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Lion Planner | First Impressions & Pen Test

This is another fun planner review. These are for the lie in the planner. This one is the daily Edition six months, and then this is the weekly Edition for 12 months they’re, both in black, I haven’t even taken them out of the packaging. Yet I just got these sent to me by Lion planner. All the thoughts and opinions are my own. They sent these to me for consideration only that’s all I do on my blog, because if I end up filming a article, I want to make sure that all of the thoughts and comments are truly my own, and I want to give an honest review of it.

So, let’s get into this, so I just got this bad boy, this one’s a little bit thicker, and this one, if you guys, can see the difference when they reached out to me. I actually looked on their page and you know was talking about the differences between the two and all of that, and then I was like well it’d, be kind of cool to see both of them and they’re like okay, we’re going to send you both. You can do like a little side-by-side comparison.

Okay, so anyway, I’m more of a person that likes a whole year in a planner. To be honest, but I know there are people out there that definitely, you know like just a six month planner. So let’s look at the six month, planner first and I put this one off to the side. So it’s like a faux leather. It’s got this really nice embossed lion on there. I don’t know if you guys can see it. It’s black on black so so hard to see, and then my viewfinder is like teeny tiny.

So I can never tell. But it’s got this nice elastic closure. It’s got like a little pen loop, so you can loop in a pen or something like that over there and then also it has on the bottom. If you can see like little strings for like little page tabs, which is kind of nice, so you open it up, you can take this little thing off there. Oh, it’s a non dated planner for happier easier and more fulfilling life cool.

It’s eco friendly materials printed on 100 % recycled paper, and this is the compact size I believe when I was looking. There were two separate sizes, but both of these it looks like are in the compact size. I think there’s one that’s just a little bit larger than this. So anyway, okay, you open it up. So it’s got all the in from like a little information page, we can put your contact information and then it’s got like the little lion over here and the line over here.

So this paper is like really thick in the front here: oh wow, okay hold on. Let’s take a look at this, I, like legit, have not opened this. I have like no idea what to expect okay and that says, by using the lion planner, you can increase your productivity, get organized and manage your daily time achieve work-life balance. Achieve your goals live a more fulfilling a happier. Life get focused, put yourself.

First challenge yourself, look at the big picture and stay positive, okay cool, so it’s kind of just giving you like a layout of some things. You can do and things like that. I don’t know just kind of interesting cool all right, so then we have 2018 and 2019 and then it has printed here, the u.S. Holidays in 2018 and then the u.S. Holidays in 2019. And then it has like a kind of like a notes, page thing or it says the beginning: what are your biggest goals and dreams that you want to achieve during these six months? You can kind of put it there and then I’m grateful for affirmations and then there’s just a blank vision board and then here is your monthly section of the lion planner.

Oh, this is kind of weird. Oh there we go cool all right so, like I said it is undated, so it doesn’t have like little sticker cover ups. This is like a pretty bare-bones like basic planner, where all the examples it looked like we’re shown just using a pen like up here. You can definitely decorate anything. Obviously, so it doesn’t have like little sticker cover-ups. But what you do is you just kind of like write in you know your dates so clearly you can have this be any month, you’d like it.

So it has like a little date thing right here and it says goals for this month. Reward, if achieved so save, I don’t know you want to buy yourself something or treat yourself to something. I don’t know whatever. I’ve got a little quote here from Steve Jobs. Oh I see I was like what is it these H’s for H means habit. So look if you want to drink a certain amount of ounces of water a day or workout every day or whatever, then you can like either check that off or color it in or something.

And then it says I will lead or do something new this month and it has one and two and then this is personal plan top priorities and then professional plan a top priorities and then over here it says endless discoveries. This might be a little bit more difficult to see over here, but this is. It looks like like graph paper kind of down here. It’s like a bunch of little dots, so yeah, that’s kind of cool and then alright, so the monthly review.

It’s got some information, more monthly review, so it said it just asks you like a bunch of questions about your month and kind of how to move forward. So it says, did you manage to achieve your goals this past month? If yes describe the results, if no, what did you need to do for better results next time, this one says: did you learn or did you do something new in this past month? If yes describe it, what are the best things that happened to you this past month, either in your personal life or professional life? To what or who are you especially grateful for this past month? What is holding you back? What do you need to do to change the circumstances? Did you learn any lessons this past month? How will they help you in the future and then how do you feel about this past month and why and then you move into your next month.

So it’s all kind of the same. Actually, I feel like this would be really good for like goal setting at like work and a professional environment, because it just like makes you look at stuff or even like this might be like really weird, but I feel like this would be good for, like a Relationship if you’re like married or you’re like seriously dating someone or something like that, you know, if you guys have like I mean I’m clearly, not in a relationship or like married, but I mean, if you were like dating someone seriously or in that in a marriage Or something – and you guys wanted to like achieve goals together as like a family or as just a couple, it’d be kind of cool to like write these things down just to like keep track of stuff, I mean I don’t know, I don’t know, don’t take advice From me, but um I don’t know it’s just like something different to think about and then okay.

So here is your weekly section now and then okay. So here are your weekly pages, so it says day and date and that says weekly success and then insights gained and then left over from the past week. So like clearly tasks or things you have to do. And that says this week’s plan and says this week will be great because and then it has a bunch of lines and then this week’s goals, one through four things to avoid personal to-do list, one through five and then top priorities, one through six and then projects.

One through four and then there’s a passion project down here, so it looks like that is how the weekly pages are set up. To be honest, this probably isn’t like my jam. I am more someone that wouldn’t want all of these little things, but if you’re kind of more regimented – and you really like a lot of structure in your planner, this might be something for you. But for me I like to kind of like do what I want when I want, but this would be really kind of a cool thing for someone that likes a lot of structure.

So all the weekly pages are exactly the same. That’s the weekly and then now there’s a daily section of the planner as well. So let’s go into that. So it’s got the day and date and it looks like there’s two days on like a fold out so there’s one on this page and one on this page. So this one says exciting things to do today: steps slash actions towards my weekly goals, one through three, the tasks and priorities, one through six notes and ideas, just a blank little box, but it does have like faint grid in there and it says end of the Day, review – and that says today’s winds – and that says best moment from today today’s focus exercise and then schedule.

So this is like an hourly schedule, which you guys know I absolutely love. I I personally use an Erin Condren life planner in the hourly layout. I will leave a link below for you guys if you’re interested in checking out the Erin Condren website as well. As I mean I’m going to leave links below for this as well yeah. This schedule is from 6:00 to 9:00 and you know you can just like block off some of the times, which I think is really nice, and then you’ve got your next day right here.

So this I don’t know, this is just kind of a cool little thing. So, let’s see I mean, obviously all the days are exactly the same and let’s actually pull these guys out. There’s and there’s like two of these, like string, things looks like one, but it’s actually two there’s two. I promise yeah all right. Let’s see what else is back here, if anything who knows this is I’m learning too y’all, I’m learning too.

So it looks if this is the last daily page. So let’s go into this little section here, alright, so this says final review of these last six months. All right, so it has a bunch of questions for you as well. It says: did you manage to achieve your biggest monthly goals or dreams during these past six months? If yes describe the results, if not, what do you need to do to improve and achieve them? Next time – and it says what are the best things that happened to you during these past six months – even either in your personal life or professional life, to what or who are you especially grateful for during these past six months? And it says what were the biggest lessons you learned during the last six months, and how do you feel about these past six months and why so that’s kind of cool and then over here are just a bunch of notes pages and it just says notes: ideas Journal memories, discoveries, so there are a couple of pages back here for this in case you want to like note something down.

Ok, so that’s all lined paper. This is all that dot grid paper, but it’s really really faint. It’s really difficult to see even like to my naked eye right now, so I can’t imagine what its going to be like on camera and then um that is it oh cool! Look at this there’s like stuff back here: okay, alright! So then, back here there are some stickers. Oh that’s the wrong way. Emily um there’s like some little airplanes.

There is like some laundry stickers, some grocery carts, some like important stickers. Let’s see here, this looks like documents movies, like a nurse or a doctor, and then you’ve got like workout money and then gifts. So that’s really cool. This comes with it so like clearly, you could use this on any of your days and then there’s like a no. No, it’s like a little pocket back here, yeah a little pot.

Oh it’s as it was designed in Boston, but printed in China. Neat all right! So, anyway, put all this stuff back all right. There we go so that is it for the oh and then on the back. It has embossed as well and printed in this, it says, lie in a planner, so very, very cool and it looks like this could get dented a little easy mine came with like a little divot. I don’t know if it’s like you can’t. You can kind of see it on the viewfinder a little bit.

It came with a little divot on it, and this is actually creating a little bit of a tiny divot right there, but clearly you’d. Have it close. So I mean I know: a lot of people in the planner world are a little bit specific. So you know, if that’s not your jam, then that’s okay, too, but yeah, but the spine looks pretty good and everything so yeah. Why don’t you take a peek at the weekly edition and this one is a twelve month planner, I’m not sure what the difference is going to be.

Clearly it’s a thickness difference, but I’m just assuming that the daily pages are taken out of this. I’m not really sure, though, again with the last one. You have the elastic band right here. Also an elastic pen, holder right there you’ve got your Lian as well as oh there’s, three little guys all right. Well, this one. There are three little ribbons which is kind of cool, and then this one says it is the lion planner weekly edition twelve months non, dated planner for happier easier and more fulfilling life, eco-friendly materials printed on a hundred percent recycled paper, and this is the compact size.

So let’s take this out alright, so just like the first planner this says like your information page and all that good stuff and that’s got you know more layouts and things like that. It has the same exact thing over here by like using your planner. You can get more organized and achieve your goals and blah blah blah. You know all that good stuff over here. It also has the same calendar with holidays for 2018 and 2019, and then this one just says the beginning, and it has a bunch of lines and says what are your your league goals and dreams that you would like to achieve this year, and it has all The same stuff so far, and then it’s got your monthly once again.

I think let’s actually do like a side-by-side. I’m pretty sure that all of this is exactly the same, but I just you know, don’t quote me on it, because I don’t want you all to be like Emily. You didn’t even pay attention. That’s not exactly the same blah blah okay, so it is slightly different. Alright, so let’s look at this, so if we look at these kinda together, the differences are actually at the bottom.

So let’s do this, so this is the thicker one which is the six month planner. It has this little section here that says I will learn or do something new this month and then it says personal plan and professional plan. This one here, which is the one I’m looking at now, which is the 12-month doesn’t have that little box right there, but it has personal plan and professional plans, there’s only a little difference there in the printing.

Also, these are exactly the same. It’s just kind of like your monthly review and yes, all the other pages are the same. So let’s get into the next section wherever that may be oh cool all right, so this is very different than the other one like I was saying before in this one. When you get to those weekly pages, it just clearly isn’t. For me, it’s like too much structure and the six-month one, but here in the 12 month one this is kind of like right up my alley.

This is an hourly. You know it’s undated still, but it has. You know like a little section where you can put the dates and then it says today’s focus all across the top, and then it goes from six to nine there’s a date right here. So you could put in like the dates of the week, the weeks goals, notes, personal to-do lists, professional to-do list and then endless discoveries with a little doctorate as well.

So when we go Sunday through Saturday, I actually got a question just recently like this is like a little bit of a tangent, but I had a question just recently like why? Don’t they have planners that have Sunday through Saturday on the weekly spread? Because when you go into the monthly spreads they’re all Sunday through Saturday – and it was like really bothering somebody and I’m like you know – I don’t know – I haven’t ever seen a weekly spread like this – that isn’t Monday through Sunday.

So this is kind of interesting. So here, if you’re really wanting something that’s Sunday through Saturday, this might be up your alley. So anyway, all of the weekly pages are the same, and I think that would probably be it okay and then at the back. There is also the same review questions and this is a yearly, so it’s got the word year in it versus the last six months and then it has all these notes pages as well, so bunch of notes, pages and then yeah.

This has a bunch of dot grid pages as well. Okay, so, let’s see are there any stickers in this one? You know me guys. I, like my stickers, oh yeah, there is a little sheet of stickers, okay, cool and it’s the same sheet as the other one cool nice, and then I’ve got these guys. Let’s bring these out so this one, I’m not sure why, but this one has three little ribbons versus the other. One has two cool all right, and this has some of the same, like outer issues that I was talking about before, where clearly this has been sitting.

You know like this for a little while, and so it’s you know, kind of denting it just a little bit, but nothing that would like really bother me. Oh on the back. It still has the embossed lion planner right there, so yeah I mean I think. Overall, this is a really neat. I know a lot of people are probably wondering how the paper quality is, and I am going to do a little pen test right now. I’m actually going to do my pen test on the sixth month planner, but I’m going to do it and the very very back, not the last page, because the last page is very different than the other pages.

So I’m actually going to do it on one of these notes pages which I think will be good um, just right off the bat. The paper feels nice. It’s like pretty, I don’t know kind of silky feeling, but it’s not like really gritty. I don’t know how to like describe it, but we’re going to do a little pen test, so let me assume y’all in so we can take a peek together and actually mmm. I want to do it on the last page yeah.

I think I will do it on the last page. Here’s what I’m going to do. This is like the regular paper. This is not the regular paper. This is like cardstock, I’m going to do my pen test right here. So then we can like kind of flip back and forth and look at like shadowing and things like that. I am going to use my blue pens that I typically like to use for pen testing. I will leave links down below for all of the different pens that I am using here and I’m not going to use any just regular ballpoint pens, because those don’t bleed through typically.

But I am going to be using like some gel pens and markers and things like that. Let’s get you zoomed in a little bit more here we go alright, so first up is going to be my paper. Mate ink joy, gel pen in the O, 7, and next up is going to be the jelly roll. Oh eight in the blue. I also will have a Navy coming up as well. My favorite jelly roll is the Navy and it’s just I don’t know I just like the color of it a lot better, but it’s still the same in the O.

8. I don’t know, do you guys feel like that’s really satisfying? I don’t know. I feel like this is super-sized, I think, to write with next up. We have the Erin Condren dual tip markers, and I am going to be writing with the fine point first and then I’ll be writing with the medium point. My camera just stopped on me as I was writing, but yeah there we go. There’s that one and then next up is the papermate Flair, and this one is the lip pen, this one’s really satisfying, also to write with.

If you like, a really really really fine point and then I have a micron in an O 3, which I’ve said this before several times, I don’t really like this at all, but I do keep it because I have stuff to pen test all the time. So it’s nice to see if it like shadows and stuff, but I will still link it down below for you guys. I don’t know the way I write with it. I don’t like the way that my hand writes with the microns.

That’s just me and then last but not least, we have the pilot ultrafine point permanent marker, so those are all the pens I’m going to be a testing today. So let’s take a peek at the backside and see what y’all think every time I put it up like this everyone’s like, oh, I can see shadowing on everything. I think the real test is when you lay it down properly like this, because you know when it’s up you’re going to see light that I already have in my home going through this.

So when you lay it down like this and let’s actually zoom you all in not out, let’s go in here, we go okay. So what I’m? Seeing with my eye and not the viewfinder, is I’m seeing the Erin Condren one in the medium point, it’s kind of popping through, as I like, stopped letters and then the only other one that I see that would like bother me personally. Is this one here, which is the pilot ultrafine point permanent? To be honest, I probably would never write with this in a planner just on itself, but it’s not totally horrible.

So this paper is actually quite nice. I mean there’s little shadowing to the naked eye, but, to be honest I mean everything is going to shadow just a little bit, but you know if you’re getting like really specific, you do see it, but it’s not bad. So I think that this could work with. Basically, you know any of these, but I would say to just steer clear of using the air and contract Erin Condren dual tip in the medium.

It does kind of pop through a little bit and then that pilot ultrafine point. I’m kind of surprised that the micron didn’t pop through but hey to each their own right, that’s pretty cool alright, so that is it for the first impression of the lion planner the weekly edition in the 12 months and the daily edition in the six months. Again, I will leave links to everything down below if you are interested in checking them out.

If there’s a planner out there that you guys are interested in me doing a first impressions or pen testing or any of that on leave it down below. And let me know I would be very, very curious, but that’s it for me. I thank you guys so much for hanging out and I will see y’all in my next article bye guys well, folks is time to kick it old school