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Comment Marketing- Make Money On YouTube Making Comments!

Okay, you didn’t know here we go like and subscribe to. The blog leave a comment on how you market to market you to affiliate marketing T to internet marketing online marketing social media marketing. What do you do? Leave a comment. Tell me what you do, how you do it? Okay. This is a method that I that I know it’s. Some people call a black hat.

It’s not on the level. It’s kind of little sneaky a little sneaky business, but it’s wait if you, if you know, if you, if you don’t have money and you need to get traffic okay, this is a way to do it. Alright. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to in your niche whatever your niche is, you are going to go and find the big guys in your niche, okay, that the ones that have millions of followers? Okay, hundreds of thousands of followers, okay and what you do is you’re going to follow them.

Okay, you know you’re going to follow them and you’re going to subscribe to them. I should say so: you’re going to subscribe to their blogs you’re going to subscribe to their blogs and you’re, going to hit the bell icon right. So you’re going to hit the bell icon up here and you’re going to get notifications of when they put out articles. Okay, so you’re going to be a comment jacking. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to try and get to be the first comment or on the article so as soon as they make the article and it gets released, you jump on that and and you you make a comment you and not just That any comments got to be a good comment, got ta, be you just got to be a little bit of an ass.

Kick kissing comment, little brown, those going on where you know you praise the article praise them. You know what they do, that you follow them, that you, like them: okay, I’ll, give you an example in in the make money online niche. Okay, I have a bunch of guys friended, okay, I’ll expect there is one and he just posted 27 minutes ago. So if I would have caught that right away and made a comment on that now, obviously you make a comment.

Some of you guys are probably saying you know, listen we’re not stupid. You know, if you put it put a link into somebody’s comment on YouTube. It doesn’t get approved as an approved comment. Nobody sees it goes into, you know, expand, folders or whatever, and that’s very true. Okay, so you comment you make you’re not going to put a link into it. Your affiliate link doesn’t go in the comment at the beginning.

Okay, so you make a comment and you kiss ass and you don’t mention your affiliate link and you don’t mention any such thing about marketing or any kind of offer or anything you do you just make a a high praise. A high praise, um post comments say this is John Chris Donnie, okay, John Chris Donnie. I caught him right away. I was the first commenter hey. I love reading your articles, I’m trying to follow you and do what you do keep inspiring me and he replied thanks.

Okay, so because he replied, then I was the first commenter, I’m the first post on the article, so just go to the article. Ok, this is the article all right, I’m going to move over here now, alright. So this is the article him with a pile of money. It’s great stuff. Alright, let’s go down. Show me more there’s my comment right so there’s my comment on the number one comment. Alright and then he commented thanks.

So what you do is this is 23 hours ago, so you wait a period of time so that he approved it. He saw it. He approved it okay, so this is a day ago now, John first, on e, this article has 570 views right now. Okay, he gets thousands and thousands of views so because I’m the first comment people are going to be seeing this comment a lot. Okay, it’s people going to be reading. This comic people scroll down to the comment.

You know every time they read a article. I don’t know if you do, but I know I do it so you come over here and we got it to article so now you can’t put your link in it at first, but you can now so you do that you erase that. Okay, now I have something here already pre-done and do you want to know free traffic sources? Do you need to know where to get free traffic? For me? Do you have no money for traffic? You need traffic.

Everybody needs traffic click. The link in the description for my seven best free traffic sources with a bonus traffic source, okay check it out now did like I subscribe. Okay got my ad copy here. What now so we are going to copy that I shouldn’t have closed it. I’r going to paste that there alright, but now that my links not there, so I’m going to go back go into here. I have links somewhere there’s my builder roll link.

So I’m going to go here. I’r going to use the seven day free trial link is always a good one. People love seven day free trials, my free trials in general and post my link right now save it. No, not only is my comment number one and it’s talking about my business, but Jarvis Thani said thanks: okay, tough! So there you go you not only did you get your blink put in now, if you wanted to make this shorter, so is that your link shows up, but there’s my link right, there’s my link top of the top post and there you go okay, so I Mean obviously, that’s going to drive you some traffic? Alright, so you know, but the only other suggestion is you would want.

Maybe the link to be above here, so I might move the link on slightly. Let’s. Let’s do this, let’s add in it, let’s cut and paste this. Let’s take this on here, cut that now the next Gold Rush and we’ll put the link right there. Okay, so build a real business. 2019 marketing online is the next Gold Rush 7 day free trial. Be the man with the tools of the trade and they will beg to be a prod. They would beg to buy your products who made the money in the gold rush, the miners.

No, it was the guy who was selling shovels, okay and then I’m going to say, sell, shovels alright and we save it alright. So there’s my link above the fold as you will. Alright people everybody’s going to see it now. Turn course Donnie said thanks. Ok, you can’t beat that alright, so subscribe to the blog tricks like that or finding them I’m going to make articles. You know free traffic. This is a number one excellent way to get free traffic cost you nothing and that’s going to be quality traffic now find the big guys in your niche and do the same thing.

Ok, so what we do we file big guys in the niche we subscribe to? Their blogs, ok, we subscribe to the blogs. We wait. We hit notification education as soon as alright. Soon as they’ve put out a article, you get a notification. You jump on that article be the first commenter now, if you’re, the second third, fourth or fifth commenter. That’s pretty good, too. Okay, you want to be the first, but as long as you’re up in the top couple, all right now.

The other thing is you make a really good comment and the person makes it makes a reply to it. It might get posted up higher, okay, it might get pinned to the top. Sometimes that happens. Okay, so you know you make a quality comment. Make a quality comment. Get your comment ranked at the top. Okay, maybe even pinned you know, kiss a little s kiss a little s. You know, I can’t say it any penny. More than that.

All right leave a comment. You know, I know some of you. People are going to say, you know, that’s screwed up, but you did and it’s not right and it’s not fair and and it’s it’s black hat and it’s you know, you’re going to have all kinds of going to call you all kinds of names. But you know whose it really hurt and whose it really hurt. Okay come on. It’s not hurting anybody. Okay, it’s not hurting anybody all right so, like I subscribe to, the blog have a good day.

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