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I think we’re all scratching our heads about how these internet people make money online. Now, there’s someone who’s, maybe aspiring to do the same thing. This article is for you, I’m going to show you how to make almost $ 300 a day just from tik-tok, and you don’t need any starting capital. You don’t eat any investment.

You just got ta make content for 15 seconds. If you want to know how creators are able to make money on it, tick tock, all I got ta do – is keep on reading all right guys. First of all, what’s that my name is Jade and welcome to my blog. I have to make a huge disclaimer because I feel really bad. If I don’t say this, so if you’re new here I’m an 18 year old entrepreneur – and I have businesses all about social media and the one thing I’ve learned is if your goal is just to make money and that’s your focus, you’ll never be able to achieve That goal by focusing on it, which means don’t focus on the $ 300 a day like I really could buy literally so many clothes from Urban Outfitters with $ 300.

It could literally pay off rent any month right. If you make $ 3 a day, you could literally get an iPhone 11 and just want to be, though yeah. I know it’s pretty lucrative and pretty exciting, but don’t just have the intention to make money. What I’ve learned is tik-tok is a social media. App that’s built on fans and followers. So if you ask people for money, they’re going to go away, but if you build a genuine relationship and Trust and you’ll have longevity to put out other revenue streams in the future.

So, if you’re looking for a quick rich scheme, I am NOT this article. I would click off and read someone else. Today’s article is actually going to be kind of boring, but I’ll just try to make sure it’s entertaining. I actually brought in a tick-tock expert, Selena killa she’s over 500k up on tick-tock and she hates calling me a tick-tock expert. Well we’re going to pick her brain on how creators are making money on this pot.

So one of the most important ways you guys can make money using tick-tock that we mentioned in this article is selling merch, so Selena. I were talking about opening up a website to sell products. Now, one of the most important things when building a brand is having a memorable domain. Oh, I actually really wanted a website called PBJ com. I was so mad when I realized that the domain name was taken or unavailable.

I actually got PBJ site instead for one of my businesses, I love it says it’s way more short and sleek and perfect for building a memorable brand, so whether you’re someone who’s wanting to start their new tic toc career or sell merch in the future. You can actually use the dot sight extensions for your next website next time. All I got ta do is go to get site or click the link in the description box.

Thank you dot size for sponsoring today’s article don’t get back in today’s article, alright guys. So I’m here with Selena killa, can I call you by that too. I’m here with Selena and Selena is primarily the tic-tock expert we talked to in the last article I wan na see if I can even take down the e boy King. How are you doing? I’m good well today we have a few questions for you, since I don’t know as much.

My first question for you now is: what are the ways people can make money on tick, tock and if so, do you think it’s actually sustainable to make a living? So you can make money through lives so for people who don’t know what our live streams on tick tock. So it’s just like you’re sitting there in your room or wherever you are, and it’s happening in real time and you’re talking to whoever you’re talking to your fans and they have a little button.

They can buy money, buy money, buy gifts which is their money, and it says it to you, and so you basically get gifts and those gifts translate to actual money that you can transfer into your PayPal account. Do they pay you out like every month, because it is like YouTube, Adsense or just a cash out, so you can do a cash out. You have to have 50 dollars, at least in your account to be able to cash out.

I think you can cash up up to $ 1,000 a day and that’s not Wow very cool, so live streams, one revenue stream. What else would you say brand deals for sure? I think brand deals now are coming more into like fruition, just because we were talking about the the sponsor post now, so you have to put hashtag sponsor because it’s more like a serious, concrete thing, because there’s so many people actually getting brand deals, and you don’t Want to like kind of muddle, the lines of actually like.

Is it a brand deal? Is it just something that you like or so, and I saw you recently do like an LED use in an LED like that? Okay, there’s like ways you can integrate. It creatively right, like you, don’t just like hold the product. Do you make on, I think that’s the great thing about tik-tok is that they want you to make articles to catch people’s eyes. They don’t just want you to be like. Oh, here’s a mug buy it because I mean feel like sometimes in YouTube.

You kind of have, like the whole article to kind of convince people to buy a product. You have only like a minute to 16 or 15 years really seconds to make. Someone want to buy it so for my LED lights they said I could post as many articles as I want as long as I tag them or like talk about the light, but I can do whatever I want to see the thing of the tik-tok. I thought it missus person for me as a user.

I, like a founder creator, a lot for example you, but because the algorithm is so like there’s so much content, they give you every single day you can get lost. So I saw that a lot of your followers on tik-tok, followed you an Instagram, so my question, for you is because tick tock might not be the platform to like just make money. Have you found that? Because you could real now pass, are you directing it on other traffic sources? Is that the same thing 1,000 %? Because I don’t think I would have gotten half the brand deals? I did if it weren’t for me connecting my Instagram to it.

A lot of companies reach me through Instagram, because my business email is on there, so they will email me through that or they’ll DM me or anything like that, but usually on tik-tok. Since you have to follow the person they actually message them. You both have to follow each other to have to be able to message, so you fans can’t just randomly message. You like, like Instagram, where you can have like your DMS, that you can’t keep.

They won’t see if you see if that makes sense. So yeah that’s pretty much it yeah. Now I have like 20,000 people, almost, I think, 20,000 on my Instagram, which I did not think wasn’t going to happen. So I guess it leads me to my my third question, which is your own product cuz on YouTube and Instagram. I’ve seen that that’s up their revenue stream is that the same, have you seen tick tock words create merch or their own product.

Before I know a couple of people that create to march through websites or they’re trying to create their own brands or they collaborate and make music for people or they make actual plush toys stickers, anything that you can think of they’re making some people are really creative. They make their entire design or some people just plaster. There use your name on it and what you qualify, but yeah. It’s happening and there’s people that worry that will reach out to you and say I will make your merch for you, because I’ve gotten that plenty of times that I’m not ready yeah.

I don’t want to be one of those people that just plaster something or shirt and then just say: okay, give me money knowing those three revenue streams, the donations, brand deals and then product. Have you seen anyone or maybe personal stories like? Can you make a living off of it? Like is tik-tok enough to make me, do it full-time? What do you say? Yeah sure I think, because it’s opening a lot of doors for people.

I know that another way that people are getting money is actually companies that produce music or have rappers they’ll say: please use this song, make it a trend, we’ll give you $ 300 a post. Well, so it’s not only just merch or anything like that. It’s companies that are trying to utilize these people because they obviously have an influence. That’s like really fast growing and it reaches people really quickly that they can make a trend with that song because there’s so many artists that blown up just from tik-tok.

So I think definitely you can make a living. I know a rapper, he blew up on tik-tok and he says he was barely getting his bills paid and now all of a sudden he’s getting Brandi rose and aside to a record label, let’s just break it down. Like I think you get this advice, I don’t do it for the money, but for people who want to see the potential what’s possible, I’m going to ask. Maybe this is too personal, but like what’s the most, you know that someone has made – let’s say I’d like a one: single live stream, a couple thousand dollars, because there a lot of people, use these tactics to enforce people to pay money.

So they said okay drama. Queen is like the about most. You can pay right. It’s like fifty dollars. Basically, even though tick-tock takes some of that money because they need to make money somehow so they say: okay, I’m wearing this sweatshirt. If you donate three drama queens you’ll get more numbers in a raffle to get this sweatshirt, so they give an incentive yeah, they give an incentive. That’s nice! Fine! I personally don’t do that because I feel like it was a connection to my fans because I have a lot of you know younger fans.

I have a lot of fans from different places and they can’t afford to give me money, but I don’t want to like ostracize them for not giving me donations, because people will ignore you. If you don’t give donations, sometimes I’ve seen tick talkers. That would be like where’s. The donations give me money and those people that doesn’t work well in the long run yeah, because I feel like to me that’s why.

I’m like I make a decent amount of money from tick tock, but I think I don’t make as much as other people because if I did like oh, if you guys give me a drama queen I’ll, add you to my private snapchat. I don’t do that, but I know in the long run I’m going to have fans that actually stick with me because I treated them well right and I think I mean wrong, but like do you feel like brand deals and although donations are great revenue streams there.

It’s less long-term and maybe creating a product will have longevity, because the customer is getting value and it’s a national business where you’re able to scale it. Do you think the direction, maybe your personal going into, is creating your own product for longevity mom wait! It’s like. I told her I mean like doing an interview. Thing is she’s, just like okay, it is definitely not long-term, but I think that this is a running point for people, because I just got a huge brand deal that I can’t talk about, but there’s issues with that.

Already so it’s like crazy stuffs happening yeah, I’m getting brand deals that are like starting to step up, bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, which is great. But I also want to create my own brand, like not just me but my own clothing brand in general, but I know I want, but I won’t be able to get there unless I have my fans to support me so right now, I’m just kind of focusing On I’m going to get as many fans as I want – that’s not true, but it’s like grow, my audience stay connected with them and then they’re going to support me in a long run, because everyone wants me to do merch, I’m not ready for merch.

I know they’ll be waiting for I’m just waiting for a decent team, because the only thing I’m very I don’t want to release something. That’s subpar to come back to this full circle. The laughs there’s been talk about at the mindset because I don’t think you’d ov into that much yet a lot of people see the potential of tik-tok and they want to do because of the money and I’m not even talking about tech.

Talk I’ll talk about YouTube. Instagram they want to do it because of fame and fortune. How do you keep a mind Suzy? I mean quickly from wrong, but I feel like maybe stumble onto this like this was a more genuine passion for you and then you found ways to monetize. Is that what you recommend for everyone like just to create something they like first or like, because so many people like how what advice would you give to someone who wants to do it? I got that question a lot asking like how.

How can I get famous? What do I do, and my answer is always like there’s. This is an app you’re supposed to have fun on create genuine original content that you, like. You can follow. Trends do things like that, but once you start getting analytical and being upset about numbers and being upset that nobody’s viewing your stuff, it’s pointless. People didn’t see my stuff for, though, for a while, and then I had one article about Japan that she blew out and I could have just stopped there, but I kept going because I enjoyed what I do it shouldn’t be about fame.

That’s my point because I didn’t do this for fame. I just got really lucky and I don’t think I’m famous, I just think I’m popular. So, thank you so much for coming on to my blog and I hope you enjoyed it, make sure you give this article a like and subscribe and shout out to the comet winner. If you want to be the next comment, winner comment below I’ll catch, you guys in the next one

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