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google my business optimization 2019

Okay, this is an awesome service that will explode. Your agency help you overcome the GMB difficulties that you currently having with your agency, I’m Gio B’s and, if you’re a business owner this even better for you guys, this will help you dominate local areas.

Okay, we put a whole bunch of a couple of testimonials on the main site we didn’t put all of them cuz. Obviously this is a black hat, slash right at our method and a lot of our customers don’t want us to uh, show their rankings. Okay, so um, let’s go let’s scroll down; okay, all the way to the plan sheet. Okay, these are the pricing. Okay, we offer a 60-day 180 day and 120 day. Optimization. Okay, the sixth day is for you is for you, customers, who are very, very low competition areas, okay, so this is basically for the suburbs: okay, the outskirts of the city; okay.

So if you’re in that area and it’s stupid, it looks like it’s super easy to rank just grab this one, and this will definitely give you everything you need to UM dominate your customers, local area. Okay, let me just get a little closer on. This is we’re going to set up a local, SERP tracking and campaign. Okay, we’re going to send you those reports um for the two months that we wish you um we’re going to do a beautiful link, local link strategy that we have that’s been working: amazing.

Okay, I’ve been building websites for the last seven years and we had websites all throughout the United States, and this link strategy works beautiful, okay, we’re going to give you a baseline local visibility report that show you where you actually coming up within the local area. Okay, we’re going to give the citation audit of the two top competitors so if Harry’s appliance, repair or Harry’s plumbing is you know or Harry’s debt or dentist or whatever, whatever it is, is dominating you we’re going to actually do a quick consultation report of your two Competitors and see what they’re doing why they’re number one that we could take them down: okay, um we’re also going to create an optimized social, essential accounts.

Okay, this is everything from Facebook all the way down the spectrum. Okay, social link. Social signals are a big thing for 2018: okay, we’re going to create the social fortress accounts; okay, um we’re going to create in the UK in the u.S. We’re going to do citations for the for big data, aggregators those the big guys that people actually have to Use the subscriptions for okay, a lot of companies use, do yaks and DS going to knock knock those out the box.

Okay, we have a 70 to 80 percent. Stick on these, so these are all good citations. Okay, for you, Canada, guys. We use the info group. Okay, um we’re going to create an optimized top national business listings; okay, so any business listings that relevant to that business. We’re going to create listings for that to show Google. You know the authority: okay, we’re going to create an optimized forty secondary citations, also just to throw some whipped cream on the top okay or we’re going to write and send the gate premium.

Local press releases. Okay, a lot of you guys are not doing this, and this is something that’s killing it for 2019 press releases, okay, basically, when we have sites that don’t um don’t get just need to get over that fence. We know we indicate out. We syndicate some press releases and it pushes them right over there right over the fence. Okay, we’re going to write five custom, G+ description. This is going away soon, so we’re going to replace this widowed, Google, post, okay, um GMB categories, I’m a lot of you guys input input the businesses into the wrong categories, so we’re going to actually go through it and make sure optimize everything and make sure that You’re doing that correct, okay, especially with the listing optimization, okay, GMB, photo optimization and product service post.

Okay, we’re going to actually do those also, okay, GUP GMB posts, are one of the most important things in 2019. You have with all these family listings that going around you have to show googly of real okay. The g bran account shared photos. We do twenty minimum, the public photos we do for the accountant, it’s relevant publishing. We do for okay, Google, my map with embeds. We do that also that’s a big optimization thing and we submit the links to the URLs for Google submit okay.

So that’s something that a lot of people not doing now. Okay, so, like I said this is not the run-of-the-mill Fiverr gig that she’d get on Fiverr of legit. This is real real SEO. Okay, this is the stuff that separate the weak from the strong people – okay, let’s say from the freelancers, to the professionals. Okay. So, let’s go to the next one: okay, let’s go to 120 with 120. We are doing everything we do with the 60 all right and we’re, including the extra okay we’re going to create an optimized for team or secondary citations.

We submit to six GPS listing services. Okay, big thing with with the whiz app Garmin, all these big big brands right now, um, you know your customer could be driving down within his brand new Audi and submit information right through his GPS. You want to come up in those areas to you. Want your customers to come up in those areas too: okay, Arthur Authority, bread network lakes. This is something that we build unique and um.

It’s pushing really good for 2019 um social Authority stacking okay. This is a big thing that a lot of people don’t do um. We do that with the da da MS link building strategy, okay, Apple maps and Bing places we claim and verify them: okay um. I had it up here, but they just had a quick post about um customers, actually using Apple maps instead of Google Maps um. There’s a big surge in it in 2019, so Apple maps is up and coming and you definitely need to be an Apple maps and Bing okay, so we we verify and we claim those listings from that.

Also. Okay, my map, citations and brand mentions okay with those map citations. We do a lot of the brand mentions: okay, something that ninety percent of SEO don’t do out there. Okay, rich media citations and brand mentions. We do that. Also, Google Places map embeds, okay, um. A lot of people not utilizing the map embeds in the Google map. This is something that we’re going to utilize in this campaign.

Also: okay, Google Authority stack and Google Sites Network, okay, um. This is big guys. This is something you need to build out and you need to build it out right, okay, and we also going to write and send the gate. Second premium. Local press releases, okay, so basically the second is basically meaning with sending up to more um digital agencies. We sending them to all more media companies like ABC NBC, etc, etc.

Okay, now, let’s go to the next one, a hundred and eighty day this is for the big kahuna. This is for the New York City. This is where the Chicago’s, this is for the Miami’s. This is for all the big cities with the big players: the big competition. Okay. This is the name of the mill okay, um, GMB website creation. Okay, we also offer this. This is something that you definitely need to do in 2018, okay, in 2019.

Okay, we do a thousand words for the GMB website content. Okay, the more listings you get on that first page um, the more better you are as a company, so we create a dis combo to to oversee that okay client site on page local, optimization, okay, client sites store locator map in bed and schema okay. A lot of you guys, I know doing schema nowadays. Okay, we do it a little different with the map embed and the store.

Locators, okay, create and optimize forty more citations, okay, more citations, more better citations; okay, um create and optimize geo networks. Okay, fifteen geo. Local articles and links – okay, so we’re going to make fifteen unique articles and links for the geo network, okay, fifteen driving direction maps with embeds. Basically, I know a lot of you guys know about the driving directions, um um tip, but um.

A lot of people will deal with the in bits, so um you need to do this. Okay and dislike again. Like you know, I try not to say it all the time, but this what separates the weak from the strong okay create an optimized niche networking. Okay, we also do that okay, so the pricing is very good guys if you want it. If you want deep these pricing you’re going to kill it, okay, you’re going to make up or you can make fifty to a 300 % or a why or these pricing.

That’s how good our GMB optimization is. Okay, so again, sixty day, that’s for the lo comp arm markets 120 day is for this big city. It is for the big cities with the low population. Maybe we don’t have the low competition? Okay: this is a favorite all 120. A lot of people buying this cuz they’re, not sure if they should do to 60 or 120 or the 180, so they go in the middle I’ll do the 120 and they kill it.

Okay, um: let’s go over a couple of it arm for 649. That’s a one-time fee, guys a one-time fee. So you just take this out in a brand, build you! Let us handle all your GMB optimization! You do your on-site, you do everything else and we take care of this. For you. It’s super simple in our industry. Time is an essence. Okay, you don’t want to sit here and build citations. You don’t want. I pay a VA, a separate amount to do these citations and you got a check up and make sure you do it right.

You know follow us guys, we’re we’re good at what we do. Okay $ 15.99 for the 180. That is an awesome price. You can absolutely demolished new york city markets, chicago markets, with this built, okay arm and, like I said that 120 is for the mid, builds okay, you guys going to just hit. By now, you submit um you’re going to submit the payment and then i’m going to shoot you you’re going to submit your information after after this some pay now button you’re going to be submitted to a submit business.

Now: okay page, where you going to put all your business information and then um you that’s going to come over to us and then I’m going to shoot you back a Google sheet. Okay, I want you to fill in all your information and basically we take it from there guys if you want us to white label it for you, we could do that for your customer or if you want us to do that or if you want to just Submit you know the just submit results via customer, that’s cool.

We could just create labels of the ER name and submit all the information to your business. Okay. So thank you so much for reading this article um, hopefully we’ll work together, have a wonderful day.


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3 Powerful Google My Business Features No One Talks About

Google has recently released, which are most likely passed you by, but could make a massive difference to your online visibility. If you want to know what they are before, your competitors find out. Just stay tuned hi there, if we’re just meeting my name, is live Duran, the founder of ranking academy. Do you click where I talk about the best tools, tips and ways to help you promote your local business online step-by-step and take by click on this blog? I cover everything: any local business owner needs to know from search engine optimization through social media.

My goal is to help you thrive online, so you can drive more visitors to your business and ultimately make more money. So if you’re new here consider subscribing and clicking on the Bell button, so you don’t miss any of my new articles. Finally, don’t forget to check out the description below, which is why I put additional nodes and links I refer to in this tutorial if you’re ready. Let’s jump right in feature number one add a request quote button to your listing: if you are a service provider such as a handyman, a landscape gardener or a consultant of any kind you’re going to love this feature, you can now add a button directly into your Google listing so people who come across your profile and request a quote for service you provide, which will be sent to your phone in just one click, as you can see on the screen for this new feature to be activated, you need to do two things.

First, if you haven’t done it already, install the Google my business app on your phone, you can find the links to the app for both iOS and Android in the description below once installed log into the app using the same email address you use for your Google. My business listing once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions you will be redirected to a panel where all the information regarding your Google listing will be displayed, such as the latest activity on your profile, your business reviews, reporting and so on.

I won’t cover them all today, as it is not the topic of this article. The second thing you need to do is to enable the messaging option on the app to do this tap on the customer tab at the bottom of your screen by default. You should see your customer reviews listed in there at the top of the screen tap the messages on the screen. You should see a note for the messaging feature, allowing this feature will enable customers viewing your listing to message.

You directly respond to questions, share information and quickly connect for free tap the turn on button. This will automatically turn on the messaging functionality and unable the request record button now go to Google and search for your business on your listing. You should see a new blue button right under the reviews. Labeled request, a quote: visitors can now submit the request directly to you using this button.

As soon as they do, you will receive an instant notification on your Google, my business app to which you can respond straight away. If that doesn’t impress your potential clients, I don’t know what will? Let’s now have a look at our next feature, feature number two questions and answers. Auto suggests, a few months ago, Google added the option for users to ask questions to a business directly from the Google.

My business listing most businesses I have worked with are totally unaware. This option exists as part of their listing and consequently ignore it. This is a true missed opportunity, since most of the time, the questions being asked are very specific and very often could lead directly to a new sell or getting a new customer. Look at the second-hand car dealer, for example, who has three unanswered questions, all of which could have led to a potential sell, but this is not new, since FAQ were launched in Google my business a few months ago.

What’s new, however, is that Google now Auto suggests answers to your visitors using a combination of your previously answered questions if you have taken the time to answer them, your customer reviews, as well as your Google posts. Let’s have a look at one of my clients, Google profile, who is an electrician. If I start asking question using the question-and-answer box, I can see suggested answers from previous answers from various customer use, as well as from Google posts yes published on his listing over time.

What does it mean for you, as a business owner, make sure you create regular Google posts with rich content relevant to your business, collect Google reviews from your customers, which will include answers to potential questions? Future customer may ask if you want to know how to do this, read my article, how to include keywords in your reviews and finally add the most common questions your customers ask to your Google listings yourself and provide the answer, as Google allows you to do it Moving on to our last feature, feature number three increase your number of followers.

With an offer. Did you know, customers can follow your business on Google Maps. This feature is even less known than the FAQ feature. I’ve just covered, but nonetheless not to be ignored. Just like on a Facebook page, people can follow your business by simply tapping a follow button when they find your business on Google Maps through their phone. But why would you want customers to follow your Google listing? Because your followers will find out about your latest Google? My business posts and promotions in the for use section on a Google map app.

This means the more followers you have, the more likely you can generate business, but this is not new. What’s new? Is the ability to create a welcome offer to incentivize new visitors or existing customers to follow your listing? And here is how it’s done open the Google, my business app on your phone or tablet on the bottom menu tap the option customers on the top menu tap? The option followers: you should see your number of existing followers in there tap the option, create a post in the middle of your screen.

Scroll through and select the option. Welcome offer create your welcome offer, including an image I’m going to use an image for 10 % discount that I have created earlier then add a title, a description terms and conditions and everything else that you think is relevant once you’re done tap on, publish and wait For the confirmation message to show, the next thing you need to do is to encourage new visitors, all your existing customers to follow your google listing by letting them know that if they follow you, they will get a special offer.

You can do this via an email with your existing customers or add a banner to your website or even publish a Google post to let anyone who comes across your Google. My business listing know that if they follow you, they will get a special offer. Once someone decides to follow you, they will receive a notification, and this is what they’ll see pretty cool right. If you want to test this yourself, why don’t you follow my Google listing and see what kind of message that you’re going to get? That’s it for today, Google is clearly spending more and more time and energy into developing its Google, my business tool, and consequently I am almost certain they will end up monetizing it in the near future, make sure you make the most of these new features.

While you can and include them as part of your strategy, so you can keep an edge on your competitors. I hope you found this useful and until next time, happy marketing


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25-minute Local SEO Audit That Will Crush Your Competitors

Gaps that need to be filled and will also help you create the perfect road map to crush your competitors, An in-depth local SEO audit can cost Several hundred dollars, sometimes thousands if you Commission, an agency to Do it for you, But today I’m going to show you how to do a quick SEO.

Audit Yourself, so you can start improving your online presence straight away without Spending a dime I’ve even put together an SEO audit checklist, which includes a Ton of free tools and recommendations which you can download in the Description below so you can go through each step of the process for your own Business from the comfort of your home and at your own pace At the end of it, you’ll know exactly what you need to work on Hi there.

This is your first time, Here, welcome to the community. My name is Luc Durand, the founder of rankingacademy.Co.Uk, which I created to help local business owners like you, thrive, Online and run successful businesses If you want to join the thousands of people, Who are already part of this growing family? It’s simple and free. Just click. On the subscribe button and the Bell notification – and you will automatically Be alerted when I publish a new article If you’re ready, let’s jump in Google, my Business listing audit: Do you have a Google my business listing? I know this Sounds obvious for many of you, but they are tons of businesses out there who Have yet to claim their Google listing Like this one face: painting fairies, Google, my business is crucial to your online success and will have a major Influence on your overall online visibility, If you haven’t claimed your Listing yet do it now, if you don’t know how read my article, how to set up Google My business for best results.

If you have a listing and it is verified, it’s Important to get it right Here is what you need to look out for Business name Use the same business name that you would use in real life and that Is printed on any of your legal documentation or business cards? Do not Add any additional keywords in a hope: you will rank higher It’s against Google’s policy and you may get suspended, Address and phone number Make sure your address and phone number are accurate, get this wrong and you will Be in a world of pain, you will mislead Google and your customers too.

Business Categories Ensure you’ve selected the right primary category for your business. As it will influence your rankings enormously, This can sometimes be a Tough choice, dentist cosmetic dentist and dental clinic are three different. Categories so make sure you choose wisely Once you’re done with your Primary category, you can add secondary categories that apply to your business. Business hours Have you entered your business hours? If not make sure you do.

People look at this stuff, Don’t cheat and pretend you’re open when you’re not To avoid frustration and potential bad reviews, which leads me to my next point: Reviews Reviews are a major influence when it comes to rankings. It could make The difference between your competitors ranking and not you, How many do you have? How positive are they have you responded to all of them? You can encourage Customers to leave you more reviews with this nice little tool that will generate A link which will automatically trigger a Google my business review pop up and Ease the review process For more info on this just check my article on how to Collect reviews Website Link your Google, my business listing to your website.

If You haven’t done it yet FAQs. Have you added frequently asked Questions to your profile, FAQ will help people make informed decision about your Business People also use the FAQ option to ask about services you provide, which Can often generate fresh leads, so there are not to be ignored If you’re stuck About what to write in there here is a tool that might help answerthepublic.Com Throw a keyword in there and it will spit out a list of common questions.

You can use Photos. Photos are probably the best way of showcasing your Business and capturing attention so add some photos regularly. You can also add Articles and 360 panoramic views for better engagement. Google posts. Do you Publish any post, You can increase your visibility with Google posts Posts can Be used to provide an update about your business, promote a product, a service or An event They increase your listing prominence in search results, especially On mobile and are used automatically to answer FAQs in the FAQ section, Although they expire every 7 days, it’s a great feature, not Many businesses are using so make the most of it.

Business description. Have you Added a business description: if you haven’t time to start typing, You can add A description to tell customers a bit more about your business in up to 750 Characters: Google, my business, has more options available. Some of them industry specific, but if you can nail these down for now, you will Have a solid profile Time to move on to citations audit, If you don’t know what A citation is, it is a mention of your business in major directories and social Media platforms, which generally includes your business name, your business, address your business phone number and sometimes a link to your site like in this example.

On yell.Com, which is a major directory in the UK Having your business listed in These is the foundation of any local SEO strategy and is important for two Reasons these directories very often rank at the top of search engine results. For local searches, which may include your business and drive traffic to your Site but more importantly, it helps create trust and legitimacy with Google Who will be discovering your business across all these platforms, But for Google, to establish trust your business information needs to be accurate and Consistent everywhere your business is mentioned.

You could check the Consistency and accuracy of your business information across the web, Manually, but to be honest with you, it is a very tedious exercise and can still Lead to errors Instead use a tool that will do the legwork for you in my Opinion bright, local is one of the best tools to just do that. You can create a free account for 14 days without using a credit card which Is more than enough time to check if your business is mentioned in all the Right places, and if there are any errors, You can even download a full citation.

Report and will also have access to tons of additional information once you’ve. Set up your profile, The next thing we’re going to check is: if your website is Responsive Checking, if your website is responsive, is just ensuring that your Website works on all types of devices and, more specifically, on mobile phones. When it comes to local search, most of your visitors will come across your site. Via a mobile phone, so if your website is not compatible, your business is really Going to suffer To quickly check if your website is adapted to multiple devices, Download this free, resizer app in Google Chrome then simulate your website view.

On the various devices available, The next thing we’re going to look at is Your home page Since the home page of your site is your most important page. It Deserves to be analyzed separately, as there are many things to take into Consideration To really maximize your SEO opportunities: this is what you Should check Is your title tag optimized and includes the keywords and the city Name, you are targeting.

Have you added a Meta Description to your page, compelling Enough, so that people will want to click on your listing in Google when they come Across your business is there a main title, also known as h1, which stands for Header, which also includes your main keyword and city name, Is there an Obvious call to action on the page, such as a phone number that is visible Without scrolling down Is the call to action visible on the mobile version of Your site, without scrolling down, is there enough content on your page? Think Of including your services and products, and whatever else you think, is relevant Are you linking to important sub pages from your home page, which you’d like Visitors to click to and Google to discover Do all your images have an alt Tag Are you talking about your location where your business operates? Have you embedded a Google map related to your business, so visitors can check Directions straight to you from your homepage: Does your page include your Name address and phone number, which is consistent with your Google, my business Listing Once you’ve completed all of the above, it’s time to analyze the rest of Your pages For this we’re going to use a tool which is going to speed up the Process enormously Go to ubersuggest.

Com And in the search box add your domain name. I am going to use the example of This dentist located in tampa florida Click on search. This will initially give You an overview of your website, which includes the number of organic keywords: You’re ranking for the estimated organic traffic and the number of links pointing To your site, On the left hand, side choose site audit at the bottom of the Menu and click on search to trigger an automatic scan of your site, which should Take up to three minutes Once completed, you should see a breakdown of errors.

Warnings and recommendations Click on the first box to bring up the full list. In there you will be able to uncover issues with your pages, such as duplicate, Meta title low word count and missing headers across your site and fix them If You are unfamiliar with the errors, highlighted just click on the. What is This and how do I fix it, which is very helpful Since this is an automated scan? It doesn’t include every recommendation so once you’ve fixed the highlighted issues, I recommend you also check the following items for all your pages: Include the main, targeted keywords you are trying to rank for with your page And the city name in your main title tag Include the main targeted keywords: you Are trying to rank for with your page and the city name in your main header? Make sure the keywords is different from the home page and unique for each page.

Ensure your content is well structured and includes subheadings Add keywords in your subheadings, which are related to the main keywords you are Targeting for these pages Look at this example, One heading includes fuse box. And the other consumer unit, which are closely related. Finally, don’t forget to Add alt tags to your images Time to now. Look at how well your business is ranking in Google When it comes to local search.

Your business is likely to show in two distinctive areas within Google, The First, one is in Google Maps with your Google, my business listing, which will Also include the map pack, The second one is what I call the more traditional Results which sit below the map pack, which is where your business website Will be listed, It’s important to know how well your business ranks and for What keywords so you can monitor if any of the improvements that you have Implemented have made a difference to your ranking Head back to ubersuggest And re-enter your domain name, if needed On the main screen, click on the organic Keywords tab: This will show you all the keywords your website is ranking for in the Traditional results, you can even export the results in Excel, save the data and Recheck a few weeks later, so you can compare rankings and check if you have Gained any positions, If you are not ranking for any keywords between Position 1 and 10: it means you’re not on the first page of Google for any Keywords, so there is a lot of work to do To make things simpler, moving forward.

I suggest you create a profile in ubersuggest for your website, which will Track your progress automatically, so you don’t have to keep downloading Excel. Spreadsheets and see in seconds, if your doing well or not Unfortunately, ubersuggest doesn’t track rankings for Google. My business listings In Google Maps, so it only gives you half of the picture To do this head over to a Site called localFalcon.

Com Local Falcon is a software that allows you to Track how well your Google, my business listings, ranks directly on Google Maps For a given keyword, I love this tool as it is very visual and you can instantly Get a feel of how well or badly your business is doing. Local Falcon is not a Free tool, however, you can create an account and run one free scan, which will Give you a good idea of how powerful this can be for your business.

Let me run Through an example with another dentist, called Denton dental located in Nashville USA, Once you’ve created an account click on scan on the main menu Start typing your business name in the business field. It should come up. Automatically, Please note that if you have decided to hide Your business address in your Google, my business listing you won’t be able to Run the scan Add the keyword you want to target.

In this instance, we’re going to use “ dentist Nashville” Choose the radius you want to target and then the distance Either in miles or in kilometers, Then select the grid size, Click on run, search, You will see dots showing where your business ranks and in what position. Based on your criterias, Any position beyond three means: your business is not Featured in the map pack, which really is where you want to be Clicking on the Dots will give you access to more details and check which businesses Rank above you and how far down you are on the list, Local Falcon stores all your scans, so you can easily compare them and Understand if you are making any progress over time Time to move on to our last item external links, External links, pointing To your site are one of the most important factors that will influence Your online visibility, In summary, the more quality links you have pointing to Your website, the more relevant it will appear to Google, who will reward you With higher rankings, But how strong is your link profile? To check this go back to ubersuggest.

Com once more and search for your Domain On the main screen check what your domain score is. This score is Calculated on the basis of external links pointing to your site, The lower the score, the weaker the site Run the same scan for your competitor’s Site and look at their domain scores If your score is lower than theirs is Because they have more valuable links pointing to their site than you do This Means there is a great chance you will be ranking lower than they are for the Keywords, you are targeting.

The solution. Try getting more web sites to link to Yours, If you don’t know where to start, you can spy on your competitors, links by Clicking on their domain score, This will show all the links pointing to their Site Just try to get the same links as they do. That’s it for today now it’s Your turn Download the SEO audit checklist and run through each item. One By one, I’ve made this very simple to use just put a cross in Yes or no box and it will change color automatically Once completed.

You will See how well or badly you’re doing just by looking at the overall color scheme, And which item you need to address based on priority Hope you liked the article if You have any comments or questions post them below and until next time, happy Marketing


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2020 Facebook Business Page Set Up – Step By Step Walk Through

Facebook is still the Most popular social media network in the world and with over 2 billion active Users, it’s one of the best places to promote your business, one of the Simplest and effective ways of doing that is with a free Facebook, business Page If you’ve been thinking about building a Facebook page for your Business but we’re not sure where to start Stay tuned, as I’m going to show you how step-by-step so, by the end of this Tutorial, you have a fully fledged business page ready to generate some Fresh leads hi there if we’re just meeting my name Is Luc Durand, the founder of rankingacademy.

Co.Uk, where I talk about The best tools, tips and ways to help you promote your local business online step. By step and click by click on this blog, I cover everything any local Business owner needs to know from search engine optimization to social media. My Goal is to help you thrive online, so you can drive more visitors to your business. And ultimately make more money. So if you’re new here consider subscribing and Clicking on the bell button, so you don’t miss any of my new articles.

Finally, don’t Forget to check out the description below, which is why I put additional Notes and links I refer to in this tutorial if you’re ready, let’s jump Right in step number one setting up your page head over to facebook.Com before we Start you need to understand, you can’t create a business page on Facebook. Unless you have a personal Facebook account attached to it, this is because Facebook requires every business page to have at least one administrator to Manage the page – and this is only feasible by tying a facebook business – Page with a personal account and before you ask anyone seeing your business page, Will not be able to trace it back to your personal profile, as they are two Separate entities, so you can relax If you haven’t, got a Facebook account yet Create one, it only takes a couple of minutes.

If you already have an account. Just login to your profile, once you’ve logged in in the top blue ribbon click On the create link and select the page option, this will bring you to a screen. Where you will be given the choice of creating your page between two Categories, the first category is called business or Brand, you should select this category if you are a business of any size or type That sells services or product, If you are a public figure, a musician, a sports Team, a church group or any kind of organization you should select the Second option: community or public figure, since this tutorial is mainly targeted, At local business owners, let’s choose business or brand.

The next step is Choosing a name for your page, what you want to do here is to use your business Name today, I’m going to create a page for a fictitious hairdresser that I’m Going to call Planet hairdressing, the next thing you need to do is to pick the Right business category that best represent your business just start: Typing what you think the catering should be and select the appropriate one.

Based on the suggestions, add the address where your business is located: the phone Number is optional, so it’s up to you, but my recommendation would be to add it. Then click Next, you will then be asked to add a profile picture and a cover. Photo skip these steps for now. Your page is now set up and live on Facebook for Everyone to see at this stage it looks very bare and doesn’t really reflect Your business at all, that’s why I would recommend to unpublish it until we have Finished, creating it just go to settings in the general tab.

Choose page Visibility: click on edit select, page, unpublished and click Save select the Reason why you want to unpublish your page click on next. Then click on Unpublish close the dialog box, then, on the top left hand, side click Back on the page link, which will take you back to your newly created page time to move on to step number two Branding your page, the first thing we’re going to do is add a profile picture to Your page, your profile picture, will appear on every post or comments that You make across Facebook using your facebook business page.

So that’s why It’S a good idea to add your logo in there. The ideal size is currently at 360. Pixels by 360 pixels, if you do not have any logo available but yet want to make Your page look as professional as possible. Here is a little tip. You can Use head over to a website called canva.Com and log in using your Facebook Account once logged in, on the left, hand, side, menu, click on create a design and Choose the custom dimension option in the fields set the dimensions to be 360 And 360, so it fits the profile picture of your Facebook page perfectly and Choose px which stands for pixels, then click on create a design.

This will take You to a design area where you can start making your logo by simply dragging and Dropping elements directly on the canvas I personally love canva.Com As a tool and use it regularly because you can design pretty much anything very Easily, using their free pre-made templates and images Using the search Box look for something in relation to your line of business. In this instance, I Need a logo for my hairdressing salon, so I’m going to type hair as you can see.

They are quite a few options to choose from. I want something simple, so I am Going to go for this one here, just by clicking on it, Once on my work area, I can modify the elements by just clicking on them here. I Just want to modify the background from black to orange. To do this, I just need To click on the background and modify the color using the palette accessible At the top, each element can be modified in the same way, including the copy, so You can really craft something unique for your business Once you’re done.

Creating your profile picture click on the publish button on the top Right hand, side and download it on your computer. All you need to do now is load Your profile picture on your Facebook page just go back to your Facebook page And hover on the profile picture, you should see an update option appearing Click on it and select the upload photo option. Fetch your newly created logo, From where you saved it on your computer, add a description to it and click Save time to add a cover to our page.

Let’S Follow the same process and go back to canva.Com This time we don’t even need to specify the dimension, because canva has already Set this up as a default design in its library, just click on create a design. And search for facebook cover once again choose something in relation to your Business and modify according to your needs, Try keeping the same colors and font, so it looks consistent with your profile.

Picture within canva, you can also add images which makes your work even more. Professional once you’re done go back to your Facebook, page click. On the add a Cover button load, your facebook cover you just created in canva and save it. Just like your profile picture for those of you who don’t want to use Canva and need to know the exact dimensions of the cover photo. They are 820 pixels by 312 pixels.

Our page is now looking a lot better and Nicely fits with our brand last step before we move on to our next step. If you click on your Facebook cover, you can add a description of the image tag. Some people who are in it add a link to your site and write comments. This can be Particularly useful when people decide to share your cover, as it will give you An opportunity to direct people to your website or simply give them more Information step 3 add a call to action button to your page on every Facebook.

Page there is an option to add a call to action button located right below your Cover photo, this is a great opportunity to encourage your visitors to take Action such as visiting your website make a booking learn more about your Business and overall, help generate more leads and in return, increase sales to Select the type of call to action you want to add just click on add a button. You should see a list of categories you can choose from within each category.

You Have several options available Browse through the various categories and Select the most appropriate one for your business. In my example, I want people to Call the salon directly to book a hair appointment, so I am going to choose the Contact us category and the call now option then add my phone number and save Anyone tapping on this button from their phone will trigger a call to my business.

So I can schedule an appointment with them Step number four: complete your Business details very often when you are searching for a local business in Google. One of the first results that comes up organically is a facebook business page This is because Facebook is so dominant that it will trump many other results in Google’S organic search results, even your own website. That’S why it’s Important you fill in all possible information on your page, as it is likely.

To be the first impression you will give to your visitors, the good news is: it’s Very simple to do go to your page and, on the left hand, Side menu select the about option. If you can’t see the option, just click on see. More that will expand the menu, then select about Right below your Call-To-Action button click on the link edit page info and fill in all your Business details, including a short description of your page, your website, Address your business email address your opening hours and everything else that Is blank Still in the About section? Add your business story to give relevance.

And context to visitors who want to find out about you add an image. Some great Copy with relevant keywords and another link to your website in there Step number five interact with your audience with automated messages. One Great thing about running a business page is that you can interact with your Audience, even when you are not online, which is very useful when you are a busy Local business owner first, you can display a greeting message that people Will see the first time they open a conversation with you on messenger to Set this up just click on your page setting option on the top right hand, Side choose the messaging option and click on the jump to your section link.

Next to the response assistant turn on the show, a messenger greeting option and Customize your message by clicking on the Change button, an example of the Message your visitors will see automatically appears here, change it to Whatever you want, you can customize it further and Personalize your message by using the dynamic options in the copy, which is a Very nice touch: let’s choose first name option, so anyone opening a conversation With you will receive the following greeting, which includes their first name: If somebody responds to the greeting and you’re not available to start a Conversation or answer their questions you can set up the response assistant Functionality that will send instant replies to any message to set this up.

Just click on the go to automated responses, link switch on the instant Reply button and click on edit to write your own message. You can also automate Some of the answers, which is great once you’re, done, click on save and then on. The top left hand side click back on your page, so we can move on to our next step. Step number: six configure your page menu by default. Facebook will set up Your page, with a standard navigation menu on the left hand side you can Customize, this upon your needs and your business type just go to your page.

Settings and select the template and tab option. If you scroll down, you will see a List of the default options available in your current menu. If I put my facebook Business page side-by-side with the menu settings you can see what I’m talking. About to change the ordering simply drag-and-drop the menu tab, you want to Move, let’s say I want the offer tab to sit right at the top to entice more Customers, all I need to do is grab the component and drop it right at the top.

Just refresh your page and you’ll see the changes step number seven time to publish your First, post, your page is now all ready to go. It’S now time to start making the most of it and publish a few posts. But before you do that remember at the Beginning of this tutorial, we made this page private, so it’s time to make it Available to the world go to your page settings once more and in the general Tab select page visibility and click on edit Tick, the page published option and save changes go back to your page and publish Your first post here is an example of a few posts I have published on my Hairdressing page, so it makes it look a little bit more alive once you’ve Published a few posts and your page looks like it’s active it’s time to move On to our final step, step number 8: invite your friends and create a vanity URL.

Facebook will suggest you invite friends to like your page. This is a good Idea for three reasons: first, it will give your page an initial boost and help Gather some momentum, since you currently have 0 followers. Second, your friends: Might share the page with their friends which will amplify your reach. Third, when You reach 25 likes. You will be able to create what is known as a vanity URL. If You don’t know what a vanity URL is.

Let me explain. Currently your Facebook page Is accessible via a unique address, just like a website, in our case, the address File page is this: unlike a website, this is very difficult to remember for anyone You can, however, give your page an address that is much easier to remember. Just like my own Facebook, page facebook.Com, slash ranking Academy, this Is what is known as a vanity URL to do this? Just click on the link called Create a page at username under your profile picture, this will trigger a Pop-Up, in which you can set up a memorable username and give you an easy To remember address of your page in the username field.

Add your business name. Without any space, and then click on create username, if you see a red man, Telling you you are not eligible, it is because you haven’t reached 25 likes yet So keep trying until you get there to be honest, it’s super easy, after that, your Facebook page will be a hundred percent complete, that’s it. For today you should Now be all set and able to post on your brand-new business page but remember Facebook is a social network and not a platform to flog your products and Services engage with your local community, be helpful and respond to Comments and questions and don’t leave your page unattended for too long.

I hope You found this tutorial helpful, remember to post any questions in the comments. Below and press the thumbs up button, if you feel like it and until next time, Happy marketing

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