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Stop Using Paypal | How To Use Facebook Messenger Payments

We just had a conversation about it and it’s something. I’ve wanted to shoot a article for for a little while now so here’s the store. Here’s how all this kind of began this for me to sit down, actually shoot this article. The blog name is geeks life because I’m you know, I’m a geek.

I, like geeky stuff coach Roy company, put out an action figure of John wick and I really wanted it. He picked one up for me and so I had to send him some money, so I told him hey. I can send it through a PayPal, because, that’s typically how everyone does it, it’s probably how you do it if you’re going to buy anything off a Facebook marketplace or anywhere else to ebay anywhere, you want to go. You typically use PayPal.

Stripe is starting to get a little bit more known and people are using that, but if you’re buying stuff on Facebook there’s this way, you can send payments through using Facebook itself. Facebook pay – I don’t know if it has an exact name, I’m calling it Facebook pay from here on out and he didn’t he’s like. I don’t know that I don’t trust it. I’r just going to use PayPal, send it through that way.

Well by sending it through PayPal. That’s one of two things can happen. You can send it as friends and family, no fees, then you can send as goods and services and there is fees to accept that money. But with those fees you get protection, someone tries to scam you, you can file a claim, get your money back and you’re set security, but that’s what you’re paying those fees for, but a lot of times in facebook groups.

People don’t want to pay those fees because they don’t want to educate themselves and accept the fact that they are technically running a business if you’re, buying and selling stuff and you’re making money. That’s a small little business regardless if you’re, making ten thousand dollars or fifty bucks a month. So they ask you, send it as friends and family. A lot of people still do that, and they don’t understand that you have no protection and they get the money and no fees on there and and that’s it.

No questions asked so that means they could scan you. They could take your money and and never ship out the item that they probably never had in the first place. So you don’t want to do that, and people are starting to pick up on that and won’t do it. So so Facebook has a feature where you can send and receive payments and there’s no fees whatsoever. Now you may be wondering well, Chris, you just said: there’s no fees, then you’re not protected.

Well, you are that’s. Why I’m here to teach you and educate you guys. So it’s through messenger, if you don’t know apps to download no new accounts to create no new passwords to remember and I’m going to show you how to do this, you choose the debit card. You want to link to make that account with, and then everything is handled through your bank, whatever bank, that you decided to use it’s that simple.

So, to show you how simple it is to set up and to use I’m going to show you if I haven’t said so already, you can use your phone for the entire process. It’s so easy you can do from desktop to, but I’m going to show you how to do it on mobile. All you got ta do is have messenger, which you probably already have already own VIP messenger. Go that your icon, which is your picture and you scroll down to payments, then you’ll see an option for a new debit card typing your card number expiration, all that sort of thing and you’re done.

That’s it you’re totally done to request money and send money. You can do that all within this app as well, so I’m going to go over to Josh, I’m going to send him a dollar cuz. You know he’s my homie. I don’t know if this is going to look exactly the same. If you use an Android, I’m using an iPhone, but it’s probably very similar tap on the little four dots in the corner opens this up look payments.

I want to tap on payments, I’m going to send him $ 1 nakid. Now I had the option to request them that dollar or pay that dollar and I can add a little note suck on this and I’m going to hit pay and then all I got ta do is tap confirm payment of $ 1 and it’ll. Send it to him, that’s it now. All he has to do to accept his payment is literally accept he’ll, be notified with a little bit of a button. They push to hit accept and then he has to type in his debit card and then that’s it in his counts now setup he can send and receive so he this guy responds back for him saying he went straight to PayPal because that he probably has that Set as to his default, so to make changes to that account, you can go into payments, and I have I have PayPal setup as well, and I have a Visa card, that’s linked to my bank as another option and you can delete it if you want just By tapping on it hit and remove account, or you should be able to set it up as a primary card as well.

So I asked him to check PayPal because I’m curious to see if PayPal still charge a fee to accept that dollar, because it was through your bank, you won’t have to pay any sort of fees whatsoever. If PayPal came second to Facebook pay, then everyone would be using Facebook pay educate yourself guys. Hopefully, this article has helped you in the least saving fees on that, but the simplicity, the ease of use, if you are buying something on Facebook, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t use the Facebook payment option.

It’s the same as PayPal, but slightly better and you are protected. Do I got ta say it again? You are protected, it’s through your bank and whichever card used to decide to put it in. That is the think that protects you. If someone tries to scam you by using that you could log on to your bank file dispute just like eBay or the benefit of physically walking into your bank and talking to a person face-to-face which you don’t get that option with PayPal now the only thing I Could say that’s in benefit of PayPal is, if you do send it as goods and services, you get their all their information.

You get their address included in that which isn’t a big deal to probably you guys, cuz, you probably don’t even know that feature exists either. I don’t send them my address because that’s already included if they go into PayPal to ship the shipping label right there, which again most people do not do I’ve done articles about that as well in the past, that saves you money if you ship it through PayPal, Use PayPal to ship your stuff, you get discount anyway, it’s on our tangent, educate yourself, guys, please, but if you’re using that feature you get their address included.

So you just go into PayPal and hit print sheeple and you’re done. You don’t have to ask for the shipping, but on Facebook you do hats off to ask for their shipping address. If you are shipping it out, that is, if you’re buying something locally, you don’t have to worry about it. So the last perk of doing this is your money, is in your bank account your actual account when you use PayPal or venmo it’s stored on their servers and their accounts.

So if you were to go to try pull that money out, you would be charged fees like PayPal. I think charge is a dollar to use. An ATM you’d be charged the ATM fee as well so you’re, looking at like three to four dollars, sometimes more, depending on what ATM you’re using just to get your money out, and it may already be your bank that you’re pulling from so. If you’re pulling money out of your own bank with our own card, there’s no fees, so it’s kind of a no-brainer and as that, a bonus if you’re spending money using through another website like being a chore or big bad toy store or whatever website you’re using Paypal and pull from you don’t have to have any money in that account, because if this is zero balance, it pulls from your bank account anyway again no-brainer.

So hopefully this article has helped you guys out. If you have any more questions, leave a comment below I’ll. Be more than happy to answer that because I read every single comment and if you want that even deeper into these tips, tricks and everything in between and buy, sell trade business SeaWorld, because they’re becoming geeks plus number there’s a link in description below to check out. I post exclusive articles, so nowhere else you’ll see at all busting it tangible items sent to your door every single month.

It sounds kind of cool cuz here, checking that I would greatly greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for reading sear liking, commenting and subscribing and I’ll catch. You next article guys see ya.


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