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AI for social good: Neil Sahota, WW Business Development Leader, Watson Group, IBM

We actually seen a proliferation across almost every industry, so actually see artificial intelligence or to be used in like media entertainment in a talent management like human resources in sports management.

So it’s running the gambit, where we’ll be four or five years from now. To be honest, I don’t know I liken it to kind of like the iPhone that no one could really predicted how much it would change our lives. The you know the profession of apps. I all I will say is that 10 years from now pretty much every product or service will have some component of artificial intelligence to it. So this is a great question.

I think you know everyone will tell. You is probably mix of good and bad to it. We’re primarily emphasized it good, and I think the ultimate thing with artificial intelligence is the ability to actually even remove this whole micro segmentation provide a more personalized experience and that could be advertising, but it can also be healthcare. Thinking about that, you can now prescribe the right. You know drug for treatment, app for you, based on your genetics based on your age, health, history and appropriate.

It does so. I think this will be quite the game-changer and I think in terms of socialization. Hopefully, it will free up people to work on more complex tasks. More talk, more complex type of thinking, just progress, the human experience. That’s a good question. I mean our goal is not to take away jobs. Well, some jobs be automated, probably, and we’ve already seen some of that like in the fast food industry, but not because of AI.

I think we have to do is prepare ourselves for jobs of tomorrow. I think we’re moving away from like, if you were think peer requirements to more interactions. How do we actually test those types of things? How do we actually come up with these great ideas? I think for the future people for future workers tomorrow, the photos have to be more on one of these. We called machine learning, cognitive thinking as well tell this type of skills.

I think the ability to think critically and actually come up with new ideas and do deeper analysis is, what’s really going to be the driving force. Absolutely right. This is all cutting-edge. It’s new stuff, we’re learning things as we go forward. I think that we need policies. We need you know, a standard set of best practices so that we’re all working towards the same goal and to make sure that we are doing things that are for benefit of society, not just kind of random events.

I I think that there’s some obviously feeders out there, maybe some are justified. Some are unjustified. Change is hard for everybody, but could some of this stuff being misused potentially, depending on what people really do? I mean we’re. Obviously, we as IBM are not trying to do in these things, but I think we do need. We need some levels of standards, some levels regulations again so that we’re on the same page that there’s a unified understanding of what’s appropriate and not appropriate to use artificial intelligence for sure absolutely so, responsible, XPrize competition.

So we’re really trying to get people to think more about the you know: artificial intelligence of the next wave, and so we’re working here to actually figure out what those big ideas big products actually be and to motivate them, obviously offering the XPrize we’re partnering with IT. We’re partnering with Ted to try and facilitate the understanding, the awareness and the building of these ideas.

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