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How to Create & Setup Account in Mailchimp | Effective Email Marketing

If you don’t know how to get started, we’ll show you how to get started in this article rod here and welcome to Bern to learn. First, go to MailChimp, calm click, signup free fill in your email choose a username and password click on get started now. Check your email inbox for the link to activate account. Click on activate account, you’ll, be redirected back to MailChimp, confirm that you’re, not a robot and add your personal information.

Now, let’s describe your business and add an address: do you have a list of subscribers? Do you want to connect to social media carefully, fill out this information, since it will be very useful to your campaign later on, you can take a survey or skip it, but since the survey takes less than 60 seconds, I’m going to go ahead and fill it Out and there you are all ready to start with the next challenge.

Creating your template, which we’ll look at in the very next article part of the series. Is there a subject you’re interested in? Please tell us what you think in the comment section below thanks for reading also join the inner circle, our technical skills, learning accelerator, you


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Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner | #ECDeluxeMonthlyPlanner

Today we are going to be going through the new 2018-2019 deluxe monthly planner from Erin Condren, as well as I’m going to be sharing what I’m going to be using this particular planner for this year, as well as how I’m kind of setting stuff up. I haven’t set up anything specific just yet, but I’ve putting notes in here and all that good stuff. So I just want to show you how I’m going to use it.

I want to start out this article by saying thank you to the Erin Condren team. They so graciously. Let me pick out a planner to show you guys. So, let’s move it right along first off the woven wonder pattern. I am kind of obsessed with this pattern. I don’t think since I’ve been using your encounter, which has been a few years, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a pattern style for the year.

As I am about this one, I actually have the washi tape sitting right here. I’m going to think I’m going to have my accessories article up before this one. So if I have that article up already, I will link it up in a card for you guys, but I decided to go with a neutral cover. It just says: fde on it. This one I’m actually going to be using for all things a favorite daughter, Emily, as some of you know that read so my budgeting articles or have been a longtime subscriber.

I do actually have my own LLC that I run a bunch of things through. So this is going to be like this, so this also encompasses like my youtube and things like that, we’ll get into that in a little bit, but the cover choice I did was obviously the woven Wonder and I personalized it and I did the white personalization and I believe that this cover is in the light taupe, if I am not mistaken, so it’s just one of the removable covers and then, when you open it up, it says deluxe a monthly planner and you can put your info right there and I did get the Colorful version – and I like mine for the calendar year, I know some people really like different options.

There are other options on the website. I will link that down below just to let you know if it’s your first time ordering through erin condren, there is a special link for you to get $ 10 off of your first purchase. If you create a profile and sign up you’ll get a couple emails from erin condren, one of them will be a $ 10 off pun code. What’s really awesome, is you get the $ 10 off coupon code and then, when your item ships, I get a coupon code as well to host giveaways or buy product.

So I can show you guys, and you know things like that, so you open up the first page and it’s the woven wonder pattern and it says you have everything inside you to be and do anything you want and then it has a little tab. That’s 2018. 2019 and then it’s got 2,000 or like July 2018 through December of 2019. I believe you can get the pad or the patterns. I’m sorry. I believe that you can get these planners in that version so July, 818 through December of nineteen.

These are great for tracking things or, if you have certain expenses or, however you’re going to set up your planner. This is really a great thing and then the next page is the twelve boxes all in different colors. I think the kind of idea from this originally was every month you can kind of have a goal or something like that, but you can really use it for anything. But, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever really utilized this ever in any kind of a planner, but I do like the flexibility that it’s just a blank box and you can really use it for whatever you’d like and then getting in to the planner.

I am so excited about this planner you guys there are so many different changes that I absolutely love. First of off, being the tabs there’s tabs. Finally, I’m so excited about that the incorporation of the tabs, I think, is awesome. It’s so much good. I think I feel like it’s going to be like so much easier for me to use and utilize just because of these little tabs, which you wouldn’t think it, but clearly you could put on your own tabs.

They did release Erin Condren released adhesive tabs a while ago, it’s on their website and the link is down below. I think they saw everybody doing this to their planners and they were like hold on. We need to do that too. So anyway. Also, a great thing is some of the sheets have changed, so I’m excited about that. So, let’s get into January here – and here, like I said, I’ve already kind of laid out a few different things, so I’ve just put in some birthdays there’s my birthday, my brother’s birthday and then Doyle is on the 19th.

I really like that they have incorporated like they did in the new life planner the next month. I really really like that. My life planner article, will be up after this one. Just to let you know, I did finally get it in the mail I held off for a little while I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but that article will be coming up very soon so feel free to subscribe and hit the bell notifications, because that article should Be up fairly soon after this, so this is very similar to the life planner just the way it’s set up, and this is what I’m most excited about blank pages in the past.

They had had that productivity page on the right hand, side and then over here was like five kind of rectangular boxes that I never knew what to do with. I used to use this for my budgeting. I will probably still use one for my budgeting as well, but this is not what this specific planner is going to be for this year, but I would always get comments of like. I do my budget on this page, which was like that productivity page and I would never use this side and people would comment all the time.

Well, what do you use for the left-hand side? What are you use for the left-hand side and I’m like honestly? I don’t use it for nothing, because it’s too for me personally, it was too regimented that I just couldn’t do anything with it. I probably still do my budgets I’m going to get a I’ll. Probably just get a different planner, but I will use the same style of planner but just a little bit of a differential.

But I will probably still do my budgets on this side because I’m right-handed – and I you know the coil and all that for the month that we’re in so like this would be for January. And I don’t know what I’ll use on the left-hand side. But maybe I’ll do some like goal-setting or I don’t know, there’s just other things you can do. Also you get more notes pages, so you get an extra sheet of pages and I just absolutely love that I think that’s amazing and really makes the planner versatile.

So you can just like make a list. Maybe there’s some like home things you want to do or I’ve seen people use these for, like fitness, trackers or if they’ve, like hat, you know, just had a baby and has a newborn. Sometimes they want to put in, like all the doctor’s appointments and feeding schedules and like weight tracking – and you know like things like that, there’s so many different options, which I absolutely love.

So there’s an extra note pages this year, where that used to be just like this, where you’d have one page, one page and then the next month. So now you get two extra pages which I’m super pumped about, so then we’re into February. So it’s got like the February page because it’s like a pink up here and it’s the same way all the way around so yeah, and then I put a few things in here: vlog you arey, I’m not sure I’m going to do that or not it’s.

Whether there’s a little question mark and then I’m usually in January or February, we have a Minnesota planner addicts paid for event, but I’m not sure if that is going to be happening in February or when it’s happening. That’s why I just kind of like put it over here but yeah. So all of the months are exactly the same, and then it’s got your March for the next month down at the bottom, which I love and then let’s go into the notes pages or actually at the end of December.

I’m sorry, let’s go to the end of December and then we’ll chat a little bit more here. Alright, so here is the notes pages tab, and this is looking forward to 2020. I do really like that this is in here. I love the little checklist, I’m like a fan of those and then in the coming year and then in the coming here is here and it’s just got everything in there. So when you get those invitations to weddings or you have trips or you have upcoming things in your business or maybe you have goals for 2020 or I don’t know if you have something in there, it’s nice to just kind of take this page and then, when You get your planner for next year or the year next, then you can kind of just swap out and put those things in there.

I want to show you guys what I’m doing with my notes pages and I elected to get the maximum amount of notes pages. There’s quite a few, I will kind of lift this up, so you guys can see. It’s super super thick where before there was only like, I don’t know 20 or 30 notes pages, there’s like ah gone now, but there is an additional fee. If you want to get those – and I decided to go for it – because I knew what I was going to use this for – and I wanted to show you guys – the first page is going to be for income.

I haven’t set up anything yet and I probably will end up doing this in a separate article if you guys are interested because this doesn’t start until January anyways and we are still in July very end of July. This might be up in August, but I’m hoping to get it up in July. I don’t feel the need to like set it up right, the second, so let me know if you guys are interested in seeing like how I’m actually going to set my notes pages in here.

So my work income is going to be on my first sheet. So I get a few different things through the favorite daughter, Emily company as revenue streams. So the first one is YouTube, so I’m going to do YouTube and this will be just like tracking monthly income levels and things like that, so I have YouTube. I’ve also got Amazon, ShareASale Etsy contracts, and then I left a couple of other pages as well, and then I can also use the back side of here too, because I was kind of like ooh.

What if I like, expand and do something different or whatever, but I can always use the back side cuz really. I just need like twelve lines. To be completely honest, so I just looked a couple of extra pages and then this is my Etsy PR donations. The value of the item and also my shipping fees – I just really need to track that for 2019 for tax reasons. So when planner groups come to me and ask me for donations from my Etsy shop and I’m able to fulfill those donations, I just need to track that so that’ll be pretty easy, I’m only electing two pages for this front and back and then also Etsy expenses.

So there’s lots of different expenses that you incur by running an Etsy shop and business. So I have a ton of notes pages for this, but you know transactions from stores or Amazon or shipping fees or like any of that stuff. Just I want to put into here this is going to be at the only, but I am going to go over some of the other stuff in just a moment. This one is YouTube. Expensive, YouTube and Etsy are two different animals, yet they run through the same LLC.

If that makes sense. For me, I elected for twelve pages because I am going to be putting in all of my either monthly bills or doing tracking as to like how much I’m spending throughout the month and all that stuff too. So I have one page front and back that I can utilize for that. Also the things that I can run through my business legally. I’ve already talked to my tax professional. Do not take any tax advice from me, please.

I am NOT a tax professional talk to your tax professional. If you would like to run things through your business, if you have one so anyways what I can do, the way that my business is set up is, I can take my Wi-Fi, my health insurance health expenses and also my cell phone, and take that out of My normal budget – and I can run that through my business, so I can actually pay those bills in full through the business.

Also, clearly, I’m going to put anything that I need for like article equipment products, you know gear camera stuff anything I need for favorite daughter. Emily YouTube is going to be on here, as well as any taxes and fees and like all that kind of stuff is going to be in here, so I’ve got 12 pages set up for this, and then I’ve got a few pages set aside for mileage. I do try to track my mileage, it’s so hard, but I do try to track it.

I set aside four pages for that and I’m just going to do like a running tally of like January and then like when January stops like make a line, and then, like February and whatever you know, I do have to travel sometimes to go to events or Go pick up things and there’s other little things included in that. So I like to get that tracked. So, let’s move that a little bit and then event expenses, so my fees, food, while I’m there etc anything else that I’m you know spending while there.

So I did a couple of sheets for this. I did four sheets for myself but, like I said I go to, I don’t know if I said this, but there’s two paid for events for the Minnesota planner addicts every year that I do attend and have attended since they started doing these paid for events. So I will put that in there, as well as the unpaid for events as well. I can track my mileage and things like that when I go there so I’ll put that in my other mileage tab but yeah.

So I just like to put that in there and I’m not sure if I’ll be going to any other events this year, but we’ll stay posted speaking of other planner events. I am planning to go to go wild this year, so I am going to be setting up my budget and then my actual spending on this page. I know that it’s going to be in Las Vegas. I put may question mark the last. I think there’s been three go: wilds I’ve only gotten to the last one in Austin Texas, so I missed out on the first two but they’ve always I think they’ve always had them like the first weekend in May, but the dates have not been released yet so This will be kind of my planning page for my budget and then we’ll put in my actual on this page as well, and I have one page elected for this front and back and then also there is a another planner event that I would love to go To next year it’s called plan camp, so I’m going to be doing a budget and an actual for this as well, and then the dates have already been released, but there’s no location.

Yet it’s going to be June 28th through the July 1st. If you guys are interested in plan camp check out on Instagram plan, camp and you’ll find it and I’m sure they’ll be releasing more information from there. The Gaels from design pandemonium, I believe, are like the heads of this planner event and I do know both of them in real life. They are part of the Minnesota planner people, so I’m assuming I don’t know this for sure, but I’m assuming that the location will be closer to me because I’m in Minnesota I’m not sure if it’s going to be in Minnesota or not, but the last one.

I believe was I was on my cruise during the last one, or else I would have tried to attend the that one. That’s going to be it for this one, and then I did leave a couple of extra pages in case there’s any other planner events that I’d like to go to or get invited to. So that’s that and then also I have a tab, and this is going to be the last tab so far article ideas and requests. So a lot of you give me some great ideas.

Also, I get inspiration from everywhere else too. I think I said this in another article that I don’t really enjoy reading too many planner people on YouTube, because I feel like I just kind of regurgitate the articles that I like. So if I see something from a friend on the Internet, I feel like it’s like. Oh, I want to do that article too, but am I copying them, I’m not sure. So, to be honest, I maybe I’m subscribed to like three or four planning people and that’s it.

I know there’s a ton of them out there, but I try to limit myself just because I just don’t want to seem inauthentic. So if you guys ever have any specific article requests, let me know this is where I’m going to keep my running tally and we’ll just go from there. So I’m really excited about that. I got ton of pages for this so, like I said before, I got the maximum amount of pages that you can get and there is a fee for that.

But I think it’s well worth it. If you’re going to be using this for tracking lots of different things like I am also in the are some sticker pages, which I love, so these little sticker guys are so incredibly cute. I love the little asterisks, so there are two of these and then we have our pocket folder just like in all of the planners, and then you got the big pocket in the front. I got the little one in the back.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever used the little one, but I do love the big one for like invitations or things like that, and then the very back side. You’ve got this kind of blank back cover where you can use your like white erase or your you know eraser. What is that thing called what erase that’s what it’s called your? What erase markers to write down little notes and things like that and then the back cover it looks exactly the same so and then obviously this has the little.

You know page right here too alright, so that is going to be it for my walkthrough of the deluxe monthly planner for 2018-2019. Like I said before, links are below, if you guys want to check this out for yourself, I’m so excited about the improvements and changes that they made this year. Oh, I should also say the paper quality is exactly the same as last year, so I will not be conducting a pen test.

However, if you guys are interested, I will put up in a card somewhere my walkthrough of the deluxe monthly planner from last year, because that’s when the paper changed and it’s a little bit thicker in years past. So I really really like this paper. I’m excited that they stayed. I believe it’s a brand called Mohawk paper, I’m really glad that they stayed with that brand and it’s very very nice, a very thick and very easy to write on as well.

So that’s going to be it for me today. Thank you guys so much for joining me again. If you have any questions, feel free to post them down below. Also, if you have any article ideas for 2019, let me know suggestions. I always love suggestions down below or who knows, I might do it this year too. You never know also, if you guys decide to get a deluxe monthly planner. Let me know in the comments what you guys are going to be using it for, like I said before, I’m going to head use one for a budget and then this one’s going to be for my youtube tracking and all of my other etsy stuff and all The stuff that’s runs through my business, but let me know other great ideas of how you would use this in your daily life if you had one.

So thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today and I will see y’all in the next article. Bye guys well, folks, is time to kick it old-school.


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Live Production: In depth look at hardware & software of ATEM Mini & Pocket Cameras

In my studio and I interview them live so then in that case I only use the ATM mini just to be able to switch between the cameras, but but otherwise all the idea of stuff was actually done on a completely separate device. So right now everything is actually being done here through the ATM mini, including the audio. So I have my rode ntg-2 and it’s being fed through my camera. In this case, is the Blackmagic Ursa mini Pro, and the idea basically goes through like camera, including you know, and then the audio, including the the the article, obviously goes here to my ATM mini, which in this case it’s on blog 3 you’ll notice.

Here I have the the you know, the blog three or number three years as a red, which means that I’m basically right now showing this this defeat now here also, you guys will notice. I have a sort of my other two devices that are music, so in this case I’m using the ninja Inferno from Atomos and that’s simply you know you could use any monitor if you wanted to – or you don’t even need a monitor. But in this case I’m using this monitor because it’s kind of nice for me when I’m talking to my main camera, I can just click the glance and make sure that you know I’m actually looking at the right camera, for example, because I can see whatever eighth And Minnie is outputting in and I can see it here, so I can see what angle I’m in like, for example, of our you know, switch someone well, some of these go stand again.

I can see that let’s see right now with some close-up of there of my eight and mini here, plus I’m actually using the an inferno to record onto this. Basically all my whole article output. So whatever I’m doing during my live streaming setup, I’m using this Ashley to record it and that’s kind of like that, I would say the biggest difference between the 18 million and the latest, one that came out, which is the ATM mini Pro 8 and mini Pro.

I mean there’s a few other differences, but the biggest one is that it allows you to record directly to like a USB Drive with the 80 mini. You can’t the rock directly record within it, but you have to HDMI out so you can plug it into an external recorder like you know whether it’s a black magic article system. This case I’m using the atomos inferno and you can record there now the laptop kind of comes in handy when you want to do sort of some of the other advanced features, or you know a lot of other little settings you wan na.

Just that you can’t really do directly on the ATM mini, simply because there’s just not enough space for all the buttons. So in here you have just a lot more control, and so, if let me kind of just show you quickly sort of the layout, so you comes with the software. Well, you go you’re going to install the software when you get to 8 and Minnie and Satyam’s software control. It also comes with the ATM setup and in this case you basically would you click in here.

You have your IP address things like that. You can change. You have your you’re, basically panel preferences, so you have switching mode, you can have it to program preview or cat pass and program. Preview. Basically, just means that when you press on the button one of the buttons, it doesn’t directly switch, it’s kind of just arms and I arm is basically one of the cameras on one of the article feeds and then only once you press, cut or ro water would Be for your transition, then it would cut to it in the i/o usually use the cut path, simply because I’m give the operating in myself.

So I don’t wan na have to press once and then fumble and look for something else. So I just kind of have my fingers here on these four buttons for the four different article inputs and I can just switch the. Could you switch between all of them by just you know, tapping it right. So I just I don’t have to basically do this and then do that now. If I wanted to, I can also do it with transitions, because I can just put my auto here button and now, when I click you’ll notice, it does the the transitions nicely.

So, in this case, it’s set up just to do a fade. Some of the other things you can do up here is like I said you have fade to black, meaning just cuts to black. You also have for the actual transitions. You can change the duration of it right now. It’s half a second. You can do one second, for example, or you can do, let’s see two seconds so you’re going to be very slow, dissolve from one angle, to the other, and and again you can do all that stuff and actually a lot more in the eighth and mini software.

Basically, so it gives you basically more control over all those things here we have some of the other effects that you can do again. I’ll show you more once we’re in the eighth and menu, because I just prefer to do these things there. You have a key because you can actually do a chroma key like if I had a green screen set up behind me. You can in real time basically key it out and you can put whatever article or still photo image as a background behind you.

You also have a picture basically picture-in-picture effect. What that does is, if I click on it, you’ll notice, right now. I have it set up to my camera, one which is a close-up of you, know this camera here over my shoulder and then here. If I switch here – and I again turn on the picture of the picture – and in this case again you can see – I have my other angle but overlaid now over the part where I’m talking so in case you have another angle, you can do that and and Again, this is all fully customizable, but to adjust for some for, like the size of it exact position or stuff.

You would have to do that in the ATM mini, because, if I were to switch now, if I were to press any of these buttons right now, like basically here on the on the actual keyboard, the only difference really is that, like, if you look at it, I have these four buttons and I can I can do picture-in-picture, but the second I press and DC will just default, it’s basically to its standard setting or its standard size and and the location of of the picture-in-picture.

So right now I usually like to have it a bit bigger like you guys, can see right now, but I mean maybe switch to another angle and now, let’s say I press here, let’s say to be on the bottom left corner you’ll notice. Now it gets much smaller, and so it just doesn’t look as good. I don’t think it’s as visible, but you know I can switch to the bottom right corner bottom, the top right and left – and that’s pretty much all you have up here.

So, that’s why I find that a lot of these things I prefer to do in the 8m mini software and some of the other things do you have up here. You have a still image that you can cut to so in this case I actually have a lower thirds graphic, so it doesn’t make sense for me to cut there so I’ll show you guys that in a bit you have a black. Basically, we just want to cut to black, for whatever reason you can do that, and then you have here buttons.

Basically, for you know, I said the four different article inputs and in this case I only have three cameras, and then you also have above it is basically the audio follows article buttons I meaning. If you want to use the audio from one of these cameras, you would click that and it would always basically, whenever you switch to that article source, it would use the audio from that camera. Whatever camera is, are you using you can have you know we set button for resetting all the settings and you have little arrows up and down so you can adjust the volume on each of these.

Basically thing article input, so these buttons here above each of these article inputs are basically just for the audio and then this here for our for the two mic inputs that you can do so. The 18 million has a three-and-a-half millimeter input, jacks that you can input. Let’s say a lav microphone or something like that, and then you can also adjust the volume of it and then turn it on and off pretty straightforward other than that.

You have four HDMI inputs here on the back of the ATM mini and then you have one HDMI output which in this case again like I said it goes to my atomos here and Ferno or ninja, and for now to record it. And then you have a USBC cable and that’s for sending the the live-streaming or basically the article signal out and so that’s plugged into my laptop so that I can now stream this. You know whether, basically I can connect to YouTube or Facebook, and I can just directly stream it there or usually the way I do it is.

I actually have it here, basically, switching here to my camera or actually my keys. I usually end up using the OBS software because I prefer it and I can do some other cool things with it. So when I’m streaming, I kind of use that and then through that software, I send out my article signal and then the the one more thing they have appears. You have a Ethernet connection here on the back, which is again kind of allows you to do a loop.

It’s pretty much the same thing as a USB see allows you to do and and that’s pretty much it there’s nothing else there so like. I said it’s a cool little device state and mini because it’s so small light easy to travel with, and you can use it to do some really cool stuffs but, like I said, you’re, probably always going to have it paired with at least a laptop. But if you want to have, I think that even better kind of you know capability, I would say, get an external monitor, slash recorder, so that you can actually record your whole output.

So, let’s see if you’re a live streaming and you’re, you know you lose your internet connection. For whatever reason and and something happens, you you’re at least always recording your whole session. That you’re doing is that worst case scenario you can later on upload it to YouTube or whatever it is so people can still see that how the whole life stream want anyways here now going back to software so and the Athan mini setup.

That’s like a little software that lets you kind of change, some of the settings for me when it comes to the like the basic things, which is to switch camera angles. I usually do that by switching there. You know basically pressing the buttons, because it’s easy for me to do whether I’m doing your podcast with somebody you’re doing a article like this. I can very easily except cut to my hands now have to here my main camera, and then you know cut to my little side angle that I have so it’s easy for me to do that.

Just by you know, the kind of I can just have my fingers on there and I can remember where everything is now. If you want to do some of the advanced things, then that’s when the a-10 mini software is really going to come in handy. So, for example, what can you do here? Well, we obviously you switched the different views, so you have again your for a different article input, so you’ll notice right now, I’m on one article input 3.

So it says here, camera 3. If I go to switch to camera 1 you’ll see what it does does their it’s, which is there now you’ll notice that this thing also moves. That’s because I have my transition now turned on so you’ll notice here, there’s a transition style, so I can do a mix and I can actually, if it’s on poor I can are me now like. I can go to preview and let’s say I want to go from camera one to camera.

Let’s say to or came out it’s a 3, which is my my view, kind of my or actually yeah. Let’s go to my side camera here now. What I can do is, since I have a mix bit, which is basically a like a dissolve. If I slide this slider you’ll notice what’s happening here, is it’s basically kind of like right now right in the middle of I leave it, then it’s kind of 50 % showing them. You know camera 1 and 50 % showing camera 2 or like in C up here, but I can just we manually literally pull this and do like a like a dissolve.

So that’s pretty kind of cool. I think that you have you, have that kind of control and then, like I said I can keep on going back and forth and I can even you know, play around with it. Then I’m not DJ with it. So that’s one one of the cool things that you can do with this, that you can’t do directly on the 8 and mini you can do dip. For example, you can change the transition style, so you have mix which is like I dissolve dip is, if I were to ear right now, do Auto button you’ll notice, it kind of dips to a color right.

So in this case it’s a white color and then, for example, I can go and change it to the tail wipe. So again, if I click on it, you’ll see. Does this wipe transition and then I can also do hero. Is this dve? I forgot exactly what that stands for, but basically, as you can see, kind of slides in the other article source. Now you can change these settings. Like example, for the dip you can change the color of the light right or or that salt color.

You can change the drink, the white, what kind of a wipe it does like? You can change all these things by going further and here and adjusting all these settings. If here I’m just kind of quickly going back, preview is like, I said, just your arming sort of your next blog there you’re going to be your article, just basically signal you’re going to be cutting to or dissolving to. You also have the black right that you can, you can switch to.

You, have a dump also at the color one and two, which are the basically solid colors that you can put in here into the ATM software, and then you have also your media player one. So you can have one media player and I’ll explain kind of how that works in a second then here you also have your kind of a it’s called know as the next transition, and you can have basically different things, so you can have example.

Like your background, you can do your key in chroma keying, all that stuff. You know this if I click on right now, the arrow and it says now it’s on air and there was a transition here. That said, it’s one, second! Well, basically, what I did is now, if I switch even to my angle here and by the way right now, I, instead of cutting, I did to add on the transition, but I’m I’m I basically put you know I put it in there to the dve transition.

So because of that did that cheesy slight but anyways right now, you’ll notice, I can switched my different angles and I have my lower third graphic in there and now again by clicking here the arrow. I can basically dissolve that out and everything it takes about. A second for it to do because it’s here’s the the set in the duration, so you can adjust this, make it faster or slower. If I wanted to, I can just simply cut and actually like just make it.

You know basically to make that lower third graphic up here like this and disappear, but just by turning it on and off and Ty just simply means that you can tie it to one of the angles. Basically, one of your camera program outputs. Now, how can you change, for example, these graphics, so let’s say I’ll switch right now and you’ll notice. Here again, I have my little lower third graphic. Well, you can actually change that by going into the media, so in the media you can actually change the different graphics.

So you can see right now my media player and you can only have one media player. That’s why, if isn’t, but you get some of the more professional eight and many switchers from Blackmagic, then you’ll be able to have more of these things and you can load them. But with this one you were limited to only one, so you can resentful lower than one, but you can have a whole bunch of other ones, sort of ready.

So, let’s see, if I don’t want to have this or let’s see if you have like a guest and – and you want to have like a graphic prepared for your guests right so their name and their whatever website, and things like that. You can have all of these prepared. You can load in up to 20 into the 8 and mini basically software control, and then I can just grab it here. Quickly, drag it and you’ll notice. Now my lower third graphic automatically updated time.

Our free support can be. You know, like a graphic that covers the whole screen like in this case this one you see, and so that’s how you can easily kind of drag and drop it and change it now. Usually you’re not going to be just kind of switching them life like that you’re going to go again, turn it off right. So, for example it in this case I have it to dissolve out and then you can go quickly. You know, or or let’s see, if you have somebody actually operating this wall – let’s see a live stream is going on.

You could have another person doing this and then they can basically switch quickly out the graphic go back here to the switcher and then click Auto, and then you basically now nicely fade into your other graphic that you want to fade in and out. So that’s basically how this works going back to the transition styles. Here is also how you can also change the like. I said I can right now arm, let’s say camera one when I go: click auto you’ll notice.

It changes to that right. Now it’s sent to the dve so I’ll change it to just dissolve second dissolve and then in here I can change the speed of it. So, like I said on the ATM mini, you have presets for half a second one, second two seconds and when I click that you’ll notice, it changes here too. So right you know one and a half seconds once they can have a second, but you can also manually go in here and you can put whatever number you want.

So you can, you know, kind of further again adjust it. You have more control than you. You you ever have like directly on the 8 and mini, and that’s basically how this whole page works right. Now, here’s some of these other kind of settings. I have palettes, so you have your color generator. So those are the things that basically like, like. I said you can cut here to your four different camera input or you can cut to fit some poor black.

Just a black screen. You can cut actually to color bars and then you can also cut to your media player, one, which is your graphic. So, let’s see, if I go to my media player one and then now quickly, let’s say I want to you know loading this little graphic I can go in here and I can press media player 1 and you’ll notice. That’s actually now outputting here on the basically on my main output or basically that that’s what I would be streaming right now and now I can again change those graphics by going to my media upper here, tab and just drag and dropping whatever.

You know graphic that I want, so that’s that’s one of the things that you can do and you can also switch by the way to the pictures right here. Basically, by if I go and I go to see if I cut here to this angle of the 8 – a mini and you’ll notice, here of example – I can go and I have a still – and I have the black buttons here. So still is basically the media player one that the grad of a graphic you you, you load him there, so they clicked that you’ll notice again it cuts cuts to that now.

I can also dissolve to that so, and I can do my transitions right. So this basically acts like another article source kind of GP. You can think of it in those terms and that’s basically what this is and the colors. I said you have color 1 and color 2. You can adjust those here, so you have color one color two and you can make it man whatever it is that you want to make it so you can adjust these and let’s say I make this kind of turquoise color, and so, if I wanted to, I Could cut to this now? Why would you want to do that? Well, sometimes I don’t know, maybe you’re going to have a lower third graphic displayed over this or or something else that’s up to you or maybe, let’s see if you’re doing a chroma key and then maybe you want to just have like a solid color to know Behind you, you can, you can use it for all kinds of things so that that’s up to you and then the same thing is, for example, if you go, if you want to do, for example, like some of the other transitions example, switching from mix to dip, Like I said you can dip into the different colors and you can actually change the color of those of the dip.

So, for example, if I go here to transitions so over here on my palettes and I go to dip you’ll notice that I can also adjust the rate at which is, this is happening that did and I can change the dip source. So I can basically say color one color two or I could even go and sheep a example dip to media player one. So now, if I go and do auto you’ll notice, it will switch to my my little graphic that I love and very quickly there.

So you that’s how you can kind of thing or let’s see if I wanted to dip to that turquoise colors and I would go a color too and then again I’ll go here and dip me see. That’s that’s the kind of stuff that you can do. If you go, for example, to wipe, see wipe, you also have the all the different settings for what kind of a wife you can do. As you can see, you can do all kinds of wipes so go, go, let’s say top and bottom that kind of stuff.

So now, if I say cut to camera one you’ll notice here, I can do that little wipe like that from top and bottom there you can see. I can reverse it. So now it’s going the other direction. I can also again change the duration of it. So that’s very easy, so I’ll change it to two seconds, so you can see Goods going slowly now. I can also go if I want to – and in this case I’m going to go – maybe you’re the softness.

So I can change the softness. Alright, you could see it’s kind of a soft the border, but I can make it too. We set it to zero, and now it’s going to be this kind of a hard line right as its switching from one angle to the other, the width you can have like a border with so and then again you can choose the color. So let’s say I wanted to have that turquoise color, so color too, and then now, if I go and do my transition you’ll notice, it just has this kind of a color line there and I cannot even softened up too.

If I wanted to so you can do all kinds of things again. You can really sit in here and tweak a lot of these settings, but that’s basically what that does and then you know you can easily switch to another would see going from one corner to another, or you know doing this kind of what I would say kind Of more cheesy transitions, but if you wanted to whatever, for whatever reason you have this and then your DVD settings you can, as you can see, you can have it again going from different directions.

So let’s say I wanted to go. Let’s say again from top to bottom, so I’m going to go from my main camera here to close-up of the ATM mini. So if I do the switch you can see. Basically, it just slides that out like that right and you can again adjust the rate of it. You can change the like the direction of it here and like this, so you can play around with all these things. Now, some of the other cool things you can do is you can enable here the effects and in effects you can, for example, go to Mia player1 again as your fill source or you can be any of the other things with the one or the other cameras Or colors or the solid colors that you have, let’s see right now, I’m going to drag and drop my big sort of talentless films here, graphic.

If I use that and that’s basically saying that the fill source is going to give me media player one, the key the key for it is also media player. One and now, if I do this, you’ll notice what’s happening. So it’s kind of like that graphic goes by right. For me, it’s kind of a corny thing, but you could have like. Let’s see, I don’t know some kind of a graphic that you do and then it kind of dissolves one one shot to the other.

So you have that capability, you can even do up here with a DVD. You can switch from not just doing a let’s say a push from the corner or things like that, but you can actually go and also do let’s say a squeeze, don’t say: squeeze it to the left side. So you can do all of these things. Basically, using the hardware right but, like I said, to access all these settings, you still need a laptop. So just just keep that in mind, but that’s kind of worry word.

This software basically kind of again opens up all these possibilities that, but the ATM mini. Has you know kind of lets you let you adjust all these settings going to fine-tune? There’s a fine tune, this all so anyways right now, I’m going to switch the transition back to just a dissolve, which is something that I use myself mostly now. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go also the downstream key, so the downstream key here I can for some poor neighbor again, let’s say the media player one and things like that and that’s for the basically dead here downstream key one like I showed You so that’s you know like right now.

I have that big graphic, so if I enable it you’ll notice it just kind of going to sit there and cover my face so most likely. I would want to go and probably load in my lower thirds kind of thing there, bumper and then in here those how you can change it. So you can have that you can have a caller, but you can use, for example, ugly. You can use, but my let’s say turquoise color, but you know I can use a different key right.

Like let’s say if I were to use this graphic and you see it would basically take the shape because it would use the Alpha or the key from daya graphic right. So that’s how you can kind of play around with these things. So again, I’m going to you know: go is back to media player one and I’m going to use that as my lower thirds you can mask its meaning. You can kind of like see, cut off the top and the bottom and things like that.

So, let’s see the right side see, I can like cut it off. Let’s say I don’t want it to be like that, so those are all kinds of things that you can do. You can also that add a pre multiply key in this case. This would look bad, but in case you had a graphic that was like a basically over black and this in and here I was actually loading a PNG files which are just have a transparency built in. So you don’t need a pre multiplied key in there, but those are kind of things you can invert the key.

Obviously, all kinds of things like that that you can do and then the last thing you have here is to fade to black, which again you can pretty much only adjust the rate or the speed at which is it’s. You know the fade to black is going to happen. So that’s basically what you have here in your palettes, the upstream key by the way is for your your chroma, like so, for example, you’re going to be doing chroma and you’re going to have let’s say like a like a blue or green green screen behind you.

That’s where you’re going to go in there and adjust these settings. I can’t show them to you right now, because I don’t have a green screen with me, but it’s pretty straightforward. So you pick your color, you some porn all that stuff and then you adjust it and it does a pretty good job for busy creating a real-time mask. So you can adjust together the the mask, the keys, all that kind of stuff. You can again further adjusted in there.

You can adjust you luma key. So let’s say if you wanted to, I don’t know key out like some of these really bright areas or the dark areas. Maybe in my shot you could do that too. So you can in that, do it and those kinds of things and then you have other also things you can do like patterns and stuff. So you know, there’s all kinds of here things that you can use, but I’m going to let that leave that, for you guys to play around cuz.

I guess there’s a lot of settings going back to media player, which is basically to just tap all these settings right that you had so in the media player, you can again change the different graphics right that you have so you can also in here quickly change Them now, the thing that you have to be aware of is that, with a ten minute, you cannot load in actual article. Let’s give files for your media player, it can only be still images, JPEGs PNG, those kind of files.

If you had some of the other eight many that have basically bigger you, know more professional features and they have more memory, then you could actually load in article files and then you could even basically trigger to trigger those. So, let’s see if you wanted to have a background, but there’s not a still background behind you, but I kept moving article. You can do that now. You can also do that with data mini.

If you actually got one of the Blackmagic hypertech’s. If you did that, then you will have the options here and you will actually see it, but right now, as you can see, it says it’s and there’s no Hypertech detected, but that’s where you have these these features and then that would act actually as your as Basically, another media player, so you would have more than one media player and then those could actually be again stole graphics or article that plays or loops over and over, and you can control that then using up here again I don’t have the hypertext, so I don’t Have that functionality and by the way, that’s also how you could enable to have for some poll like, let’s see an animated, lower thirds graphic right, because right now, I can only have these little bumpers in there, but they’re still images so by attaching a Hypertech and Then loading in, let’s see a little article, clip that’s looped with an alpha in it.

You could then put that over your article and it would be you know, actually moving in all that stuff. So anyways, that’s that’s one of the other things that you’ll be able to do. If you get the Hypertech and then when you have when you go to output here, you can do the thing you have the different options which are as you’ll notice. This one is, is basically not enabled, because you would have to example, install the Blackmagic Design desktop article.

Then you can actually record that or if you got the Blackmagic 18 Mini Pro the new one that has the recording capability than in here and the output. You would actually have a recording tab, you’re going to actually go in there. You could, you know, adjust your recording settings all that stuff and you could trigger the recording on and after and now another thing you’ll notice here is, for example, you have this thing called capture still.

What is this? Well, that’s actually, for you can capture, let’s see something that’s happening here, and we know that basically, that’s what you’re happening right there going as a article source 3 or a 10 mini. So, let’s see in this case, when I look at the camera, I’m going to give a big cheesy smile and I’m going to click their capture still now, when I go to my media you’ll notice in my ear capture, basically six or my you know my fourth.

Basically, your window, that’s what I have there. So if I put this now, I can be, for example, now talking, but I can always cut to a still, which is just going to be that still of me smiling as you cannotice. So so those are the kind of things that you can do so again. That’s that’s how we and one of the ways of loading kind of these extra images in there and that’s by by going to the output and capturing one of the stills and then time code generator.

That’s actually was something really cool that is enabled with the latest kind of the firmware, with a TM mini and also, if you upgrade your Blackmagic cameras now this camera I’m using as day or so many pearls, so that doesn’t work to with it bad. It’s simply because I you know this doesn’t accept USB and SD a connections. I actually have an adapter that changes the SDI out to HDMI, but if you have like in here, I have two of the Blackmagic pocket cameras.

I have a 6k and the 4k camera they’re connecting via the HDMI, so they’re, sending the HDMI signal to date and mini well, at the same time to eight in many sense, basic article signal back to the camera. So I can actually is a get the timecode gem both of these cameras, so they are servos. Let’s just shooting on these two Blackmagic pocket cameras. I could actually have identical timecode on both of them.

That’s perfectly synced and that’s really cool, because then I can be recording on both cameras and – and you know, let’s say doing my life switching here or just maybe just recording on them and then later on. I can then in my editing, software go in there and I can tweak it and I can basically, you know, do my edit all over again and I’ll. Actually, you know, let’s see, load in my RAW files, but I can also sync those two or three or four cameras, depending how many you have connected perfectly because again, they’re they’re all jammed to the same time code.

So that’s a really cool feature of the fact that it’s that time code generator is built in and now I said the next year page is the media page, which I kind of showed you guys you load in your graphics, and you can hear how do your Page, so this is where you’re going to be doing all of your kind of audio settings, so in here you’ll notice that I have again three cameras. So my a camera is there so many Pro and actually no.

This is a packet for key camera, and this is just a audio. That’s basically coming off of the camera, so it’s never a good idea, but if I wanted to, I could enable it so turn that on so I’m going to turn that audio and turn off here. My audio. Thank you for me. The good camera probably sound like a 6 K and again, probably or in this case, I’m going to enable the idea from my Ursa mini Pro, because it has that you know XLR microphone here connected.

But that’s how you can kind of do this and again I showed you before you can also do that here by switching their their. You know, turning on and off to different audio inputs now gifts would you can also adjust the volume. So let’s say right now: my camera 3 I’m going to be adjusting. Let’s say I want to adjust my the volume up here, so you can see right now. It’s set of 0 DB, but I can go up and I can do that by clicking here or I can go down by again by clicking it on the ATM mini.

And if you want to have really fine-tune kind of control, then you can do it by doing this slider here I can adjust the idea basically levels of up here. Oh yeah, you got, for example, you can do your panning and left and right, so you can go from one blog to the thing right now. You see that it’s, even though it’s one microphone. Obviously, it’s outputting to both left and right blogs, but just the left blog right now or the right blog, and this is basically how it sounds.

So I can do that all that painting all that kind of stuff. I can also go here. Actually, that’s actually some kind of something really cool you can you have like these things? There are also built in into the DaVinci Resolve article editing software, but you can enable up here, like I’d, see different bands and you can adjust. You know the EQ, you know and again it will do all these things and it will process your audio in real time.

You cannot be now load in here so right now actually, and we turn this off, you can load input dynamics. You can have a compressor, and things like that again, I’m not going to be playing around with this right now, because this is basically the same stuff that you would do in a day that makes you resolve so pretty much all the same settings, but the cool Thing is they can do it here in real time, while you’re streaming, you can adjust all of that and adjust all your different audios settings, and then obviously you have your main here here.

Basically, the volume and other stuff for the input, so those are kind of cool things, and I also like it because it’s like, I said it’s like an advanced kind of a thing you you can adjust a headphone level like all kinds of stuff like this, which In this case, you see it’s grayed out why? Because the 8m mini doesn’t have headphone output, so in my case, for example, I would be listening to my headphone out out of my monitor here, because that one does have the headphone out.

So if you wanted to monitor audio, you could do it that way and then the last tab here, which is really cool and again. This is something that now is enabled with because of the the latest update for the ATM mini, but also for the pocket. Cameras is that you can now control these cameras. So let’s say if I were to switch to, let’s see this camera. Is you notice right now it’s less. He focused on this, but if I wanted to and then you’ll notice that when I switch there, it actually shows me even like which camera do now, I’m in camera 2 going back to camera 1.

It shows me which camera that I’m on you know at that. Given moment – and it here gives me four different for the functionality so here on, the bottom is your focus control, so I could try some for even like. Let’s see if I wanted to focus on my hand, I can whatever is going to be in the center. If I click this, as you get out of focus, you know it’s going to do that really bad job of focusing. But if you let’s see if this camera was not life and somebody was operating, they could click that just to make sure that the camera is going to be in focus before you switch right.

But let’s see right now, it’s you know, focus here on my hand, but let’s say I want to focus back to the ATM mini here, so I can do that by actually rocking this thing. So I can pull the focus as you can see, and it’s very accurate. Actually, I can go as you can see here. Back to my hand, the focus and here back to the ATM, mini or Gow, maybe even here to the keyboards and then back to the ATM mini, and I’m doing this just by sliding here, the focusing you can also adjust here.

You can adjust your hair iris and see I’m stepping it down. You can also adjust your zoom if that sound University work. If you had a lens that has a power zoom. In this case I don’t have one, but if you had that, then you can zoom in and out. So it’s really cool because again, whoever is doing your live article. Switching and all that stuff can also control your cameras. At the same time, all for example, you can also have one person, let’s say doing a article switching while another person can operate all the different cameras just using the ATM software here.

So it’s really cool. Now, aside from doing obviously they’re like adjusting the exposure, you have here your DB, so that’s basically going to be your your your eyes. So basically, so you can adjust your eyes so so you can make it a lot brighter and all that stuff. So I can switch here, you’ll notice, that it’s going brighter darker here. If I go back down so I can adjust that I can adjust here my shutter speed or shutter yeah and this case started speed.

I don’t know why they didn’t do it shutter angle, because I prefer that one anyway shot her speech. I can adjust it all right. Now I’m going to go to one sixtieth and and then you can gently adjust your your temperature, you Calvin, but another thing you can do is you can actually adjust here if you pull this to just adjust your your iris and then your your here overall here Gamma, so I can kind of make it washed out a lot of stuff in this case I want to here I’m going to reset this we set out and then here you can adjust your overall color.

So, let’s see if I want to take that article source make it kind of bluish or at a green tint or whatever. I can do that just by moving this wheel and again I know I know what you’re thinking looks horrible, but again probably you wouldn’t be doing it’s. These crazy adjustments you’re going to go in there kind of tweak. Let’s see if you have different cameras and they also look slightly different, maybe or because of the lighting or something you can kind of match them just so easily using these tools, the cool thing is that you can also expand it.

So then, it kind of hides the other things and you all have here basically then more advanced controls, which is which these are basically controls that you would have again and DiMucci resolve. So I can adjust like if I wanted to do. I don’t know about teal and orange. Let’s see, look, I can quickly add a little bit of this kind of a teal kind of blue in the shadows, a little bit there in the gamma, which is the mid-tones.

Let’s say like that: an and the gain a de leave and a little bit of this yellow look and I’d say you know I like this kind of a look right I created and you can adjust the contrast, and you know things like that, the the hue, I can adjust it what else you know saturation, all that stuff, so I’d say want to make it very saturated. Oh maybe, let’s see like slightly less saturate, it see somewhere there.

So you can adjust all these things and now what you can do also is you can go in here. You can go copy and I can go now. Let’s say to one of my other camera. So let’s say I switch to this camera here to the side, which is the pocket 6k well you’ll notice, that if I go back to this angle you know the colors completely don’t match. But let’s say I like the color grid that I did there so now I can go and apply actually that same color grid from the other camera to here by again going here expanding this and I can go and paste and once I do that, you’ll notice That now my package 6k has the same.

Look as the packet 4k. So has that same kind of color treatment that I did with that one and then you know, if you wanted to, you, can still go in and tweak it further and all that stuff. So that’s the kind of cool thing and then again, even with the pocket six key. By the way I know some people were wondering online. Can you adjust the Canon lenses? It depends on the Canon lens right, obviously or the canon EF mount lens.

If you have a lens that that, let’s see doesn’t, have you know again, it doesn’t have power zoom but doesn’t have you know, let’s say out of focus capability, then you wouldn’t be able to adjust a lot of the things, but you can still adjust. For example, there the iris – I can open it up close it, you can resume the Calvin all that stuff and yes, you can also adjust the focus, so I can make you go in and out of focus so right now it’s a pretty wide angle so, and I think there should be good so I’ll, just kind of leave it there and yeah.

That’s some of the really cool stuff that I think again. I I thought it’s worthwhile, showing you guys yeah, basically what you get by just using the ATM mini, like you see up here over by actually using the ATM software control. You have all these other functionalities that you wouldn’t otherwise get with, with just eight and mini. So definitely sometimes it’s, I think it would convenient for you to hook up I’ll connect this to laptop, and I think most cases you probably are going to be doing this because you’re probably going to be using this for live streaming or maybe recording the life signal To your laptop and then you know and then like I said this way, you can do that, but you can also, while sending the article signal, you can also control the different things, including control, the different cameras that are connected at the two year, 18 minutes, which Is really really really cool now there are a few things that I found out after I did to update it with the cameras and the ATM, meaning that I’m not so happy about, and that’s basically the fact that now, because the cameras are recognized as kind of These life switching cameras, it basically takes the a two mini-dates control over them and it changes a lot of the settings in your cameras and you cannot change them basically, so you cannot record in some of the settings that you might want to record.

So, for example, the first thing is, you know, while you’re doing real life switching, you can be recording on your different cameras, but keep in mind that at that point all the cameras are only going to be able to record in RAW all the other functionalities. Basically, turn off, so that’s kind of one thing that sax next thing is that it switches to 60 frames per second, because that’s what I hate, em mini kind of operates, and so 16 frames or frames per second and the pocket.

4K is not so bad because you, you know the camera basically can still go and record in 60 frames per second in 4k, and I can record all these other formats and different resolutions on the packet 6k, though the second you switch to 4k or 60 frames Per second, basically you’re, you don’t have to keep ability to shoot in full or record the full 6k, because the camera is not able to record 6k at 60 frames per second.

So I don’t know why they did that, because I would still want to be able to, let’s say, record the the real six key signals of I want to do again. I want to maybe do some life switching but same time. Have the older original footage from the cameras, so I can do an alternate edit later on. It would be nice to have the full six key signal, not only that, but if it switches it to only twelve the other.

I think resolutions are just three action, including the anamorphic, but on otherwise only two other resolutions, which are 17 by 9 aspect ratio, and that’s why I know you guys saw, but when I was switching all the different angles or let’s save our to switch right now. You’ll notice that it’s the top and bottom has these little black bars and that’s because again it’s it’s said: 17 by 9, you know aspect ratio, that’s that really sucks, and I can’t change that.

Why? Because the camera, basically the only way you can shoot in and basically 1080 or raise a 16 by 9 aspect ratio is if I were to shoot in full 6k, basically resolution. I can’t switch to that and I can’t even switch to the 1080p like it. Just won’t, let me do it, so that’s the kind of things that I wish that that they had they are not limited, so they would still allow me to switch like let’s say if I wanted to you know, do I do a livestream or record to all These different cameras and even record to an external recorder, but do it on 24 frames per second.

It would be nice to have that option to be able to switch that and if, unless you guys, finally figured out a way of to do it, because I have not found these settings anywhere and I looked everywhere then, but if you have found it, maybe I’m Missing something that let me know, but I’m guessing, because it’s like a just a few know the latest update they released, I’m guessing hopefully and they’ll, be listening to people like me.

Complaining about this and they’ll they’ll enable those kind of basically more control over that, because it would be nice for me to have these cameras. You know all connected to my 8m mini so that I can switch and I can like even sometimes, if I’m just doing like, let’s say a multicam recording and I’m not necessarily streaming or anything like that. But I just it’s nice to have the 8 a mini. Then, to kind of be able to like quickly switch – and I can see on the monitor here – how I look on one camera – the second camera another camera, but unfortunately I won’t be able to use that now, because the second I connected, like I said to the 8 and mini it’s going to go switcher to run only 60 frames per second and what stuff, and that really then limits that the cameras.

So so that’s that’s one thing that I’m kind of disappointed now. Another thing is, with the many pro you have the functionality to hit recording like I said record, you know there but records to another like it like a USB Drive or something, but you can also trigger all the cameras they have connected so that they, you know, You can basically start and stop them using this. Well, you can’t do that with ATM mini, basically the regular one, and I don’t know why, because they could have just added that functionality.

I know that differently. Reg is graded out, but I wish they would add that because I would be like a small little thing that you know like here in the switcher. If I could just go to the output and in there you know and like they actually added a little record. Setting basically menu that you get when you connect the ATM mini Pro. If it is, they actually did that then they’ll be great, because then I could actually go in here and you know basically trigger all my cameras and record all of my cameras.

At the same time, so that would be a nice functionality which again does not exist. So those are the sounds that my two little complaints or or wishes help the somebody Blackmagic listens, but otherwise have a lot of cool things coming with these new updates. Now you know again and just overall cool tools that black magic has created where there’s these are some different cameras, including the article switcher, and things like that.

So if you guys are looking for something like that, as always follow the links in the description you’ll help me out by by using those so when you’re, making any purchases and at the same time, if you guys want any other information or you want to see Some of my other posts and things like that, as always you’ll, find all of that and a lot more on my website at um at those films like um, and it’s also where you can subscribe to my newsletter.

So you can stay up to date, anyways once again my name is tama tulsa and i’ll. See you guys in the next one bye

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How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Beginners And Get YOUR FIRST 100 LIKES

Do all that cool stuff right! So right here, I’m just going to give you a quick run-through of what we’re going to do today And then also I’ve actually got a really cool bonus for you guys, I’ve got a free tool for you of free software.

This can actually automatically post to Facebook. For you, So I’m going to show you guys that here at the very end of the article And if you guys want that, go ahead and comment down below, say Facebook, auto, post or comment Facebook Auto poster. And then I will shoot you over the link to be able to create your account. So you can get this hundred percent free lifetime access, guys, There’s never going to be a monthly fee or anything else.

It’S just kind of a special gift for you guys Being a viewer here on the blog right and you guys are brand new here. My name is Jason Wardrop and I launch new articles. I try to read people’s every single day on how to generate leads. Make more money and grow your business? So if you guys are not yet subscribed make sure you guys go ahead and subscribe to the blog right. So here is my Facebook page.

You can see I’ve got kind of this cover photo we’re going to Show you how exactly how to create this today got a profile picture of me coming down here. I’Ve got you know a little over 28,000 followers right now and then, if we come down, I’ve got this post up here at the top, because when somebody new comes to my Facebook page, I want a little bit of an intro a little bit like telling them Who I am and what I do, And you can kind of see down here: Hey, here’s, some essential tools and things to know.

There’S a software or some trainings, Here’s some Facebook groups or some different things, and so Basically, if someone’s brand new, but they see your Facebook page, they can come here and get to learn a lot about you now. They’Ve got an About section all that stuff, But also it’s sometimes nice, to have this as your first post, you guys can see here. I’Ve got about two hundred twenty-five likes.

I’Ve got tons of comments down here That you know people are just inter engaging with me. Alright, so let’s come over here to the main Facebook part, I’m going to show you guys exactly how to Create your Facebook page if you’re, starting completely from scratch for like Jason, have a personal profile, But I don’t know how to create the business page. Let’S walk you through how to do that. Alright, so we’re going to Do is click up here on this down arrow in the top right and we are going to go to a create page okay.

So now we can go through, and this is really easy. Facebook’S made it super easy for us, They’re going to say: hey: Do you want to do a local business or place a public figure entertainment? What do you want? I would recommend a public figure because you want to go brand yourself Or if you have a local business or a place, then you can go through and do that as well. But I’m going to stick with a public figure right now.

We’Re going to Do is choose a category, So we just come down here. We choose What best fits our. So we can do you know public figure. We can do entrepreneur, which I believe that’s what I did Blog or chef coach, whatever you guys want to do so, let’s just stay well Just to keep it kind of generic or whatever We’ll just say, public figure right here, Okay, and as far as the name, I like to you, I, like I just used my own name, so I just use Jason Wardrop But let’s say you’re like in real estate.

For example, You might want to say Jason Wardrop And then you know Dallas realtor or Park City realtor like wherever you are located and then Realtors. So people know. Okay, like I know what Jason were drops page is all about. Okay, So we’ll say: Jason, Wardrop and then we’ll say We’ll go with Dallas Realtor right there, okay, because then, when they see like your posts on the news feed, They know like what you’re all about all right.

So now We’re just going to hit get started or you could just leave it your name guys what it’s honestly up to you, your preference. Okay, now We’re going to go through, says upload a profile picture. Okay! Now I think I’ve got one. I’Ve got one right here, so just make this easy. You can just go through Upload your picture now. One tip right Here is whatever picture you use on Like Twitter or Instagram, or any of those other ones make sure you guys use the same picture Because then it kind of like brand, you and people kind of recognize that profile picture mutant.

If you use it a different picture on Every single social platform, it really gets hard to keep it consistent and make sure it’s like a clear head shot. Alright, Nothing like with With you with, like you know, in the background or like that, your dog And then they like people can’t really tell it is people want to see who you are especially on your business, Facebook page Right. You can keep that stuff for your personal profile.

Help maybe like weird pic of you know something else, But with this you want to have a clear head: shot right: Okay, upload a cover photo me to show you guys how to do this here in a second. So we’re just going to skip this for right now and then this will take us to the next step. So we’ve got initially it says now. You can invite your friends guys, And this is an awesome, easy way to go through anything, Just kind of walk you through.

Okay: Here’s how you make your first post, which is fairly simple, and you guys probably ought to know how to do that. Alright, So what you can do now – and you don’t have to invite all of your friends, But you can maybe invite some family members, some people that you know would be interested in you and your business. But you just coming over here and just hit, invite on all these k. Now, I’m not going to invite these people, because This is obviously a demo Facebook page to go through and help.

You learn some of these different aspects, But this is an easy way to go: get your first 100 likes on Facebook without having to spend any money on Facebook ads or anything else right now. What I want to do is show you guys how to change this cover photo right here and how to make one really easily. So what we’re going to do is use a free tool, it’s called canva Canv a.Com, and then you can it’s really cool guys.

Cuz. You can go through. This is create a design, We click on more right here and they have all the dimensions already pre-built for you. So if you want to do like a youtube thumbnail or a Facebook ad Facebook, post, Instagram post, you got all these different options. So if we want to come down here, social media, an email, headers, okay, You got a Facebook event cover YouTube. Thumbnail. You’Ve got all these different one.

Facebook cover This is the one that we’re going to want to use right here. Cuz, the Facebook event Cover is a little bit different than the Facebook page cover right. So we’re going to want to use this one right here so we’ll do. Is click on this and They’ve got some pre-built designs right here, for you guys that really make it pretty cool, So you can kind of come in here. You know: choose these different ones.

They’Ve got a ton of options. They have a few options that I think costs a little bit money, But a lot of these you can honestly go through and use without spending any money. Okay, so it’s really pretty cool. You can just you guys could see this over here on the left. There’S tons and tons of different options and then let’s say we want. Let’S say we want this one right here: Okay, so we can say We’ll, say: Jason, Wardrop, Realty, we’ll stick with that theme right here, okay and they’ll say like Dallas, Realtor.

Okay, then, what we could do is, and if you guys look over here, one thing I tend to do like I added my my picture right here. It’S kind of goofy picture, but I just kind of leave This is. I don’t really need My picture there, because I’ve got a picture of myself right over here on the side. Okay, So what am I do since it’s real estate? I think I’ve got some cool real estate images uploaded over here.

So I might come over here and throw that in there and now you got a nice-looking Cover phone right there, okay! So now, if we hit download Go over here download This, you guys like that, took me literally what 20 seconds to go through and do that. Put my name on there put like hey, I’m a dallas realtor which guys I’m not by the way. Just this is demo right, all right, so that downloaded. So, let’s come back over here to our page.

All we got to do is click on add a cover as cool. You can actually add a little article on here as well, okay, but for this one Just keep it easy, We’re just going to add an image at first, So we’re just going to go: hey upload, a photo or a article, and then this is the one I Believe yep, That’s one We just created so now you guys can see. This is already starting to look a lot more professional And really nice and we haven’t spent any money right like you’re.

Getting your first hundred likes by inviting your friends here. You’Ve got a really nice background image back. Facebook cover photo using canva, canv a.Com. We’Ve got our profile picture right here and guys if I I’m in real estate, if I’m working with high-end real estate, I Probably shouldn’t use a picture of me in a hoodie right. You probably want to have a shirt and a tie like looking nice. You Want to fit the brand fit the you know, whatever you’re going after okay.

So now what we can do is come down here. It says create a username for your page Okay. Now This is really cool because, like see how says facebook.Com four slash, Jason, wardrobe, realtor and then a huge long number, we can actually make it. So it’s a lot easier for people to search so we say create a Username for your page, so we could say: Jason, Wardrop, Dallas realtor. Something like that Cana says hey check and you know it’s good to go.

So we hit crate username and Now the cool thing is is look, we could say hey. These are some of the easy links that people could go to. You could say: hey at the username jason wardrobe, Dallas, realtor Facebook.Com or we could even say facebook.Com for Jason. Wardrop Dallas Realtor, so we just use that URL right there. Now It should go to the page. We just crazy right see this. Oh that’s! That’S right here at this page, Okay.

So now what I want to do is go through and kind of, maybe like make some a few other tweaks here. So I’ve got this paid this post right here at the top, like I showed you guys, So you want to go through and he’d do a little bit of an about you Section you can see here what I did was like: hey guys, my name’s Jason port Drop, I’m your real estate mortgage broker, business growth, automation guy, I’m awesome an entrepreneur.

I kind of tell a little bit about me and I say: hey Here’s your next step. Like my page, You can jump on my free training comment and introduce yourself below, and You can look forward to do some articles and different things so like go through and customize it to your your business. You can say: hey, there’s a link to my website Message me on Facebook of you, We’re looking to buy or sell a home and just have a few of those different intros there Right.

So what I’m going to Do is I’m just going to make this quicker for this article, I’m going to go through and upload the photo, So my same profile picture photo here. Okay, just so like it creates that consistent branding And I’m going to throw in this. All this copy and paste text you guys can go to my Facebook page check it out, See I’ll, throw a link down in the description, so you guys can have that so Anyway, and then I’m just going to hit publish now You don’t want to hit, publish And just leave it at that because then what happens is anytime.

You make another post, It’s just going to go down below alright. So what I’m going to do Is click on these three dots right here And I’m going to say: hey pinned this to the top of the page right. So now, if you come back over here to this one, like I did this July 27th of 2016 right now, It’s 2018, and so I like that normally would be like stacked way down in my feed. But what I’ve done is I’ve post this at the very top, so anyone new is going to come in and see this right So anyway, guys.

These are some of the basic main things to get your facebook cover photo. Looking nice, your Facebook profile, your top post, Getting your custom username, Inviting your friends and get your first 100 likes or so, and now let me just show you guys really quick, this 100 % Free tool that you guys can have that it’s got you guys can Set the schedule to pulse to your Facebook page your Facebook profile, any groups You’re a member of or even Twitter and LinkedIn all at the same time, And we have some pre-built content for you guys.

So I just want to show you guys that really quick, like I said guys. If you comment down below And say Facebook automation tool, then I will shoot you the link to get this 100 % for free and I mean you’ll never have to pay for it’s. Just a free resource For you being a viewer, you here on my youtube, blog right, so what you can do. Is you go through? You connect your Facebook Account. You can connect LinkedIn, you can connect Twitter.

You can see all this, so you got your personal profile And I’ve got you guys cuz here I’ve got a ton of business pages and then any groups that you create that you have to be the owner of the group. You can also post in those as well, so you can either come in here and create a test post, Throw in a link to your website or whatever It is, and then, let’s say, hey, let’s post this test group, You can see it like it’s going to Update in real time, So you can see what its going to look like on Facebook or even if you want to go to Twitter.

Okay, You can add an attachment, you can add a URL down here. It shows a post days to say: hey, let’s moat next January 31st, at 10:30 p.M. I want to post this and then you just hit Schedule and it goes through and schedules it and you can go through and create another post right now. One other cool thing that you guys can do is We’ve got this a library of content that you can go through, and you know like, let’s say We’re in real estate.

Ok, Because I work with a lot of real estate agents and help them generate leads and all that stuff. So we’ve got all these pre-built posts for you guys so, like hey check this place out How cool this hey, thoughts on this room and family room and kitchen? Is this your style? Okay? So these are just post like stay top of mind, with all your followers and get in front of them, And you know get some some likes and comments and get them gauging alright, so you can see these other ones They’re like quotes.

That means it’s like a link out to another profile and it takes a second to load sometimes, but we’ve got all these other ones that you can go through and and use. So what we’ll do is just hit schedule and Then we’ll go. We can add, like we could say, hey, let’s post it to our real-estate agent demo page And then we can say hey. We want to link back. You can link back to your website, Whatever it is, and then you can say hey.

I want to choose to post this on Tuesday at let’s do this one in the afternoon, so 1:30 p.M. And we just hit schedule, and then you got the schedule right here. You can come back and see. Okay, like you know, you’ve got one post going out to Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, And it just makes it super super easy. Alright, so, anyway, guys I’m not going to spend any more time on this not trying to like sell you guys hardcore.

This is just a free little bonus, so comment down below Facebook, automation tool And I will send you the link to create your free account and get started with this alright. So anyway, guys. Hopefully that was helpful as far as giddy your facebook business page created and Going through and getting that jump start making. It look professional Even if you’re not designed like guys, I’m not a designer, but I’d use, canva canv, a com – you guys can see up here and it makes it really easy to go through and make you have a professional nice looking design, Facebook page right so Anyway, guys, I hope you enjoyed the article today, if you did make sure you guys, like this article, also Share with any friends that you feel like might find this a value of magnifying.

It helpful Then also comment below facebook, automation, tools And I’ll. Send you guys the link to be able to get free access Lifetime access to that social automation tool as well, and also guys, if you guys want new articles like this every single day, make sure you guys subscribe the blog and Hit that little notification bell? And you guys will be notified every single time. We launch a new article right, so thanks so much for reading today.

Guys and with that said, we’ll see you all tomorrow.

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