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Sticker Collection | Coffee Break Planner

This is the binder whoa. Sorry about that. This is a binder I have been using for quite a while. It is a very thick binder that I got on Amazon. I think it’s an Avery binder. I will link it down below if y’all are interested but anyways. I did a article not too long ago, showing my sticker organization as to how I put this together.

I will link that article up in a cart if y’all are interested but anyways. I have my little coffee break planner thing that I made over here and yeah. So, let’s just like get right into it. I do have these categorized by like category obviously a categorized by category way to go Emily way to use the word. I’m just a wordsmith today, but I have lots of different things to share. The first category is my event: category, which is my favorite category, because it’s got my favorite stickers in there so yeah.

So, let’s just kind of like flip through it and then we’ll just go from there. She’s got lots of really great scalloped box stickers, which are one of my favorite things. I’ve got a lot of duplicates just FYI and then I’ve got some things as well. So I know that some of her stickers are formatted for specific planners, and then some of them are just like the way that they are so sometimes when you go onto her Etsy shop.

It’ll, like give a little drop-down and say, like you, know, ask what planner ur like what orientation of a planner that you’re using and all that good stuff, so yeah. But I just like love her stuff, it’s so nice. It sounds like holographic, it’s really cool yeah and then this one, this one’s silver. So these are like assam. My favourite stickers are these little scalloped ones and she just released new colors.

I did flip through a couple of the new colors, but there’s some new ones for fall so feel free to go check that out. If you interested, but yes, it’s my first category just because it makes the most sense and then I’ve got half boxes right here. Oh, I only have two left on this one. I want to use this one up, so I’ve got some half boxes. I got some like military-inspired ones and then I’ve got a bunch of other ones which these are really nice as well, more military but yeah.

I just you know I just love her stuff, so much and this type of sticker is just like, so my jam like it’s just ah, you know I love a good. I love a good half box, a good functional anything, and I like that. Some of these have like a little bit of something to them without being like overly, you know, aggressive or whatever. These are my full boxes, but I only have one sheet of full boxes, so the full boxes is kind of, like my catch-all for other weird things.

They’re, not weird they’re, just different, you know, and I don’t have a place for them so when Katherine sends out orders, at least in my orders. She’s always put in these really cute little samplers, which is kind of Awesome, and then also I have a bunch of transparent dots, so I’ve got them in some of the colors. So this is the green and then I also have like some of the rainbow ones. I have some of the red ones and more of the rainbows as well, but I absolutely love the transparent dots, oh and I should say well now: okay, let’s get into the flag story all over the paper that she uses is matte, which I love a good Matte paper, so here’s all the flags that I’m showing today um.

But I love the matte paper. I don’t know what it is, but it’s like something about the way that the pen or the marker or whatever you’re, using like kind of soaks into the paper, and I know it’s like satisfying to me – it’s like very satisfying. Actually, what is going to say is that she uses matte removable paper. So if you mess up – and you like – lay it down on your planner – it’s okay, because you can easily like lift it up, which is kind of Awesome.

So, anyway, here’s all her scripted words that I have she’s got several more scripted words that, like don’t pertain to me in my life, so I don’t order those ones, but I’ve gone through several of these. Like look, I’m almost done with these work ones. I’ve used a bunch on this sheet too, like I forget what I have sometimes it’s just kind of the nature of the beast: with look having a youtube blog that does planning now you kind of forget what you have, and I didn’t have these like really nicely Organized for a long long time, so it took me quite a while to figure out a system that you know worked for me.

But since I did this, I’ve just been like loving the way that it all looks. And then I’ve got my work stickers, which is pretty awesome. I’ve got lots of fun things in here, so I’ve got some desks more desks. There’s lots of like versions of desks cute little calculators, we’ve gotten like a couple of those which is awesome and it’s getting like really really cold in Minnesota now. So this is kind of how I feel right now as like a little snowman, even though it’s not snowing yet.

I shouldn’t have said that s word now: it’s going to start snowing, darn, it okay and then yeah. I got lots of different, really fun ones. This reminds me I need to start. My office is almost actually redone, you guys it’s it’s like really getting there, but I need to do a file organization on all my files, but I’m going to do a article about it too, because I know you guys have been asking for that.

I just haven’t. Had like a good opportunity to do it and I actually bought a file cabinet from Ikea. So I’m very very excited about that to share like how I’m going to be organizing it and it’s like three full drawers of emptiness right now, but that’s very exciting. For me to get organized and I haven’t gone through stuff in like a really long time, so I know you guys think I’m super organized, but sometimes the fge is not as organized as you think she is so.

I think we’re all like that. But anyway, these are one of my new favorite stickers too. They just came out or she just came out with these not too long ago. Maybe a couple months back and it’s like a little shelf that has planners and then it has like a little pen cup that says CBP on it, which is really cute for coffee break planner, and I think this is so nice. If you want to like indicate like planning time or like a meet-up or something just really really stinking cute, so that’s my work category here is my home category.

So, basically, anything that has to do with the house so laundry, which I have to do laundry I’m going to do laundry tomorrow, um. I also have these like road trip. Looking ones. I’ve got some trash cans and musical notes. More laundry. I’ve got some like shopping bags. These are like little baby laundry’s like look at these, oh they’re, so cute right, that’s really cute. Yes, she’s got a couple different sizes of things so and then I also have these really cute makeup brush like cleaning things and then more trash things, some gifts more trash.

I love a good trash guys. I’d love a good trash. I also have some beds for like when you want to like change your sheets or like redo your bedding or whatever. These home stickers are like one of my favorite things, they’re so flippin and cute, and then these are awesome as well. These cute little shelves and then the really fun thing is. You can put something like inside of the picture frame if you want, if you want to like draw a little something which is really really cute, and she put in some of these, so you can see like it’s like doyle, like my dogs like silhouette, and then She put my logo and the other ones which are super stinkin cute, Oh see, I used a bunch of the house once already and these are the clean me little brushes again and then also some trash ones ooh in the plant stickers, oh and then I also Have these really cute little books, if you guys have been following me for a while, I have some like really amazing news.

So if you guys read my blog, this will make a lot more sense, so my mom actually just left today, like the day, I’m filming this. She just left to go back to Florida, but every year, like my mom and dad’s summer in Minnesota, and then they have their full-time residents in Florida, but this year she got rid of the damn plant, I’m so excited. I do not know how to take care of the plan. It’s so exciting to me.

Oh I’m excited so I probably won’t be using those plant things anytime soon, but I just wanted to let you know I had them still all right. So this is my food category. These are one of my favorite things, these little like market boxes like oh they’re, so cute, and then I’ve got some like little paper bags for like bringing lunch to work and stuff. I’ve also got these cute little cutlery wands. Oh, I’ve got more of these guys more cutlery.

More of these kind see I they’re my favorite there’s really cute little food trucks, which I wish I lived or like worked really close to a place. I had food trucks because I think food trucks are kind of awesome, so but yeah, and then these cute little crock pots, which are kind of fun. I don’t do like a ton of crock pot things I feel like I should. I need to like go on. Pinterest or something, and then I’ve got these cute little like coffee guys, which sometimes I like go to a coffee place or something to like, hang out with a friend or just like, go there, while my like oils being changed in my car or something I mean, I don’t drink coffee cuz, I can’t handle it, but you know I’ll get like a smoothie or like a tea or something or just have something else, and then these are really cute little mugs that have like a little colorful insides.

You know if you want to denote anything like that. Alright and then my next category is animals, so we’ve got like little paw prints for like your little kitty or your puppy or whoever these are really cute. They are like little stethoscopes and inside, like the little turn of the stethoscope, is a little paw print as well, and then I have these really random cows, and I think I ordered them for something that I like can’t remember for the life of me.

What I ordered them for so they’re, just in the air, I cannot recall um, but she’s got a lot of really fun stuff on her website. I love them. I think they’re great, but I’m like what did I? What was I going to use that for, and I think I forgot – I don’t know – uh previous Emily – I don’t know what was going on with her here. Is my sports categories or like athletics categories, so I’ve got a bunch of tennis shoes.

I also have a bunch of little like itty-bitty footballs, and then here I have some of their racetrack stuff, which is like more NASCAR inspired. I am into NASCAR. I haven’t readed it in a really long time because my favorite dry driver Dale jr., he retired this past year, so I haven’t really been like catching up with it. This year is like, I think, he retired at the end of 2016 – oh no, sorry, 2017, and so this year I just haven’t been into it, but I feel like I need to read it more, but anyway more footballs and then I also have.

I think I have a full collection, yeah of the race stickers and then more footballs, and you probably wondering why do you have so many footballs? And I think I was going to do something in my planner and then I forget, I don’t know I forget a lot of things, your guy, but now I have them. So if something comes up where I’m at a sporting event, I can put them in all right and then the next category is health.

So I have these little really cute little like pads that have like a little heart in them to like track your cycle, and then these are just kind of similar to the dog ones or the cat ones like the little vet ones. So you have like a little stethoscope, but then this has like the little cross in it, so I’ve actually gone through a couple of sheets of these, and I have oh, I have. I have several of them: okay, cool, but I have gone through a few sheets of these, so yeah, but I love those they’re nice I mean if you’re sick, it sucks being sick anyway is a, but it is nice when you can actually put something.

That’s really cute in your planner oops, alright and then these are the seasonal ones that I have of hers. So it’s like seasons and other like random things in here. So I have a bunch of these like carnival ones which to me is seasonal, because it just reminds me of a State Fair. I also have these little trees, which are super cute. You could use them really for anything, but I just thought that they would be good in the seasonal.

Also, these s’mores and campfires to me is seasonal. I don’t, but it just it just works with me. Also, these little banners kind of remind me of birthday banners. So that’s why it’s in the seasonal and then the little school bus is also a seasonal to me, because that’s how my brain works and yeah. So, let’s put those to the side. I’ve got these really cute little full boxes that are, you know, kind of more fall themed.

These are more summery themed with like little sailboats and things like that, and then these I think she came out with last year yeah. I think these two she came out with last year, which are really cute. I still haven’t used them. I just haven’t found like a good spread to use them in, but they’re like these little vintage houses and like they’re kind of like little washy strips, which is really cute, and then I also have these really cute little date covers and st.

Patrick’s boxes holiday boxes. This is like a new holiday set that she has for this year. I don’t know, maybe it’s new to me, but I love the muted colors. I think it’s so pretty, but yeah be like perfect, for you know if you want to like decorate or or like when you’re decorating, to be like Oh decorate, the house – or I don’t know whatever – and this is like totally me – baby, it’s cold outside yep.

That’s kind of how Minnesota is and then oh here’s another little collection that she has for this. I don’t know if it’s this year that she came up with this or maybe it’s left over from last year. I don’t know, but it’s really cute, but it’s like so me. I like love this little one that says Happy Holidays right there, that’s, like kind of my aesthetic and my jam’ are like these colors. So that was really nice and then I love these ones and this so stinkin cute and then also she’s got this other one in the bigger one that just as Happy Holidays with the tree, which I think is really nice.

I mean I like all of them, but you know if you want to be a little bit more neutral. That is, you know of a way to do it. Alright, so those are put back so yeah. I have seasonal health, sports, animal food, poem, work, script, words, flags, full boxes, and then I have my like miscellaneous in there. My half boxes and event stick. So those are all the things that I keep in my coffee break. Planner binder.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article and enjoyed a walkthrough of looking at every single sheet. There’s tons tons more on her Etsy shop, there’s really something for everybody there. So if you are interested make sure to click the link down below, I do have a coupon code for you guys for 20 % off of your entire order. If y’all are interested, if you use my coupon code, I don’t get paid or anything, that’s just like a little incentive.

If you are interested in getting a little discount on her stickers, I’ve been using her stickers for years and years and years and it’s just kind of nice to share a coupon code. If I have it so anyways that is going to be it for me today. Wow I just like, I can’t stop moving it around so anyways, that’s going to be it for me today. Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me and looking at all of the stickers with me.

So now I know exactly what I have. Sometimes you know thumb through them once in a while and if you’re a planner person, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So I am in a jet. Thank you guys so much for hanging out and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys. Well, folks, it’s time to kick it old-school.


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Knife Collection update and Pelican Case Review

Let me open up the case. Scott two lovers on the front one right here: 11 right here, then it’s got one on the side. Over here and another one, we need it open here it is I’m reviewing the Pelican case today for knife storage. I think it’s one of the best options for knife storage.

It’s got the pluggable foam so, like I’ve heard of that a few youtubers say you need to use an exacto knife or like a really sharp knife, to cut out this phone. I didn’t have to do that. All’s I did was pluck it all out. You can see it’s, you can just do whatever you want with it. Oh yeah for bigger knives. I did three up and down. I did it. There’s 14 across 14 spaces for knives, and I did one row big and then all these little and then one more row big, then another, then more little ones.

What I do this as I plucked out everything in the top and bottom layer here, is one layer I’ll get a popular knife to put up against it. The leak, that’s just one layer. You have two layers of foam to do whatever you want. Here’s the second layer, so you got two layers of possible foam. I plopped out the bottom one so that you could so that I don’t every time I get a new knife I don’t have to. I don’t have to take all my knives out.

If I just get one knife and left the pluck out a new piece, every time use the bottom layer. It’s just protective. It’s not pluggable can’t put that it’s just a safety, a little safety Matt. This will fit pretty much any knife that you’ll have. I mean I don’t, I know the spiral. Military is a big knife, I don’t know without fit in here, because I don’t own it, but I’m guessing that it would. If you have this normal knives, they all fit really good like this leak read when I put it in one of these holes just drops to the bottom.

I have to go down there and dig it out. So it’s pretty deep, I’m not sure the exact dimensions, but I’m guessing it’s around. Seven eight inches deep, but you probably like. Well, I don’t want my knives dropping to the bottom every time. Every time I put my knives in there, so what I did was I kept every piece of foam that I plucked out here. I kept all the foam that I plucked out and I put it in a target bag and put it in my closet.

So when I get a new knife, if it’s, if it sinks to the bottom of the hole, I can customize it so that it fits the depth wise for any knife. Excuse me: yeah. You got to pluggable layers, I’m pretty sure it will fit any knife. This is the big 1600 version. I think it’s just a little bit deeper than the 1500 and it’s a lot bigger than the 1500 case, and I just didn’t won’t have to buy another case. So I went ahead and got the bigger one.

It’s pretty much all I got to say about it. It comes with if, when you open the box, there’s an envelope that, like you, can get your name engraved and instead of this being there it’ll be a nameplate or whatever you want to put on there. So they’ll just take this out and put in your name plate that they make I’m going to do that. I costly, I think it costs around ten fifteen dollars. Another thing has: is that pressure with automatic pressure release valve? I don’t know if it says it.

You know just join you in Pelican case, but it’s the pressure release automatic pressure release valve. I guess it just equalizes the pressure like if you have this case on an airplane which I will never have on an airplane because it’s got knives in it but yeah. I can show you how a few knives sit in here for the blur I didn’t have to. I don’t have to customize. It will just fit fit in any of these, just because it’s big enough to where it doesn’t sink to the bottom, but it will, if I keep pushing it’ll go deeper, but it won’t see because of that.

I guess that really grippy. So I didn’t really have to put any phone. The bottom of that. That’s all I got to say about the Pelican case, so really good opt in a story knives to get here. The the latches are really loud and just dirty and you can put a lock on it. There’s two places for a walk i’m going to. I might do that sometimes so, if my friends are over, but that’s all I got ta say about that.

Let me show you all my knives, my collection update after Christmas, i’m going to show you all the knives that you might have already seen in my other articles. Kershaw blur cryo the leak Scout, you that’s it for Kershaw. I think reason i’m doing this. Article now is because I didn’t want to do a article right after Christmas, where I’m still like really excited about the knives I got, but i’m still excited about them.

But when you first get a knife, you’re going to tell a bunch of lies, but how much you like in sup all right? Oh my gos group tell you next. I did a review on this and I knocked it for its detent. I tightened it up a little bit. It’s just now, it’s hard to it’s hard to flick out. I knew that was going to be a problem if I tightened it. If I tighten it anymore, it’s even hard to get how manual. I just don’t find myself carrying this knife.

Very often, oh I’ll keep it. I like it need another benchmade, the benchmade volley. I did a review on this knife as well, and another nice you’ve already seen or the last night that you’ve already seen. I guess the spyderco sage, one yeah, that’s all that’s what I had when I started then after Christmas. Let me show you the new knives that I’ve got ok I’ll start with Kershaw. I got three new curse or four new Kershaw was again.

I got another leak. I wanted a leak with a plain edge, cam razor sharp here it is next to the other one. I wanted a plain edge because I don’t really love serrations and this was a gift and I I really I really like Kershaw serrations, but I still want a plain edge. Kershaw’s, like the only serrations that I can stand. Yeah I got another leak. I got the skyline really popular knife. This knife is not assisted.

I actually like it not assisted it’s really smooth. It’s got this comfortable choil. Here, it’s really comfortable be doing reviews on all my new knives. Probably not this one I’ll be doing a review on the leak. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but sometime soon I will – and I got the Kershaw piston look like this. I have to it’s got the blur same as the blur thumb, studs and a flipper. So I like that night to run out of room in my last new kershaw is the Kershaw knockout, with the sub-frame lock, where we use coming and I got two new spider goes: got the ladybug with h1 steel, rust proof, meeting, sicky city.

I got this knife to go fishing and whenever I’m around water I’ll carry this knife, I really like it for how little it is. It’s really comfortable with the finger choil and the thumb thumb rape. One of my new spider goes in my last new knife that I have the main x2 lightweight. I’m really excited about this knife. This knife is only 3 ounces and for how big of a blade – that is, it’s a superb some great knife to carry.

I love the Y, your pocket clip like the ball, lock the ball bearing lock or whatever. It is still kind of hard to do that. I really like the handles handle scale at night. Sometimes it like, if you’re in low light, it looks black, it doesn’t even look blue yeah. That’s all I’ve got for you guys, show you all my new knives. The review of the Pelican case do a close-up yep thanks for reading guys.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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Switchblade collection

I going to need a bigger one soon, because it’s crowded as shit now anyways I’ll, show you the very first like quality. Switchblade I ever had it’s the AKC swing guard. I got it for my 18th birthday, which was a couple years ago. Yes, sir, very nice, nice spring Stoke kick super, are going to won the button-down, but well say that spring action again Boosh see if you can get the a casein marks on there, yeah EDC this every day for like years well, it’s kind of all I excited For ever had it for like two and a half years, but good long.

While this was my bucket everyday, very trusty knife, I still love it. I never know leave my collection. I do store them open, so I’m going to flick it out. Okay. Next we get the Korean risotto, Milano and well Rizzuto Esther Leto, monado phone. That’s a mouthful! It’s using a bunch of movies like a stand by me, Breakfast Club, just so much other movies like when a switch plate. It’s one of these guys for some reason: probably cuz they’re made a mix or not made a mix kill, but there you can buy it in Mexico.

These are made in Korea, Japan with the arizona-mexico, and you know, Hollywood makes movies in California. So you just go from California caballo one of these and throwing a movie and bam. I don’t know that’s my theory. Anyways. Let’s open this guy up, not a very X on the quality knife, it looks cool though it’s a nice movie prop pretty much. This is pretty expensive too, for the quality you’re. Getting I mean it’s.

Why cause like friggin, 20 pesos or some shit that spent 50 bucks on this fucker? No, no! I just want to have it as like: a memento from movies and stuff. Okay, we’re going to move into my very, very favorite knife and my current EDC. What is it? What is it? Oh, it’s a me. Cough 2:41. Predator, dark horn scales. I love this knife. It’s my favorite night, I’ve ever owned so far and I’ve owned $ 200 bench minions too, so each our bench right over there.

But this is my favorite knife this one I carry every day and it’s never leaving my collection ever even going to find a knife. I like better eventually, but never getting rid of this guy. I love it. It’s built, like a tank, holds an awesome edge. Look at this look, how beautiful it is. It’s perfect in shape and size and weight, and that is, I love it to death. It’s awesome. So much so that I bought a second one just for kicks just cuz stab a bag of one.

I guess, but this has your standard, a plastic ABS scales. I feel it over down there. It’s kind of cool these do come with other sheets by this camera pocket. I don’t really not really digging the sheath kind of thing straight action on this one yeah same deal: they kick super hard. They have two springs in there. They are awesome, awesome highly recommended. I mean, and they only cost me – this cost is flashing.

One remaining 80 bucks, this one a little more expensive. It was like 130, but worth it for the scales I’m also going to buy another one on this. Guy’s file, work and Turkish wanted and, like all, fancy double bolsters, and it’s going to be nice. But that’s going to be more for a collection because it’s friggin expensive, so this one always always were a DC. Okay. Moving on to some Italian stilettos, they tell you stilettos get a renzo belt from a it’s kind of your mid, mid tech room, it’d end like your middle ground.

I don’t know I’m trying to say the middle quality stiletto, not quite as good as a a kisi swing guard and stuff. I got there, but it’s pretty nice for the price was 50 bucks or something like that made in Italy. It’s not a handmade. It’s a machine made but made in Italy nonetheless give a dagger hang on there. Swivel bolsters oh and dark horn skills use our fake dark. Learn, though. Okay, we got a Frank, both Romney, and this is a handmade.

This is much better quality. I mean it’s not like the other ones, bad quality, that one’s awesome quality, but this is their. This is the real deal right here. It says Frank, be it’s like 100 bucks, then we got the flat ground blade on this one, real dark horn. This thing kicks like a mule with that sprayer for all the Frankie’s that I’ve had I’ve held there. The springs of them are no joke. Man they’re, like boom I’ve got a really nice edge on there I mean, I know, I think we want to just collect them and not sharpen them, but you know I like to carry these using.

I live in Florida by the way, which is it so say, switch blades are illegal man. You can’t carry that shit whatever Florida is illegal. Very awesome, Frank baby’s been making switchblades since frickin 1950s awesome awesome knives, I’m showing my other Frank me over here. This even quadruples the awesomeness yeah swing guard, like my kc handmade swing guard now this was final. Most expensive switch play.

This was 200 bucks in the spring. This one is friggin old man is rocker arm push dagger grind on there really sweet. As you can see, it’s really large its 11 inch or that’s pretty much. What I draw the line, I’m a know. I don’t like the cheesy kind of 13, 15 18 inch. Stilettos I got 11 is by the Mac side. I like, and I know I’ve never carried this or sharpened it or anything, it’s more of a collectible.

I mean not that it’s not strong enough. I mean this works on a backlog, see. This is just as strong as any back lock, which is pretty damn strong. This could take abuse if you wanted it to, but I don’t know why you’d want to is such a beautiful knife. I wouldn’t go like splitting logs and shit with it. Awesome awesome, blade can’t say enough. Good things about front feet, couple more a Casey knives here.

This is one of the first switch blades. I had s things for the second one I had after the swing guard there buttons all ground off on that one too, I put open to close these than these. These two for, like probably ten thousand times, no joke. No us know whose adoration the springs are still as strong as ever, though boom. I was an idiot back then, and I you just kind of fucked up the sharpening there.

No well, it’s sharp, but it’s kind of scribe the blades going to scuffed up from well. This sharpening job listen, I still know if I like it a lot of means. Just a machine made Italian Isleta, not as nice as frankly, though, not even it’s nice to do as the but here’s a really good, a Casey knife. It’s a Concord, not the front, and that is really cool. I love about the fronts I don’t own any like super, like micro, tech bench made quality ones yet, but maybe eventually I mean I pretty.

I like this one. For now this is made in Italy. It’s a deck you see, like I said, only like 70 bucks can’t beat it double edge on there super sturdy man. This is everything to play play on. There makes a good little EDC blade. If you want that your lifts, legal, of course, I’ve carried it quite a bit. There’s just one to spare shit out of your family standard folders got my bench made reptilian. Everyone knows bench made ever when I was a reptilian, pretty much an essential knife to have.

If you’re into collecting I’ve got the access lock, this is also the Cabela’s exclusive d2 version own with you to see the detail on there. Yes, this girl’s got d2 steel hunter. Like d2 steel, it’s really hard! Maybe do you see this quite a bit? You can see the kind of coding is coming off on the end there, and we want to say you see, ladies, I usually care like two knives at the most are the least rather sometimes of care like three or four.

I don’t know what I just like. I don’t like to leave them yeah I like to bring with me to the world all right. Let’s see those on the show. Well, I got some another quality stuff here too, I’m just want to show the hydroponic stuff, like this cool, that another bench made. It’s actually the Pacific cutlery model 62 or 68; rather, it’s a little utility bounce off, really cool little guy vintage. Now some of these being sold on bladed you or something for like three hugs.

I got this for $ 12 $ 12. Some guy was selling it and he didn’t have any idea what he had. So I kinda feel like a douche first taking it but $ 12 for vintage bitch-made balisong I mean yeah. How can you pass that up? Really awesome? Okay, oh, I didn’t even show these. Yet take a look at that guy, it’s an AKC shell puller. As you may know, these are really famous from the outsiders Johnny Cage switchblade.

These are super awesome, super beautiful shape. The action on their Springs is really strong, yeah really nice and their locks up super great. I don’t need to see these just because I want to keep them meant because they’re so, like rare, I mean it’s really hard to find them, even though these are like modern, Italian copies of MOCA, not really copy they’re, an Italian version of the German shelf folders, But still they’re still pretty rare, I mean you can find them on the forum and once in a while, but these are difficult to come by.

Let’s say these is cuz. I have two of them, one in real buffalo horn, one in stag yeah. I love these guys they’re, never going anywhere standing right here might as a safe little. You stand there really awesome. I love them to death again imposing. I don’t know why smoke though we get a modern bench made better song. This is currently my most expensive knife. I’ve paid the full retail on this fucker $ 230.

Yeah could have got one secondhand, but I don’t know I just wanted the that’s one that real feeling you know like going in the mailbox getting out of the package having all the original breath and opening it up and seen your little warranty cards in your bench. Maybe blue box a little silk baggie. You don’t want to experience that don’t want to have a little old beat-up, more felt coming in and like a little wrapped up a newspaper kind of deal, one of the real deal.

You know I’m saying so. I went full retail on this guy and just not like so many good things to say about it. I mean it’s awesome. D2. Steel. You probably know about this. If your balance on person, you know what this is, I’m embarrass myself a little bit here. This will flip. Then I claim nothing doesn’t do bad. I guess all right, no song, I’m going to show for right now might come back with some updates and whatever and show you some other stuff, like the lights, some other knives, some like fixed blades.

I got a bunch of fixed play that even mentioned. I got some really. Nice ones got some custom, maids cuz, I’m sore. It’s got some. I got some guns yeah. I decided what I’m going to do later, but now just keep it at my nice switch blades. My butterflies, my good folders here, I’m just going to be the end of this article, thanks for checking it out, take it easy

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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My last collection articles you guys asked for more and since I never shared my knife collection with you guys, yet I decided I’m going to do that today. So I have six knives in my collection up.

First, is this box cutter? It’s my folding knife. It is the one I used to use all the time in my last job. It’s very handy. You just hit this little switch here and it opens right up. You can also replace the blades. It’s quick and easy to use. You just hit this little switch here. Blades come right out, you get five in a pack and if you buy the knife, so I mean you’re always going to have a blade with you.

It’s very easy to use extremely sharp, and this is the one I use the most back in the day. I don’t use it as often now, but it is a really handy knife and I do recommend it. It’s only three dollars Black Friday, so it is extremely cheap. Next up is my Swiss Army knife. It is just your silver basic version, there’s not much to it. It’s just your most important functions and the knife is just your basic size, not too big, not too small, pretty much just your standard size for these things now, but this one here I don’t use often either, but it is a nice addition to my knife collection.

Then the last next up – I recently got this one a couple months ago. It is my Eagle knife, it has it right here in the metal right in the knife, and a house has a design here. It’s on both sides as well, but the blade is extremely sharp and I only paid three dollars for this knife. So there it is there. It looks amazing. It is really sharp, because I got this one used. There is a American, the metal there, but I still have to clean it.

I haven’t done that yet, but for three dollars it has really heavy. So it’s a great addition to my collection to release it and fold it back down. You just hit this little button here and it folds right down like that. So it’s a perfect knife for my collection, for what I need it for next up. Is this basic little pretty much fake Swiss Army knife? It has a lot more options than my other official Swiss Army knife, and I know it’s fake because this up here, where it’s red is all plastic.

I got this from a local store here in town. I think it was around $ 10. I’ve had this one for about 10 years. It is my first knife but, like I said, most of these things have the same size knife, as does this one, but this one also has scissors screw bits. The saw a whole bunch of other options that none of my other knives have. So that’s why I keep it in my collection. It is a perfect piece. I know it’s really cheap, it’s on the cheap side, but for what I use it for it is perfect.

Next up is the only one that I actually have in a box is because it came from a cruise line, one of those little gifts you get from your cruise line. This one here is from Princess Cruises, so I basically have a relative and he gave my grandfather this knife whenever he came back from a cruise and since he knows I collect knives, he gave it to me, but this one here is one of the nicest knives. I have my collection, it is a fold at one, but it is a nice pretty much metallic blue.

It is really nice. These are black little bricks on it and it’s the only knife. I have that’s all the attachments in it are black, so it is really unique compared to all my other knives like I said most of these have the standard size blade right now, but this one here is a little bit sharper than all my other ones. This size, so I don’t know if they did, that on purpose or if that’s just how this knife usually is, but it’s pretty unique a couple of other options not too much to it.

It is pretty light, but it is very unique. It is metal, it’s not plastic, like some of my other ones, it is all metal. So I do love this one a lot. I love that it’s black attachments, instead of just your standard knife and my last one – is the one you guys seeing me use the most here, my blog, it is my pair frame one. It is the one I use the most for unboxing articles for taste tests or any time I have to open something up on camera.

It is the knife that I use the most it just literally folds right it is the biggest knife. I have my collection, it’s the biggest blade one. I do want to get another knife too soon bucks. I have no real rush for that. So I think I’m just going to stick with what I have so this one’s still going to be the biggest one. I have right now it is really lightweight. That is why it’s pair of frame – and it has belt buckle, clip on it.

So I do also have a smaller version of this. In my tackle box, I didn’t want to go and get my tackle box and open it up, because all it is is basically the same exact thing except about half the size, it’s still pair of frame, it still folds outs and honestly, it’s really sharp, as you Guys know, I use that for all my unboxing articles and it honestly is a really great knife. I got the two of them in a pack for about $ 15 at my last place.

Work honestly, it is cheap for what you get is my favorite knife, and it is currently the one I use the most. So this is my knife collection as right now I hope you guys did enjoy you guys wanted to see more collection. So this is something I’ve never got to show you guys before. I hope you guys do enjoy it, because I honestly love this stuff. I really wish I would collect more knives, but as right now the funds aren’t there.

So if I do get more knives in the future, I might do an updated version of this article, but for now I’m going to leave it, as is, I hope you guys didn’t enjoy. Please leave a like if you did and I’ll see you guys in the next article. Please take care peace.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background.