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Switchblade collection

I going to need a bigger one soon, because it’s crowded as shit now anyways I’ll, show you the very first like quality. Switchblade I ever had it’s the AKC swing guard. I got it for my 18th birthday, which was a couple years ago. Yes, sir, very nice, nice spring Stoke kick super, are going to won the button-down, but well say that spring action again Boosh see if you can get the a casein marks on there, yeah EDC this every day for like years well, it’s kind of all I excited For ever had it for like two and a half years, but good long.

While this was my bucket everyday, very trusty knife, I still love it. I never know leave my collection. I do store them open, so I’m going to flick it out. Okay. Next we get the Korean risotto, Milano and well Rizzuto Esther Leto, monado phone. That’s a mouthful! It’s using a bunch of movies like a stand by me, Breakfast Club, just so much other movies like when a switch plate. It’s one of these guys for some reason: probably cuz they’re made a mix or not made a mix kill, but there you can buy it in Mexico.

These are made in Korea, Japan with the arizona-mexico, and you know, Hollywood makes movies in California. So you just go from California caballo one of these and throwing a movie and bam. I don’t know that’s my theory. Anyways. Let’s open this guy up, not a very X on the quality knife, it looks cool though it’s a nice movie prop pretty much. This is pretty expensive too, for the quality you’re. Getting I mean it’s.

Why cause like friggin, 20 pesos or some shit that spent 50 bucks on this fucker? No, no! I just want to have it as like: a memento from movies and stuff. Okay, we’re going to move into my very, very favorite knife and my current EDC. What is it? What is it? Oh, it’s a me. Cough 2:41. Predator, dark horn scales. I love this knife. It’s my favorite night, I’ve ever owned so far and I’ve owned $ 200 bench minions too, so each our bench right over there.

But this is my favorite knife this one I carry every day and it’s never leaving my collection ever even going to find a knife. I like better eventually, but never getting rid of this guy. I love it. It’s built, like a tank, holds an awesome edge. Look at this look, how beautiful it is. It’s perfect in shape and size and weight, and that is, I love it to death. It’s awesome. So much so that I bought a second one just for kicks just cuz stab a bag of one.

I guess, but this has your standard, a plastic ABS scales. I feel it over down there. It’s kind of cool these do come with other sheets by this camera pocket. I don’t really not really digging the sheath kind of thing straight action on this one yeah same deal: they kick super hard. They have two springs in there. They are awesome, awesome highly recommended. I mean, and they only cost me – this cost is flashing.

One remaining 80 bucks, this one a little more expensive. It was like 130, but worth it for the scales I’m also going to buy another one on this. Guy’s file, work and Turkish wanted and, like all, fancy double bolsters, and it’s going to be nice. But that’s going to be more for a collection because it’s friggin expensive, so this one always always were a DC. Okay. Moving on to some Italian stilettos, they tell you stilettos get a renzo belt from a it’s kind of your mid, mid tech room, it’d end like your middle ground.

I don’t know I’m trying to say the middle quality stiletto, not quite as good as a a kisi swing guard and stuff. I got there, but it’s pretty nice for the price was 50 bucks or something like that made in Italy. It’s not a handmade. It’s a machine made but made in Italy nonetheless give a dagger hang on there. Swivel bolsters oh and dark horn skills use our fake dark. Learn, though. Okay, we got a Frank, both Romney, and this is a handmade.

This is much better quality. I mean it’s not like the other ones, bad quality, that one’s awesome quality, but this is their. This is the real deal right here. It says Frank, be it’s like 100 bucks, then we got the flat ground blade on this one, real dark horn. This thing kicks like a mule with that sprayer for all the Frankie’s that I’ve had I’ve held there. The springs of them are no joke. Man they’re, like boom I’ve got a really nice edge on there I mean, I know, I think we want to just collect them and not sharpen them, but you know I like to carry these using.

I live in Florida by the way, which is it so say, switch blades are illegal man. You can’t carry that shit whatever Florida is illegal. Very awesome, Frank baby’s been making switchblades since frickin 1950s awesome awesome knives, I’m showing my other Frank me over here. This even quadruples the awesomeness yeah swing guard, like my kc handmade swing guard now this was final. Most expensive switch play.

This was 200 bucks in the spring. This one is friggin old man is rocker arm push dagger grind on there really sweet. As you can see, it’s really large its 11 inch or that’s pretty much. What I draw the line, I’m a know. I don’t like the cheesy kind of 13, 15 18 inch. Stilettos I got 11 is by the Mac side. I like, and I know I’ve never carried this or sharpened it or anything, it’s more of a collectible.

I mean not that it’s not strong enough. I mean this works on a backlog, see. This is just as strong as any back lock, which is pretty damn strong. This could take abuse if you wanted it to, but I don’t know why you’d want to is such a beautiful knife. I wouldn’t go like splitting logs and shit with it. Awesome awesome, blade can’t say enough. Good things about front feet, couple more a Casey knives here.

This is one of the first switch blades. I had s things for the second one I had after the swing guard there buttons all ground off on that one too, I put open to close these than these. These two for, like probably ten thousand times, no joke. No us know whose adoration the springs are still as strong as ever, though boom. I was an idiot back then, and I you just kind of fucked up the sharpening there.

No well, it’s sharp, but it’s kind of scribe the blades going to scuffed up from well. This sharpening job listen, I still know if I like it a lot of means. Just a machine made Italian Isleta, not as nice as frankly, though, not even it’s nice to do as the but here’s a really good, a Casey knife. It’s a Concord, not the front, and that is really cool. I love about the fronts I don’t own any like super, like micro, tech bench made quality ones yet, but maybe eventually I mean I pretty.

I like this one. For now this is made in Italy. It’s a deck you see, like I said, only like 70 bucks can’t beat it double edge on there super sturdy man. This is everything to play play on. There makes a good little EDC blade. If you want that your lifts, legal, of course, I’ve carried it quite a bit. There’s just one to spare shit out of your family standard folders got my bench made reptilian. Everyone knows bench made ever when I was a reptilian, pretty much an essential knife to have.

If you’re into collecting I’ve got the access lock, this is also the Cabela’s exclusive d2 version own with you to see the detail on there. Yes, this girl’s got d2 steel hunter. Like d2 steel, it’s really hard! Maybe do you see this quite a bit? You can see the kind of coding is coming off on the end there, and we want to say you see, ladies, I usually care like two knives at the most are the least rather sometimes of care like three or four.

I don’t know what I just like. I don’t like to leave them yeah I like to bring with me to the world all right. Let’s see those on the show. Well, I got some another quality stuff here too, I’m just want to show the hydroponic stuff, like this cool, that another bench made. It’s actually the Pacific cutlery model 62 or 68; rather, it’s a little utility bounce off, really cool little guy vintage. Now some of these being sold on bladed you or something for like three hugs.

I got this for $ 12 $ 12. Some guy was selling it and he didn’t have any idea what he had. So I kinda feel like a douche first taking it but $ 12 for vintage bitch-made balisong I mean yeah. How can you pass that up? Really awesome? Okay, oh, I didn’t even show these. Yet take a look at that guy, it’s an AKC shell puller. As you may know, these are really famous from the outsiders Johnny Cage switchblade.

These are super awesome, super beautiful shape. The action on their Springs is really strong, yeah really nice and their locks up super great. I don’t need to see these just because I want to keep them meant because they’re so, like rare, I mean it’s really hard to find them, even though these are like modern, Italian copies of MOCA, not really copy they’re, an Italian version of the German shelf folders, But still they’re still pretty rare, I mean you can find them on the forum and once in a while, but these are difficult to come by.

Let’s say these is cuz. I have two of them, one in real buffalo horn, one in stag yeah. I love these guys they’re, never going anywhere standing right here might as a safe little. You stand there really awesome. I love them to death again imposing. I don’t know why smoke though we get a modern bench made better song. This is currently my most expensive knife. I’ve paid the full retail on this fucker $ 230.

Yeah could have got one secondhand, but I don’t know I just wanted the that’s one that real feeling you know like going in the mailbox getting out of the package having all the original breath and opening it up and seen your little warranty cards in your bench. Maybe blue box a little silk baggie. You don’t want to experience that don’t want to have a little old beat-up, more felt coming in and like a little wrapped up a newspaper kind of deal, one of the real deal.

You know I’m saying so. I went full retail on this guy and just not like so many good things to say about it. I mean it’s awesome. D2. Steel. You probably know about this. If your balance on person, you know what this is, I’m embarrass myself a little bit here. This will flip. Then I claim nothing doesn’t do bad. I guess all right, no song, I’m going to show for right now might come back with some updates and whatever and show you some other stuff, like the lights, some other knives, some like fixed blades.

I got a bunch of fixed play that even mentioned. I got some really. Nice ones got some custom, maids cuz, I’m sore. It’s got some. I got some guns yeah. I decided what I’m going to do later, but now just keep it at my nice switch blades. My butterflies, my good folders here, I’m just going to be the end of this article, thanks for checking it out, take it easy

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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