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Determining Your Product: Music or Artist Brand [Digital Dash w/ Kohrey]

Now, for those of you who don’t know who I am I’m a digital marketer myself, I specialize in helping artists, like you, guys, get their songs heard through platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and a bunch of others. Now what I want to talk to you guys about today is a very important step in beginning your marketing campaigns, and that is determining what your product is now, if you’re treating your music career like a business, what you guys should be doing, you will know that Every single company pretty much determines what their end goal is, or what the end product is with every single marketing campaigns, and you guys should be doing the same pretty much.

The way I see is there are two major types of campaigns that you could be running and those are artist, centric campaigns and music central campaigns, I’m going to get a little bit deeper into the tools that you guys can pretty much figure out, which ones make The most sense for you and it’ll help you moving forward with determining what you should be doing in your marketing campaigns and which ones make the most sense for your immediate goals.

Now the first types of campaigns are typically referred to as music centric campaigns, and these are the ones in which your music is the star of the show, meaning that if you’re someone who has a strong single or a strong song that you really believe in then These are the types of marketing campaigns and marketing strategies that you’ll want to focus more so on because of this, it’s best to use when you have a song that you really believe is worth all the efforts and that you really believe can make a lasting impact That will actually help you in your career.

Thank you for artists. Like early on the weekend, when he first came out, he wasn’t really putting his face out there that much or really relying on his brand to build his fan base, but they were going more. So from people who really believed in the song, looking for targeted fans who were actually fans of the song and not just fans of everything else that the weekend still for so, if you’re running a music central campaign.

That means that your music is where all of your efforts should be going towards. You should be targeting all of your resources back to finding fans that wants to actually just listen to the song. I thought of everything else. So typically, what you’ll want to do is these types of campaigns? Look for things like playlists Spotify playlists are one of the best ways to find people who are just genuinely interested in the song, as they can’t really see other things about you without first going past, the song is so you’ll also want to figure out different ways To disseminate the songs within different audiences, maybe reaching out to different influences, are getting your songs placed into their campaigns and there product placements or figuring out creative ways that you can just build around the Tsongas so and the second types of campaigns are typically referred to.

As artist centric campaigns – and this is what you guys get to be the star of the show now in these campaigns, your brand should be the endgame and an appeal to all of your marketing campaigns and all of your marketing efforts. You should be trying to disseminate information and articles and content that relay your brand to your audience, so that you’re bringing in people who are like-minded and similar to you.

Typically, these types of campaigns are usually article focused as you’re, finding a strong visual that represents you and your brand or represent you in your music in the best way and you’re trying to figure out how to get it out there or you’re working on viral content Strategies that help to push you out there and everything that defines you as an artist. These, in my opinion, are some of the most important marketing campaigns, as you can build a strong songs.

All that you want, but you’re not really a major artist or an artist with a strong fan base until you have fans that believe in you and your brand there’s no better way to get it out there than by focusing on your brand itself like. It was a product now, one of the best examples of an artist who running strong artist. Centric campaigns is six-nine every single one of his marketing efforts and our strategy is all playing directly back to him and not necessarily its music itself.

So you should be looking at as the same type of way you were to start. These shows you are the start of these campaigns. What things make sense and bringing people back to your story back to your brand and back to you as an overall artist outside of your music? So, just to recap, with you guys, the first thing that you should be doing in any marketing campaign is determining what your product is: use, your music, the product.

Are you going to be running music, central campaigns in which you’re getting your songs to Spotify playlist and to influence the articles or finding other creative ways that get your music out to the masses and outs of people who actually be fans of it? Or are you the product? Is your brand new product and you’re going to be running artists into your campaigns and what you start to figure out Barbara content strategies that push you your message and your brand out to people who relate to you and be genuine fans of everything that you have Going on and everything that you have planned for the future trust me guys, there’s really no right or wrong answer there, both campaigns that you’ll have to do at some point in time and they’re, both campaigns that are equally as important and can yield equally great results.

There was always guys if you feel, like you learned anything today, please like and share this article hit those post notifications as well as want you guys to miss anything once again. My name is Cobra and I’ll see y’all next time.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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