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HOW TO BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Marketing Tips for Businesses at a Mastermind

Soho Soho college basketball, hey Kelly, Garcia. We need an elevator we go. Insanity is Kelly here. Oh I’ve been telling you guys it’s my birthday, it’s that right yeah. I expect this to be a phenomenal conversation exploration in terms of what we’ve all learned together and how we can be supporting each other and really leveling up our game in our life and in our work in our communities and our families.

I didn’t even know I was supposed to talk about personal branding. No, I’m kidding, I’m teasing you so hello, everyone, I’m Brian, I’m very grateful to be here. Thank you to Kelly for organizing these amazing group of people. I basically spend all of my time thinking about branding and thinking about how we can you know. I have several different thesis, — iz, that I try to live my life by, and I do want to make this as interactive as possible, but I’ll just take him way up.

You know in terms of macro thinking, I think that we’re living in the best time to be alive as a human being, and I think that yeah we have things that are not going so well in the US and in the world. But if you think about 50 years ago or 100 years ago, the things that our great-grandparents were dealing with the Black Plague, you know starvation. I think that things are really really improving and I think that we as humans are good.

I mean we have the capacity every single day to hurt each other and at large we don’t, and so you know, my macro thesis is like. I think that we are great people and I think that we have are living in a very exciting opportunity with the technology age that we live in, and I think that creating a personal brand, if you want it, is the smartest self investment that you can make And so you know I work with.

I have a branding company I started at six years ago. We work with some of the biggest brands in the world Intel salesforce.Com, KPMG you’re, not European United Nations, as well as smaller companies startups entrepreneurs. Actually, one of my favorite clients is in the room right now Time Inc, which is a incredible biotech company traded on the Nasdaq solving Stage. Four pancreatic cancer in a non-toxic way.

And I think that you know all of us whether it’s our company or organization or our law firm or our book, or are just story of selfless giving thing. We all have a story to share, and I think that what’s exciting for me about that is you can actually monetize that now you know, and in the past it was either. You chose between working, a crappy job at the bank that you didn’t really like to make eighty five thousand dollars a year to pay for the apartment in the to kids school, and you were basically at a three or four out of ten happiness scale, because the Alternative was do what I love and don’t make any money.

I think it’s flipped, I think now it’s like you actually have a much much much better chance of making a lot of money doing what you love, because the variable that no one really thinks about is yeah. You have to the skill and the talent, but the thing that separates you and I is if we’re basically the same amount of talent and you love it you’re going to spend 18 hours a day doing it, I’m going to spend nine and you’re going to win And you should win, and so the variable is the time that we put into it right, and so that’s that’s how I think about why I care so much about branding.

Everyone has a story to tell whether you’re solving you know the most horrific disease or whether you’re you know trying to sell a pen. You know why and I’m fascinated with the why behind the story – and so I would actually be very curious since in the in the sake of interactivity, for this for this group to know if you have a personal brand, if you want a personal brand and what Kind of frustrations or questions or concerns do you have.

Maybe you want to sell more books right yeah? So what can like? How does that look? Maybe you want to get more speaking like we have a chance to just talk for a minute cuz. You know you wouldn’t stop talking to Thomas, but maybe you want to. Maybe you want more speaking engagements. Maybe you want your personal brand to be more aligned with you know, as known as an international speaker, that’s kind of that’s what I’m hoping to gather from you guys and gals like.

Where are you? What do you want, but I think it’s: how do i? How do I present myself to the world in a way that’s consistent with how I actually want to be spending my time right? If it’s, if it’s the purse, if it’s the professional brand, then it’s? How do I present myself in a way that attracts the people that I want to buy my stuff or attracts people that I want to pay attention to what I’m offering? Maybe I’m not selling anything right now? Maybe I’m offering free clinical trials for a treatment.

You know, and I want to spend, send more people there or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe it’s listen. I have a job and kind of like you know have it. I have a job in Ernst & Young, I’m a senior executive Alva, but I would also love to do more of this stuff. I’d also love to do more speaking. I would like to do more empowering the youth. How do I do that or you know, maybe not even how do I do that, but that’s where I’m at and then what I’d love to do is kind of context that, where you’re at and then maybe offer some tips, that I’ve been able to see that, Where they work for clients and individual influencers and cultural influencers and brands, so is that helpful if tomorrow woke up and all my financial needs were like met, I’m good for the next 20 30 40 50 years? How would I spend my days? What would I be doing, Who am I you know, and so in with that you we can start to really start thinking about.

Okay, then, to your point, Howard, how can I start to spend? How can I actually, if I had all the money in the world, how would I spend my days and then that’s step, one which is easy and then step two which is hard, which is why 99 % of the world doesn’t actually do this is now it’s Time to meet for me to actually start filling my days like that, it’s a very different thing right. So why don’t we just go around the room, really quick and just kind of like tell me where you’re at with that, and then I do want to do like if you have practical questions that you’re in your mind and that can kind of shape the way That I talked about this and now can you do what you want to do, not quite love and I’ll stay with it, even when I move to another job? Okay, so it’s almost like you want to create you like the way that I’m looking this is you want to basically create a personal brand for yourself that will lead you into that next opportunity.

So you have an opportunity to create a personal brand. You can basically create your own job right now, while you have the other job quietly on the side, that’s going to look almost exactly like what you want to have next. That would be my that’s like my quick take on what you can do, which is start writing articles right now about how you see it going because here’s what will happen – and maybe this is just the easiest instead of going around and like maybe I can just Like listen, then we can make any kind of like jam, but job.

Thank you. I know I know so so so I would say a couple different things for you right and, and is why don’t you start becoming a thought leader on this right now, there’s nothing holding you back from that right through articles put them on, LinkedIn put them on Medium here just going to happen, this one’s going to read one they’re going to have the job that you want they’re going to say, I want to hire her.

It’s pull marketing right. This is another kind of theme that I talk about. I guess I didn’t even really talk more, so doesn’t matter yeah. This is core it, so so pull marketing is. When people come to you. This is what happens to me. I have a man right here. His name is Mao say hide him out. Guys mouth follows me around during the day: okay and he films me and you guys, might all think Bryan you’re a narcissistic piece of great that and that’s what everybody thinks and that’s fine.

But here’s the thing that here’s the difference, what what I’m really doing right now is proving the future of personal branding. You know in a way that tests a theory on myself with my own money in my own energy. In my own time right, I actually think that what we’re doing right now and we’ll put this will make a cool article for Kelly Kelly will be happy that I’ll help her with her mastermind connect will put this on.

My YouTube page will put this on my Facebook page and, what’s going to end up happening is – and it’s happened already – I’ve closed literally tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars of business. Because someone said, I saw your article on YouTube and I want to know if you’ll come, make a six-part article series for the department for the dry cleaning Association of America about marketing.

I have never heard of the dry cleaning Association of America. That’s pull marketing and that’s what you should do right pull marketing is, you know, push marketing is the old way it’s dead, knocking on the door, emailing, cold, emailing, cold, emailing, LinkedIn spam all day long. You know hey and then in some cases they even forget to change the word name to like your actual name. You know: hey name, you are a perfect person for my new business, I’m like yourself, you know, like you know, you didn’t change the name, Thomas bro.

You know, and so I think that you have a chance right now, start making articles start, putting up articles start thinking through start a podcast start a podcast right now, where you interview people that you think are doing it well, and this isn’t throwing your organization on The bus – this is just you simply offering another way of thinking about things. I would find the five to 10 to 15 to 20 top leaders right in your organ, your mood in your world that you respect and I would have them on your podcast they’re, going to share that podcast with all their network, which is by the way, the Right network for you to get yourself into that world, that’s what I would do! That’s how I would think about personal brand from your perspective, create your own job right now, while you still have an income, so start small, do one article and then and then real then read that article into a phone and uploaded as a podcast and then read That article on a article and upload it to a YouTube, I’m serious right start with the article start, the article, but here here’s the other thing that I think is important for everybody.

That’s thinking about this and any capacity distribute that content across all the places that people are paint like everyone says people buy from people they what they trust. But that’s not true because before I can trust you, I have to know you, people Bible do they know and people buy from people. They remember right. People buy from people, they trust I can’t buy. I trust him because I know him.

We see each other once a month for the last four years. I know him and he’s memorable, I know you and you’re memorable. I know you and you’re memorable. There are people that you know that are like what was that guy’s name again, and he did the thing what he does you, we all we’ve all been there right, you’re, never going to buy from that guy or that girl cuz. You came from more than name people buy from people, they know and are memorable, so you have to make people know you by putting your stuff out there, and you have to be memorable, your stuff being good and that’s just kind of a principle throughout all of It your story’s amazing, your story’s amazing.

Your stories like the stories are amazing, but now, where do they live? Because what happens with most of us? Is they don’t live anywhere? It’s the first time ever told this story. How long you guys on each other right? They don’t live anywhere, let them live in the world and just read what happens, pull marketing. It all comes to you. It all comes to you. It all comes to you. I don’t mark it at all.

I have so much business coming in right now. I don’t mark it at all content and we put it everywhere that makes sense for evil yeah. I can give you my best advice right now for free, so here here’s what I would think – and this is like the value. I think I think the value of why I’m here like hoping to do this for all of you right that there’s two different things that you said that we’re really interesting to me.

So I’m listening to every single word, you’re saying and my head’s going. The first thing is: maybe what you need is a Critias is a sales partner yeah, you know so there’s there. You know a lot of people struggle with this there’s art and there’s numbers, and it sounds like you’re an artist, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a saleswoman which is fine and the fact you’re identifying. That is already shows me that you’re like tapped into yourself and that you’re already one step closer to winning, because most people are naive to the fact that they suck at sales and then they so the soap.

But that’s like I don’t and, and, and you know, if you don’t want to do it, you’re not going to do it so like recognize, but there’s a couple there’s well, it depends if this is. If this is how yeah it’s self-aware, exactly if you, if you’re paying the bills with this, then yeah you suck at it like? So so you know, but here’s the thing there’s a couple different things. The first thing is find yourself, a partner that, like there are people out there, that I love to sell things.

I love it. There are people out there that love to sell things. They would be happy to sell your product if they believe in it right. That’s the first thing, but the second thing is: I think, that yours, the way that you just the energy that I got from you guys your I can tell you believe in your product. You tell me that you believe in your product. I can tell so that’s the that’s the part where 99 % of people fail, because they’re selling something they don’t actually believe in and it shocks me when I talk and I talk to senior level executives and I’m like.

What’s the deal your sales are going down and they’re, like, I don’t believe in this product and I’m like, but you make 1.8 million dollars a year to believe in this product and they’re like I don’t so you’re the money is actually not going to be enough To motivate you to sell the thing that you don’t believe in I’ve, seen it time and time again, what I will say is this you’re still in the push marketing mentality so you’re talking about you, you just gave me three ideas that I think that if you Execute a smart Facebook ad strategy you’ll make six figures in the next 12 months without selling anybody.

Here’s what you said to me. You said I want. I want to get into more corporations and I’m starting to do that for anyone. That’s trying to sell anything. A book anything trying to get your podcast in front of the right people Facebook’s ad platform right now. I don’t know how much of how much time you guys spend actually how many have ever run a Facebook ad campaign in this room, cool half of you.

How did it work? Yes, it worked. No, it’s! Okay, not really because artistic things perfect, so you haven’t sold so you haven’t been to sell. So let me tell you exactly what you should what you should do to sell your course or your conferences or you as a speaker or as a consultant. You can actually target so I I would create various pieces of content. If I were you, though, the woman that told you about the military opportunity, the veteran I would start I would.

I would do that. I would offer that I would record that I would put it up on my Facebook professional page and then I would target that same article too. So read this we’re doing this right here, this mastermind I’ll put it up. On my, I have a public page on Facebook will upload this article to that public page it’ll live there and it’ll get hundreds and hundreds of organic views, and that’s great.

Sometimes thousands and tens of thousands just depends, but I’m I’m more interested in taking control over the tools that exist. So what I could do is I could literally publish this article and boost this article. There’s a button that says boost post. That’s how you run a Facebook ad, if I’m talking in a way that you guys like what is this guy talk, it turns into response bad and I’m. I would focus it on every single military there’s a place that says interests.

I would put every single military group in the country in that interest box. Now, what’s going to happen, is you’re going to spend 21 dollars in it in front of 5 to 7,000 relevant military people in the US, and one of those 7,000 people is going to be like? Oh, I want to do that for me here. That’s number. One number two same idea with the corporation’s: you can actually target employees of the newspapers, employees of Ernst and Young you’re, going to show up in Kelley’s feed, imagine Kelly’s the Human Resources person or the person that’s in charge of bringing in outside speakers.

You can target that on Facebook and now, all of a sudden, your 30-minute corporate speech that you were going to do anyway is in front of 1,800 of the decision-makers across America in the corporate positions that you want to speak to anyway. No, I do the whole thing. I’d put the I’d put the whole thing up, so they know exactly what they’re getting no surprises. Here’s! What I do, here’s, what you’ll get do you want it or not? You’ve brought in 15 shitty speakers in a row.

Here’s the 30 minutes that you get with me right, you make. I see, people smiling like it’s really happening, that’s a huge thing for you and then the third thing is the middle school thing. You run an ad, you do the middle school thing. You do! The article take 30 minutes, 20 minutes 15 minutes up, and you run it against the principals and the teachers at every Middle School. In New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, you will get more invitations to speak, and your call to action is message me book me and it takes them to your direct message or to your website where you sell your stuff and that my friend will help you Build an actual business without having to sell anything right now on a camera and see who that starts to attract.

You can only be yourself now. If you don’t want to be out there, then that’s a different story, then you don’t, then you know I never tell. I actually don’t think most people should do the whole like filming all day. Every day thing. I think that’s it’s a ton of work. You have to be on all the time, but like it’s, my truth like I’m. Actually, this is this, is me, and so it works for me. If that’s not your truth, don’t do it, you know, and so the branding thing is weird I mean that’s, that’s your individual opinion, which is fine, but the the branding thing is like, even if, in order for you to do what you want to do, you have To have a brand in order for you to do what you want to do so if you think that it’s I want to be behind the scenes, then why don’t you turn the grapes of the your favorite wine into the lead character of all your content? I’m serious finally find the Malbec grape.

I don’t even know I mean I don’t know anything about wine, but like find the grape of your favorite wine and let that grape be the person that it’s like the ghost of Casper Casper mattresses is there. I don’t know the CEO of Casper mattress. Is this it’s a ghost so find them. So so let it be a grape for you and let that be the the thing that drives the entire brand. You can be the brains behind it, the architect, behind it, to make sure that we’re doing right by the world and we’re not used.

I agree with you like this is terrible right, but but the alternative is like you saying this is terrible, isn’t helping anything if it’s just you saying it’s terrible at a table for people, it’s a big thing. If you say this is terrible and here’s what I’m doing about it and I’m documenting that in the process, because what I can tell you is people will attract to that and you will start to a tree.

You will start to build your tribe right and then let your try like – and it’s like – and I would also even say here, are my beliefs. I think that I think there’s a lot of things that are going wrong in the world. I think we should start creating more thoughtful brands, and I want to start with these with these grapes and this wine and I’m going to show you the process of, and then you become almost a meta brand, meaning I’m going to show you the process of how You build a brand doing good, it doesn’t matter if it’s wine or bottles of water or tea or notebooks.

It’s the theme of building a brand doing good. That becomes your brand, you know, and so that and if that’s because that’s ultimately what you have deep down inside of you, whether it’s the wine or the Russian or whatever you see, there’s a lot of that. You want to mend so use that as the driving force behind the brand and document that brand and then people sort of said, oh he’s, the guy that did that whole.

Like you know the great thing, but what was more interesting and then the great thing was how he showed us every step of the way here, our employees, here’s how we treat them. Here’s what the grapes come. Here’s the fertilizer that we don’t use, here’s the organic soil, here’s the property, here’s my family business. You know what I mean, that’s how I’d think about it see so a couple different things.

You know this is maybe obvious or maybe not obvious. When I, when I first heard a coaching practice, what I did was, I did two different lists. The first was a list of my dream team clients and I would contact them and I would do I would send them in their house like flowers, and I would stalk them on Twitter see what they cared about and send. I sent one guy like a jersey that actually worked. The second thing is find the three or four or five or seven or eight clients.

You’ve had already asked them two questions. Number one: can you refer someone else to me number two, which most people don’t do, which is what else can I help you with, because you already have that trust and what what you’re going to find is they’re like. So you help me with my day-to-day planning. Now I’m ready to do X, I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me with that, and hopefully the answer is yes right.

It’s like I’m actually ready to share my story. I want to write my bio on LinkedIn and I don’t know how to do it yeah, I’m sure, and then all the sudden, you go back to your eight of their clients and say: hey. Have you thought about writing a bio on LinkedIn yeah? But I don’t know how you have eight more new. You have eight more hours for this week and then that that momentum continues to build and then before you know it, you have.

Six years later, you have like a digital service agency. That’s exactly my story. I started out coaching people on public speaking. I was a speechwriter for Bloomberg’s administration in New York City before I left to start my own thing, and so then that seemed like a really easy transferable skill. I went to San Francisco and I started coaching executives on public speaking. That was how I started.

I was a public speaking coach six years later, this we’re doing clients all over the world, so it builds up, but just focus. Some people are trying to network and meet new people and new people, but we have 8 to 10 to 20 people right for your face. The other thing I would say – and this is something that actually I will plug if Thomas the immense amount of credit for find one or two or three or five champions – people that believe in you so much that will do anything to bring you business.

That’s what he does for me find your champions Jesse I can guarantee you have them and take them out to dinner and say listen. I need your help. I believe in this so much. I know how much I’m benefiting. This is a real issue in our society and I need you to help me find business, no one’s going to say no to that cause that you’re doing it’s not like you’re trying to like build the plastic bottle company of America.

I know Vito would probably the CEO of that company and then one more quick thing that I know I know we’re moving on, but I would do all of it. Every single piece of content that you create from now on on any social media platform should say at the end of it. Contact me for a free consultation, everything and then you do a 15 minute consultation and you give them your absolute best stuff in 15 minutes and at 15 and here’s the key Jesse cut it off.

When you hit 15 they’re not going to want to stop when you hit – and I used to do this up 15 min – and there was ninety two minutes later and I was like – I just lost the you know at 15 – cut it off and then say: if You want to keep going with this. I have a 1 to 4 part package. I’m happy to talk about this is some of this is some of the idea of what you’ll receive working with me your best on 15, but every piece of social content says contact me for, and every single bio in every single social platform that you have booked Me for your free Pepsi collect it, connect it to a calendar or one of these.

You know automated apps, where you can update your calendar. So it’s it’s there’s, no friction. They can go in there here. The three days here: the 15 minutes boom 3:00 to 3:15. 4:40 and then all the sudden, this week you have 17 new fruit, 15 medical station, one or two of them turn into a client. There’s your nut for the next month or two and you keep and it’s just just keep being scrappy for as long as you can so a couple.

It’s a great point, there’s a couple things. I’d say the first thing is you can do one or two things you can if it sounds like, if Jesse is looking for more clients, I’m assuming you have time right. So if you have the time to do it, then do it if you’re in a place where you don’t have 15 minutes or you can’t take five hours out of your week and maybe that’s where you’re at I don’t know. I don’t know what your schedule looks like, but maybe you don’t have five hours to do that.

What you can do, then, is you can say, learn more about my services here. You send them to a page where you actually ask them to fill in information if they’re not interested, they won’t. They won’t take one second to fill out an intake form and that intake form can be. What is your biggest goal? How much are you willing to spend? You know what is your monthly investment range? What have you tried in the past that has do four or five questions that are pretty basic and if you can’t even take the time to fill that out, then I’m not going to waste, not even always 15 minutes with you.

I love your title. Your book, by the way, that’s great that’s a stanford project and I think you’re, a hundred percent right like you need to own your power. You know like don’t when I hear i’m going to go, get an MBA, i’m like oh you’re lost and then that’s my own opinion and i’m sorry. If I offend anyone here for that, but like I’m like, oh you don’t know what you want to do. That’s why I went to law.

I was like I’m going to law school like I want to be. I wanted to be the mayor of New York City and as a good seal you’re going to you go to law school. That’s why I would say last week I want to be the mayor of New York City and like didn’t. Well, I don’t let’s too many people you have to please with anyway, but I just man I just I really see, but but you go to Stanford and you say like this is my: this is my project for the year yeah, it’s the next book.

It’s the next documentary you you’re going to hire me to do this, for you and and also do your program and like, but you don’t need to destroy my insane anything. Do what you want by the distraction of the program for a year just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons? Not because you need a break or you know, I’m saying yep, that’s cool, so if it feels good for you good, for I just don’t want you to lose momentum.

Yeah you’re, amazing, I mean we’re going to be searching for voice, saves us time. You know. Buy me more water and the water shows up in the your house to you we’re just going to be a car is going to. We see things through audio as a time saver I can. I can Joey, you can drive your kids to school and listen to your podcast. You can take a shower and listen to your podcast. You can cook or you know, smash grapes and listen to a podcast, but you can’t read a article.

That’s why podcasts are going to win every single piece of content that you produce from now on has to be like, be an early user of our app or be the first to know when our app is ready and you collect the name in the email and Then three months from now, six months from now, you already have a thousand or 2,000 or 3,000 or 5,000 people, and in the meantime, what you can do is for the next every week for the next six months.

You set you, keep the people warm, you can’t collect her name and her name of my name and all of a sudden like six months from now is the first time I hear from you like who’s Dan right so every week you should do something for them. Surprise them send them is going on around learn any language. Duolingo really also do duolingo. Not yet. Oh, it’s dueling, sorry out there getting a lot of buzz, so you can do that because I have waste and YouTube.

I have already some good. You have some yet that I could promote my app, but the only thing that’s stopping me from ever. You know. Is this somebody’s going to steal my idea? No, you don’t need the patent it I mean. You know it’s nothing to steal your idea. Here’s the thing! Here’s there’s two there’s two big problems: everyone is this, I’m so happy that you’re saying that cuz everyone is so scared of everyone’s stealing their idea.

There’s two things to think about number one. Your idea doesn’t mean anything right now, because so she could. I can steal your idea now: do I have 80 hours a week to dedicate to actually building it? No, so I can’t study it second thing: is this the reason and the only reason that people are going to download your app is because number one they want to learn about flamingo, music and guitar, but number two and much much much more important? Why not going to buy your book and not the other hundred books out there, because I, like you and I, like you and you’re, a good dude and I’ve known you for like a year now and you’re a good dude and I’m going to support you.

So if I Spade 399 on your app, even if she steals your idea, I’m still giving you three I’ll give her for you, 99 I’ll, give you three ninety-nine and I’ll use the one, that’s better. So the reason that I’m so I I believe so much in the personal brand is because the only way for someone to like you is to know you people come, we were in Guatemala. Two weeks ago I was given the conference there. I had a hundred people come up to me.

I’ve been I’ve spent five days in my entire life in Guatemala. I had 100 people come up to me and say your articles are really helping me. I’m here today to meet you and I’m like from where, like oh, I took a bus to up from two hours from here to me and I’m just like Wow. This is like that was one of the times where I was like this is real. This is like, why listen? Why do you go to concerts of people? We’re not? I can buy your music online.

Why did we go to your concert? Because I liked you and the only way I like because we you’re married and like I knew you from her but like what about the people who don’t know you know, people thought 8 billion people out there that need that. You know that’s why. I really think that all of your content should start to go out there and connect to a mailing list, and then you take the time over the next three to six months to let people get to know you here.

I miss my wife, it’s Kelly and we’re here today in Brooklyn. This is where we look down that we live in Brooklyn and for those who don’t know about Brooklyn Brooklyn awesome, you just start educating people about the Flamingo scene in Brooklyn, start interviewing people and then every week you give some and then, by the time your app Drops everyone’s going to be like yo, this guy has been giving me so much value for the last six months.

I’m going to buy it and share it like people have it wrong. People are like here’s, my app buy it, I’m like who are you here’s my product, buy it here’s my speech by it. Here’s my book buy it I’ll, buy 25 of your books. Now that I heard the story, but if I don’t hear the story and since we can only do this with twelve people once a month, that was the past that was 15 years ago now. We can do this with millions of people every second of the day because of social media.

So that’s what I would say start building out lists now offering the value letting you know you do a weekly live call with your community. What questions do you have? What can I answer for you? I do that all the time I do live calls all the time and literally it’s. What can I help you with and guess what I sell at the end of that live, call, nothing and guess what happens. People hit me up and hey, can you can you consult my company? Hey? Can you like pull marketing? I never sell anything.

It just comes to me same thing with the app you wouldn’t have to sell the app you’ll put it up, and six thousand people you’ve been communicating with for last six months will download it so guys. Thank you so much for for the questions. I hope this was helpful if I can be helpful to you in the future, please, how do I get I’ll give you their

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