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$50/HR! Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage Items! ANYONE CAN START!

Doing amazon FBA now that five hundred bucks a month, that’s also using Amazon, FBA, so read the first part of the article and the second parts going to make a lot more sense. Let’S get into it, okay into the dollar tree to buy some stuff to sell for money.

We got to get a cart, though, ideally one with two handles, because one handle ain’t going to work into the seasonal holiday section all that stuff. We don’t want at fourth July – that’s for next summer, but this stuff right here, mmm Thanksgiving, mashed, potatoes, harvest, Halloween owls. All this stuff, and so we’re going to scan this now and see what we can sell, because I bet you something’s worth money yup right, there foam fall, a corn making is 225 profit, but that is not including the the cost price.

Now here’s the feed breakdown. You can see very cheap and then put the $ 1 buy price in there. Our cost we’re still making a buck 25 per sale. This here ha more holiday stuff, a stick with with words on it: family friends, it’s worth some money but read out not a lot of going to sell, might be better on eBay, cuz of the keywords this one Day of the Dead, something in Spanish. I can’t say, but please please please let me know how it’s pronounced.

I think they’re awesome, look really cool, really nice, pretty high-quality for a dollar store, but sadly worth nothing. It doesn’t know, he’s the cool stuff. You got to scan everything, scan these Hot Wheels right here, except don’t scan the barcodes look up the name individually. The barcodes are not going to work you’re going to have to look up the item by its title. This one is the Hot Wheels Skullcrusher glow-in-the-dark diecast car, okay, we’re selling a few a month and it is profitable, but there’s only one worth it.

Yes, I think so and what I’m going to do beyond this is look for more of these skull. Crusher beasts, wheel, beasts or whatever they’re called do we have one yeah one more back there and I’m sure there are a lot more, but don’t just take my word for it. Look up everything like this: a baja Blazers, Oddie cuatro. It’S worth money, I’m not going to scan all the cars, because that might tank a lot of the listings.

But just on your own go to Kroger, go to Walmart, go to the dollar, store, go to Rite Aid and look up the Hot Wheels cars, because, if you’re buying for a dollar and so on for 10 bucks, the money – it’s not easy, it’s not hard! It is easy, it’s easy money. What am I saying? Let’S keep this train running folks back in the toy section, other side of the aisle – nothing good here, it’s all private label junk that anyone can make.

But what’s this in the corner, I spy down there hiding from me like an animal, you see, see blah blah blah one punch man, little bag toys there, little Clips for a backpack or whatever they are. This is a well known brand. I’M going to buy all of these and sell them around Christmas. I feel great about this because of the branding and the size and weight and it isn’t a Dollar Tree article without soap.

Now, why do I add soap? I’Ve had seven buddies about soap because look up this right here, dawn Platinum. I have tanked the listing a dozen times and it’s still coming back, it’s still profitable. You can still make a lot of money selling Dollar Tree soap, each of those little dips on that chart. That’S a sale, hundreds and hundreds of these a year you’re going to make some money after soap on two cereals.

Now my Dollar Tree. Not all of them have this: they have General Mills, overstock cereal. What’S the kicker! Well, when you scan these, you get a look up, not only the price but they’re going for it, but also flip it over and look at the barcode or look at the the top coat. I mean that’s the barcode see when it expires and this cereal. Ah well, it’s close now the rules Amazon is you want to have at least four months shelf life, hopefully six months, that’s what they recommend you doing these cereals.

If they only have two months to go, I would not send them in. I would do a babe because, generally with discontinued food items, you’re going to have an easier time, selling past expiration date, ones on eBay and at all dollar trees. Have these cereals, but remember that advice, because it is applicable to many many many different kinds of things you might buy. Okay, we got the items now back to my warehouse, where I’m going to tell you how to make money off these, how to prep them everything.

You want to know and then how to make seventy thousand dollars a year doing this. Okay, we’re back in the warehouse, and now I’m going to explain to you how to make that money. With these items now you got a Selma Amazon, so you’re going to list them you’re, going to prep them and you’re going to send them in listing them as simple they’re all new items, so you put a sticker over the back barcode.

If you’re saying, what do you mean by that, I have a article that goes through every single step and I have it below in the description so read that prepping for new items is very simple: they’re not going to break with the exception of. Maybe if we had bought that skull thing, so you just put them in a box, make sure they’re packed nicely and send it ups to Amazon. How much does that cost? Luckily, amazon has negotiated rates just for you that you can use if you are sending things to amazon you’re, going to pay about a quarter a pound.

If you have a fifty pound box, so you want to make sure the load is big, not a small load because obviously, as the loads get smaller. If it’s one item it’ll cost like five dollars, it was fifty items, it’ll cost. You know a quarter, an item. If you’re doing the quarter per pound – and that makes sense right and then amazon stores them, they keep them in their warehouse and they ship them out and do you pay shipping? No, the customer does that’s how Amazon Prime works.

Amazon. Prime sellers are most usually FBA. Sellers, and so what they’re saying is the reason we can get this product to you in one or two days is not because we have 10 million. You know UPS guys it’s because we have these items and we have these integrated supply chains, where it’s very easy for us to take this item from a big warehouse as Juliette Illinois put it on a UPS truck or our own amazon truck or a USPS truck, And get to you in two days: that’s why these items cost so much more, really, you’re, not the persons not paying you for soap.

I mean they are, but don’t look at it that way, they’re paying you to get them soap in one day where that is press the button and go you’re almost like a personal shopper in a sense don’t think of this as ripping someone off because you’re making A 600 percent ROI on your item, because that really doesn’t take into consideration how any store sells their items. No one is selling things at cost, everyone’s, adding their own value, some way with the allocation or convenience, or maybe it’s a rare item who knows these? Are all things that are used to provide value and that value is well? You see it.

Obviously, when you can sell things for more money, it’s because they’re worth more to that person, so think of it. That way, if you’re uncomfortable with aspects of capitalism, because well there’s a million reasons, you might have those opinions. But if you are don’t focus on the ROI, because those are just you know, kind of nebulous numbers that really have no meaning outside of comparing one cell to the other.

Think of it, as what am I doing that’s worth five dollars more than going into the store to buy it. There’S a lot of people out there. Who’D pay you five bucks go to the dollar store to buy them a soap, a lot of people. When you phrase it in the way of Amazon, FBA mailing it to them, suddenly they think it’s a big deal. So don’t don’t be like that? I think that’s probably as succinctly as I can put it.

You know watering it down, but that’s how this works. Now, how about that seventy thousand dollars? How do you do that? Using these things? Well, first of all, you’re not going to be buying dollar store items you’re going to see in the article. Even I didn’t scan all the items because I don’t want to ruin those listings, because sometimes a lot of people read these articles, so all those Hot Wheels cars, for example, go back and scan those beyond that, though, beyond dollar stores.

Because, very rarely are you going to have a dollar store item sell for more than ten bucks and ten dollar transactions. We, if you have a lot of them to get six thousand dollars a year, but what you should do is think of it. This way I want to make 70 grand a year – let’s say: 72 grand it’s easier. That way. That’S six thousand dollars a month right, six times, 12 is 72. So how do we do that? Well, we’re going to have to sell 60 products a month that make us a hundred bucks.

You know two hundred thirty, etc, etc. How do I do that? Will you begin scanning things where else, what places are like the Dollar Tree walmart is? Can you buy things at Walmart and Celt from our money? Yes, absolutely you can. I have articles on that thrift stores. Can you buy fifth store things used items and sell them on Amazon to make huge profits? Yes, you can. I have that, on my youtube, blog too, I have all these things that make me more than 70 grand a year.

Now I have a warehouse costs. I have all these other costs. That are my own fault, I’m not a great seller. I just can explain this to you in a way that I hope you can learn from this. What Amazon, FBA does is you’re, not storing things. You don’t have to be dumb like me, and I have a warehouse you’re not dealing with customer service because they handle that you just buy the items prep them and again.

I have articles on that below and mail them to Amazon using their heavily discounted rates. They store it, they ship it out and, yes, you are sometimes paying a 40 % fee which seems crazy to the uninformed. I guess, but when you look at it 40 % not to store items not to pay shipping on individual items not to deal with customer service, it tends to make sense that way. You know, of course, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but when you want to make 50 grand more year 70 grand more year, you have to think okay.

What are ways that I can just use existing systems like Amazon’s fulfillment network, to scale up my own personal business, and that’s how you do it. Thank you so much for reading hope the article was helpful. I have a lot more about Dollar Tree finds about thrift, store, finds about how to make money about how to control your future, and I want you to be hopeful about that, because, if you’re someone who feels dismayed at their current options, I want to help you Out I want to help you if you want to help yourself.

That’S the whole thing about this blog. I want to provide information, so people can go out there and take control their lives. If you like that, if you believe in that message, please subscribe. Tell your friends about this blog and I’ll see you guys later, and you know again, if you want to make some money, this is a great way to do it.

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