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I Analysed Your Amazon FBA Listing! – Serious Improvements NEED To be Made!

Okay and there’s a lot to talk about with this listing, and so I’m going to, and if this listing is yours, brilliant this listing isn’t yours, then this article, it’s still super beneficial to you, because you can use the information. It’s going to be general practices that you can use to to implement into your listing as well.

So before we get started, please, like this article, give it a thumbs up and I’ve just looked at my analytics and majority of you guys aren’t even subscribed so definitely subscribe to my blog. If you haven’t already subscribed, my phone is, buzzing is really annoying and it makes it really doesn’t always play in your pocket. Definitely please subscribes this blog. I really think you’ll enjoy it and, like I said, if you haven’t liked this article or anything, then just go ahead and like it and I’ve been trying to play with the YouTube algorithm and see how I could get my youtube to grow a bit faster or Just in general and and I thought maybe sharing articles could be good so know.

If you want to share the article, then I will be eternally grateful, but I don’t expect you to share the article if you don’t want to so: let’s go and again, if you want your product to be and reviewed like this, then leave a comment in the In the description of your link to your product – and I will do it okay, so, firstly, I had a look at where this person was in the ranking so for the main keyword, which is travel umbrella.

They were all the way down here, which is not bad. There on the first page, which is really really not bad. However, we want to get them all the way up into this region. Okay and firstly, one thing you’ll notice is there’s some look at the photos. All these top sellers you’ve got like the box, then it comes in and the umbrella clothes box, I’m going to close box umbrella, close box, I’m going to post boss, I’m going to close.

That’s a horrible horrible photo this one over here. So let’s go and have a look at our listing or not our listing, but listen we’re doing and have a look. So I don’t like this photo. The first photo says everything and firstly, this photo just blends in with the photo next to it, and it’s just not a very good photo, because the best bit about this product is that it looks. This probably looks its best when it’s open.

When it’s closed, it doesn’t look that impressive, whereas something like this, it looks nice when it’s closed. It’s got this lovely like mahogany looking handle. It says real word so that he’s offering to be close like that, whereas our one over here or not our one, but I’m going to keep saying that and this one over here and it doesn’t have a very fancy handle and when it’s closed it looks VIP. So you have to remember the first image is: what’s going to get you clicks onto your page, once your click onto your page and then you can worry about the other images and the rest of the page.

But the reason I’m focusing on just the first image is because if you can’t even get that right, then you’re not going to get your click to your page. Okay, so let’s go onto the image. This is the first image now the Umbrella looks a lot better when it’s open, so I would have. I would be a bit different from everyone else and one else around you. This guy’s got the full image open, but then it doesn’t show that it comes with anything.

This guy has got it open and closed. That is pretty cool image. That is a cool image over here, this red one and this one’s also a good image, but you don’t need all these colors in this little thing is too much. This is a good image. So how about how about changing this first image so that the main part of the image is it open? And then you also have it closed in its little pouch? Okay and this little pouch looks a little graphic, but if it’s real, then than brilliant okay.

So that’s the thing. The first thing is the image, the first image. Now I’m going to look at the rest of the images. Okay and it’s very important – your images are just a so important, I’m not saying it’s a P as a photographer or anything like that. I’m since because when you go to the shop to find product you’ll try it, your fear, is you’ll you’ll see it in person annual respect it a lot, whereas online.

You can’t do any of that sort of stuff, and you have to rely on the images that the seller is providing you and to determine relevant. You want to buy that product and, if they’re, giving you rubbish images well, firstly, you might associate that with it being a rubbish product, but also they give you rubbish images. You can’t really get good understanding or good feeling if the products going to be right.

For you, so the images have got to be spot-on. So let’s sum look at the second image now the second image I actually really really like the second image. It gives you all dimensions, all that sort of stuff, but again the umbrella is so small. Maybe I’m going to bigger how the dimensions bigger and then this bit error this area over here with the iPhone very, very clever, because a lot of people have an iPhone you’ve told them why phone it is, and you said, the weight of that and the size Compared to the weight size of this, so in my mind, what is this bit doing over here on the far left? Why why have you got it on the scales with the way of 295 grams when it says 295 grams? Here you don’t need it twice and another thing which is just little nitpicky is trying to Center that scale so that it’s in between the gap in the UM in the umbrella.

So you can see, there’s a gap here where my mouse is where my mouse is. You can see, there’s like a curve here, try and like centre it make it look nice and likewise, with the iPhone Center is, and if you want, you can have a Samsung there as well, because people used your iPhone or Samsung, but iPhone makes more sense because There’s less of them and it’s just more of a generic phone, so that’s a great image.

This is a weird image, multiple processed double god. It’s very much a graphic, as I don’t really understand what I mean I’m looking at. I assume these all different layers of the umbrella. I wouldn’t do it like that. Our happy umbrella like this and then I have like arrows pointing it, and then I had this and I’ll have each of these different things pointing to part of the umbrella. So you can see all these four layers come together to create this umbrella.

The next one is this: this is a cool image. I like this, it’s a in Messi. You can definitely make this neater make this better makes less fake. That looks like it’s been put there, I’m not sure, because it doesn’t look real this one over here within the pocket, so you can definitely make it better, and one thing I would suggest is try and make your images stars buzzing my phone up like mad okay. I haven’t one thing: you want fun: do the images try and create a story arc so that they start by finding a water product? Is I then think about when you go and try an umbrella right? The first thing is, it was open it you’ll, look at it.

You’ll take out the case. You’ll have a look at it. Maybe you’re open a you close. It you’ll look at the inside to see the quality of the metal strand thingies, so follow that story arc within your images, so people actually feel like they are there triangles product and then, by the time they get to the end. You have it closed again and it’s like usually back on the shop, but you have it closed again and you have a big image of it closed kind of thing and then people are ready to go and buy it now go through all the processes that you Would have gone through in the shop and now liberated by.

That is what you want. So that’s why these image is around. So you got this image. That’s not the first thing people are going to be doing. You’ve then got this image. People don’t even like that. What is that and you’ve got this image, and this is the use image, so this is okay, but again it’s all in the wrong place and then you’ve got this image. This image is cool because it shows it can be used in the rain or the Sun.

However, tell people that, though, just shows them an image right, perfect for rain, perfect for the Sun right, you can write things and likewise, with this one right, you’ve got you’ve, got the umbrella and then you’ve got all these little photos, but give a little description of. What’s going on and these ones need to be a bit brighter, so these black on black ones over here in the bottom, try and read them a bit brighter to get like a flash or a light on that.

So it’s a bit brighter or brighten it in editing programs, because again this is going to be the first thing they look at so this it should probably somewhere out like on the second or third image right, because this should not be so far down. You think what people look for when buying the umbrella, okay and have a little descriptions it needs. Each box over like you’d, be like reinforced what’s-his-face, whatever it’s cool, and then you maybe do like reinforced cage for the umbrella, and then you do like streak.

Free coating like give some more information there. I don’t know about this, one which is super random. I don’t know if it’s real, it looks like it’s been photoshopped, but regardless you can definitely make that better, because it’s super random and then you go back to this one which is like. I said this is a good ending because then they’ve been going by so this is an OK for the last image. So that’s how it looks so those are the images in my mind that they can all be improved.

All of them, I’m moving off for you. My throw me services, because that’s not what this series is about. It’s not trying to sell you anything, I’m just trying to help you and but that’s how I think you could improve your images drastically. I don’t know what your conversion rates are: I’m not going to know what your conversion rates are and but try and do that two images and see if it increases your conversion rates.

The next thing you’ve got is your title. So, let’s have a look: we’ll Vic, Clun mini travel umbrella, pocket, I’m going to fall book compact with flat handle six rib as what’s called the rib lightweight, waterproof sturdy and portable umbrella rain and Sun umbrella. Okay, that doesn’t make any section blue and I’m assuming that will change to black right and then to white, and then all the images will update.

It’s definitely Photoshop a photo anyway and that’s horrible, that’s a horrible title and, firstly, you don’t need to ever repeat words in a title keyword, so you want to try it like have as many keywords you can in title with it making sense. We don’t need to repeat words: you’ve got umbrella, one two, three four four times four you’re wasting for keywords here, you need an umbrella once and now you can go and get our three different keywords.

Why using sync here four times, I understand that travel umbrella is a keyword and pocket umbrella is a keyword, but it doesn’t matter if you use umbrella with the title mesh so waterproof umbrella, even though you haven’t said, what’s proof umbrella anywhere, because you got waterproof and Umbrella in the title, people search that it. What can be considered a keyword so don’t over use one word in your title: it doesn’t make any sense.

Okay, let’s have a look at just another commenter. Some competition won right. So that’s the first image. That’s the second image, third or I would still put that on the second one, because this is like super important, but do you see how bright and close up and and easily you can see this, and you can easily see these details and there? This is what people are going to be looking at when they aren’t looking at the umbrella in their hand, they’re going to be looking all these different things and they’ve obviously got writing telling you all about it.

This person that stupid with the title is what camera just ran out of memory there. So, let’s get back into it, so yeah these people, who also got the umbrella, like the word umbrella in their title three times, which is annoying and it just changed that but anyway, wind proof, travel umbrella, folding umbrella or no clothes or two yeah. This title also horrible: well I’m not doing their listing at the moment, but their images operate so use their images, we’re using them just big ideas.

So let’s go back to your so travel Umbrella Cockatoo. It definitely definitely change title. So what you should do is write a list of 50 keywords. We got relating to your own Brella pick top 20 top 30 in the top 15 to 20 and put them in a sentence. Okay, try and make it makes sense. You can have dashes or commas or like lines like that. You can do that in your title. It’s fine, but don’t do it too much and you still want it to make sense.

So you can be like Vic, loon, mini travel, umbrella, perfect, pocket-sized know the best pocket size for the best pocket size that maybe just pocket size and foldable with a compact and flat handle like that. Whole sentence makes more sense than travel umbrella, pocket and read a foldable compact with a bat handle right, so you want it to make sense. Okay, next you’ve got one review that reviews to get a hard to get now, but try and get three reviews.

Maybe even five reviews your sell price 10 pounds, but it’s good. Eventually, you can probably set maybe 15 16 pounds of the aim, your bullets. Well, I like the little emojis here I didn’t even know you could do that. So you’ve got one up on me and it’s cute. Okay, so you got super mini and portable length weighs only no, no, no, no fast, dry. Okay, the bullet is where you want to convey a story to them.

You really want to sell it to them. So you can be like. When was the last time you were stuck outside without an umbrella and getting absolutely soaked to your core right. You don’t want that happening again and – and you can’t really carry around these large cumbersome umbrellas that are annoying to carry and just there’s no evident to go. So we have the perfect for the solution for you. A compact size travel umbrella, the size of your phone right.

You want something like that where you put an idea in their head, a story in the head of how they’re feeling, and then you fix that feeling with a solution and the solution being your product. You want to do that across all of them served for the UV protection you want to be like. Have you ever been burnt in the Sun before right? Obviously, people have been burning some before and then you will try and tell them about why you want brother is good to prevent that and it’s so on.

Okay, so that’s your those your bullets, you also you need some more stop just by the way. Okay, let’s have a look at what’s next, you’ve got your description, oh okay, so I like the lifetime in twelve month, refund guarantee that’s nice. Thank you for that, make it bigger make it bolder, and that is huge, and people should know about that, because I think that sets you apart and you need to tell a story here, maybe start with a story of how bit clean came about what made you Want to do umbrellas and then tell people about your umbrella, why it’s the best umbrella and how it can fix all their problems then get into the product.

Details. Sorry sorry change that then get into the features and what’s in the package and then the product details the moment this is met right. It’s not very good, and I know most people don’t read the description, but those who do will not buy off the C. In that description, if you can maybe become try and do brand brand registry, and then you can have all the images you know like how it’s really fancy like AC, if they’re doing it, yeah like this right come on.

Look at that! That’s cool right! That’s what you want you can all be making even better than that, but whatever so. Definitely please update this just for the sake of everyone and sorry from being blind here, but I think this could help you and then you’ve got one review, which is a great review and try and get some more reviews like I said, but that is it. I’m sure I could probably break down this listing even more for like another half an hour, but that’s not really what this series is about, because that’s what you would know in the course and stuff and that’s what I would obviously do if you were with us.

But I trust of it just give you that initial help and show you how you can maybe increase your conversions by five or ten or twenty percent, which could be really really good for yourselves, because if you get into sales day, that’s amazing to get for sale. Today and and that’s increasing your conversions by a lot more than 20 % but whatever – and I hope that makes sense – and if you did like this article, please please please give it a thumbs up.

It really helps I’ve been using my likes on my articles of going up, and I really really appreciate it. So definitely do that. Thank you so much for reading. If you want your product analyzed, then leave a comment down below with your product or send me an email, and I will try and get to at some point in the near future. Thanks for reading


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