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Opening The Letters Written to Future Husband…

What’s up friends say: I’m Monique Nick is taking a Spanish class, so don’t mind him did I say Pamela, I’m a male mo nique. Okay, I’m on Chelsea! Today, we’re going to be doing something that is kind of just taking it back to whenever I was a teen and writing letters to my future, husband, which my future husband is now my husband, so we’re going to open up this box that I’ve been collecting all These letters in and niggas are in a few of these right before we got married on our wedding day and they even recorded it, and everything and Nick was like a mess read all of it.

Oh solving, but the file got corrupted, and so now we’re just going to kind of go through it together and share some of the prayers that I had written whenever I was 16 18. I just wanted to encourage you guys to also write prayers to your future. Husband or future wife, because it’s really special and it’s really something I’m glad I did so want to do it – let’s go just jump right into it, so this is the box that I started collecting things in for my future husband.

I also have letters that Nick’s written to me in here so, like I don’t know what this one is looks like Valentine’s. There cuz, I am just Valentine’s Day, don’t get distracted. This is about surgery. I was like. Oh, I wrote that so originally I never wrote letters in a box or anything I never put them in there, but whenever we were planning on getting married, I started doing that, but there’s this jar that I always put letters into from 16 years of age.

I even wrote it on the cap. 222 question mark. I thought I going to I put like when I thought I was going to get married and I was going to be 22 at one boy: pull some random stuff out and read it. I’r nervous cheering. I Tina this is from 2015, that’s four years ago, all right open up, let’s just Molly, okay, you know what type of person there was. This is from 219 of 15, so this is five days after Valentine’s Day, four days after real time.

You know what, when you started dating February 19, this would have been exactly Chelsea. What and out was not playing by the way. It’s not realizing yeah. I didn’t. I totally forgot about that, but yeah we started dating on February 19. 2017. Dear future, husband, we should put like actually reading some like, I should read it and I’m British accent too, but I’m not going to it’s really difficult.

Sometimes I see all my friends around me in really long relationships and I can only hope that would be me someday. I pray for you often. I wish I could know right now that God has someone planned for me, but I just don’t. I mean what, if I was made to be single. My whole life, you weren’t, I know God would make my heart content if need be, but I guess I’m just worried right now. My best friend is in a relationship that is beyond damaging and my heart breaks for him, because I know he doesn’t love her and he’s just blinded by lust praise God that I wasn’t in a situation like that.

It truly is a blessing and also occurs to date, someone for about two weeks Wow for about two weeks and know if it’s pretty much going to work out or not Wow, you knew after somebody knew after two weeks it was going to work out thing. That’s me: Oh we’ll keep reading. I feel like an awful person, because I pretty much shut this guy down that I like for a while, because I couldn’t see a future with him.

It’s almost as if every time I would pray about advancing into a relationship with them, God was like. Ah not homie, you is going wait. A second God was like quote: ah nah homie, you is, is spelled isay. This is in my language. You is growing in me right now. You don’t need a distraction. End quote yeah. I got it. Thank you. God doesn’t die like that. Alright, I guess that’s where I’m at right now.

That’s the letter! That’s that’s the letter. Alright, let’s see one this one’s from. It’s 11, 1 or 1, 1, 16, 17 years old, so yeah yeah, we didn’t know each other. We wouldn’t have met 400 washers going off or dryer action. 1. 1. 16. So this would have been 11 months 3 days before we ever first started any kind of discussion. Dear future husband, the clock just struck midnight for the new year and I cannot help but think of you.

So many questions are going through my mind, like. I wonder if he spent New Year’s Eve alone like me, because I was sick, frowny face question mark or what’s his family like, I wonder what state we will end up living in so many questions, but I pray that you were growing closer to Christ. Oh, I get it ok. This past year was a year of mistakes for me, but thanks to God’s amazing grace, I can choose to walk in the other direction.

Now I love how God is working in me, and I already know this year is going to amaze me on all sorts of levels going to college and making new friends and maybe meeting you question mark. Who knows thanks, you yeah! Well, you actually didn’t meet me that years, that’s going to say who knows, but I’m tired, so I’m going to start the new year off right with some sleep xoxo Charles 11, 27. 16. Oh okay, hold on.

I want to read that one first 11:27, 16. So Chelsea now would have known each other at this point for 23 days. So just over three weeks well, we had not met each other enough. We had my dear hubby it’s on my heart tonight that maybe God will call me into singleness my entire life. I was literally afraid of being single my whole life. I can tell, and now I’m sure, nothing 2 out of the 3 letters yeah it’s on my heart tonight that God will call me into singleness my entire life.

I mean. I know Christ is enough for me, but I long to have a life partner to go deeper with plus kids would be so cool if you’re out there. I pray that you’re growing in your faith. My recent boyfriend I just broke up because God was calling me into singleness. I prayed this is not Christ, calling all my life to be single for my entire life, but if it is, I know I can find my security and rest in you.

The most attractive thing to me in a man is a guy after God’s heart and if you’re reading this you have this, I can’t imagine myself marrying someone with the lack of this quality. Currently, I’m waiting waiting on a calling to let someone pursue me again and I want to be prayerfully certain of it well now, on that heavy note, maybe let’s go to a lawyer one. She decorated him up like all cool and stuff, it’s out of focus, but normally you’d be able to see.

It says, dear future, husband, 17 years old December, 30th, 2015 Wow, dear future, husband, it’s so funny. I cannot remember the last time I wrote to you, but I pray that you were healthy and living life like it’s your last day that probably wasn’t lately. I’ve been so on fire for God, like always having the urge to read his word. It’s been amazing. I’r finding my identity in Christ and for once, I can say, I’m not longing for a relationship.

All over social media are lesyk quote couple goals that are currently being posted. It just makes me sad because God designed dating as a tool to eventually marry and people use these relationships as just sexual fulfillment, sometimes or don’t take their significant other seriously. What you and I are going to have some day is going to be so raw and beautiful because of Christ and the both of us plus we’ll make stunning children hey man.

I’r writing this at 2:00 a.M. On winter break, and I have breakfast with a friend in the morning, so I better sleep lots of love forever and always jealous. Could you get breakfast with the next morning? I don’t know how many letters we want to read. Should we make this last one yeah, let’s make this the last one, and then we can go through other things in the box that we kind of had last one. This one definitely looks like.

I was 13 when I wrote here we go, but this was when I was 16. This was this was February 23rd 2015. This is just after here other one. Dear future, husband people are just so judgmental at times, including myself. It just blows me away. It’s a struggle at school to even go through the regular day without one of your friends or just someone you care about questioning your reasoning in certain situations.

Wow did. I need to know this, or was this human thing, or was this thing this is me vent? I think this was you venting most times. I just want to ye yeah ye. It looks like three e’s most times. I won’t a ye most times. I want to yell at them, because so many people try to guide other people’s lives in general. I just want to tell them every time you know this is between my Savior and I I’m sorry for this one time what Jesus says don’t throw me up on the bus, sweetie uh-huh, you ain’t going to do that seriously, though people are just so curious.

Okay anyways. I guess this is some sort of therapy to write this all down. Okay, I love you Chelsey. This was not a letter to me. This was Chelsea venting there. You have it some of the relics of our love and then Nick had written me. A letter on a napkin, no, that’s uh! That’s a shop! Towel, that’s a shopping! Now! Oh mechanic. Let’s see paper towel was all I had lol. I love you more today than I ever have you’re the best ever Chelsea drive safely.

Look love! You see you Friday! Yay, I love you so much sweetheart Nick so cute when Chelsea writes it’s like man. Hope God’s, not calling me be single. Oh he’s not doing that hey! You know. People are just so mean they’re all just so mean. I don’t know why I’m writing this, but you see you my Twitter gasps, these letters that I wrote were because I I didn’t know you yet. Oh this is the list yeah yeah.

I remember I think I read this one on our wedding day, so these are qualities that Chelsea wanted and a husband and there’s many of them. Isn’t my vows whoa whoa. I read them to you, sir. All right, these are Nick’s vows, so we’re just kind of going through this box of randomness into my real vows to you – and this is my little Newton, earring yeah Chelsea. We’ve definitely had our highs and lows: we’ve shared our wins and we’ve definitely shared our losses and somehow you’ve stucked right next to me through it all now here today, you’re not going to have a choice but to be stuck with me through this life.

I promise to you that I will do the following. I promise, first and foremost to leave by seceding Christ up the throne of our marriage. I promise to love you and only you faithfully. I promise to protect your heart and situations of success and failure in good times and in the bad times. I promise to encourage you to press on when stopping short seems to be an easier route. I promise to listen to you intently in nurture your every dream and aspiration.

Lastly, I promise not to give up when it gets hard. I may not be able to do everything I may not be able to meet every single need every single time, but I promise that I won’t be able to at least do these because of that about all these things to you, I love okay. Well, I was fun for us to go through. I hope this article is somewhat encouraging honestly, because I think that these things are special to look back on with your person in the future.

If you choose to to write letters and show your affection that way, because, honestly that’s one of the reasons that I loved long-distance or at least I loved one side like you, know their pros and cons, but I loved long-distance in this way because of that, so You enjoyed this article and you like more articles like this, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell be sure to subscribe. So thank you guys so much for tuning into this article, sometimes NIC makes me laugh, and I can’t certain to the article but love you.

If you guys enjoy any more articles like these, we do a lot of similar types of articles, including why we’re going to counselling in our first few months of marriage and why it’s important to us. You can find that on our blog as well and hit the subscribe button and press the notification bell because YouTube kind of sucks at notifying people whenever they post articles. So we don’t want that happen to you guys and we hope that you guys can stay plugged into this community and we really appreciate you all.

So we love you so much we’ll see you in the next article. Oh, oh remember: oh the only way to change tomorrow take a step today, goodness, okay, I got ta go. I got ta, go

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