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How To Be A Style Blogger | My 5 Best Tips & Advice

So this is one of the questions that I get all the time from guys who are interested in getting into style blogging, but don’t really know where to start or how to do it or what the best practices are. Now I’ve been doing it for five years now and over that time I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience and we’ve had a good amount of success throughout that time. You know there. There really was no blueprint for me of how to do it right. We were really sort of making it up as we went along and defining what this was going to look like what this was going to be and how it was going to be done. And you know things are always changing and you always have to adapt to a certain degree, but there are some fundamental things that I think are extremely important to think about to consider and to really know before you get into it.

If you want to be successful now, the first thing you need to ask yourself is: what do you want to achieve? Are you just extremely passionate about something and want to share it? Do you want to make money? Do you want to get free stuff? Do you want to be famous? There are no wrong answers here, and no one of those intentions is more or less noble than the other, but you really need to look inside and be honest with yourself about what it is exactly that you want to get out of this adventure, because having a Clear answer to those questions will define how you approach this and will guide everything that you do.

Next is possibly the biggest question you need to ask yourself, and that is what do you offer more and more. This is becoming an increasingly crowded space, and you really need to have something that differentiates you not only so that you stand out, but just something that gives people a reason to want to listen to you and to follow you. What makes you unique? What is your point of view? What do you have to contribute to the conversation so on our whiteboard in the studio? We have three questions written down, and these are questions that you should consider before you even start and that I think you should continue to revisit over and over again as you progress and start to have some success and continue to evolve.

And those questions are what is truly unique about you, what is truly ownable for you and what right do you have to play and win in this content space? It’s good to answer those questions again to help define what it is, exactly that you’re doing and hope to achieve, and that flows into what I think is one of the hardest questions to answer, and that is why are you doing what you’re doing now, if you Haven’t already, I really recommend reading Simon Synnex book start with why I’ll put a link to it below in the description, because this book and the concepts in the book will really get you thinking about some higher level stuff.

I find that even if people think they know the, why of what they’re doing it’s often hard to put into words now I always knew what I’d hope to achieve with. He spoke style, but it wasn’t until I read this book that I was truly able to articulate it and, and once I was able to once I had written it down, everything became so much clearer and there was so much more purpose behind everything that we were Doing you know if you’re really committed to being in it? You really need to have that kind of focus and to use your time wisely.

In addition, if you don’t have a clear vision that will come through and be confusing to people, they won’t know what you stand for or who you are or what you’re all about. If you haven’t answered that question for yourself and just saying that you want to inspire people is not enough, that’s what you’re doing or that’s what you want to do. It’s not why you’re doing it, so you can see that it’s really not that easy to define your why, but it is extremely important, in my opinion, if you really want to have a deep and meaningful impact on people now, once you’ve figured out the higher level Stuff, you need to sit down and make a plan.

Before I published a single post on he spoke style. I had made a year-long content calendar, it’s good to see the big picture, it’s good to see where you’re going and it’s good to have a schedule. You never want to get into a situation where you’re operating day to day or not sure, what’s coming up next now it does take a little bit of time to put something like this together, but if you really want to do it right, this is something that You need to do the time you invest in making a plan like this will pay huge dividends and will make every part of the process go that much smoother and having a plan like this will help you with the next part, which is to execute and be Consistent, I cannot stress enough the importance of consistency when it comes to publishing online, whether that’s a website, your Instagram Facebook YouTube blog.

It is so important to train your audience to give them something to expect and to look forward to on specific days at specific times, and not only that, but consistency is rewarded by the bigger powers-that-be, like Google and algorithms. These engines look for things like that, and if one of your goals is to reach as many people as possible, you really need to publish consistently next. I think it is so important to publish only high quality original content and again this is one of the things that will make you unique.

Now I started he spoke style because a lot of the websites I was reading about classic men’s style did not have original images of the stuff that I was reading about. Sometimes they were archival images. Sometimes they were sourced from other websites and that to me removed a lot of the personal connection that I wanted to feel and that I thought was very important to really getting behind a certain point of view.

Like don’t just tell me about something, show me how to do it show me how something should be worn. Show me how you would wear it, not a bunch of other people that I can find online myself now when it comes to original content and especially original artwork, I will tell you that great photography is absolutely non-negotiable. Get a decent camera set it up on a tripod work with a friend who has an interest in photography, and you can also pay someone to take photos for you.

The reason for that is because the level of production and quality of content being put out there. These days is extremely high and to establish yourself in that world you really need to be at or as close to the level of what’s already out there in the market. All right blogs do you need a website, Twitter or Facebook. Instagram YouTube, snapchat pinch a podcast! Now I have a very specific opinion on this and it comes from the nature of how I’ve set up my business and and grown my business.

Personally, I think a website is very important. I think Instagram is very important and I think YouTube is very important right now, a couple of years ago I would have told you that Facebook was very important now for me and for my business I really feel that it is extremely important to have multiple blogs. I like to have a wider portfolio of services available, just to be able to offer a variety of things and to be able to tailor our packages to best meet the needs of the brands that we work with now.

Can you have success with just one strong blog? Yes, you can, and there are plenty of examples out there – of people who have had a lot of success just on Instagram or just on YouTube. The problem is the media. Landscape is always changing and there is some risk associated with devoting your entire effort towards one specific blog. For example, when I was first getting started five years ago, I met someone who had a million followers on Pinterest, and this was her business.

She made money through affiliate links on her Pinterest content. Well, one year later, Pinterest came and said we’re not supporting affiliate links on our platform anymore and just like that, her entire revenue pipeline was shut off. So that’s just one example of the risk you’re taking on. If you decide to focus specifically on one blog now, the other thing is that, because the landscape is always evolving and there’s a shifting emphasis on different blogs, there are people who will jump from lily pad to lily pad, depending on which way the winds are blowing.

At the moment, and although I feel they might have some short-term success – they’re really trapping themself in this kind of endless loop of having to redefine who they are and what they’re about and who they’re serving that. I think it dilutes their brand and kind of calls into question their authenticity, so, if you’re an aspiring men’s style blogger, those are some things to think about that. I think are key to being successful, asking yourself what you want to get out of it.

What do you offer? What’s your point of view, why are you doing what you’re doing making a plan executing that plan consistently only posting original high quality content and deciding what blogs are the best fit for you based on your goals, so the business of blogging is a topic that I Plan to cover from time to time, and if you have questions or specific topics about that, you’d like me to talk about, go ahead and leave those in the comments, I’m very passionate about mens style.

But I’m also very passionate about the business side of what we do and I am happy to share everything that I’ve learned over the 5 years that we’ve been doing. He spoke style. If you like this article, please give it a thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe to the blog. That’s all for now guys thanks for reading and stay tailor.

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7 Mistakes You Make On Social Media | Why You Are Getting Low Likes

The fact that, or the concept that you have the potential to reach millions of people across the whole globe to me is it’s astounding, but it’s also a bad thing if you’re doing it bad, so I actually run a lot of social. I run a tumblr, a Pinterest or Twitter, an instagram Facebook YouTube, so I run almost every social media account that there is out there, I’m always looking at metrics how to optimize how to make it better.

So in this article I wanted to show you seven mistakes that you’re probably making on social media. That probably could be hurting your likes, your engagement and just how people perceive you. The first mistake that many people make on social media is posting too many selfies other than seeming extremely arrogant and self indulging. You also seem, like you, lack creativity. If your whole feed is just your face, you really need to move past it and actually share some parts of your life on social media.

That’S probably why people are actually following you and not just self-portraits of yourself number two posting shirtless bathroom selfies. Now, yes, most guys that are even remotely physically fit, are probably guilty of this sometime in their life. But it’s old and it’s even worse when you see guys posting a bathroom selfie and they post it with a comment like some sort of cheesy tumblr success quo.

Now don’t get me wrong, you should be extremely proud of your progress in the gym and what you have accomplished, but instead of posting just to post, post actual value actual content, for example, say you broke your new PR squat post, a picture of you squatting that And your capture can be just broke, my old PR squad that has a lot more value than a shirtless picture of yourself in a bathroom, alright guys.

So before I keep going with these, I do want to let you guys know about a huge seller that v reades is having their changing it. Up. Not only are they’re selling reades they’re also dropping sunglasses today for Black Friday, so for today for Black Friday they’re opening the store I’m going to have it linked below, but even more importantly, they got you guys, a huge discount code, 20 %, I’m going to have The code below I have never herd of them ever give 20 % discount before and they’re only having it today for Black Friday.

So I’m going to have all that information below and like I said they have sunglasses, backpacks and reades, and if you’ve been thinking about getting the fifth read lately, I think today’s the time to buy it, because this code is only lasting for today, which is Black Friday and you’ll be able to get it 20 %, and it also makes a great Christmas gift for both her and him. The third mistake that a lot of men make is posting their drunken escapades.

I think you should make it a personal rule that you shouldn’t use your phone while you’re drinking you’ll just save yourself from a lot of trouble. But if you must use it, try to avoid talking about or posting about how you got super plastered last night on every other social media post. Not only does it get old, you got to keep in mind that your future employers are now starting to look at your social media accounts to see who you really are so this one.

This was if you’re, in a relationship if you’re in a relationship don’t go liking. Other girls pictures save yourself the unnecessary fight and don’t be dumb enough to go liking. Other girls post, especially if they’re in a bikini, while you can look, don’t like them. The next one is posting when no one’s around or no one’s online. Again, I run a pretty large Instagram account and other social media handles so, like I said, I’m always looking into metrics and how to optimize for higher engagement, higher views higher your comments just more likes in general, so I’ve pretty much narrowed down.

What timeframes get me that higher engagement on a personal level if you’re looking for more likes and more comments, which almost every person that posts on social media is don’t go and post that one in the morning, when most of your friends are probably going to be Asleep, so look for those time frames throughout the day notice that your metrics and, like I said, don’t post an odd time frames because it’ll significantly decrease your engagement.

The sixth mistake is picking a fight on social media. This is a mistake here, because you see here here, there’s really no winners. While it is super entertaining sitting back and reading a social media fight go on the key to keeping your audience and your dignity is to never engage in one. Your self and finding the seven social media mistake that really hurts engagement is inconsistent posting when you start having people follow you, whether it be friends or you’re, just growing a larger audience.

People are following you because they expect something from you. They expect to be entertained or informed or whatever it may be. The worst thing you can do is to stop posting for weeks and then come back. It’Ll definitely hurt your engagement. People tend to forget about you and you become less relevant. So staying on top of people’s feeds is one of the best ways to keep your engagement and grow it at a healthy rate.

That’S it for this week’s article guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Those are some of the mistakes that I’ve actually done a lot of in the past, both on a personal level and on a business level, because I do run two types of accounts, so hopefully you can avoid some of these mistakes. Let me know if I miss anything down below, I would love to hear some of the mistakes that you guys think also don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and to our second blog by using these buttons right here.

That’S it for me today see you next time.

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