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Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner | #ECDeluxeMonthlyPlanner

Today we are going to be going through the new 2018-2019 deluxe monthly planner from Erin Condren, as well as I’m going to be sharing what I’m going to be using this particular planner for this year, as well as how I’m kind of setting stuff up. I haven’t set up anything specific just yet, but I’ve putting notes in here and all that good stuff. So I just want to show you how I’m going to use it.

I want to start out this article by saying thank you to the Erin Condren team. They so graciously. Let me pick out a planner to show you guys. So, let’s move it right along first off the woven wonder pattern. I am kind of obsessed with this pattern. I don’t think since I’ve been using your encounter, which has been a few years, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a pattern style for the year.

As I am about this one, I actually have the washi tape sitting right here. I’m going to think I’m going to have my accessories article up before this one. So if I have that article up already, I will link it up in a card for you guys, but I decided to go with a neutral cover. It just says: fde on it. This one I’m actually going to be using for all things a favorite daughter, Emily, as some of you know that read so my budgeting articles or have been a longtime subscriber.

I do actually have my own LLC that I run a bunch of things through. So this is going to be like this, so this also encompasses like my youtube and things like that, we’ll get into that in a little bit, but the cover choice I did was obviously the woven Wonder and I personalized it and I did the white personalization and I believe that this cover is in the light taupe, if I am not mistaken, so it’s just one of the removable covers and then, when you open it up, it says deluxe a monthly planner and you can put your info right there and I did get the Colorful version – and I like mine for the calendar year, I know some people really like different options.

There are other options on the website. I will link that down below just to let you know if it’s your first time ordering through erin condren, there is a special link for you to get $ 10 off of your first purchase. If you create a profile and sign up you’ll get a couple emails from erin condren, one of them will be a $ 10 off pun code. What’s really awesome, is you get the $ 10 off coupon code and then, when your item ships, I get a coupon code as well to host giveaways or buy product.

So I can show you guys, and you know things like that, so you open up the first page and it’s the woven wonder pattern and it says you have everything inside you to be and do anything you want and then it has a little tab. That’s 2018. 2019 and then it’s got 2,000 or like July 2018 through December of 2019. I believe you can get the pad or the patterns. I’m sorry. I believe that you can get these planners in that version so July, 818 through December of nineteen.

These are great for tracking things or, if you have certain expenses or, however you’re going to set up your planner. This is really a great thing and then the next page is the twelve boxes all in different colors. I think the kind of idea from this originally was every month you can kind of have a goal or something like that, but you can really use it for anything. But, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever really utilized this ever in any kind of a planner, but I do like the flexibility that it’s just a blank box and you can really use it for whatever you’d like and then getting in to the planner.

I am so excited about this planner you guys there are so many different changes that I absolutely love. First of off, being the tabs there’s tabs. Finally, I’m so excited about that the incorporation of the tabs, I think, is awesome. It’s so much good. I think I feel like it’s going to be like so much easier for me to use and utilize just because of these little tabs, which you wouldn’t think it, but clearly you could put on your own tabs.

They did release Erin Condren released adhesive tabs a while ago, it’s on their website and the link is down below. I think they saw everybody doing this to their planners and they were like hold on. We need to do that too. So anyway. Also, a great thing is some of the sheets have changed, so I’m excited about that. So, let’s get into January here – and here, like I said, I’ve already kind of laid out a few different things, so I’ve just put in some birthdays there’s my birthday, my brother’s birthday and then Doyle is on the 19th.

I really like that they have incorporated like they did in the new life planner the next month. I really really like that. My life planner article, will be up after this one. Just to let you know, I did finally get it in the mail I held off for a little while I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but that article will be coming up very soon so feel free to subscribe and hit the bell notifications, because that article should Be up fairly soon after this, so this is very similar to the life planner just the way it’s set up, and this is what I’m most excited about blank pages in the past.

They had had that productivity page on the right hand, side and then over here was like five kind of rectangular boxes that I never knew what to do with. I used to use this for my budgeting. I will probably still use one for my budgeting as well, but this is not what this specific planner is going to be for this year, but I would always get comments of like. I do my budget on this page, which was like that productivity page and I would never use this side and people would comment all the time.

Well, what do you use for the left-hand side? What are you use for the left-hand side and I’m like honestly? I don’t use it for nothing, because it’s too for me personally, it was too regimented that I just couldn’t do anything with it. I probably still do my budgets I’m going to get a I’ll. Probably just get a different planner, but I will use the same style of planner but just a little bit of a differential.

But I will probably still do my budgets on this side because I’m right-handed – and I you know the coil and all that for the month that we’re in so like this would be for January. And I don’t know what I’ll use on the left-hand side. But maybe I’ll do some like goal-setting or I don’t know, there’s just other things you can do. Also you get more notes pages, so you get an extra sheet of pages and I just absolutely love that I think that’s amazing and really makes the planner versatile.

So you can just like make a list. Maybe there’s some like home things you want to do or I’ve seen people use these for, like fitness, trackers or if they’ve, like hat, you know, just had a baby and has a newborn. Sometimes they want to put in, like all the doctor’s appointments and feeding schedules and like weight tracking – and you know like things like that, there’s so many different options, which I absolutely love.

So there’s an extra note pages this year, where that used to be just like this, where you’d have one page, one page and then the next month. So now you get two extra pages which I’m super pumped about, so then we’re into February. So it’s got like the February page because it’s like a pink up here and it’s the same way all the way around so yeah, and then I put a few things in here: vlog you arey, I’m not sure I’m going to do that or not it’s.

Whether there’s a little question mark and then I’m usually in January or February, we have a Minnesota planner addicts paid for event, but I’m not sure if that is going to be happening in February or when it’s happening. That’s why I just kind of like put it over here but yeah. So all of the months are exactly the same, and then it’s got your March for the next month down at the bottom, which I love and then let’s go into the notes pages or actually at the end of December.

I’m sorry, let’s go to the end of December and then we’ll chat a little bit more here. Alright, so here is the notes pages tab, and this is looking forward to 2020. I do really like that this is in here. I love the little checklist, I’m like a fan of those and then in the coming year and then in the coming here is here and it’s just got everything in there. So when you get those invitations to weddings or you have trips or you have upcoming things in your business or maybe you have goals for 2020 or I don’t know if you have something in there, it’s nice to just kind of take this page and then, when You get your planner for next year or the year next, then you can kind of just swap out and put those things in there.

I want to show you guys what I’m doing with my notes pages and I elected to get the maximum amount of notes pages. There’s quite a few, I will kind of lift this up, so you guys can see. It’s super super thick where before there was only like, I don’t know 20 or 30 notes pages, there’s like ah gone now, but there is an additional fee. If you want to get those – and I decided to go for it – because I knew what I was going to use this for – and I wanted to show you guys – the first page is going to be for income.

I haven’t set up anything yet and I probably will end up doing this in a separate article if you guys are interested because this doesn’t start until January anyways and we are still in July very end of July. This might be up in August, but I’m hoping to get it up in July. I don’t feel the need to like set it up right, the second, so let me know if you guys are interested in seeing like how I’m actually going to set my notes pages in here.

So my work income is going to be on my first sheet. So I get a few different things through the favorite daughter, Emily company as revenue streams. So the first one is YouTube, so I’m going to do YouTube and this will be just like tracking monthly income levels and things like that, so I have YouTube. I’ve also got Amazon, ShareASale Etsy contracts, and then I left a couple of other pages as well, and then I can also use the back side of here too, because I was kind of like ooh.

What if I like, expand and do something different or whatever, but I can always use the back side cuz really. I just need like twelve lines. To be completely honest, so I just looked a couple of extra pages and then this is my Etsy PR donations. The value of the item and also my shipping fees – I just really need to track that for 2019 for tax reasons. So when planner groups come to me and ask me for donations from my Etsy shop and I’m able to fulfill those donations, I just need to track that so that’ll be pretty easy, I’m only electing two pages for this front and back and then also Etsy expenses.

So there’s lots of different expenses that you incur by running an Etsy shop and business. So I have a ton of notes pages for this, but you know transactions from stores or Amazon or shipping fees or like any of that stuff. Just I want to put into here this is going to be at the only, but I am going to go over some of the other stuff in just a moment. This one is YouTube. Expensive, YouTube and Etsy are two different animals, yet they run through the same LLC.

If that makes sense. For me, I elected for twelve pages because I am going to be putting in all of my either monthly bills or doing tracking as to like how much I’m spending throughout the month and all that stuff too. So I have one page front and back that I can utilize for that. Also the things that I can run through my business legally. I’ve already talked to my tax professional. Do not take any tax advice from me, please.

I am NOT a tax professional talk to your tax professional. If you would like to run things through your business, if you have one so anyways what I can do, the way that my business is set up is, I can take my Wi-Fi, my health insurance health expenses and also my cell phone, and take that out of My normal budget – and I can run that through my business, so I can actually pay those bills in full through the business.

Also, clearly, I’m going to put anything that I need for like article equipment products, you know gear camera stuff anything I need for favorite daughter. Emily YouTube is going to be on here, as well as any taxes and fees and like all that kind of stuff is going to be in here, so I’ve got 12 pages set up for this, and then I’ve got a few pages set aside for mileage. I do try to track my mileage, it’s so hard, but I do try to track it.

I set aside four pages for that and I’m just going to do like a running tally of like January and then like when January stops like make a line, and then, like February and whatever you know, I do have to travel sometimes to go to events or Go pick up things and there’s other little things included in that. So I like to get that tracked. So, let’s move that a little bit and then event expenses, so my fees, food, while I’m there etc anything else that I’m you know spending while there.

So I did a couple of sheets for this. I did four sheets for myself but, like I said I go to, I don’t know if I said this, but there’s two paid for events for the Minnesota planner addicts every year that I do attend and have attended since they started doing these paid for events. So I will put that in there, as well as the unpaid for events as well. I can track my mileage and things like that when I go there so I’ll put that in my other mileage tab but yeah.

So I just like to put that in there and I’m not sure if I’ll be going to any other events this year, but we’ll stay posted speaking of other planner events. I am planning to go to go wild this year, so I am going to be setting up my budget and then my actual spending on this page. I know that it’s going to be in Las Vegas. I put may question mark the last. I think there’s been three go: wilds I’ve only gotten to the last one in Austin Texas, so I missed out on the first two but they’ve always I think they’ve always had them like the first weekend in May, but the dates have not been released yet so This will be kind of my planning page for my budget and then we’ll put in my actual on this page as well, and I have one page elected for this front and back and then also there is a another planner event that I would love to go To next year it’s called plan camp, so I’m going to be doing a budget and an actual for this as well, and then the dates have already been released, but there’s no location.

Yet it’s going to be June 28th through the July 1st. If you guys are interested in plan camp check out on Instagram plan, camp and you’ll find it and I’m sure they’ll be releasing more information from there. The Gaels from design pandemonium, I believe, are like the heads of this planner event and I do know both of them in real life. They are part of the Minnesota planner people, so I’m assuming I don’t know this for sure, but I’m assuming that the location will be closer to me because I’m in Minnesota I’m not sure if it’s going to be in Minnesota or not, but the last one.

I believe was I was on my cruise during the last one, or else I would have tried to attend the that one. That’s going to be it for this one, and then I did leave a couple of extra pages in case there’s any other planner events that I’d like to go to or get invited to. So that’s that and then also I have a tab, and this is going to be the last tab so far article ideas and requests. So a lot of you give me some great ideas.

Also, I get inspiration from everywhere else too. I think I said this in another article that I don’t really enjoy reading too many planner people on YouTube, because I feel like I just kind of regurgitate the articles that I like. So if I see something from a friend on the Internet, I feel like it’s like. Oh, I want to do that article too, but am I copying them, I’m not sure. So, to be honest, I maybe I’m subscribed to like three or four planning people and that’s it.

I know there’s a ton of them out there, but I try to limit myself just because I just don’t want to seem inauthentic. So if you guys ever have any specific article requests, let me know this is where I’m going to keep my running tally and we’ll just go from there. So I’m really excited about that. I got ton of pages for this so, like I said before, I got the maximum amount of pages that you can get and there is a fee for that.

But I think it’s well worth it. If you’re going to be using this for tracking lots of different things like I am also in the are some sticker pages, which I love, so these little sticker guys are so incredibly cute. I love the little asterisks, so there are two of these and then we have our pocket folder just like in all of the planners, and then you got the big pocket in the front. I got the little one in the back.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever used the little one, but I do love the big one for like invitations or things like that, and then the very back side. You’ve got this kind of blank back cover where you can use your like white erase or your you know eraser. What is that thing called what erase that’s what it’s called your? What erase markers to write down little notes and things like that and then the back cover it looks exactly the same so and then obviously this has the little.

You know page right here too alright, so that is going to be it for my walkthrough of the deluxe monthly planner for 2018-2019. Like I said before, links are below, if you guys want to check this out for yourself, I’m so excited about the improvements and changes that they made this year. Oh, I should also say the paper quality is exactly the same as last year, so I will not be conducting a pen test.

However, if you guys are interested, I will put up in a card somewhere my walkthrough of the deluxe monthly planner from last year, because that’s when the paper changed and it’s a little bit thicker in years past. So I really really like this paper. I’m excited that they stayed. I believe it’s a brand called Mohawk paper, I’m really glad that they stayed with that brand and it’s very very nice, a very thick and very easy to write on as well.

So that’s going to be it for me today. Thank you guys so much for joining me again. If you have any questions, feel free to post them down below. Also, if you have any article ideas for 2019, let me know suggestions. I always love suggestions down below or who knows, I might do it this year too. You never know also, if you guys decide to get a deluxe monthly planner. Let me know in the comments what you guys are going to be using it for, like I said before, I’m going to head use one for a budget and then this one’s going to be for my youtube tracking and all of my other etsy stuff and all The stuff that’s runs through my business, but let me know other great ideas of how you would use this in your daily life if you had one.

So thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today and I will see y’all in the next article. Bye guys well, folks, is time to kick it old-school.


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