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Email Marketing – :59 Second Friday with Josh Miles – Marketing and Design Tips in Under a Minute

Okay, kids. I’ve got something to admit: * GASP, *, I’m kind of a giant nerd. My favorite piece of email marketing advice comes from Spider-Man * With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. * Number 1. Write emails that you would want to read Friendly neighborhood emails are always more Engaging Number 2 Remember, over 50 % of marketing emails are opened on the phone, So use big type short paragraphs and buttons Number 3 Pay attention to subject lines and preview text, so even if it gets cut off it still, Makes sense When it comes to email marketing, don’t be A web-slinger Email may be the most powerful tactic in your Marketing toolbelt so use it with great responsibility: * Woo-hoo, *, Remember.

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MDi TV – 5 consideration before you start your email marketing campaign

So the first thing to consider is if your audience, who are you actually trying to get this email to what kind of messages will be within the email for that particular audience, so you may just want to focus on new customers. You know clients that you’ve acquired in the last 12 months. You may want to introduce email as a way of communicating with these new customers and make them aware of other products that you do so.

Customers will not aware of products ex-wife and said somebody who’s bought, for example, or specified a particular product. And how can you then communicate with them that you also do other products which come within the range or a particular installation prospects? So customers, not customers and people who have called you up or they requested a brochure or they’ve, asked for a sample there in your database.

You know there’s a project, but that project might not happen for another 18. 24 months. How could you use email to better target these prospects to keep a Brandon in front of their minds as well? You may have a specification tool. You may have an online specification tool that requires registrations. If you like me, I will sign up to lots and lots of tools that I think one day they’ll come in handy though there’ll be something useful and I forget that I’ve signed up so keeping tabs on registrations.

So, if somebody’s, if you’ve so many signed up a tool or an area on your website and I’m not logged back in or not come back to your website, it can consume more content or use the tool. How can you use email to remind them that they’ve signed up for this tool is valuable to help them improve their job or make their job a lot easier? Customers not contacted in last six months how to use emailed to help your business development or specification managers.

Keep a tab of all their customers and make sure that the brand is kept to the orphan of their minds. So have a look, then just extract for me or CRM those contacts that haven’t been contacted for six months 12 months and introduce a email marketing strategy. But remember think about the messaging for each of those types of audiences. You can’t just send one newsletter aimed up all of these audiences, it’s about segmentation and delivering the right message in the right way safely.

The objectives give yourself some objectives, depending on what your who your audiences are. You promoting products are in promoting events. If you’re promoting events, what type of audience is it more relevant for is existing customers? Is it prospects? They require a CPD in order to just to push them a little bit further down the specification cycle. If you like, read night lost contacts, this goes back to customers not contacted within six months.

They’ve contacted you, you that forgot, and it’s a way of just introducing hey we’re still here. We’ve still got these products, we’ve got some new products and lots of events coming up. Let’s talk cleansing database and this is a great way of if you, if you do not actively got a department or somebody that cleanses a database email, could be a great way of just deleting or eliminating all contacts.

I shouldn’t say to meet him. I should be saying replacing, so you send out an email. You might get two hundred three hundred thousand two thousand email just that bounced back. This is a great way of using that data. To then give to your telemarketing people and get them to ring. The companies have that has that contact left the company if they’ve been replaced as the branch closed down. It’s a way of just refreshing that database and getting new contacts and eliminating those old ones, feed content.

You know using email, we want. We’ve got a blog, we’ve got case studies because some great articles, it’s a way of delivering that content to your audience and again remember who wants that type of content? Do your customers really want to hear about case studies? If so, then it may be customers, or is it more likely to be beneficial to prospects? Was it more like beneficial to those who have always specified always always bought Product X? Is that email going to be more efficient or more relevant to those and remind them of other products that you do then moving on to devices remember to think about devices and have a look around oolitic? How much mobile traffic has come to your website from emails? That you’ve, already done or from mobile devices they’ll come to your website.

So more and more people are accessing emails on a mobile or a tablet. Ipad iphone, for example. What device will they be using how your email be displayed on my phone and then, if I click on a link on the iphone – and it takes me to your website or a landing page? Is that website or landing page friendly for on a mobile device or tablet device? Can I book an event? Can I download a brochure? Can I register? Can I also view other products on a mobile or device time as well? People often ask well what the best time sending emails on a Monday morning or friday afternoon or wednesday evening.

It’s really about come testing and understanding what type of content works. Well, so if it’s an event, kind of email in one family works better on a Wednesday. If it’s a content-based email, it might work better on a Friday or it might work better on a weekend, and it’s really about testing to find when you get the best opens and click throughs, but also don’t get too hung up on. When went to go.

Sending you know if it’s something that’s regular, do keep it periodicals. So, for example, we send out our module insider articles on a second second week of every month, and our blog roundup goes out to our database at the end of every month. So, every week to and week four of every month, Alima marketing activity goes up and we expect our database kind of expect them. They are about to receive any email from us.

If it’s a promotional one, it could be ad hoc, but think about time for one that I absolutely advocated is testing. Your first email is not going to be the answer. It’s not going to the Silver Bullet test. The design do different colors, different images, bigger images, smaller images, more copy, less copy, the layout. Do you need a sidebar on the white? Do you need bigger links? Do you need bigger buttons, which leads on to call to actions? Should you say book now or should you say register now, should you say download now or request now or what types of different calls to actions produce the better results, testing the subject line and also a sender, is it do more people click through when it’s sent By somebody or do easy, more collective is sent by bram, so an email received by poorly creative may get better results, as opposed to somebody if it’s a personal type, email think about the offer as well.

So what are you actually trying to get somebody to do or book or register? Think about the offer? Is that offer actually really compelling and when they click through is the offers still consistent on landing pages receive quite a few emails of late subscribe to a lot of newsletters or married construction companies? One of the concerns I have is when you click through the inconsistency between a messaging on the email and the messaging on the actual landing page.

The offer has to be consistent. Hopefully that’s given you some insight into five key things that you need to consider before. Developing an email, marketing strategy and one of the key points will need, would be a segmentation. Look at your database. Don’t please don’t send out 10,000 emails, 20,000 emails and expect returns. It’s really about breaking down your audience into smaller buckets and sending more smaller, more relevant.

More quality type emails out to your database if you’ve got any questions, please do tweeters are poorly creative. We’ve got a SEO workshop with myself. If you want to know more about search engine optimization. Looking at how to measure your SEO efforts using google analytics, we’ve got workshop on 19th of april. If you go to bit ly /em di events, 2012 you’ll be able to book or reserve your places through our landing page there thanks for joining us join us next time.


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How to Buy Emails for Your Email List ✉

How do you do that? One way that a lot of articles out there will tell you to do it is to go. Ask your family and your friends to join your list. That’s fine! If that’s the way you want to do it, but most of the time they will be on your list just to make you feel good about numbers.

How would you like to put emails on your list with potential prospects, so I’m going to show you how to do that today? Yes, it is a way of purchasing them, but it’s not just purchasing a list of names. There is these people will opt in to your email list according to what you have to offer and I’ll show you that today, first of all, before we get started, my name is Vanessa D Brule, and on my blog I will help you to earn money.

Save time and find balance in the process today, we’re going to talk about buying email addresses, so you can start building your email list and start making some money first before we start with that, I want to go over the email list just to make sure you Understand what it is and why it’s so important – and I keep on emphasizing this because I heard about email lists when I first started my business and I was one of those people that sat back and said I don’t need that.

I don’t need to do that. I don’t want to send emails to people I just don’t want to, and it wasn’t until I was probably too long before I start at my list and realized. That was a big mistake not to do even though I kept hearing how important it was. So I’m going to tell you again how important this is: it’s probably the most important part of your business. Let’s go over how you build it and then we’ll talk about why it’s so important and then I’ll show you how you can build it by buying some addresses all right.

First of all, you have a free thing that you’re going to offer a lot of times. People will offer a checklist or a PDF or an e-book a course. I think courses are one of the best things that you can offer that I notice I get most of my results from offering free courses, so the bigger that free thing is the better, and this is why it needs to be bigger, because the online marketing industry Is becoming more competitive and I’m not saying don’t do it, but you got ta out, give everybody else so think of it.

That way, what can I give that’s better than what so-and-so is giving so people will click my link instead, when you offer that free thing you’re offering it on your platform, my platform is youtube. That’s my number one platform, so I usually offer my free thing in my links on my YouTube chat: YouTube articles not every time, but probably a good percentage of the time if you’re using Facebook Instagram whatever that other platform is that you’re using that’s how you bring Traffic into the free thing now you’re going to have them land on a landing page, I use clickfunnels for my landing page.

I always have my link below if you ever want to check that out and on that landing page before they get the free thing. They have to give me their email address and their name when they click it. It triggers a little a little trigger on there. That tells them to go to my autoresponder and I send them an email and give them the free thing. Now. What is the autoresponder? An autoresponder is like your mailman and mine is active campaign and I have that trigger that.

It tells it to put it onto my email list, put it into active campaign, and then there is a sequence of emails that I’ve already built. That will go out to that person. This is where sales are made. I don’t know if you’ve already tried to spam. Most people have in the beginning, they’re so excited about their product and their new business that they start telling everybody on Facebook and on Instagram hey.

You know I’ve got this great shake, that’s going to help you lose weight and you’re so excited about it, and you know it works, but just putting it out there and telling people they’re not going to buy it they’re going to go. That’s annoying. Why are you putting this on Facebook? That’s not why I’m here, I’m here to communicate and have relationships with my friends not to be sold things and that’s why that doesn’t work and that’s why that’s called spamming.

I think we all have done that in the beginning, especially because we were so excited not because we were trying to spam, but the right way to do it is to give something for free. So if you have health and fitness, you could give a checklist of some ways to help improve your list. Maybe ways to change your mindset. Maybe you wrote a little ebook that you wanted to give them and get them on through your autoresponder onto that email list, and this is where the money is made.

You are warming them up and getting them to know you and then every once in a while. You’ll offer something and they get to know you they’re opening up your emails and they’ll say you know what I really like this person I’ve connected with them, I’m going to try that shape that she was talking about now. Look, it took a lot longer to get there, but that’s how it works. Now, how am I going to get email addresses on my email list? I’r brand new and it’s so frustrating all right.

Now, I’m going to show you this. Is you and you have your new autoresponder set up and you’ve got your sequence in there and you’ve been giving away the free thing, and maybe you’ve got about five people on it? Maybe a fifty maybe of a hundred, but you know you’re, just starting. It’s new – and here is we’re just going to say Joe over here Joe – can be a girl’s name or a boy’s name right, Joe how’s.

That and Joe has been at this for a very very long time and Joe has a huge list. Joe has been very successful in his or her business. Joe has over two hundred thousand emails, maybe five hundred thousand. Who knows how many but Joe decided I have been selling through my email list, but now my list is so big. I’r going to start sharing my lists so that other people can take advantage of the names that I have on there, but I’m going to charge them a fee.

So joe says I’ll tell you what I will sell you for every click that you get. I will charge you fifty five cents and these prices are usually roughly forty cents to like 80 cents. I’ve seen right now, but Joe’s going to charge you fifty five cents for every person that clicks. You were email now, you’re saying thinking. What do you mean? Okay? So you’re going to tell Joe here I have here’s my website or here’s my product or here’s my funnel page, here’s the free thing, I’m giving away.

Will you please run my ad, I’m going to say ad or my email through your list and I’m going to buy a hundred clicks from you, so that would be fifty five dollars and Joe’s takes your fifty five dollars. Joe runs your ad or your email lit a little email, whatever it is through his list or her list and once there’s a hundred clicks, because you paid four hundred the run will stop and then right away.

I did this the first time I did this. Oh, my gosh, it was back within 20 minutes. It was that fast. It was extremely fast. I thought it was going to take two or three days and boom. It came right back in so out of those hundred clicks. A good average is about thirty percent. If 30 percent of those people now that’s good, I’m just giving you numbers every list is different. If you can get thirty percent of those people to opt-in to your list and then you’ve done well, if you get 20 percent fine, you might say well I’ll.

Try! Somebody else maybe joe’s list isn’t working for me. So I’m going to go to somebody else. Maybe you find somebody where you’re getting 40 percent and go hey and now I’m going to buy 500. Will you do it again, so you have to go in I’m going to give you a link below it says, buy email, lists below, there’s a link and you go into that site and you can find different people that are selling ads on their big long list And you can go in there and find the right person for you pay attention.

Some of them might say. I specialize in health and fitness, or I specialize or in online marketing they’re, going to tell you what kind of list they have. Some of them are called tier 1, the, where they’re, basically from European nations and from the United States and Australia, and some so pay attention to the details, there’s a link below, but that how you buy emails for your email list. As far as do I recommend it or do I not it’s really up to you, you will go in and you will see articles that say absolutely do not do that and other people say you know what it’s a great way to build your list.

So you really have to decide for yourself. Yes, I did. I have done it to help build my list when it was small and I got anywhere from 20 % to 40 % opt-ins on my lists. But I will say that when it is more encouraging to send emails out to 200 people than it is to five people – and it just makes you feel like you’re, reaching more people, it honestly is up to you, but I wanted to show you how to do It why people do it and there you go the mechanics if this was helpful, give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions, go ahead and put them in the comments and in the meantime I will see you on the next article thanks for reading.



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Creating and Sending Amazing & Colorful Emails | MS Outlook 365

This is rod Davis in this article, we’re going to show you how to create and send an amazing and professional email if you get confused, just write a question at the comment box below so, let’s begin. First, let’s look at a typical email. It’s a plain straight up: ordinary email that people send to one another all the time now I want to show you the same email see how colorful it is, how the statistics appear at a graph form.

Now, let’s go back and look at both emails, side-by-side. Here’s! The straight-up ordinary-looking email, here’s the newly-created email. Now I ask you which of these emails? Would you like to send the plain average ordinary looking one or the amazing one, with all the color and the graphics which one would you say we agree, we would send the second one with the color and the graphics when you click on the new email setting.

This is the page that you you will go to. This email will be from burn to learn training at gmail.Com now it’s time to complete the two line, and we can do this by typing in the first few letters of the email address, the name will appear automatically and we’ll go through the two line. When you click on it to add additional addresses to the two line, click on the address book. Look at all the names there, let’s type in the first initials of the name we want and that’s Dustin Garza.

We click on Dustin’s name, and it automatically picked appears on the two line: click, OK and there it is now, let’s pair a CC address, I can’t just put in the first few letters. The name appears automatically and when you click on it, it’s the name burn to learn. Training at gmail.Com appears on the CC line automatically. Now it’s time to prepare a subject and we’re going to say: hey friends, check this out now we’re going to show you how to add the body to this email by inserting a table with six rows.

First, click on insert and then click on table move your cursor down. Six rows; click on the sixth one. Now you want to Center this now we’re going to begin with the very first row, we’re going to click on pictures in insert and we’ll go down to many options and pick images. Now we’re going to double click on the image we want and then click insert and there you have it. The image is nice beautiful right on the first cell now we’re going to work on the message.

Part of your new email first go to the original text. Now, let’s select it and copy it alright, now, let’s go over to our new email, where we will paste it there. We have it now. Let’s work on the style of this message, a little bit. First, let’s, let’s consider at the font, there are several options. We can choose, there’s several. As you can see, we really really like brass kabil old face. That’s looking pretty good! Now, let’s choose the font size notice, how the font change size changes as we scroll down the font sizes we like fourteen, so there we have it now.

Let’s work on the date, let’s really make that pop after we put some color on it like this golden look, look and change the size of the font. Let’s make it really big: let’s try three six now I’ll send of it. Oh that’s really outstanding. It just kind of pops, doesn’t it now, let’s get some some spaced and the top and the bottom of it, so it doesn’t look just squeezed in this spot and there you have it so now, we’re going to add a color border, select a color for it.

Wow, that’s a good nice tone. Color we’re going to insert show you how to insert a chart in this email so go over to chart and we have several options. There’s a line. There’s pie this bar their stock, their service surface. Let’s use a pie, chart just click. Ok there, it is okay. First, we Center it centered a message on the message tab and now we want to change this background color. Now we want to give this chart a title, so we click on the title section and type in the title we want going to give it a color as well choosing yellow we’re also going to change this font size to 20.

So now we have a very bright, yellow title check this out you now we want to teach you how to put a signature right in your your chart, so click on insert and then click signature, we’re going to choose the burn to learn signature and there we Have it we want to cut and paste it in the chart so that it’s properly aligned you next, we want to show you how to give your amazing email, a very professional look, we’re going to add header and footer margin with color.

So, first we go to get a color for it and that’s a nice color that complements our top header. Now we’re going to put a footer in there with another color, and this will be a matching color now. This will really give our amazing looking email. Even a greater look of professionalism, this is fun and easy to do so far. Right, we’ve just got a few more things to do. We want to remove the borders around this email, so we select the whole thing and click on no border and the border lines disappear, and we have an amazing looking professional email ready to be sent all right there.

We have our new email. The next thing we need to do is to send it so, let’s scroll over and hit the send button, it has come through in all of its color, without border lines, with interesting color with the body of it at the right font, size and a good signature. This is an amazing and professional-looking email, one that we should be really proud to send want to. Thank you for listening and in our next tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to fix an email.

That’s stuck in your outbox until then have fun you


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Instruction demo on how to do an email campaign in Salesforce

I’r going to do a demo this morning on the three, the four steps to do a email campaign within Salesforce. So let me begin by going through quickly going through the steps. There’s four steps to the process. The first step is to generate an email template and then you, the second step, is to create the campaign. The third step is to create the list of the users who you want to include in your campaign, and the fourth step is to do run.

The mass email program against the people in the campaign, so, let’s begin so to create the email template you. First of all, you click on your name over here then click on settings setup, I should say, click on email and then click on my templates. I have two templates right now: I’m going to work on the version for the template, which has a article length so I’ll just click on that template and now, if I scroll down, I can see that there’s an HTML version of the template and there’s also a Plain text version of the template: they’re, both the wording is identical.

It’s the only difference is the plain text does not have any HTML code in it. So if I want to modify the template and make changes to it, I’ve got a couple ways I can edit the HTML version or the text version or I can clone it and give it a new name and then change it. So I’m just going to really quickly here I’ll show you how to edit it I’m not going to making the changes to it, but I will show you how to edit it so click on the Edit scroll down here and now you can see the the template.

I’ve got my subject here, so if I want to make a change to the subject to change it there in the body of the email I have today’s date, I also have the person’s first name. I also have my company name embedded in the body of this paragraph, plus the my clients name, our company name and also embedded in there. I have a YouTube article and inserted in the body of this paragraph, and I also have my name: a company name, phone number, email address and website.

Now a couple rules of thumb or best practices when sending an email campaign is that you should always try to have links that go back to your website, whether it’s a article or whether it’s your just your website and that basically helps you draw drive traffic to Your website anyways um. If I want to make a change, I could do that’s. For example, let’s say I want to put their first name space last name: that’s a the last name is a contact field, so over here are all the fields under the contacts.

So if I want to get last name, I just click on this down arrow right here and scroll down to all the contact field names until I find last name which is right there and then all I have to do is copy it. Ctrl C and just paste it right over here, so I’ll put a blank in there ctrl V and it’s as simple as that. Let’s say I wanted to put a link to a white paper I have on my website. I could you know, describe the white paper in text and then I can highlight that and then use this link right here and then specify specify the the URL for that website.

Anyways, I’m going to cancel this changes here, because I just want to proceed with this. The template is the way it is right now, so I’m going to move on to the second step, which is to create the campaign to do the print campaign. I got to basically first of all make sure that I’m in the marketing application right now you can see I’m in the sales application. So if I click here, I can switch over to the marketing application and now I can see all my tabs for the marketing application and I want to click on the campaign’s tab and I want to create a new temp temp campaign.

So my campaign name I’m going to call it follow-up mass email for July, and I’m going to put today’s date July. The 27th meeting someone’s trying to get me on my cell phone I’m going to split the status as in progress. I’r going to put the start days today, the 27th of July, the end date being today, I’m going to make it active. If I want to describe what the purpose of this campaign is, I could put it in here.

I specify how many people I’m planning to send this to this particular email is going to follow up from a meeting, I’m ham and I’m sending it to 3 people. So I put the number 3 how many people do? I expect to get a response, I’m hoping that the 66 % or two of the three people, two of the three people will respond to this email and the expected revenue. Let’s say I got a contract for worth $ 2,500 in the budget.

That cost me $ 100 and then later on, when I get the actual cost for completing the campaign, I would put it in here and then this will allow me to do ROI analysis on this particular campaign, so that basically completes the step 2, which is to Create the campaign, the third step, as I specified over here, is to include who’s, who you want to be included in the campaign. There’s two ways of doing it.

You can do it through the reports or you can do it in the campaign in this article I’ll. Just focus on the campaign so the way I do that is, I click on the manage members button and I click on add members, and I want to switch over to contacts because the three people that I’m sending this email to our in my contacts, not in My leads now, if I click go, I’m just going to see all my contacts and then I’m going to have to scroll through them and find the person item kind of lazy about that.

So I’m going to use the filter specification on and I’m going to base it on the company name. So I’ll look for accountant named account name right: there equals two and the company I was going to send it to is clear and not going to click on goal, and it shows me three people that I want to send that that’s the three. So I want to select the individual, you can go like that or I can hit the top one and that will select all three and I’m going to.

Oh, that’s right, I’m going to add with status and say they’re sent. Basically, this is what this is doing. Is it’s specifying for those three people? It’s saying the status right now is I’ve sent them and the email and then, when they respond back to it, I would change the status from sent to response responded: okay, anyways that completed the third step, which is to create the three people in my campaign or Add three people to my campaign: now I’m going to go to the fourth step, which is to run the mass email campaign.

So to do that, I click on the Contacts tab and I scroll all the way to the bottom and I’ll see under tools. There’s a mass email contact program, so I’m going to run that and I’m going to see what it says right here. The view is the mass email by campaign. That’s the correct view. I want to run, but I want to edit it because I want to point it to the campaign I just created so click on edit and I’m going to change this to the click on this box right here and I’m going to choose this one right here.

But before that, it’s I do this I want to. I have a campaign called test mass email, which is a just a test campaign I set up, which has my email, so I’m going to test the test to make sure all the links are okay and I’m happy with it and then I’ll come back and I’ll Redo it with this campaign, so I’ll click on the test, mass email and I’m going to click on, save and then CSIS. I see the two people, which is my gmail account, plus my regular account I’m going to click on next.

I want to choose the version for article link, which I showed it the very first step, and then I got ta, give it a name. So I’m just going to call this the test, mass email, follow-up and then click on send and that’s it. So in a few seconds, I’ll probably get an email where I’ll show that, but in the meantime, I’m going to click on there. It is right there perfect. So if I click on that email, I can now test it to make sure it’s everything is ok.

So I can see it’s sent to from Kevin Caputo to my test. Gmail account the subjects. Okay, I’ve got my logo and the tops got today’s date. It’s got my first name. It has my company name right here. It has my clients name right. There account account name their company name there. It’s got the link to the YouTube, so I’ll click on that make sure that works. Okay, that works that works okay down at the bottom has got my name and all that information plus a link to my email address, plus my company websites.

So that looks good. So let me finish the step so I’ll click on the contacts again, just repeat the same steps in step: four go down to the bottom: click on the mass email, contacts and click on edit, and this time I will click on the July 27th campaign. Save that I see the three people good click on next click on the version. Four template click on give it a name: follow-up, mass email July, the 27th bla bla, bla click on send and that’s it.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or if there’s any other articles, you would like me to do for you. Just let me know give me a call or send me an email thanks very much.


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3 Email Marketing Tips And Tricks For Real Estate Agents (Plus, Free Email Templates)

Email templates for buyer lead. Email templates, sell 80ml templates that I’ll be able to show you guys How you can ask get access to these email templates for your business.

If you guys stick around here until the end right, But really quick before we dive in here, I wanted to share with you guys the simple strategy. This is actually 40 times more effective than Facebook or even Twitter, any of the social media networks and Is already within your reach that all you can already use in your business. So this was actually a study done by McKinsey and company. So there are some very, very smart people, much more than me And it’s interesting because I talk a lot about Facebook advertising a lot talked a lot about the marketing and brand yourself on Facebook, But they went through and they found that blank is actually 40 times More effective at acquiring new customers Than Facebook or Twitter, and by the title of this article you guys kind of already know it, but that is email marketing Makeba, like that’s kind of crazy right, like if you think about it, okay, Facebook and Twitter and all that Stuff, It’s just a hot topic right now, Then emails been out for a long long time And if you look at the open rate, so the amount of people that actually open your emails and click on the emails It’s gone down dramatically.

However, McKenzie is saying that there’s 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers for your business Right. And if you look at this, it says that 72 % of people prefer to receive promotional content through email Compared to 17 %, who prefers social media and honestly guys when you jump on social media a lot of times if on Instagram Facebook, Whatever it is, people Are kind of searching through just because they want to like just kind of like have that brain dump Just like just chill and not have to really worry about anything.

Okay, they’re going through and they’re wanting to see pictures of the friends and all that other stuff, and So that’s why email can actually be a lot more powerful and why people actually sometimes prefer it over Just Facebook posts. Okay, so it says emails, ROI was twenty. Eight point: five percent Compared to 7 % for direct mail, and so that kind of just goes through shows the comparison. There is four times more effective for ROI And if you think about that I mean how expensive is direct mail, That’s pretty expensive, ready to go through it and send all those different mail pieces, whereas with email You can just go through and do an email blast.

It is an essence free for you to go through and use for your business, And then it says a message is five times more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook, And that’s part of this whole new face book out of the grid of algorithm Updates, Which I get questions about all the time like well, How does this affect my real estate business? Well, the really the way it would affect your real estate.

Business is, if you go make a post on your Facebook page Pretty much. Nobody is going to see that unless you put money behind it right, whereas with a email, It’s going to Go through to every single person’s inbox and the chances of people actually seeing that goes up dramatically now. I just want to really quickly share with you guys, a cool storage experience That happened with email, marketing and in my business And why it’s so important to go through and effect.

We use it in your business and guys Here just a second I’m going to show you how you can get access to all of these email templates here right. So I’m right now, I’m reading a book by Grant Cardone, It’s called seller, be sold and in the book he talks about your power base K And your power base is kind of like what we’ve talked about Before on this blog is just your warm market, people That already know like and trust you and then it’s good.

It’s a lot easier to go through and do business with them as opposed to your cold market right. So he goes and talks about how you need to be effectively leveraging that that power base and Email is an amazing way to do it. Okay, And even if you’re going through and you’re sending emails and you’re like well, I can see that They’re not really opening or clicking on my emails or doing anything like that when the time is right, They’re going to be your best easiest customers, especially in real Estate right, because Not every single person’s always ready to go through and buy a home, not every person’s ready to go through and sell a home.

But what actually happened with me recently in my business, and this actually happens all the time Is there was this guy? Who he’s been on my email list he’s been following me: He’s kind of been my warm market for over a year now over a year, but he has not spent dollar with me, Okay and then just this past week, He finally signed up and he jumped on Our full-service plan that we can go through and help him right now He’s been on my email list for a long time.

Okay, I’ve seen like you know, occasionally hope my emails occasionally He’ll go through and click on them, but it was after a Year that he finally jumped on and honestly like. What I saw. Will we work with is a lot lower ticket item and is something That like people can jump on and get started with a lot quicker than going through and buying or selling a home. So I just kind of want to like kind of put that in perspective with you guys, When you’re going through, then you’ve got your email database.

You’ve got your contacts. You’ve got all those people that that know they like you. They trust you. You want to be going through and staying in touch with them on a consistent Basis right now, if you guys want these real estate, email templates right here just go ahead and comment right down below this article and Give the article a thumbs up. If you guys comment down below give it a thumbs up I’ll reply back to every single person with the link to this Google Doc right here, So you guys can get access to that copy and paste it using your business and just simplify your life.

A ton. Okay And another way that you can go through and implement this because a lot of times I go through and I’ll hook, people up with These realistic email, templates and they’ll be like well Jason. How do I go through and use them right like? How do I go and know who to send them to when to send them to and all that good stuff, And so what we’ve done is we’ve actually pretty much simplified. This whole process inside of the arsalan kg software, for you guys, Which also drop a link right below that you can get start with a free 14-day trial if you’re not already a member of Arsenal.

So what we’ve got right here, You can see all these email templates that are on this Google Doc plus a whole bunch, more they’re, already pre-built into the Arsenal software. So what we can do is come over here and Create another sequence, so you can see, we’ve got, buyer leads email series, So it leads other leads for like leads coming in through Trulia Zillow, real calm by monthly updates. So this is really cool because what happens is inside of here.

We got all these email templates of real estate, Specific information, just updating and staying in touch with all of your leads. Okay, so You just put these people through the sequence, and then you don’t even have to think about it. The emails are going to go out on Autopilot every 15 days, and this right here is a six-month-long Sequence that you can just have that little touch points with all of your customers And you can see, we’ve got first-time little buyer or even the single emailing right Here You can go through and create your own custom Email sequence right, so you can either go through and copy/paste all the emails in here, Or we also have a pre bill in here And then also as part of the Arsenal CRM.

If we come over here to the listings or not the lists inside the lead section, What we can do is say: Hey, ok, this James guy, maybe Bob Eugene and Jason. We want through and roll them into The bimonthly update, section kaor, and so we just hit enroll leads And then it’ll enroll those people in that sequence and then, for example, James right here. If we click on his name right here, It’ll come down and you’ll be able to see the emails that are sent Delivered open, clicked on all that Information right here in the history, and we can add tags, we can add notes and follow up with this person.

Okay, So anyway, guys as far as if you want to go through a use, email marketing in your real estate business, I highly recommend it because You’re able to go through and have all these little touch points throughout the year Where you don’t have to necessarily be Thinking about it, You can just enroll them into these automated sequences that are already pre-built and done for you in your business, And so you can have these touch points and take advantage of this 40 times increase in acquiring new customers Compared to Facebook or Twitter.

Now that doesn’t mean you don’t do Facebook marketing doesn’t mean you don’t do with these other social media marketing. But the thing is, you need to be doing it all because, as we’ve talked about in previous articles, There’s just so many ways to communicate with your customers. Now, There’s email marketing, There’s text marketing, There’s phone calls, There’s facebook messenger, there’s a number of different ways and Each person they prefer a different method of communication act like some people are going to be old-school And they still prefer the phone call talk to somebody one-on-one.

Some people for prefer email, some people prefer Facebook, messenger, Some people text messages, and so you need to connect with every single one of your clients and potential clients Where they’re going to be hanging out and where they prefer to communicate with. So you need to be on all these different platforms, But the nice thing about email, guys, It’s basically free, okay and comparing it to direct mail, It’s four times as effective when you’re talking about ROI and the cost is like pretty much non-existent.

Okay, so anyway, guys. I just wanted to break down some of these email, marketing tips and strategies for you guys and, as I mentioned before, if you do Want the the real estate email templates, as you guys can see right here, just comment down below this article. Give it a thumbs up if you guys, have any questions as far as how to go through and use your emails With your contact list or how often you should email and all that stuff which we have all the campaign’s pre-built in here for you, Which all That stuff’s kind of taken care of so you don’t have to worry about it, But you have any questions comment down below as well.

I go through And I read: every single one of the comments be able to help you guys out Growing your business generating more leads, making more money and, at the end of the day, taking things to the next level right. So Once again, if you guys are brand new here to the blog, My name is Jason Wardrop, I launched a article new article every single Monday, Wednesday Friday, Helping you generate more leads, make more money and grow your business.

So if this is the first time you guys are here, make sure You subscribe, give this article a thumbs up and comment down below. If you guys want these real estate, email templates, you can have and copy and Paste use it. Your business and with that said thanks so much Hope you guys all have an amazing weekend and I will see you all next week.