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Top Tips for Google My Business

This is mine. This is me, So if you don’t have a Google, My Business profile you’re, just not showing up for 90 % of the people out there who are searching It’s gone right, poof, Welcome to The Journey, I’m Nealey And I’m Morgan and today we’re going over the beginners guide to Google, My Business So Morgan. What is Google My Business? So Google, My Business or Gmb, as the experts call it yeah, throwing some acronyms at you Right, Google, My Business allows local consumers To find your business on Google Web Search and Google Maps, It’s a one stop shop for all Of your business information and users love it.

It’s visual! It’s tied to the map in the middle of the search. Results page it’s great. So when I do searches I usually see only three businesses pop up. Why is that? That is known as the Google, local three pack, Basically the best of the best businesses for that search, result The ones that have the Most optimized profiles the best of the best They show up. They only show three, Sometimes it’s three and an ad, but that’s how you get to be there.

You can click more results. And then you’ll see all of the Google My Business profiles for that search result but yeah, that’s the cream of the crop that show up in the local three pack [ Nealey ]. I dig it Awesome. So is this all Something you can show us Yeah, absolutely, let’s go check it out, Cool All right. So let’s take a look at Google, My Business in action. Let’s go to Google.Com to See what this looks like [, Nealey ], You should search How’Bout dog groomers [, Morgan, ], Dog, grooming, Okay, so let’s do a dog Groomer in Phoenix Arizona and see what shows up Perfect so the first Thing that you can see this is the local three pack that we talked about, which is the maps Google, based on these three Google, My Business profiles – these Google has indicated Are the most optimized the best answers for dog Groomer Phoenix Arizona Right on We have the Smelly Dog, Dog, Town, Pet Grooming and The Hairy Dog, So let’s jump into the first one to see.

What’s so great about this profile, [ Nealey ] Other than the name [ Morgan ] Other than the Name, it’s pretty darn good! So, as you can see right, Here The Smelly Dog they have optimized their Profile pretty pretty well, So they have their website link. They have directions because They have their address Hours of operation, all It says is open now an area of opportunity here. Is they could add full hours? So that way you can know well what, if I wan na go Tomorrow or on Saturday [ Nealey ] Right, when do they close? You don’t wan na go too late.

[ Morgan ] Right, [, Nealey ] and have to Go all the way back: [, Morgan, ], So they’re missing that which is fine, but that’s an Area of opportunity to fix You can also see that there are questions which people have asked. And then there’s answers in addition to lots and lots of photos about the business where it’s located. What it looks like inside Some examples of dog grooming and hair cuts and what to expect, if you were to take your dog here, That’s so important, especially just how the outside looks.

I don’t know how many Places I’ve driven past and it’s just a wild goose Chase trying to find it That makes it super easy for me, And the nice thing About Google, My Business in with the maps, particularly you, can see where this business shows up and maybe The Smelly Dog’s Too far away for you, so you can just click. On one of the websites, I like Hot Dogs and Cool Cats All Breeds Grooming. That seems more up my alley where I live and then you can click and you can see if this is The right business for you, So one other thing to point out we’ve been talking about.

You need to create your profile or claim your profile. Here’s an example right here: All it says, is dog grooming and there’s no information. It just has the location Most likely this was a user that just came in and said: hey I’ve had my dog groomed here, a grooming place exists but, as you can see, there’s no information. Other than the zip code, Literally nothing. So there is this button here that says own this business question mark you can click it and that’s how you can start the process to claim your profile.

If I were this dog Groomer, I would for sure do this right away because There’s so much information about my business – that’s not here, and people are looking for [ Nealey ] Right. If anyone goes and see that there their Going to think it doesn’t exist and their moving on. So that’s all I wanted to show you. I just wanted to give you visually what this looks like on. The search results page, so you can see what customers are seeing for your business when They search for you, So that was awesome.

Demo Thank you, but what about the audience at home? Why? Why should they set up A Google My Business account. It gives you so much more visibility to your local business, 90 % of the worldwide search. Traffic goes through Google, So if you don’t have a Google, My Business profile you’re, just not showing up for 90 90 % of the people out There, who are searching 90 % – it’s gone right. Poof and, like I said before, having A Google My Business profile, it really is a one stop.

Shop for your customers to learn everything about your business; Everything They love clicking on the pretty map and they Click on your business and they get your name Phone number address hours of operation, reviews star ratings and they can click and go to your website and check out photos of All your amazing products Right, it’s just it’s one link, but again they don’t Have to go any further cause all that information is there, And the last reason you should set it up is because can tap into Really cool analytics about people who are visiting your Google, My Business profile, I love analytics, but what What type of analytics, What can we see So it gives you information, About the number of people who are calling your Business from that link who are visiting your website all sorts of stuff, All right, so you have me sold.

How do we start So? The first thing you need to do is you need to create your Google, My Business profile, Go to Google.Com/business To create your profile or to claim your profile, because sometimes you’ll have a profile already created by other users, and you need to claim that to say “, Hey, I actually own this. This is mine,!” This is me And then on that you’re Going to put in some basic information about your website, the name phone number address, So the next step is, you need To optimize your profile, A lot of people fill in The basic information and go on their merry way and they don’t do anything else and Google doesn’t like that.

They wan na fully I don’t like that optimized profile. I know you don’t So optimizing. Your profile means going in adding photos of your business, putting your menu. If you have it, responding to reviews all sort of things to really Provide so much context and make that have tons of information. Also, if you have keywords, That you’re, trying to target on your website, For your businesses, you should probably sprinkle those in A little bit throughout Just a little bit Just a little little Taste of the keyword Right and that will help as well with SEO The more value you Can add to that profile to get people to actually stay and look around the better All right guys.

I hope you found this beginners guide to Google My Business helpful, so you can get started, Start getting lots of business Checkin’ out all those analytics All the good stuff Right and if you’ve created your Google, My Business Account or claimed it, let us know in the comments below Like this article, subscribe to the blog and ring that bell. If you Wan na see these articles first, This has been The Journey and we’re signing off.


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How to Update Business Hours on Google My Business and Your Website

Com, وفي, أعلى, اليمين, الزاوية التي تقول تسجيل الدخول إذا, كنت, لا, تملك, حساب،, انها, سوف, تقودك, من, خلال, خطوات إنشاء حساب الآن اذهب, على, خرائط, جوجل, و ابحث عن عملك لمعرفة ما إذا, كان, لديك, قائمة, بالفعل, إذا, ظهرت, ،, مثل هذا العمل هنا ، يمكنك, اختيار, امتلاك, هذا, العمل, ،, أو, في, بعض, الأحيان, ستقول, المطالبة بهذا العمل انقر على, هذا, الرابط, ،, و ستوجهك Google خلال عملية التحقق مرحبًا دارلين ، كما تعلم, ،, لدي, هذا, العمل, الذي, قمنا بتطويرها في الرحلة يطلق عليه القهوة, و, Kickflips, ولدي, حساب, Gmail, وموقع, ويب, ،, لكنني, لم, أضعه, على, “, نشاطي, التجاري, على, Google”, كيف, أضيف, هذا, من, الصفر؟, ليست, مشكلة, اذهب, إلى, خرائط, جوجل, و, اكتب عنوان عملك على اللوحة, اليسرى, ، اختر إضافة عملك أضف اسم, عملك, اختر, فئة, و تواصل اتباع المطالبات حتى تنتهي لن, تتمكن, من, التحقق, على, الفور, ،, لذلك, عليك, الانتظار, جوجل لإرسال بطاقة بريدية, إلى عملك من المؤكد أنك ولكن لا, يزال, بإمكانك, الدخول, إلى, حسابك, لوحة تحكم نشاطي التجاري على, Google, وقم بإعداد الأشياء أثناء الانتظار الآن, ،, بمجرد, أن, تكون, في, الخاص, بك, صفحة “ نشاطي التجاري على, Google”, ،, لديك, الكثير, من, الأشياء, يمكنك التعديل هنا ساعات ، قوائم ،, شاهد, كل, الخيارات, على, الجانب, الأيسر, هنا, لتعديل, ساعات, متجرك, ،, حدد, معلومات, حدد, القسم, الذي, تريده, تريد التعديل ، مثل إضافة ساعات, قم, بإجراء, التحرير, وحدد, تطبيق, يمكنك, أيضًا, إدخال, خاص, ساعات الإجازات والإغلاق في احسن, الاحوال, كل, ذلك, سيكون, مفيدًا, عندما أغير ساعات عملي العملية, أو, إضافة شيء جديد في عملي لذلك أفهم أنه, يمكنك, أيضًا, الاتصال, إلى, “, نشاطي, التجاري, على, Google”, من, خلال, موقع, الويب, الخاص, بي, مع, GoDaddy Websites, + Marketing, هل, هذا, صحيح؟, بلى, دعنا, نذهب, إلى, صفحة, حسابك, على, GoDaddy, وتسجيل, الدخول, إلى, لوحة, التحكم, انظر, إلى, ذلك, GoDaddy, يقترح, عليك, القيام به قائمة نشاطي التجاري على, Google إذا لم يكن لديك هذا الموجه, ،, ترتفع, إلى, التسويق, و, اختر “ نشاطي التجاري على Google” نظرًا, لأننا, أنشأنا, إصدارًا, بالفعل, ،, يمكننا, الاتصال, به, هنا, ولكن, بما, أنك, تريد, أن, تفعل, قائمة من الصفر ، انقر, فوق, إنشاء, قائمة, ، واتبع التعليمات أضف عنوانك واكتب في الفئة, ،, تمامًا, مثل, الخطوة على, Google, ، الاتصال بحساب Gmail الخاص, بك, ،, والسماح, بوصول, GoDaddy, إلى حساب Gmail الخاص بك هذا سيسمح, لموقع, الويب, الخاص, بك, للوصول, إلى, حساب, “, نشاطي, التجاري, على, Google”, بمجرد, اكتمال, الخطوة, ،, سيطلب, منك, التحقق, من خلال إكمالها على, Google, وبمجرد أن تكون على, Google, ، يمكنك أن تطلب منهم الإرسال, بطاقة, بريدية, للتحقق إلى عنوان عملك سيستغرق هذا بضعة, أيام, ،, ولكن, بمجرد, الحصول, على, الرمز على البطاقة البريدية ،, ستدخل, هذا, الرمز Google, My Business للتحقق جيد ان تعلم حسنًا, ،, هذا, كل, شيء, لهذا, اليوم, نأمل, حقا, أن, أشرطة, الفيديو, هذه, ستكون, مفيدة, لك, ولعملك, وإذا, كنت, بحاجة, إلى, أي, شيء, ،, لا, تتردد, في, الاتصال, بنا, Godaddy Guides للمساعدة حتى المرة القادمة ،, ابق, آمنًا, والبقاء, بصحة, جيدة,

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