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Knife Collection update and Pelican Case Review

Let me open up the case. Scott two lovers on the front one right here: 11 right here, then it’s got one on the side. Over here and another one, we need it open here it is I’m reviewing the Pelican case today for knife storage. I think it’s one of the best options for knife storage.

It’s got the pluggable foam so, like I’ve heard of that a few youtubers say you need to use an exacto knife or like a really sharp knife, to cut out this phone. I didn’t have to do that. All’s I did was pluck it all out. You can see it’s, you can just do whatever you want with it. Oh yeah for bigger knives. I did three up and down. I did it. There’s 14 across 14 spaces for knives, and I did one row big and then all these little and then one more row big, then another, then more little ones.

What I do this as I plucked out everything in the top and bottom layer here, is one layer I’ll get a popular knife to put up against it. The leak, that’s just one layer. You have two layers of foam to do whatever you want. Here’s the second layer, so you got two layers of possible foam. I plopped out the bottom one so that you could so that I don’t every time I get a new knife I don’t have to. I don’t have to take all my knives out.

If I just get one knife and left the pluck out a new piece, every time use the bottom layer. It’s just protective. It’s not pluggable can’t put that it’s just a safety, a little safety Matt. This will fit pretty much any knife that you’ll have. I mean I don’t, I know the spiral. Military is a big knife, I don’t know without fit in here, because I don’t own it, but I’m guessing that it would. If you have this normal knives, they all fit really good like this leak read when I put it in one of these holes just drops to the bottom.

I have to go down there and dig it out. So it’s pretty deep, I’m not sure the exact dimensions, but I’m guessing it’s around. Seven eight inches deep, but you probably like. Well, I don’t want my knives dropping to the bottom every time. Every time I put my knives in there, so what I did was I kept every piece of foam that I plucked out here. I kept all the foam that I plucked out and I put it in a target bag and put it in my closet.

So when I get a new knife, if it’s, if it sinks to the bottom of the hole, I can customize it so that it fits the depth wise for any knife. Excuse me: yeah. You got to pluggable layers, I’m pretty sure it will fit any knife. This is the big 1600 version. I think it’s just a little bit deeper than the 1500 and it’s a lot bigger than the 1500 case, and I just didn’t won’t have to buy another case. So I went ahead and got the bigger one.

It’s pretty much all I got to say about it. It comes with if, when you open the box, there’s an envelope that, like you, can get your name engraved and instead of this being there it’ll be a nameplate or whatever you want to put on there. So they’ll just take this out and put in your name plate that they make I’m going to do that. I costly, I think it costs around ten fifteen dollars. Another thing has: is that pressure with automatic pressure release valve? I don’t know if it says it.

You know just join you in Pelican case, but it’s the pressure release automatic pressure release valve. I guess it just equalizes the pressure like if you have this case on an airplane which I will never have on an airplane because it’s got knives in it but yeah. I can show you how a few knives sit in here for the blur I didn’t have to. I don’t have to customize. It will just fit fit in any of these, just because it’s big enough to where it doesn’t sink to the bottom, but it will, if I keep pushing it’ll go deeper, but it won’t see because of that.

I guess that really grippy. So I didn’t really have to put any phone. The bottom of that. That’s all I got to say about the Pelican case, so really good opt in a story knives to get here. The the latches are really loud and just dirty and you can put a lock on it. There’s two places for a walk i’m going to. I might do that sometimes so, if my friends are over, but that’s all I got ta say about that.

Let me show you all my knives, my collection update after Christmas, i’m going to show you all the knives that you might have already seen in my other articles. Kershaw blur cryo the leak Scout, you that’s it for Kershaw. I think reason i’m doing this. Article now is because I didn’t want to do a article right after Christmas, where I’m still like really excited about the knives I got, but i’m still excited about them.

But when you first get a knife, you’re going to tell a bunch of lies, but how much you like in sup all right? Oh my gos group tell you next. I did a review on this and I knocked it for its detent. I tightened it up a little bit. It’s just now, it’s hard to it’s hard to flick out. I knew that was going to be a problem if I tightened it. If I tighten it anymore, it’s even hard to get how manual. I just don’t find myself carrying this knife.

Very often, oh I’ll keep it. I like it need another benchmade, the benchmade volley. I did a review on this knife as well, and another nice you’ve already seen or the last night that you’ve already seen. I guess the spyderco sage, one yeah, that’s all that’s what I had when I started then after Christmas. Let me show you the new knives that I’ve got ok I’ll start with Kershaw. I got three new curse or four new Kershaw was again.

I got another leak. I wanted a leak with a plain edge, cam razor sharp here it is next to the other one. I wanted a plain edge because I don’t really love serrations and this was a gift and I I really I really like Kershaw serrations, but I still want a plain edge. Kershaw’s, like the only serrations that I can stand. Yeah I got another leak. I got the skyline really popular knife. This knife is not assisted.

I actually like it not assisted it’s really smooth. It’s got this comfortable choil. Here, it’s really comfortable be doing reviews on all my new knives. Probably not this one I’ll be doing a review on the leak. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but sometime soon I will – and I got the Kershaw piston look like this. I have to it’s got the blur same as the blur thumb, studs and a flipper. So I like that night to run out of room in my last new kershaw is the Kershaw knockout, with the sub-frame lock, where we use coming and I got two new spider goes: got the ladybug with h1 steel, rust proof, meeting, sicky city.

I got this knife to go fishing and whenever I’m around water I’ll carry this knife, I really like it for how little it is. It’s really comfortable with the finger choil and the thumb thumb rape. One of my new spider goes in my last new knife that I have the main x2 lightweight. I’m really excited about this knife. This knife is only 3 ounces and for how big of a blade – that is, it’s a superb some great knife to carry.

I love the Y, your pocket clip like the ball, lock the ball bearing lock or whatever. It is still kind of hard to do that. I really like the handles handle scale at night. Sometimes it like, if you’re in low light, it looks black, it doesn’t even look blue yeah. That’s all I’ve got for you guys, show you all my new knives. The review of the Pelican case do a close-up yep thanks for reading guys.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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Top 5 Instagram Hashtag Tools

In there I went through and reviewed 13 different hashtag research tools and hash tag generators. So I thought I’d do a short for YouTube article. I’M not going to go through everything I do in the blog post, but I wanted to go through the top 5 Instagram hashtag research tools and generators. The first one is photo Lu.

Now this is the one that we developed, because we didn’t find any hashtag generators out there that we thought were giving the best hashtags and based on the research. I did it’s still providing the best hashtags out there. I went through and reviewed and uploaded the same photo to five different hashtag generators and they compared the keywords to see which ones are the most relevant and photo Lu had the most relevant keywords: the way that it works.

You just go in and choose a photo to upload once you’ve uploaded the photo it’ll go out and look for hashtags based on key words in that photo. Now in the blog post, I uploaded this exact same photo to five different sites to see the keywords. So you want to see those results. Go look at the blog post, well kind of give you an idea here. Once you’ve uploaded the photo, you can choose the number of hashtags, I’m typically, I’m not only using hashtags for 4lu I’ll use the other tools that I’m going to show in the the rest of the article.

So I might want to have like 20 here for the contents of the photo. Maybe I’ll have 10 more based on the location. Here you can also choose the hashtag popularity. So if you want to go most popular you’re going to see that it’s a lot of really, these are really popular keywords. You’Ll see now, I’m not that popular of an instagramer. I probably wouldn’t build a rank very high for any of these keywords, so I typically don’t use these.

I like to use the very popular right, so these are not as popular or some of the other ones, but these are often good keywords for me to use, for this particular photo next number, two on my list and where I typically get the other 10 photos Is display purposes, this is a great little site where you can go in and type in, a keyword, it’ll come back with different hashtags now, while 4loo is a hand generator I’ve categorized this as a research tool right because it doesn’t, you can’t actually upload a folder On it tell you the hashtags, but you can type something in and the hashtags I find that it reviews are very good.

Ok as an example I type in Vancouver here. Of course they get Vancouver, but I get wife yaar, which is uh. You know the airport in Vancouver things like explore Canada and explore BC. You know I do a lot of canola photography in British Columbia. These are great hashtags when you’re doing that. So these is really gives very relevant keywords. It’S not just doing keywords like Vancouver is awesome or ones they contain.

So a lot of the hashtag tools that I reviewed. Those are the types of things they came back and maybe a couple of more good, but not all of them. I find that display purposes gives me the best overall hashtags to supplement when I’ve added for talut. So that’s my number hashtag research tool on the list. Alright number three on the list is a focal mark. Now the reason that I like focal mark it’s more of a hashtag research tool is not one you’ll use on every photo, but what it does do is it gives you gives you hashtags, based on a style of location.

You can also choose a camera if you want okay, so what this can be good for is just finding I’m not going to judge the cameras going to use travel and location of Vancouver. It’Ll, give you some good potential hashtags. You might not have thought of, and often it gives you hashtags, that you didn’t see in display purposes or for Toulouse, so it gives us some good idea, some other hashtags you may want to use.

The reason is because these lists are actually handcrafted, so someone’s actually gone through and come up with these lists, so you can kind of get a bit different. Hashtags then you’ll find in some of the other tools that are just all automatically generated. Obviously, the disadvantage of this is because it’s handcrafted, if you don’t, if you’re looking for something, that’s not within the actual list, they’ve already put together, you can’t add a lock, so you don’t use it on every photo, but I do find it’s really useful.

As my third most favorite a hashtag research tool, next I’m going to go in here and look at Li tags now I hadn’t really used this this before I went through and was reviewing them, but after you’ve using viewing dozens of apps that were on the app Exchange and the and the Android store has tons of them. The Apple Store doesn’t have as many probably because they get blocked out, because some of them are a bit spammy a lot of them weren’t that useful.

But I found this one was really good and probably the best of the ones that I found as far as a new app you can go through and you can choose based on category. So you can come here and it gives you you know based on the category. You can also go through and search for the keywords as well: okay and I’ll come back with some of them. I think these are pretty good. It gives you percentages as well. Further, not quite as good as display purposes.

There are more kind of think you refer Vancouver life, but it does go with explore BC and some the other ones as well too. The reason I do like this one is: it allows you to keep favorites of tags. So after you go through and find the tags you through display purposes or somewhere else, you could go and save them here and then basically easily copy out of this and copy and then put into your Instagram.

This is easier than putting in like a text file which I used to do like a notes file on my phone, so that I could be useful just for saving hashtags that you’re commonly using all right like location or travel tags again. So that’s kind of my four three number five on the list of the top hashtag resources and generators is all hashtags. Now this used to be a pretty good site before the technology improved and things like for loon display purposes came out, but now I find that the keywords here aren’t very good.

So I don’t really use this as much for keyword research, but the one feature that it has is, I still do like is in the chart section here. You can go and see top lists of hashtags from today. The last seven days last month are all time. I find this is kind of useful to go through and see how hashtags are trending, and I may see some hashtags here that I want to go in and check out on Instagram. So I typically only use all hashtags these days for this particular feature, but that got it on to the list of the top five hashtags research and generation tools and that’s the complete list.

Hopefully, you found this useful if you wanted to go into more detail of all the 13 tools are reviewed or look at the results of the test. You can go to four lucam, go to the blog and look at the blog post there. Hopefully, you found this useful happy instagramming

Content is King!

Yeah I am in electronic music!


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7 Mistakes You Make On Social Media | Why You Are Getting Low Likes

The fact that, or the concept that you have the potential to reach millions of people across the whole globe to me is it’s astounding, but it’s also a bad thing if you’re doing it bad, so I actually run a lot of social. I run a tumblr, a Pinterest or Twitter, an instagram Facebook YouTube, so I run almost every social media account that there is out there, I’m always looking at metrics how to optimize how to make it better.

So in this article I wanted to show you seven mistakes that you’re probably making on social media. That probably could be hurting your likes, your engagement and just how people perceive you. The first mistake that many people make on social media is posting too many selfies other than seeming extremely arrogant and self indulging. You also seem, like you, lack creativity. If your whole feed is just your face, you really need to move past it and actually share some parts of your life on social media.

That’S probably why people are actually following you and not just self-portraits of yourself number two posting shirtless bathroom selfies. Now, yes, most guys that are even remotely physically fit, are probably guilty of this sometime in their life. But it’s old and it’s even worse when you see guys posting a bathroom selfie and they post it with a comment like some sort of cheesy tumblr success quo.

Now don’t get me wrong, you should be extremely proud of your progress in the gym and what you have accomplished, but instead of posting just to post, post actual value actual content, for example, say you broke your new PR squat post, a picture of you squatting that And your capture can be just broke, my old PR squad that has a lot more value than a shirtless picture of yourself in a bathroom, alright guys.

So before I keep going with these, I do want to let you guys know about a huge seller that v reades is having their changing it. Up. Not only are they’re selling reades they’re also dropping sunglasses today for Black Friday, so for today for Black Friday they’re opening the store I’m going to have it linked below, but even more importantly, they got you guys, a huge discount code, 20 %, I’m going to have The code below I have never herd of them ever give 20 % discount before and they’re only having it today for Black Friday.

So I’m going to have all that information below and like I said they have sunglasses, backpacks and reades, and if you’ve been thinking about getting the fifth read lately, I think today’s the time to buy it, because this code is only lasting for today, which is Black Friday and you’ll be able to get it 20 %, and it also makes a great Christmas gift for both her and him. The third mistake that a lot of men make is posting their drunken escapades.

I think you should make it a personal rule that you shouldn’t use your phone while you’re drinking you’ll just save yourself from a lot of trouble. But if you must use it, try to avoid talking about or posting about how you got super plastered last night on every other social media post. Not only does it get old, you got to keep in mind that your future employers are now starting to look at your social media accounts to see who you really are so this one.

This was if you’re, in a relationship if you’re in a relationship don’t go liking. Other girls pictures save yourself the unnecessary fight and don’t be dumb enough to go liking. Other girls post, especially if they’re in a bikini, while you can look, don’t like them. The next one is posting when no one’s around or no one’s online. Again, I run a pretty large Instagram account and other social media handles so, like I said, I’m always looking into metrics and how to optimize for higher engagement, higher views higher your comments just more likes in general, so I’ve pretty much narrowed down.

What timeframes get me that higher engagement on a personal level if you’re looking for more likes and more comments, which almost every person that posts on social media is don’t go and post that one in the morning, when most of your friends are probably going to be Asleep, so look for those time frames throughout the day notice that your metrics and, like I said, don’t post an odd time frames because it’ll significantly decrease your engagement.

The sixth mistake is picking a fight on social media. This is a mistake here, because you see here here, there’s really no winners. While it is super entertaining sitting back and reading a social media fight go on the key to keeping your audience and your dignity is to never engage in one. Your self and finding the seven social media mistake that really hurts engagement is inconsistent posting when you start having people follow you, whether it be friends or you’re, just growing a larger audience.

People are following you because they expect something from you. They expect to be entertained or informed or whatever it may be. The worst thing you can do is to stop posting for weeks and then come back. It’Ll definitely hurt your engagement. People tend to forget about you and you become less relevant. So staying on top of people’s feeds is one of the best ways to keep your engagement and grow it at a healthy rate.

That’S it for this week’s article guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Those are some of the mistakes that I’ve actually done a lot of in the past, both on a personal level and on a business level, because I do run two types of accounts, so hopefully you can avoid some of these mistakes. Let me know if I miss anything down below, I would love to hear some of the mistakes that you guys think also don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and to our second blog by using these buttons right here.

That’S it for me today see you next time.

Social media is a perfect way to get your message out to the masses and increase your search rankings. 

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