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Drop Servicing Business: 7 Best Niches For Beginners To Make Money In 2020

So in this article I’m going to be talking about the top seven best niches to get into if you’re starting a drop servicing business in 2020, hey what’s up, it’s Shawn Anthony and if you want to learn how to level up your business, your skills and your Income make sure you go down below right now, hit that subscribe button and I’m going to be posting articles just like this, every Tuesday and Thursday every week.

So in this article I’m going to be talking about the top seven best niches, in my opinion, for 2020 and beyond, if you’re starting a drop servicing business now all of these services, they are easy to find fulfillment providers for us so that you’re not doing all The work yourself they are high ROI. They get a high return on investment for clients, because of the way that these services are structured and they also have three keys in common right in these creeks these three keys.

Then it doesn’t matter what service or what niche that you pick to deliver. You want to make sure that they have these three keys number one is it’s directly tied to the growth or the revenue or money-making ability of the client or of the business owner? Right now, why do we want this? Well, if you, if you have a service that can help a business owner, make more money or grow their business, that’s what every business owner wants.

So if you have a service that can help them do that, then it’s a no-brainer for them right number: two is recurring revenue. So if you have a service now that clients pay you over and over and over for because they need that service over and over and over then you are. Your life is going to be so much easier because you don’t have to get new clients every single month right. We have clients that have been with us for nearly two years now and who are paying us four figures per month for the same service because they need it over and over and over again.

So you want to make sure that you pick a service that has a recurring revenue. Opportunity number three is product. Aiza Bowl, I know that’s a mouthful, but what does that mean? It basically means that you have a service where every client that you onboard gets the same core service right. You don’t want to be offering twenty different services for all this custom work where we’re flying it comes on, get something completely different than client being clients see right, so you want to have a product.

I service, where every client that you bring on, gets basically the same course service in the same system that you offered to all your other clients, okay, so those are three things and we’re going to jump in right now to these seven and best niches, these best Services to deliver if you’re starting a drop servicing business in 2020. So let’s hop right in already so we’re in my Google Doc, my computer here and I’m going to walk you through the seven best drop servicing niches for 2020.

If you’re just getting started in this business right now, if you need help with ideas, if you don’t want to pick anything on this list – and you want more ideas – go to Klutch co. This is a it’s kind of like a marketplace for different types of agencies and different types of services – digital services right. So if you’re going to clutch that Co, you can see here on the right hand, side you can you can click down the services and solutions.

You can see different categories of services, you can click into these and you can. You can do some research right if you want to see what types of services and how much people are charging there’s $ 100,000. I’r not saying you’re going to charge that, but you can. You can do competitor research and you can look at what people are paying for and buying and what they’re charging for it right. So there’s a great place to do to get ideas.

Do some research on competitors and see how to position your drop servicing business? Your drop servicing agency when you’re getting started okay, so that’s clutch scope. Now, let’s jump back into here and let’s get right into it. Now all these niches they’re not in any particular order. These are just seven, pretty solid niches that fit all these three keys here. That I would recommend – or I would get into if I was starting from scratch – okay, so let’s jump into it right now, number one is Facebook advertising, so purchasing ads on Facebook to generate leads customers and brand awareness.

Now, if you’re here reading this article, you probably know what Facebook advertising is right, you’re targeting the unpaid things on like interest and demographics and job titles and income level. Your target on things like that to generate leads customers and brand awareness for business owners. Right now beat top local comm. I’r going to show you examples of each of these be top logo comm. I no the founder of this Nick Robbins he’s a friend of mine and they focused the reason I like their Facebook advertising agency is because they focus on a specific vertical or industry.

So you can see here they focus on pain, management and stem-cell therapy. Doctors and Clinics right, so what that does is it strengthens your message. It makes it easier to get clients, because your focus on that specific vertical and that industry right and they also developed a system – a predictable system, specifically for pain, doctors right Facebook, advertising system for pain, doctors. This is going to help you get clients a lot easier when you’re tailored specifically to a certain vertical or industry, because you’re going to be able to speak their language and you’re going to have a system tailored to them.

Okay, so that’s why I like be top local. They do multi millions in revenue every single year with just one service, a Facebook advertising service and a system, and I highly recommend, if you’re, going to create any one of these services. Actually, you focus on a vertical or industry to make your life a lot easier and more profitable. Okay. So that’s number one: Facebook advertising number two: Google PPC, Google pay-per-click.

This is a little different than Facebook you’re, not targeting based on interest levels you’re targeting more by bidding on keywords. So, instead of targeting a certain interest you’re targeting on things like stem cell therapy, Seattle stem cell therapy Florida when people type these these words into the Google search engine they’re going to come on to your clients, websites right. So this is bidding on keywords in Google to generate leads customers and brand awareness.

Now this is a website that I found a service that I found called kudu IO and they do Google PPC and they have product sized offerings packages for different levels or different ad spend right. So I can go here. Let me go back to their homepage. Real quick: this is what a Google PPC ad. If you don’t know what that is, that’s what this is, if you type in roofers or roofers in Seattle, or something like that, it shows up right here, an ad like that.

So that’s! So that’s what you’d be offering as a service is to help business owners get more leads and customers by setting up these little ads here right go to pricing, you can see they’re different packages. They have three different packages for different ad spins right up to five thousand up to ten thousand, so you can offer this as a service for a specific, vertical or industry and offer from packages here that are productized by limiting the ad spend budget here right.

So there’s so many different ways you can package this up this stuff up and I’m going to create more articles on down on productizing things, but this is just a article to give you an idea of the seven best niches and services to offer right. So this is Google PPC here. Number three is LinkedIn marketing and LinkedIn lead generation. So this is what my agency growth response is based on, which is connecting and using direct outreach and content to generate leads clients and brand awareness.

Now, when we first started, we modeled after this company here lead cookie calm and our service is pretty similar to this. We, you can see their process right here. We optimized our clients profiles, we send outbound connection requests, we send a drip messaging sequence to anyone who accepts that and our goal is to help our clients generate more leads and more sales appointments and more phone calls with whoever their target audience is whoever their ideal Client is okay, so we help them do that through LinkedIn, connecting and sending messages and growing their network and posting content.

Okay, so you can see here, you can do some research, what they offer their pricing, let’s see so a thousand dollars or 950 a month and here’s the deliverables. We have a very similar service to this. We have two different packages as well. You can see what’s being offered here, okay, so this is LinkedIn marketing, LinkedIn, lead generation, number four SEO search engine, optimization pretty much. Everyone knows what SEO is right, but it’s optimized.

If you don’t know what this is its optimizing person’s website and their keywords or their social media profiles to drive organic traffic leads and customers to their business right now again, you’re going to see the key for a lot of these things is focusing on a vertical. So you can see ranking see, oh here they have an SEO service, an SEO agency. They focus specifically on personal injury law firms right so they’re, not just saying I offer SEO to every single industry out there.

They focus specifically on personal injury law firms and I think they do around five million a year in revenue because they’re so focused on a specific, specific, vertical and industry. So that’s the power of really focusing in on a vertical is your message? Is stronger you’ll? Make more money or more profitable, because you’re focused on creating your entire business around a certain industry and speaking directly to them and helping them right in creating a them around that? Okay.

So this is rankings not IO again the juice SEO for law firms in the personal injury space and they do multi millions a year in revenue, because that number, five social media management, creating scheduling, analyzing and managing content across multiple and various social media platforms to drive Brand awareness, traffic leads and customers. This is social, vantage comm and you can see the different packages that they offer here, the only difference or the only change.

I guess I would do for him for them and I don’t know what their revenue levels are or whatever is you see how they’re they’re pretty generic right? It’s the seamless social media hire for small businesses and teams, I might say, maybe social, media management for restaurants, social media management for software companies, social media management, for I don’t know home home-based businesses, our home contractors, or something like that right.

So you want to tailor it to a vertical and your your message is going to be so much stronger and you’re going to have better case studies because it’s going to be all from a specific industry. But you can see here: they’re different packages, they’re different deliverables, they’re posting to platforms like Facebook and Twitter and curating content and creating some content and growing the different social media profiles by posting content on them consistently.

Okay, so there’s a highly valuable, highly profitable service, because you can outsource it for pretty cheap, but it’s very valuable to a lot of small business owners because they want help managing their social media. They don’t know how to create content. They don’t know how to post content. They don’t know how, how and when to do it right. So if you can help them with this you’re going to help them get more leads and brand awareness for their business and they’re happy to pay for this okay.

So that’s social media management number six Instagram advertising Instagram marketing, so this is using paid advertising or organic growth strategies to grow, someone’s Instagram presence and their profile to generate more brand awareness. Traffic leads and customers. Okay. So this is an example. Here am fluence calm. You can see they’re different packages here, 129 dollars all the way up to three hundred dollars a month.

They help you get more organic followers. They help you to engage with your audience right. It’s a cert, it’s a done-for-you type of service where they help you to grow. Your Instagram grow your business on the platform. Okay, so that’s instagram, marketing, instagram growth. I guess instagram advertising is very similar to facebook. Advertising you’re. Just posting your your purchasing ads, based on things like interests on instagram, to generate more leads and customers and you’re paying for that as a service right.

So that’s the difference between an instagram advertising and instagram marketing. If I kind of like be organic types of things to start with, because it’s more profitable and I can still get them an amazing result right. So that’s up to you what you want to pick it’s easy to find white label providers to do either of these things here. Okay. Lastly, content creation and content marketing in the last few years, like creating content and content marketing has blown up because it’s it’s proven hugely valuable.

It takes some time to get traction with it, but it’s so important that you have a content strategy in place for basically for any business and any personal brand. It’s so important to have a content strategy in place. So this consecration and content marketing is creating a marketing content to attract and convert leads and customers and brand awareness for businesses, and this is an example here audience ups.

Com. They do done-for-you email list content and also lead magnet and blog article content right. So their message: better content, better customers, they grow your audience, your email lists and customer base with done for your content right, so there’s an amazingly, profitable and also amazingly valuable service for any business, any personal brand, any individual who’s trying who has a business and wants To make more money online content is such a key part of that okay, so you can see they’re different packages here, standard lights and light plus, and you can see what they offer here – lead magnets research and planning draft you’re drafting their articles new articles.

Every two weeks they edit it they get your your images for it, content upgrades email, newsletters, 10 sócio posts, so they handle a lot of your content. They do a lot of the heavy lifting for you through an all-in-one service here. Okay, again, you can outsource this. A lot of you are probably looking at this like. I have no idea how to outsource this. Well, there’s a lot of white label providers that will do this as a service for you and you just collect the difference from whatever you charge, the client for okay.

So that’s that’s! The goal of drop servicing is to find services that you can outsource so that you don’t have to spend all of your time and energy doing and learning how to do the service yourself. You all you have to do is start the business up. You get a client, you outsource the work to people who are specialists and highly skilled and delivering any of these niches or these services, and you just focus on managing the client, getting more clients and growing the business right.

So I hope this is helpful again. I just went over the seven different niches. Let me go over them. One more time here: number one: Facebook, advertising number two: Google PPC, Google, pay-per-click number three LinkedIn marketing or LinkedIn lead generation. Number four is SEO number five is social media management? Number six is Instagram advertising or marketing, or growth services and number seven content creation content marketing.

These are the seven best niches, in my opinion, for 2020 and eon. If you want to start a drop servicing business from scratch – and you want have the best possible chance at success in getting clients easily and growing your profits and growing your business okay, so I hope this was. How will for you guys, remember these seven niches, go back and read it again if you need to make sure that you’re abiding by these three keys here, if you’re not going to pick any one of these services and if you need inspiration and ideas and help Go to pledge code to do some research on ideas and other digital services being offered by other agencies in the niches that you want to get into okay.

So again, I hope this was helpful if you guys, like this, make sure you like down below and hit that subscribe button. So you see more articles just like this and if you have any questions, leave me a comment. I’r going to answer every single comment and if you have a question about anything in this article or what you want to see next comment below and let me know but anyway, I hope this is helpful for you guys and I’m going to see you in the Next, article take care