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Download Soundcloud multiple track collection, all at once, easy using Python command.

So this will download everything that they’ve posted, whether it’s allowed to be downloaded for free or not. If you’re a DJ and you’re trying to fill up your music collection – and you just like keeping your songs offline for whatever reason that maybe this is a great tool for you, it saves a lot of time being able to download a couple hundred tracks at once.

With you know, 10 seconds of typing in a command and letting it do its thing. I just found this today it’s really easy to use and I think it’d be useful for a lot of people. So, let’s go we’re going to use a Python script to download a possible unlimited number of tracks from SoundCloud using just one short text command. Even if download is unavailable for the track. This article will show me using the option to download every track upload and repost.

It by the artist Yeti yetis one of my favorites. So that’s what I’m going to use for this one. Other options outlined: allow you to download an artist like tracks as well as one command to download a playlist, as well as download newly added tracks to a playlist previously grabbed using this tool. By creating your own playlist, combined with using this tool, you can easily create a download queue using sound clouds, playlist on their site and type just one command to download all of your selections.

The prerequisites for this are you need to install the latest version of Python for your operating system, so I’m going to show you how to do this in Windows, but you can also do this using the same script on a Mac or Linux. There’s the link that you can go to to download Python for your operating system. So this part that I’m showing you here it’s going to highlight what you need to do to create and navigate folders inside of a command prompt, you’re, going to see what a command prompt is in a second, if you’re not familiar with it.

It basically is running your computer off of typed commands, rather than using your mouse and clicking around the screen. So if you take a look there, you can see what you would need to do to open up a command prompt, you’re going to hold down the windows. Key and you’re going to type the letter R, a little box is going to open on the lower left-hand corner, and this is where you can type in a command to quickly open any program that you may have installed on your computer command.

Prompt is built into Windows, and you have you: don’t need to have anything special to be able to get to this. So now, you’re going to go ahead and type in the letter CMD, and we definitely want to open our command prompt using administrator privileges. So we’re going to hold down ctrl + shift and we’re going to type in enter Windows. This is going to prompt asking if you want to allow this after make changes to your device, because we need to install a script that runs inside of Python.

We’re going to have to click yes, this is also expecting that you followed my link from step one and installed the latest version of python on your system, so I already have this installed, so the command isn’t going to show the same thing for me right now, As it will for you the first time, but what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to type pip3 pip3 one-word space, install space, SC DL, that’s going to go ahead and install the package made by flying grub, which he’s been so kind to provide For us on a github platform, so that’s good once that’s installed, then you’ll be able to run this command to be able to download what you want off a soundcloud, basically to move around directories and to command prompt, you type, cd’ and then a space.

And then the name of the directory that you want to get into if you type see these space and two periods it’ll navigate to the directory above the one that you’re in right now the parent directory. I did not include the directory listing here, but I’m going to type it in right now and you would type dir and that will show you the list of all the folders, where you’re currently located the other command.

That you’re going to use is mkdir, which will make a directory. In my example, it would create a new folder called this. Is my folder I’m going to show you how this works. So when you first open a command prompt, it’s going to put you in your windows, system32 folder. This is not a good place to download files, especially files that are going to be mp3. This is where commands are essentially stored.

So if I type dir, it will show me all the files that are in that folder. It’s a big mess, there’s four thousand five hundred and fifty-seven files there. So I’m going to go ahead and type CD space, two periods. Now I’m in the windows directory. Let’s check out, what’s in there a lot of stuff that we don’t need, so we’re going to go back once more CD dot dot you’re going to see my command prompt, there’s flashing, I’m in the C Drive, so I could type dir and it’s going to show You all the different folders that I or you have in your C Drive, so I already created a directory here called soundcloud, but I’m going to create a new directory, so I’m going to type mkdir space I want to put my name: is func, I’m going to Go into there now I’m going to hit dir again and I’m going to see that my new folder is there.

So if I want to get into it, I could type CD space and I could type out the full name if I want, but once I get part of it I and do an auto completion by hitting the tab key. Now, I’m in my new folder. So once I run the command to start downloading some Yeti, what’s going to happen, is it’s going to create folders and mp3s inside that my name is funk folder, it’s a much better place to keep your files in the windows, system32 directory.

There’s a couple different commands that I’m highlighting here inside the sedl script. One of them will download all tracks and reposts by the user that you want to go after the other. The second one will download all of the liked tracks by the user that you’re targeting and the third and fourth one will download playlists that either someone else has created, or you may have created, with the sole intent of using as a download queue to download a Mix of tracks for a multiple artist, if you see on the bottom there that’s a command that you would use to come back to a playlist that you may have created, and you only want to download the new tracks that haven’t already be been grabbed.

The one thing I want to mention is that if you do do that, one you want to make sure that you run it in the same folder that you downloaded that playlist last time. So now all we really need to do. Let’s say we want to download every track for the artist Yeti like we said before, I’m going to search for the artist I want on Soundcloud here it is right on the top. If you see the URL section of the web browser there that I’m highlighting my mouse over, you can see it’s just soundcloud.

Com forward. Slash and just one word. If you want to download an artist, it’s going to be slash and then one word nothing after it. I’ll show you, for example, would it look like if you wanted to go after a playlist, so I’m going to go, play a list and I’m going to click the brain near ep. So now you’re going to see the artist name in a /all playlists are going to start off with the word sets and then another forward slash and then the name of the playlist.

So if I wanted to do a playlist, that’s what I would select and copy to the clipboard, but that’s not we’re going after today, we’re going to download all of yetis tracks all over 200 of them that are here and what’s awesome about this. Is that no matter if the track was permitted to be giving you a free download or if it was just a stream only track? This script is going to put the track on your hard drive into an mp3 in the highest quality format that you can rip? It you may have used websites to rip SoundCloud tracks before.

Unfortunately, you know it’s one that you do is going to take a minute or so, and this you can do 200 all at once. So I’m going to select that text there, where my mouse is moving. I’r going to copy that to the clipboard so now that I got that there I’m going to go back to my command prompt and well I’m going to refer back to my things. So I want to download tracks and reposts of the user. So it’s essentially SC DL space, lowercase L, then the link space and a lowercase a I’m actually going to switch from Yeti to some kids.

I know a Nashville called the undergrowth. It’s a pretty cool, sound collective, a bunch of different artists. It’s it’s kind of a record label, part promotion company. It’s a lot of things. I recommend you check them out, they’re a bunch of good guys. Alright! So now I got that on my clipboard and that’s when I already have running I’m going to do a SC DL space that L space I’m going to paste in the link for the artist page, then I’m going to do space a once.

I hit enter it’s going to gather the tracks and, as it downloads the tracks, it’s also going to give him an ID three tag. So they’re tagged with the artist name and the name of the song and there we go, and I got four hundred and thirty. Five songs that my computer is going to proceed to download one after the next and they’ll be sitting pretty, and my harddrive in that folder that I created earlier called.

My name is funk. If you feel like this, article was useful to you and you’re really appreciative of the many many many many hours of time. I may have saved you that it would take to download four hundred and thirty five tracks. Just you know shoot me something in the comments. I hope my article helped you. I hope it was clear enough to understand and happy listening guys and thank you very much have a good day.


By Jimmy Dagger

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