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MDi TV – 5 consideration before you start your email marketing campaign

So the first thing to consider is if your audience, who are you actually trying to get this email to what kind of messages will be within the email for that particular audience, so you may just want to focus on new customers. You know clients that you’ve acquired in the last 12 months. You may want to introduce email as a way of communicating with these new customers and make them aware of other products that you do so.

Customers will not aware of products ex-wife and said somebody who’s bought, for example, or specified a particular product. And how can you then communicate with them that you also do other products which come within the range or a particular installation prospects? So customers, not customers and people who have called you up or they requested a brochure or they’ve, asked for a sample there in your database.

You know there’s a project, but that project might not happen for another 18. 24 months. How could you use email to better target these prospects to keep a Brandon in front of their minds as well? You may have a specification tool. You may have an online specification tool that requires registrations. If you like me, I will sign up to lots and lots of tools that I think one day they’ll come in handy though there’ll be something useful and I forget that I’ve signed up so keeping tabs on registrations.

So, if somebody’s, if you’ve so many signed up a tool or an area on your website and I’m not logged back in or not come back to your website, it can consume more content or use the tool. How can you use email to remind them that they’ve signed up for this tool is valuable to help them improve their job or make their job a lot easier? Customers not contacted in last six months how to use emailed to help your business development or specification managers.

Keep a tab of all their customers and make sure that the brand is kept to the orphan of their minds. So have a look, then just extract for me or CRM those contacts that haven’t been contacted for six months 12 months and introduce a email marketing strategy. But remember think about the messaging for each of those types of audiences. You can’t just send one newsletter aimed up all of these audiences, it’s about segmentation and delivering the right message in the right way safely.

The objectives give yourself some objectives, depending on what your who your audiences are. You promoting products are in promoting events. If you’re promoting events, what type of audience is it more relevant for is existing customers? Is it prospects? They require a CPD in order to just to push them a little bit further down the specification cycle. If you like, read night lost contacts, this goes back to customers not contacted within six months.

They’ve contacted you, you that forgot, and it’s a way of just introducing hey we’re still here. We’ve still got these products, we’ve got some new products and lots of events coming up. Let’s talk cleansing database and this is a great way of if you, if you do not actively got a department or somebody that cleanses a database email, could be a great way of just deleting or eliminating all contacts.

I shouldn’t say to meet him. I should be saying replacing, so you send out an email. You might get two hundred three hundred thousand two thousand email just that bounced back. This is a great way of using that data. To then give to your telemarketing people and get them to ring. The companies have that has that contact left the company if they’ve been replaced as the branch closed down. It’s a way of just refreshing that database and getting new contacts and eliminating those old ones, feed content.

You know using email, we want. We’ve got a blog, we’ve got case studies because some great articles, it’s a way of delivering that content to your audience and again remember who wants that type of content? Do your customers really want to hear about case studies? If so, then it may be customers, or is it more likely to be beneficial to prospects? Was it more like beneficial to those who have always specified always always bought Product X? Is that email going to be more efficient or more relevant to those and remind them of other products that you do then moving on to devices remember to think about devices and have a look around oolitic? How much mobile traffic has come to your website from emails? That you’ve, already done or from mobile devices they’ll come to your website.

So more and more people are accessing emails on a mobile or a tablet. Ipad iphone, for example. What device will they be using how your email be displayed on my phone and then, if I click on a link on the iphone – and it takes me to your website or a landing page? Is that website or landing page friendly for on a mobile device or tablet device? Can I book an event? Can I download a brochure? Can I register? Can I also view other products on a mobile or device time as well? People often ask well what the best time sending emails on a Monday morning or friday afternoon or wednesday evening.

It’s really about come testing and understanding what type of content works. Well, so if it’s an event, kind of email in one family works better on a Wednesday. If it’s a content-based email, it might work better on a Friday or it might work better on a weekend, and it’s really about testing to find when you get the best opens and click throughs, but also don’t get too hung up on. When went to go.

Sending you know if it’s something that’s regular, do keep it periodicals. So, for example, we send out our module insider articles on a second second week of every month, and our blog roundup goes out to our database at the end of every month. So, every week to and week four of every month, Alima marketing activity goes up and we expect our database kind of expect them. They are about to receive any email from us.

If it’s a promotional one, it could be ad hoc, but think about time for one that I absolutely advocated is testing. Your first email is not going to be the answer. It’s not going to the Silver Bullet test. The design do different colors, different images, bigger images, smaller images, more copy, less copy, the layout. Do you need a sidebar on the white? Do you need bigger links? Do you need bigger buttons, which leads on to call to actions? Should you say book now or should you say register now, should you say download now or request now or what types of different calls to actions produce the better results, testing the subject line and also a sender, is it do more people click through when it’s sent By somebody or do easy, more collective is sent by bram, so an email received by poorly creative may get better results, as opposed to somebody if it’s a personal type, email think about the offer as well.

So what are you actually trying to get somebody to do or book or register? Think about the offer? Is that offer actually really compelling and when they click through is the offers still consistent on landing pages receive quite a few emails of late subscribe to a lot of newsletters or married construction companies? One of the concerns I have is when you click through the inconsistency between a messaging on the email and the messaging on the actual landing page.

The offer has to be consistent. Hopefully that’s given you some insight into five key things that you need to consider before. Developing an email, marketing strategy and one of the key points will need, would be a segmentation. Look at your database. Don’t please don’t send out 10,000 emails, 20,000 emails and expect returns. It’s really about breaking down your audience into smaller buckets and sending more smaller, more relevant.

More quality type emails out to your database if you’ve got any questions, please do tweeters are poorly creative. We’ve got a SEO workshop with myself. If you want to know more about search engine optimization. Looking at how to measure your SEO efforts using google analytics, we’ve got workshop on 19th of april. If you go to bit ly /em di events, 2012 you’ll be able to book or reserve your places through our landing page there thanks for joining us join us next time.


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