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Life & Apples Wellness Planner | First Impressions

This is the undated Life and apples, the wellness planner. It’s a daily motivational journal for healthy living and it says active life, balanced eating and happiness. This is something that is available on Amazon. I will leave a link below for you guys.

I am currently looking on my Amazon and it is retailing for $ 24.97. I just wanted to let you all know that and then there’s some information on the back as well. So it says the wellness planner, a daily planner and journal for staying healthy, motivated and inspired. It helps you focus on your diet and fitness goals, eat healthy and plan meals, lead an active lifestyle and stay fit, build and maintain positive habits, feel accomplished and happier, and then down here it has 240 pages, it’s a 90 day layout or it’s a 90 day Daily layout, I should say: there’s meal planning, a food journal, gratitude, fitness schedule, goals, weekly review, a habit, tracker and inspirational quotes, so their website is life and apples.

Calm, but, like I said you can get it on Amazon as well. First things: first, there is this elastic band closure, which I do like for these kind of more like softer planners, and let’s pull this guy off here all right here we go. Let’s take take it off. Oh it’s naked now so anyway, on the front, it is like a nice kind of a know like a faux leather and it’s going to be kind of hard to see, but maybe you can see it, but there is like a little embossed Apple on the front.

The spine is just like a softer leather as well, and then the back is just plain but embossed on the bottom. It says life and apples with a little apple on that as well. There is a little pen loop, which is really nice. So, let’s open this bad boy up and it does feel nice. It’s not like a gritty feeling. It’s like a very smooth feeling, even though there’s definitely like you know some. It looks like there’s texture to it, but there’s not, but I don’t know I don’t know.

I don’t mind it so anyway, there’s a little card in there that says, download your free, healthy living, ebooks and printables at life and apples, calm, a /pages, a slash going to sand. It looks like you can sign up to get a 10 % off coupon on your next order. If you sign up there, that’s cool alright, so first impression of opening it. I hadn’t opened it yet. The paper feels nice. It feels thick, but it’s like the front page, so it might feel a little different.

So in the front it just says life and apples, the wellness planner undated, alright. So oh, this is like stitch bound. Oh that’s cool! Alright, so it has different sections. So section 1 is mind, set concepts and guidelines how to use this planner a self-fulfilling promise. Section 2 is a daily planner and weekly project progress. I can’t talk today here: goals daily planner wellness, no daily wellness planner.

I told you guys. I can’t talk today. Weekly progress review and then section 3 is your progress and inspiration, a review, exciting things ahead and notes cool alright. So here is just some information on mindset. I’m not going to read this whole thing because I want to get through this a little faster for you guys, so you can kind of see the inside of this a little bit. So I think it’s just like about talking about what this planner is.

All about is what it kind of looks like of like how to set a short-term goal daily motivation. Things like that, so yeah, oh and then there’s like a little thing of like how to use this planner cool. So it talks about like gratitude affirmation active day. Today’s meal planning a wellness summary and all that good stuff. Alright, so, oh you have to make a promise to yourself. Apparently, when you have this planner all right cool.

Well, let’s make a promise y’all, so the promise to myself the day and date. I will use this wellness planner to create a lasting positive change in my health and wellness, and then you know why basically, but why you want to change it and then you’re prepared to change and commit and then sign it, alright. Okay, this has a lot of structure to it. So if you guys know me in any of my planner styles, I really don’t like a lot of structure, but I think this would be great for somebody that likes a lot of structure, especially if they’re trying to get motivated with meal planning meal.

Prepping being active things like that, so I mean I haven’t looked through the rest of it, but I can just already kind of tell that it’s going to be a lot of structure. So anyway, you got my goals. So then you can put in a bunch of goals, so your goal and you want to achieve them by and then the action steps and there’s three lines with little faint checkboxes. And it looks like there’s five on this page and then now we are into the daily planner okay.

So it’s one day on two pages, so you have the day end date, which it’s undated. So you can start this at any time. You write what you’re grateful for your daily affirmation your active day. It says, exercise workouts and opportunities to keep active today, and it’s got seven different lines with checks and then notes. It says today’s priorities to do special events, etc, and seven category or seven lines as well with little checks.

So I mean clearly you would use this for like food and activity tracking. But if you had like two dues like hey, I need to run to the store. I need to go grocery shopping or I need to like pick up the dry-cleaning like you could put that in here. It looks like and then down at the bottom. It says Universal wellness elements, are you getting enough question mark and it says: Erin, sunlight, water and nutrients, joy and fun, and sleep sleep is something that I definitely struggle with.

I don’t know if you guys struggle with it out there, but I definitely struggle with sleep water. I don’t struggle with that at all. Alright, so over into the right hand, side over here it says today’s meal plan and then it has breakfast and some lines. Lunch dinner and snacks, so you can either plan that ahead or you can even just write it in as it happens, this is small enough that it would definitely fit and I think, most people’s purses.

Let me see if I can find the size on the interwebs here all right, so this is five and a half inches by eight inches. So yeah I mean you could definitely throw this in your bag or your work bag or keep it on your desk at work or just keep it at home too. I mean it’s definitely small enough where it could suit those needs, and it says on the scale of one to five. How was today and how well did you follow the plan and it’s one through five and it just says what could be improved tomorrow? Then it’s got like a little quote from George Eliot and says the strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice.

Isn’t that the truth? Gosh, it’s getting it’s getting deep on the FDA Channel today, all right and so day and date all over again – and I believe hmm, let’s see here all right, so you’ve got a whole week and then you have a weekly review. So you have your day and date, success and wins. Oh and all the days are the same like the day and date and then like your today’s meal plan. All of those are the same throughout the seven days.

So your weekly review, you put the day and the date successes and wins, and so celebrate your wins. What were some of the motivating moments, people and things that helped you have a healthier week and then you have three lines to write about that and it says: needs improvement. How can you make next week a healthier one, any pitfalls to avoid and it’s got three lines? The next section is insight and lessons.

What have you learned about yourself this week and three more lines and then over here is the weekly progress tracking and it says, track your daily bi-weekly and weekly healthy habits. So it’s got three sections here and then Monday through Sunday, so you can either check that off or you know, if there’s a certain amount of ounces of water or something like that, you could do that as well and then over here it says, track your progress Towards your goals, use parameters like weight, number of weekly, workouts, new habits, etc, and it says, parameter this week.

My goal that’d be nice. If you’re trying to fluctuate your weight or something like that and then weekly notes, it’s got a bunch of lines and some checkboxes as well all right. So then, we’re back into the week again all right, and then you got another weekly, okay, let’s kind of see what else is going on. I kind of like that. This is stitch because it like lays like it lays flat. Like I don’t know, if you guys can see that, but it does lay flat it’s hard to see because I like tipping it up, but it does lay flat which is kind of nice.

It does have these as well these little ribbons Wow words are hard today. So you could ideally have one of them for your day and then one of them for your week, especially if you’re going to do one of those like weekly habit, trackers or their parameters or something so yeah. But let me find, if there’s anything else going on in this planet, that just might be it I’m not really sure. So, let’s take a peek here and then I’ll talk about paper quality in just a moment.

Okay looks like that’s all the same. Oh, oh there’s different pages hold on hold on hold on okay, so in the back okay. So this is, after all, of the 90 days, so in the back, it has review Congrats on your commitment to a healthier life, write down the accomplishments that you’re most proud of in detail. What you need to continue and improve on your journey to wellness. It says I accomplished and says: look back at your goals and notice the progress you’ve made, what are your big list accomplishments and you can write them down and says I’m committed and then exciting things the head.

Oh and then you’ve got a bunch of notes. Pages. Very cool, alright, so we’ve got 3 1 or 1 2 3 4 line notes pages and then you’ve got 1, 2, 3 3 normal pages that are blank. And then this one’s like more of a Oh 5 normal pages and then this one’s one more like a it’s, not cardstock, but it’s like thick, oh and then in the back, there’s a little pocket. So you can put you know like a something in there.

Some secrets or something so yeah, so this is the planner yeah. So the paper/quality feels pretty nice. It is a little thinner than like the Erin Condren. If you guys readed my regular planning stuff, I use an Erin Condren, it’s a little bit thinner than that, and I can tell by the ink saturation underneath as well. I don’t have time to do a pen test today, I’m kind of in the middle of doing a whole bunch of things in my home right now.

So I don’t have time to do that today, but I feel like any like regular, like ballpoint, not ballpoint, but yeah a ballpoint pen or like a gel pen would probably be really nice with this. Like I said before, there is a ton of structure with this planner like a lattice structure with this planner. So if that’s something that you’re really seeking, I think that this might be a really good. I for you, if you really want to get motivated with your food, and your fitness and tracking things like this might be a good one for you.

I know that some people have a real trouble with planners that don’t have any structure at all. I kind of thrive on minimal structure, which is probably why I’ve never gotten into bullet journaling, because there’s like no structure with that. So I do like my Erin Condren hourly, because it just gives me hours and I can put in what I want to put in. That’s like great for me, but any more structure than that.

I don’t like so this isn’t something that I would definitely use. However, I can see the value in it for sure, especially if you’re someone that just needs to have a question posed and then write it in so like having a category to say, hey. I am grateful for this, and these are my notes – and this is my lunch plan like that – I can totally understand how that works really well for some people, so I think the planner is pretty cool.

I actually really like the size of it just for portability, because if I were to use it, I would want to take this on the go and grab my pen and take it. You know to the office or take it to visit friends or whatever and like really keep track of stuff, because if that’s what this planner is all about with tracking things, it’s just something that I would definitely want to be portable, which it is it’s quite light.

As well, it’s really nice, it’s not bulky, it’s very thin, so I do like that that it would fit in in most purses. I would say again if you are interested in this planner at all feel free to check out the links down below. If you all have any questions about, anything else feel free to leave them in the comments below and if you guys want me to review any other planners out there in the world. Also, let me know in the comments down below you guys have sent me some great ideas and I’ve been trying to get as many of those planner reviews and first impressions on my blog as fast as possible.

So anyway, that’s going to be it for me today. Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me for a little part of your day. If you liked the article make sure to give it a thumbs up, if you like this type of content and want to see more feel free to subscribe, and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old-school.


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Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner | #ECDeluxeMonthlyPlanner

Today we are going to be going through the new 2018-2019 deluxe monthly planner from Erin Condren, as well as I’m going to be sharing what I’m going to be using this particular planner for this year, as well as how I’m kind of setting stuff up. I haven’t set up anything specific just yet, but I’ve putting notes in here and all that good stuff. So I just want to show you how I’m going to use it.

I want to start out this article by saying thank you to the Erin Condren team. They so graciously. Let me pick out a planner to show you guys. So, let’s move it right along first off the woven wonder pattern. I am kind of obsessed with this pattern. I don’t think since I’ve been using your encounter, which has been a few years, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a pattern style for the year.

As I am about this one, I actually have the washi tape sitting right here. I’m going to think I’m going to have my accessories article up before this one. So if I have that article up already, I will link it up in a card for you guys, but I decided to go with a neutral cover. It just says: fde on it. This one I’m actually going to be using for all things a favorite daughter, Emily, as some of you know that read so my budgeting articles or have been a longtime subscriber.

I do actually have my own LLC that I run a bunch of things through. So this is going to be like this, so this also encompasses like my youtube and things like that, we’ll get into that in a little bit, but the cover choice I did was obviously the woven Wonder and I personalized it and I did the white personalization and I believe that this cover is in the light taupe, if I am not mistaken, so it’s just one of the removable covers and then, when you open it up, it says deluxe a monthly planner and you can put your info right there and I did get the Colorful version – and I like mine for the calendar year, I know some people really like different options.

There are other options on the website. I will link that down below just to let you know if it’s your first time ordering through erin condren, there is a special link for you to get $ 10 off of your first purchase. If you create a profile and sign up you’ll get a couple emails from erin condren, one of them will be a $ 10 off pun code. What’s really awesome, is you get the $ 10 off coupon code and then, when your item ships, I get a coupon code as well to host giveaways or buy product.

So I can show you guys, and you know things like that, so you open up the first page and it’s the woven wonder pattern and it says you have everything inside you to be and do anything you want and then it has a little tab. That’s 2018. 2019 and then it’s got 2,000 or like July 2018 through December of 2019. I believe you can get the pad or the patterns. I’m sorry. I believe that you can get these planners in that version so July, 818 through December of nineteen.

These are great for tracking things or, if you have certain expenses or, however you’re going to set up your planner. This is really a great thing and then the next page is the twelve boxes all in different colors. I think the kind of idea from this originally was every month you can kind of have a goal or something like that, but you can really use it for anything. But, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever really utilized this ever in any kind of a planner, but I do like the flexibility that it’s just a blank box and you can really use it for whatever you’d like and then getting in to the planner.

I am so excited about this planner you guys there are so many different changes that I absolutely love. First of off, being the tabs there’s tabs. Finally, I’m so excited about that the incorporation of the tabs, I think, is awesome. It’s so much good. I think I feel like it’s going to be like so much easier for me to use and utilize just because of these little tabs, which you wouldn’t think it, but clearly you could put on your own tabs.

They did release Erin Condren released adhesive tabs a while ago, it’s on their website and the link is down below. I think they saw everybody doing this to their planners and they were like hold on. We need to do that too. So anyway. Also, a great thing is some of the sheets have changed, so I’m excited about that. So, let’s get into January here – and here, like I said, I’ve already kind of laid out a few different things, so I’ve just put in some birthdays there’s my birthday, my brother’s birthday and then Doyle is on the 19th.

I really like that they have incorporated like they did in the new life planner the next month. I really really like that. My life planner article, will be up after this one. Just to let you know, I did finally get it in the mail I held off for a little while I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but that article will be coming up very soon so feel free to subscribe and hit the bell notifications, because that article should Be up fairly soon after this, so this is very similar to the life planner just the way it’s set up, and this is what I’m most excited about blank pages in the past.

They had had that productivity page on the right hand, side and then over here was like five kind of rectangular boxes that I never knew what to do with. I used to use this for my budgeting. I will probably still use one for my budgeting as well, but this is not what this specific planner is going to be for this year, but I would always get comments of like. I do my budget on this page, which was like that productivity page and I would never use this side and people would comment all the time.

Well, what do you use for the left-hand side? What are you use for the left-hand side and I’m like honestly? I don’t use it for nothing, because it’s too for me personally, it was too regimented that I just couldn’t do anything with it. I probably still do my budgets I’m going to get a I’ll. Probably just get a different planner, but I will use the same style of planner but just a little bit of a differential.

But I will probably still do my budgets on this side because I’m right-handed – and I you know the coil and all that for the month that we’re in so like this would be for January. And I don’t know what I’ll use on the left-hand side. But maybe I’ll do some like goal-setting or I don’t know, there’s just other things you can do. Also you get more notes pages, so you get an extra sheet of pages and I just absolutely love that I think that’s amazing and really makes the planner versatile.

So you can just like make a list. Maybe there’s some like home things you want to do or I’ve seen people use these for, like fitness, trackers or if they’ve, like hat, you know, just had a baby and has a newborn. Sometimes they want to put in, like all the doctor’s appointments and feeding schedules and like weight tracking – and you know like things like that, there’s so many different options, which I absolutely love.

So there’s an extra note pages this year, where that used to be just like this, where you’d have one page, one page and then the next month. So now you get two extra pages which I’m super pumped about, so then we’re into February. So it’s got like the February page because it’s like a pink up here and it’s the same way all the way around so yeah, and then I put a few things in here: vlog you arey, I’m not sure I’m going to do that or not it’s.

Whether there’s a little question mark and then I’m usually in January or February, we have a Minnesota planner addicts paid for event, but I’m not sure if that is going to be happening in February or when it’s happening. That’s why I just kind of like put it over here but yeah. So all of the months are exactly the same, and then it’s got your March for the next month down at the bottom, which I love and then let’s go into the notes pages or actually at the end of December.

I’m sorry, let’s go to the end of December and then we’ll chat a little bit more here. Alright, so here is the notes pages tab, and this is looking forward to 2020. I do really like that this is in here. I love the little checklist, I’m like a fan of those and then in the coming year and then in the coming here is here and it’s just got everything in there. So when you get those invitations to weddings or you have trips or you have upcoming things in your business or maybe you have goals for 2020 or I don’t know if you have something in there, it’s nice to just kind of take this page and then, when You get your planner for next year or the year next, then you can kind of just swap out and put those things in there.

I want to show you guys what I’m doing with my notes pages and I elected to get the maximum amount of notes pages. There’s quite a few, I will kind of lift this up, so you guys can see. It’s super super thick where before there was only like, I don’t know 20 or 30 notes pages, there’s like ah gone now, but there is an additional fee. If you want to get those – and I decided to go for it – because I knew what I was going to use this for – and I wanted to show you guys – the first page is going to be for income.

I haven’t set up anything yet and I probably will end up doing this in a separate article if you guys are interested because this doesn’t start until January anyways and we are still in July very end of July. This might be up in August, but I’m hoping to get it up in July. I don’t feel the need to like set it up right, the second, so let me know if you guys are interested in seeing like how I’m actually going to set my notes pages in here.

So my work income is going to be on my first sheet. So I get a few different things through the favorite daughter, Emily company as revenue streams. So the first one is YouTube, so I’m going to do YouTube and this will be just like tracking monthly income levels and things like that, so I have YouTube. I’ve also got Amazon, ShareASale Etsy contracts, and then I left a couple of other pages as well, and then I can also use the back side of here too, because I was kind of like ooh.

What if I like, expand and do something different or whatever, but I can always use the back side cuz really. I just need like twelve lines. To be completely honest, so I just looked a couple of extra pages and then this is my Etsy PR donations. The value of the item and also my shipping fees – I just really need to track that for 2019 for tax reasons. So when planner groups come to me and ask me for donations from my Etsy shop and I’m able to fulfill those donations, I just need to track that so that’ll be pretty easy, I’m only electing two pages for this front and back and then also Etsy expenses.

So there’s lots of different expenses that you incur by running an Etsy shop and business. So I have a ton of notes pages for this, but you know transactions from stores or Amazon or shipping fees or like any of that stuff. Just I want to put into here this is going to be at the only, but I am going to go over some of the other stuff in just a moment. This one is YouTube. Expensive, YouTube and Etsy are two different animals, yet they run through the same LLC.

If that makes sense. For me, I elected for twelve pages because I am going to be putting in all of my either monthly bills or doing tracking as to like how much I’m spending throughout the month and all that stuff too. So I have one page front and back that I can utilize for that. Also the things that I can run through my business legally. I’ve already talked to my tax professional. Do not take any tax advice from me, please.

I am NOT a tax professional talk to your tax professional. If you would like to run things through your business, if you have one so anyways what I can do, the way that my business is set up is, I can take my Wi-Fi, my health insurance health expenses and also my cell phone, and take that out of My normal budget – and I can run that through my business, so I can actually pay those bills in full through the business.

Also, clearly, I’m going to put anything that I need for like article equipment products, you know gear camera stuff anything I need for favorite daughter. Emily YouTube is going to be on here, as well as any taxes and fees and like all that kind of stuff is going to be in here, so I’ve got 12 pages set up for this, and then I’ve got a few pages set aside for mileage. I do try to track my mileage, it’s so hard, but I do try to track it.

I set aside four pages for that and I’m just going to do like a running tally of like January and then like when January stops like make a line, and then, like February and whatever you know, I do have to travel sometimes to go to events or Go pick up things and there’s other little things included in that. So I like to get that tracked. So, let’s move that a little bit and then event expenses, so my fees, food, while I’m there etc anything else that I’m you know spending while there.

So I did a couple of sheets for this. I did four sheets for myself but, like I said I go to, I don’t know if I said this, but there’s two paid for events for the Minnesota planner addicts every year that I do attend and have attended since they started doing these paid for events. So I will put that in there, as well as the unpaid for events as well. I can track my mileage and things like that when I go there so I’ll put that in my other mileage tab but yeah.

So I just like to put that in there and I’m not sure if I’ll be going to any other events this year, but we’ll stay posted speaking of other planner events. I am planning to go to go wild this year, so I am going to be setting up my budget and then my actual spending on this page. I know that it’s going to be in Las Vegas. I put may question mark the last. I think there’s been three go: wilds I’ve only gotten to the last one in Austin Texas, so I missed out on the first two but they’ve always I think they’ve always had them like the first weekend in May, but the dates have not been released yet so This will be kind of my planning page for my budget and then we’ll put in my actual on this page as well, and I have one page elected for this front and back and then also there is a another planner event that I would love to go To next year it’s called plan camp, so I’m going to be doing a budget and an actual for this as well, and then the dates have already been released, but there’s no location.

Yet it’s going to be June 28th through the July 1st. If you guys are interested in plan camp check out on Instagram plan, camp and you’ll find it and I’m sure they’ll be releasing more information from there. The Gaels from design pandemonium, I believe, are like the heads of this planner event and I do know both of them in real life. They are part of the Minnesota planner people, so I’m assuming I don’t know this for sure, but I’m assuming that the location will be closer to me because I’m in Minnesota I’m not sure if it’s going to be in Minnesota or not, but the last one.

I believe was I was on my cruise during the last one, or else I would have tried to attend the that one. That’s going to be it for this one, and then I did leave a couple of extra pages in case there’s any other planner events that I’d like to go to or get invited to. So that’s that and then also I have a tab, and this is going to be the last tab so far article ideas and requests. So a lot of you give me some great ideas.

Also, I get inspiration from everywhere else too. I think I said this in another article that I don’t really enjoy reading too many planner people on YouTube, because I feel like I just kind of regurgitate the articles that I like. So if I see something from a friend on the Internet, I feel like it’s like. Oh, I want to do that article too, but am I copying them, I’m not sure. So, to be honest, I maybe I’m subscribed to like three or four planning people and that’s it.

I know there’s a ton of them out there, but I try to limit myself just because I just don’t want to seem inauthentic. So if you guys ever have any specific article requests, let me know this is where I’m going to keep my running tally and we’ll just go from there. So I’m really excited about that. I got ton of pages for this so, like I said before, I got the maximum amount of pages that you can get and there is a fee for that.

But I think it’s well worth it. If you’re going to be using this for tracking lots of different things like I am also in the are some sticker pages, which I love, so these little sticker guys are so incredibly cute. I love the little asterisks, so there are two of these and then we have our pocket folder just like in all of the planners, and then you got the big pocket in the front. I got the little one in the back.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever used the little one, but I do love the big one for like invitations or things like that, and then the very back side. You’ve got this kind of blank back cover where you can use your like white erase or your you know eraser. What is that thing called what erase that’s what it’s called your? What erase markers to write down little notes and things like that and then the back cover it looks exactly the same so and then obviously this has the little.

You know page right here too alright, so that is going to be it for my walkthrough of the deluxe monthly planner for 2018-2019. Like I said before, links are below, if you guys want to check this out for yourself, I’m so excited about the improvements and changes that they made this year. Oh, I should also say the paper quality is exactly the same as last year, so I will not be conducting a pen test.

However, if you guys are interested, I will put up in a card somewhere my walkthrough of the deluxe monthly planner from last year, because that’s when the paper changed and it’s a little bit thicker in years past. So I really really like this paper. I’m excited that they stayed. I believe it’s a brand called Mohawk paper, I’m really glad that they stayed with that brand and it’s very very nice, a very thick and very easy to write on as well.

So that’s going to be it for me today. Thank you guys so much for joining me again. If you have any questions, feel free to post them down below. Also, if you have any article ideas for 2019, let me know suggestions. I always love suggestions down below or who knows, I might do it this year too. You never know also, if you guys decide to get a deluxe monthly planner. Let me know in the comments what you guys are going to be using it for, like I said before, I’m going to head use one for a budget and then this one’s going to be for my youtube tracking and all of my other etsy stuff and all The stuff that’s runs through my business, but let me know other great ideas of how you would use this in your daily life if you had one.

So thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today and I will see y’all in the next article. Bye guys well, folks, is time to kick it old-school.


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A Look inside the SIDEKICK PLANNER and First Impressions Review |

So I received the planner in the mail and it’s a box, I’m just going to slide it out. I’ve already been looking at it and going through it and and learning what it’s all about. Just briefly about the psychic planner sidekick planner has been designed after careful research on topics such as neuroscience spiritualism, the law of attraction, human behavior, habit, formation, goal-setting success and self-development experimented and tested through trial and error.

We discovered the best goal-setting method to bring clarity and happiness in your life, and then it lists what this planner is supposed to do. For you, including this happiness, improve time management, increased productivity helps to achieve goals, reduces stress, improves mental health, helps to reflect records. Memories clears the mind and reduces screen time. This planner is actually full of a lot of information on goal-setting and creating the life that you want, but let’s go ahead and get into it.

As far as the aesthetics of the planner, it comes in, two colors comes in the black with the red band and it comes in red with a gray band. So I chose the black and let’s go ahead and dive in it. Has this sidekick embossing on the cover? I don’t know if there is any relation to the movie sidekick, but that looks familiar okay, so just going inside go on the first page, you can go ahead and personalize it.

Then it has quote. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit, Aristotle, and then we get into the Welcome message and then it talks about the community. There is an online community. There is also downloadable content that you can check out. Then it gets into talking about goals. This planner is extremely goal-oriented. It acts really as somewhat of a cross between a planner and a journal.

So a lot of what you would put in here is journaling, not necessarily plans. It does have monthly pages its undated. So you can use it anytime, it’s a 91 day planner. So that’s three months, thirteen weeks and then it goes and it explains what to do on each type of page. So it gives you ideas of what you can do for the month wing and it has this place down at the bottom. For short term goals for health wealth love happiness has note sections.

Then we move on to the how-to guide for the weekly sprints and there is a lot of information packed into the weekly sections of this planner, and this is the how-to for the daily section. So you have a how-to for your monthly, a how-to for your weekly and a how-to for your daily, and then it goes into talking about your life vision. So this this planner is deep. Okay, almost just before I even got to the actual planner pages.

It almost made me feel like I need to pull out a separate notebook to write down some of these things and work out some of these. These things in my mind, before I actually even put them into this planner. So this is the beginning. It’s a vision! Area, I would probably use this as actually a vision board and put images here instead of just writing here, put images that would inspire the vision that I have for each one of these areas of my life or health love, wealth happiness.

Then it goes on to talking about setting rituals what you do in the morning which evening what you’re doing, though, on the weekends and it talks about the importance of having rituals and routines in your daily life, like, I said lots of information just for everyday life. It’s kind of like a little bit life coaching in a way, then it talks about goals. It talks about SMART goals, rewarding yourself action steps all those things.

This is an area where I am challenged. I have I’m not good at setting goals, and I think it probably would be more helpful to talk about how you set goals as well as how to achieve your goals. So for me getting to the SMART goals. Part of it is difficult when I have an issue with setting the goal in the first place, but that could just be me so this planner gives you space for multiple goals. You can include your wise process goals, action steps, your rewards, notes, ideas in mind maps and it has space for one two three goals.

Then it moves into the monthly spreads again. These are undated. The blocks are a little small, but that’s to be expected in a planner this size. It also has goals for the month or health. Wealth, love happiness, room for notes tests. You can fill in your motivation and of course, the month in the year, and you have three months of that then another quote: you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great Zig Ziglar.

Then it moves on into the weeks. You have 13 weeks, and this is how each week runs. This is basically the introduction of your week. It prepares you for the week. It gives you space to write down the three things that you’re excited for a weekly challenge, any upcoming projects, main tasks, and it also has a habit tracker for the week. Then it moves into the daily pages and it’s a day on two pages, but it has a space for the day in the day.

Then it has the morning ritual and affirmation, today’s focus, mind and body, and today’s big three, so you can fill in the three main goals for the day. Any other tasks it even has bullet journal type key at the bottom that you can use for your checkboxes on other tasks, and it also has on the second page as a place for schedule. So you can time your schedule for any time of the day that you need.

It has plenty of room for notes, today’s achievements, what you’re grateful for and my big dream. This is a lot as far as daily planning, but if you are focused on achieving certain goals, I think this is good to keep you on track to keep you in that mindset to keep you on course. It continues with that way through the week. So you have seven days then, at the end of the week we come here to the weekly recap last week’s achievements and you can list those out in those four areas of health, wealth, love and happiness and review your weekly challenge list ways that you can improve And again more room for notes and it says, review your wrinkles regularly to stay motivated and then the week’s repeat again you get 13 weeks, so you would have dailies for all of those weeks.

So it’s pretty good size and plenty of room. We have another quote. We do not learn from experience we learn from reflecting on experience, John Dewey. Then it goes into the goals again what it was. What was the outcome, what went right and why? What went wrong and why notes and future actions and that’s in reference to the three goals that you set at the beginning, then it goes on to the things that changed in the last 13 and how you score those changes.

Then we move on to just the notes and the backup of the planner and you have a pocket in the back, and that is it for this planner my thoughts, I think it’s very good again if you are striving towards particular goals and you’re having trouble staying On track as a planner, I’m not sure that it’s really a planner. I feel like it’s more of a journal or more of a life coach. Really it does have some aspects of planning, but they are not the main focus.

The main focus is setting goals aesthetically. I’m not a fan of really dark header areas, that’s just a personal preference, a design preference. I like my pages to be more light and airy, and not so harsh, and that probably is because of my need to decorate them. So it really has nothing to do with how the planner would function. So, if you’re working towards a particular goal or a set of goals, this would be a great tool and keeping you on track and it does have the two bookmarks.

It has a black one and a red one. Here is very nice quality again it is journal style. So this is what it looks like. So, if you’re interested in this planner, I will leave the information in the description box below. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you later bye, you


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Clever Fox Planner | First Impressions & Pen Test

It’s been a hot minute since I filmed a article, but I figured let’s start it out with a bang right. I am going to be doing an open box first impressions and pen test on a planner. That was sent to me, as always, a full disclosure. This company reached out to me and wanted to know if I wanted to take a peek at one of their planners and, I said sure I’ll take a peek at it.

I’ve looked at it a little bit, but I wanted to just go over it with you guys and just show you kind of some different things that are on the market. This company is clever Fox, and this is the clever Fox planner. This is an a5 size and it’s 5.8 inches by eight point: three inches it retails on Amazon for $ 24.99. It is available in prime and then there’s a black orange and pink version, and I got the black no surprise there right.

So anyway, you get it packaged very nicely. I took it out of the package already and then it comes in this nice little white box that has the little fox logo on there. It’s got some little. You know information about clever fox and then it’s got. You know information about how to set up your planner. If you want a guide, I know some people like guides. Some people like to do what they want to and then there are these as well, and it says, give this card to someone.

You love and it’s coupon codes, and it’s all the same. So if you want 10 % off of your order on Amazon, you can screenshot right there and you know apply that to your order. So I’ll leave links down below as well and then, when you open it up, you have three sticker sheets they’re, all the same, and so we’ve got like a little graph. Some people more people presents kind of a workout thing: Amil finances, love, reading and then kind of like a little yoga thing.

So anyway, I got three sticker sheets and then here is the planner. So let’s actually take it right out of here to move the box. Alright, so here is the planner and first impressions. I was actually with my mom when I got this because I stopped at my public mailbox with her and I was kind of taking out of the package and she felt it and she’s like oh, that feels so. Nice, if you guys, are familiar with the Erin Condren Bound notebooks, that’s what this feels like, I’m not sure, I’m actually on the Amazon right now on the Amazon yeah right now, and I’m looking to see if there’s any more information as to what this actually is.

Okay, I just kind of skim the description and I couldn’t figure out what this actually was, but it does feel kind of like a a leather like material, but it’s very smooth. It also has the embossed Foxx on it. I don’t know if you guys can see that it’s right here yeah. I think you can see it it’s hard to tell on the monitor if it’s going to show up in the article and then it has one of these little strappy guys, and then it comes with this.

You know little thing around it and then you know this comes off. There’s a little pen loop right here, which I think is really nice and then on the back. It just has some. You know information. So, let’s pull this off like dismantling it, because you know you got to do that so yeah I like how sleek this looks. You know it’s like something you could have like sit on your desk at the office and it wouldn’t be like that crazy.

Like I said they do come in other colors, so if you’re really colorful person, you can do that too and then um opening it up really nice front paper. This paper feels nice too. It’s very smooth paper and that just has like an information page and then goes into the planner. So the first page is my gratitude and self-awareness, and that says I’m grateful for what I’m passionate about and then my daily rituals skills to learn affirmations, and then it has a govision board on both sides and then my goals.

So there’s all these different things. So you got health business and career family/friends, significant other in romance of Finance, personal development, fun and recreation and spiritual, and then over here it has. My focus, then, has all these goals one through five and then my mind map with some graph paper. So you can draw – or you can just put some text in there whatever and then this comes unded.

So then you can just write in the month in year, so you can start it at any time which I think is kind of cool. And then you can write in you know what day it is, and then you can use your plan, your months goals, the months wins and then what you need to improve on, because we can all improve right so yeah. So then, let’s see here how many months do we have with one two three, four: five: six: seven: eight, nine, ten, okay, so they’re all our twelve months, so you can really start at any time or you can start at the beginning of the year.

Whatever you want, and then after that we have, it looks like weekly pages, so you got your Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday and then Saturday Sunday are these smaller columns over here and then over. Here is kind of like a goals and lists page. It looks like so it says this week’s main goal: priorities, notes, to-do lists, habits and skills. Then it has a little tracker for all the days of the week and then the winds and what to improve on next week and then yeah you’ve got this basically for the bulk of the planner.

So that’s kind of nice so like depending on what day you’re at you can just go like this and you know know where you’re at and your planner right. So let’s pull this off again and then I wanted to show you guys this. I thought these were interesting, so these are little ribbons that are attached and obviously you can, you know, put one in one section and then you know put one in another section and so on and so forth.

So I think that’s kind of a nice thing. If you want to mark certain pages or know whatever you want to do things so yeah, I think it’s really customizable to be honest, and then let’s see okay, and then we get into a ton of graph paper. It looks like oh wow. The rest of it is all graph paper, well cool, all right. Well that sounds good and then what is this? Oh, this is neat all right, so this is like a little pocket.

Folder! Oh, is this? Where you put the stickers now, let’s see, did the stickers fit in here they’re tight, but they fit there. We go. I just needed to wiggle them in a little bit so yeah your stickers can fit back there. Obviously, you can put other stickers in there too, but I don’t know, I think it’s kind of neat and interesting, but yeah. It’s like very, very nice. I like the spine, a lot and yeah.

It feels just like that. Erin condren, like leather like material, I don’t think it’s leather just because of the price point to be honest but um you know I I like the feel of it. Also the paper is really nice. I mean I’m at a reference. Erin condren a lot because I have an Erin Condren planner, but um it’s not as nice as the Oh. What’s those inserts those crafting inserts? What are those called? I’m like totally brain farting, now a lot of people use them in wring bone planners.

I can’t think if I remember when I’m editing I’ll put it down below but um, it’s a very smooth paper and it’s a very thick paper, but it’s the Erin Condren one is a little bit more grippy if that makes sense – and this is a little bit More slippy, it’s like a good way to describe anything, but that’s the way. I know how to describe things so we’re just we’re just going to go with it. You guys so anyway, on the back page here.

I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to do a little pen testing for you guys and I’m going to do it over here, so we can zoom in a little bit more. I do apologize about the shadowing today. You guys it’s very, very dreary outside today, even though it’s not raining at all, but I wanted to do it with blue ink because I’ve been using blue ink lately and I don’t really know why. But we’re just going to go with it and I figured I would use a bunch of different types of markers and pens and then we would look at the other page and see if there was an a shadowing or anything like that popping through.

Because I know in the planner world that is a big deal and we like to know which pens to use if we like this planner. So, let’s get into the pen test all right, I’m going to zoom you guys in just a little bit and then I’m going to use some regular pens or not regular pens. I mean any regular pen would work, but I’m going to use some more gel pens and then also markers and things like that. So the first one up here is going to be the paper mate ink joy, gel pen in the 0.

7. This is the blue one. I do have a navy one as well and I’ll be testing both of them. Also, this is the jelly roll. The oh eight in the blue next up is the Paper Mate ink joy, gel pen in the 0.7 in the Navy, and then we’ve got the jelly roll. Oh eight in the Navy as well and then next up is the papermate Flair in the blue and then we’ve got the Erin Condren marker I’ll, do the fine point and then I’ll do the medium as well.

And then I have the lip pen. I don’t know what point this is, but I think they only come in the one style. I think I’m really not sure this is like really satisfying to write with. However, I’m just letting you know, and then we have got the micron. Oh three in the archival ink in the blue and then last but not least, this is the pilot ultrafine point permanent marker, but it’s feels more like a pen, but it is a permanent marker all right so now all of my blue things are done.

Let’s do a little test here. Okay, now you guys can see everything so anyway, um, probably the most satisfying to write with is the lip pen, but I do really like the way that the jelly rolls felt on this paper just FYI. I don’t know if that makes any difference to you guys, but let’s look at the back side and really the only one I see even the finest bit of shadowing on is the last one that I wrote with, and I know it might be hard to see On there, but it’s this one – and this is the only permanent marker well in that permanent marker.

But this is the one that has like the thickest stroke if you will um, but that’s the only one I can see that has even the finest bit of shadowing at all and it’s right here. To be honest, I can’t see anything else, especially if I put the page down sorry, I’m like a really zoomed in right now, if you put the page down, the only one you can see is that if you have the page up like this, just because there’s A light coming underneath here, you can see it a little bit more, but this is the only one I see, but you know what to be honest that wouldn’t really bother me.

If you like to write with these as well – and I have found – I don’t – have a blue sharpie fine point, but I have found that the Sharpie ultra fine points do about the same performance wise as the pilot on most papers. But don’t quote me on that, but if you’re into using markers like this, if that shadowing didn’t bother you, I think you definitely could use this planner, and this has the same paper all through the st.

All through the exact same planner, except for the first page. When you first open it, this front page is oh hold on. Let me zoom e all out again sorry about that, except for this front page is a little like really really thick. It’s like a card stock kind of paper where these are. You know more that silky thicker paper but yeah. That is what I wanted to share with you guys today. This is kind of a short and sweet little article, even though now my viewfinder is telling me I’ve blabbed on for 17 minutes, which you know is pretty accurate but but yeah.

I really. I think this is a cool planner, especially like on the go or in the office, or just like having something for like goal setting, and you know, keep your life a little bit more compartmentalised. If you don’t like a lot of freedom, this is definitely something that could possibly work for you. But let me know in the comments, if you guys have tried out a clever Fox planner or what your thoughts are on the layouts and everything I love learning about.

New planners and just showing you guys new things on the market, but I just wanted to give you guys my thoughts on this planner since the company was gracious enough to reach out to me and give me a planner to show to you guys. Also, if you are interested in this planner, the lamins on links will be down below for you guys so anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to post them below. Also, if you like, these kind of articles, make sure to give the article a thumbs up as well as subscribe, and I will see you guys in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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Lion Planner | First Impressions & Pen Test

This is another fun planner review. These are for the lie in the planner. This one is the daily Edition six months, and then this is the weekly Edition for 12 months they’re, both in black, I haven’t even taken them out of the packaging. Yet I just got these sent to me by Lion planner. All the thoughts and opinions are my own. They sent these to me for consideration only that’s all I do on my blog, because if I end up filming a article, I want to make sure that all of the thoughts and comments are truly my own, and I want to give an honest review of it.

So, let’s get into this, so I just got this bad boy, this one’s a little bit thicker, and this one, if you guys, can see the difference when they reached out to me. I actually looked on their page and you know was talking about the differences between the two and all of that, and then I was like well it’d, be kind of cool to see both of them and they’re like okay, we’re going to send you both. You can do like a little side-by-side comparison.

Okay, so anyway, I’m more of a person that likes a whole year in a planner. To be honest, but I know there are people out there that definitely, you know like just a six month planner. So let’s look at the six month, planner first and I put this one off to the side. So it’s like a faux leather. It’s got this really nice embossed lion on there. I don’t know if you guys can see it. It’s black on black so so hard to see, and then my viewfinder is like teeny tiny.

So I can never tell. But it’s got this nice elastic closure. It’s got like a little pen loop, so you can loop in a pen or something like that over there and then also it has on the bottom. If you can see like little strings for like little page tabs, which is kind of nice, so you open it up, you can take this little thing off there. Oh, it’s a non dated planner for happier easier and more fulfilling life cool.

It’s eco friendly materials printed on 100 % recycled paper, and this is the compact size I believe when I was looking. There were two separate sizes, but both of these it looks like are in the compact size. I think there’s one that’s just a little bit larger than this. So anyway, okay, you open it up. So it’s got all the in from like a little information page, we can put your contact information and then it’s got like the little lion over here and the line over here.

So this paper is like really thick in the front here: oh wow, okay hold on. Let’s take a look at this, I, like legit, have not opened this. I have like no idea what to expect okay and that says, by using the lion planner, you can increase your productivity, get organized and manage your daily time achieve work-life balance. Achieve your goals live a more fulfilling a happier. Life get focused, put yourself.

First challenge yourself, look at the big picture and stay positive, okay cool, so it’s kind of just giving you like a layout of some things. You can do and things like that. I don’t know just kind of interesting cool all right, so then we have 2018 and 2019 and then it has printed here, the u.S. Holidays in 2018 and then the u.S. Holidays in 2019. And then it has like a kind of like a notes, page thing or it says the beginning: what are your biggest goals and dreams that you want to achieve during these six months? You can kind of put it there and then I’m grateful for affirmations and then there’s just a blank vision board and then here is your monthly section of the lion planner.

Oh, this is kind of weird. Oh there we go cool all right so, like I said it is undated, so it doesn’t have like little sticker cover ups. This is like a pretty bare-bones like basic planner, where all the examples it looked like we’re shown just using a pen like up here. You can definitely decorate anything. Obviously, so it doesn’t have like little sticker cover-ups. But what you do is you just kind of like write in you know your dates so clearly you can have this be any month, you’d like it.

So it has like a little date thing right here and it says goals for this month. Reward, if achieved so save, I don’t know you want to buy yourself something or treat yourself to something. I don’t know whatever. I’ve got a little quote here from Steve Jobs. Oh I see I was like what is it these H’s for H means habit. So look if you want to drink a certain amount of ounces of water a day or workout every day or whatever, then you can like either check that off or color it in or something.

And then it says I will lead or do something new this month and it has one and two and then this is personal plan top priorities and then professional plan a top priorities and then over here it says endless discoveries. This might be a little bit more difficult to see over here, but this is. It looks like like graph paper kind of down here. It’s like a bunch of little dots, so yeah, that’s kind of cool and then alright, so the monthly review.

It’s got some information, more monthly review, so it said it just asks you like a bunch of questions about your month and kind of how to move forward. So it says, did you manage to achieve your goals this past month? If yes describe the results, if no, what did you need to do for better results next time, this one says: did you learn or did you do something new in this past month? If yes describe it, what are the best things that happened to you this past month, either in your personal life or professional life? To what or who are you especially grateful for this past month? What is holding you back? What do you need to do to change the circumstances? Did you learn any lessons this past month? How will they help you in the future and then how do you feel about this past month and why and then you move into your next month.

So it’s all kind of the same. Actually, I feel like this would be really good for like goal setting at like work and a professional environment, because it just like makes you look at stuff or even like this might be like really weird, but I feel like this would be good for, like a Relationship if you’re like married or you’re like seriously dating someone or something like that, you know, if you guys have like I mean I’m clearly, not in a relationship or like married, but I mean, if you were like dating someone seriously or in that in a marriage Or something – and you guys wanted to like achieve goals together as like a family or as just a couple, it’d be kind of cool to like write these things down just to like keep track of stuff, I mean I don’t know, I don’t know, don’t take advice From me, but um I don’t know it’s just like something different to think about and then okay.

So here is your weekly section now and then okay. So here are your weekly pages, so it says day and date and that says weekly success and then insights gained and then left over from the past week. So like clearly tasks or things you have to do. And that says this week’s plan and says this week will be great because and then it has a bunch of lines and then this week’s goals, one through four things to avoid personal to-do list, one through five and then top priorities, one through six and then projects.

One through four and then there’s a passion project down here, so it looks like that is how the weekly pages are set up. To be honest, this probably isn’t like my jam. I am more someone that wouldn’t want all of these little things, but if you’re kind of more regimented – and you really like a lot of structure in your planner, this might be something for you. But for me I like to kind of like do what I want when I want, but this would be really kind of a cool thing for someone that likes a lot of structure.

So all the weekly pages are exactly the same. That’s the weekly and then now there’s a daily section of the planner as well. So let’s go into that. So it’s got the day and date and it looks like there’s two days on like a fold out so there’s one on this page and one on this page. So this one says exciting things to do today: steps slash actions towards my weekly goals, one through three, the tasks and priorities, one through six notes and ideas, just a blank little box, but it does have like faint grid in there and it says end of the Day, review – and that says today’s winds – and that says best moment from today today’s focus exercise and then schedule.

So this is like an hourly schedule, which you guys know I absolutely love. I I personally use an Erin Condren life planner in the hourly layout. I will leave a link below for you guys if you’re interested in checking out the Erin Condren website as well. As I mean I’m going to leave links below for this as well yeah. This schedule is from 6:00 to 9:00 and you know you can just like block off some of the times, which I think is really nice, and then you’ve got your next day right here.

So this I don’t know, this is just kind of a cool little thing. So, let’s see I mean, obviously all the days are exactly the same and let’s actually pull these guys out. There’s and there’s like two of these, like string, things looks like one, but it’s actually two there’s two. I promise yeah all right. Let’s see what else is back here, if anything who knows this is I’m learning too y’all, I’m learning too.

So it looks if this is the last daily page. So let’s go into this little section here, alright, so this says final review of these last six months. All right, so it has a bunch of questions for you as well. It says: did you manage to achieve your biggest monthly goals or dreams during these past six months? If yes describe the results, if not, what do you need to do to improve and achieve them? Next time – and it says what are the best things that happened to you during these past six months – even either in your personal life or professional life, to what or who are you especially grateful for during these past six months? And it says what were the biggest lessons you learned during the last six months, and how do you feel about these past six months and why so that’s kind of cool and then over here are just a bunch of notes pages and it just says notes: ideas Journal memories, discoveries, so there are a couple of pages back here for this in case you want to like note something down.

Ok, so that’s all lined paper. This is all that dot grid paper, but it’s really really faint. It’s really difficult to see even like to my naked eye right now, so I can’t imagine what its going to be like on camera and then um that is it oh cool! Look at this there’s like stuff back here: okay, alright! So then, back here there are some stickers. Oh that’s the wrong way. Emily um there’s like some little airplanes.

There is like some laundry stickers, some grocery carts, some like important stickers. Let’s see here, this looks like documents movies, like a nurse or a doctor, and then you’ve got like workout money and then gifts. So that’s really cool. This comes with it so like clearly, you could use this on any of your days and then there’s like a no. No, it’s like a little pocket back here, yeah a little pot.

Oh it’s as it was designed in Boston, but printed in China. Neat all right! So, anyway, put all this stuff back all right. There we go so that is it for the oh and then on the back. It has embossed as well and printed in this, it says, lie in a planner, so very, very cool and it looks like this could get dented a little easy mine came with like a little divot. I don’t know if it’s like you can’t. You can kind of see it on the viewfinder a little bit.

It came with a little divot on it, and this is actually creating a little bit of a tiny divot right there, but clearly you’d. Have it close. So I mean I know: a lot of people in the planner world are a little bit specific. So you know, if that’s not your jam, then that’s okay, too, but yeah, but the spine looks pretty good and everything so yeah. Why don’t you take a peek at the weekly edition and this one is a twelve month planner, I’m not sure what the difference is going to be.

Clearly it’s a thickness difference, but I’m just assuming that the daily pages are taken out of this. I’m not really sure, though, again with the last one. You have the elastic band right here. Also an elastic pen, holder right there you’ve got your Lian as well as oh there’s, three little guys all right. Well, this one. There are three little ribbons which is kind of cool, and then this one says it is the lion planner weekly edition twelve months non, dated planner for happier easier and more fulfilling life, eco-friendly materials printed on a hundred percent recycled paper, and this is the compact size.

So let’s take this out alright, so just like the first planner this says like your information page and all that good stuff and that’s got you know more layouts and things like that. It has the same exact thing over here by like using your planner. You can get more organized and achieve your goals and blah blah blah. You know all that good stuff over here. It also has the same calendar with holidays for 2018 and 2019, and then this one just says the beginning, and it has a bunch of lines and says what are your your league goals and dreams that you would like to achieve this year, and it has all The same stuff so far, and then it’s got your monthly once again.

I think let’s actually do like a side-by-side. I’m pretty sure that all of this is exactly the same, but I just you know, don’t quote me on it, because I don’t want you all to be like Emily. You didn’t even pay attention. That’s not exactly the same blah blah okay, so it is slightly different. Alright, so let’s look at this, so if we look at these kinda together, the differences are actually at the bottom.

So let’s do this, so this is the thicker one which is the six month planner. It has this little section here that says I will learn or do something new this month and then it says personal plan and professional plan. This one here, which is the one I’m looking at now, which is the 12-month doesn’t have that little box right there, but it has personal plan and professional plans, there’s only a little difference there in the printing.

Also, these are exactly the same. It’s just kind of like your monthly review and yes, all the other pages are the same. So let’s get into the next section wherever that may be oh cool all right, so this is very different than the other one like I was saying before in this one. When you get to those weekly pages, it just clearly isn’t. For me, it’s like too much structure and the six-month one, but here in the 12 month one this is kind of like right up my alley.

This is an hourly. You know it’s undated still, but it has. You know like a little section where you can put the dates and then it says today’s focus all across the top, and then it goes from six to nine there’s a date right here. So you could put in like the dates of the week, the weeks goals, notes, personal to-do lists, professional to-do list and then endless discoveries with a little doctorate as well.

So when we go Sunday through Saturday, I actually got a question just recently like this is like a little bit of a tangent, but I had a question just recently like why? Don’t they have planners that have Sunday through Saturday on the weekly spread? Because when you go into the monthly spreads they’re all Sunday through Saturday – and it was like really bothering somebody and I’m like you know – I don’t know – I haven’t ever seen a weekly spread like this – that isn’t Monday through Sunday.

So this is kind of interesting. So here, if you’re really wanting something that’s Sunday through Saturday, this might be up your alley. So anyway, all of the weekly pages are the same, and I think that would probably be it okay and then at the back. There is also the same review questions and this is a yearly, so it’s got the word year in it versus the last six months and then it has all these notes pages as well, so bunch of notes, pages and then yeah.

This has a bunch of dot grid pages as well. Okay, so, let’s see are there any stickers in this one? You know me guys. I, like my stickers, oh yeah, there is a little sheet of stickers, okay, cool and it’s the same sheet as the other one cool nice, and then I’ve got these guys. Let’s bring these out so this one, I’m not sure why, but this one has three little ribbons versus the other. One has two cool all right, and this has some of the same, like outer issues that I was talking about before, where clearly this has been sitting.

You know like this for a little while, and so it’s you know, kind of denting it just a little bit, but nothing that would like really bother me. Oh on the back. It still has the embossed lion planner right there, so yeah I mean I think. Overall, this is a really neat. I know a lot of people are probably wondering how the paper quality is, and I am going to do a little pen test right now. I’m actually going to do my pen test on the sixth month planner, but I’m going to do it and the very very back, not the last page, because the last page is very different than the other pages.

So I’m actually going to do it on one of these notes pages which I think will be good um, just right off the bat. The paper feels nice. It’s like pretty, I don’t know kind of silky feeling, but it’s not like really gritty. I don’t know how to like describe it, but we’re going to do a little pen test, so let me assume y’all in so we can take a peek together and actually mmm. I want to do it on the last page yeah.

I think I will do it on the last page. Here’s what I’m going to do. This is like the regular paper. This is not the regular paper. This is like cardstock, I’m going to do my pen test right here. So then we can like kind of flip back and forth and look at like shadowing and things like that. I am going to use my blue pens that I typically like to use for pen testing. I will leave links down below for all of the different pens that I am using here and I’m not going to use any just regular ballpoint pens, because those don’t bleed through typically.

But I am going to be using like some gel pens and markers and things like that. Let’s get you zoomed in a little bit more here we go alright, so first up is going to be my paper. Mate ink joy, gel pen in the O, 7, and next up is going to be the jelly roll. Oh eight in the blue. I also will have a Navy coming up as well. My favorite jelly roll is the Navy and it’s just I don’t know I just like the color of it a lot better, but it’s still the same in the O.

8. I don’t know, do you guys feel like that’s really satisfying? I don’t know. I feel like this is super-sized, I think, to write with next up. We have the Erin Condren dual tip markers, and I am going to be writing with the fine point first and then I’ll be writing with the medium point. My camera just stopped on me as I was writing, but yeah there we go. There’s that one and then next up is the papermate Flair, and this one is the lip pen, this one’s really satisfying, also to write with.

If you like, a really really really fine point and then I have a micron in an O 3, which I’ve said this before several times, I don’t really like this at all, but I do keep it because I have stuff to pen test all the time. So it’s nice to see if it like shadows and stuff, but I will still link it down below for you guys. I don’t know the way I write with it. I don’t like the way that my hand writes with the microns.

That’s just me and then last but not least, we have the pilot ultrafine point permanent marker, so those are all the pens I’m going to be a testing today. So let’s take a peek at the backside and see what y’all think every time I put it up like this everyone’s like, oh, I can see shadowing on everything. I think the real test is when you lay it down properly like this, because you know when it’s up you’re going to see light that I already have in my home going through this.

So when you lay it down like this and let’s actually zoom you all in not out, let’s go in here, we go okay. So what I’m? Seeing with my eye and not the viewfinder, is I’m seeing the Erin Condren one in the medium point, it’s kind of popping through, as I like, stopped letters and then the only other one that I see that would like bother me personally. Is this one here, which is the pilot ultrafine point permanent? To be honest, I probably would never write with this in a planner just on itself, but it’s not totally horrible.

So this paper is actually quite nice. I mean there’s little shadowing to the naked eye, but, to be honest I mean everything is going to shadow just a little bit, but you know if you’re getting like really specific, you do see it, but it’s not bad. So I think that this could work with. Basically, you know any of these, but I would say to just steer clear of using the air and contract Erin Condren dual tip in the medium.

It does kind of pop through a little bit and then that pilot ultrafine point. I’m kind of surprised that the micron didn’t pop through but hey to each their own right, that’s pretty cool alright, so that is it for the first impression of the lion planner the weekly edition in the 12 months and the daily edition in the six months. Again, I will leave links to everything down below if you are interested in checking them out.

If there’s a planner out there that you guys are interested in me doing a first impressions or pen testing or any of that on leave it down below. And let me know I would be very, very curious, but that’s it for me. I thank you guys so much for hanging out and I will see y’all in my next article bye guys well, folks is time to kick it old school


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Erin Condren Academic Planner First Impressions | #ECAcademicCalendar #ECSquad

As you see, I have a big old erin condren box in front of me. We are going to be doing a first impressions on some of the things that are inside here, so I’m very excited to get started shout out to the Erin Condren team for sending me all the goodies that are inside of here today. We’re going to be talking mainly about the Erin Condren academic planner.

Things have changed a sense last year and I actually did a review and first impressions on the one last year. I believe it was, and I will link that up in a card for you guys, but let’s get this big box out of the way and then we’ll move on from there. This was in the bottom of the box. I don’t know what this is for, but oh you know what I do know what this is for we’re going to just leave that right there so anyways.

First things: first, when you get your lovely box from Erin Condren, they always have a little postcard. That has a really nice quote on it, and it says whatever you are be a good one and then my favorite thing is these little guys. They are really nice gift label tags or just anything tags it always says enjoy they usually are these like scalloped adhesive stickers? Well, clearly, stickers are adhesive Emily, oh man, it says to and from I’ve used these before, for giving away like candy or baked goods to like co-workers, our neighbors or friends, or something like that and just put it on like a little cell, Oh bag.

I love these. I think these are awesome and that it comes wrapped in a navy tissue paper and has the signature Erin Condren enjoy on the side here. So let’s open this guy up – and I don’t really talk about this too often but like I got ta say I love their packaging just because I have rarely gotten anything – that’s been damaged if you guys are interested in my Erin Condren playlist I’ll link it up In a card and down below for you guys very rarely do I get anything that’s actually damaged because they have such nice like packing on their stuff.

So anyway, this is all the good stuff. So let me take all this like packaging away and then we’ll talk about it. Alright, so I want to talk about everything at one by one and then we’ll get to the planner at the very end. These are the designer note card set they’re fifty aligned, three by five and note cards with a binder ring, which is this bad boy right here, and I did see some people on the interwebs talk about these and I thought these are just really unique and neat.

So it has the woven, wonder pattern, and this is one of those like erasable things like you, can use one of those markers on here and then on. The backside, there’s also like aligned, but it’s like a laminated one. So that’s really cool and then there’s also a back as well, and then you’ve got all your note cards and they all have the hole punch in them, which is pretty unique and neat. And I really really like that, and then you can just put this all together.

If I can do it right there we go. I need a little strength in the morning. I haven’t had my like caffeination yet and there you go, that’s what it looks like. So you can take notes if you’re doing a speech or, if you’re just you know wanting to take notes on a certain topic or subject or something. But you know I feel like this would be good, even if you aren’t a student and next off. I got these.

I have been hearing lots of things about them. I wanted to see them in person they’re the 12-page flags. They are all different colors and they have a little asterisk on them. I kind of was in the same boat of everyone else, where I really hoped that these would be like several of them and one like they’re, very, very, like I don’t know thick, isn’t the right thick is the right word, but they’re very glossy they’re, like a Permanent adhesive, I really wish that these were like the removable adhesive ones that, like you, know, 3m makes and stuff, because I think that would be amazing because I use those all the time.

But I mean these are really cool, just because I love the Erin Condren little asterisks as well as I love their colorway. So I’m not sure what I’m going to be using these for, but I think I will have some sort of project that will come up and well. I will use these, but again, I wanted to see them in person, and I just thought that I could use them in some way in all my planning systems. Next up is this snap-in dashboard.

That also has the woven, wonder, pattern on it and it has in foiled top priorities and then like a little checklist and then I have and then a little checklist down here and then let me open this up because there’s always fun things on the back, usually And then, let’s see yeah on the back side, it’s got Monday through Sunday, so you could put in like a meal plan or two dues or anything like that.

Also with that woven wonder pattern, which is like one of my favorite things now and of course no Erin Condren box would be it complete without sticky note, so I thought that this would be great to put in this box just because I always am running low On these sticky notes, for whatever reason I got to say, I’ve had a lot of questions on my Instagram and on my facebook as to the adhesiveness of some of the ones in the years past.

I hear you, but these ones, the new ones, the woven wonder and the teacher ones that I have sitting over here right now. These are not part of this haul, but I do have them sitting over here. These have a great adhesive stickiness to them. They don’t leave a film on your page, at least what I have noticed with the ones that I’ve gotten, but they don’t like curl up as much these ones, the new ones.

So I think that they improved some of their adhesives. I’m very very excited about that. So I just keep buying the same patterns like over and over and over and over, but I just absolutely love this pattern anyway, and I really like all of the different sizes and shapes of these notes. Next up is this designer sticker book. I know if you guys have been reading me for a little while you have seen this in a couple of months back, but I did decide to get a new one.

It’s got lots of different stickers sheets and it’s got like transparent stickers and just like regular stickers too, which I absolutely love. But this is the new sticker book for this year. The 2018-2019 season, so I’m very, very excited about this and link will be below to all the products that I’m talking about. And lastly, let’s talk about this little bundle set before we get into the planner.

This was, I think it was like called, maybe like the writing, utensil bundle. Actually, let me look it up, because you know I’m not good at things sometimes. Ah, here it is it’s the writing, essentials bundle and, as of me filming this, this is on sale for $ 25. You do get a little bit of a discount when you buy some of the bundles. So if you actually search like erin condren and like the sale tab, there’s a bunch of different bundles available.

Alright, so here are all the things that are in writing essentials bundle. This is what I was kind of talking about. These wet erase markers you could put on here and then, when they dry down, they don’t come off, but then you can just take like a little baby, wipe or actually just throw it under water and it’ll all come off with pretty good ease. But I love these things and these are the fine tip ones they do also have like thicker tipped ones.

I believe I’m not sure if they’re still in their website, but I know they’ve had them in years past these. As you know, I absolutely love the dual tip markers, I’m a fan of all of them, but I thought hey. Why not get some of these as well, I’m always looking for a black or a blue. You know what I mean. We’re always looking for that. Also this pencil set – I have never had this particular pencil set before, but it has lots of different things in here.

I think I’ve gotten some pencils in years past from like some of the seasonal surprise boxes, but I don’t think I’ve ever had these particular ones. So it’s got some of the mid-century circles. Oh they already come sharpened, for you that’s kind of cool, so it’s got two mid-century circles, one’s a watercolor and then it has some of the metallic dots. So the pink one has rose gold. The teal one has gold and this purple one has silver and then like up at the top next to their eraser.

It has like the same kind of metallic that it coordinates with so very cool and they’re, just six of them, which I live and then really the reason I wanted this is. I wanted these highlighters. I’ve never had highlighters from Erin Condren before, and I thought you know what I think it’s time to finally do this. I know they’ve had them on there like website for ever, but I’ve just never used them.

I think you know it was just. It was time guys it was finally time to do it, so let’s try it with some Erin Condren paper. I just have this sitting here. This is not part of the hall, but oh that writes nicely. They like feel they feel nice in your hand too. I was kind of worried that they’d be like a little too bulky. You know some highlighters are just like a little too thick, but these feels really nice yeah yep.

I like those those are nice. Oh, I almost forgot to mention these. These are the colorful monthly adhesive tabs. I did get these separately, but they do have like a rose gold like January February March April May June July. You know all that good stuff, because the planner that I received is not tabbed. So I thought that this would be something that I could put on the planner all right. So here is the planner.

It also comes with these colorful date, dots from Erin Condren. This is an undated planner, so they do include this typically with your purchase. I believe that this always comes with it. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure it does the undated Nastase it flexible. So you can start and stop your planner at any time. So big changes for this year, if you guys readed my other article, that I linked up in a card earlier, you would have noticed that the other one was bound and what that means is.

It was like a not a hardbound, but it was like a soft bound. It did not have the coil, so it was a little bit different and it also was not as thick, which I am very excited to see. What’s in the guts, so it comes with a coil which is fabulous. These are 7 by 9. They fit the regular 7 by 9 covers. I chose the woven wonder pattern in the white background. I didn’t do any personalization, because I wasn’t a how-to percent sure what I was going to do with this or if I was going to gift this to somebody I wasn’t a hundred percent sure.

So I thought you know what I’m totally down with the woven Wonder. So let’s get the white one, because I love the way that this looks also to let you know that these planners start at $ 35. There is some other detailed customization that you can do, that is additional, but these are $ 35 and when you open this up on the back side is also an opportunity for the wet erase markers to kind of put in a list or something like that.

And then, on the right hand, side it says academic planner, your name school and year, and this is a 12 month planner. I believe that the previous ones that they had were only six months. If I remember right but yeah, I think this looks really nice and the paper quality is the same as the red planners so who have a regular planner. It’s that same mohawk paper that they released last season. So like 2017 2018.

And then, when you open it up, you get right into stuff, so the first page here is projects and exams. Your description, your class, the details, the deadlines, important dates and then there’s like a little check for complete, and that is very satisfying. I think so. There’s three on each page and let’s see there’s a bunch of pages in here all right, so there’s a whole bunch of these. So if you’ve got projects and exams and things you need to study for there’s a bunch of pages and then on this page here.

On the left hand, side is just a nice blank notes, pages and or notes pages. This notes page and then on the right-hand side says what you seek is seeking you and then you get into your first month. This is where your colorful date dots come into. Play so you can write up here what month it is and then also put in your date thoughts. Also, if you don’t like the date dots, you can also just write it in too it’s just kind of up to you and then once you decide what month, this will be so say it’s really an academic year for you and you want to maybe start it In August or September, depending on when your school starts, you could grab one of these little adhesive monthly tabs and put in the coordinating tab on this page.

So then, you knew kind of you know what was going on. So this is very very similar to the Erin Condren life planner, as well as the Erin Condren deluxe monthly planner. However, the only real difference is that at the bottom here there is no coordinating month before the next month because it’s undated, so let’s flip through and see okay perfect. So this is the week of and then you can write whatever you want and then Monday through Friday, in full box form and it has Monday.

And then you know like a smaller box, a bigger box and then to do checklist. And then Saturday and Sunday is a little bit smaller because they all fit on one line down here. That makes sense, so you’ve got one two three four five weeks and then you’ve got two notes: pages that are in the lined and then two more and another one so yeah and then you’re into the next month. So every month it looks like is like that.

So, let’s get into when things change, let’s see, let’s see, alright, I’m almost at the back of the planner. Let’s see, I don’t know if there’s anything extra back here, I don’t think there is. That’s alright, though, cool alright, so I’m at the very back of the planner now after the twelve months and then on the back side over here, it says, arriving at one goal is the start of another and it has some info about Erin Condren.

Oh, this is really cool, so it’s got one sticker sheet back here and it says exam midterm test quiz read paper: do study group study no class and vacation. Then it has some other blank event stickers as well for you and then after this is another one of those covers on the inside. You could use those wet erase markers as well and then on the back. Is my nice little woven wonder pattern so that is a peek inside of the new academic planner for 2018 2019.

It again is undated with no tabs, but I kind of like that idea just because it gives you a lot more flexibility to start and stop your planner whenever you’d like, and I just think this is a really great idea for students out there or anyone that Really likes this particular set up, it could be good for and then also if somebody wants to use this for work, I mean it’s got. You know the week of and then some kind of tasking things and then to do is.

I think this would be great for work as well. I mentioned that in my teacher lesson, planner review – that’s a bigger planner than this – it’s like literally bigger, but that one was a great setup for that as well. But you know this would be wonderful for work projects or work things, and things like that that you want to keep track of as well, if you’re not into any of the Erin Condren life planner layout options, and it’s got lots of notes pages.

So if you have meetings or conferences or things like that, you could take notes – and you know do all that stuff, but yeah I mean. I just think this is a really really neat planner, I’m so glad that they put 12 months in there now rather than six months. But what do you guys think of the planner? I would love to know in the comment down below, but that is going to be it for me today. I thank you guys so much for hanging out with me if you’re interested in anything from Erin Condren, the links are down below for y’all.

Thank you. So much for reading – and I will see y’all in the next one bye guys well folks – is time to kick it old school