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Connect Google My Business Account to: Search Console, Youtube Channel & Google Analytics

Specifically, you know all the tools that you have available to you. Google Analytics Google search console what else your YouTube blog, etc to your Google, my business page, because, really that Google, my business page, is kind of like your central hub as a local business, not just kind of as it is, and so, when you connect, if you Just think about it from from Google’s standpoint: okay, there’s in the beginning, you know seven eight years ago there are a lot of businesses that were just claiming or setting up Google my business pages and they weren’t.

Really they weren’t verifying them. They weren’t. You know really, it wasn’t really their address, you know and they weren’t really engaged on the platform, and the same thing applies to Yelp and for that matter pretty much any platform that you’re trying to optimize, for is, if you, if you don’t create content for it And if you don’t use the tool that they give, you then they’re just not going to give you the results that you want and I can’t think of any better or bigger tool for a local business based on results.

Right crystal I mean we’ve, we’ve seen you know, Steven Rosenberg and and guys like him, significantly benefit from spending a little time. Utilizing these tools connecting these tools together, doing building their foundation. So to speak, which is, in my opinion, is doing this kind of stuff for local SEO and eventually what we’re talking about is local search, engine, optimization and so obviously getting more reviews – and you know specifically as it pertains to the Google platform you know it like.

I said it doesn’t get any bigger than Google my business, because that is what it’s going to allow you to show up on. The maps literally show up on the map, and when you connect these these tools that Google gives you access to analytics the YouTube blog. That you’re, using for your your you, know your business to create content. Your Google search console. These are tools that, and why not take advantage of anyway, and what you can do is and the thing and like I said, if you think about it from Google’s standpoint, just think about it.

For a second, I mean if, if Google sees that you’ve taken the time to set up a Google Analytics account a YouTube blog and a Google search, console account and connect, and maybe even an AdWords account. So you connect all those accounts. There’s many more accounts at Google. Hats I mean: there’s you can set up there’s so many different tools that Google gives you access to and if you you connect that Google, my business page you can, by the way you can connect and, let’s just say the, how so here’s how you can specifically Connect the Google my business page directly to these tools right in the Google, my business platform.

If you go to your Google, my business page you’ll, see that you know it asks you. It says you want to connect. You know, connect this to your Google Analytics account. Do you want to connect your Google, my business account to your AdWords account you know, etc. And/Or to your YouTube account now. I will say that you know they are making it so that you can create articles right in your Google, my business page, so it’s easier, but man it does not take long to set up a Google Analytics account.

It does not take long to set up a you know, an AdWords account or a Google search console account and connect your website to it, and if you do, Google sees that it’s and what you also will probably want to do. What I suggest that you do is you use the same email address. Google account Google Gmail account to set up all these same accounts so that Google sees that there’s a common thread that there is a you know that there’s that there’s a common thread between the setting up of all of these accounts – and you know so – you can Have a owner and an admin account on your Google, my business page, and so I would associate the owner account to the email address that you’re going to use to set up all of these other Google platforms and and, and you know, like search, console, YouTube, etc.

You can call them platforms, you can call them accounts whatever you want to call them, but bottom line is use these tools, platforms that Google provide you and my suggestion is – is like I said it’s just use the same Gmail or you know. Google email account that you use to set up your Google, my business page or to own your Google. My business page they’re basically set up these other these other platforms that Google Offers you there anything else that you guys.

It makes sense that I find it very interesting that just these small basic little simple things of just setting up this, and that makes such a difference, and in that you know you can tie it all together somehow, and so your rankings improved that way, and I Just find it so interesting that things so basic that you would, or I would naturally just pass over and think it wasn’t that big of a deal whether I signed up or not would make that that ranking increase.

Well, it does because you know good again, if you think of it from Google’s standpoint, I mean what they want to know. Is they want to know that you’re an engaged? It’s like we like to have engagement with people that come to our website. You know with chat: okay, yeah, Google’s measure of engagement and your your engagement with their tools. The only way they can really measure that is to see if you’re setting up these accounts, if you’re, using these different platforms that they offer and why not I mean, for goodness sakes, Google Analytics is the gold standard really for for analytics out there for measuring and Quantifying the visitors to your site, the unique visitors, the the bounce rate for your website, and you want to keep track of all these things, because when you do what we’ve always said, this many times crystal what you pay attention to improve and improve.

If you pay attention to it and you identify what your goal is and where you’re at now, if you don’t know where you’re at now, it’s tough for you that you can’t set a goal for where you want to go and if you’re not paying attention to It and making it a part of your normal activities that you’re doing then it’s just there’s just no way for it to improve. It’s just not going to happen. So when Google sees that you’re using these tools – and it sees that you’re that and you’re actually paying attention to your bounce rate and you’re trying to improve your bounce rate on your website, that’s going to help your search engine optimization! Because and that’s what Google wants.

Google wants to see that speaking of engagement, that you’re getting engagement on your website and that people are staying there and that they’re scrolling down like we’ve, talked about in in articles past yeah. You know they’re scrolling down, you know from the top of the bottom they’re, not just you know bouncing. You know which bounced is when somebody goes to your website and they immediately bounce right off.

They just blink. They just go right to somewhere else, because they see that it has nothing to do. You know, there’s no value there and that’s not what Google wants to create the best experience possible. They have. It wants to serve up the best content possible that people are going to find engaging and the only way they can quantify. That is to see if people are actually engaging with your website and how do they quantify that by connecting Google Analytics to your website? So it would only make sense because look you’re going to pay attention to it and they’re going to see as well they’re going to be able to see when they have analytics on your site.

They’ll be able to see more data and and quantify and see if people are have a great experience and, more importantly, though, you can affect those numbers are well as well, because you can finally start paying attention to them. And, and do things like add chat to your website so that you increase the time on site, okay and which is another big parameter that you want to pick that you pay attention to what analytics, if you have analytics connected to your website? And if you have like the Google search console connected to your website, why would you want to do that? Well, because you get amazing additional insight into the visitors to each page and how long they’re staying there and what pages are getting the most are getting the most hits and same with analytics.

We can get all this in analytics too, but Google search console, I think, used to be called Google Webmaster Tools, and it just gives you additional insight into what’s going on on your website and and then, of course, a YouTube blog. I mean it just goes without saying I mean if you could, you know you want to create content as much as possible, and that’s just another way for Google to see that you are, you know, look if you’re creating valuable YouTube content and especially if you take That YouTube content and you do what we do, which is to embed those articles on your website.

That’s going to increase the time on site, it’s going to decrease the bounce rate. That’s proven stats show it all the time and you can see how it’s like a snowball effect. You know you start using these tools that Google provides whether it’s YouTube blog Google search, console, analytics, etc and you’re going to start your you’re going to create a better experience, which is what Google wants and what you want, as well.

For the people that visit your site and you’re going to be able to measure and see, what’s going on with the analytics and Webmaster, you know a search console, and so it just it only makes sense. Not that is primarily just why Google wants you to connect your Google, my business page to the other platforms, because they know that it’s going to create a better experience for the people that actually go to your site and get with your content.

And – and it’s just going to create a better experience that makes sense and to you know in our safari when I would go, and I would ask you the top three questions that would show up for local SEO. I found it rather interesting that they one of the top question questions is: do I have to keep track of analytics like it was a nuisance and – and I would think why not, why wouldn’t you you know from what we know, but I really tried hard to Understand from a new business, or you know, standpoint or a new Google, my business page standpoint as far as why you wouldn’t think that’s valuable, but I can come up with anything yeah.

I find it so interesting that that was one of the top questions. What, in other words, why would you want to keep yeah it was? Do I have to keep track of AnnaLynne it yeah yeah? Well, it’s really saying the same thing is yeah. Why why do I have to do I have to, and – and yes I mean it man only only if you want to get more inbound phone calls, then only only if you want to increase your business, I mean that’s.

You know that. That’s all! That’s the only reasons I yeah and then yesterday you know we had talked about playing the guessing game. That’s kind of what happens when you don’t pay attention to stuff like this or the analytics. You end up playing ping playing the guessing game and wasting time and getting frustrated, and you know spending money on stuff that doesn’t need to be spent on absolutely and and – and you know, and we’re we’re going through a revamp of our site right now, because we’ve Actually been paying attention to the analytics and the the numbers, the the simple numbers, which is, you know not just prime on site and bounce rate etc, and what pages are being visited the most? But you know what results are we getting in terms of actual leads or conversations that are being started? That’s our big! You know our big parameter that work attention to now and we have seen a huge market increase.

You know we just you know a huge increase in time on site decrease significantly in the bounce rate from our website, and this huge increase in the number of leads like double so far and what’s really fun is, is looking at these data and finding and creating And identifying and tweaking your what you’re doing on the website so that you can improve these numbers and so that you can have you know and what it really comes down to.

So you can have more engaging conversation, people and etc. You know from your website, but and what it does it’s. Actually, it’s really fun, because when you know when we tweak one thing, we see the effect that it has on the bounce rate and and other you know, parameters and when you, when we add article, for example, to the website of the homepage. We see how that affects things, and we you I mean it’s immediate.

I mean it literally. You know when you change these things, I mean the impact can be very, very dramatic and and you’ll see. Google will reward you when you get a decrease in bounce rate and an increase in time on site you’ll see that all of a sudden you’ll just start showing up more in search and what I call it. The silent killer, because you don’t know that the! How good it can be until you actually experience how good it can be, and so you just go along.

You know just like with you know local SEO or not doing it. You just go along or like this person that asked you know. Why would I want to pay attention outside? Well the reason the reason why they’re asking that question is because they don’t even understand, don’t know what they don’t know. Yes, you know they don’t know that. Okay, you know, if I actually did this and this is low and what most people say like when they add when people add chat to their website.

You know so they can start conversations. I mean I hear it over and over and over again and people start doing and paying attention to local SEO and getting reviews they’re like man. Why did I do that? Why didn’t we do this sooner and and why didn’t we pay attention as before and the reason? Why is because they just didn’t know that it could be this good if they actually just pay attention to these things and and yes not, and we’re guilty that yeah yeah I mean even from the live article that you did with Steve Rosenberg yesterday and talking about Consistency I mean that plays a huge role in paying attention to your insights and staying consistent and then the other thing when we talked with Jason property management company yesterday as well, he talked about how.

Well maybe this isn’t a question that you should be asking. You should be asking this question instead of kind of looking at it in a different perspective of what are they really trying to ask? Rather than do I have to keep track of my insights. Well, so yeah, and so what we like to talk about is the should ask questions, not the not the not the frequently asked questions. Those are the question that everybody asks.

Ok, but they asked those they ask those questions from a place of they don’t know what they they don’t know and whereas, if they, if they knew what they didn’t know, they would be asking a different question and because Jason is an expert in what he does. This is why we create content with him so that he can highlight and and pose the questions that people should be asking, but they don’t know to ask those questions because they don’t know what he knows yeah and that’s what makes an expert an expert.

And that’s that’s what that’s where value is derived from? That’s where the most value is derived from, because those are the questions that can take somebody from give somebody a quantum leap from where they’re at currently to where they can can be once they understand. This should ask questions the answers that should ask questions so anyway. I think yeah, if you want to yeah, if you want to get ahold of us, go to our website and chat us up, we’ve got a.

We got chatbot there and we love engaging with you. I receive the the chat notifications right on my phone and we’ve got a reputation quiz. We can send you too. We are going to be revamping our website, but you know, the great thing is that you can engage with us whenever you want to and and we will respond I will respond to you or crystal well or somebody on the team within within five minutes yep and Then Karen, as well Monday through Friday, we are live, sharing successful strategies with you on how to become the go-to business in your niche.

So this week we did discuss Google, my business next week. It’s going to be all about reviews and your online reputation and then the week after that will be local SEO. So send us a message at MDOT me forward: slash, accelerate marketing, even if it’s just to say hi or if you have a specific question. We’ll definitely respond back with an audio message or a article message: yeah yeah, and what are we so next week we’ll be talking about next week? We will talk about online reputation and reviews.

I did notice too that Google, my business, just sent an email out that they are going to start incorporating notifications to your email. Once you receive a review on your Google, my business page and so they’re kind of tweaking that a little bit more to where you can reply back specific from that email instead of signing in to the Google my business page, you can just reply back to the Review from your from the email notification wow, I didn’t okay, that’s that that’s really cool! I mean basically, what they’re trying to do is they’re just making it as easy as possible for people to respond and and and to engage, because you know that has been a big challenge for us over the years to get our business owners to just respond.

Those reviews we talked about that yeah yeah just time. You know, I mean that way. It just makes it easier. I mean we make it super easy because you can actually, with with the system that we use, you can actually even just text. You know in the responses and so yeah not really No yeah but yeah, but I also think you know take that as a sign Google is saying, reviews are important, you know sign, but we’ll continue on this conversation.

Next, we can talk about online reviews and if you have any questions, you know specific towards online reviews, and you want us to touch base on that topic next week. Let us know at MDOT me forward, slash, accelerate marketing, yeah or just go to accelerate your marketing. Calm, yeah accelerate your marketing comment and you can chat us up there as well either either one will will engage with you within five minutes.

Perfect create a great rest of your day. Everyone


By Jimmy Dagger

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