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Finding Planner Peace

I was actually at my friend Ryan’s apartment yesterday, um, I don’t know in this articles going up, but Ryan has his own YouTube blog, which I will link up in the card for you guys he is a man with the plans, and I brought my binder over And we were kind of looking at each other’s planners and whatever, and I have been decorative planning for several years now.

Actually I started a decorative planning when I started my youtube blog. So what like, four or five years – something like that and it’s taken a long time for me to really understand my style and figure out. What makes me happy so we had a discussion about planner piece and if it’s even achievable and all of that stuff. So I wanted to kind of share with you guys my mentality of how I have gotten to the point where I feel like.

I have achieved the planner piece, the illustrious elusive planner piece. So a lot of my journey with planning is centered around the Erin Condren products. I have tried several different things and what I keep going back to is simplicity. For me, I am NOT one of those people that can have four or five different planners. It’s too much for me, my brain doesn’t work that way. I have a very simple life.

I am single, no kids, no partner. I have a dog like that’s it, so I don’t really have that much stuff to track or write down or whatever you know. But there was a time where I was using a couple of different planners for different things, and now everything is in this planner. What I use now is the Erin Condren binder system, and I’m just going to flip through and like talk to you guys, while I’m flipping so yeah, but this has just been working really well for me, oh my little, my little dots are over here.

Here we go, I’ve done several articles on this particular planner. I did put in a just cover because I feel like that helps with you know not ruining these pages, but I did actually end up ordering a neutral planner, because I love the way that the neutral was. But, to be honest, I decided that neutral is not for me and you guys are probably thinking like what Emily you’re like super neutral. Yes, yes, I am, however, I’m super neutral in my like regular daily life.

However, in my planner is like the one place that I can be super colorful and more bold and loud, and it doesn’t cause me anxiety, like color in general, like lots of like big colors, really cause me legit anxiety. So that’s why my home is very neutral. My wardrobe is very neutral, I’m very neutral, however, in here I actually really enjoy it, so it’s kind of like my little outlet, if that makes sense anyway.

Here are these pages. This has where I track my menstrual cycle paydays and then like work holidays, so I mean you could track whatever the heck you want to on there here. I actually just made this not too long ago. I had one of these in my last planner too, and this is like kind of just like projects or things I’d like to do so like I have my entryway living room, half bath garage laundry office, kitchen, dining room, loft master bath bedroom, and then I have An extra one, but just thought that you know this would be kind of cute to put in there and then over.

Here is my first July, a budget that I’ve done. I used to have a erin condren, deluxe monthly planner, and that only has my budget, and that was it. I love the idea of the deluxe monthly planner when I was actually tracking every single dollar that came in and came out, but I don’t do that anymore. I do follow the Dave Ramsey plan and, at the point that I was tracking everything I was, you know paying down debt saving up my six month, emergency and saving for a house so like that was really nice to have like a tangible place to see everything Like the incoming and the outgoing, but now that I’ve already purchased the house, I’m in baby step four and six, because I don’t have kids, so I don’t not doing college savings.

So I just like an overview. That’s just works super well for me, and I decided to do that in the sheet at the very front of the month. So anyways. If you guys want to see any of my budget bud, you don’t want to see any of my budgeting articles I’ll, throw it up and a card for you guys um, but yeah, and then this is the first month. I just wrote down some things, but I never really. I don’t know I don’t know what to do with this page.

This is this is my problem and I know that some people have actually like taped these pages together, so it just flips to the month. I may or may not do that, I’m not sure I mean I might find a use for these two pages at some point, but this is my month of July. That’s already happened and then speaking of planner piece. So, for me, what has worked really well, especially when you’re first starting is don’t buy all the things.

I know that’s so hard to do, because I bought all the things and I ended up not using all the things this is before. I discovered that people had like dedicated a planner, instagrams and people did. Plan with me is on YouTube and I did not know any of that yet so I had already established my youtube blog just a little bit. I had done a few articles and I decided as soon as I started or as soon as I got my first planner, that I was going to start planning articles and I did, and I actually didn’t do any talking at all.

I mean I said like hello and then I would just you know fast-forward through it, and then he like show you all at the end and it was like very, very decorative and I felt like everything needed to have a theme because that’s the only stuff, I Kind of saw online, it was very femi and it inevitably didn’t end up working for me, which really sucked, but that’s okay. Over the years, I have established a love for two major sticker brands that have really worked for me and the first one is coffee, brick planner, which all these little scallop boxes and then all the scripty words are from her and then I also am in love With Christian designs, I feel like the majority – well not in the majority at least half of the stickers in each shop really appeal to me and that just I don’t know it works well with my brain that I can support these two shops by the things I Need and I feel like it all kind of flows well together.

I hope that makes sense for me and a normal like weekly basis. Usually my two or my go-to things are these scallop boxes because I usually will write in things that are happening, and then these are also which I absolutely love, that they are mat removable stickers. So you can actually peel them up so say I didn’t. You know, edit that day I can pull that up and it’s just so easy. I do obviously have other sticker shops too, but I kind of just sprinkle those in where they go and I’m not super dedicated to one shop or another.

In that respect, I do like little icons like this. One is a 110 and a million this ones once more with love. This little dr. Guy is from plan to plan sticker Co yeah. So I mean I love like little things like that. Just to emphasize the event in the box also, these little blobbies are super cute from oh hello, stationery like there’s so many fun things to put in there to kind of, like judge up your planner, if you like that, if you like super basic and all you Want to do is just have different, colored pens like you go, you do your thing.

You know so yeah, that’s kind of like my mentality, like walking through how I lay my stickers down and how I choose what I choose. So this is like the week of July 4th. Clearly this is July 4th right here and then um here is this week, um so yeah. But another thing I really wanted to talk about was that I know there are some people in the planner community that get not necessarily upset, but maybe like a little perturbed if other people copy their style – and I feel like copying or emulating is how people find Their style, so I always take it as a compliment.

If someone’s going to tag me on instagram or send me an email saying: hey, here’s, my first spread or here’s a spread that I just did and I really emulated your style or I copied your style. What do you think or whatever like? I think, that’s amazing, because that’s how you find what works for you, one of my biggest style inspirations, has been Jen plans and I will leave her Instagram down below. If you are interested.

She also has a youtube blog, which I will link for you guys if you see her style, it’s very different than this, but this is kind of how I came to this conclusion. She has a lot more white space than I do typically in her weeks, and she does do some of the decorative icons. But I definitely do a lot more and I did try out her style like exactly for the longest time, and I just figured you know what I love that style.

It really works for me. I, like true times of you, know I work and then I put my washi in and then you know. At the end of the day, I cut my washi and then I put in what’s going on and what’s happening, but for me I wanted a little bit more decoration in mine and some of you may see this and go oh, my gosh. This is so overwhelming. I don’t know how you’re getting anything done and some of you may see this and go.

This is super boring? Yes, oh everyone has a different way of doing things, but finding that person or that account or several accounts, either on Instagram or Facebook or whatever and just kind of using those as like, okay. Well, I’ve never thought of doing it this way, but maybe I should try this and see how it works. For me, in my life you know Jenna and I actually know each other. We’ve met a few times now, but you know she’s a busy mom.

She works outside the home. She is married and also has three kids and a dog, so her life is so different than mine, but I could still take inspiration from what she has done and what has worked well for her style. So I just kind of took her style and revamped it for myself, because that’s really at the end of the day, what you have to do, you have to figure out what works for you and not necessarily worry about what everybody else thinks of your planner.

Your planner is for you and no one else. I, however, really like to make mine pretty I do have you know a blog online. However, I don’t have to share this stuff. If I don’t want to so you know, I just really enjoy sharing it, and I make it pretty because I want to make it pretty. You know I’m not really doing anything for the camera any longer. I’m really doing it because I love it so anyways. This is another week, that’s all filled in I’m going to flip a little bit more here and show you some other things that have really helped me we’re into August already.

Oh my gosh. So this is actually this week. This is today, and hopefully I’m going to get this up sweet so as I went through this week, so these are kind of like the Emily Leigh colors. So I kind of did a little bit of rainbow and then over here is just kind of whatever. But what I have done – and I’ve actually done this – this is how the conversation started with Ryan yesterday is what I have done, and not what I was explaining to him is that I went through the majority of the weeks for the next year and just put In my work and anything else that I knew was happening so like a birthday or like right here, oh I have a giveaway on Monday.

I don’t think this article is going to be up by Monday, but you never know, and I have like a girls night with my friends Megan. I jazz – and you know like there’s stuff in here and like my trash day, there’s stuff in here that I already know that’s going to happen. So if I lay this down, it’s so much easier for me that then, like mentally throughout the week, come upstairs to my office and then like fill in the evenings or anything that needed to happen in the day time or what’s happening in the weekend or what’s Coming up so that’s really helpful for me to like pre-plan at least the things that I know, and even if say this the day of the 8th.

You know I’m off work or something I can lift this up and I can put in something else. It’s not a problem, but my biggest challenge was just starting with a blank page and not even having like my work in there and then it’s like gosh. Now I have to think about what I want to do. I got to think about what theme I want to go with and about a month ago I ended up. I think it was actually the July 4th weekend.

I just was super inspired and started just planning out my weeks and it’s just making my life so much easier cuz. I don’t have to think about it anymore, so yeah, but then like here, I’m going to be on a road trip with my mom like the last half of this, but I am working over here. So yeah it’s just like, let’s just put in the things and then also like, I have other things going on so like I found out that the wild collab sale is going to be the 22nd through the 25th.

So I just kind of put a little sticky in here and then these little sticky notes are from Erin Condren and then I have another planner meetup, which I haven’t put in here yet and yeah. I even put in like all my budgeting things and anything that I know is in here like Labor Day Patriot day I’ll put in, and then you know I’ll, just put in little page markers for the things that are kind of pending ish, like I’m going to Go to state 4 with my mom and all that good stuff.

So yeah, I don’t know, I just think like this is going to work really well for me in the end that I don’t really need to think anymore. Oh maybe that’s the theme of this articles. Like I don’t need to think about it anymore, but I just really like the way that this feels I’m putting in all my paydays, I’m typically putting in laundry clearly. If I don’t necessarily do the laundry that day, I can still lift this stuff up and I could put it somewhere else without an issue.

I still have some weeks that I don’t have anything which is totally fine and you know I’m still consuming products, I’m still buying things, because I can’t help myself, but you know at that point I was like you know, I’m not sure what I want to do For that week, so I just skipped it, and then this one was actually blank until the other day, and I got my simply gilded box, the one with the malls – and this is the Stardust.

What was in there and I’m like this – is beautiful. I love it. So yeah, but I don’t have I’m out of my little work stickers and I haven’t decided which scallop boxes I want to use for this color palette just yet, but clearly I have until September, to figure it out, there’s also a grilled cheese festival in Minneapolis. I’m really excited about that plus there’s going to be one. So you know I want to go to that um, but yeah, but I like got like I’m going all the way into the end, so yeah there’s like a mother Blanc, one here well, this is a little bit.

Funky um here is like a little spooky one for you know, October and then into the next month. I’ve only done this, but this is like the actual Halloween Day, but yeah. So I mean I’ve obviously put like my dog’s monthly meds, that kind of stuff. You know like this is just like helping my mind work and I hope that this might help. One of you know, hopefully one of you out there, maybe the several of you.

I don’t know, but this is just really like working for me and yes, I’ve already made the decisions and yes, I can’t really use any new stuff, but that’s why I left a few weeks blank. So I think that’ll work pretty well for me and then like into December. I have well this is in December, but it’s actually the week of Thanksgiving, but I have some of this written down. I don’t know what I’m doing for Thanksgiving, probably hopefully nothing cuz.

That’s just my jam yeah, and this is like the first full week of December. Oh also, I got a question from Ryan. When I was we didn’t, you know we were flipping through this he’s like what are these little things mean over here and they’re, my paydays. That’s what they mean. You might not be able to see that one very well, but this one you can soulfully see but yeah. Those are my paydays, so I just keep track of that on my little thing there but yeah.

You know I don’t have anything there. This is the week of Hanukkah, so I wanted to use lots of Blues to celebrate and then the lights all that good stuff. This is the week of Christmas, which I think is so cute, and I used this kit, not a kit but like a couple of sticker sheets from one town and a million which I thought were super cute. This washes from 110 and a million of this washes from 110 and a million, and then this little green band is signifying my coworker is off, but it’s actually from one of the Erin Condren sticker books, I think from a long time ago, but it had the Gold and it had the right green tone – and I was like – let’s do it so anyway, but yeah I mean I’m going all the way into everything for this.

So this one’s really cute, which I love this one’s actually my birthday week, so this is January 9th – is my birthday yeah and I I’m also. I don’t even think I brought this up yet, but I’m also trying to stay motivated with bringing my lunches to work. So I got these really cute little like lunchboxes and then like on my birthday I’ll, probably go out, but whatever so yeah. This is the week of Doyle birthday.

This is Doyle’s birthday right there. It’s also my brother’s birthday, so yeah, but you know I just I’m loving the way that this is working for my brain and you know. I hope that you guys get a little bit of inspiration from this as well. It’s so cute. This is Valentine’s, even though I don’t have a final time, but that’s alright. This is a Valentine’s Day and then into March. I’ve done a few things love the way.

This looks it’s like huh, more springy, and then we’ve got st. Patrick’s Day week. So I mean I don’t know I just I just really like the way this looks, and I hope that you guys to do as well this one’s like a galaxy theme, which I love this washi, it’s like a sample that I had and then um. I don’t know I use this like art, deco II washi as well, so maybe I’m going to just stop it there. There are more weeks that I have filled out, but once I get into May I really haven’t done anything because you know if I get new stuff, I want to be able to use it.

I just prep ahead and that’s just been working really well for me and how this whole planner piece thing works for my brain. I hope you guys enjoyed the article, please let me know down below what has really worked for you to find your own planner piece or find your own planners style. I would really really love to know. We are all different. We are all unique, but I feel like we all have the opportunity to take inspiration from each other and I feel like there is definitely room for all of us as well, whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube.

You know, I think everyone has a unique voice, even if your style is still growing and still moving forward. So anyway, that’s going to be it for me today. Thank you guys so much for reading and it feel free to thumbs up subscribe to all those things. Those youtubers tell you to do and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old-school.


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Sticker Collection | Coffee Break Planner

This is the binder whoa. Sorry about that. This is a binder I have been using for quite a while. It is a very thick binder that I got on Amazon. I think it’s an Avery binder. I will link it down below if y’all are interested but anyways. I did a article not too long ago, showing my sticker organization as to how I put this together.

I will link that article up in a cart if y’all are interested but anyways. I have my little coffee break planner thing that I made over here and yeah. So, let’s just like get right into it. I do have these categorized by like category obviously a categorized by category way to go Emily way to use the word. I’m just a wordsmith today, but I have lots of different things to share. The first category is my event: category, which is my favorite category, because it’s got my favorite stickers in there so yeah.

So, let’s just kind of like flip through it and then we’ll just go from there. She’s got lots of really great scalloped box stickers, which are one of my favorite things. I’ve got a lot of duplicates just FYI and then I’ve got some things as well. So I know that some of her stickers are formatted for specific planners, and then some of them are just like the way that they are so sometimes when you go onto her Etsy shop.

It’ll, like give a little drop-down and say, like you, know, ask what planner ur like what orientation of a planner that you’re using and all that good stuff, so yeah. But I just like love her stuff, it’s so nice. It sounds like holographic, it’s really cool yeah and then this one, this one’s silver. So these are like assam. My favourite stickers are these little scalloped ones and she just released new colors.

I did flip through a couple of the new colors, but there’s some new ones for fall so feel free to go check that out. If you interested, but yes, it’s my first category just because it makes the most sense and then I’ve got half boxes right here. Oh, I only have two left on this one. I want to use this one up, so I’ve got some half boxes. I got some like military-inspired ones and then I’ve got a bunch of other ones which these are really nice as well, more military but yeah.

I just you know I just love her stuff, so much and this type of sticker is just like, so my jam like it’s just ah, you know I love a good. I love a good half box, a good functional anything, and I like that. Some of these have like a little bit of something to them without being like overly, you know, aggressive or whatever. These are my full boxes, but I only have one sheet of full boxes, so the full boxes is kind of, like my catch-all for other weird things.

They’re, not weird they’re, just different, you know, and I don’t have a place for them so when Katherine sends out orders, at least in my orders. She’s always put in these really cute little samplers, which is kind of Awesome, and then also I have a bunch of transparent dots, so I’ve got them in some of the colors. So this is the green and then I also have like some of the rainbow ones. I have some of the red ones and more of the rainbows as well, but I absolutely love the transparent dots, oh and I should say well now: okay, let’s get into the flag story all over the paper that she uses is matte, which I love a good Matte paper, so here’s all the flags that I’m showing today um.

But I love the matte paper. I don’t know what it is, but it’s like something about the way that the pen or the marker or whatever you’re, using like kind of soaks into the paper, and I know it’s like satisfying to me – it’s like very satisfying. Actually, what is going to say is that she uses matte removable paper. So if you mess up – and you like – lay it down on your planner – it’s okay, because you can easily like lift it up, which is kind of Awesome.

So, anyway, here’s all her scripted words that I have she’s got several more scripted words that, like don’t pertain to me in my life, so I don’t order those ones, but I’ve gone through several of these. Like look, I’m almost done with these work ones. I’ve used a bunch on this sheet too, like I forget what I have sometimes it’s just kind of the nature of the beast: with look having a youtube blog that does planning now you kind of forget what you have, and I didn’t have these like really nicely Organized for a long long time, so it took me quite a while to figure out a system that you know worked for me.

But since I did this, I’ve just been like loving the way that it all looks. And then I’ve got my work stickers, which is pretty awesome. I’ve got lots of fun things in here, so I’ve got some desks more desks. There’s lots of like versions of desks cute little calculators, we’ve gotten like a couple of those which is awesome and it’s getting like really really cold in Minnesota now. So this is kind of how I feel right now as like a little snowman, even though it’s not snowing yet.

I shouldn’t have said that s word now: it’s going to start snowing, darn, it okay and then yeah. I got lots of different, really fun ones. This reminds me I need to start. My office is almost actually redone, you guys it’s it’s like really getting there, but I need to do a file organization on all my files, but I’m going to do a article about it too, because I know you guys have been asking for that.

I just haven’t. Had like a good opportunity to do it and I actually bought a file cabinet from Ikea. So I’m very very excited about that to share like how I’m going to be organizing it and it’s like three full drawers of emptiness right now, but that’s very exciting. For me to get organized and I haven’t gone through stuff in like a really long time, so I know you guys think I’m super organized, but sometimes the fge is not as organized as you think she is so.

I think we’re all like that. But anyway, these are one of my new favorite stickers too. They just came out or she just came out with these not too long ago. Maybe a couple months back and it’s like a little shelf that has planners and then it has like a little pen cup that says CBP on it, which is really cute for coffee break planner, and I think this is so nice. If you want to like indicate like planning time or like a meet-up or something just really really stinking cute, so that’s my work category here is my home category.

So, basically, anything that has to do with the house so laundry, which I have to do laundry I’m going to do laundry tomorrow, um. I also have these like road trip. Looking ones. I’ve got some trash cans and musical notes. More laundry. I’ve got some like shopping bags. These are like little baby laundry’s like look at these, oh they’re, so cute right, that’s really cute. Yes, she’s got a couple different sizes of things so and then I also have these really cute makeup brush like cleaning things and then more trash things, some gifts more trash.

I love a good trash guys. I’d love a good trash. I also have some beds for like when you want to like change your sheets or like redo your bedding or whatever. These home stickers are like one of my favorite things, they’re so flippin and cute, and then these are awesome as well. These cute little shelves and then the really fun thing is. You can put something like inside of the picture frame if you want, if you want to like draw a little something which is really really cute, and she put in some of these, so you can see like it’s like doyle, like my dogs like silhouette, and then She put my logo and the other ones which are super stinkin cute, Oh see, I used a bunch of the house once already and these are the clean me little brushes again and then also some trash ones ooh in the plant stickers, oh and then I also Have these really cute little books, if you guys have been following me for a while, I have some like really amazing news.

So if you guys read my blog, this will make a lot more sense, so my mom actually just left today, like the day, I’m filming this. She just left to go back to Florida, but every year, like my mom and dad’s summer in Minnesota, and then they have their full-time residents in Florida, but this year she got rid of the damn plant, I’m so excited. I do not know how to take care of the plan. It’s so exciting to me.

Oh I’m excited so I probably won’t be using those plant things anytime soon, but I just wanted to let you know I had them still all right. So this is my food category. These are one of my favorite things, these little like market boxes like oh they’re, so cute, and then I’ve got some like little paper bags for like bringing lunch to work and stuff. I’ve also got these cute little cutlery wands. Oh, I’ve got more of these guys more cutlery.

More of these kind see I they’re my favorite there’s really cute little food trucks, which I wish I lived or like worked really close to a place. I had food trucks because I think food trucks are kind of awesome, so but yeah, and then these cute little crock pots, which are kind of fun. I don’t do like a ton of crock pot things I feel like I should. I need to like go on. Pinterest or something, and then I’ve got these cute little like coffee guys, which sometimes I like go to a coffee place or something to like, hang out with a friend or just like, go there, while my like oils being changed in my car or something I mean, I don’t drink coffee cuz, I can’t handle it, but you know I’ll get like a smoothie or like a tea or something or just have something else, and then these are really cute little mugs that have like a little colorful insides.

You know if you want to denote anything like that. Alright and then my next category is animals, so we’ve got like little paw prints for like your little kitty or your puppy or whoever these are really cute. They are like little stethoscopes and inside, like the little turn of the stethoscope, is a little paw print as well, and then I have these really random cows, and I think I ordered them for something that I like can’t remember for the life of me.

What I ordered them for so they’re, just in the air, I cannot recall um, but she’s got a lot of really fun stuff on her website. I love them. I think they’re great, but I’m like what did I? What was I going to use that for, and I think I forgot – I don’t know – uh previous Emily – I don’t know what was going on with her here. Is my sports categories or like athletics categories, so I’ve got a bunch of tennis shoes.

I also have a bunch of little like itty-bitty footballs, and then here I have some of their racetrack stuff, which is like more NASCAR inspired. I am into NASCAR. I haven’t readed it in a really long time because my favorite dry driver Dale jr., he retired this past year, so I haven’t really been like catching up with it. This year is like, I think, he retired at the end of 2016 – oh no, sorry, 2017, and so this year I just haven’t been into it, but I feel like I need to read it more, but anyway more footballs and then I also have.

I think I have a full collection, yeah of the race stickers and then more footballs, and you probably wondering why do you have so many footballs? And I think I was going to do something in my planner and then I forget, I don’t know I forget a lot of things, your guy, but now I have them. So if something comes up where I’m at a sporting event, I can put them in all right and then the next category is health.

So I have these little really cute little like pads that have like a little heart in them to like track your cycle, and then these are just kind of similar to the dog ones or the cat ones like the little vet ones. So you have like a little stethoscope, but then this has like the little cross in it, so I’ve actually gone through a couple of sheets of these, and I have oh, I have. I have several of them: okay, cool, but I have gone through a few sheets of these, so yeah, but I love those they’re nice I mean if you’re sick, it sucks being sick anyway is a, but it is nice when you can actually put something.

That’s really cute in your planner oops, alright and then these are the seasonal ones that I have of hers. So it’s like seasons and other like random things in here. So I have a bunch of these like carnival ones which to me is seasonal, because it just reminds me of a State Fair. I also have these little trees, which are super cute. You could use them really for anything, but I just thought that they would be good in the seasonal.

Also, these s’mores and campfires to me is seasonal. I don’t, but it just it just works with me. Also, these little banners kind of remind me of birthday banners. So that’s why it’s in the seasonal and then the little school bus is also a seasonal to me, because that’s how my brain works and yeah. So, let’s put those to the side. I’ve got these really cute little full boxes that are, you know, kind of more fall themed.

These are more summery themed with like little sailboats and things like that, and then these I think she came out with last year yeah. I think these two she came out with last year, which are really cute. I still haven’t used them. I just haven’t found like a good spread to use them in, but they’re like these little vintage houses and like they’re kind of like little washy strips, which is really cute, and then I also have these really cute little date covers and st.

Patrick’s boxes holiday boxes. This is like a new holiday set that she has for this year. I don’t know, maybe it’s new to me, but I love the muted colors. I think it’s so pretty, but yeah be like perfect, for you know if you want to like decorate or or like when you’re decorating, to be like Oh decorate, the house – or I don’t know whatever – and this is like totally me – baby, it’s cold outside yep.

That’s kind of how Minnesota is and then oh here’s another little collection that she has for this. I don’t know if it’s this year that she came up with this or maybe it’s left over from last year. I don’t know, but it’s really cute, but it’s like so me. I like love this little one that says Happy Holidays right there, that’s, like kind of my aesthetic and my jam’ are like these colors. So that was really nice and then I love these ones and this so stinkin cute and then also she’s got this other one in the bigger one that just as Happy Holidays with the tree, which I think is really nice.

I mean I like all of them, but you know if you want to be a little bit more neutral. That is, you know of a way to do it. Alright, so those are put back so yeah. I have seasonal health, sports, animal food, poem, work, script, words, flags, full boxes, and then I have my like miscellaneous in there. My half boxes and event stick. So those are all the things that I keep in my coffee break. Planner binder.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article and enjoyed a walkthrough of looking at every single sheet. There’s tons tons more on her Etsy shop, there’s really something for everybody there. So if you are interested make sure to click the link down below, I do have a coupon code for you guys for 20 % off of your entire order. If y’all are interested, if you use my coupon code, I don’t get paid or anything, that’s just like a little incentive.

If you are interested in getting a little discount on her stickers, I’ve been using her stickers for years and years and years and it’s just kind of nice to share a coupon code. If I have it so anyways that is going to be it for me today. Wow I just like, I can’t stop moving it around so anyways, that’s going to be it for me today. Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me and looking at all of the stickers with me.

So now I know exactly what I have. Sometimes you know thumb through them once in a while and if you’re a planner person, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So I am in a jet. Thank you guys so much for hanging out and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys. Well, folks, it’s time to kick it old-school.


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Clever Fox Planner | First Impressions & Pen Test

It’s been a hot minute since I filmed a article, but I figured let’s start it out with a bang right. I am going to be doing an open box first impressions and pen test on a planner. That was sent to me, as always, a full disclosure. This company reached out to me and wanted to know if I wanted to take a peek at one of their planners and, I said sure I’ll take a peek at it.

I’ve looked at it a little bit, but I wanted to just go over it with you guys and just show you kind of some different things that are on the market. This company is clever Fox, and this is the clever Fox planner. This is an a5 size and it’s 5.8 inches by eight point: three inches it retails on Amazon for $ 24.99. It is available in prime and then there’s a black orange and pink version, and I got the black no surprise there right.

So anyway, you get it packaged very nicely. I took it out of the package already and then it comes in this nice little white box that has the little fox logo on there. It’s got some little. You know information about clever fox and then it’s got. You know information about how to set up your planner. If you want a guide, I know some people like guides. Some people like to do what they want to and then there are these as well, and it says, give this card to someone.

You love and it’s coupon codes, and it’s all the same. So if you want 10 % off of your order on Amazon, you can screenshot right there and you know apply that to your order. So I’ll leave links down below as well and then, when you open it up, you have three sticker sheets they’re, all the same, and so we’ve got like a little graph. Some people more people presents kind of a workout thing: Amil finances, love, reading and then kind of like a little yoga thing.

So anyway, I got three sticker sheets and then here is the planner. So let’s actually take it right out of here to move the box. Alright, so here is the planner and first impressions. I was actually with my mom when I got this because I stopped at my public mailbox with her and I was kind of taking out of the package and she felt it and she’s like oh, that feels so. Nice, if you guys, are familiar with the Erin Condren Bound notebooks, that’s what this feels like, I’m not sure, I’m actually on the Amazon right now on the Amazon yeah right now, and I’m looking to see if there’s any more information as to what this actually is.

Okay, I just kind of skim the description and I couldn’t figure out what this actually was, but it does feel kind of like a a leather like material, but it’s very smooth. It also has the embossed Foxx on it. I don’t know if you guys can see that it’s right here yeah. I think you can see it it’s hard to tell on the monitor if it’s going to show up in the article and then it has one of these little strappy guys, and then it comes with this.

You know little thing around it and then you know this comes off. There’s a little pen loop right here, which I think is really nice and then on the back. It just has some. You know information. So, let’s pull this off like dismantling it, because you know you got to do that so yeah I like how sleek this looks. You know it’s like something you could have like sit on your desk at the office and it wouldn’t be like that crazy.

Like I said they do come in other colors, so if you’re really colorful person, you can do that too and then um opening it up really nice front paper. This paper feels nice too. It’s very smooth paper and that just has like an information page and then goes into the planner. So the first page is my gratitude and self-awareness, and that says I’m grateful for what I’m passionate about and then my daily rituals skills to learn affirmations, and then it has a govision board on both sides and then my goals.

So there’s all these different things. So you got health business and career family/friends, significant other in romance of Finance, personal development, fun and recreation and spiritual, and then over here it has. My focus, then, has all these goals one through five and then my mind map with some graph paper. So you can draw – or you can just put some text in there whatever and then this comes unded.

So then you can just write in the month in year, so you can start it at any time which I think is kind of cool. And then you can write in you know what day it is, and then you can use your plan, your months goals, the months wins and then what you need to improve on, because we can all improve right so yeah. So then, let’s see here how many months do we have with one two three, four: five: six: seven: eight, nine, ten, okay, so they’re all our twelve months, so you can really start at any time or you can start at the beginning of the year.

Whatever you want, and then after that we have, it looks like weekly pages, so you got your Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday and then Saturday Sunday are these smaller columns over here and then over. Here is kind of like a goals and lists page. It looks like so it says this week’s main goal: priorities, notes, to-do lists, habits and skills. Then it has a little tracker for all the days of the week and then the winds and what to improve on next week and then yeah you’ve got this basically for the bulk of the planner.

So that’s kind of nice so like depending on what day you’re at you can just go like this and you know know where you’re at and your planner right. So let’s pull this off again and then I wanted to show you guys this. I thought these were interesting, so these are little ribbons that are attached and obviously you can, you know, put one in one section and then you know put one in another section and so on and so forth.

So I think that’s kind of a nice thing. If you want to mark certain pages or know whatever you want to do things so yeah, I think it’s really customizable to be honest, and then let’s see okay, and then we get into a ton of graph paper. It looks like oh wow. The rest of it is all graph paper, well cool, all right. Well that sounds good and then what is this? Oh, this is neat all right, so this is like a little pocket.

Folder! Oh, is this? Where you put the stickers now, let’s see, did the stickers fit in here they’re tight, but they fit there. We go. I just needed to wiggle them in a little bit so yeah your stickers can fit back there. Obviously, you can put other stickers in there too, but I don’t know, I think it’s kind of neat and interesting, but yeah. It’s like very, very nice. I like the spine, a lot and yeah.

It feels just like that. Erin condren, like leather like material, I don’t think it’s leather just because of the price point to be honest but um you know I I like the feel of it. Also the paper is really nice. I mean I’m at a reference. Erin condren a lot because I have an Erin Condren planner, but um it’s not as nice as the Oh. What’s those inserts those crafting inserts? What are those called? I’m like totally brain farting, now a lot of people use them in wring bone planners.

I can’t think if I remember when I’m editing I’ll put it down below but um, it’s a very smooth paper and it’s a very thick paper, but it’s the Erin Condren one is a little bit more grippy if that makes sense – and this is a little bit More slippy, it’s like a good way to describe anything, but that’s the way. I know how to describe things so we’re just we’re just going to go with it. You guys so anyway, on the back page here.

I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to do a little pen testing for you guys and I’m going to do it over here, so we can zoom in a little bit more. I do apologize about the shadowing today. You guys it’s very, very dreary outside today, even though it’s not raining at all, but I wanted to do it with blue ink because I’ve been using blue ink lately and I don’t really know why. But we’re just going to go with it and I figured I would use a bunch of different types of markers and pens and then we would look at the other page and see if there was an a shadowing or anything like that popping through.

Because I know in the planner world that is a big deal and we like to know which pens to use if we like this planner. So, let’s get into the pen test all right, I’m going to zoom you guys in just a little bit and then I’m going to use some regular pens or not regular pens. I mean any regular pen would work, but I’m going to use some more gel pens and then also markers and things like that. So the first one up here is going to be the paper mate ink joy, gel pen in the 0.

7. This is the blue one. I do have a navy one as well and I’ll be testing both of them. Also, this is the jelly roll. The oh eight in the blue next up is the Paper Mate ink joy, gel pen in the 0.7 in the Navy, and then we’ve got the jelly roll. Oh eight in the Navy as well and then next up is the papermate Flair in the blue and then we’ve got the Erin Condren marker I’ll, do the fine point and then I’ll do the medium as well.

And then I have the lip pen. I don’t know what point this is, but I think they only come in the one style. I think I’m really not sure this is like really satisfying to write with. However, I’m just letting you know, and then we have got the micron. Oh three in the archival ink in the blue and then last but not least, this is the pilot ultrafine point permanent marker, but it’s feels more like a pen, but it is a permanent marker all right so now all of my blue things are done.

Let’s do a little test here. Okay, now you guys can see everything so anyway, um, probably the most satisfying to write with is the lip pen, but I do really like the way that the jelly rolls felt on this paper just FYI. I don’t know if that makes any difference to you guys, but let’s look at the back side and really the only one I see even the finest bit of shadowing on is the last one that I wrote with, and I know it might be hard to see On there, but it’s this one – and this is the only permanent marker well in that permanent marker.

But this is the one that has like the thickest stroke if you will um, but that’s the only one I can see that has even the finest bit of shadowing at all and it’s right here. To be honest, I can’t see anything else, especially if I put the page down sorry, I’m like a really zoomed in right now, if you put the page down, the only one you can see is that if you have the page up like this, just because there’s A light coming underneath here, you can see it a little bit more, but this is the only one I see, but you know what to be honest that wouldn’t really bother me.

If you like to write with these as well – and I have found – I don’t – have a blue sharpie fine point, but I have found that the Sharpie ultra fine points do about the same performance wise as the pilot on most papers. But don’t quote me on that, but if you’re into using markers like this, if that shadowing didn’t bother you, I think you definitely could use this planner, and this has the same paper all through the st.

All through the exact same planner, except for the first page. When you first open it, this front page is oh hold on. Let me zoom e all out again sorry about that, except for this front page is a little like really really thick. It’s like a card stock kind of paper where these are. You know more that silky thicker paper but yeah. That is what I wanted to share with you guys today. This is kind of a short and sweet little article, even though now my viewfinder is telling me I’ve blabbed on for 17 minutes, which you know is pretty accurate but but yeah.

I really. I think this is a cool planner, especially like on the go or in the office, or just like having something for like goal setting, and you know, keep your life a little bit more compartmentalised. If you don’t like a lot of freedom, this is definitely something that could possibly work for you. But let me know in the comments, if you guys have tried out a clever Fox planner or what your thoughts are on the layouts and everything I love learning about.

New planners and just showing you guys new things on the market, but I just wanted to give you guys my thoughts on this planner since the company was gracious enough to reach out to me and give me a planner to show to you guys. Also, if you are interested in this planner, the lamins on links will be down below for you guys so anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to post them below. Also, if you like, these kind of articles, make sure to give the article a thumbs up as well as subscribe, and I will see you guys in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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The 2019 Ashley Shelly Planner | First Impressions

This is Ashley Shelley planner or the Ashley Shelley planner. I should say I have done a article on the Ashley Shelley planner. I think it was last year if I can find that article I’ll, throw it up in a card for you guys but um they reached out because they are doing their launch, which is happening this Friday.

I believe I’m going to put this article up on Saturday. Cuz, I’m not really sure what time on Friday that this launch is happening. So you guys know me, I pre filmed the things, so, let’s open up the box and then I’ll tell you a little bit more about the planner. So mine came in this really nice white box and I like unsealed it, but I hadn’t opened it yet. So, let’s see here, I have a business card, create your best days cool.

I have a little note here and it just says Emily. Thank you. So much for checking out the 2019 Ashley Shelley planner. We can’t wait to hear what you think feel free to share your coat Emily 5 for a $ 5 off a signature 2019 planner – and it says the code expires on the 31st of December. So I will leave the information down below for you guys too. In case you didn’t write it down or you’re. You know, reading on the go or whatever so anyways comes in this nice purple, a packaging, little tissue paper, ooh, mmm, mmm, sour patch, kids, alright cool! Like that, it comes in this little bubble, wrap and then it has a little card that says create your best days and then just has like the hashtags and where you can find them on Instagram.

So let me pull this out and then we’ll talk more all right. So this comes in like a cell, oh bag thing just opened come on out, come on out there we go cool alright. So let me give you some information about the planner before I open it, so the standard price for the signature, Ashley Shelley planner – will be $ 44.95. But if you use that five dollar off coupon code it’ll put it down to 39.95 and that is good until the end of the year.

So that’s pretty awesome. It looks like last year their prices were forty, nine. Ninety five, so they have decrease the price which is kind of nice. As for scale, I have a seven by nine Erin Condren planner that I use on the regular it’s a little bit bigger or like my Erin Condren is a little bit bigger. I should say so: I have my cover. You can see the difference like you know, they’re and contouring is a little bit different there.

So the pages are just a little bit more narrow, but it’s the same same height. So, no it’s nine inches by probably six six and a half something like that, so very comparable to the you know: Erin Condren size. So anyway, when they reached out, they showed me their designs for 2019. So I picked this design and this design is called the chambray stripe so um I will show you guys mmm it’s going to be hard to see hold on.

Let’s see if I can like see it properly here we go Wow. Actually, let me put this down and then all sue me all in. I always gets funky when I try to show my screen so anyway. This is the chambray stripe. The aqua herringbone marble stripe painted floral rose gold, so the coil is rose gold and then the painted floral and the silver. So I know these have been like you know. I think these ones were last year too, or something similar to that.

So it might be like one or more of their signature looks, but I thought the chambray stripe looked kind of nice. So I figured why not go with that one and it’s kind of like more of a like a dark, denim color and it looks like it’s black like the stripes look like they’re black, they might be like a super dark indigo, I’m not sure so anyway. This comes with a silver coil, it has like a teal 2019 on it, and then it has the corners which I love.

Oh it’s kind of off camera. Sorry, it has the hard corners which I love. It has the bound in cover. So you know nice and sturdy, then you open it up ooh. This is nice, it has a little pocket, so you can put stickers or you know. If you put your bills in there, you have postcards or something like that or invitations or whatever you can put that in there all right and then whoa all right. So we’ve got a plastic pouch, it’s not movable, however, you could kind of slice it.

If you wanted to and move it around, it’s kind of up to you so and then inside of here it’s like a little sealed pocket here. Okay, it’s just the one sticker of icons, all right, I’m not going to take it out just because just one sticker! So but yeah, it’s all the Ashley Shelley colors, which is kind of nice. So it’s just got some different things on there. So yeah kind of cool all right. Let’s turn the page and then it says this planner it belongs to, and then it has the Ashley Shelley stuff and that’s from January 2019.

Third December of 2019 and it’s got a little perforated edges, I want to say they had those last year. Maybe I can’t remember, but I think they had those last year anyway. So then there’s some information from Ashley Shelley and she just gives you some planner tips, which is kind of awesome and then on this side is kind of just a nice blank page for an inspiration board, which I kind of like, because you know me, I don’t.

I mean I like structure. I just don’t like a lot of structure, so that’s kind of nice, you could, you know, like it says, write, draw and tape all of the inspiration here for your year ahead. It’s so true! So if you’ve got, you know, goals and the goal setting things like that, put it in there or use it for something totally different. So next page there is important contacts with some lines: favorite meal ideas, breakfast dinners and lunches.

I like that, that’s kind of nice. You know or things that were like a hit at your house or something like that all right next page, these are kind of reminiscent of the Erin Condren boxes, but this is a little bit more structure just because it has the months on there. So it’s a 2019 planning overview and I kind of like this – it’s kind of nice. I know a lot of people use like in the Erin Condren ones.

They have these boxes in the of the planner too, before you get into the months and a lot of people use them for basically the same thing like a monthly overview, but this would be easily enough covered up with a sticker or some washi or even just Like whiteout tape, if you wanted to use it for something else, you could just use all of these boxes for something else too. So yeah it’s still versatile with still giving you some structure if that makes sense, so the yearly overview you’ve got 2019 also 2020, which is nice.

I love to have a 2020 or like the next full calendar year in that planner. If that makes sense, because sometimes you’re scheduling, vacations or you’re kind of like grand scheme, looking at things of like okay, that one week there’s this conference in Orlando and we want to go – and it’s always the second week in September or whatever so you’re kind of, Like planning things and just kind of like general forecasting for the next year, so I always really like that.

Now it has all the 2019 holidays will not all of them, but some of them. So we’ve got that and then we get into January all right. So all the paper has been the same, except for the ones that have the tabs are very thick like, like a nice, thick cardstock. Alright. So here is the January 2019 layout. It’s actually really nice. So they’re not perfect boxes, they’re more like rectangles, and they have little lines on them they are.

Are they dotted? They kind of look like they’re like dotted a little bit very reminiscent of just like lined paper from a notebook, it’s kind of what it looks like. So it’s very faint, but if you do want to write like say you want to like write a list of something you could definitely kind of use that as a guideline which is nice. Also, I’m loving that it has last month’s monthly view, as well as the next month’s monthly view on here as well.

That’s really nice! Again with that forecasting or paydays or like whatever you’re looking forward to it’s like okay, yeah, okay, then yeah the 15th will work. But you know I’m out of town on the 22nd or you know like you, can just kind of like talk about that stuff and like see it visually. That really helps me on the left-hand side. Also, there are notes, and then there are some of those holidays that are put up at the very, very top in a very faint purple, writing as well and then into the months.

So here’s the first page in January, it says, create the life you love in January and that’s just it looks kind of more like a vision, board kind of a thing. I know that they do this. What did I just review? An inkwell press planner? I did like a first impressions on as well, so it’s different, but it’s kind of the similar idea. So like goal setting things that you could change for next month, you know all that kind of stuff, and it looks like I mean I’m just kind of reading over some of these.

It looks like these could be modifiable a little bit too or you don’t necessarily have to use this page to if it’s just like not your jam kind of cool, something different and then okay. So this is a notes page, but it’s two columns and then here’s a notes, page that is just all aligned and then we get into this alright. So we’ve got a daily planner, but it’s you know a week on two pages, so the very top.

We have a note section, your monthly word, which I believe you can put in right over here. So your your word of the month and then then it has all these like little colons. So you can put like what you’re doing at specific times to say you work at 7:00 a.M. You can just put 7:00 a.M. Work or you can put 7:00 a.M. To 3:00 p.M. Work. If you really want to do that and it’s got a bunch of lines and then a to-do list and then it says, do today and then dinner, so that’s kind of nice and then over to the right-hand side.

There are listed holidays so like the 31st is New Year’s Eve and the first is New Year’s Day and then all of them are exactly the same as the others, but let’s get into looking at some more all right here. So here is the next page and yeah everything looks exactly the same if you guys readed my what was it my ankle press planner, like my mock, horizontal, which this is actually kind of a horizontal orientation, but I could get more on board with this one, just Because it’s more of a list of times and other lines, so you really wouldn’t necessarily have to use this four times.

If you didn’t want to, you could write very easily shopping or whatever and then like put where you’re going or if there’s specific things you have to do, there’s also a to-do list. So I like that. It’s like a column kind of because my brain works in this way and it doesn’t work in this way. But I did that Mach plan with me and even my mom was laughing at me because she’s like oh Emily, that was so horrible.

I’m, like I know, she’s like, but it was really funny. I’m like well thanks, um I’ll link that up in a card, if you guys want to read me struggle doing a horizontal, but this I think you could, if you were a horizontal person or if you were a vertical person, I feel like this could work for You with this layout cuz, it is, you know, column E and that’s not even a word. What am I talking about anyway, but yeah? So this is the month and then we are now in two of February and so all the months are going to look the same, but let’s go in the back because sometimes there’s other accoutrements in the back.

You just you never know. So let’s take a peek and see okay, so we’re at an hour and alright. So now we’re into the last page of the month, which is December 30th through January 5. Alright and then we’ve got some notes: pages tada, alright, so we have little notes pages with. You know hearts on them. So let’s say one: two, three, four oops: five, six, eight, nine ten! Alright, so you get ten notes pages that are just there for you, which is kind of Awesome and then on the back.

It just has more information about Ashley Shelley and then in the back over here it’s got still the same hard like the hard board. It’s not cardboard, but it’s you know like a solid permanent cover. I can’t talk today. You guys I just like worked all day and got my oil changed just like. I can’t adult and human right now. No, but yeah. It’s like a really really nice, very, very sturdy. It’s like a nice gloss on it too, so I feel like if you spilled something even you wiped it up super super quick.

It would be alright, I mean clearly if you left something it probably wouldn’t be. The best but yeah it’s very smooth like very smooth feeling, and it’s like kind of glassy. I don’t know if you guys can see that, but it is kind of glassy and then this is what the back looks. Like still has the reinforced corners. Sorry, I’m not in the frame whoops and then has the Ashley Shelley logo on the back as well so yeah that is a sneaky sneaky little peek inside of the Ashley Shelley 2019 planner.

If you guys want a five dollar off, coupon code feel free to put in emily v at checkout for five dollars off one of your Ashley Shelley 2019 signature planners. If you used an Ashley, Shelley planner, let me know in the comments down below and also even if you don’t use an Ashley, Shelley planner in 2019 or ever. Let me know which planner you do use or planners I mean. I know a lot of people use a lot of different planners and maybe what you use them for.

I would be really curious to know in the comments and also that’s a cool way for me to check out new planners too, because I can always order some planners and do some open box first. Impressions like I just did with this one, so that is going to be it. I want to thank again the Ashley Shelley team for sending this planner my way and thinking of me and you guys, because you can get a little discount if you’d like one again.

The links will be down below for you guys, but it’s kind of nice to see a little sneaky sneaky peek and they launched yesterday as the time that you’re seeing this. Because I’m pre filming everything and it looks like they’re going to be launching on the 7th and I’m going to post this article a super early morning, I think maybe 5 a.M. Central Standard Time on the 8th so like the next day. So you know, if you want a little bit of a more inside look on this stuff, you can take a peek with me, which you are.

They just did and make your decision from there so yeah. So anyway, I’m going to jet. Thank you guys so much for out with me today. If you liked it make sure to give me a thumbs up, you can always give me a thumbs down too, if you don’t like it, but if you made it this far in the article you might as well give it a thumbs up feel free to subscribe. If you would like to join the ft e family – and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well, folks is time to kick it old school