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New Fall Products + 2020 Petite Planners | Erin Condren

I wonder what this is, so I picked it up and it was like super heavy and I thought well, maybe not all my warehouse sales stuff came, but it already did, but I was like well, maybe they like duplicated the order or something and I’ll just send It back so then I open it up and it’s a bunch of brand new things from Erin Condren, so this is clearly a PR package, so I figured I would just open this up because I have the time today.

I don’t have the time tomorrow. So I wanted to share with you some of the new goodies. There is stuff, that’s on the website already and there might be some things that is not on the website. Yet so, let’s just go through it and let me get this box out of the way. Now I have to clean this because the bottom of my box was wet gross, Oh guests. Ah there it goes cool all right, so I have my computer right over here, so I am going to just put the thing down and see if I can find it.

Oh, my gosh, why are you so blurry stop dude a little little look yeah there. It goes good job okay, so this is called the accordion zipper pouch. So let’s find this accordion zipper, pouch? Okay! So it’s just $ 14. I did actually see this on someone’s Instagram feed. I think it was gen McIntosh and I saw the picture of it and I was like I don’t get it. Do you get to pick your color? Well, you get all the colors cuz.

It goes what I really like the gold hardware. I think that’s really neat, and then it has like a little loop here, so you can hold on to it or a loop here so like you can literally play the damn accordion with your erin condren pouch, which is kind of fun like it’s like a rainbow Accordion anyway, so it does retail for $ 14 and it’s like I don’t know what kind of materials it’s like nylon II kind of.

Let me see what it says. Oh doesn’t say anything: okay, cool cool, all right. It says 6 attached pouches with gold hardware with handles for easy expansion. Clearly and then it’s man-made materials and then care instructions are to wipe down with a damp cloth. So this is alright, I feel like it was stuff. It would be like a something I’d put like a wet swimsuit in, even though like the inside isn’t like lined or anything um but yeah.

I don’t know, I mean this is an interesting concept. I don’t. I don’t know how I would use this besides. Just to walk up to people, and maybe do this – I don’t know I mean I guess I could store some of my secrets in here but um I don’t mean I guess. If you’re like a pretty minimal planner, you could put like some of your like most used stickers in there or something, and just like put pens in one of the or I don’t know I don’t know I feel like this would be like way too small.

For me, or you could use it like for travel, maybe I don’t know it’s kind of an interesting idea, but I do love a gold hardware. I think that’s really really nice, but yes, this retails for $ 14 and the next item is this little ruler and I actually readed a open box of the new seasonal surprise box, which this is the first time that I have not I’m going to zoom. In a little bit again um I have not ordered.

This is the first time ever that I have not ordered the seasonal surprise box for fall. You know the seasonal surprise boxes. I just haven’t been feeling lately, but this was in the seasonal surprise box article that I readed and it’s what is called just metal ruler yeah. So let me see if it’s online, yet I do like this a lot. This was like the one thing I was like. Oh I might get this, and then they had said that this is actually coming to the shop.

It wasn’t like an exclusive thing, so that’s really cool. I love the little asterisks. It’s like very it’s a very nice weight to it, which is nice, and it’s got some nice corners. I do have like something from Target, there’s only six inches long by the way I do have one from Target – that’s really similar, but it’s like a full. You know 12 inches that I’ve had for years and years and I think it was like a Nate Berkus thing, but let me see if this is online: it’s not online yet so I’m not sure what the price is, but I will leave the erin condren links Down below for you guys, I want to say, maybe it was like nine dollars or something it is a nice medal, but I mean, if you don’t like gold, I don’t know if they’re going to come in any other colors or not, but yeah.

This would be actually kind of nice hold on to like put in there see, I don’t know. What’s going on my camera today, just keeps like getting all blurry, I don’t know. I got ta look into that alright and the next item. This is also something that was in the seasonal, a surprise box that I saw, but clearly I didn’t get that one is this desk accessories set. It’s kind of this like jewel tone, so you’ve got like binder clips pushpins.

These are like the ball pushpins. These are just regular, pushpins, two different sizes paper clips, which these are like coated. It’s not my favorite. I really like one I’ll grab one out, let’s see here where are they near the other ones? I, like cuz, I’m like crazy, they’re, just regular old paper clips but they’re the ones that have like the little grippies on them because it just I feel like it, holds the paper so much better, but yeah and then there’s some rubber bands so see what it Says: okay, so it includes nine binder clips a tee ball push pins, forty basic push, pins, thirty rubber bands, eighty small paper clips and then twenty-seven large paper clips.

So let’s go online and see if this is online. Yet it’s not online yet, but it probably will be, but I might put this article up, I’m not really sure when all this stuff is launching, because in the box there was no information and I hadn’t gotten an email. But you know I’m appreciative of all this swag so anyway, these are kind of fun, though, if you like these kind of like folly, jewel tones, and then I got these, these are the daily planners.

Let’s take a look at them. I know that they had these. Like petit planners from last year – and I’m just you know, not sure what they look like this year, but I do really like the UM kaleidoscope pattern to them. I think that’s really nice, so I have January through March April, through June July, through September and then oxalá October through December, and I know a lot of people have been waiting for this to come out so yeah.

Here it is January 20 2000 K and then you have like the dailies in here too cool, alright, nice event, ness February, and then we’ve got Marge and like clearly it’s all good. Oh look at this fancy. Schmancy um! Oh my gosh! These have purple foil on them. Can you see that? Oh, that’s, just freakin cool all right hold on hold on? I have a hypothesis, because this is kind of purply. Is this what I’m going to have pink foil? You know I’m clearly more excited about stickers than anything in the world.

So here’s your look at this one. Oh, my god, it does well, it doesn’t. Oh no, it’s different see it’s like a magenta um, so you can see yeah. It’s like a magenta color. How fancy? Okay, what do we think this one’s going to be it’s going to be like yellow, or is it going to be orange mmm? It’s just gold, it’s just regular old gold, but still love okay, you’re going to look at this one! You like this one’s going to be blue, maybe green, no, I’m hoping for blue, because it’s got the blue foil here.

It is blue. Look at that! Oh these are really cool nice, nice. I know that they have these in the just monthly, which I did you. I did use that for a little while this past year, at the very beginning of the years, are the years of the year of 2019 um but yeah. I never really got into like the daily one, just because it was just you know. I have my regular life planner. It was just too much for me to use like a bajillion different planners, I’m just not that girl, like I just can’t be.

I know there’s a lot of player people that use a lot of different planners and I just can’t get into it. So, oh, no, all right! So let me pull up and see if they have this yet. Okay, so doesn’t look like these specific ones are out. Yet but the ones that they have online there’s the regular petit planners, I believe they all have a sticker sheet in the back to our $ 14. So I’m not sure if these are going to be $ 14, but usually, if you buy the whole bundle like the January through December, there’s a little bit of a discount.

If you can get them on the bundle so anyway kind of cool and to go along with this, they sent a pouch thing. I do have one of these already, which is the the gold metallic. Let me put these off to the side here, so we can look at this a little bit better, I’m going to zoom you guys out justice, coach yeah, and this is just a really pretty wine color, and let me see this is online. I swear I’ve seen this already, so this is called the on-the-go folio.

I can never remember what anything is called guys like. I just I don’t know my brain does not function. Sometimes so it’s the on-the-go folio and they are currently retailing for $ 20 on the website. However, this maroon color is not on the website just yet that it actually looks really black coming off on camera. But I think when I add it I’ll be able to show you guys the color a little bit better.

It does have the embossed little asterisks right there, which is really pretty and then on. The inside. You’ve just got the four strings you know kind of strong through like normal and how these are kind of the wrong way. I’m going to fix that there we go great so um. The idea is, you can put up to four books in here and just go like a debt, and the funny thing is: is that in my Erin Condren cart? Currently I hadn’t checked out.

Yet I had a what do I have in my car hold on. Let me even tell you, I currently have a monthly deluxe, planner or deluxe monthly planner in my cart for 2020, because at work I am part of this team called the fun committee and we do a lot of clearly. We try to make it fun, but we do like infants and we do all like the birthday cake day things every once a month and all of that stuff. So we do have quite a bit of meetings to kind of like brainstorm and go throughout things.

So anyway, I wanted a monthly deluxe, because I was wanting to write down some notes, but maybe I’ll just use this and then just bring this to work so how it would actually be pretty ideal. So yeah plus I mean clearly we don’t do stuff every single day, but this would kind of just be like an overview of our events and we have cake day the third Wednesday of every month and then like. If we have other events happening and then like when we have meetings, you can just write notes in here.

I can just use this. You know the insights for notes as well, which to me works really well, but yeah. I think that would solve my problem. Probably a couple notes pages back here, but to be honest, I’ll probably use this mostly for you know, meeting notes and what we went over and just like to do task list, items and stuff like that and whatnot so yeah. So now I’m really glad I got this, not that I wasn’t happy before, but it’s like oh wow.

What is this alright, so that is it for my PR haul. I hope you guys enjoyed it taking a peek at some of the new things that are coming to the website. I know I couldn’t give you pricing on some of the stuff, because I had no information about it, but I will leave the link for Erin Condren down below if it’s your first time shopping with Erin Condren. There is a special link for you that gives you $ 10 off of your first purchase.

You just have to sign up and then Erin Condren will actually send you out a few different emails, but one of them will be a unique $ 10 off coupon code. For you to enjoy off of your first purchase and then if you have shopped with Erin Connor before there is a another link for you guys, and that is an affiliate link. So I do appreciate, when you guys choose to use that link to shop, because I do get a small commission from all of those sales.

So thank you guys so much that have used it and thank you to everybody that will possibly use it in the future. So anyway, I kind of had a lazy day planned, but you know what I’m going to do is. I am going to set this up for the fun committee, so I’m really um anyway. So that’s going to be it for me. Thank you guys so much for hanging out. Thank you to the Erin Condren team for thinking of me and sending me all these goodies, and I will just see you guys in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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The 2019 Ashley Shelly Planner | First Impressions

This is Ashley Shelley planner or the Ashley Shelley planner. I should say I have done a article on the Ashley Shelley planner. I think it was last year if I can find that article I’ll, throw it up in a card for you guys but um they reached out because they are doing their launch, which is happening this Friday.

I believe I’m going to put this article up on Saturday. Cuz, I’m not really sure what time on Friday that this launch is happening. So you guys know me, I pre filmed the things, so, let’s open up the box and then I’ll tell you a little bit more about the planner. So mine came in this really nice white box and I like unsealed it, but I hadn’t opened it yet. So, let’s see here, I have a business card, create your best days cool.

I have a little note here and it just says Emily. Thank you. So much for checking out the 2019 Ashley Shelley planner. We can’t wait to hear what you think feel free to share your coat Emily 5 for a $ 5 off a signature 2019 planner – and it says the code expires on the 31st of December. So I will leave the information down below for you guys too. In case you didn’t write it down or you’re. You know, reading on the go or whatever so anyways comes in this nice purple, a packaging, little tissue paper, ooh, mmm, mmm, sour patch, kids, alright cool! Like that, it comes in this little bubble, wrap and then it has a little card that says create your best days and then just has like the hashtags and where you can find them on Instagram.

So let me pull this out and then we’ll talk more all right. So this comes in like a cell, oh bag thing just opened come on out, come on out there we go cool alright. So let me give you some information about the planner before I open it, so the standard price for the signature, Ashley Shelley planner – will be $ 44.95. But if you use that five dollar off coupon code it’ll put it down to 39.95 and that is good until the end of the year.

So that’s pretty awesome. It looks like last year their prices were forty, nine. Ninety five, so they have decrease the price which is kind of nice. As for scale, I have a seven by nine Erin Condren planner that I use on the regular it’s a little bit bigger or like my Erin Condren is a little bit bigger. I should say so: I have my cover. You can see the difference like you know, they’re and contouring is a little bit different there.

So the pages are just a little bit more narrow, but it’s the same same height. So, no it’s nine inches by probably six six and a half something like that, so very comparable to the you know: Erin Condren size. So anyway, when they reached out, they showed me their designs for 2019. So I picked this design and this design is called the chambray stripe so um I will show you guys mmm it’s going to be hard to see hold on.

Let’s see if I can like see it properly here we go Wow. Actually, let me put this down and then all sue me all in. I always gets funky when I try to show my screen so anyway. This is the chambray stripe. The aqua herringbone marble stripe painted floral rose gold, so the coil is rose gold and then the painted floral and the silver. So I know these have been like you know. I think these ones were last year too, or something similar to that.

So it might be like one or more of their signature looks, but I thought the chambray stripe looked kind of nice. So I figured why not go with that one and it’s kind of like more of a like a dark, denim color and it looks like it’s black like the stripes look like they’re black, they might be like a super dark indigo, I’m not sure so anyway. This comes with a silver coil, it has like a teal 2019 on it, and then it has the corners which I love.

Oh it’s kind of off camera. Sorry, it has the hard corners which I love. It has the bound in cover. So you know nice and sturdy, then you open it up ooh. This is nice, it has a little pocket, so you can put stickers or you know. If you put your bills in there, you have postcards or something like that or invitations or whatever you can put that in there all right and then whoa all right. So we’ve got a plastic pouch, it’s not movable, however, you could kind of slice it.

If you wanted to and move it around, it’s kind of up to you so and then inside of here it’s like a little sealed pocket here. Okay, it’s just the one sticker of icons, all right, I’m not going to take it out just because just one sticker! So but yeah, it’s all the Ashley Shelley colors, which is kind of nice. So it’s just got some different things on there. So yeah kind of cool all right. Let’s turn the page and then it says this planner it belongs to, and then it has the Ashley Shelley stuff and that’s from January 2019.

Third December of 2019 and it’s got a little perforated edges, I want to say they had those last year. Maybe I can’t remember, but I think they had those last year anyway. So then there’s some information from Ashley Shelley and she just gives you some planner tips, which is kind of awesome and then on this side is kind of just a nice blank page for an inspiration board, which I kind of like, because you know me, I don’t.

I mean I like structure. I just don’t like a lot of structure, so that’s kind of nice, you could, you know, like it says, write, draw and tape all of the inspiration here for your year ahead. It’s so true! So if you’ve got, you know, goals and the goal setting things like that, put it in there or use it for something totally different. So next page there is important contacts with some lines: favorite meal ideas, breakfast dinners and lunches.

I like that, that’s kind of nice. You know or things that were like a hit at your house or something like that all right next page, these are kind of reminiscent of the Erin Condren boxes, but this is a little bit more structure just because it has the months on there. So it’s a 2019 planning overview and I kind of like this – it’s kind of nice. I know a lot of people use like in the Erin Condren ones.

They have these boxes in the of the planner too, before you get into the months and a lot of people use them for basically the same thing like a monthly overview, but this would be easily enough covered up with a sticker or some washi or even just Like whiteout tape, if you wanted to use it for something else, you could just use all of these boxes for something else too. So yeah it’s still versatile with still giving you some structure if that makes sense, so the yearly overview you’ve got 2019 also 2020, which is nice.

I love to have a 2020 or like the next full calendar year in that planner. If that makes sense, because sometimes you’re scheduling, vacations or you’re kind of like grand scheme, looking at things of like okay, that one week there’s this conference in Orlando and we want to go – and it’s always the second week in September or whatever so you’re kind of, Like planning things and just kind of like general forecasting for the next year, so I always really like that.

Now it has all the 2019 holidays will not all of them, but some of them. So we’ve got that and then we get into January all right. So all the paper has been the same, except for the ones that have the tabs are very thick like, like a nice, thick cardstock. Alright. So here is the January 2019 layout. It’s actually really nice. So they’re not perfect boxes, they’re more like rectangles, and they have little lines on them they are.

Are they dotted? They kind of look like they’re like dotted a little bit very reminiscent of just like lined paper from a notebook, it’s kind of what it looks like. So it’s very faint, but if you do want to write like say you want to like write a list of something you could definitely kind of use that as a guideline which is nice. Also, I’m loving that it has last month’s monthly view, as well as the next month’s monthly view on here as well.

That’s really nice! Again with that forecasting or paydays or like whatever you’re looking forward to it’s like okay, yeah, okay, then yeah the 15th will work. But you know I’m out of town on the 22nd or you know like you, can just kind of like talk about that stuff and like see it visually. That really helps me on the left-hand side. Also, there are notes, and then there are some of those holidays that are put up at the very, very top in a very faint purple, writing as well and then into the months.

So here’s the first page in January, it says, create the life you love in January and that’s just it looks kind of more like a vision, board kind of a thing. I know that they do this. What did I just review? An inkwell press planner? I did like a first impressions on as well, so it’s different, but it’s kind of the similar idea. So like goal setting things that you could change for next month, you know all that kind of stuff, and it looks like I mean I’m just kind of reading over some of these.

It looks like these could be modifiable a little bit too or you don’t necessarily have to use this page to if it’s just like not your jam kind of cool, something different and then okay. So this is a notes page, but it’s two columns and then here’s a notes, page that is just all aligned and then we get into this alright. So we’ve got a daily planner, but it’s you know a week on two pages, so the very top.

We have a note section, your monthly word, which I believe you can put in right over here. So your your word of the month and then then it has all these like little colons. So you can put like what you’re doing at specific times to say you work at 7:00 a.M. You can just put 7:00 a.M. Work or you can put 7:00 a.M. To 3:00 p.M. Work. If you really want to do that and it’s got a bunch of lines and then a to-do list and then it says, do today and then dinner, so that’s kind of nice and then over to the right-hand side.

There are listed holidays so like the 31st is New Year’s Eve and the first is New Year’s Day and then all of them are exactly the same as the others, but let’s get into looking at some more all right here. So here is the next page and yeah everything looks exactly the same if you guys readed my what was it my ankle press planner, like my mock, horizontal, which this is actually kind of a horizontal orientation, but I could get more on board with this one, just Because it’s more of a list of times and other lines, so you really wouldn’t necessarily have to use this four times.

If you didn’t want to, you could write very easily shopping or whatever and then like put where you’re going or if there’s specific things you have to do, there’s also a to-do list. So I like that. It’s like a column kind of because my brain works in this way and it doesn’t work in this way. But I did that Mach plan with me and even my mom was laughing at me because she’s like oh Emily, that was so horrible.

I’m, like I know, she’s like, but it was really funny. I’m like well thanks, um I’ll link that up in a card, if you guys want to read me struggle doing a horizontal, but this I think you could, if you were a horizontal person or if you were a vertical person, I feel like this could work for You with this layout cuz, it is, you know, column E and that’s not even a word. What am I talking about anyway, but yeah? So this is the month and then we are now in two of February and so all the months are going to look the same, but let’s go in the back because sometimes there’s other accoutrements in the back.

You just you never know. So let’s take a peek and see okay, so we’re at an hour and alright. So now we’re into the last page of the month, which is December 30th through January 5. Alright and then we’ve got some notes: pages tada, alright, so we have little notes pages with. You know hearts on them. So let’s say one: two, three, four oops: five, six, eight, nine ten! Alright, so you get ten notes pages that are just there for you, which is kind of Awesome and then on the back.

It just has more information about Ashley Shelley and then in the back over here it’s got still the same hard like the hard board. It’s not cardboard, but it’s you know like a solid permanent cover. I can’t talk today. You guys I just like worked all day and got my oil changed just like. I can’t adult and human right now. No, but yeah. It’s like a really really nice, very, very sturdy. It’s like a nice gloss on it too, so I feel like if you spilled something even you wiped it up super super quick.

It would be alright, I mean clearly if you left something it probably wouldn’t be. The best but yeah it’s very smooth like very smooth feeling, and it’s like kind of glassy. I don’t know if you guys can see that, but it is kind of glassy and then this is what the back looks. Like still has the reinforced corners. Sorry, I’m not in the frame whoops and then has the Ashley Shelley logo on the back as well so yeah that is a sneaky sneaky little peek inside of the Ashley Shelley 2019 planner.

If you guys want a five dollar off, coupon code feel free to put in emily v at checkout for five dollars off one of your Ashley Shelley 2019 signature planners. If you used an Ashley, Shelley planner, let me know in the comments down below and also even if you don’t use an Ashley, Shelley planner in 2019 or ever. Let me know which planner you do use or planners I mean. I know a lot of people use a lot of different planners and maybe what you use them for.

I would be really curious to know in the comments and also that’s a cool way for me to check out new planners too, because I can always order some planners and do some open box first. Impressions like I just did with this one, so that is going to be it. I want to thank again the Ashley Shelley team for sending this planner my way and thinking of me and you guys, because you can get a little discount if you’d like one again.

The links will be down below for you guys, but it’s kind of nice to see a little sneaky sneaky peek and they launched yesterday as the time that you’re seeing this. Because I’m pre filming everything and it looks like they’re going to be launching on the 7th and I’m going to post this article a super early morning, I think maybe 5 a.M. Central Standard Time on the 8th so like the next day. So you know, if you want a little bit of a more inside look on this stuff, you can take a peek with me, which you are.

They just did and make your decision from there so yeah. So anyway, I’m going to jet. Thank you guys so much for out with me today. If you liked it make sure to give me a thumbs up, you can always give me a thumbs down too, if you don’t like it, but if you made it this far in the article you might as well give it a thumbs up feel free to subscribe. If you would like to join the ft e family – and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well, folks is time to kick it old school