of this, but let’s take a look at what I’m doing here right. So the very first line. I don’t say anything about me or, like my background or anything, I talk exactly to the value proposition right. We help technology startups and digital agencies fill their pipeline with high-value, leads that turn into customers.

You get an expert team dedicated to prospecting and customer acquisition for half the cost of an in-house team. Now by reading that very first sentence, you know exactly who I helped exactly the result I get and how like why it’s relevant to them right. So half the cost of an in-house team right these SAS companies, these SAS founders, they’re so used to hiring like three to four sales reps at like four to five thousand dollars a month each and they still have to train them and buy them tools and all That stuff right so we’ll cut that cost in more than half and we’ll get.

We have a proven system that already works and we can get them exactly what they want, which is more customers right. So the the sentence should be a value proposition about you and what you do and how you help that market right. Then I kind of dive deep into the problems and pain points, so you’re going to have to do some research into this right. It’s not going to be the same thing. You want to make sure that you’re speaking in the language of your niche, so for our niche for b2b technology companies when we are talking to founders they’re, always like I don’t know where my next deals coming from, like we don’t know which source is coming from.

We don’t know if it’s from a webinar or LinkedIn or cold email or Facebook advertising. We don’t know where our next deal is going to come from and we don’t have a predictable system right. So we tie that into the pain points here right is your team wasting hours of valuable selling time when researching and instead of closing deals, do you wish you had a proven system right? So these are specific pain points that come up when we talk to our market right Ben.

You can read this, you can I’m not going to read all this, but it talks a little bit about our background. Why we created this service? What problem does it solve and we even kind of qualify people here right so we say hold up, must be but afford at least $ 1,000 a month, and this filters out people from booking a call with us if they’re, just like tire, kickers and just information Seekers right that aren’t actually going to become clients.

So take a look at the profile summary summary here again: it should speak directly to your ideal client and your ideal prospect and talk about how you can help them solve a problem that they want to solve right. In this case, it’s it’s lead generation and getting more getting more customers for their SAS business right. They should not be talking about yourself in third person or your awards or anything like that.

Nobody cares right. So that’s the number one area is is optimizing your profile. We talked about your profile photo your cover photo your headline and also your profile summary right. So that’s number one optimize your profile for your ideal client now number two: is you want to connect and engage with your ideal clients right, so you can use sales navigator options set up a separate article, doing a tutorial of sales navigator and how we use it In depth, but let’s just say that we’re going to use it again, b2b staffs founders, because that’s who we target for for growth response if I want to find SAS calendars, all I got to do here is type in.

Let’s see founder, okay and I’ll show you some examples of messages that we’ve sent I’ll go to all filters here and I can go to computer software. I can go to let’s say if I want to find people in my city of Seattle I’ll do that. I can type in their title here. I might do falender right and then what I can do is click apply now. What does this? Do? It gives me a list of 2509 founders in seattle of software companies and what sales navigator you can get even more grant and granular with like the size of the companies like how many employees they have more specific industries, more specific titles and seniority levels.

But I’m just showing you a quick example here, and this shows me two thousand plus founders people who fit my ideal client profile. So what do I want to do? I want to connect with these people. Let’s just say Dan here I might connect with him I’ll. Send him a connection requests, hey Dan saw your founder in the Seattle area of a SAS company. Would love to connect and share insights with you. Something super simple like that: right once they connect, you can send them a message and just see if they’re interested in having a quick conversation with you to learn more about what you do as what you deliver at your service right and how you can help them To provide value to their lives right, so let’s take a look at an example here right, so one of our clients here is Lynn.

I know she is in here she’s one of my favorite clients, because they have an awesome SAS product. Oh my gosh, I can get this typed out and then you can see here when we first started talking, so you can see here, here’s the connection message right. So I connected with there. I engage with there I enjoy connecting with founders, who I share. Mutual connections with love the opportunity to connect and share insights thanks for sharing, thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn promise to keep this value an interesting blah, blah blah, and then I go into a little mini pitch right.

Are you interested in using LinkedIn to generate 10 to 20 high value sales appointments a month at Condotti? If not, or are you currently using that? If not, I created this free guide detailing how to do that right, so I’m providing her value, I’m giving her a value. So I had this little article here on LinkedIn tactics and I sent it over her way and this is what she said would like to chat more on your approach.

Let me know when’s a good time this week or next. So then we hopped on a phone. We set up a time to chat. We helped in the phone she became a client of ours. She’s been a client of ours for over a year now and she’s on boarded. You know multiple people within her company onto our service right, so LinkedIn outreach. It works. You know you have to just make sure you’re connecting with the right people with your ideal client you’re, providing value up front you’re, showing them that you care about them and and that you can help them get a result that they actually want.

And that’s what we’ve done here and this is exactly what we do for our service right, our LinkedIn service. What we’re doing is we’re connecting with people, we optimize your profile and then we start connecting with people and engaging with them to get you more appointments so that you can get more customers more clients right. So that’s number two is connecting and engaging with your ideal clients and trying to get them.

You know interested in what you have to offer yeah so number three, the third way to grow your business and get more clients if LinkedIn is content, write content and what you want to do here, there’s two types of content: this is the way that I break It down type one content is content that shows who you are as a person right. So talk, you’re, going to be telling stories about yourself, your business, your personal life, things that happen, things that are good things that are bad.

It shows people that you’re human and who you are as a person – I mean, of course you’re human, but it shows your personality a bit right, so you can look at my posts on here. I’r not going to go through all of them here, because I have I’ve made a lot of posts, but type 1 content is showing who you are as a person and letting people know that your hue and you’re, not just some robot on linkedin, trying to just Spam and get business all the time right.

Number two is what I call type 2 content real original right, but it’s content that positions you as the authority. So it answers the question. Why should I work with you to solve X problem? So someone might say why should I work with you to help me generate more leads on LinkedIn, so I actually provide a lot of content here on LinkedIn for free through my status updates right. You can see these get engaged with a lot.

50 likes 12 comments of 54 and 19. Comments have 17,000 views on this 147 likes and 49 comments. So this gets people interested in what you have to offer and they’ll see your posts. They’ll reach out to you through your messaging here and they’ll, want to set up a time with you to chat right. So content is a very powerful way if you combine it with an outreach strategy right. So if you optimize your profile number one, you optimize it for your ideal client number: two! You connect and engage with your ideal clients, your ideal prospects and you grow your network on LinkedIn right.

You start connecting with people they get accepted into your network. You send them a mess. I’ve seen if you can help them or provide value, that’s connect and engage and then number three you’re constantly putting content out there. Maybe one or two times a week even and you’re, constantly putting content in value out there and you’re helping your market out through your content, you’re going to get clients, people are going to reach out to you they’re going to want to work with you, because your Profit you’re putting goodwill and value out into the market right, so those are the three things number one optimize your profile for your ideal client right, your your your profile photo your cover photo your headline and your profile summary.

You should all be geared towards your ideal prospect. Your ideal client should be it shouldn’t, be talking or bragging about yourself. Okay, number two is a the connected engaged, so you want to connect with your ideal client and you want to provide some value. Maybe you found an article, that’s useful to them. That’s relevant to your service that you provide and also number three is to post content right type, 1 and type 2 content person, personality content and authority content right.

You want to get people interested in what you have to offer and stay top of mind so that when they are ready to move forward with LinkedIn lead generation or whatever you provide, you are going to be the first person they think about. Okay. So I hope this is helpful for you guys, if you guys like this, like this article subscribe comment below. Let me know what you want to see next, let me know if you want, if you have any questions around what I covered here today, I’ll be doing a lot more articles on LinkedIn and using it to grow your business, but I hope this is helpful for You guys take care and I’ll see you in the next article

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