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Connect Google My Business Account to: Search Console, Youtube Channel & Google Analytics

Specifically, you know all the tools that you have available to you. Google Analytics Google search console what else your YouTube blog, etc to your Google, my business page, because, really that Google, my business page, is kind of like your central hub as a local business, not just kind of as it is, and so, when you connect, if you Just think about it from from Google’s standpoint: okay, there’s in the beginning, you know seven eight years ago there are a lot of businesses that were just claiming or setting up Google my business pages and they weren’t.

Really they weren’t verifying them. They weren’t. You know really, it wasn’t really their address, you know and they weren’t really engaged on the platform, and the same thing applies to Yelp and for that matter pretty much any platform that you’re trying to optimize, for is, if you, if you don’t create content for it And if you don’t use the tool that they give, you then they’re just not going to give you the results that you want and I can’t think of any better or bigger tool for a local business based on results.

Right crystal I mean we’ve, we’ve seen you know, Steven Rosenberg and and guys like him, significantly benefit from spending a little time. Utilizing these tools connecting these tools together, doing building their foundation. So to speak, which is, in my opinion, is doing this kind of stuff for local SEO and eventually what we’re talking about is local search, engine, optimization and so obviously getting more reviews – and you know specifically as it pertains to the Google platform you know it like.

I said it doesn’t get any bigger than Google my business, because that is what it’s going to allow you to show up on. The maps literally show up on the map, and when you connect these these tools that Google gives you access to analytics the YouTube blog. That you’re, using for your your you, know your business to create content. Your Google search console. These are tools that, and why not take advantage of anyway, and what you can do is and the thing and like I said, if you think about it from Google’s standpoint, just think about it.

For a second, I mean if, if Google sees that you’ve taken the time to set up a Google Analytics account a YouTube blog and a Google search, console account and connect, and maybe even an AdWords account. So you connect all those accounts. There’s many more accounts at Google. Hats I mean: there’s you can set up there’s so many different tools that Google gives you access to and if you you connect that Google, my business page you can, by the way you can connect and, let’s just say the, how so here’s how you can specifically Connect the Google my business page directly to these tools right in the Google, my business platform.

If you go to your Google, my business page you’ll, see that you know it asks you. It says you want to connect. You know, connect this to your Google Analytics account. Do you want to connect your Google, my business account to your AdWords account you know, etc. And/Or to your YouTube account now. I will say that you know they are making it so that you can create articles right in your Google, my business page, so it’s easier, but man it does not take long to set up a Google Analytics account.

It does not take long to set up a you know, an AdWords account or a Google search console account and connect your website to it, and if you do, Google sees that it’s and what you also will probably want to do. What I suggest that you do is you use the same email address. Google account Google Gmail account to set up all these same accounts so that Google sees that there’s a common thread that there is a you know that there’s that there’s a common thread between the setting up of all of these accounts – and you know so – you can Have a owner and an admin account on your Google, my business page, and so I would associate the owner account to the email address that you’re going to use to set up all of these other Google platforms and and, and you know, like search, console, YouTube, etc.

You can call them platforms, you can call them accounts whatever you want to call them, but bottom line is use these tools, platforms that Google provide you and my suggestion is – is like I said it’s just use the same Gmail or you know. Google email account that you use to set up your Google, my business page or to own your Google. My business page they’re basically set up these other these other platforms that Google Offers you there anything else that you guys.

It makes sense that I find it very interesting that just these small basic little simple things of just setting up this, and that makes such a difference, and in that you know you can tie it all together somehow, and so your rankings improved that way, and I Just find it so interesting that things so basic that you would, or I would naturally just pass over and think it wasn’t that big of a deal whether I signed up or not would make that that ranking increase.

Well, it does because you know good again, if you think of it from Google’s standpoint, I mean what they want to know. Is they want to know that you’re an engaged? It’s like we like to have engagement with people that come to our website. You know with chat: okay, yeah, Google’s measure of engagement and your your engagement with their tools. The only way they can really measure that is to see if you’re setting up these accounts, if you’re, using these different platforms that they offer and why not I mean, for goodness sakes, Google Analytics is the gold standard really for for analytics out there for measuring and Quantifying the visitors to your site, the unique visitors, the the bounce rate for your website, and you want to keep track of all these things, because when you do what we’ve always said, this many times crystal what you pay attention to improve and improve.

If you pay attention to it and you identify what your goal is and where you’re at now, if you don’t know where you’re at now, it’s tough for you that you can’t set a goal for where you want to go and if you’re not paying attention to It and making it a part of your normal activities that you’re doing then it’s just there’s just no way for it to improve. It’s just not going to happen. So when Google sees that you’re using these tools – and it sees that you’re that and you’re actually paying attention to your bounce rate and you’re trying to improve your bounce rate on your website, that’s going to help your search engine optimization! Because and that’s what Google wants.

Google wants to see that speaking of engagement, that you’re getting engagement on your website and that people are staying there and that they’re scrolling down like we’ve, talked about in in articles past yeah. You know they’re scrolling down, you know from the top of the bottom they’re, not just you know bouncing. You know which bounced is when somebody goes to your website and they immediately bounce right off.

They just blink. They just go right to somewhere else, because they see that it has nothing to do. You know, there’s no value there and that’s not what Google wants to create the best experience possible. They have. It wants to serve up the best content possible that people are going to find engaging and the only way they can quantify. That is to see if people are actually engaging with your website and how do they quantify that by connecting Google Analytics to your website? So it would only make sense because look you’re going to pay attention to it and they’re going to see as well they’re going to be able to see when they have analytics on your site.

They’ll be able to see more data and and quantify and see if people are have a great experience and, more importantly, though, you can affect those numbers are well as well, because you can finally start paying attention to them. And, and do things like add chat to your website so that you increase the time on site, okay and which is another big parameter that you want to pick that you pay attention to what analytics, if you have analytics connected to your website? And if you have like the Google search console connected to your website, why would you want to do that? Well, because you get amazing additional insight into the visitors to each page and how long they’re staying there and what pages are getting the most are getting the most hits and same with analytics.

We can get all this in analytics too, but Google search console, I think, used to be called Google Webmaster Tools, and it just gives you additional insight into what’s going on on your website and and then, of course, a YouTube blog. I mean it just goes without saying I mean if you could, you know you want to create content as much as possible, and that’s just another way for Google to see that you are, you know, look if you’re creating valuable YouTube content and especially if you take That YouTube content and you do what we do, which is to embed those articles on your website.

That’s going to increase the time on site, it’s going to decrease the bounce rate. That’s proven stats show it all the time and you can see how it’s like a snowball effect. You know you start using these tools that Google provides whether it’s YouTube blog Google search, console, analytics, etc and you’re going to start your you’re going to create a better experience, which is what Google wants and what you want, as well.

For the people that visit your site and you’re going to be able to measure and see, what’s going on with the analytics and Webmaster, you know a search console, and so it just it only makes sense. Not that is primarily just why Google wants you to connect your Google, my business page to the other platforms, because they know that it’s going to create a better experience for the people that actually go to your site and get with your content.

And – and it’s just going to create a better experience that makes sense and to you know in our safari when I would go, and I would ask you the top three questions that would show up for local SEO. I found it rather interesting that they one of the top question questions is: do I have to keep track of analytics like it was a nuisance and – and I would think why not, why wouldn’t you you know from what we know, but I really tried hard to Understand from a new business, or you know, standpoint or a new Google, my business page standpoint as far as why you wouldn’t think that’s valuable, but I can come up with anything yeah.

I find it so interesting that that was one of the top questions. What, in other words, why would you want to keep yeah it was? Do I have to keep track of AnnaLynne it yeah yeah? Well, it’s really saying the same thing is yeah. Why why do I have to do I have to, and – and yes I mean it man only only if you want to get more inbound phone calls, then only only if you want to increase your business, I mean that’s.

You know that. That’s all! That’s the only reasons I yeah and then yesterday you know we had talked about playing the guessing game. That’s kind of what happens when you don’t pay attention to stuff like this or the analytics. You end up playing ping playing the guessing game and wasting time and getting frustrated, and you know spending money on stuff that doesn’t need to be spent on absolutely and and – and you know, and we’re we’re going through a revamp of our site right now, because we’ve Actually been paying attention to the analytics and the the numbers, the the simple numbers, which is, you know not just prime on site and bounce rate etc, and what pages are being visited the most? But you know what results are we getting in terms of actual leads or conversations that are being started? That’s our big! You know our big parameter that work attention to now and we have seen a huge market increase.

You know we just you know a huge increase in time on site decrease significantly in the bounce rate from our website, and this huge increase in the number of leads like double so far and what’s really fun is, is looking at these data and finding and creating And identifying and tweaking your what you’re doing on the website so that you can improve these numbers and so that you can have you know and what it really comes down to.

So you can have more engaging conversation, people and etc. You know from your website, but and what it does it’s. Actually, it’s really fun, because when you know when we tweak one thing, we see the effect that it has on the bounce rate and and other you know, parameters and when you, when we add article, for example, to the website of the homepage. We see how that affects things, and we you I mean it’s immediate.

I mean it literally. You know when you change these things, I mean the impact can be very, very dramatic and and you’ll see. Google will reward you when you get a decrease in bounce rate and an increase in time on site you’ll see that all of a sudden you’ll just start showing up more in search and what I call it. The silent killer, because you don’t know that the! How good it can be until you actually experience how good it can be, and so you just go along.

You know just like with you know local SEO or not doing it. You just go along or like this person that asked you know. Why would I want to pay attention outside? Well the reason the reason why they’re asking that question is because they don’t even understand, don’t know what they don’t know. Yes, you know they don’t know that. Okay, you know, if I actually did this and this is low and what most people say like when they add when people add chat to their website.

You know so they can start conversations. I mean I hear it over and over and over again and people start doing and paying attention to local SEO and getting reviews they’re like man. Why did I do that? Why didn’t we do this sooner and and why didn’t we pay attention as before and the reason? Why is because they just didn’t know that it could be this good if they actually just pay attention to these things and and yes not, and we’re guilty that yeah yeah I mean even from the live article that you did with Steve Rosenberg yesterday and talking about Consistency I mean that plays a huge role in paying attention to your insights and staying consistent and then the other thing when we talked with Jason property management company yesterday as well, he talked about how.

Well maybe this isn’t a question that you should be asking. You should be asking this question instead of kind of looking at it in a different perspective of what are they really trying to ask? Rather than do I have to keep track of my insights. Well, so yeah, and so what we like to talk about is the should ask questions, not the not the not the frequently asked questions. Those are the question that everybody asks.

Ok, but they asked those they ask those questions from a place of they don’t know what they they don’t know and whereas, if they, if they knew what they didn’t know, they would be asking a different question and because Jason is an expert in what he does. This is why we create content with him so that he can highlight and and pose the questions that people should be asking, but they don’t know to ask those questions because they don’t know what he knows yeah and that’s what makes an expert an expert.

And that’s that’s what that’s where value is derived from? That’s where the most value is derived from, because those are the questions that can take somebody from give somebody a quantum leap from where they’re at currently to where they can can be once they understand. This should ask questions the answers that should ask questions so anyway. I think yeah, if you want to yeah, if you want to get ahold of us, go to our website and chat us up, we’ve got a.

We got chatbot there and we love engaging with you. I receive the the chat notifications right on my phone and we’ve got a reputation quiz. We can send you too. We are going to be revamping our website, but you know, the great thing is that you can engage with us whenever you want to and and we will respond I will respond to you or crystal well or somebody on the team within within five minutes yep and Then Karen, as well Monday through Friday, we are live, sharing successful strategies with you on how to become the go-to business in your niche.

So this week we did discuss Google, my business next week. It’s going to be all about reviews and your online reputation and then the week after that will be local SEO. So send us a message at MDOT me forward: slash, accelerate marketing, even if it’s just to say hi or if you have a specific question. We’ll definitely respond back with an audio message or a article message: yeah yeah, and what are we so next week we’ll be talking about next week? We will talk about online reputation and reviews.

I did notice too that Google, my business, just sent an email out that they are going to start incorporating notifications to your email. Once you receive a review on your Google, my business page and so they’re kind of tweaking that a little bit more to where you can reply back specific from that email instead of signing in to the Google my business page, you can just reply back to the Review from your from the email notification wow, I didn’t okay, that’s that that’s really cool! I mean basically, what they’re trying to do is they’re just making it as easy as possible for people to respond and and and to engage, because you know that has been a big challenge for us over the years to get our business owners to just respond.

Those reviews we talked about that yeah yeah just time. You know, I mean that way. It just makes it easier. I mean we make it super easy because you can actually, with with the system that we use, you can actually even just text. You know in the responses and so yeah not really No yeah but yeah, but I also think you know take that as a sign Google is saying, reviews are important, you know sign, but we’ll continue on this conversation.

Next, we can talk about online reviews and if you have any questions, you know specific towards online reviews, and you want us to touch base on that topic next week. Let us know at MDOT me forward, slash, accelerate marketing, yeah or just go to accelerate your marketing. Calm, yeah accelerate your marketing comment and you can chat us up there as well either either one will will engage with you within five minutes.

Perfect create a great rest of your day. Everyone


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Top Tips for Google My Business

This is mine. This is me, So if you don’t have a Google, My Business profile you’re, just not showing up for 90 % of the people out there who are searching It’s gone right, poof, Welcome to The Journey, I’m Nealey And I’m Morgan and today we’re going over the beginners guide to Google, My Business So Morgan. What is Google My Business? So Google, My Business or Gmb, as the experts call it yeah, throwing some acronyms at you Right, Google, My Business allows local consumers To find your business on Google Web Search and Google Maps, It’s a one stop shop for all Of your business information and users love it.

It’s visual! It’s tied to the map in the middle of the search. Results page it’s great. So when I do searches I usually see only three businesses pop up. Why is that? That is known as the Google, local three pack, Basically the best of the best businesses for that search, result The ones that have the Most optimized profiles the best of the best They show up. They only show three, Sometimes it’s three and an ad, but that’s how you get to be there.

You can click more results. And then you’ll see all of the Google My Business profiles for that search result but yeah, that’s the cream of the crop that show up in the local three pack [ Nealey ]. I dig it Awesome. So is this all Something you can show us Yeah, absolutely, let’s go check it out, Cool All right. So let’s take a look at Google, My Business in action. Let’s go to Google.Com to See what this looks like [, Nealey ], You should search How’Bout dog groomers [, Morgan, ], Dog, grooming, Okay, so let’s do a dog Groomer in Phoenix Arizona and see what shows up Perfect so the first Thing that you can see this is the local three pack that we talked about, which is the maps Google, based on these three Google, My Business profiles – these Google has indicated Are the most optimized the best answers for dog Groomer Phoenix Arizona Right on We have the Smelly Dog, Dog, Town, Pet Grooming and The Hairy Dog, So let’s jump into the first one to see.

What’s so great about this profile, [ Nealey ] Other than the name [ Morgan ] Other than the Name, it’s pretty darn good! So, as you can see right, Here The Smelly Dog they have optimized their Profile pretty pretty well, So they have their website link. They have directions because They have their address Hours of operation, all It says is open now an area of opportunity here. Is they could add full hours? So that way you can know well what, if I wan na go Tomorrow or on Saturday [ Nealey ] Right, when do they close? You don’t wan na go too late.

[ Morgan ] Right, [, Nealey ] and have to Go all the way back: [, Morgan, ], So they’re missing that which is fine, but that’s an Area of opportunity to fix You can also see that there are questions which people have asked. And then there’s answers in addition to lots and lots of photos about the business where it’s located. What it looks like inside Some examples of dog grooming and hair cuts and what to expect, if you were to take your dog here, That’s so important, especially just how the outside looks.

I don’t know how many Places I’ve driven past and it’s just a wild goose Chase trying to find it That makes it super easy for me, And the nice thing About Google, My Business in with the maps, particularly you, can see where this business shows up and maybe The Smelly Dog’s Too far away for you, so you can just click. On one of the websites, I like Hot Dogs and Cool Cats All Breeds Grooming. That seems more up my alley where I live and then you can click and you can see if this is The right business for you, So one other thing to point out we’ve been talking about.

You need to create your profile or claim your profile. Here’s an example right here: All it says, is dog grooming and there’s no information. It just has the location Most likely this was a user that just came in and said: hey I’ve had my dog groomed here, a grooming place exists but, as you can see, there’s no information. Other than the zip code, Literally nothing. So there is this button here that says own this business question mark you can click it and that’s how you can start the process to claim your profile.

If I were this dog Groomer, I would for sure do this right away because There’s so much information about my business – that’s not here, and people are looking for [ Nealey ] Right. If anyone goes and see that there their Going to think it doesn’t exist and their moving on. So that’s all I wanted to show you. I just wanted to give you visually what this looks like on. The search results page, so you can see what customers are seeing for your business when They search for you, So that was awesome.

Demo Thank you, but what about the audience at home? Why? Why should they set up A Google My Business account. It gives you so much more visibility to your local business, 90 % of the worldwide search. Traffic goes through Google, So if you don’t have a Google, My Business profile you’re, just not showing up for 90 90 % of the people out There, who are searching 90 % – it’s gone right. Poof and, like I said before, having A Google My Business profile, it really is a one stop.

Shop for your customers to learn everything about your business; Everything They love clicking on the pretty map and they Click on your business and they get your name Phone number address hours of operation, reviews star ratings and they can click and go to your website and check out photos of All your amazing products Right, it’s just it’s one link, but again they don’t Have to go any further cause all that information is there, And the last reason you should set it up is because can tap into Really cool analytics about people who are visiting your Google, My Business profile, I love analytics, but what What type of analytics, What can we see So it gives you information, About the number of people who are calling your Business from that link who are visiting your website all sorts of stuff, All right, so you have me sold.

How do we start So? The first thing you need to do is you need to create your Google, My Business profile, Go to Google.Com/business To create your profile or to claim your profile, because sometimes you’ll have a profile already created by other users, and you need to claim that to say “, Hey, I actually own this. This is mine,!” This is me And then on that you’re Going to put in some basic information about your website, the name phone number address, So the next step is, you need To optimize your profile, A lot of people fill in The basic information and go on their merry way and they don’t do anything else and Google doesn’t like that.

They wan na fully I don’t like that optimized profile. I know you don’t So optimizing. Your profile means going in adding photos of your business, putting your menu. If you have it, responding to reviews all sort of things to really Provide so much context and make that have tons of information. Also, if you have keywords, That you’re, trying to target on your website, For your businesses, you should probably sprinkle those in A little bit throughout Just a little bit Just a little little Taste of the keyword Right and that will help as well with SEO The more value you Can add to that profile to get people to actually stay and look around the better All right guys.

I hope you found this beginners guide to Google My Business helpful, so you can get started, Start getting lots of business Checkin’ out all those analytics All the good stuff Right and if you’ve created your Google, My Business Account or claimed it, let us know in the comments below Like this article, subscribe to the blog and ring that bell. If you Wan na see these articles first, This has been The Journey and we’re signing off.


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GMB Google My Business Course Testimonial

Local Google loves Google and, if you’re in business, particularly if you have a local business and you aren’t taking advantage of what Google is doing on the local level in your area, you are missing out. So my good friends, John Currie and Paul Truscott, have put together an exceptional training on how to take advantage of Google business pages, and I just brought the main page up here.

Just to kind of quickly give you an over. You know an overview of what they have here: the importance of categories, what you need to have on your page. They go through this in great depth and gia relevance like how do you make sure that Google knows that your business is where it is, and the world has changed used to be everything was done on desktops. Then it was on laptops. Now it’s on phones, so people are walking around they’re doing a search.

Google knows where they are because they have GPS on the phone and you know where you are and then they can match you up. So it’s really really important that you take advantage of what Google is doing for your business. And then there are other Google properties that you can be using to link back and and add more juice and more power to your listings and then talk a little bit about brands, traffic strategies, link building, which is really really important.

And then for those of us that maybe don’t want it, we’ll just read and they want a Rutten. You want to read: they put together a bunch of supplementary PDFs, so they’re, comprehensive and full, and then, in addition to that, they’re holding regular webinars so that you can ask questions you can get up to date on the latest, the greatest things that are happening in The world of Google business pages.

So if you have an opportunity to take the course, I highly recommend it and if you’re a local business this is pretty much must reading must implement. So, even if you’re, not looking after your website and your online marketing have those people that are read this and and use principals use the strategies, use the tactics that John and Paul share because they work. These are two gentlemen that are sharing their knowledge of what they do day in day out, as opposed to people that are just theoretically thinking.

Oh, this maybe should work, so, let’s just put it all up there and sell it every day. Both these gentlemen are working on their own local businesses and having tremendous success from that. So I have no hesitation in recommending this course, and I hope you take it, and I hope you have tremendous success with your local business and your local business marketing. I’m scott patton, the dean of law, economics and pathology.

Thank you very much for listening and we’ll see you next time. Everybody bye-bye


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How to Update Business Hours on Google My Business and Your Website

Com, وفي, أعلى, اليمين, الزاوية التي تقول تسجيل الدخول إذا, كنت, لا, تملك, حساب،, انها, سوف, تقودك, من, خلال, خطوات إنشاء حساب الآن اذهب, على, خرائط, جوجل, و ابحث عن عملك لمعرفة ما إذا, كان, لديك, قائمة, بالفعل, إذا, ظهرت, ،, مثل هذا العمل هنا ، يمكنك, اختيار, امتلاك, هذا, العمل, ،, أو, في, بعض, الأحيان, ستقول, المطالبة بهذا العمل انقر على, هذا, الرابط, ،, و ستوجهك Google خلال عملية التحقق مرحبًا دارلين ، كما تعلم, ،, لدي, هذا, العمل, الذي, قمنا بتطويرها في الرحلة يطلق عليه القهوة, و, Kickflips, ولدي, حساب, Gmail, وموقع, ويب, ،, لكنني, لم, أضعه, على, “, نشاطي, التجاري, على, Google”, كيف, أضيف, هذا, من, الصفر؟, ليست, مشكلة, اذهب, إلى, خرائط, جوجل, و, اكتب عنوان عملك على اللوحة, اليسرى, ، اختر إضافة عملك أضف اسم, عملك, اختر, فئة, و تواصل اتباع المطالبات حتى تنتهي لن, تتمكن, من, التحقق, على, الفور, ،, لذلك, عليك, الانتظار, جوجل لإرسال بطاقة بريدية, إلى عملك من المؤكد أنك ولكن لا, يزال, بإمكانك, الدخول, إلى, حسابك, لوحة تحكم نشاطي التجاري على, Google, وقم بإعداد الأشياء أثناء الانتظار الآن, ،, بمجرد, أن, تكون, في, الخاص, بك, صفحة “ نشاطي التجاري على, Google”, ،, لديك, الكثير, من, الأشياء, يمكنك التعديل هنا ساعات ، قوائم ،, شاهد, كل, الخيارات, على, الجانب, الأيسر, هنا, لتعديل, ساعات, متجرك, ،, حدد, معلومات, حدد, القسم, الذي, تريده, تريد التعديل ، مثل إضافة ساعات, قم, بإجراء, التحرير, وحدد, تطبيق, يمكنك, أيضًا, إدخال, خاص, ساعات الإجازات والإغلاق في احسن, الاحوال, كل, ذلك, سيكون, مفيدًا, عندما أغير ساعات عملي العملية, أو, إضافة شيء جديد في عملي لذلك أفهم أنه, يمكنك, أيضًا, الاتصال, إلى, “, نشاطي, التجاري, على, Google”, من, خلال, موقع, الويب, الخاص, بي, مع, GoDaddy Websites, + Marketing, هل, هذا, صحيح؟, بلى, دعنا, نذهب, إلى, صفحة, حسابك, على, GoDaddy, وتسجيل, الدخول, إلى, لوحة, التحكم, انظر, إلى, ذلك, GoDaddy, يقترح, عليك, القيام به قائمة نشاطي التجاري على, Google إذا لم يكن لديك هذا الموجه, ،, ترتفع, إلى, التسويق, و, اختر “ نشاطي التجاري على Google” نظرًا, لأننا, أنشأنا, إصدارًا, بالفعل, ،, يمكننا, الاتصال, به, هنا, ولكن, بما, أنك, تريد, أن, تفعل, قائمة من الصفر ، انقر, فوق, إنشاء, قائمة, ، واتبع التعليمات أضف عنوانك واكتب في الفئة, ،, تمامًا, مثل, الخطوة على, Google, ، الاتصال بحساب Gmail الخاص, بك, ،, والسماح, بوصول, GoDaddy, إلى حساب Gmail الخاص بك هذا سيسمح, لموقع, الويب, الخاص, بك, للوصول, إلى, حساب, “, نشاطي, التجاري, على, Google”, بمجرد, اكتمال, الخطوة, ،, سيطلب, منك, التحقق, من خلال إكمالها على, Google, وبمجرد أن تكون على, Google, ، يمكنك أن تطلب منهم الإرسال, بطاقة, بريدية, للتحقق إلى عنوان عملك سيستغرق هذا بضعة, أيام, ،, ولكن, بمجرد, الحصول, على, الرمز على البطاقة البريدية ،, ستدخل, هذا, الرمز Google, My Business للتحقق جيد ان تعلم حسنًا, ،, هذا, كل, شيء, لهذا, اليوم, نأمل, حقا, أن, أشرطة, الفيديو, هذه, ستكون, مفيدة, لك, ولعملك, وإذا, كنت, بحاجة, إلى, أي, شيء, ،, لا, تتردد, في, الاتصال, بنا, Godaddy Guides للمساعدة حتى المرة القادمة ،, ابق, آمنًا, والبقاء, بصحة, جيدة,

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Tricia Clements: How to Use “Google My Business”

I also do reputation management online for businesses and my business is muffets comm and I specialize in pet businesses. Hence the mutt buds. Here’s some information where you can find me online today we’re going to be talking about Google, my business, Google, my business is a core component of local SEO, so the first thing is really quickly.

What’s local SEO SEO search engine optimization getting found online local SEO is when you’re targeting a specific geographic location. So, for instance, this here is my little girl Margie. She often grabs my phone and searches for dog, treats near me, she’s, not looking for dog treats in New York or in Texas or in Florida. She wants some really close, because she knows that she’s going to have to walk there and get those she’s not going to be able to get on a plane or get in my car.

I’m not going to give her the car key she’s going to be really close. So that’s local SEO, if you do targeting a specific geographic location. One thing is to remember: 71 percent of customers look to confirm the address online before actually going to a store for the first time. So it’s extremely important here’s another I’ve got a few different statistics. You can read over them a few of the key ones: 46 percent of all searches on Google are local.

18 percent of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day. Seventy-Five percent of smartphone owners. They use that Google search list first. So this you can just review over some of those as well and take a look at that Google, my business is really crucial for a small business. That’s targeting a local geographic area. It’s how you get found in the searches how you get found in the Google map searches.

You’ve got to have your information correct. If your information is not correct, you will come up lower in the searches you’ve got to have that information. Correct Google will find out if it’s not, you will come up lower in the searches also. This is where your Google reviews are extremely important. We’re going to talk a lot more in depth about that a little bit later, the reviews, but that’s extremely extremely important for your business, so the Google 3-pack again, I said Margie’s looking for dog, treats near me.

This is what she’s going to find earlier. If you were here during Jenny, Munz talk, she was talking about when you do a search on Google, you have ads come up and then you’ll have the map. This is a lot of times, people call it the 3-pack snack pack and you have the top three searches that come up and then at the bottom. You can hit more places. It’s got a map, so that is the Google 3-pack. That’s really what a lot of people are.

The goal is to get up into the 3-pack and as far as how easy or hard it is to get into that three packet really depends on the industry. How competitive your industry is in your area as to how quickly you can get up into that 3-pack and also then you’ve got to stay there. The Google knowledge panel, Google, my business the knowledge panel. It looks different on a cell phone, just like all searches.

Things. Look different on a cell phone and than they do on the desktop. So you just need to be aware of that. When you’re logging into your Google, my business account and you’re changing things, you want to make sure how it’s going to look and come up on the desktop versus the mobile. It’s got different information you’ll see on the mobile right. There call save message: you’ve got on. There’s the menu which is different services and things and you’ll notice the menu all that service is there that comes up only on mobile.

So if you’re inputting services that will only come up on mobile that doesn’t come up when you’re look the desktop. So if you’re entering things and you’re wondering why don’t see them check your mobile device and look and see if you find them there, okay look at my business. The first thing you need to do is a small business or any type of business is to set up and claim your Google. My business account you’re going to do that at business, google.

Com make sure you’ve gone there, set up or claim your Google my business account. It’s going to allow you to tell Google your seasonal hours your holiday hours. Let’s see, we’ve got Memorial Day coming up later this month, if you’re going to be closed that day or have different hours that day, you need to put that in Google. So when someone’s coming in searching, they know that you have different hours on that specific Monday.

You can input your images there you’re going to also input reply to reviews. You can add events if you’ve got a store and you’ve got a pop of it. Something going on or a big special that’s where you need to put this, as in your Google, my business account it’s where you really are going to have direct contact with your customers. So again, it’s extremely extremely important. Now mirja gets really upset when someone else has claimed your account.

She really doesn’t like it. I have seen this time and time again with small businesses that come to me and say I want help with my Google account and say, okay. So, let’s look at the account. Make me a manager. I’ll come go in and look at it. They say I have no idea and I can see that their account has been claimed, but they don’t have access to it. So that is why you really need to make sure that you claim your account yourself.

It you can. If someone else has claimed it, you can reclaim it. It takes time and effort, and it’s not going to be immediate. So you do need to make sure you own it. If you don’t get get control of it again own it. You have to be the owner. So let’s say, for instance, you have an employee, that’s maybe managing your account. Well, that’s fine! They can manage it. It’s just kind of similar when you think of like Facebook, you have admins and managers different roles, the same with Google.

You have an owner and then you have managers make sure it’s the business owner you’re the owner of that account employees as well. You can put them on as a manager, but if you have an employee that leaves let’s say they leave and leave on bad terms and they’re the owner of the account who news what they could do to your Google account. They could even do this, so I had someone come to me recently and she said I don’t know business is just off.

I don’t nothing. I don’t know what’s happening. First thing I did was have. Let me look up on your Google and see. What’s going on, Google says she’s permanently closed, not just closed for today permanently closed. This is probably why you’re having a decrease in your business because of business. If Google says you’re closed you’re kind of closed you’re, not kind of you are closed, so that’s something that it can be fixed.

But again she did not have control of her account, so she could not admit she did not get any notification from Google that this had been done. She had no way to go in and immediately tell Google I’m not permanently closed, so it had to be worked with. So you do not want your business to. Definitely don’t want it to say this on Google, yes, so you’re the owner, the others are managers yeah mm-hmm yeah, but the main thing is that you’ll want and it’ll give you have.

You picked through different things, and I theory I don’t remember exactly. There aren’t very many choices. The main thing is that you’ll be an owner and someone else is going to have a different role. So that brings me to one thing talking about google guides, so I I currently am a level seven Google guide and what that means is basically Google guys we sign up and we answer, questions do tons of reviews.

Google will come on and ask questions and I’ll answer them and you got points for all of the questions. The answer is the images the articles that you add on to Google, about different businesses that you visit and Google the higher up. You get the more authority. Google gives you so, for instance, one thing that came up recently. I went to the acupuncturist for the first time I had a new guy was going to and I put in Google and said, take me there and it took me to down the road and, it said, turn left.

I turn left and I couldn’t find it so. I was looking at the street numbers and I had to turn right instead of left. So when I got there I mentioned to him, I said Google’s got you on the other side of the street. What’s going on with that, you know people aren’t going to find you they’re going to be late for your appointments. That’s going to mess your whole day up. Somebody may just go home and not come.

He said what I’ve been trying for months and months and months to change my pin. Google just says: no, so as a level seven guide, I was able to go in and immediately change it and Google accepted it and it’s still the correct address. So that’s one reason: having someone: that’s a Google guide higher up level is important to have that you’re. Working with on your team, because Google looks at that their answers as the authority because they constantly, we constantly give answers to Google and tell Google different things that are going on.

I’m sorry, um. No, they don’t pay, I’m not paid. Occasionally there are different little freebie things they’ll send out, but however it is it. I haven’t even clicked on some of them, some like newbie tickets to this or that or the other, but I have a occasionally you’ll get something. So there’s really not. You never know who’s a guide and I’m going to get to a lot of questions at the end. But as far as the google guides, that’s the thing you never know.

Who is a google guide? So when I go into a store and I’m like I’m a level seven guide – they better be nice to me now, but but yeah you never know like when somebody is coming in and is a Google guide. So you need to make sure, obviously, that you’re you’re doing your business well and treating everyone the same way with respect okay. So, let’s get into optimizing your profile again: business google.

Com you’re going to go in and basically fill out everything Google. Once you ask for throw all the information out first thing is your name address and phone number on this? You might just think. Oh, that’s easy name address phone number, no problem, you’ve got to be consistent, there’s things called citations and when I say consistent I mean if you are on Main Street, make sure every place that you enter Main Street.

You enter that and you don’t put Main St period, because if you go in to Google and put one thing in Facebook and have something else and they’re inconsistent other places online pick them up. Other places that you haven’t even entered. The information will pick that up and then you’ll have inconsistent citations and that will hurt you in your ranking. So you need to make sure your name. Address. Phone number is consistent across the board and the way I like to do that is figure out exactly how I want it and put it in a document and anytime.

I need to input the information. That’s where I get it from. I don’t have to think back. What did I use it’s right there? Oh before I forget, I do want to hand around my shoebox. I am going to be doing a drawing, so if anyone is interested in a free 30-minute, article chat with me. Please put your business card in and if you don’t have a business card, you can put your name phone number email legibly on a piece of paper and I’m going to be doing a drawing for that and then also everyone will get the slides and I’ve got Some other free stuff for you, too, okay, so Google guidelines, you cannot ignore Google, I mean we all know that, but the dot guidelines you have to abide by their guidelines.

I’m going to first talk about website and phone your website. They want your URL for your business. Let’s say: you’ve got a special going on and you have a landing page. You cannot use that landing page here in your main information for Google. You’ve got to use your URL for your business, your main URL website. That’s the cute first one, the phone number very same thing with the phone number. If you’ve got a phone number that you are using for, let’s say something different for some type of marketing that you’re doing you can’t use that you’ve got to use your business phone number that you use every day there.

You also talked a little bit later about website info in different places that you can put different numbers and websites, but for this instance, when you’re filling out your business information, it’s got to be your exact information. Okay, let’s talk about name. Google says that your business name listed on Google. My business must be your real world name as used consistently on your storefront website stationary and is known to customers.

Okay. So what does all that mean? Let’s say you have a business and it is Joe’s towing. You cannot put in there Joe’s 24 hour, towing marietta, that is first keyword stuffing, which is the 24 hour and then it’s location stuffing, which is the Marietta you have to put. If your business name is Joe’s towing, that’s what it has to be. So that’s one thing: you need to make sure that you get right on your name, your address.

This is a big one, especially for businesses that are more service related that maybe work out of their home. The address it’s really important to know that Google does not allow a UPS Store box, a p.O box or one thing – that’s interesting, co-working space that I do have a little bit of a caveat on so I’ll talk about that wants you to have your address listed. If you have people come to you to a storefront location, co-working space, some co-working spaces will have where you actually have a desk that you are at about seven five, seven days a week or whatever and they’ll also have where you have a business phone.

Where you answer the phone there – and you have your name listed on a plaque – that’s acceptable, but you cannot have your phone answered by what are some of these places like Regis they’ll have like the receptionist that always answers your phone? That’s not acceptable. It has to be answered there, so that’s the only instance that you can use co-working space, and this is one thing to a lot of home offices.

So, for instance, I work out of my home office. I don’t see customers there. I go out and visit with them, so I’m not going to have my home address shown now one point in Google when I’m verify my account I’ll need to give them an address, because they’ll need to make sure that I’m actually a person. That’s real and I have an address to send stuff to you so I’ll give them that address there, but it’s not going to have my home address listed on my account, because I don’t see customers there.

The only time that you’re going to want to have it listed is when you are going to see people actually come to your home, and then you also have signage for your business there at your home. Not many places have that a lot of counties that you have to go through a lot of stuff to get around that, but that’s something that you have to know for home businesses that you can’t you have. You can give them your address, but you it has to be hidden, yes, have a question, so what you’ll do if you have, because a lot of things are service based, so what you’ll do is Google will ask for your service areas and you’re going to input Those service areas – and it really depends on how you’re going to input up.

I like to do a by zip code, because it’s really specific so I’ll tell people give me all the zip codes and I’ve entered recently. I did one that had like 25 or so zip codes. I don’t know that there’s a limit I haven’t reached that yet, but you can also put cities but, for instance, if you’re Atlanta and you do north Atlanta, but not South Atlanta, you’re not going to want to do that. So that’s one instance, but now for the pin, the only ones that will actually have a pin on the map are the ones that have addresses.

However, you can show in the rankings, if you don’t have actual pin on there. So that’s one of the main things is to make sure that you’re coming up in the rankings and the short search rankings being found there. Now Google has something called the new Google. My business spam complaint form, and this is to basically report. If there’s somebody out there, who has these things they’re doing the address the names incorrect, you can report them.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use this because, typically, when I report something to Google, I haven’t had them rejected. So I haven’t had an opportunity to use this form, but it is available for you there, and so like I was saying you can’t have the the name and address has to be correct. So if you’re searching for yourself you’ve got to what you’ll need to do is look up on the search results and see, are you number six and maybe like two or three people above you have all these keyword and location stuffing you can those need to be Reported they’re trying to gain the system and get above you, so that’s one thing that you can do is search and look and make sure you’re working on a level playing field.

I’m sorry a location something so earlier. When I said, if you were Jose towing, you can’t put just towing Marietta, Jose towing, Midtown. You’ve just got have Jose blowing Plumbing toing toing, see location, stepping is putting the globe patience so, let’s say, for instance, a big one Petsmart. They don’t do this, but, let’s just say: Petsmart they’ve got a location in Kennesaw and they want to emphasize that so they’ll put Petsmart Kennesaw, that’s not allowed.

They don’t do that because I’ve checked but but that, but that’s not allowed categories. When you’re inputting your categories. This is one thing that you can really take a look at your competition and see exactly what they’re doing and maybe gain some insight from that. So is there something that they’re putting in as a category that you don’t have and you’re missing out on something or is it there something that they don’t have, and you do and you can maybe emphasize that and gain some of their traffic away from them? Another thing with this I’ll say is when you’re looking at the competitors for categories and things like this – do not copy what they’re doing.

For instance, if you have a veterinarian, some veterinarians do grooming and boarding some do not. So if you’ve got a competitor, just down the block and and they’ve got in there, boarding and also grooming and you’re, so I’m going to add these into mind. Don’t do it? Google will find out that you’re lying to them and you’ll come down further in the ring, so basically it’s a tool to use not to copy now your business description.

This is something that’s really important. It’s where you’re going to stand out from your competition, it’s where you’re going to tell Google what it is that makes you different, unique: the different services products whatever it is, that you’re offering that are different and unique. You need to make sure that you input this information here. This is the one place that you can enter that information tell them what you offer and one thing is.

You need to take some time working on this, because it’s seven hundred and fifty characters or less characters, not words, characters so make sure you’re spending some time figuring out what you’re going to put on that the next thing: they’re different things services. I said earlier when you enter that, go and look at it on your cell phone, because when you go and look at it on the computer, afterwards you’re going to say well, I just spent time entering all my services and nothing shows up.

It’ll show up on the when you’re looking on your phone different things attributes these are things. Basically, if you click on that or not attributes highlights you’ll click on that and Google will give you a list of things that you can choose from. You can’t pick your own, so basically I’ve seen women LED veteran LED if it’s like something a restaurant, it might say Wi-Fi available so basically you’re going to be able to choose what from there google allows you to, and when I mentioned that, I also want to Go back and talk a second on the categories.

That’s also something. When you choose your category, you can’t just decide what what you do. You can’t say this is the category I think I am. Google has a list of categories and you have to choose from them. So that’s something you might want to spend some time, looking down a huge long list of categories and see where your business fits: okay, your holiday and seasonal hours. These have got to be correct if somebody comes by your business and you say: you’re open and whatever you’ve got something seasonal hours and they’ve changed and you’re closed you’re not going to have a happy customer they’re going to get pretty ticked off holiday hours as well.

Again, I said, we’ve got Memorial Day, make sure you’ve got whether you’re open or closed on that day. Your specific hours, you don’t want people coming by your store. I know I went a while ago. I was probably a year ago to Pyke lift him up on. Google, they said we’re open, I went by, they were closed, they had seasonal hours, they had not updated their Google, my business okay, so because of that, the goal of my business is not a set it and forget it.

You can’t even put all your informations that I’m done, I’m finished. No, it does not work like that. You have got to consistently keep on top of it. There are also things Q & A so on each business. Anyone can go in and ask a question. Anyone out there can answer that question. So, let’s go back and say the holiday hours. Let’s say somebody put in there. What are your current hours this weekend and somebody else goes in and answers them and they’re wrong, because you’ve got just new holiday seasonal hours as the business owner.

You need to go in. Look at that and answer it correctly as the business owner. No, we’ve got new seasonal hours and this is what they are and this is when they last so. It is not a set it and forget it type of account, and then I want to get to the reviews again, not a set it and forget it. Type of platform reviews you’ve got to consistently ask for Google reviews. Few things not to do. You cannot incentivize.

Basically, that means you can’t do any contest and say leave us a review and you’re going to be entered into a contest. That’s a big no-no, no giving any discounts for leaving reviews. None of that. The other thing is no review gating. So I’m not sure if you were familiar with what review gating is, but that’s basically when you send out something to all of your customers and say how did you like our product or service and if somebody says loved it, leave us a review hated or didn’t? Like it had a problem, they’ll go over here and it’ll say: take them down a whole different path.

That’s considered review gating and Google is strongly against that there is here it is. There was one company I write about online, they did review gating, they had 464 reviews, Google found out, they were review gating and when Google got done with them, they had 78 reviews left. So I’m sure they probably paid a company because there are companies out there that will read gate for you probably paid for all those reviews had all these reviews and then they got them taken down and not only that the business said we had more than 78 Before we started this review, gating google says we’re: Google, we don’t care, so no mu, gating.

The other thing you need to do is make sure you consistently ask for reviews and you want quality reviews. You don’t want just a review. A five-star review is great as a 5-star review, but you really want something with more meat to it, not just great job. You want something you, your real key is to have something with your keywords in it. So when you’re asking them to leave a review whatever service our product, it was that that you provided mention that and try to trigger them to use those keywords in your review, because when Google does searches, I’ve searched numerous times and a keyword will come up and They’ll say this is why we gave you this result and it’ll be from an answer in a review and they’ll.

Have that keyword? Let’s see the and reply to all reviews, positive reviews, of course, you’re going to want to reply to negative reviews. These are the ones that a lot of people cringe on they don’t want to. With you have to the main thing, I will say about the negative reviews: don’t go overboard, don’t let them take you down the rabbit, hole and leave a huge long review response to their negative review, basically be short, concise and pleasant, businesslike with them, and just basically Ask you to say: I’m sorry you had this experience.

I would love to talk to you further to see what we can do about this, because when you light your response, you’re, not only writing it for that person, you’re! Writing it for everyone out there I’ll tell you one of the first things I do. When I look at reviews, I sort it by the lowest score people do that, I’m not the only one and look and see what the negative reviews are and see how the business owner responded.

So if you’re like oh it’s one crazy person, they just evidently don’t like anybody and they just left a review bad review because they had a bad day. Well, a lot of times people can kind of read through and tell this is might be unusual and and if they see you just go down a rabbit hole with them, they said well, this business owner. They might be a little bit crazy too. I don’t want to do business with them, so that’s why you want to be it and basically be polite and just short and try to get it offline and and deal with it that way.

Few more things for different statistics: 68 % of customers have left a local business review. That’s one of the things. A lot of people they’ve had a good experience. They’ll want to leave your review just say: can you help me out leave me a review, I’m trying to get up help me out on Google. I’d really love you to leave a review. People are really willing to do that. Let’s see 91 percent of 18 to 34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

That’s a pretty big number. I know a lot of times. If someone, if I get a recommendation, I might then go online and look them up to see what it says online. So that’s something you definitely need to keep into in mind. Also, like I said earlier, 82 % of customers seek out negative reviews. They want to see what the negative review was and how the business owner responded to it post. This is something that Google right now has.

Is your free advertising? You can post as often as you want. I recommend at least once a week at a very minimum once a week, because these posts stay live for seven days, so you need to post at least once a week you’re going to post images. You can also post some short articles. This is your free advertising. You can post your specials your promotions, your events make sure you’re posting events that you’ve got on there post them on your Google, my business profile, any type of promotions.

Also, when you’re posting it, it will say, add a link optional. No, no! No! That’s not optional! That’s just google telling you it’s optional, it’s not optional! For you! That’s where you can put a link there, that’s different than your URL. So let’s say, for instance, you’ve got something going on and you’ve got a sales landing page. You can use that and put that information there so make sure you’re using the posts in Google my business.

The other thing you’ll want to do is embed your Google, my business map on your website because has a nice pretty little map there and you can see the stars. People can look on there and see. So you definitely want to embed that on your website. Now. I’ve also seen people put a button on their site. That says, leave us a review. I typically don’t like doing that because that’s kind of like for everybody – and I don’t know that you’re my customer – I want to send my direct people that I’ve had direct contact with directly to leave a review.

So I typically don’t do that. One thing is: if you do that, please make sure you are leaving a link to your Google, my business profile. So I had a client come to me recently and she said she’s starting a business and here’s a website for a competitor, and this is what she’s going to be doing so go Kay. Let me take a look and see, see everything that’s going on for this business. There was a link, a button on the site.

That said, leave us a review, so I’m going to check out for Google my business page, so I clicked on it. My client and her competitor are in California the place that it took for the customers to leave reviews all the way in North Carolina. It was a very similar name. Somebody had simply set up the website and searched on Google found a similar name and stuck it in there and said, give us reviews and that place had over a hundred and some reviews.

I’m like how many reviews did this business in North Carolina get that are actually for this business in California, so make sure you’re checking things like that and again, when you’re asking for reviews, definitely give them the direct link to your Google, my business to leave a Review, ok, so again it is not a set it and forget it. People can go in, ask and answer questions and again anybody can report something as incorrect.

You need to make sure you’re going in consistently and checking those make sure. Sometimes Google will say you have a pending edit. You need to take a look at that decide. Is this something that that needs correcting, or is this something that is incorrect, and I need to let Google know no? This is not right, so it is not a set it and forget it. You’ve got to spend time on it. Ok, so what is next with Google, my business, it’s Google who knows recently they this week.

Actually, they came out with a survey, and I know a lot of people are freaking out saying because the survey was talking about Google monetizing, Google, my business possibly charging for the account all. I can say that that is right. Now they sent a survey out. We have no idea what’s going on with it, no idea, if it’s going to be something that’s paid in the future or not, and if it’s paid how much it would be.

So the main thing is and and the other thing they just sent a survey out – they could change it next week. They could change it next year. Who knows so basically get in claim your account optimize. It make sure you’re using your Google. My business account


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google my business optimization 2019

Okay, this is an awesome service that will explode. Your agency help you overcome the GMB difficulties that you currently having with your agency, I’m Gio B’s and, if you’re a business owner this even better for you guys, this will help you dominate local areas.

Okay, we put a whole bunch of a couple of testimonials on the main site we didn’t put all of them cuz. Obviously this is a black hat, slash right at our method and a lot of our customers don’t want us to uh, show their rankings. Okay, so um, let’s go let’s scroll down; okay, all the way to the plan sheet. Okay, these are the pricing. Okay, we offer a 60-day 180 day and 120 day. Optimization. Okay, the sixth day is for you is for you, customers, who are very, very low competition areas, okay, so this is basically for the suburbs: okay, the outskirts of the city; okay.

So if you’re in that area and it’s stupid, it looks like it’s super easy to rank just grab this one, and this will definitely give you everything you need to UM dominate your customers, local area. Okay, let me just get a little closer on. This is we’re going to set up a local, SERP tracking and campaign. Okay, we’re going to send you those reports um for the two months that we wish you um we’re going to do a beautiful link, local link strategy that we have that’s been working: amazing.

Okay, I’ve been building websites for the last seven years and we had websites all throughout the United States, and this link strategy works beautiful, okay, we’re going to give you a baseline local visibility report that show you where you actually coming up within the local area. Okay, we’re going to give the citation audit of the two top competitors so if Harry’s appliance, repair or Harry’s plumbing is you know or Harry’s debt or dentist or whatever, whatever it is, is dominating you we’re going to actually do a quick consultation report of your two Competitors and see what they’re doing why they’re number one that we could take them down: okay, um we’re also going to create an optimized social, essential accounts.

Okay, this is everything from Facebook all the way down the spectrum. Okay, social link. Social signals are a big thing for 2018: okay, we’re going to create the social fortress accounts; okay, um we’re going to create in the UK in the u.S. We’re going to do citations for the for big data, aggregators those the big guys that people actually have to Use the subscriptions for okay, a lot of companies use, do yaks and DS going to knock knock those out the box.

Okay, we have a 70 to 80 percent. Stick on these, so these are all good citations. Okay, for you, Canada, guys. We use the info group. Okay, um we’re going to create an optimized top national business listings; okay, so any business listings that relevant to that business. We’re going to create listings for that to show Google. You know the authority: okay, we’re going to create an optimized forty secondary citations, also just to throw some whipped cream on the top okay or we’re going to write and send the gate premium.

Local press releases. Okay, a lot of you guys are not doing this, and this is something that’s killing it for 2019 press releases, okay, basically, when we have sites that don’t um don’t get just need to get over that fence. We know we indicate out. We syndicate some press releases and it pushes them right over there right over the fence. Okay, we’re going to write five custom, G+ description. This is going away soon, so we’re going to replace this widowed, Google, post, okay, um GMB categories, I’m a lot of you guys input input the businesses into the wrong categories, so we’re going to actually go through it and make sure optimize everything and make sure that You’re doing that correct, okay, especially with the listing optimization, okay, GMB, photo optimization and product service post.

Okay, we’re going to actually do those also, okay, GUP GMB posts, are one of the most important things in 2019. You have with all these family listings that going around you have to show googly of real okay. The g bran account shared photos. We do twenty minimum, the public photos we do for the accountant, it’s relevant publishing. We do for okay, Google, my map with embeds. We do that also that’s a big optimization thing and we submit the links to the URLs for Google submit okay.

So that’s something that a lot of people not doing now. Okay, so, like I said this is not the run-of-the-mill Fiverr gig that she’d get on Fiverr of legit. This is real real SEO. Okay, this is the stuff that separate the weak from the strong people – okay, let’s say from the freelancers, to the professionals. Okay. So, let’s go to the next one: okay, let’s go to 120 with 120. We are doing everything we do with the 60 all right and we’re, including the extra okay we’re going to create an optimized for team or secondary citations.

We submit to six GPS listing services. Okay, big thing with with the whiz app Garmin, all these big big brands right now, um, you know your customer could be driving down within his brand new Audi and submit information right through his GPS. You want to come up in those areas to you. Want your customers to come up in those areas too: okay, Arthur Authority, bread network lakes. This is something that we build unique and um.

It’s pushing really good for 2019 um social Authority stacking okay. This is a big thing that a lot of people don’t do um. We do that with the da da MS link building strategy, okay, Apple maps and Bing places we claim and verify them: okay um. I had it up here, but they just had a quick post about um customers, actually using Apple maps instead of Google Maps um. There’s a big surge in it in 2019, so Apple maps is up and coming and you definitely need to be an Apple maps and Bing okay, so we we verify and we claim those listings from that.

Also. Okay, my map, citations and brand mentions okay with those map citations. We do a lot of the brand mentions: okay, something that ninety percent of SEO don’t do out there. Okay, rich media citations and brand mentions. We do that. Also, Google Places map embeds, okay, um. A lot of people not utilizing the map embeds in the Google map. This is something that we’re going to utilize in this campaign.

Also: okay, Google Authority stack and Google Sites Network, okay, um. This is big guys. This is something you need to build out and you need to build it out right, okay, and we also going to write and send the gate. Second premium. Local press releases, okay, so basically the second is basically meaning with sending up to more um digital agencies. We sending them to all more media companies like ABC NBC, etc, etc.

Okay, now, let’s go to the next one, a hundred and eighty day this is for the big kahuna. This is for the New York City. This is where the Chicago’s, this is for the Miami’s. This is for all the big cities with the big players: the big competition. Okay. This is the name of the mill okay, um, GMB website creation. Okay, we also offer this. This is something that you definitely need to do in 2018, okay, in 2019.

Okay, we do a thousand words for the GMB website content. Okay, the more listings you get on that first page um, the more better you are as a company, so we create a dis combo to to oversee that okay client site on page local, optimization, okay, client sites store locator map in bed and schema okay. A lot of you guys, I know doing schema nowadays. Okay, we do it a little different with the map embed and the store.

Locators, okay, create and optimize forty more citations, okay, more citations, more better citations; okay, um create and optimize geo networks. Okay, fifteen geo. Local articles and links – okay, so we’re going to make fifteen unique articles and links for the geo network, okay, fifteen driving direction maps with embeds. Basically, I know a lot of you guys know about the driving directions, um um tip, but um.

A lot of people will deal with the in bits, so um you need to do this. Okay and dislike again. Like you know, I try not to say it all the time, but this what separates the weak from the strong okay create an optimized niche networking. Okay, we also do that okay, so the pricing is very good guys if you want it. If you want deep these pricing you’re going to kill it, okay, you’re going to make up or you can make fifty to a 300 % or a why or these pricing.

That’s how good our GMB optimization is. Okay, so again, sixty day, that’s for the lo comp arm markets 120 day is for this big city. It is for the big cities with the low population. Maybe we don’t have the low competition? Okay: this is a favorite all 120. A lot of people buying this cuz they’re, not sure if they should do to 60 or 120 or the 180, so they go in the middle I’ll do the 120 and they kill it.

Okay, um: let’s go over a couple of it arm for 649. That’s a one-time fee, guys a one-time fee. So you just take this out in a brand, build you! Let us handle all your GMB optimization! You do your on-site, you do everything else and we take care of this. For you. It’s super simple in our industry. Time is an essence. Okay, you don’t want to sit here and build citations. You don’t want. I pay a VA, a separate amount to do these citations and you got a check up and make sure you do it right.

You know follow us guys, we’re we’re good at what we do. Okay $ 15.99 for the 180. That is an awesome price. You can absolutely demolished new york city markets, chicago markets, with this built, okay arm and, like I said that 120 is for the mid, builds okay, you guys going to just hit. By now, you submit um you’re going to submit the payment and then i’m going to shoot you you’re going to submit your information after after this some pay now button you’re going to be submitted to a submit business.

Now: okay page, where you going to put all your business information and then um you that’s going to come over to us and then I’m going to shoot you back a Google sheet. Okay, I want you to fill in all your information and basically we take it from there guys if you want us to white label it for you, we could do that for your customer or if you want us to do that or if you want to just Submit you know the just submit results via customer, that’s cool.

We could just create labels of the ER name and submit all the information to your business. Okay. So thank you so much for reading this article um, hopefully we’ll work together, have a wonderful day.


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3 Powerful Google My Business Features No One Talks About

Google has recently released, which are most likely passed you by, but could make a massive difference to your online visibility. If you want to know what they are before, your competitors find out. Just stay tuned hi there, if we’re just meeting my name, is live Duran, the founder of ranking academy. Do you click where I talk about the best tools, tips and ways to help you promote your local business online step-by-step and take by click on this blog? I cover everything: any local business owner needs to know from search engine optimization through social media.

My goal is to help you thrive online, so you can drive more visitors to your business and ultimately make more money. So if you’re new here consider subscribing and clicking on the Bell button, so you don’t miss any of my new articles. Finally, don’t forget to check out the description below, which is why I put additional nodes and links I refer to in this tutorial if you’re ready. Let’s jump right in feature number one add a request quote button to your listing: if you are a service provider such as a handyman, a landscape gardener or a consultant of any kind you’re going to love this feature, you can now add a button directly into your Google listing so people who come across your profile and request a quote for service you provide, which will be sent to your phone in just one click, as you can see on the screen for this new feature to be activated, you need to do two things.

First, if you haven’t done it already, install the Google my business app on your phone, you can find the links to the app for both iOS and Android in the description below once installed log into the app using the same email address you use for your Google. My business listing once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions you will be redirected to a panel where all the information regarding your Google listing will be displayed, such as the latest activity on your profile, your business reviews, reporting and so on.

I won’t cover them all today, as it is not the topic of this article. The second thing you need to do is to enable the messaging option on the app to do this tap on the customer tab at the bottom of your screen by default. You should see your customer reviews listed in there at the top of the screen tap the messages on the screen. You should see a note for the messaging feature, allowing this feature will enable customers viewing your listing to message.

You directly respond to questions, share information and quickly connect for free tap the turn on button. This will automatically turn on the messaging functionality and unable the request record button now go to Google and search for your business on your listing. You should see a new blue button right under the reviews. Labeled request, a quote: visitors can now submit the request directly to you using this button.

As soon as they do, you will receive an instant notification on your Google, my business app to which you can respond straight away. If that doesn’t impress your potential clients, I don’t know what will? Let’s now have a look at our next feature, feature number two questions and answers. Auto suggests, a few months ago, Google added the option for users to ask questions to a business directly from the Google.

My business listing most businesses I have worked with are totally unaware. This option exists as part of their listing and consequently ignore it. This is a true missed opportunity, since most of the time, the questions being asked are very specific and very often could lead directly to a new sell or getting a new customer. Look at the second-hand car dealer, for example, who has three unanswered questions, all of which could have led to a potential sell, but this is not new, since FAQ were launched in Google my business a few months ago.

What’s new, however, is that Google now Auto suggests answers to your visitors using a combination of your previously answered questions if you have taken the time to answer them, your customer reviews, as well as your Google posts. Let’s have a look at one of my clients, Google profile, who is an electrician. If I start asking question using the question-and-answer box, I can see suggested answers from previous answers from various customer use, as well as from Google posts yes published on his listing over time.

What does it mean for you, as a business owner, make sure you create regular Google posts with rich content relevant to your business, collect Google reviews from your customers, which will include answers to potential questions? Future customer may ask if you want to know how to do this, read my article, how to include keywords in your reviews and finally add the most common questions your customers ask to your Google listings yourself and provide the answer, as Google allows you to do it Moving on to our last feature, feature number three increase your number of followers.

With an offer. Did you know, customers can follow your business on Google Maps. This feature is even less known than the FAQ feature. I’ve just covered, but nonetheless not to be ignored. Just like on a Facebook page, people can follow your business by simply tapping a follow button when they find your business on Google Maps through their phone. But why would you want customers to follow your Google listing? Because your followers will find out about your latest Google? My business posts and promotions in the for use section on a Google map app.

This means the more followers you have, the more likely you can generate business, but this is not new. What’s new? Is the ability to create a welcome offer to incentivize new visitors or existing customers to follow your listing? And here is how it’s done open the Google, my business app on your phone or tablet on the bottom menu tap the option customers on the top menu tap? The option followers: you should see your number of existing followers in there tap the option, create a post in the middle of your screen.

Scroll through and select the option. Welcome offer create your welcome offer, including an image I’m going to use an image for 10 % discount that I have created earlier then add a title, a description terms and conditions and everything else that you think is relevant once you’re done tap on, publish and wait For the confirmation message to show, the next thing you need to do is to encourage new visitors, all your existing customers to follow your google listing by letting them know that if they follow you, they will get a special offer.

You can do this via an email with your existing customers or add a banner to your website or even publish a Google post to let anyone who comes across your Google. My business listing know that if they follow you, they will get a special offer. Once someone decides to follow you, they will receive a notification, and this is what they’ll see pretty cool right. If you want to test this yourself, why don’t you follow my Google listing and see what kind of message that you’re going to get? That’s it for today, Google is clearly spending more and more time and energy into developing its Google, my business tool, and consequently I am almost certain they will end up monetizing it in the near future, make sure you make the most of these new features.

While you can and include them as part of your strategy, so you can keep an edge on your competitors. I hope you found this useful and until next time, happy marketing