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5 tips for digital marketing success in 2019.

Today, every business can Use influencer marketing, it doesn’t matter what you sell and what you offer Everyone can be an influencer today we all publish something on social media. You don’t need to be a celebrity to become an influencer and today brands Prefer to work with smaller niche influencers, rather than with people who Have million followers this way they make sure that they target authentic Audience who is really interested in their product and services, the tip Number two: is: you need to win attention of your audience with live? Article today, human attention is a very valuable resource.

There is so much Information around us that it’s so difficult to stand out, so you need to Start incorporating live articles into your marketing campaigns, but you need to Understand that if you have nothing special to show better, don’t do a live! Article, the article should be at least 10 minutes long. You need to engage with Your comments that people ask with consumers reply to their questions and You need to pay attention to live audience and the replay audience and Advertise article to both of them start using purpose-driven marketing, don’t Create content that just sells, you need to talk about some greater purpose.

So choose your position show who you are use; emotions to build relationship; With your audience, start movement of your community and continue building it There are some special techniques that big brands like Apple and Google use, so If you want to go bigger, you need to start using them as well. The first one Is go horizontal when you acquire a paid customer offer them a variety of Products and services then retain your customers by using a subscription model.

Create interesting campaigns and leverage your ceo or founder as a brand and Optimize your marketing strategy for four big tech companies – Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook and the tip number five: if you don’t have sufficient funds, For content creation, don’t worry because today you can create great content on a Budget, first of all, you need to know your customers’ needs and goals. One of The best strategies to create content on a budget is to run a user-generated Campaign because you will get free, authentic and really engaging content.

Today, you can shoot great articles and photos just using your mobile phone, so I Advise you to identify trends via influencers on buzzsumo platform and Create relevant content so guys these are five digital marketing tips on how Your brand can succeed in 2019. If you have any questions, please let me know or If you want me to cover something special in my next articles, write down in The comments below – and I will see you in the next article bye, bye,


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Marketing Tip o’the Day… AIDA

Do you know what that is AI da Ayda? It’s the formula for making sure your ads pull, there’s four jobs that every ad must undertake and accomplish. They are a capture attention. I convert attention to interest. Remember this is a linear process. Once you’ve captured attention, you must convert it to interest the next.

One is d or desire you’ve got to cultivate in that prospect. Wantin desire, they’ve got to want it. They’ve got to want it bad and finally take action. A for action, attention, interest desire and action. Those are the keys to making sure that your ads are as effective as they can be. That’s it for today’s tip, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and leave your comments below and don’t forget to enter our contest by referring people to both this blog and to my good, bad and ugly ads blog.

The person who refers the most subscribers each week will win a prize each month, we’ll win a prize and on November 13th the person who has referred the most new subscribers between now and then will receive a 70-200 dollar principal center marketing coaching program, absolutely free. The details for the contest are right at the end of this program. Article is, cannot a poof and we’ll see you next time with another marketing tip to help you get more customers who will pay you more money? More often, the fastest easiest, most cost-effective ways possible.



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Josh Kaufman on Entrepreneurship and Business Basics.

Setting up his books at the the book stand, you can see it behind me and he’s got an interesting story. He, like myself, was a developer that fell into business. So once you tell me a little bit about that story that that that would really resonate with the kind of people that follow me around got a developer, centric audience.

So your your journey into being a business guy and how how you went about learning so so late. I actually right out of college, worked a job at Procter & Gamble, doing kind of hardcore web development stuff, and in a couple months I found myself working in on marketing campaigns and, as a result, by the time I graduated, I had a offer to be an Assistant brand manager, procter & gamble, so like really hardcore marketing in the largest company in the world, and so that was intimidating.

It was really scary. You know coming from an engineering background, coming from a programming back where you know what you’re talking about most of the time yeah and you can really kind of understand what you’re doing and use kind of fundamental ideas to make your job easier and going into a Business position – and you know not having my MBA that was very intimidating, and so it didn’t make sense for me to go to school to get a job already had.

And so I basically decided to give up on the credentialing part, but not on the education, and so I went to barnes a noble and the Cincinnati Public Library and I started reading right and six years later, I’ve read thousands of books and have kind of taken That jumble of information and made sense of that sense of it, which is the personal NBA first Llambias so and you’ve got a community that goes along with this website right there on the front of the cover personal NBA com.

That’S right! So you! Your mission is not just about doling out information as static form, but you actually have a community of people that you helped out actively and and helping helps each other out. So we have a community of thousands of people from all over world who are in the same situation. They may be a creative person or a programmer or designer or an architect, and they need the business knowledge, but they don’t need the piece of paper that says they theoretically know something, and so the purpose of the personal MBA is to help people understand the fundamentals Of business, but then to connect people from all over the world who are trying to get a world-class business education, but on their terms.

So do you do you deal with mostly like boots trappers or do you do you have advice for folks that want to seek funding kind of like it’s very common in the valley, one of the beats that we cover so so, what’s? What’S what’s your advice, I guess, or what what things you have to say to people that are in this, like kind of a bubbly atmosphere right now or money’s, getting handed out left and right? What are some of the things you tell them to look out for in that kind of environment in that kind of business totally.

I really advocate that anyone who’s trying to start a business, whether they’re, bootstrapping it or whether they’re trying to get funding for it. They really need to understand the fundamentals of what businesses and how it works. If you’re trying to raise money, the clearer you are about how the business will come together and make money the easier it will be to talk to a VC and show them a plan that makes sense and actually get the funding.

So really businesses have five parts. Every business create something of value, they attract attention which is marketing, they close sales transactions right, they deliver what they promise and they make more money than they spend enough to keep going right. That’S a business right, and so with a bootstrapper. I tell them basically start there, that’s essentially the basic, the the essentials of a very basic business plan and then, if you’re, trying to get funding, you take those fundamentals and just add on another layer which is.

This is going to be a solid business, but the people who are lending you money or giving you money and investment need to see a return, and so you do the math for them and the clear you can lay that out the more effectively you can stand In front of the VC and say this is a plan, that’s worth investing millions. So I imagine, since you’ve got your finger on the pulse of this this world of the you know the bootstrap and the startup guys.

So what are some of the new, because VC universe, the VC universe, has really changed in the last year or so really, maybe a couple years, definitely the last decade. So what has what has been the biggest new problems for folks that are trying to go that route that didn’t exist before yeah? I think it’s, some! The new problem is a couple decades ago. It’S like anything that might hypothetically make sense it.

You know, vc’s were making very large bets on very tenuous ideas and making a lot of them and hoping just a couple of them worked we’re getting a little bit more bubbly now, but vc’s really want to see a solid business model. Where are you charging or who are you selling to where’s the money coming in? What multiple can they expect on what what they have given and so the business fundamental stuff? It really never changes so you’re, saying, basically, is what I’m here using hearing you say is that business business sense is more important now than it may have been.

You can’t just be a great hacker with a dream totally totally. You have to have a plan to bring in revenue from real paying customers and the clear you can prove to vc that you have those the easier it will be to raise money very good and you got it. You’Ve got a book reading. Is it tomorrow with a is it yeah it’s tomorrow, at 4pm, in ballroom, g and i’ll be reading selections from the personal mba tomorrow being friday? We’Re recording this on thursday, we’re not sure when this will air so friday at ballroom G here South by Southwest.

Thank you thanks. So much take it easy.

Creating a business is not easy. Be sure that you thoroughly research what you will need before to know before you invest in your dream. An online presence is critical, and you should find a professional to take care of it. Website design packages are something you should look into right away.

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Instagram Marketing Tips For Beginners 2019.

Let’S say you want to start an online business or maybe have an existing business and you think it’s time to start Instagram marketing, but you’ve never had an Instagram profile. You don’t know how it works and you don’t know where to start. So today, I’m going to give you five steps you need to follow at the beginning.

First of all, you need to know what you’re going to sell. You need to know your product or service, because if you decide to change your product later on, if you have to change the whole thing again like you need to change your profile, you need to change your marketing campaigns and you need to change the whole approach. As well, then, you need to define your target audience. Many people think that their target audience is everyone who is interested in their product, but in stock.

It’S too general your target audience and the group of people who will buy your product. So you need to do some research try to find out where your target audience spends time online, what information they are looking for, it’s not allowed just to post marketing messages on the social media. You need to find out what your audience wants and needs and adjust. Your content and create content for them, the content that will give them value – and they will be interested in then define your positioning, which means what market problem your product or service can solve, and what makes your product or service stand out from the competitors once you Have all this information registered Instagram switch your personal account into a business account you can do easily in the settings of your account, start preparing valuable content and put the right information in your bio.

Your bio should attract your target audience so explain in what two sentences? What you do and what, whether you can bring to that and that’s it guys, start posting your content on a regular basis, build relationship with your audience and use different marketing campaigns to grow your business, guys I’ll try to go through all these steps in more detail. In my upcoming articles, don’t forget to hit subscribe button if you want to get a notification about my new content.

Thank you for reading and I will see you very soon. Bye, bye, you

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